WandaVision Ratings, Snyder Cut Trailer Views - Disney Plus vs HBO Max!


Disney Plus vs HBO Max today! WandaVision ratings make it the top show in the world! Zack Snyder's Justice League trailer views are very high!
What to Watch today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction and breakdown of the top ten on Apple TV aka iTunes and Netflix! Also a look at the ratings for WandaVision on Disney Plus, and the trailer views for Zack Snyder's Justice League on HBO Max! Finally a look at the upcoming movies and shows coming to streaming, like Flora & Ulysses and I Care a Lot! Share your own reaction and be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
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Weekly vs Binge - 1:12
WandaVision Ratings - 3:43
Snyder Cut Trailer Views - 6:32
Nielsen Ratings - 8:55
Weekend Box Office - 9:46
iTunes - 11:18
Netflix - 12:36
This Coming Week - 13:10
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  • Maruf Javed
    Maruf Javed6 days ago

    Binge all the end

  • Steven Nodlehs
    Steven Nodlehs9 days ago

    I struggle to understand how someone can live their whole life with their head buried in the sand. Oh, but she's an American. My mistake.

  • Sergio Diaz
    Sergio Diaz9 days ago

    how those people manage to survive? reruns Grace, reruns. Or Friends, A friend who was on a sports team, he wanted to watch Saturday morning cartoons in the 90s, and he had training so he always asked me on Monday.

  • Sergio Diaz
    Sergio Diaz9 days ago

    well Netflix has also to allow series to last more than 2 seasons. I want Sense8 & OA back.

  • Brian Neville
    Brian Neville11 days ago

    I have yet to see Wonder Woman 1984. I wanted to see it, but by most accounts it doesn't sound that great, so I guess I just lost my drive to see it. Now I'm kind of like I'll see it when I see it. The only thing I've really watched recently was The Mandalorian and Wandavision. I really miss going to see movies in the theaters. I wanna see Black Widow so bad. I'm definitely going to see that when it comes out. I'm actually thinking about renting out a theater just to see it.

  • Paul Brewster
    Paul Brewster11 days ago

    "I am curious how those people used to survive" You are sooooo cheeky, Grace! 🙌😆🤣🤭

  • Thejus K.L
    Thejus K.L12 days ago

    Please .... FRIENDS is the most famous show in the world followed by game of thrones

    ARADARI HAFEZI12 days ago


  • BlackDoveNYC
    BlackDoveNYC13 days ago

    I prefer the all-at-once drop so I generally wait until all the episodes are available. But I can see how for marketing purposes co.’s would like to squeeze out buzz by doing a weekly release. I’m also not a binger I prefer to pick my pace. I also don’t watch a lot of shows or movies when they debut. In the “olden times” television series were episodic with very little to no character development therefore missing a show while inconvenient was not a dealbreaker for TV networks or audiences at the time. ‘Lost’ and to a certain extent ‘Alias’ changed the landscape though at the time because the ancillary market was driven by over-the-air and later basic cable penalized serialized drama which disincentivized the making of such shows. The technological changes first with DVD and later with streaming changed all of the economics of filmed content creation. I think it goes without saying that the breadth and depth of what is out now because of these changes benefits the audience by quite a lot.

  • kris hall
    kris hall14 days ago

    Detective Chinatown 3 just broke Avengers Endgame record for weekly takings in China. This suggests that - once Covid is gone, as it largely has in China now - people want Theatres, desperately. I suspect streaming will see a massive downturn once we're all allowed out again.

  • Dane Parsons
    Dane Parsons15 days ago

    WB has Mortal Kombat coming out and mark my words...IT WILL DOMINATE.

  • I Adore . . .
    I Adore . . .15 days ago

    Netflix is now for LGBT and some liberal tards.

  • Rojam Marshalles
    Rojam Marshalles15 days ago

    Says a lot about you that you didn't cover the news of Carano getting a new job.

