WandaVision Episode 5 BREAKDOWN! Spoilers! Easter Eggs & Ending Explained!


WandaVision Episode 5 today spoilers! Beyond The Trailer breakdown & reaction 2021! Spoilers! Easter Eggs! Ending Explained! Evan Peters! Quicksilver?! Mephisto?! Nightmare?! Twins age up to 5 & 10! X-Men?!
WandaVision Episode 5 REVIEW today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction and review of Episode 5 with spoilers, "On a Very Special Episode"! Marvel, MCU, Disney Plus! Evan Peters shows up as Quicksilver aka Pietro! Or is he Mephisto? Or Nightmare? Fox's X-Men movies! Twins Billy and Tommy age up to 5 and then 10, and get a dog! Sparky! SWORD! Share your own reaction as you watch each full episode of WandaVision on Disney Plus in 2021! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
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  • Beyond The Trailer
    Beyond The Trailer28 days ago

    IS EVAN PETERS QUICKSILVER?!?! (the short answer) He certainly seems to be VISUALLY, although he has Aaron Taylor Johnson's style hair, NOT the look of his character in the X-Men movies. HOWEVER, based on the spoilers that leaked for next week, he is most likely Mephisto... or Nightmare! (who has been rumored to be the Doctor Strange 2 villain)

  • Ranger Davis

    Ranger Davis

    17 days ago

    A boy and girl cannot be identical twins.

  • Willie VMG

    Willie VMG

    21 day ago

    Everyone acts differently in the hex

  • Bobby Boyton

    Bobby Boyton

    25 days ago

    @Lately Perry HAHAH! I know wtf are these people taking about. That doesn’t make any sense

  • Uchiha_Itachi23


    25 days ago

    The Dark Liquor reference is equated to the fact that Dark Liquors also called "Witches Brew".

  • Jeremy Barnes

    Jeremy Barnes

    25 days ago

    Wait, so you’ve seen the leaks?

  • orly2me
    orly2me8 days ago

    If this show says all the discrepancies and inconclusive storylines of all comic book movies ever made is just Wanda creating/playing with different realities, I will spend my life worshiping this show!

  • Silent Refusal
    Silent Refusal12 days ago

    Agnes kind of knows the whole alternate reality thing and that Wanda can change it any time she wants to, that's why she asked Wanda if she would her (Agnes) to go out and Wanda should re-do the whole thing, but seeing that Vision is way too bservative now, Wanda tried her best no to. Nope Grace, at that point Agnes definitely not threatened Wanda, she was simply more cooperative. I am surprised u missed such an easy detail

  • T B
    T B16 days ago

    Did anybody else see all the hydra symbolism in the show 🤷‍♂️

  • Devin Cowan
    Devin Cowan16 days ago

    Dude don’t tell me about set leaks I don’t wanna know!

  • Ranger Davis
    Ranger Davis17 days ago

    A boy and girl cannot be identical. Maybe they can grow up to identify but um no.

    KEY BLADE18 days ago

    How do dog auditions work?????

  • iulix max
    iulix max19 days ago

    This is good 👍 but not great 😔

  • Catalina Mundell
    Catalina Mundell20 days ago

    when she said "Ohh, I love it!" it sounded like Cesar Flickerman in The hunger games

  • Alexander 3 Face
    Alexander 3 Face20 days ago

    Quick silver is a speedster and she needed one who could rival her brothers power to filter that power into 1 of the twins I believe it’s Billy. I don’t think Mephisto/ nightmares are the villains. Pretty sure it’s all Wanda just being Wanda!

  • Skibro Duck 2020
    Skibro Duck 202021 day ago

    I didn't like the first episode and quit watching it. I'v been watching Grace Randolph and now that I understand what's going on, this show rocks. Thank you Grace for getting me up to speed with what's going on.

