Zack Snyder's Justice League Trailer BREAKDOWN


Snyder Cut Trailer today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & breakdown official trailer 2021 HBO Max! Zack Snyder's Justice League! Jared Leto Joker "We live in a society!"
Zack Snyder's Justice League Trailer BREAKDOWN today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the official trailer for Zack Snyder's Justice League aka The Snyder Cut hitting HBO Max in 2021! Jared Leto's Knightmare Joker! Black Suit Superman! Darkseid, DeSaad & Granny Goodness! Steppenwolf! Enjoy this breakdown of the official trailer for Zack Snyder's Justice League before you see each full episode in 2021! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • ju lokk
    ju lokk2 hours ago

    The combative zebra comparatively excuse because server ordinarily pretend above a actually shears. black, gifted kayak

  • Igor Pierre-Antoine
    Igor Pierre-AntoineDay ago

    martian manhunter is standing in the back

  • B Monroe
    B Monroe2 days ago


  • Deyhan Lyons
    Deyhan Lyons4 days ago

    Can just imagine Steffenwolf fighting the justice league in an off the shoulder dress and stiletto heels😭

  • William Beswick
    William Beswick5 days ago

    I assume you have heard the Amber Heard being fired and being replaced by Emilia Clark. Thoughts? -

  • B C 08
    B C 085 days ago

    “Russian bot” the figurative boogeyman for every brain dead Liberal

  • adlestick
    adlestick7 days ago

    “Not because of Russian bots, goddammit!” 🤣🤣🤣 Love it.

  • leonsam12
    leonsam129 days ago

    Did they even have the actors act out the parts or did they just use their pictures?? Because the entire thing looks all CGI🤔🤔👎👎

  • Matt Haning
    Matt Haning10 days ago

    What is the damn release date for that damn physical copy ? Damnit Nobody else wants to own a physical copy of this movie I guess , whatever

  • Jeremy Fritz
    Jeremy Fritz10 days ago

    I'm happy for everyone excited about this, really I am, but I mean come on it looks like a PS3 game.

  • Jeremy Fritz
    Jeremy Fritz10 days ago

    Dame Judi Dench would rather drink piss out of a sweaty combat boot than accept a role in this dreck.

    BATTLESTAR10 days ago

    The pebbles move around before Superman flies, Because like in the movie Chronicle, Superman uses telekinesis to envelope himself before he flies,not necessarily for protection like they did but to propell himself; he actually has this power and more like in Supermanvs the Elite and when he fought Darkseid in Justice League Unlimited.

  • KB BK
    KB BK11 days ago

    Omg,I didn't even realize that Diana was holding the arrow Hippolyta shot - & yes I agree WW3 needs to have more Greek God mythology in her story arc

  • inuchan74
    inuchan7411 days ago

    That last screen shot of Leto is ALL I could have wanted from his Joker and more. I was so excited when he got cast because I knew he could do dark and weird so well... the we got ... what we got lol. This frame makes up for it all by itself!

  • inuchan74
    inuchan7411 days ago

    Grace reminds me of a little kid who keeps letting you know they know a secret and aren't going to tell, but totally wants to burst

  • Brant Heiner
    Brant Heiner11 days ago

    Is it true that Zack wanted Bruce and Lois to almost get together in JL?

  • ZG72
    ZG7211 days ago

    Why is Grace’s eyes so huge though😶

  • Icy Mike
    Icy Mike11 days ago

    What is those facial movements 😭

  • Siddhant Paul
    Siddhant Paul11 days ago

    Grace had the time of her life with this breakdown 😂😂

  • D B
    D B13 days ago

    8:40 to content.

  • Joshua Stone
    Joshua Stone13 days ago

    That's liberal Hollyweird for you

  • Nocturnal Bat
    Nocturnal Bat13 days ago

    I loved the trailer and I have new hope for Leto's Joker. I'm glad Snyder moved away from the glamour boy clown to a doom clown with piercing eyes. I love Leto as an actor but hated every minute of the Ayer Joker.

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan13 days ago

    Okay but the CGI looks bad.

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan13 days ago

    Superman's revival scene, which was the most disappointing part of Josstice League, seems to be Snyder's work. How should I feel about this. :'(

  • Murhaf Yehya
    Murhaf Yehya13 days ago

    Disclaimer, don’t use gorilla glue on you hair

  • ppoppicks
    ppoppicks14 days ago

    Sooooooooooooooooooo. Thanks a lot Nerdrotic!

