Without Remorse REVIEW - Michael B Jordan


Without Remorse Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer reaction & movie review 2021! NO SPOILERS! Amazon Prime! Michael B Jordan, Tom Clancy!
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Without Remorse Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the 2021 movie hitting Amazon Video! NO SPOILERS! Michael B Jordan brings Tom Clancy to life! Should you see the full movie?! Enjoy WithoutRemorse in 2021 and be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
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Intro - 00:00
End Credit Scene - 00:39
B Movie - 00:49
Impressive Sequences - 2:04
Rough Third Act - 3:09
Not a Great Script - 4:11
MBJ Movie Star - 4:35
Jodie Turner Smith - 5:48
Bell & Pearce - 7:11
Great START - 7:29
Changes Needed - 7:55
Conclusion - 8:29
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • meg
    meg5 days ago

    I recently saw this and Tenet - Prime, HBO Max. This was very good. Tenet not so good.

  • Jo figuer
    Jo figuer5 days ago

    This movie was like A Man apart, but just wasn’t as good.

  • Bri G
    Bri G6 days ago

    The movie was ten times worse than she made out to be. The acting and script were terrible to put it nicely. It should've been a B movie

  • Demetrius
    Demetrius7 days ago

    I was excited for this movie. I even made it a date night with the wife since we were in between The Falcon & the Winter Solider & Loki. My wife loves the Bourne films. However, the ending sucked. MBJ and his CO, Jodie Turner Smith, we’re good, but the story was missing something. Hopefully, R6 will be better.

  • Peter Burns
    Peter Burns7 days ago

    Leave the woke out of movies I'm getting tired of the preaching I just want to be entertained

  • Will88 Comics
    Will88 Comics8 days ago

    I too felt that 3rd act set piece looked cheap.

  • smoothops op
    smoothops op8 days ago

    Yada Yada Yada! Just say it. The movie sucks !

  • Darryl Matthews
    Darryl Matthews8 days ago

    I’m surprised in your closing comments Grace that you didn’t mention the potential to match up Jordan’s Clark with Krzynski’s Jack Ryan character also streaming on Amazon Prime. Clark and Ryan were always great partners in the Clancy books.

  • Mark Schamber
    Mark Schamber9 days ago

    The movie would have been better if they hadn't gone TOO woke by trying to throw in a female Navy Seal. They don't exist. Period. And all the woke wishing won't make it any different.

  • Peter Pain
    Peter Pain10 days ago

    It's a decent movie. For a cutting room salvage :/ Expected more but i have to agree with you Grace: It looks cheap. Expecially when everything falls on it's face in the third act. Plane and cell gags are impressive though. Hoping for someone to throw a lot more money at rainbow. And give the writers and post-crew a passion of the christ style whipping for this one ;)

  • Harry Wild
    Harry Wild11 days ago

    Just watch this Amazon movie and it is a terrible movie! Only thing it has in common with the book is the title and name of the star - John Kelly!👎

  • Dereck Wallace
    Dereck Wallace11 days ago

    I was disappointed. The acting was so disconnected and lacked emotion....sorry 😞

    MOBILE GAMES!11 days ago

    I think the movie was great

  • the Bode
    the Bode11 days ago

    Should have been better suited as a series

  • René Peraza
    René Peraza11 days ago

    Grace: it's the 6th incarnation of Jack Ryan: Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, Chris Pine, John Krasinski, and now Michael B. Jordan.

  • Top Gato
    Top Gato11 days ago

    MBJ has only two default acting chops: angry and moody. It's dull to always see him moping.

  • Bicycle Montreal
    Bicycle Montreal11 days ago

    To improve the script they should have actually adapted the book, not just used the name.

  • MeMe
    MeMe11 days ago

    The movie was great. I enjoyed it. I wish Laren London was in it longer, but if you like action and revenge with a love interest this is it. Jodie Turner, I agree is striking. She has really good bone structure and pulls off a short cut greatly.