  • Solidus327
    Solidus32721 day ago

    Go lie some more

  • Denz Of Oz
    Denz Of Oz22 days ago

    I think, Wanda will bring X-men Fox universe to MCU Universe on this TV. Then they will connect that on big screen. Here's comes the X-men

  • oli fax
    oli fax22 days ago

    Does anyone remember when all grace seemed to do was slag Marvel/Disney saying they were basically bribing critics?

  • Jerry Foust
    Jerry Foust22 days ago

    Agnes says sparky died from eating the poisonous leaves of the flowering hedge--don't remember the name of the plant, but recognized it

  • TheDorketteReads
    TheDorketteReads22 days ago

    I particularly liked the Monica-Hayword conversation about classifying Wanda as a terrorist because Monica is right. Whatever Wanda is doing is not politically motivated and while it involves civilians, most definitions of terrorism require the targeting of civilians specifically, and while you can argue that Wanda is harming them, she's not intentionally trying to hurt them. And Hayword and Monica are national security experts, so it was a good conversation to see. It also sets up two things: Hayword is too blinded by his preconceptions of Wanda to really analyze what she is currently doing and that Monica is cooler and more knowledgeable than he is, because while he threw out the term "terrorist," she was the one who knew what it meant.

  • Devin Wolfe
    Devin Wolfe22 days ago

    Since WandaVision was originally supposed to come out after Eternals, it wouldn't surprise me if Driug was behind the Hex Bubble. Energy manipulation, illusions, matter transmutation, all within his wheelhouse...

  • Frane Kružičević
    Frane Kružičević22 days ago

    honestly I didn't expect this show to go in this exact way but i like it because it makes it interesting and it makes us think. Can't wait for tomorrows episodes

  • Frane Kružičević
    Frane Kružičević22 days ago

    i really appreciate length of your review, also after watching this it made me connect so many things.

  • Medric Eze
    Medric Eze22 days ago

    LAGOS - is pronounced as "LAY-GUS"

  • Russell Dornan
    Russell Dornan23 days ago

    Why would whoever Evan Peters is playing behave like they do in "real life" though? No one in the Sitcom fantasy acts like they do irl, so why would his character be any different? If anything, it would be weird af for him to come in act like Pietro from Fox's X-Men, no? That doesn't mean he IS Pietro, but I don't see how him "acting differently" means anything at all, seeing as how every single other person in the fantasy plays a role that's different to their real selves.

  • Elias Bremer
    Elias Bremer23 days ago

    "A tiger!? In Africa!?

  • Samarth G
    Samarth G23 days ago

    I think the alarm going off in sword was Dr strange coming there. Dr strange was going to be there where there will be something mystical. So maybe he opened a portal and came. So the alarm was buzzing. And in the trailer when Wanda and vision showed their powers and when we heard. This is our home we have to protect it. That must be Wanda making everyone think that Dr strange is the enemy. What about this theory

  • Brian C
    Brian C24 days ago

    I wish they would've played 🎶 "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" by "The Police", while in the 80s era!😄

  • Stel R.
    Stel R.24 days ago

    We have to remember that Wanda is a mutant = she is the link between these two universes with Magneto being her father.........House of M?!?!?!

  • azman abas
    azman abas24 days ago

    I wants behind the scenes of wandavision after the series ended.

  • j w
    j w24 days ago

    It's Mojo!!!

  • Derek Hottenstein
    Derek Hottenstein24 days ago

    I could have sworn that Agnes said "Do you want me to take it from the top?" during the hold-the-babies-scene.

  • Miguel Plata
    Miguel Plata24 days ago

    One clue that I catch on later is that lavender is supposed to work against NIGHTMARES, if you know what I mean 😉

  • dsfddsgh
    dsfddsgh24 days ago

    I hadn't really been looking forward to the next Phase for Marvel because where do you go after Civil war, Infinity war and Endgame and also because i was getting burnt out on Marvel movies. I figured Phase 4 was going to be a bit more lowkey with maybe some mention or appearances from mutants near the end of this cycle but holy crap Marvel has come out of the gate swinging and they are not holding anything back. I didn't know what to expect from this show since Wanda and Vision were always in the background of the other Avengers but this show has exceeded my expectations and Marvel continues to show how its done with superhero movies.