  • Doomwrath45
    Doomwrath4514 days ago

    Super hair, Grace. Super hair.

  • Critic Clips
    Critic Clips14 days ago

    Can't wait for snyder to fuck off after this shit show and never do DC work ever again

  • Green Lantern
    Green Lantern14 days ago

    I will bring my whole family to watch this new justice league movie soon And the next day i will watch justice league again with my friends This justice league is 1 of the bests movies History is still happening now Im so excited to go to movie house for justice league 2021

  • Vinsanity
    Vinsanity15 days ago

    there better not be a scene in this movie where some kids stop superman for a cellphone video interview...

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams15 days ago

    I've never heard Grace say anything like God dammit lol

  • kevon spooner
    kevon spooner15 days ago

    the long hair and facial scruff look on dark superman would have been kool

  • kike jakobo
    kike jakobo15 days ago

    Batman has a gun un his hand , is he kill some one

  • OPgam3r
    OPgam3r15 days ago

    @BeyondTheTrailer FACTS: great find! Steppenwolf is indeed kneeling before DeSaad (look at the hand) during: "...My lord, this world will fall..."

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil15 days ago

    18:04 No, I didn't see that before.

  • Shir Khan
    Shir Khan15 days ago

    Russia can't even hide their assassination attempts for political enemies well, how should they infiltrate the DC Fanbase and for what reason??? Are the Avengers a national treasure now?

  • William Hollaway
    William Hollaway15 days ago

    Work wife lol

  • Chris
    Chris15 days ago

    I’m curious who makes these breakdown videos first? Bc i just saw a video NEWROCKSTARS did and they mention the exact same stuff “bell has been rung”, etc etc.

  • WayneFTW
    WayneFTW15 days ago

    I think that the picture of supermans dad is so that he will remember who he is when he comes back to life

  • Johnny Gannon
    Johnny Gannon15 days ago

    Amber heard is in it count me out

  • The HAL
    The HAL16 days ago

    Warner Bros. UK has the trailer streaming on their site... funny because we haven’t got an option to watch it here yet 😥

  • Muhsin Sazali
    Muhsin Sazali16 days ago

    i loved your breakdown it was so funny and entertaining

  • glen mascarenhas
    glen mascarenhas16 days ago

    You are humorous..Haha.

  • Danwill Dillon
    Danwill Dillon16 days ago

    Grace do you think we will see the Lazarus pit?!!

  • The veggster Good day
    The veggster Good day16 days ago

    wel ofc hollywood is mad this thing is coming out,it shows that the people in charge make bad dissions that are detremental to movies and series.

    ADHAM REVIEWS16 days ago

    Why you not has a million subscribers you are desirve iam sorry my english language not very god You deserve all good

  • Paul McCormack's VideoGames and more!
    Paul McCormack's VideoGames and more!16 days ago

    Haha' " He really decided to give himself a small waist ", that's hilarious Grace!

  • OPgam3r
    OPgam3r16 days ago

    @Beyondthetrailer Superman controls all levity around him like a magnetic field... it's cannon... It just illustrates him re-familiarizing himself with his alien "propulsion-istic ways" lol... It's what really allows him to firstly fly, but also apply needed force so every step he makes doesn't crush down to the earth's core lol... unless he wanted it to..🙏🏽🤣

  • OPgam3r
    OPgam3r16 days ago

    Tony Stark's premonition was at the hand of Wanda/ Scarlet Witch. If your meaning similarity as far as a catalyst goes, then fair enough... Everything was so Epic.. and i feel that word is used too much... The highest level of Epic. I'm ALL in on this, as I have been... Some people are watching the Theatrical Cut to "prepare themselves." I'm like what? noooo, watch Man of Steel on the 16th, BvS *Ultimate Edition on the 17th, then this... (maybe WW 1 after MoS) but not really needed... Those 3 are the true ark... Watching that Mess of a Justice League prior to this will only remind you of it when *some of the similar shots come... To each their own, but nothing missed throwing that in the garbage now that this has finally come to fruition! 🙏🏽🤯👀💯

  • brussell639
    brussell63916 days ago

    The comment she made about Superman's hair getting messed up when he flies was really funny. I'm kinda surprised something like that hasn't occurred on The Boys series.