  • Antony C
    Antony C11 days ago

    Passable action, "90s realistic" movie. Michael B Jordan was good in two scenes and slept through the rest. As someone already said, Jodie Smith, NOT believable for one second. A muthafu#@n NAVY SEAL COMMANDER? A boney Ford Model? Who doesn't look comfortable holding a gun or giving orders. The sequences were not clever or showed no experience in any kind of ACTUAL tactics. They relied heavily on circumstances and chance. No prep work for any of the missions. Navy SEALS tell you it's all Prep and plan B, C, D, E.. Overall decent small budget 90s action film. Not iconic. There was no hook. Why should I continue to watch this, mediocre story. Oh. the promise for a future Rainbow Six universe, maybe Sam Fisher... Maybe they trying to find a Black Mission Impossible team movie somewhere in the future.

  • Triple -A
    Triple -A12 days ago

    It's a generic spy movie, 90's to be specific and that we've all seen hundred's of times before but MBJ makes the movie to somewhat above average. The directing and cinematography is above average at some points of the film as well. Overall it's a 6/10 for me. Don't bloody cast Guy Pearce as the hidden bad guy cos it's like casting Sean bean and him dying in the movie, it's to obvious 🤷‍♂️😪🤦‍♂️

  • King T
    King T12 days ago

    I think you need to watch the film with a black person that knows their history. You missed a great many references.

  • Scott Dennen
    Scott Dennen12 days ago

    this was probably the dumbest film I've seen in a long time. the woman was so unconvincing and was completely miss cast

  • An Unkindness of Ravens

    An Unkindness of Ravens

    11 days ago

    No she definitely was good. The little CIA runt was miscast.

  • Surgical
    Surgical12 days ago

    If he wasn’t trying to make u believe he was such bada** it would of bin better he always has that cheesy look in this movie Denzel in man fire that’s a bada** vibe that works

  • Bryan Battista
    Bryan Battista12 days ago

    Action by numbers i'm afraid, I really wanted to love it.

  • Lcharles Degreat
    Lcharles Degreat12 days ago

    I love you Grace but that movie was EVERYTHING!!!! I don’t know why the media has gone above and beyond to rip it to shreds but...wait I know why 🙄.

  • LJC
    LJC12 days ago

    I liked the movie! Not sure what all the hard to impress people are talking about.

    POLM PHOTO12 days ago

    I love this movie. Finally seeing a person of color in an action movie.

  • Bratt S
    Bratt S12 days ago

    Does anybody else think Grayce is TOO liberal but it’s ok because California ?

  • The Shape
    The Shape13 days ago

    Love me some MBJ

  • Graftanker 98
    Graftanker 9813 days ago

    Really bad, really cringe. Ruins the book in all aspects. Slap in the face.

  • Gin Starwin
    Gin Starwin13 days ago

    The location of the 3rd act was fine. I'm tired of people over analyzing. I like how it went from modern warfare to the raid when he was trying to escape. why cant extraordinary things happen in regular places??

  • Peyton James
    Peyton James13 days ago

    he was at basic training with me to prepare for this movie lmao

  • n_tha_middle W.
    n_tha_middle W.13 days ago

    I can see her as Storm 😏. Good call

  • Camel Tanker
    Camel Tanker13 days ago

    The director who apparently never read Clancy's book. Went beyond the pale. First and foremost, there is no such thing as a female S.E.A.L. Secondly there is no such thing as a female S.E.A.L. team leader. Thirdly, why would you send two black operators to Murmansk Russia? Did anyone honestly think that they could blend in to the whitest part of Europe? I'm sure that Clancy is rolling over in his grave. Seriously, watch this if you have absolutely nothing better to watch.

  • X
    X13 days ago

    I watched the movie last night and for the kind of movie it is, I thought it was fine but I saw a few things that were in the book and from just the few things I read about online, the film is vastly different from the book. So I can understand fans being upset (and I would still like to see an adaptation that is true to the book). But I thought it was a solid movie. Not great, but solid. And there's a mid-credits scene, not end credits scene, unless there actually is one of those too.

  • deSeriosa
    deSeriosa13 days ago

    It was such a disappointment. Watch if you have literally nothing else to watch...

  • Mieknara
    Mieknara13 days ago

    As a Clancy fan, there are only two things related to the book which is excellent. The title and the name of the character. I seriously doubt a rainbow six movie will follow the book but be more in line with the video games.