  • David
    David15 days ago

    Game of Thrones season 8 was trash and that wasn't the start of it being awful. I also have stiff wood issues that could use some help Grace let me know if you can fix stiff problems, THANKS!

  • Traveler 1980
    Traveler 198015 days ago

    The World: I don’t even know who you are. Wanda: You will.

  • Martin Agustin
    Martin Agustin15 days ago

    Netflix actually does do weekly episodes like Snowpiercer

  • Gokul the Corgh
    Gokul the Corgh15 days ago

    3:33 Money Heist grace thera are so many vig reveals 🤷‍♂️

  • Gary Morehead
    Gary Morehead15 days ago

    I like the binge. I let a bunch of episodes release then watch...I can't take the week to week viewing..

  • Bronze Tiger
    Bronze Tiger15 days ago

    JLA is still "INFAMOUS "🙄,though a Disappointment, it still nearly made $700 mil. Pretty good compared to other(non comic) flicks......Snyder cut trailer STILL looked like its RUNNING to grab that Razzie nomination 🙄....Wonder Woman is a Flop. My peeps loved part one but cant stand "84".......Just wait till people see Shuri as "The Black Panther"😂🤣😂.....at least WandaVision is cool.

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    13 days ago

    @Bronze Tiger Yeah, Justice League is a huge failure. It barely even broke even, because of rhe reshoots.

  • Bronze Tiger

    Bronze Tiger

    14 days ago

    @Gil Abramovich No, I DEFINITELY AGREE WITH YOU😂. My comment was to "answer" hers about "why the trailer did so well". Hell, in comparison to the AVENGERS flicks, "JLA Ain't in the same Building😂"....In any way(And a 4 hour "movie" WON'T change that)

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    15 days ago

    It's a Justice League movie. It's supposed to be on Avengers' level. Antman 2 made as much money as JL. Guardians 1 made as much money as JL.

  • jynxce
    jynxce15 days ago

    Quite a switch, Grace. You were hating pretty badly not too long ago on shows not being binge-able to Netflix's other competing services. Good to see you've come around to the idea.

  • Michael Burroughs
    Michael Burroughs16 days ago

    Someone forgot about VCRs, lol.

  • HCB Abyssian
    HCB Abyssian16 days ago

    I really hope to the high heavens that Netflix does not follow this dumb weekly episode release format. They don't need it. They're an established name in the business already. Not only do they have a really diverse selection of things to watch from other production companies, they also have their own stuff in-house. Ultimately, they'll still be the dominant player in the business because of the amount and kinds of content they have. Disney+ needs to release their shows' episodes weekly because it is the only way they can have people continue with their monthly subscriptions. All they have in their shelves are Marvel, Fox, Disney shows and movies and Star Wars. Can you imagine if they released every Marvel streaming show as a binge-watch series? What would their subscribers watch after they finish watching a show? Netflix doesn't need to go greedy. They churn out new content from different countries and for different genres every week. With so many streaming channels now in the market and with people's limited budget because of the pandemic, ultimately, the decision to stay subscribed to one will depend on its overall value, not a few shows that become weekly social media topics.

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    16 days ago

    Yes, Netflix does have a weekly release, just different. Instead of making shows weekly, they drop a new show/movie per week. They are the only one who can do it because they have lots of subscribers, and it seperates them from the competition. I don't like binging, but I guess I see why Netflix is doing this.

  • H. Jams
    H. Jams16 days ago

    I've been watching CSI: Miami on Hulu lol


    Weekly release formats are TERRIBLE 🙄 I hate it

  • Fernando T
    Fernando T16 days ago

    Number 2 behind the witches ... omg thats so lame

  • Mark Pula
    Mark Pula16 days ago

    I think all of the anime on Netflix should be switched over to a weekly schedule

  • Julia Martin
    Julia Martin16 days ago

    HBOMAX will fix the Nielsen problem by Justice League (IMO) because if they do “ratings” in minutes, at 4hours this will be the highest rated streaming movie of all time😆😆

  • Blockbuster Underground
    Blockbuster Underground16 days ago

    According to my wife's binge-watching, Superstore, Bridgerton and The Crown being weekly would absolutely destroy her...