  • Michael Vecera
    Michael Vecera24 days ago

    Curious if the twin boys each represent both versions of Petro...🤔 each of the boys have an uncanny resemblance to the older versions of themselves from each universe...an interesting twist would be if Wanda has to choose which version of her kids she wants to keep-much like the version of Petro that showed up. Horrible twist but Marvel is clever like that

  • Jake Hollcroft
    Jake Hollcroft24 days ago

    WAIT A DANG SECOND!! The town is called "The Hex"... you know what witches do, they hex people!!

  • elias balbuena
    elias balbuena24 days ago

    44:45 maybe she reacted like that because she recognized him but not as Pietro and she doesnt know why, because its the same face from the person that help her to create all of this

  • GOAT
    GOAT24 days ago

    Wanda is acting selfish and tyrannical. She's enslaving people for her own happiness.

  • elias balbuena
    elias balbuena24 days ago

    15:10 Hex: Häxan

  • Invicta Films
    Invicta Films24 days ago

    It’s obviously Mephisto disguised as Pietro.

  • BaronRoaster
    BaronRoaster24 days ago


  • Bobby Boyton
    Bobby Boyton24 days ago

    Evan peters playing Mephisto playing quicksilver is one of the worst writing plot devices I’ve ever heard of. If that is true I don’t even know what to say. Sloppy. Are people actually on this comment section saying that that is a good idea??? What lmaoooo

  • Russell Dornan
    Russell Dornan25 days ago

    The opening credits is a mash-up of Family Ties and Growing Pains and yanked me RIGHT back. Amazing!

  • D Walker
    D Walker25 days ago

    "There's a tiger on the table, perhaps that's a nod to Wakanda!" The level of CRINGE in that statement. Tigers are Asian, NOT African and have NEVER been in the wild in Africa. DO BETTER

  • GenreOnline
    GenreOnline25 days ago

    Is this kind of Fiege (spelling?) aping the DCEU cameo of Ezra Miller’s Big Screen Flash encountering TV Flash on last year’s Crisis On Infinite Earths on The CW?

  • Patrick Doss
    Patrick Doss25 days ago

    This show is my new jam

  • Canisteen
    Canisteen25 days ago

    My theory is that there are two wandas. One living the fantasy (good wanda) and one censoring the broadcast (bad wanda). Somewhere in her history she made a decision to be good but the decision was also made to stay bad and a divergence of two worlds happened. But now both have come back together and we got both universes interacting with each other.

  • Bubby707
    Bubby70725 days ago

    Agnus is definitely playing them. She looks to Wanda when Vision is suspicious, but I think that's to throw suspicion to Wanda, which is a little more obvious yes, but it creates a domino effect of mistrust and ASSUMPTION. Like when Vision is then at work and "wakes" Norm, Norm goes onto say "make HER stop" he never says WANDA, just her, and Vison assumes that's Wanda, and so do we, but I'm thinking the "her" is actually Agnus. Wanda is the scapegoat, even in the trailer where we see Vision "wake" Agnus, and she is kind of asking if he is there to save them/if she is dead, I think that's all just her acting to further make Vision view Wanda as the controller of the world and the person trapping everyone, where I think Wanda is merely taking advantage of the happy little world she has found herself in, but isn't the one who made it.

  • MissOphonia
    MissOphonia25 days ago

    In case it hasn’t already been pointed out, distractingly terrible child actors were kind of a staple of 80’s family sitcoms, so I’m guessing they were intentionally directed that way. If so, this show’s attention to detail remains amazing.

  • stillfoufou
    stillfoufou25 days ago

    I still love Agents of Shield and Phil Coulson!

