Wrath of Man Box Office, Thunder Force HUGE HIT on Netflix!


  • nada reyene
    nada reyeneMonth ago

    disney+ shows drop at 8 am in france and that's way better than your 3 am ... but yet again i'd rather stay up to watch it since i'm not a morning person

  • M AL
    M ALMonth ago

    I wish u would watch demon slayer

  • theburningpancake
    theburningpancakeMonth ago

    Told you so, death of the business model that is movie theatres and box office. Movies are now TV Movies but hey you guys pushed for this to have everything go streaming. As a industry professional, this changes the way we make movies forever.

    AESCULAPTOR-mk3Month ago

    Theres nothing Hollywoke makes these days thats worth putting on at the cinema.

  • Tonia Mayer
    Tonia MayerMonth ago

    Big Shots is so great and we watch the Mighty Ducks

  • Tonia Mayer
    Tonia MayerMonth ago

    I watched Thunder Force and I loved it...

    POLM PHOTOMonth ago

    I'm not going to the movie theater during a pandemic. I'm not paying Disney's extra prices. The movie apps that show the movie while in theaters don't always have the original cut. I will just wait to see marvel films when it becomes cheaper. Yes, If I can't go to the movies I will wait for the cheaper price option. I liked thunder force. There are so many shows coming up this week and the month of June.

  • iulix max
    iulix maxMonth ago

    You forgot castlevania season 4❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍

  • TonyG718
    TonyG718Month ago

    I’m an anxious movie geek but Grace the way you break these films down mathematically is so awesome because I can actually understand these rankings and how it will effect the future of the business. So awesome. And I’ll give Thunderforce a try now because I like Melissa McCarthy, she’s silly and fun but also a sweetheart in person. Good stuff, Grace peace and be safe, sis!🙏🏽

  • Eren Arda
    Eren ArdaMonth ago

    Despite pandemic, Godzilla vs. Kong will probably cross $500 WW. It would have been “Billionaire” easily , if everything had been normal.

    KARTHIK CLNMonth ago

    Can you please do a trailer reaction on those who wish me dead

  • miltcharlie1
    miltcharlie1Month ago

    6:50min mark+. Wow! That accent was strong.😊

  • Tŵm H
    Tŵm HMonth ago

    Loki released on odin’s day! He just wanted to get ahead of Thor’s day 😉

  • Hank Ogle
    Hank OgleMonth ago

    Thunder force sux monkey balls. It was absolutely terrible by every standard. It’s actually got me on the fence of getting rid of netflix. Honestly the Spanish shows English dub is only what keeps Netflix going.

  • Kal L
    Kal LMonth ago

    Grace: I didn't think I was going to Conect with these Characters. Me: That's. Zach Snyder Movie For Ya. All his movies make you feel this way, that's why Dawn of Dead was so Epic. Showed so many different personalities and all kinds of emotions they go through. Okay now I'm watch that film b4 Army of Dead.

  • Sci-fi Freak
    Sci-fi FreakMonth ago

    Thunder Force made me want to physically vomit out my insides.

  • Joe
    JoeMonth ago

    I am watching Love Death and Robots and I think Castlevania comes to Netflix soon too

  • Humberto Correa
    Humberto CorreaMonth ago

    Disney needs to stop or will become too greedy to their own good

  • Mr Torrance
    Mr TorranceMonth ago

    Loki's only airing middle of the night in the US right? Pretty sure that's primetime in the UK and no doubt a good time for many other countries too

  • Sean IRL
    Sean IRLMonth ago

    Love, Death & Robots #1 CastleVania #2 DragonBall Super #3 With covid curtailing filming, and encouraging wfh, and discouraging cinema trips, I think the future is big for animation...

  • Rohan Smit
    Rohan SmitMonth ago

    ☺ Graaaaccceeee.....I watched Thunder Force...🙈🙈🙈....and I didn't hate it....😁😁😁

  • ICU1337
    ICU1337Month ago

    Frankly, the way I'm taking this streaming vs theatre war is; the theaters are being headstrong and defiant about risking my health for their $$ without giving any real incentives. So I'm going to show them my defiance is stronger by refusing to see these movies that have trailers saying "ONLY IN THEATERS!!!" I see your stubbornness and I raise you another streaming subscription.

  • fcsuper
    fcsuperMonth ago

    10:52 Nothing on P+ interests me at all.

  • Robert Bench
    Robert BenchMonth ago

    Army of the Dead will surely be the huge hit out of those upcoming movies and series. We will show WB how a fanbase can contribute to the success of a movie for real!!!