    MADKIDD623BHN16 days ago

    Disenchantment is is like a cartoon version of Flight Attendant.... 👍

    MADKIDD623BHN16 days ago

    G.O.T. was the greatest and still is the grearest tv show ever.....no need to argue...I won't listen.....🤣

  • Miljan Tanić
    Miljan Tanić16 days ago

    Disenchantment is GENIUS.

  • Zhaira Franco
    Zhaira Franco16 days ago

    Grace, Netflix has done weekly release format in other countries for local shows produced by them (Eg. Luis Miguel - The Series, Mexico), and yes, it's crazy and fun! I guess this was something they wanted to try first outside the US, and probably will start doing it considering other platforms.

  • Brian Mahoney
    Brian Mahoney16 days ago

    just saw monster hunter at amc24 disney springs. watching black widow trailer on the big screen was awesome!

  • Rainheart94
    Rainheart9416 days ago

    I've never been a binge watcher, so the weekly format works perfectly for me.

  • Doug Loosararian
    Doug Loosararian16 days ago

    I have reverted back to liking the weekly episodes as opposed to binging. Gives the good shows more opportunities to gain a following.

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    16 days ago

    It really depends. A show like Queen's Gambit wouldn't have been as big in weekly. It might have even disappeared in all the noise. It's a limited series, and only has 6 episodes anyway. Weekly mostly helps to big shows, or shows that have the potential to be big (The Boys, Umbrella Academy)... it's hard enough to make someone watch your show. It's even harder to make them come back every week, and even remember that there's a new episode.

  • Kaito Spin
    Kaito Spin16 days ago

    Wandavision had a rocky start? Only in your head.

  • Heekamalo Kilo

    Heekamalo Kilo

    15 days ago

    Grace is referring to some people not enjoying the full-on sitcom style in episodes 1 and 2. Most people were intrigued, but it was new territory for Marvel and not everyone was completely on board.

  • Matthew Weekes
    Matthew Weekes16 days ago

    Not entirely related, but I noticed Noah Centineo of 'To All the Boys' looks like a young Mark Ruffalo, mannerisms and all. If they ever need to do a flashback or something, they should keep him in mind.

  • Marcel Zwiegelaar
    Marcel Zwiegelaar16 days ago

    What justice League will count as canon in future movies? The original or Snyder's cut?

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    16 days ago

    I have a feeling they'll only keep Aquaman and Wonder Woman anyway, so it wouldn't matter. Even if they don't, the general audience wouldn't see neither, so it doesn't matter which one is canon.

  • Sarcastic Dreamer
    Sarcastic Dreamer16 days ago

    Netflix is already streaming few series weekly so

  • David Jejna
    David Jejna16 days ago

    Game of thrones was definitely the most popular show in the world

  • Adam Sevy
    Adam Sevy16 days ago

    I really liked WV from the start, but I can see why some people were thrown (maybe not as many as have been, but overall).

  • Jennifer ciaccio
    Jennifer ciaccio16 days ago

    In olden, olden days, shows were rerun in the summer. If you missed something, you made sure to keep track on the TV listings.

  • Scott Giorgini
    Scott Giorgini16 days ago

    Actually, in the olden days, you could record the show on your VCR and then watch it over and over again until the tape wore out ☝️😏

  • CUF17
    CUF1716 days ago

    To hell with weekly releases. I love/got streaming to get away from that shit and now Netflix is gonna revert to that??? 😩😑🙄🙄🙄 Thats why I'm waiting for WandaVision to finish and binge watch it all.