    OSMAN BURLINGTON25 days ago

    I'm predicting that the Luke-Skywalker-like suprise guest will be Thanos in some way. The clue that it will be Thanos is that both he and Luke had one of their hands cut off in the past.

  • Brandon Clifford
    Brandon Clifford25 days ago

    I think something really bigger going on the Wanda vision show

  • Christopher K
    Christopher K25 days ago

    I think Agnes is the Witness Protection Person Jimmy was looking for

  • WhatAlsaid!
    WhatAlsaid!25 days ago

    Here's the thing though. I DONT think he's Mephisto. Because if he were, he would've used the face of Wanda's actual brother, and not some stranger who may or may not be another version of him from a parallel universe.

  • Jeremy Barnes
    Jeremy Barnes25 days ago

    Billy’s my favorite twin so far. I think the 5-year old actor for him was better than the one for Tommy. That “fix dead” line was weird to me; it confused me. I thought he was saying someone was dead, like “Vic’s dead.” It made me think of Victor Mancha from “The Vision” comic. This episode very subtly got me more excited for Captain Marvel 2, since it’s going to feature Carol Danvers, a Captain Marvel fangirl (Kamala Khan), and somebody who knows her personally but might be holding something against her for being out of her life for so long (Monica). That dynamic seems like it’ll be very interesting!

  • Isaih Say
    Isaih Say25 days ago

    In the disney app you select audio description and it says the xmen version of quick silver shows up at the door isnt from the quick silver from the xmen universe if disnt confirmed it through its audio description

  • Ashley Downey
    Ashley Downey25 days ago

    Interesting pronunciation of Coulson. I thought that the Wandavision theme song reminded me a bit of "Growing Pains" theme song. I did like the "Family Ties" themed opening.

  • Jeffrey Jones
    Jeffrey Jones25 days ago

    The man at the door never actually said he was Pietro. When asked if he was, he only made a gesture.

  • Zachary Cantrell
    Zachary Cantrell25 days ago

    I dont think its Pietro either.

  • Sacrifice Theory
    Sacrifice Theory25 days ago

    What if Scarlet Witch is the MCU Jean? I mean FOX already did Dark Phoenix and we know how that went. I’m hoping Prof. X shows up towards the end of the show.

  • PT Barnum

    PT Barnum

    22 days ago

    No. I don't want her to Die.

  • Ciel Roi
    Ciel Roi25 days ago

    I still think the reference to the "chocolate covered strawberry, split three ways" is important to the twins. Maybe Wanda's heart split three ways? The shards of Mephisto? Idk.

  • Betto Mendes
    Betto Mendes25 days ago

    I like the theory that Evan Peters is Nightmare, could be a kind of reference to the fact that in the House of M comics Pietro was the real responsible for the whole mess, manipulating Wanda to rewrite reality.

  • T Ric
    T Ric25 days ago

    One of the great things about this show is all the little things going on, and they are more then happy to string you along and throw swerves based on information outside the storyline. People know about House of M which this is based off of, people know the MCU is looking at doing a multiverse storyline. All things are on the table. I believe it's the Fox quicksilver but only b/c it's accoms razor, it wouldn't surprise me if it was Mephisto or someone else. There is definitely something more then just Wanda going on or Norm would have said Wanda is in my head, help, not she is in my head, help. Notice how Herb(who also is aware) wasn't in this show, and a new character showed up that again seems to be aware. Herb is there neighbor, why wasn't he around, someone that is capable of keeping an eye out, but you never saw him. Now they have someone that will be in their home keeping an eye on them. It could easily be a switch; but that takes more of a leap in logic then it's just her want for her brother blipped in from another universe and is now under the control of whoever to be her brother in this one.

  • FleetingClouds
    FleetingClouds25 days ago

    I think its still Fox Pietro. But brainwashed through the reality warping powers of Wanda (to fit in).

