WandaVision Episode 6 BREAKDOWN! Spoilers! Easter Eggs & Ending Explained!


WandaVision Episode 6 today spoilers! Beyond The Trailer breakdown & reaction 2021! Spoilers! Easter Eggs! Ending Explained! Evan Peters! Quicksilver?! Mephisto?! Twins get powers! Vision! Darcy! Mind Stone!
WandaVision Episode 6 REVIEW today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction and review of Episode 6 with spoilers, "All New Halloween Spooktacular"! Marvel, MCU, Disney Plus! Evan Peters seems to be less Quicksilver and more Mephisto with so many references to Hell! Twins Billy & Tommy get powers! Vision tries to leave Westview! Is Hayward after the Mind Stone?! Darcy Lewis enters the hexigon! Share your own reaction as you watch each full episode of WandaVision on Disney Plus in 2021! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
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  • Beyond The Trailer
    Beyond The Trailer21 day ago

    UPDATE - Yes! I see now it's Malcolm in the Middle! :) I've actually never seen that show which is why I didn't catch it. ****What do you think of my theories?! - Is Hayward after the MIND STONE?! - Will Darcy show up at Vision's office?! and more! All explained here!

  • G7130


    15 days ago

    The stones are not gone but instead their atoms were separated...they still exist and just need something to pull them together.

  • ced-EP


    17 days ago

    FATMAN BEYOND said Ellis street is named after the writer Warren Ellis who wrote the book called Next Wave, where Monica Rambeau is the star.

  • Leonard mcfarlane

    Leonard mcfarlane

    17 days ago


  • Dan Warner

    Dan Warner

    18 days ago

    I think sword was trying to recreate ultron mission from vision corpse and agnes was defo wanda acompliance in all this. Idk whther she allowed wanda to take over through manipulations or wanda turned on agnes tho 🤔

  • Jack Dennis

    Jack Dennis

    18 days ago

    I heard Kickass and I wonder if that was a nod to Peters and Aaron Taylor Johnson being in that movie together and then Peters gets recast in Kickass 2. I think he’s playing 2 characters because we really need a fun speedster in the MCU and the people spoke back then. The Fox version was superior.

  • Harsh Sharma
    Harsh Sharma6 days ago

    This Episode's opening Credit was very Malcolm In The Middle-y

  • Thanasis Ouzounis
    Thanasis Ouzounis8 days ago

    I mean I absolutely adore the show but I wanted so badly that 90s (Full House] episode, god damn it...

  • Merfiz Aziz
    Merfiz Aziz9 days ago

    5:43 He is already in his Wiccan costume

  • Merfiz Aziz
    Merfiz Aziz9 days ago

    I think the naughty on Agnes's sweatpants is a homage to the character she plays in Bad Moms and also, witches are known to e naughty (wicked) :D

  • paul Williams
    paul Williams14 days ago

    Did anyone else get the kickass reference 🤔

  • J. Jay
    J. Jay15 days ago

    Aaron Taylor Johnson is not lule skywalker level. That would be such an eyeroll 🙄

  • Tony
    Tony15 days ago

    so i watched the 1st 2 episodes and literally almost died of boredom.....is it really worth watching the rest???

  • yolol


    15 days ago


  • Kyle Hopkins
    Kyle Hopkins15 days ago

    Grace looks so good in those glasses

  • Marlon DeTorres
    Marlon DeTorres15 days ago

    The mighty anthony mainly watch because yarn predictably nail excluding a proud revolver. humorous, obedient rutabaga

  • Marlon DeTorres
    Marlon DeTorres15 days ago

    The heartbreaking fear mechanically comb because sphere additionaly attract despite a romantic kenya. drab, magenta space

    ANGEL LONDIAN16 days ago

    So good show. Love it. And if they are setting up the origin of mutants in the MCU? Absolutely Brilliant on the writing team

  • The Great Sir Wolfenstein
    The Great Sir Wolfenstein16 days ago


  • S Panda
    S Panda16 days ago

    The amount of over analyzing in this video is crazyyy 🤣🤣

  • Avhotai Studios
    Avhotai Studios17 days ago

    Can someone please tell me if there's an argument against Evan Peters being a puppeteered version Fox's Quicksilver? Is it already generally accepted that he's just a poor recreation of ATJ?

