Wrath of Man REVIEW - Jason Statham 2021

Wrath of Man Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer reaction \u0026 movie review 2021! Guy Ritchie, Jason Statham, only in theaters!
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Wrath of Man Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction \u0026 review of the 2021 movie starring Jason Statham for Guy Ritchie! Should you see the full movie?! Enjoy Wrath of Man in 2021 only in theaters and be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!

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Nifty Slick Little Film - 00:00
Some Odd Elements - 1:12
Once It Gets Going! - 2:18
Lotta Surprises - 3:00
Jason Statham - 3:25
Hello Fresh - 3:43
Familiar Faces - 5:04
Strong Supporting - 5:55
Laz Alonso?! - 6:16
Worth Seeing - 6:43
Conclusion - 6:57

Interact with host \u0026 creator Grace Randolph!
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  • thebigsicktts
    thebigsicktts17 days ago

    This film is tonally the exact opposite of nobody and both are my favorit action films this year

    MIGUEL18 days ago

    Eastwood : Ah! ah! ah! ah! ah! too fucking slow!! BOOOMM!!!

  • iNeverHad Mercy
    iNeverHad Mercy20 days ago

    Statham's BEST movie in Years !! Must see

  • Ahsan Siddiqui
    Ahsan Siddiqui21 day ago

    oh my Gosh! I'm still shaking afterwards, It really railed on my nerves, I need a consolatory Hug Grace!

  • iamsheep
    iamsheep22 days ago

    The worst thing about this movie was the trailer. It gave away everything. Luckily, I watched it without seeing the trailer. Please don't watch the trailer if you haven't seen the film yet.

  • Swoody
    Swoody25 days ago

    Dam this was a dark movie

  • Ed Ball
    Ed Ball25 days ago

    there was one very dodgy accent think the guy wasdoing a boston accent and had very short hair

  • Ed Ball
    Ed Ball25 days ago

    it was good could have had a few more laughs but i think its safe to say guy richie is back

  • The Rat Ghoulie
    The Rat Ghoulie25 days ago

    Jason Stathan doesn't have the star power?!!! Grace, You are absolutely insane and you have to leave that shithole New York. It's made you crazy.

  • Black
    Black26 days ago

    The intensity of this movie was crazy, plus Jason was great and intense lol

  • Simba
    Simba26 days ago

    we have scorched earth

  • Soso Lawson
    Soso Lawson26 days ago

    Some of the dialogue in the movie was very book like, the movie unfolded very well but the ending was not so good

  • Connor Mcleod
    Connor Mcleod27 days ago

    Great movie

  • Vignesh
    Vignesh27 days ago

    It's really good. Worth your time!!

  • K20civicturbo
    K20civicturbo27 days ago

    Ever since I seen Revolver many moons ago I’ve been a fan of Guy Ritchie

  • JoeCas
    JoeCas29 days ago

    Glad you got your review right. 😂

  • JoeCas
    JoeCas29 days ago

    Great movie!

  • john Kunde
    john KundeMonth ago

    MM mothers milk was a bad guy in Fast& Furious

  • Diggi
    DiggiMonth ago

    When is it going to be released Online ?

  • Emily Edlund
    Emily EdlundMonth ago

    Just saw it at the movies it was definitely guy Richie

  • M. G. Max
    M. G. MaxMonth ago

    I liked this film a lot. But there were some plot inconsistencies that took me out of the movie. And Scott Eastwood is awful. It feels like he just recites his lines without any thoughts behind them.

  • Zach H
    Zach HMonth ago

    Best movie ever amazing music 🎶

  • Erik Gomez
    Erik GomezMonth ago

    That’s my husband Jason

  • luvyou baby
    luvyou babyMonth ago

    5:34 josh hartnett , oh I miss this actor. He’s very underrated, wish to see him back in more action and comedy movies

  • littlestarbucksbitch
    littlestarbucksbitchMonth ago

    i was oohing i was aahing i was lol-ing quite hardly

  • West Coast Chicano
    West Coast ChicanoMonth ago

    I saw it yesterday and it was fantastic. I hope there's a sequel. Gr8 review, my Gracie. 🎥 🍿 🌭 😘🌺

  • God Chaos
    God ChaosMonth ago

    I loved him in Redemption\Mockingbird very different role for Statham.

  • God Chaos

    God Chaos

    Month ago

    @Andri Mufid Yup absolutely.