  • Damon Sugameli
    Damon Sugameli25 days ago

    I did have a thought that reinforces the idea that Mephisto could be the puppet master. Granted, I’m not as familiar with Wanda’s comic book history beyond House of M, but thinking about how this supposedly connects to Spider-Man 3 and Doctor Strange 2, Spider-Man made a deal with Mephisto in the comics which led into Brand New Day. If I remember correctly, Mephisto basically rewrote history so that Doctor Strange made the world forget Spidey’s true identity (which of course is the key problem Peter is now facing in the MCU). They might very well be setting up Mephisto as the big bad of this phase by using him as the catalyst to break open the multiverse and it all comes to a head in Multiverse of Madness.

  • Chad-Michael Simon
    Chad-Michael Simon25 days ago

    I like the tie people are making to John Stamos for Pietro's performance. It fits with the sitcom, the altered performances of everyone else in that world, and explains why he's not acting like himself from the X-Men movies. I don't buy that it's Mephisto or Nightmare. If it were an imposter, they would appear as Wanda's brother to truly rattle her, not as a version from another dimension. I have to believe that since this is this is the first appearance of a Fox character in the MCU that it's the real deal, the multiverse in action.

  • Anthony Rhodes
    Anthony Rhodes25 days ago

    Apocalypse is doing it 🤷🏽‍♂️ lol

  • T Ric
    T Ric25 days ago

    Lavender is just used to relax. Not sure it's much more then that.

  • Chad-Michael Simon
    Chad-Michael Simon25 days ago

    25:07 I think the performances of the kids have been spot-on with that period of sitcom and were chosen and directed that way. There were star performers like Michael J. Fox, but most of the kids in '80s television were hired for appearance first, ability to act second.

  • Circuit Board
    Circuit Board25 days ago

    I want Aaron Taylor Johnson's Quicksilver back!!!!!! They gotta bring him back!!! He was so underused😭😭😭

  • Jamie Wamie
    Jamie Wamie25 days ago


  • Phillip Criswell
    Phillip Criswell25 days ago

    They actually do show Aaron Taylor Johnson when going over Wanda’s past. He is standing next to her in one of the photos

  • EJIA Cavarice
    EJIA Cavarice25 days ago

    What about Morgan Le Fay? she could be who Dottie is or someone else.

  • Jezza Bondi Beach
    Jezza Bondi Beach26 days ago

    Are we gonna get any action scenes before the season is up 😴 😴

  • SaitamaYT
    SaitamaYT26 days ago

    14:17 “vision decides to turn him off” when I saw that I was beginning to wonder if he would turn norm on again afterwards ;)

  • Rob M
    Rob M26 days ago

    The Lavender is supposed to be to drive out demons from cranky children. Oh boi. No wonder. Tommy and Billy don't look like Vision or Scarlet Witch. They look like Pietro...

  • Steven Lodge
    Steven Lodge26 days ago

    We Love You Grace!

  • wizzzer1337
    wizzzer133726 days ago

    "didn't see that coming?!"

  • President Togekiss
    President Togekiss26 days ago

    Tommy does have a personality in the comics. He´s just never used. But he has some defining character moments. For starters, he is the only member of the original Young Avengers who doesn´t want to quit superheroing after the Children´s Crusade. He also suggests many times, even after joining the team, that he is perfectly okay with killing bad guys, and he actually does kill a bunch of Skrulls. That makes sense when you consider that he admires Magneto, and says he would be lucky to end up like him. In general Tommy has the quirks of Quicksilver, but the disposition of Magnus.

  • trafton shepherd
    trafton shepherd26 days ago

    Lavender is for healing and protection

  • bob joe
    bob joe26 days ago

    I loved how Vision wasn't mad about the dog and just greeted him it shows how kind and compassionate he is 🥺

  • Gabriel Raven
    Gabriel Raven26 days ago

    Hi. Wiccan for over 2 decades. Lavender is added to things to promote harmony

  • President Togekiss
    President Togekiss26 days ago

    I think Mephisto is the "Ralph" guy Agnes talks about.