  • Evgen Khersonets
    Evgen Khersonets16 days ago

    No mention of Attack on Titan bring top 1 in America while WandaVision is only 2

  • Evgen Khersonets
    Evgen Khersonets16 days ago


  • Dries Seu
    Dries Seu16 days ago

    I think Netflix already has a "weekly release strategy" but instead of releasing an episode, they release a series. I think they should keep this strategy but up their production so instead of having tentpole series as part of their weekly release strategy they could release a smaller scale, binge-able series every week in addition to an episode of one of their tentpole shows

  • Retro Active 23
    Retro Active 2316 days ago

    I didn't start watching WandaVision till episode 5, and I'm so glad I did!! It's a very unique show. I can't wait for Falcon & Winter Soldier! I'm might do the same thing with F&WS so I can binge watch like 5 in a row, although it's gonna be very hard to not give in and watch lol...

  • KrissyKins
    KrissyKins16 days ago

    The Marksman and Wonder Woman 1984’s increases are mixed up. WWI84 had the biggest increase of the weekend, +26%

  • 50 Pence
    50 Pence16 days ago

    I’m dumping any streaming platform that goes weekly. Piracy birthed streaming...looks like it’s come back time. 👍

  • DENI Azeredo
    DENI Azeredo17 days ago

    Would love to see some streaming service put out a daily show... I binge when possible but some shows were so good you could drag it out a few episodes and leave us wanting for more without being stuck a whole week. After all we used to have some shows that aired daily, and weekly

  • Mr. RaiderNation
    Mr. RaiderNation17 days ago

    Did I mention I just subscribed to Netflixs?

  • Jahlahn Taylor
    Jahlahn Taylor17 days ago

    I saw ww84 and it’s literally jump on the bandwagon hate I even agreed with your review grace where you called out the problems but praised how it was still a good movie the hate is crazy and I’ll still be watching it and purchasing it once it’s available

  • Rico
    Rico17 days ago

    I like to wait for the entire season is up and then I bendge watch

  • Rico
    Rico17 days ago

    HBOMAX is superior to Disney plus IMO as it pertains to content. There's so much to watch on HBOMAX. Disney plus is limited for content. You could only watch so many reruns.

  • apocalypsepow


    5 days ago

    Does disney have r rated films it content?

  • kyoki86


    16 days ago

    Yes I don't understand why people are so bias to plain facts.

  • Pietro Pizzi
    Pietro Pizzi17 days ago

    Hell, no Show should follow the loosers old-hollywood weekly release plan!! Netflix destroyed hollywood with there binge model, an now when the old boys start to fight with there old weapons, just because they don't have enough content, they should back-up???

  • Adam Cornish
    Adam Cornish17 days ago

    Umbrella academy can definitely lead me on a string for weekly episodes

  • mekman4
    mekman417 days ago

    Great stuff! I just watch shows on Netflix regularly, but my folks are turning the Snyder Cut into an event, so we’ ll have to be there!

  • jared wilkins
    jared wilkins17 days ago

    More weekly releases equals more Grace videos so yeah like come on already

  • Ron P
    Ron P17 days ago

    Snyder cut trailer can stand up to Marvel ... yet lose to Godzilla/Kong?

  • Luke M
    Luke M17 days ago

    It's A Sin is AMAZING. Everyone should watch it when it hits HBO Max.

  • James Traynor
    James Traynor17 days ago

    the first 3 episodes of wanda made me want to stop watching. only reason to finish it is see what happens to the overall marvel universe. so far only episodes 5 and 6 were what i would call good

  • James Traynor
    James Traynor17 days ago

    end they weekly crap

  • star Droplet
    star Droplet17 days ago

    New shows should probably have the binge format instead of weekly. But after that maybe weekly with two episodes do it gives everyone time to catch up without spoilers.

  • star Droplet
    star Droplet17 days ago

    Can they do two or three episodes per week? I find that binging a show is hard to do for me.

  • Marcelino Dreams
    Marcelino Dreams17 days ago

    I'll buy Wonder Woman and continue my rental.

  • greattvshows452
    greattvshows45217 days ago

    Nooo - no switching to weekly for Netflix please - I like to watch it all in one binge !

