WandaVision Episode 5 REACTION


WandaVision Episode 5 REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer live reaction 2021! Disney Plus! Twins! 1980s! Agnes! Dottie! Darcy!
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WandaVision Episode 5 REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction to Episode 5 of WandaVision on Disney Plus in 2021 from Marvel aka MCU! What's the latest with the twins, Tommy & Billy?! And what's Agnes up to? Have SWORD's Monica, Jimmy Woo and Darcy learning anything new?! Evan Peters debuts as... Pietro aka Quicksilver? Share your own reaction to Episode 5 of WandaVision, the full episode airing in 2021! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • Tony Randall
    Tony Randall10 days ago

    Loved the Family Ties/Growing Pains style opener. Why didn't they tell Monica Wanda took Vision husk? Thought of X-Men when Magneto turned guns on cops. Evan Peters as Pietro! Phase break the 4th wall!

  • sutibengr
    sutibengr21 day ago

    He has that accent because he’s playing ALF character as the next episode is ALF!!! And the beginning of episode 6 is ALF and is michevious and bad influence like ALF eg stealing candy etc

  • Braeden Messer
    Braeden Messer22 days ago

    Notice how when “Pietro” shows up, there is the security breech sound in the SWORD area. Maybe Evan Peters character went in from the outside???? 👀👀👀👀

  • Braeden Messer
    Braeden Messer22 days ago

    That’s funny. I’m watching this a week later and I also had the error message last week!

  • Mask. Surname
    Mask. Surname22 days ago

    We get just as many answers as new questions hahahahah

  • Smith Corona
    Smith Corona23 days ago

    I don't understand this watch along thing. Do I watch Grace? Do I watch the show? I was hoping to get married someday. . .

  • vice2vursa
    vice2vursa25 days ago

    Can u please make it louder next time. I could barely hear. Made it difficult to keep watching

  • vice2vursa
    vice2vursa25 days ago

    I can barely hear

  • David Whitfield
    David Whitfield25 days ago

    Very interesting how Monica reacted to Captain Marvel. Almost the same as Talos did in Spiderman 2. Seems Carol has pissed off those she promised to return to.

  • Jessy Recinos
    Jessy Recinos25 days ago

    See , even grace hates the sitcom parts. They are awful.

  • qwizzle
    qwizzle25 days ago

    Do people actually still listen to this witch

  • Ray R
    Ray R26 days ago

    At the 4.5 min mark I think she’s trying to plant the seed in visions head that Wanda is controlling things. Hence why when the door bell rings at the end of episode, he doesn’t believe her. She might be trying to split them up?IMHO

  • Loconnol
    Loconnol27 days ago

    You didn't have a clue that was the XMEN version did you smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Mr. Crumbles
    Mr. Crumbles27 days ago

    When Wanda answers the door, SWORD has an alarm going off BEFORE it's revealed who rang the doorbell (Darcy stops to watch). Maybe there was a spike in cosmic radiation and some kind of interdimensional rift opened up? Maybe that really IS Quicksilver

  • Eddie Anderson
    Eddie Anderson27 days ago

    If its not Pietro its Mystique or Loki

  • Dane Stewart
    Dane Stewart27 days ago

    She pulled in visions corpse... can’t pull in pietros... so the character was put over someone else🤷‍♂️

  • Edgaritomata
    Edgaritomata27 days ago

    33:36 you’re welcome

  • Jim Zarbaugh
    Jim Zarbaugh27 days ago

    No- it has to be Pietro. Of course he isn’t acting like himself. He is under a spell just like everyone else in WestView. This show is supposed to lead us into the multiverse confusion of Slider-Man 3 as well as Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Unless this is an intentional misdirect, then why not assume the multiverse has begun to unravel? What would be the purpose of a misdirect only to unravel the multiverse anyway a few episodes later?

  • Gamer3ed
    Gamer3ed27 days ago

    Just a little something I found out. If you turn on English Audio Description on Disney+, the narrator literally says "Wanda stares at the version of Pietro from the X-Men Films."

  • Angel García
    Angel García27 days ago

    I think that Wanda or the "higher entity" cannot really bring life back. Vision was not 100% a living being, and so perhaps she was able to "revive" him. But Wanda, or the "higher entity", can indeed bring the living version of characters from other realities to this reality. That is why Wanda, or the "higher entity" brought Pietro's version from another reality.