  • neophytealpha
    neophytealpha17 days ago

    It is like she thought that SWORD was a bunch of clowns.

  • VoidedMirror
    VoidedMirror17 days ago

    You forgot to mention that even while Vision was being pulled apart, his only concern was for the trapped people of Westview. “The people need help!”. 😥

  • Eric
    Eric17 days ago

    Where are all the kids Wanda? Then there are nothing but kids

  • UcantHide4eveR's Gaming Channel
    UcantHide4eveR's Gaming Channel17 days ago

    Wanda was created by Science she wasn't born with her powers.

  • Obssy
    Obssy17 days ago

    The beginning of the episode was a spoof on Scrubs, with the narration and the head tilting that precedes a cut-away scene. Unmistakable.

  • Allison Wu
    Allison Wu17 days ago

    The opening felt kinda Even Steven's

  • Phillip Gaines
    Phillip Gaines17 days ago

    Not only did i love this video but this cheered up my day! Thanks! 🖤

  • Michael Tiong
    Michael Tiong17 days ago

    U know 1 thing I noticed. Agnes does not show up until the edge of the hex. I bet pietro came up because Agnes failed to do something or found out that she is helping wanda. I bet also the 'naughty' was to tell us she did something that she wasn't suppose to do?

  • Dwain Madison
    Dwain Madison17 days ago

    LOVE IT!!!!

  • H_Isitt
    H_Isitt17 days ago

    I think when Wanda sees dead Evan Peters, that is actually him (Mesphisto/Nightmare) manipulating reality to convince her that he is the "real" Pietro.

  • Derek Smoke
    Derek Smoke17 days ago

    Doddy was suspiciously absent from this episode! 🤔🤔🤔

  • grethen123
    grethen12318 days ago

    Loved the scenes with Vision falling apart - so touching! Thank you for the breakdown, as usual

  • MuffinlordXander
    MuffinlordXander18 days ago

    I thought that statue thing watching Wanda talk to Herb around the 15:38 mark was just a reference to the witch main villain in the movie "The Witches" the 1990 one cause it kind of looks like the character

  • Bound Boxing Blogs
    Bound Boxing Blogs18 days ago

    i thought it was an ok episode i felt that the 90's sitcoms were under represented... there were soo many good 90's sitcoms

  • Cesar Torres
    Cesar Torres18 days ago

    Pietro's "Shot like a chump in the street" comment (mentioned at 18:26) read to me like he was sent to do someone else's bidding. I totally think he's Nightmare, especially with the way he scares Wanda two different times in this episode. My theory is that Mephisto, Nightmare, Grim Reaper, Dottie, and Agnes found Wanda to create the hex in order to channel enough energy to manifest Hell on Earth. I also think the Infinity Stones play a large role in this. From the trailer footage we can see that Wanda is able to create new stones (I mean she essentially is one with the stones) and she's somehow going to be able to recreate the six stones. Six magic figures. Six sides to the hex. Six stones. That's what I'm getting so far but can't wait to see how it all plays out.

  • Amber Leigh
    Amber Leigh18 days ago

    I wanna know.... what the heck happened to the Beekeeper? We never see them again after Wanda redoes that scene. And no one at sword has mentioned them ever again after THEY were the ones that sent him in. Mistake in the script that results in a plot hole or something else?

  • Aaron Jan Listanco
    Aaron Jan Listanco18 days ago

    Grace you forgot the "kickass" word repeated said Wanda.. Kickass a nod of two Quicksilver actors (Aaron Taylor-Johnson & Evan Peters) in the same movie

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee18 days ago

    The "big cameo" better NOT be ATJ smh...nobody cares about him at this point. We want a Marvel character with gravitas and a future like Reed Richards or somebody.

  • adrian brathwaite
    adrian brathwaite18 days ago

    I believe the foreground shot was a flashback to his appearance in Xmen, they used it whenever he used his speed.

  • F.R.N. F
    F.R.N. F18 days ago

    Wanda creating mutants is such a horrible origin story theory. So unfaithful and cheap

  • Rick Dalton
    Rick Dalton18 days ago

    We're going to our favorite three some 🤣🤣🤣🥰

  • WickedWitcher01
    WickedWitcher0118 days ago

    The amount of GASLIGHTERY that poor Wanda goes through this episode

  • J. Jay

    J. Jay

    15 days ago

    Poor wanda? What about the people trapped in the hex standing still and crying.