  • GOAT
    GOAT17 days ago

    Bravo to Disney because ever since Dec 18 when The Mandalorian's S2 finale premiered, USplan reactors and social media have been buzzing. And their hot streak is continuing on with WandaVision. Two months of 🔥 convo!

  • GOAT
    GOAT17 days ago

    The Mandalorian especially it's Season 2 and WandaVision are really the most successful shows in this post-Game of Thrones era. The most popular and most pirated. Shows us how amazing the writers are at Disney.

  • GOAT
    GOAT17 days ago

    I've never seen The Boys but I'm planning to binge watch it. I know it has nudity and strong sexual content. Not family friendly as The Mandalorian and WandaVision but neither was Game of Thrones.

  • GOAT
    GOAT17 days ago

    Studios must be aware that not all shows can be as appealing as LOST or Game of Thrones. Heroes tried to copy LOST and basically X-Men for that matter and failed. It just happens that The Mandalorian and WandaVision are terrific.

  • GOAT
    GOAT17 days ago

    I hope more studios just copy what Disney has been doing since 2004. LOST was huge back then. People forget that. And this was a decade when streaming wasn't big at all. You either missed it or you didn't.

  • GOAT
    GOAT17 days ago

    For me, I always thought Heroes, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones copied LOST. LOST was the og weekly convo show. Then The Mandalorian and WandaVision followed that same large ensemble cast formula.

  • TheEmoShow
    TheEmoShow17 days ago

    I most use Netflix for K&J Dramas and Anime and they do weekly for those so they are clearly dipping their toes in already

  • André Saramago
    André Saramago17 days ago

    The trailer is now at 16 million

  • Dauntless
    Dauntless17 days ago

    Ahhh weekly and the binge viewing... its a tough choice. Did recently binge all 5 seasons on the Expanse in a week, but had to wait for the last 2 or 3 episodes as Amazon where doing an episode every Wednesday. Weekly would be better for the providers in the long term to keep subscribers, but then again with Disney, subscribed for season 2 of Mandolorian. Then stuck around for Wandavision... and will likely stick around now for Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

  • SuperKing604
    SuperKing60417 days ago

    Beyond the Trailer has been hovering at 900,000+ subs for a while now I hope Grace gets to 1 million subs soon

  • Rachel Wolfe
    Rachel Wolfe17 days ago

    I haven’t seen WW1984. I loved the first one but have had little desire to see the sequel.

  • Khalid Austin
    Khalid Austin17 days ago

    Most popular show in the world🤣? And people really don’t think Disney pays for these articles? Lol ok

  • Bossk77
    Bossk7717 days ago

    stop trying to blame WW1984's failure on a singular bad action/choice........it was a multitude of terrible actions/choices!

  • Karen S
    Karen S17 days ago

    I had heard many who started WandaVision week by week and Didn't like it. I watched the 1st 4 episodes binged in 1 evening and LOVED IT but I can see why they didn't like it. So I'm Team Binge!

  • James_tls
    James_tls17 days ago

    Disney and Prime have to do weekly releases because they have practically no new content, 99% is old stuff. Netflix has too much content to do weekly releases.

  • LeonAcord
    LeonAcord17 days ago

    Hotel Cecil isn't scary at all. Its a 60 minute doc stretched out over 4 hours. ZZZZZZZ

  • Ivo Stoyanov
    Ivo Stoyanov17 days ago

    I have been saying for YEARS that Netflix should switch to weekly releases! They are KILLING their shows, they do not care for them at all! They killed Mindhunter, Sense8 and GLOW with their releases. They just care for quantity, not quality!

  • Grimmjon OG
    Grimmjon OG17 days ago

    My dad had the entirety of X-Files recorded on VHS.