  • Robert Bench
    Robert BenchMonth ago

    The problem with Hollywood today is the lack of competition. If WB just really boost up their game and stick to the Snyderverse then they might have a chance to save Hollywood too. So far only Disney, Sony and Universal are holding the whole Hollywood business on their shoulders.

  • Kiri Like Siri
    Kiri Like SiriMonth ago

    Home movie math 😂

  • Robert Bench
    Robert BenchMonth ago

    People probably watched Thunderforce to see your reaction Grace 😂

  • Jacob
    JacobMonth ago

    I cant wait to watch all the Netflix stuff actually!

  • Edward Jones
    Edward JonesMonth ago

    None of it. That's what I'm watching out of all the titles at the end.

  • MC Entertainment
    MC EntertainmentMonth ago

    I literally predicted this in the early days of the pandemic on my Facebook page lol

  • NZ B2 B
    NZ B2 BMonth ago


  • PureSparkles22
    PureSparkles22Month ago

    I'm only interested in seeing Those Who Wish Me Dead

  • Cedric Mathew Hudson
    Cedric Mathew HudsonMonth ago

    I binged Them in one weekend , I thought it was an amazing show and really creeped me out. I got amazon prime just to see that.

  • Brandon Carter
    Brandon CarterMonth ago

    Streaming is the cell phone and theaters are the home phone whoever adapts the fastest and the best is going to be the one who makes the money

  • Michael Watts
    Michael WattsMonth ago

    Thunderforce is only doing well is because people hear how awful it is and have to see it to believe it. Then after 15 mins they have moved on to something else.

  • Yassir Ketchum
    Yassir KetchumMonth ago

    @9:42 I watched it and mainly Thanks to you Grace Lol i needed to see for myself if it was as bad as you said it was lmao... It wasnt terrible, it had potential, and felt fresh. I trust your reviews, but sometimes we agree to disagree.

  • MAN art
    MAN artMonth ago

    I have never liked the big opening weekend thing… it is just how good marketing for that movie worked. I was more impressed when movies where able to stay in theaters for months, “people are really liking this,”.

  • pep theone
    pep theoneMonth ago

    I watch the mighty ducks and big shot nice easy watches something different than superhero stuff

  • Nick S
    Nick SMonth ago

    I think viewing numbers will be messed up for a while, because there's nothing to watch anymore, so any new content will be watched regardless of whether its good of not. hated thunderforce and was bored to tears with shadow and bone... but watched them both because what else am I going to do?

  • Nick S

    Nick S

    Month ago

    @Gil A 100%

  • Gil A

    Gil A

    Month ago

    That's an even bigger problem when I don't have Disney+ or HBO MAX available here. So when the options are really just Netflix or Amazon Prime Video (and Apple TV+, but I couldn't care less about it), I watch whatever Netflix or Prime Video have to offer.

  • JtmPlmbr
    JtmPlmbrMonth ago

    Thank you for the hard work that goes into compiling these movie math videos.

  • Havvlen Star
    Havvlen StarMonth ago

    Ugh 😝 don’t care to even watch a glimpse of “Thunder Trash “ no thank you but hell no !!!

  • Maurice Ramsay
    Maurice RamsayMonth ago

    Told you so Grace, Thunder Force feel good flix!

  • Destin E
    Destin EMonth ago

    It’s still dangerous going to the theater. A combination of company rules “suggesting” mask and in general us not fully being out of this pandemic. I’d love to go back to the theater, but right now it’s not worth it. I’m shocked none of the major movie theater chains have gone about setting up drive ins for this coming summer.

  • Allen Peaks
    Allen PeaksMonth ago

    Unlike NY, those living in free states are living. Love being a FL resident. You wont get it until you live here...please respect

  • Brian McDaniel
    Brian McDanielMonth ago

    The film industry is going through what the music industry went through. The film/ theater industry has to change their business model. I believe the future is a subscription service. Basically, MoviePass. The theaters have to play ball this time. One price a month for certain amount or unlimited movies at the theater.

  • Sweety Mittal
    Sweety MittalMonth ago

    Spiral is way better than army of blunder dead

  • V I
    V IMonth ago

    Wild guess but I wonder if that staggering Wednesday schedule is an attempt to slow fan theory speculation. After other shows drop throughout the week, Loki will be relevant for most of the week and weekend, but it won't lead the pack when it falls off a cliff in the ending.