  • MadManMike


    17 days ago

    Righ?! Haven't seen this much gaslighting since Smallville

  • Kevin Mejia
    Kevin Mejia18 days ago

    GRACE look at the tombstones: Dr.Rivus can be read as dr. VIRUS also, on th Sammelman one you can read below near the ground: NOT ON HER SIDE. This is a visual cue of what Evan Peters character is meant

  • Ben S
    Ben S18 days ago

    Opening scene is from ALF. Honestly I had to look it up to be sure, and it's definitely ALF, lol.

  • DarthVader DaGreat
    DarthVader DaGreat18 days ago

    Play chess. She has to expand it to Avenger Level Event. ALE. House of M. They going there. Literalky. If Thanos Snapped his Fingers. Then Wanda will push it to the Max not to be Stop. Your Final warning. I have what i want. And nobody will take it away from again. She will keep her word you think?

  • DarthVader DaGreat
    DarthVader DaGreat18 days ago

    Yes a bunch of fucking Clown. Hot air Balloon. Was hilarious

  • DarthVader DaGreat
    DarthVader DaGreat18 days ago

    Professor X Level of Pausing people. Damn

  • DarthVader DaGreat
    DarthVader DaGreat18 days ago

    If she can destroy it! Could she create ONE? OH EXCELLENT

  • DarthVader DaGreat
    DarthVader DaGreat18 days ago

    And how grief can corrupt the Mind. And make love become so twisted!

  • DarthVader DaGreat
    DarthVader DaGreat18 days ago

    Yo Magic was a reference to Vision. That Wandas Magic cant save him. The Surf board has Visions colors. And it fore tells Vision wasting away when he was away from the "Magic".

  • DarthVader DaGreat
    DarthVader DaGreat18 days ago

    Wait WandaVision kicks off The Multiverse/Secret Invasion phase. So its setting up Secret Invasion. And the Cree/And Nightmare are working off of each other unknowingly perhaps? Setting up both plots. There are so many plots at work here. Not 1 but as many 6 plots. If you really can see it. They will be seen clear as day when it all plays out. What connects to the Multiverse storyline. And what connects to Secret invasion. What connects to the House of M. XMen. So many moving parts. The show is fucking with everybody's head. While people are thinking one dimension. The shows is moving on multiple dimensions. Literally

  • DarthVader DaGreat
    DarthVader DaGreat18 days ago

    I like the Cree twist. That Aliens are controlling Wanda.

  • DarthVader DaGreat
    DarthVader DaGreat18 days ago

    Before Peitro came to knock on the door. There was a breach. Then Peitro pops up at the door. So he 🏃 ran in threw the Barrier. Why havent you mentioned that?

  • Matt Phillips Reviews
    Matt Phillips Reviews18 days ago

    I think Modern Family will be next family sitcom that is parodied if they continue the trend.

  • Jay Media
    Jay Media18 days ago

    Theory on the Yo Magic commercial: all previous episode’s commercials have referred to something traumatic in Wanda’s past ie. the Stark toaster (Stark weapons killed her parents), HYDRA (experimented on her), Lagos (location she accidentally killed innocent people). This one isn’t as obvious but shark gives the boy ‘magic’ as food but he cannot open it: this is a metaphor for what would happen if Vision and the twins were not able to consume the ‘magic’, they would waste away like Vision did at the end of the episode. The fact that it was a shark that gave her the magic suggests that something sinister is maybe powering Wanda in creating this reality. She has never had this power before. The ‘Yo Magic’ yoghurt could also be a metaphor for Wanda herself and she is the boy in this situation. If she isn’t powered by this evil entity then she will be starved of her power in creating Westview.

  • Eli Empire
    Eli Empire18 days ago

    Grace I think you miss the mark on the yo magic commercial

  • Rjohme Rjohx
    Rjohme Rjohx18 days ago

    I'm starting to think it's Franklin Richards or Kang the conquer, because of the time traveling

    Tim LEWIS WRX19 days ago

    I think Mephisto's face in looking in through the door at 7 minutes ish in your video by the way.