  • John-Michael
    John-Michael17 days ago

    if anybody needs recommendations on what to binge/stream on HBOmax, i just uploaded a video about my top favorite ten series! 🤗😁

  • Alastair Reviews It
    Alastair Reviews It17 days ago

    Barb and Star was an excellent vacation from quarantine and the winter storm

  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH17 days ago

    That was me in the olden days. It was not to be laughed at. It was painful. Awful. Horrible. The stories I could tell. I live in Australia so it was even worse. We only had three channels that showed American TV and really just one for things like Star Trek or Farscape. While Farscape was even co-funded by that network it was still on at 11pm for some stupid reason. It really sucked being a geek in Australia in the 90's. I had a bunch of X-Files. I had those select episodes of Quantum Leap because they didn't release full seasons. It was Star Trek that was the big one. Every week they'd release a VHS tape with two, only two, episodes. Next Gen was over by then so it was two episodes of DS9 and two of Voyager which I would watch immediately then 3 hourslater the wait of just under a week began anew You kids with your streaming and pop music have no idea the waiting that used to be involved with liking a thing. I can't believe I'm that old I'm giving the old "You don't even know. We had to walk to school and use hammer and chisel because pens didn't exist. Am I that old? Nobody answer that.

  • Tue Sorensen
    Tue Sorensen17 days ago

    Here's my viewing habits, by and large: if it isn't superheroes or sci-fi, I fall back on watching old kung fu movies! LOL!

  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH17 days ago

    I have no doubt Wandavision would be at the top of the ratings no matter what as it is a show I already miss even though it still has 3 episodes to go. Since it's based on minutes though I am curious if it gets a bit of a bump by repeat viewings. I mean, there are plenty of people who watch it to search for clues to what's going on the day after or even immediately after the first viewing. I do it and I'm someone who is trying to back off a little because I've started to go a little mad trying to anticipate what will happen next when it seems like Marvel and the creative team are always several steps ahead. We all go a little mad sometimes but I don't want to lose my mind and potentially assume something absolutely insane will happen only for it to be something mind blowing. Which is a tiny step down but still great. There's a fine line. Plus while I'm sure Falcon and WS will be good I think it's time to readjust expectations for something that may not reach the peaks of awesome that was Wandavision.

  • Snoer
    Snoer17 days ago

    nope, id rather have it all at once so i can choose when and how much to watch, waiting for wandavision (and others like it) every week is such agony ;)

  • juliano roper
    juliano roper17 days ago

    It’s funny hearing Grace say how frustrating it is that no one pays attention to “Raised By Wolves”, when that’s exactly how I feel that Grace never talks about how good “His Dark Materials” is!!!! 😝😝😝

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez17 days ago

    I'm so glad Wandavision is doing so well, I'm loving it so far :)

  • jschoenf
    jschoenf17 days ago

    In the good old days (1980) must see TV was Shogun mini-series. It caused the biggest run on VCR sales up to that point in time. Only way to not miss an episode.

  • Grimmjon OG
    Grimmjon OG17 days ago

    Not a fan of the weekly format. Give it to me all at once, I'll watch it at my own pace.

  • Nice1stu Online
    Nice1stu Online17 days ago

    Haha, In the "Olden Days" , me, Adam and Eve would just wait for the repeats because it would air, and air again, and again ... and then some other network will repeat them again and again..... and back in the day there wasn't anywhere near as much content as there is now. Couple of Networks and cable channels was all there was

  • Kenny Palmer
    Kenny Palmer17 days ago

    Even on Netflix, we have watched one episode a week. Like stranger things and the Witcher. I only binge watch older comedy shows like Big Bang and Schitts Creek.

  • Guillermo Aguilar-Perfume
    Guillermo Aguilar-Perfume17 days ago

    netflix already has weeekly releases in some series

  • The Imperial Mort
    The Imperial Mort17 days ago

    For all mankind is on apple and its good

  • geerussell
    geerussell17 days ago

    The real HBO MAX "hot ticket" is the slate of new movies getting a simultaneous theatrical/streaming release. That's the unique value proposition vs the other streamers to justify the price tag. Not a four-hour recut of a 2017 theatrical failure.