  • Andri Mufid

    Andri Mufid

    Month ago

    Deserves Oscar for that role

  • Michael Evans
    Michael EvansMonth ago

    Rob Delaney is American, not British. Although, I actually thought he was Canadian until I looked it up lol

  • Complex Matt
    Complex MattMonth ago

    Kind of wish the trailer didn’t give away why he was in the armored truck business now. But the movie was GREAT

  • Bert Vedder
    Bert VedderMonth ago

    Could not get through Nobody (half way i got distracted) And i love the John Wick franchise. I hope this will keep my attention throughout the full movie. 🤞🏻

  • Brian Teles
    Brian TelesMonth ago

    Rob Delaney is definitely not British.

  • Tiffany Rose
    Tiffany RoseMonth ago

    Another season of Mindhunter 🤯😱 love that show

  • iulix max
    iulix maxMonth ago

    Another stupid movie 😒👎

  • Maybe Bonsai
    Maybe BonsaiMonth ago

    is it as good as Lock Stock and Snatch?

  • Raheel Khan
    Raheel KhanMonth ago

    Why is Jason Statham made at Grace in the thumbnail.

  • theylied1776
    theylied1776Month ago

    Stuffed Ravioli? Ricotta cheese, which is the main ingredient in authentic ravioli, is disgusting. That's why I never order Ravioli in restaurants.

  • Robin Mc
    Robin McMonth ago

    🤞🏻for another season of Mindhunter !!

  • Samuel Nowe
    Samuel NoweMonth ago

    My theatre recently closed I’m so sad! I recently streamed mortal kombat, and nobody and Snyder cut it’s been fun!

  • Elvin
    ElvinMonth ago

    it's a little weird to see a sponsored section in Grace's video :D

  • Jon H
    Jon HMonth ago

    Glad to know that I'm not the only one who gets distracted watching films at home. I thought the trailer for this looked good so I'm pleased Grace gave such a positive review.

  • Lava rHambosia
    Lava rHambosiaMonth ago

    Lol, Grace nice segway with that Hello Fresh.

  • SM Malu
    SM MaluMonth ago

    Josh hartnett is underrated

  • Mpuang Ditlhong
    Mpuang DitlhongMonth ago

    Did you just hello fresh us...What the hell is going on😂😂😂That was slick Grace

  • Mudumane Joaquim
    Mudumane JoaquimMonth ago

    OMG , Grace make Adss now , I'm happy because she have talent to do , but i don't like adss , BUt Yeah Grace i Love iT !!!

  • officialdad 71
    officialdad 71Month ago

    Credit where its due that ad segway did make me smile.😁

  • Suraj George
    Suraj GeorgeMonth ago

    I'm in India ! Theatres are closed again after being open for 5 months. Can't wait to watch this on PVOD !

  • MaynardzDick


    Month ago

    Go to drive in theater 🎥they're the best

  • Samson Lee Sang
    Samson Lee SangMonth ago

    Hi from Aotearoa NZ- a great film on the big screen

  • Susantha Fonseka
    Susantha FonsekaMonth ago

    Is there a "George" in this movie?

  • Subham
    SubhamMonth ago

    This movie is so good

  • J
    JMonth ago

    HelloFresh is a German company :)

  • Rocketeer76
    Rocketeer76Month ago

    Rob Delaney aint British

  • Alan Davis
    Alan DavisMonth ago

    This movie was fricken amazing.

  • Ilqr D.
    Ilqr D.Month ago

    Guy Ritchie? Say no more I’m watching it


    Loved the movie! Scott Eastwood’s character was just written that way. It did seem a little out of place. I wouldn’t say it’s because he’s a bad actor.

  • andykapped0823


    Month ago

    I thought he played a good bad guy. I actually wanted to see a backstory of him and the guys during military days.


    why is America obsessed with Packaged Food and consider it to be Healthy

  • Dr Diabolical
    Dr DiabolicalMonth ago

    Wait The critics are actually going to the theatres to watch the movies? Like I thought the studios rent these movies in advance to the critics. Now I feel stupid.

  • Rafael Manzo

    Rafael Manzo

    Month ago

    No, now more than before, critics have access to "screeners", done through a digital service. It's like Netflix, but with the upcoming new movies & TV shows, for review purposes. (Before, they were accepted/invited to early press screenings in-person, or get DVD screeners)

  • Ocean Sage
    Ocean SageMonth ago

    Grace, you should react to the new Sailor Moon movie trailer for Netflix

  • Dillon Belisle
    Dillon BelisleMonth ago

    Great review Grace. We got tickets to see it on Saturday night, I hope it does good at the Box Office this weekend despite of us being in a pandemic.