  • Retha Blair
    Retha Blair27 days ago

    I bet Agnes was meant to be there for the twins birth which would explain why she was hating on Geraldine/Monica for being in there

  • JeremySlather
    JeremySlather27 days ago

    The mailman also "breaks" character, so I think most people are just like on call, and wanda summons them when she needs something. Also, I think they "rehearse" sometimes and she turns time back or forwards for vision, but the kids aren't affected.

  • MeTube
    MeTube27 days ago

    "These Disney+ shoes have a ridiculous amount of credits" - Yup, because they have cinematic production.

  • Donna Temple
    Donna Temple27 days ago

    I wonder what the ads will be like as we get close to events of infinity war and Endgame. Stark 2000 Toaster (the missile they had to sit with for 3 days), Strucker Watch (scientist who exprerimented on her, Hyra Soak Soap (Recruited by Hydra), Lagos Wipes (mishap in Lagos) We are upto Civil War now.

  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH27 days ago

    This show is making me question my reality. By which I mean how can I go back to the Marvel we used to have after living with Wandavision for a couple of months? My brain will be re-wired to such a degree I can't just go back to watching regular Marvel. That used to be more than enough. Now things like Shang-Chi and even Falcon and Winter Soldier feel so dull. They may have been worried if people would accept this series. Now that they have will they accept anything less? I hope they know what they're doing.

  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH27 days ago

    Why do I keep falling for the misdirects? Maybe I should stop watching the trailers. In the ad they made it seem like Agnes was directing. I'm sure she said "take it from the top" with a more authoritative pitch. Nope. She was asking. What's going on with the recap? Last week Wanda said Geraldine had to go, this time she straight said to Vision Geraldine didn't belong. Granted he's dead so perhaps his ability to reason isn't what it should be. Although he did notice the Agnes thing so...who knows?

    ANURAG RAWAT27 days ago

    marvel preparing for mutants taking over the phase 5 so pietro is from fox one..Its happening.

  • Jenuel CrazySHY18
    Jenuel CrazySHY1828 days ago


  • DatBoiDego
    DatBoiDego28 days ago

    That’s Pietro from the X-men !!

  • HeyNowJose
    HeyNowJose28 days ago

    It makes no sense for mephisto to be pietro. If it were they would become the pietro that she knows, the one we've seen in the MCU. She didn't even recognize him. It's a very deliberate choice to cast an actor who's played the same character before.

  • Khalid jamal
    Khalid jamal28 days ago

    So exited 🔥🔥 this show is brilliant

  • S. Franc
    S. Franc28 days ago

    This is huge. We are keeping some X-men

  • Coffee Drinker
    Coffee Drinker28 days ago

    oh!!! and shouldn't Evan peters quicksilver who was born in the mid 60's be over 50 years old by now. remember that he was already a teenager during the events of days of future past. everyone from the last X-man movie that FOX put out would be in their late 30's at least but everyone else is 40+, even 50+. oh and Wanda was Quicksilvers kid sister in DAYS, not his twin. I am gonna love how the MCU is gonna fix this. I thought that every x-man was getting recast except for Deadpool, but here's Evan!!! this is gonna be fun!!!1

  • nourelle calam
    nourelle calam28 days ago

    I rewatched episode 5 and tried so hard to make it sync with this, it did and it was great!! :)

  • LP83
    LP8328 days ago

    I think her kids brought Pietro to Westview. Wanda said she misses her brother and that he's far away. Her kids wouldn't know that he's actually dead so they brought Pietro from "far away" AKA through the multiverse into their universe.

  • Gordon
    Gordon28 days ago

    Reminds me of under the dome tv series.

  • adventurethis
    adventurethis28 days ago

    Looks like we are getting House of M which also ties into Secret Invasion and Dark Phoenix

  • John Santos
    John Santos28 days ago

    I say that might be Mephisto. Because if that's the real Quicksilver, how did he got here?

  • Oddly Specific with Audra
    Oddly Specific with Audra28 days ago

    Seeing how Vision tapped Norm and accessed his real surprised personality, I’m curious if that is the advert we’ve seen for the Halloween episode. He nudged Agnes & she asks am I dead. Not sure how cognizant she is, or how under the control of Wanda or Mephisto she is. Is she just provoking Vision (by stating he’s dead) to escalate tension with the misses? Guess we’ll have to see how much agency she has soon enough.

  • Oddly Specific with Audra
    Oddly Specific with Audra28 days ago

    I loved the comment “Wanda, I want to believe you, but at this point I’d just be ignoring statistics.” I think she was dwelling on family & loss, and she can’t reinstate life, so she actually opened the multiverse to bring her bro back in her life. Hence the good doctor coming in soon potentially in the finale.