  • Fckyll231
    Fckyll231Month ago

    You were right about Shadow and Bone.. Its a pretty good show..

  • Tyler W
    Tyler WMonth ago

    I can’t wait to watch those who wish me dead, I love anything Angelina Jolie stars in

  • William Erazo
    William ErazoMonth ago

    Give crap to American crowd and they will love it . 🤦‍♂️

  • Richard Berry
    Richard BerryMonth ago

    Far and few between?

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike JohnsonMonth ago

    I’m sorry but I’m not paying Disney an extra 30 dollars to watch a new movie

  • Rodrigo Pérez
    Rodrigo PérezMonth ago

    Every show and movie you mentioned sounded like crap and like a waste of time. I wouldn't watch any of that for free.

  • O_o O_o
    O_o O_oMonth ago

    If i were wb i wouldnt have given anyone streaming bonuses. Its a pandemic fuq off with ur mediocre movies

  • Rodrigo Pérez
    Rodrigo PérezMonth ago

    No. It's not all about money nor about the pandemic. I wouldn't watch most of Hollywood's woke crap even if it was for free, at the theaters or at home, and Hollywood hasn't stopped making woke crap even as it's losing millions of customers like myself.

  • Simon Dufour
    Simon DufourMonth ago

    We watch the Mighty Ducks and Big shot every weeks with my sons. It's nice to have some TV shows that we can all enjoy. A nice bonus from Disney+ is that both shows are dubbed in french so they can also understand them. My wife and I took a break from Agents of Shield to watch Jupiter's Legacy. It's nice but we prefer the former honestly.

  • BigBeardedBennett
    BigBeardedBennettMonth ago

    First music sales, next TV watchers, and now movies. It all comes around.

  • Mark A.E.
    Mark A.E.Month ago

    Thunder Force was ok. It took four days to slog thru it but it wasn’t that bad as a mindless filler.

  • gargantua
    gargantuaMonth ago

    until the nation pulls a florida and opens everything, no restrictions, no masks, no fearmongering, no COVID shaming, the box office will never reach it's previous levels. talk to biden, pelosi, newsom, cuomo, fauci. and yes shadow in the cloud was pure garbage.

  • arnthorsnaer
    arnthorsnaerMonth ago

    I did not watch Thunder Force but you gave it such a “raving” review perhaps your viewers just had to check it out.

  • DeAngelo Vickers
    DeAngelo VickersMonth ago

    Hollywood is dead. Bury it.

  • Jonathan Lorio
    Jonathan LorioMonth ago

    Grace you should really watch Elite on Netflix! I think the writing is INCREDIBLE even if it’s about teenagers-it’s really more for adults than anything else! Content is quite mature.

  • -Ian-
    -Ian-Month ago

    Love death and robots is literally amazing. That’s all I care about

  • sharp52092
    sharp52092Month ago

    Ugh, why can't Loki come out on Fridays? Come on!

  • sharp52092
    sharp52092Month ago

    I think The Crown also has the advantage of more episodes and the real life Royal Family drama/gossip.

  • serick73
    serick73Month ago

    It’s so nice to see that thunder force took a big ole steaming pile of poop on grace. Nothing better than that.

  • Gr8&PowerfulOz
    Gr8&PowerfulOzMonth ago

    Loki will be primetime for us in Australia

  • JaceVibe
    JaceVibeMonth ago

    I've been enjoying series more than movies for a long time now, so the movie business shrinking won't hurt me much. Hollywood movies have become so formulaic they rarely make me feel anything nowadays.

  • DS D
    DS DMonth ago

    I’ll be watching Love, Death and Robots. And I rated Jupiter’s Legacy a 👎

  • Maxi Iroh
    Maxi IrohMonth ago

    Finally 'Love Death and Robots' S2.

  • Michael Ludden
    Michael LuddenMonth ago

    It's just so delightful even how you even enthusiastically, and hilariously, greet us at the start of this video with a hearty "HELLO!' Love it!!! Please never lose this bit of 'extra: - it's delightful!!

  • Aaron Jackson
    Aaron JacksonMonth ago

    I love me some Harkins

  • Joshua Gray
    Joshua GrayMonth ago

    That Mortal Kombat 9 font in the thumbnail.... Love it!

  • Marcus Roberts
    Marcus RobertsMonth ago

    Got that J.J. Abrams lens flair going on

  • Sutter Cane
    Sutter CaneMonth ago

    Thunder Force - Huge (s)Hit

  • R L
    R LMonth ago

    I tried watching Jupiter’s Legacy last weekend but it didn’t grab me. I switched over to HBO Max and started the Nevers which I liked much more even though it has some confusing plot issues, and yes I know Joss Whedon is on social media’s naughty list for being a bad person. I still like the show and I will continue the Bad Batch. Both Clone Wars and Rebels took a season to get good, so it’s to be expected.