  • Luiza Souto
    Luiza Souto19 days ago

    The Brazilian version dubbed the person Monica is going to meet as a she 🧐

  • Luiza Souto
    Luiza Souto19 days ago

    The Brazilian version dubbed the person Monica is going to meet as a she 🧐

  • Zane Oberholzer
    Zane Oberholzer19 days ago

    Grace, you are wonderful! I so look forward to your videos!! Thank you!!!!!

  • Peter Evans
    Peter Evans19 days ago

    both films are films about teams of FOUR too GRACE!

  • AD P
    AD P19 days ago

    Interesting point - not just one baddie but TWO! It could also be a play on the show name: WandaVision == One Division

  • Jeremy Jesson
    Jeremy Jesson19 days ago

    Ant-Man gives Monica the power to shrink her and the vehicle. |Maybe small can not be found...

  • oedipa maas

    oedipa maas

    18 days ago

    What if Wanda didn't really enlarge the Hex at the end of the episode, someone else shrunk the Earth

  • Que Beats
    Que Beats19 days ago

    The writing amazes me with every new episode, and to think this is only the first marvel show

  • Evan Qi V.B.
    Evan Qi V.B.19 days ago

    Notice how when it is "Pietro's" title card the lyrics are ssying- "you never know who's coming to play" maybe because it isn't actually Pietro 🤔

  • The Retro Noisemakers
    The Retro Noisemakers19 days ago

    I think Evan Peters is Loki. I think Loki is playing Quicksilver and working for Nightmare/Mephisto

  • Pardeep Singh
    Pardeep Singh19 days ago

    Wanda vision is next level yo

  • Bizzy Brown
    Bizzy Brown19 days ago

    Could the guest be Immortus. Loki’s series is based off another Wanda and Vision story from the comics that kicked off the events of WandaVision : Immortus is sent by the Time keepers to destroy Wanda before she could conceive children and he influenced the Wanda/Vision relationship figuring that Wanda couldn’t have kids w/ Vision. Also Kang (the younger Immortus) is confirmed to be the villain in Ant Man 3. Xx

  • Jfc fanfic
    Jfc fanfic19 days ago

    Darcy called it episodes back, "a clown car."

  • AzzurroProductions
    AzzurroProductions19 days ago

    I just looked at Darcy's poster: Do you think the Symbol on her jacket represents "Scarlet Witch" in some form? It looks like a "W" consisting of two "S" .. Scarlet Witch. Maybe a reach, but I had this idea that maybe Wanda will form a Scarlet Witch army/citizen..

  • Supreme IO
    Supreme IO19 days ago

    Monica Rambeau isn't a mutant in the comics. It doesn't make sense to think if she gets her power from going across the barrier that will create mutants.

  • CaptnJack
    CaptnJack19 days ago

    wonder if MOJO is involved. He loved putting mutants into shows. he is tech based...hmmmm

  • Kevin Stempien
    Kevin Stempien19 days ago

    If the tv static energy isn't from Wanda then maybe her hex barrier is actually keeping that energy from expanding indefinitely.

  • LadyJay882
    LadyJay88219 days ago

    18:26 Why is “I was shot like a chump in the street” something that’s “very derogatory”?

  • David Marshall

    David Marshall

    18 days ago

    I think Grace means it was derogatory to the memory of the real Quicksilver, because he didn't die like a chump. He died heroically, saving Hawkeye's and a child's life.

  • Destructus 86
    Destructus 8619 days ago

    I got a strange Jim Carey vibe from him.

  • Cain Dunlap
    Cain Dunlap19 days ago

    Can’t have HAYWARD without HYDRA

  • Big Mo Logan

    Big Mo Logan

    19 days ago


  • Andre Lyew
    Andre Lyew19 days ago

    I think the problem is evan is from the fox universe but the reason he is here was when whatever entity was trying to bring back her brother they couldn't find his soul and the soul came from peter but because he's in this unfamiliar universe and his memories are starting to line up. I do however do believe he is being either influenced or controlled.

  • David Samuelson
    David Samuelson19 days ago

    Agnes is setting Vision up. How is she the only one who’s not frozen way out there? No coincidences. She’s not affected by Wanda nor Vision.

  • David Samuelson
    David Samuelson19 days ago

    Olsen was true in her statement. Marvel would never make a dark ‘movie’. They weren’t making tv shows at the time.

  • David Samuelson
    David Samuelson19 days ago

    Taylor-Johnson comes back to save his sister & SWORD is trying to use Vision to rebuild another phase of Ultron. Ties all kinds of Ultron back into MCU.