  • Steampunk Starraisin
    Steampunk Starraisin26 days ago

    I liked the Commodore 64 product placement...

  • Chelsey Knight
    Chelsey Knight26 days ago

    Wouldn't it be awesome to have the dramatic finale (if they were to have this just be a season 1) be a telenovela?

  • Philip Seven
    Philip Seven26 days ago

    Uh, Aerospace Engineer actually.

  • DJ Generation
    DJ Generation26 days ago

    Now I want "weird magic children" thanks to Grace 😩

  • Marco Magnotta
    Marco Magnotta26 days ago


  • Luis Sifuentes
    Luis Sifuentes26 days ago

    Wasn’t his name peter instead of pietro in x men??

  • J Martin
    J Martin26 days ago

    AERO-space Engineer, not Neuro-space.

  • MasterOnion North
    MasterOnion North26 days ago

    It just occured to me that Dottie might be Emma Frost. Her hair colour/weird demeanor, and given what happened at the end of episode five. Just sayin.......... 🤔

  • NC Nc
    NC Nc26 days ago

    In the latin american dubbing Monica talks about an female aerospace engineer

  • mike powers
    mike powers26 days ago

    Just a few thoughts: lay off the child actors, and what are "laser sniper rounds"?

    JJSMJ26 days ago

    I think Wanda is gonna go to her own House of M universe with Pietro, her kids and Magneto. It's going to disrupt the multiverse and that is what Doctor Strange is about. After this whole madness, Wanda is going to either merge the realities into a new one where the MCU is filled with mutants.

  • MasterOnion North
    MasterOnion North26 days ago

    I'm now wondering if Wanda is either responsible for the continuity problems in the X-men universe, or if she created that universe/characters to begin with.

  • Newman Studios
    Newman Studios26 days ago

    Here’s my thing: if Pietro is meant to be the villain in disguise to trick Wanda or something, it makes absolutely no sense to cast Evan Peters. Wanda doesn’t know who Evan Peters is. Might as well make it the MCU version. Using Evan Peters for that would be nonsense in the plot and used exclusively to trick the audience. Which would just come off cheap, in my opinion. Also, everyone acts different than they did outside the Hex. His behavior in the leak tells us nothing.

  • Messes with Matt!
    Messes with Matt!26 days ago

    Agnes is using wanda for something....?

  • Patricio Montano
    Patricio Montano26 days ago

    I also have my doubts it’s Pietro. Just because they are bringing in mutants and are probably not going to bring all or some of the previous X-men in the fox movies. I’m sure they want to separate fox from marvel. I’m enjoying where this is going though. The plot thickens! Lol

  • Pitt 83
    Pitt 8326 days ago

    I think Mojo and Mojoworld are involved in the manipulation of Wanda and Vision. I think we are witnessing the introduction of mutants but not Xmen. Mojo always uses television in his torcher and enslavement. I think Doris is Spiral and Agnes is Agatha Harkness.

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson26 days ago

    technically the line was "87% kevlar", not 87% bulletproof. So potentially the whole outfit was remade with the vest distributed through.

  • Ethan Matthew
    Ethan Matthew26 days ago

    Only four columns of notes??? Great Breakdown!

  • NATE KNOWS Reviews
    NATE KNOWS Reviews26 days ago

    who else in Marvel like their television format's? .... MoJo!, what if Wanda tap into mojo"s world and that's why everything look's like network television?

  • Joshua Rieth
    Joshua Rieth26 days ago

    During the Quicksilver reveal, you can hear the sword alarms going off. Thoughts?

  • Solo Fox
    Solo Fox26 days ago

    I really hope its not the real Fox quicksilver. I have been big X-men fan since the 80's and I just really don't like those Fox movies. I have really been hoping they recast and re-costume the entire X-men cast (yes including Hugh Jackman who is too tall and never would put on the yellow spandex). Either way I have faith in the Marvel producers to finally do something awesome with the X-men.