  • todd fayer
    todd fayerMonth ago

    now that the snyderverse is over do you guys think jj Abrams can fix dc I mean marvel will always be number one but can dc be a respectful 2nd marvel comics is number one because they are the gold standard

  • Gil A

    Gil A

    Month ago

    JJ Abrams is great in re-launching old franchises, but not so much in giving them a foundation strong enough so they can actually continue. His "mystery boxes" attitude creates problems in the long run, because it sounds like he usually has no idea what the solutions to his "riddles" are.

  • Super Plushie Brothers
    Super Plushie BrothersMonth ago

    $8.3 million is not bad for Jason statom movie. They usually make between 5-$7 million

  • Fey91
    Fey91Month ago

    Theaters in my country are still closed and I hate it. I really miss it

  • entropy22
    entropy22Month ago

    I might look for Woman in the Window

  • Rachel Wood
    Rachel WoodMonth ago

    My son and I are loving The Bad Batch. It’s something fun we can watch together.

  • Marc Cisneros
    Marc CisnerosMonth ago

    Let movie theaters die.

  • Thomas Freeman
    Thomas FreemanMonth ago

    Definitely gonna go see Spiral sometime this weekend and I’m gonna try to check out Woman in the Window too. Those Who Wish Me Dead looks interesting but I think I’ll wait for Blu-Ray since I don’t have HBO Max and don’t care enough to see it in theaters. I did really like Hell or High Water though so that’s encouraging

  • Thomas Freeman
    Thomas FreemanMonth ago

    Glad to see In the Earth pop into the Top 10. Saw it a few weeks ago and really liked it but I didn’t know it expanded which it must have with a growth like that.

  • bob mathis-friedman
    bob mathis-friedmanMonth ago

    Re: Thunderforce..My family watched it, and loved it! So did my friend...

  • Adam Jenkins
    Adam JenkinsMonth ago

    Grace missed that Castlevania is coming out this week as well. Between that and Love, Death, and Robots animation fans are going to be set

  • Gregg Ausserer
    Gregg AussererMonth ago

    They need to make the theater experience more exciting and special or people will just stay home. It is just such a hassle sometimes and so many distractions while you try to watch the film that it isn't worth it sometimes.

  • BJ Wanlund
    BJ WanlundMonth ago

    Honestly I have seen this trend (the movie industry trend towards reducing or even eliminating the “window”) for quite awhile now, but the pandemic accelerated and poured gasoline on that IMHO. Also I haven’t been watching much anyways other than Discovery+ and whatever I can squeeze in elsewhere.

  • Danny O
    Danny OMonth ago

    Premium theaters r the futurw

  • That’s For Gurls
    That’s For GurlsMonth ago

    I was on the fence about Cruella at first but I’m going to go and see it, in the theater. Since I’m fully vaccinated, I’m thinking about reinstating my A list account.

  • Stephen Alba
    Stephen AlbaMonth ago

    I saw Wrath of Man in the theater this weekend and it was great.

  • Suck It
    Suck ItMonth ago

    Once again I ask, who is watching Moana? it is literally never on the list.

  • johaarup
    johaarupMonth ago

    love death and robots!!!!

  • Yana
    YanaMonth ago

    I still love Melissa Mccarthy even when she is in a bad movie. When is Spy 2 coming out though?

  • dumpstergoblin
    dumpstergoblinMonth ago

    Shadow in the Cloud IS ridiculous but in the best 80s action kind of way

  • Carlos Mendez-martinez
    Carlos Mendez-martinezMonth ago

    I say thunder Force but it was soo bad

  • Vin HlZ
    Vin HlZMonth ago

    Loki I like Thursdays but man Imma miss Friday streams :(

  • Ashley Clay
    Ashley ClayMonth ago

    We are still in a pandemic, calm down the movies will be better than before after things get better

  • Vin HlZ
    Vin HlZMonth ago

    One thing I will say is that no reality tv can compete with Covid and Hollywood! It’s like the Longest Housewives Reunion 😂

  • luxneji
    luxnejiMonth ago

    This is why i have been pro movie theaters and delays are better that digital distribution, and that's why TENET's backlash is so hard, because they tried to keep it a flow and all were against it