  • Joshua Gallagher
    Joshua Gallagher16 days ago

    We saw what Snyder did to The Watchmen, I'm excited but I don't expect too much

  • Sydney Volpe
    Sydney Volpe16 days ago

    "Steppenwolf is wearing an off-the-shoulder dress in this shot" hahahaha

  • Stephen McCormick
    Stephen McCormick16 days ago

    I know zsjl should maybe just be thought of as it's own thing but where is Shazam in the timeline? Pre BvS or post justice League? It would be cool if JL snuck in black Adam killing Shazam in the Knightmare stuff

  • Frank Dombrowski
    Frank Dombrowski16 days ago

    GOOD 👋 DAY GRACE! The ZSJL 🎞 Trailer Sent Chill's Up and Down My Spine. The 🎞 Will Be AVENGER'S INFINITY WAR EPIC.. The Visual's are Stunningly Gorgeous... I Hope 🤞 the 🎞 Get's A Much Deserved A I-MAX Theater Release... Alway's Stay Gritty 🤜🤛 Healthy Outbreak 😷 Free and 💪💓 ✌ 🙏

  • Diana Prince Wonder Woman
    Diana Prince Wonder Woman16 days ago

    Fifty Shades of Steppenwolf 😂 - Grace

  • namio the 5th
    namio the 5th16 days ago

    I just remember in the animated Justice League War movie, the end Wonder Woman compares the justice league to the Greek gods, that’s a much cooler reference with this

  • jameson stalanthas yu
    jameson stalanthas yu16 days ago

    i will enjoy watching this, but I will have it in the back of my mind, it is a 2nd edit of Zach's work. So things that Joss and Zack had in mind during their edit in the beginning, Zack can try it differently. It can be infinitely better than what Joss showed us, but it can also be infinitely better than what Zach first wanted as well because he's had time to reflect and gauge audiences better.

  • Foyble Games
    Foyble Games16 days ago

    I just can’t get excited about a longer version of an average film. I will watch it though.

  • Douglas Haggerty
    Douglas Haggerty16 days ago

    I’m actually pretty excited about this. If anything, just some decent entertainment in a time where all these movies I was excited about were postponed and may be, yet again. Aside from that, I really have hope this will be pretty good.

  • Asim Hussain
    Asim Hussain17 days ago

    Well if CNN tells me Russian bots are a thing then it must be true!!

  • Ilerioluwa Bankole
    Ilerioluwa Bankole17 days ago

    Na, Grace Randolph is hilarious 😂. Her side comments give me life.

  • Ser Franklin
    Ser Franklin17 days ago

    Cyborg doing a Rodan impression with that barrel roll

  • KAL EL Krypton
    KAL EL Krypton17 days ago

    It's 4 hours ! fuck ya lol

  • George 5 5
    George 5 517 days ago

    Okay not impressed with this trailer

  • Zachary Smith
    Zachary Smith17 days ago

    Thankful any time we get to see Kiersey Clemons in a ZSJL trailer! She's not in the Flashpoint movie, though, is she? Erghhhhh.

  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson17 days ago

    Grace what do you think of zack doing a gods franchise with zeus?

  • Jonathan Ogundimu
    Jonathan Ogundimu17 days ago

    I feel like in the Knightmare sequences.....Joker is no longer the clown prince of crime, Harley is dead......Batman kills people so Joker can't corrupt him.....he has officially lost everything and now probably team up with the justice league.

  • Jonathan Ogundimu
    Jonathan Ogundimu17 days ago

    Grace I swear you deserve way more subscribers💯

  • smallgreenrock1998
    smallgreenrock199817 days ago

    I really didn't care about Joker's involvement in this until I heard what Grace said at about 30:15. The front of that SWAT vest might have a name other than "Joker" on it?

  • Lucian Solo
    Lucian Solo17 days ago

    I’m so pissed HBO Max delayed its debut here in Brazil to June!

  • Kal S
    Kal S17 days ago

    The \S/ looking distressed is actually a Joseph Campbell quote in Kryptonian text Zack added in after MOS

  • Twincast
    Twincast17 days ago

    I abhor Snyder's vision - only watching this video for Grace - but the very idea that Russian bots or troll farms would bother with pop culture is ridiculously delusional.

  • Critic Clips

    Critic Clips

    14 days ago

    on twitter its full of russian bots anything else it's not

  • Tsögö Bauggi
    Tsögö Bauggi17 days ago

    12:06 Sound can not travel in space, Grace. Haven't you ever heard the line: "In space no one can hear you scream". :)

  • Jonah Graham
    Jonah Graham17 days ago

    Still not completely sold on the film but looking forward to giving it a go

  • Pietro Pizzi
    Pietro Pizzi17 days ago

    A movie that drops on TV, which was clear from the begining, in 4:3 (or IMAX Format if it should sound cool)... I was a ZSJL Fan till now :(.