  • Leroy Worsley
    Leroy Worsley13 days ago

    I agree to a point, If They add more $ to it, The Rainbow 6 will be Awesome!

  • Incredible
    Incredible13 days ago

    With all due respect to ur review, the fight sequences were good

  • childeroland
    childeroland13 days ago

    They didn't really adapt the book.

  • Gregory Davis
    Gregory Davis13 days ago

    I agree Grace!!

  • Ayoola Akorede
    Ayoola Akorede13 days ago

    No storm

  • Rohan Sharma
    Rohan Sharma13 days ago

    Michael B Jordan is a great performer and hearing great things about Jodie Turner Smith. Quite excited to check the movie out.

  • Rohan Sharma
    Rohan Sharma13 days ago

    Michael B Jordan is a great performer and hearing great things about Jodie Turner Smith. Quite excited to check the movie out.

  • UK Culture
    UK Culture13 days ago

    The movie was amazing not perfect but amazing salute to the cast they killed it 💯💯

  • Rohan Sharma
    Rohan Sharma13 days ago

    Olympus has fallen is horrible? hmmm, nooooooo

  • Ayoola Akorede
    Ayoola Akorede13 days ago

    I love third actor fuck you

  • Isaac Collins
    Isaac Collins13 days ago

    Let’s get Beyond the Trailer to 1 million subs!

  • Sagar prasath
    Sagar prasath13 days ago

    7:47 Paramount was right to seel it too Netflix....huh...isn't this amazon prime

  • Siyx
    Siyx13 days ago

    best review I have seen yet for this movie, thank you.

  • Wellington Tamatimu
    Wellington Tamatimu13 days ago

    This movie was awesome

  • Danny Ng
    Danny Ng13 days ago

    Michael B. Jordan is great, but for me, he struggled to really sell that scene on the plane when he was talking to Jodie Turner Smith blaming himself; I didn't buy it.

  • Michelle
    Michelle14 days ago

    This movie was good from the beginning to the end. PERIOD!!!

  • Jay
    Jay14 days ago


  • P G
    P G14 days ago

    I’m sorry but it’s setting up for RAINBOW MF SIX!!! I enjoyed this movie lol

  • Robert Newkirk
    Robert Newkirk14 days ago

    there is a shortage of writers who are accredited....and the need for single-shot scenes that would help...

  • lAmDreary
    lAmDreary14 days ago

    Nope, Grace I disagree. It exceeded my expectations. 9/10

  • ParkerFriedChicken
    ParkerFriedChicken14 days ago

    Brett Gelman crushed it. Only had a small part but it was quite a feat to act out a character I could take seriously after seeing him in The Other Guys.

  • Xanstrom
    Xanstrom14 days ago

    this was a 10/10.

  • Xanstrom


    14 days ago

    this is way better than mortal kombat, i wish i could have seen this in the theaters.

  • Regular Guy
    Regular Guy14 days ago

    I love Michael b Jordan....the movie is Pure garbage

  • kreed82
    kreed8214 days ago

    LoL I feel this review was in a bizzaro world. Mjb sux as an actor and turner smith was a tad lifeless if not for her presence she'd be invisible. No personality whatsoever

  • Gary Dodd
    Gary Dodd14 days ago

    Oh i said Food Thriller, obviously meant Good thriller 🤭🤣

  • Gary Dodd
    Gary Dodd14 days ago

    Hey Just watched Without Remorse, from the critics response i didnt expect much so i was pleasantly surprised how much i actually enjoyed it...i mean the plot was maybe something that would more In line with a movie from the 90's but that doesn't necessarily make it in anyway a bad film.. Intense, suspenseful, incredible action, acting spot on, solid script. Empathatised and related to the lead and his mission, had sone surprises....okay it wasn't one of the greats, it had some problems, didn't end with some awe inspiring twist, maybe we didnt get to know many of the side characters, with the film firmly focused on John Kelly and it wasn't the most original film ive ever seen..although these are minor nitpicks...i really enjoyed this very food thriller, i Hope the general public give it a chance and we get a sequel. I would of loved to see this in theatres but ah well, i cant wait to see what happens next..Plus John Kelly being such an Irish name and that im from Ireland is just a bonus...💚☘️Much Luv and go watch this film guys, i appreciate ur opinions Grace and respect that people dont always agree, films are obviously very subjective..👍

  • Incredible


    13 days ago

    The action was pretty good

  • Marc Rivera
    Marc Rivera14 days ago

    This movie was dog shit. I will be asking Amazon to refund me my monthly subscription. Michael B Jordan acting was dog shit.