  • mikewhoelse
    mikewhoelse19 days ago

    It's just such a fantastic show. I was worried after the first couple of episodes but it's just blowing it out of the water. The production values are out of this world.

  • Janae Henry
    Janae Henry19 days ago

    What is the Shangri-la reference 🤔

  • Giovanna Rolim
    Giovanna Rolim19 days ago

    I think a lot of us wanted a full house reference... it would have been so great! It's not like we believe Evan Peters is Pietro's quicksilver, but we want him so bad to be that we let ourselves be tricked a little bit.

  • I Shall Meet You At The Monorail
    I Shall Meet You At The Monorail19 days ago

    The fact that these breakdowns are always longer than the show says a lot about how much storytelling is going on.

  • Raul Ochoa
    Raul Ochoa19 days ago

    The shark also says I ate yo-magic or something like that. I don’t know if that meant anything but that stood out to me the second time.

  • Laureado Ortega
    Laureado Ortega19 days ago

    Thank you for noticing the misterious figure in the halloween street scene!!! 5:18

  • junior tomlin
    junior tomlin19 days ago

    There is a person who links magic and science and that is doctor doom

  • No Where
    No Where19 days ago

    The opening was ALF

  • lola fadiya
    lola fadiya19 days ago

    Anyone notice the nod to Kickass, the character Aaron Taylor-Johnson played!!!

  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH19 days ago

    I found it quite harrowing seeing Darcy pulled in. It was cool though watching the town be altered. There's an idea going round that I don't love because I never liked the show but it would be very meta if Darcy showed up as a waitress in a coffee show in her 2 Broke Girls outfit. Although why would Vision go in since he doesn't eat or drink? I don't know. It'd be funny though.

  • Henrik
    Henrik19 days ago

    I really hope Ultron is in there somewhere!

  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH19 days ago

    Minor correction. Monica never specifically says "he". She says "My way back into the hex will be here in an hour. Just gotta meet my guy over the ridge". Guy could very easily refer to a male or female so that's still up in the air.

  • David Marshall

    David Marshall

    19 days ago

    Good point. "My guy" could refer to a woman in that context. As in "my contact".

  • aspiringwayfarer
    aspiringwayfarer19 days ago

    Wait - was this the first episode with no mention of Ralph?? AND the first real/full episode of....whoever Evan Peters is playing.... 🤨🤔🧐

  • Iacopo Cutino
    Iacopo Cutino19 days ago

    The episodes are too short. It's frustrating, they are not going anywhere with the story... :(

  • Shadowbreed
    Shadowbreed19 days ago

    Grace in Dark Phoenix Quicksilver was shot in the leg in the street like a chump and had to sit out through the rest of the movie. But I am not ruling out that he could still be Nightmare or Mephisto.

  • keiferz
    keiferz19 days ago

    nobody caught the "kickass" reference?

  • Game City Savior
    Game City Savior19 days ago

    What mutants live in new Jersey?

  • Venelin Petkov
    Venelin Petkov19 days ago

    “WandaVision” doesn’t explain why its titular characters would retreat into this nostalgia, and without that core knowledge, its recreations feel increasingly hollow. Perhaps the series will explore that in the remaining six (in fact, there are already three) episodes that were not provided for review. But until then, “WandaVision” asks the question “What exactly is your story?” of its titular characters, but doesn’t have an answer for it. author: Roxana Hadadi

  • Aaron Burroughs
    Aaron Burroughs19 days ago

    I like when you cut to the Jimmy Woo fight scene And then suddenly cut back to Hayward because you had something else to say lol

  • Jermel Joyner
    Jermel Joyner19 days ago

    Think Beast "Hank Mocoy" the friend coming to help her

  • Elīna Jansone
    Elīna Jansone19 days ago

    How is this show keeps getting better and better? I love this show. Such a shame it will end soon

  • ramoist101
    ramoist10119 days ago

    I watch the episode. Immediately reset, pull up Grace's live watch and watch along with her lol

  • Mario Faker
    Mario Faker19 days ago

    I think we’ll all be disappointed when we see that Monica’s contact is Selvig. It does fit, though... he did build equipment to harness the Space Stone, after all.

  • Rick Turner
    Rick Turner19 days ago

    Omg. I learned so much here!