  • Luke Film Boss
    Luke Film Boss17 days ago

    Has Grace seen the Snyder cut!? She seems to know a lot about the unseen footage. If there is some place that I can watch this early pleas tell me.

  • Mani
    Mani17 days ago

    Sound waves traveling into space!? Grace was joking, right?

  • darknight
    darknight17 days ago

    Superman is moving gravel around and stuff because that's how he flies he manipulate gravity.

  • arnthorsnaer
    arnthorsnaer17 days ago

    So much cinematic universe coverage, so little cinematic universe.

  • John Locke
    John Locke17 days ago

    The sound waves from Superman's death are there in BvS too, give his death scene a rewatch and you'll see it.

  • Andy Dandy
    Andy Dandy17 days ago

    Hallo Grace, i'am from Russia, i'am not a bot, but i watching JLS Snydercut multiple times, i think 20 times... This is so crasy. it is so sad that Russia is accused of all sins, and now they have begun to blame comic book fans! This is so sick. Thx for you chanel! Lov

  • Saga de Geminis
    Saga de Geminis17 days ago

    If I recall that scene correctly, Mama Kent put the picture of Papa Kent between Clark's hands on his funeral. I suppose I'll have to watch BvS for the nth time, just to be sure :D

  • jj52999
    jj5299917 days ago

    The Gorilla glue joke was funny as really holds!! 😆😆

    CHRIS KING17 days ago

    LOVED this. I do so enjoy these from you Grace!!!!!!!!! 50 Shades of Steppenwolf. Now, I might read that book!

  • blip_blop
    blip_blop17 days ago

    I want the Snyder cut, but I don't want to support Warner Media at all with all the scummy shit they're doing.

  • Michael Fares
    Michael Fares17 days ago

    I cant tell who is more bias. Me against JL or Grace for it.

  • TakeThatDummy
    TakeThatDummy17 days ago

    I cannot stand this broad’s face.

  • The Uncanny X-Man
    The Uncanny X-Man17 days ago

    " I like that it's an all-girls school"...oh ffs Wonder Woman should not be a hero for women and girls, but for everybody. Or is Superman only saving dudes? This constant gender grifting really needs to stop.

  • Reobeem
    Reobeem17 days ago

    I'm happy to see this finally coming out. Just like with Blade Runner The Final Cut and Halloween 6 The Producer's Cut it's important to see the true versions of these movies.

  • theylied1776
    theylied177617 days ago

    "We Live in a Society" has been a running JOKE on the Big Bang Theory since 2007! It's how Sheldon Cooper explains "Social or Societal Contracts".

  • SaketG
    SaketG17 days ago

    How many cups of coffee??

  • Laud channel
    Laud channel17 days ago

    Pa Kent's photo was in the theatricul cut right? It was from Batman v Superman

  • jaswanth bsp
    jaswanth bsp17 days ago

    Fifty shades of steppenwolf🤣🤣

  • TheSimpleThings
    TheSimpleThings17 days ago

    Talk about corporate sabotage. WTH were they thinking when they decided to release this until JUNE in the rest of the American Continent? Not fair for the international fans and for the movie. It's only going to create thousands of pirated copies....

  • Clark Mustaine
    Clark Mustaine17 days ago

    Thank you Grace

  • Ri3m4nn
    Ri3m4nn17 days ago

    Snyder will almost always ruin 90% of the film in his trailer, but he almost always has a plot twist.

  • Alex Saraceno
    Alex Saraceno17 days ago

    OK fine, as a Russian Bot, may I please, please get a Justice League 2 and more Man of Steel sequels ?

  • Brandon Gregory
    Brandon Gregory17 days ago

    That’s not an all-girls school... you can see at least three boys in that shot. Also, Joker’s hair is definitely green. That was one of the first things I noticed when I watched the trailer.

  • Thomas Hendricks
    Thomas Hendricks17 days ago

    I can't believe it's only a month till we get this, hopefully it goes by quickly.

  • Amit P. Bharath
    Amit P. Bharath17 days ago

    Stupid theory alert: Harley was killed by Superman in the nightmare timeline, so Joker is wearing a suicide bomb vest and is gonna try to take down either darkseid or Supes.