  • One Kxng
    One Kxng14 days ago

    I saw your review and thought it was gonna be super trash but it's not MK bad... It's a solid 7/10 movie... A little better lines and set and it would definitely be higher, it was entertaining.

  • Taheem Lewis
    Taheem Lewis14 days ago

    michael was acting so tough he forgot to be charismatic.

  • Pardeep Singh Bains
    Pardeep Singh Bains14 days ago

    you know what movie i wanna see? Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell starring George Clooney as Sam Fisher!

  • Thomas Wayne
    Thomas Wayne14 days ago

    Michael B Jordan team up movie with John David Washington needs to be a thing

  • Gavin Khaleel
    Gavin Khaleel14 days ago

    We need a splinter cell series

  • Gavin Khaleel
    Gavin Khaleel14 days ago

    It was lackluster imo

  • David Carnage
    David Carnage14 days ago

    I thought they was gonna go for ghost recon. I never been a fan of rainbow six but I hope it’s good when they make it

  • The Qoheleth Foundation
    The Qoheleth Foundation14 days ago

    Frankly, this does seem to be Michael B. Jordan's 'genre.' Not the Romantic-comedy, or the fantasy Sci-fi, but the action film. I enjoyed the movie.

  • theylied1776
    theylied177614 days ago

    I just watched this movie, and I did NOT like it. It's hard for me to believe they were actually going to release this in a theater? The acting was very VERY bad. Not to mention the dialogue was just clunky and unnatural, it seemed like a ten-year-old wrote this script.

  • Benoist Poiré
    Benoist Poiré14 days ago

    I watched it. It is different from the original material, but the fans of Clancy, the Amazon Ryan series, and so on will really like this. It's an excellent start to John Clark's own franchise. The opportunities for crossovers with Ryan are also clearly there. Well worth watching, with very impressive sequences and great acting throughout.

  • Front Row Couch
    Front Row Couch14 days ago

    This was a horrendous movie. I can't believe the same person who wrote Sicario adapted this movie.... And who thought it was a good idea to cast Jodie Turner Smith as a not only a SEAL ..but a SEAL team commander!? She did "ok" in the "The Last Ship" as a "tacticool" person but her performance in this was eye rolling cringeworthy... right along with most of the dialogue in the movie. I don't want to see them touch Rainbow Six if they botched Without Remorse like this.

  • antant06
    antant0614 days ago

    Take the entire team behind Extraction, but give them a proper without remorse script that follows the book. It would kill this film.

  • Nayan Parmar
    Nayan Parmar14 days ago

    Your opening statements always hurt my ears :(

  • Alonzo Cisneros
    Alonzo Cisneros14 days ago

    I want her to be storm so bad! 😭😍

  • wolfsbaneexistance
    wolfsbaneexistance15 days ago

    Agree with alot of this but I'm kinda upset she didn't talk about the him finding his wife scene especially the flashlight part where it's rolling on the floor and exposing Michael b jordan and the killers faces; I though that was dope filmmaking

  • Md Junaid
    Md Junaid15 days ago

    I had the exact same thoughts, except for the cinematography part. That was incredible.

  • Forty Deuce
    Forty Deuce15 days ago

    It sucked. Trash.

  • Donald Prosper
    Donald Prosper15 days ago

    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6

  • Dimitri CHARLES
    Dimitri CHARLES15 days ago

    The movie is not as bad as Grace said. It has a 90 vibe action movie. If you like old time action, you will like this movie.

  • James Frantz

    James Frantz

    4 days ago

    I liked the movie but some of the scenes were pretty darkly filmed.I couldn't tell what was going on half of the movie.But other than that it was enjoyable.