  • zone k
    zone kMonth ago

    Anyone who enjoys Guy Ritchie movies also watch "In Bruges (2008)" . It's a good movie with Guy Ritchie direction style.

  • formetro
    formetroMonth ago

    I saw the movie days ago, I like it, but I have problems with it. I always like Guy Ritchie movies, but this one is a bit inconsistent in some parts. When they introduce Scott Eastwood, the film slow it down, and Statham is nowhere to be seen. The third act has a good shot-out scene, but not many surprising twists, a bit unsatisfied.

  • Tarka Jedi
    Tarka JediMonth ago

    When I want to watch some action Statham is a good go TO.....

  • David Marshall
    David Marshall Month ago

    I won't be seeing it on the big screen, because I don't see anything on the big screen right now for a myriad of reasons. But I will get it on digital whenever it arrives following this positive review. I've been a Stath fan since the first Transporter. Glad to see he's still going strong -- even if he always takes near-identical roles. I guess he's happy to play to his strengths.

  • N.W.A.
    N.W.A.Month ago

    Jason makes good movies for guys.

  • Richard Fischer
    Richard FischerMonth ago

    Sad it will flop :(

  • vietimports
    vietimportsMonth ago

    gonna wait for streaming

  • Istana Angin
    Istana AnginMonth ago

    After Man From Uncle, Alladin and The Gentleman... How could you have such low expectations for Guy Ritchie?

  • K
    KMonth ago

    The bad guy is drinking a cup of tea. Very un-American.

  • EliRey
    EliReyMonth ago

    Jason Statham is Mephisto! 😱

  • David Marshall

    David Marshall

    Month ago

    Oh, no. Mephisto, with the fighting skills of Daredevil. Marvel heroes are in big trouble.

  • Game City Savior
    Game City SaviorMonth ago

    What 😱no blue apron 😑 fast forward.

  • Rolando Martinez Jr
    Rolando Martinez JrMonth ago

    I can't wait to see this film grace big fan of Jason Statham and his work.

  • nocturn2501
    nocturn2501Month ago

    Will wait to rent

  • Peter Burman
    Peter BurmanMonth ago

    The Gentleman was massively underrated and might have been Ritchie's best film!

  • Saif Alam

    Saif Alam

    Month ago

    @MrPolicekarim I think you don't know the meaning of underrated. I mean all of those flims are great and likeable.

  • MrPolicekarim


    Month ago

    @Saif Alam your right but i liked snatch!

  • Saif Alam

    Saif Alam

    Month ago

    Watch revolver, Snach, Rock N Roll. You would changed your mind

  • Peter Burman

    Peter Burman

    Month ago

    @Kenny Ritchie lol why you so triggered? You couldn't do half as good a job.

  • Kenny Ritchie

    Kenny Ritchie

    Month ago

    The bar was always low.

  • Shantorey Wilkins
    Shantorey WilkinsMonth ago


  • yippykiyay89
    yippykiyay89Month ago

    I think I'm the only guy in the world that hated The Gentlemen

  • Tommy Sawyer
    Tommy SawyerMonth ago

    Jason Statham star power? I might be old but I thought Jason was a pretty big star!

  • Gustavo Hernandez
    Gustavo HernandezMonth ago

    These Hello fresh twists always get me hahaha

  • Adele Thomas
    Adele ThomasMonth ago

    You just have to say "Jason Statham" and I watch it. I watch ANYTHING of his. Going to watch it for sure here in Australia!

  • Adele Thomas

    Adele Thomas

    Month ago

    @yippykiyay89 Hi!!!

  • yippykiyay89


    Month ago

    Hello fellow aussie!

  • Digital_Junkie
    Digital_JunkieMonth ago

    Guy Ritchie films are always fantastic. He always delivers the goods.

  • Digital_Junkie


    Month ago

    @PHD Why don’t you “Relax dude” and STFU. 😒🖕🏻

  • PHD


    Month ago

    They are good movies , but “fantastic”? Relax dude



    Month ago

    Snatch is funny af, one of my favourite movies.

  • penandpaper
    penandpaperMonth ago

    Guy Ritchie has had one or two misfires but is overall a very good director

  • El Dirty Faygo

    El Dirty Faygo

    Month ago

    @The Comedy Bros should had taken his time and making it good.

  • The Comedy Bros

    The Comedy Bros

    Month ago

    Absolutely. I'm still pissed we won't be seeing anymore King Arthur films from him because critics trashed his 2017 adaptation and the movie bombed, erasing all plans for the 6 film franchise he was building.