  • meg


    5 days ago

    This was badass. I loved it. The movie was the best action movie of 2020 and and 2021 imo.

  • Elton Arthur

    Elton Arthur

    6 days ago

    @Graff Fuller Absolutely. I'd Class this as an Eric Killmonger Movie B4 BP

  • SuperJJParker


    7 days ago

    I love old 80s and 90s action films and I thought this movie sucked.

  • GlareBox


    7 days ago

    @UNA SIB There's also a lot of "MBJ is overrated"-type haters on here who won't like anything he's in.

  • NC Prime
    NC Prime15 days ago

    Them jumping from this to Rainbow Six would be like going from Iron Man 1 straight to Avengers. They haven’t laid enough groundwork for that yet!

  • NiRvAnA6890


    10 days ago

    But the iron man post credit scene had nick fury discussing the avenger initiative.

  • Danlock The Great
    Danlock The Great15 days ago

    Maybe we should get a man's opinion instead this movie is awesome. Definitely an 8/10 experience

  • Max Baptiste
    Max Baptiste15 days ago

    Movie was amazing!!!!!!!

  • Dig Rom
    Dig Rom15 days ago

    Jodie should play STORM

  • TheCarlScharnberg
    TheCarlScharnberg15 days ago

    I was disappointed in this film. It felt flat, and wasn't very emotionally engaging. The plane sequence, though, was *very* impressive. I thought, "wow, I don't think I've seen it be done like this before." Really good. If only the rest of the film were as good, but alas, it wasn't. Didn't even watch the end, tbh.

  • lolll
    lolll15 days ago

    I guessed every twist before it was revealed

  • Tony Ebikeme Jr
    Tony Ebikeme Jr15 days ago

    I honestly think this was a great start to a great franchise. Amazon has their very own TCU (Tom Clancy Universe) lol. Seriously I think we can easily slot JC into say two final episodes of Jack Ryan which should at least set up things for rainbow six.

  • Rayne Ozier
    Rayne Ozier15 days ago

    I enjoyed it. The action and fight scenes were really good. And at times there were some really nice camera and directorial choices that caught my attention. At times it tried to be a little smarter than it actually was, but for the most part it was ok.

  • Derrick King
    Derrick King15 days ago

    The chick from Queen and Slim and was terrible in this movie. She can not act her way out of a paper bag and worsened already terrible dialogue. Not sure why she was casted because she did not have the presence or physicality of a Navy Seal.

  • M. Worthy
    M. Worthy15 days ago

    Oh well, every Clancy based movie can't be 'Clear and Present Danger'...

  • E.A.U /
    E.A.U /15 days ago

    Still...it is probably the closest we will ever get to getting a "Splinter Cell" Movie....SAM...FISHER...Dangit!!!. I am SO eagerly awaiting this particular Movie...but HEY...if I even get like an entire Cinematic Universe instead...I`ll take it....DEFINITELY WATCHING THIS ONE RIGHT HERE. Something tells me THIS was made for me somehow. Something about this speaks to me!

  • Samurai JACK3D
    Samurai JACK3D15 days ago

    Was Expecting More Of A Killmonger Vibe w/ this character Got More Of A If Adonis Creed Decided To Join The Military & Become A SEAL Vibe

  • Mark Levi
    Mark Levi15 days ago

    LMAO thank you for expanding my lexicon 03:42

  • Samurai JACK3D
    Samurai JACK3D15 days ago

    End Credits Scene: Team Rainbow Six Gets Briefed On Their First Target. John Asks Whats The Kill Order. The Commanding Officer Says You Don't Wanna Know. John Angrily Says GIVE ME A NAME!!!. The Commanding Officer Sighs & Replies It's JASON BOURNE.

  • mike made it

    mike made it

    10 days ago

    Imagine that

  • Nebuchadnezzar Quellcris
    Nebuchadnezzar Quellcris15 days ago

    Is is set in the same universe as John Krasinski's Jack Ryan?

  • Kasey Richardson
    Kasey Richardson15 days ago

    Whoever keeps giving Jodie Turner Smith roles should be FIRED. She's wooden and TERRIBLE

  • Outta12
    Outta1215 days ago

    Decent review