  • Jason Moore
    Jason MooreMonth ago

    I think I’ll go to the theatres in Toronto.... oh wait....

  • ShadowMuur Heru
    ShadowMuur HeruMonth ago

    Here for the movie review. Suddenly halfway through a Hello Fresh ad. How did I even get here 😂😂😂👏🏾👏🏾 well played Grace

  • Kobiedog31
    Kobiedog31Month ago

    I’m in Canada, theatres are still closed, hopefully this hits PVOD soon!

  • Lyonardo
    LyonardoMonth ago

    "Neat little nifty movie" doesn't really feel like a ringing endorsement

  • cucu banana

    cucu banana

    29 days ago

    It has Man in the tittle, what do you expect from a Disney sellout like Grace.

  • Mr. Fancy Pants
    Mr. Fancy PantsMonth ago

    Aladin, The Gentlemen, now this. Guy Ritchie is having a Renaissance.

  • j-dizzle time

    j-dizzle time

    Month ago

    Aladdin was awesome but I actually like guy Ritchie movies better when they’re original and he’s given total freedom in what he wants

  • Kieran Nicholson
    Kieran NicholsonMonth ago

    This movie is pretty popular in New Zealand

  • Earnest Brown
    Earnest BrownMonth ago

    My Regal theater near me finally reopens tomorrow. Hoping to see this or another movie.

  • Gin.
    Gin.Month ago

    The Gentleman is AMAZING.

  • wordsinahandle
    wordsinahandleMonth ago


  • wordsinahandle


    Month ago

    @James Pope so far away

  • James Pope

    James Pope

    Month ago

    It's just been green lit for season 3 so 2023

  • Art
    ArtMonth ago

    This is one of the few films playing near my house that is not a re release. Now that I have been vaccinated I feel safe to go back to the cinema.

  • Mujo Suljo

    Mujo Suljo

    Month ago

    what a good boy you are

  • Photo Trekr
    Photo TrekrMonth ago

    Not expecting much from this movie except a lot of action. So, if it's actually a good movie, great!

  • jvin248
    jvin248Month ago

    Tight plotting is a skill lost on many movies, too many writers 'pantsing' their way to a story. Good to hear this has solid integrated plotting. I watched 'Back to the Future' last night and marveled again at it's really well executed plot even outside of the time traveling sequencing needs.

    JORGE LIMASMonth ago

    Hello Fresh baby! yeah!

    JORGE LIMASMonth ago

    It feels like a foreign because of Guy Ritchie

  • Official Filmilen
    Official FilmilenMonth ago

    I have fallen in love with Hello Fresh. The commercial comes at us.

  • Pretzel
    PretzelMonth ago

    Any Guy Ritchie movie is always a W, his last movie was amazing as well, the gentlemen

  • Branson Harlem

    Branson Harlem

    6 days ago

    @Misael Justin Definitely, have been watching on InstaFlixxer for since december myself :)

  • Misael Justin

    Misael Justin

    6 days ago

    Dunno if you guys gives a shit but if you are bored like me atm then you can stream pretty much all of the latest movies and series on InstaFlixxer. Been watching with my girlfriend for the last couple of months =)

  • The Comedy Bros

    The Comedy Bros

    Month ago

    @Pretzel His style just clashes with the style Disney films are usually in, so the movie just felt awkward. I would really love to see him do an "original" superhero film of some sort. I feel like it'd be a fresh new take on the genre. Just imagine the action sequences!

  • Pretzel


    Month ago

    @The Comedy Bros yeah actually same here, the aladdin sucked.

  • The Comedy Bros

    The Comedy Bros

    Month ago

    I've loved all his movies (except for Swept Away, Revolver, and Aladdin). The Holmes films, Man from UNCLE, King Arthur, and Gentleman have especially been well done.

  • pisswobble
    pisswobbleMonth ago

    This is why it's called acting, Gracie, clues in the name

  • Debo4735 X
    Debo4735 XMonth ago

    Nobody was AWSOME!

  • Gary Dodd
    Gary DoddMonth ago

    Grace, welcome to my club, where every American or British film that has an non Irish actor doing to an offensive or just plain terrible Irish accent...like every time!

  • Midnight Bard
    Midnight BardMonth ago

    I would just like to me lean, I don't need to be mean LOL.

  • Gary Dodd
    Gary DoddMonth ago

    Jason Statham is the action Goat! Guy Richie back to making these kind of films, im so damn happy!!