  • Alicia Kingston
    Alicia Kingston28 days ago

    I thought the big bad would be Mephisto; but we have to take China in to account and the strict rules they have for NOT showing the devil on their screens. I'm going to guess that the big bad will end up being either Nightmare or The Grim Reaper (they've shown his helmet already.) I'll also toss in that perhaps Kang is involved and he'll end up being the man behind the scenes like Thanos was in the Infinity Saga stages. I do agree with you on the Pietro vibe Grace. It's someone impersonating him, not actually him. This is supposed to lead in to the Multiverse of Madness though so there is a chance it could be him tweaked like everyone else in the town. He answered to Pietro instead of Peter, yet he still has an American accent. It's a good twist to keep us all guessing.

  • Waisea Vunilogologo
    Waisea Vunilogologo28 days ago

    This is how mutants manifest into the MCU

  • Eloy Ramirez
    Eloy Ramirez28 days ago

    It’s so much story in so little time I can’t be mad

  • K Haynes
    K Haynes28 days ago

    This series was filmed on the same “Small town USA” lot that Beyoncé’s “Hold up” video and a million other shows I’ve seen have used. That town looks too familiar.

  • Kev Lew
    Kev Lew28 days ago

    Grace not realizing the Multiverse possibly just got opened.

  • Manuel R Avila
    Manuel R Avila28 days ago

    I can imagine how possed you must have been when they spoiled Quicksilver for you

  • f12mnb
    f12mnb28 days ago

    Monica was changed by Wanda in order to survive being blasted out of her private universe.

  • ndg7134
    ndg713428 days ago

    How come Wanda's Russian accent came back for the sword scene????

  • Adonis Angelo Lexi Yanulis
    Adonis Angelo Lexi Yanulis28 days ago

    Calling it NOW! Deadpool will be showing up in WandaVision!!! I mean, when you think of how many times the characters have literally & figuratively BROKEN THE 4th wall...up until episode 5... Combined with the fact that the sitcom trope through the decades is just about as smooth of a transition ‘genre wise’...as it could ever be... For Comedy genre based Superheroes & Deadpool in particular to get introduced & merged within the MCU... It makes SO much sense to me...to pass the baton in the MCU for someone like Deadpool being so deadpan Lastly, it’s R rated more mature content with Deadpool & WandaVision feels like it’s edging out on those darker genres too... *DEADPOOL IN WANDAVISION* Thumbs up, if you with me on this 🤙🏼😘🕊✨

  • HardlineSoul
    HardlineSoul28 days ago

    All the windows look like Marvel action hero's....Iron Man and Captain Marvel.....

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich28 days ago

    Darcy finally got her coffee!!

  • BlueBell
    BlueBell28 days ago

    "you have to stop her" he never said who.

  • TheDruelmaster
    TheDruelmaster28 days ago

    Jimmy mentioned he knows a neuro scientist/surgeon. Is that Dr Strange and maybe Dr strange opened up the multiverse and brought Quicksilver.

  • TheDruelmaster


    28 days ago

    Never mind. It was Monica that knew an Aero Space engineer.

  • Taheem Lewis
    Taheem Lewis28 days ago

    vision is having a truman show moment

    KATSCHACCC28 days ago

    Eventhough I'm watching it later it's a nice feeling to kinda not watch it alone.

  • VoidedMirror
    VoidedMirror28 days ago

    This is the longest episode yet it flew by. I can't wait for next week!

  • Eric Groves
    Eric Groves28 days ago

    Its the mailman it's the mailman

  • Chris Spears
    Chris Spears28 days ago


    COREY M28 days ago

    thanks for the spoilers

  • Florence Flowers

    Florence Flowers

    28 days ago

    @COREY M That's a guess, not a spoiler.



    28 days ago

    @Florence Flowers she pretty much said that its not pietro but mephesto because of the recent spoilers.

  • Florence Flowers

    Florence Flowers

    28 days ago

    Which spoilers?

  • A little bit of Flexter
    A little bit of Flexter28 days ago


  • Atticus Ross
    Atticus Ross28 days ago

    My heart was pounding at the end when the doorbell rang. I was like, is who I think it is?!?! 😅

  • toonmili03
    toonmili0328 days ago

    He can be pietro from another universe closer to the fox universe

  • Ceikaiyia Cheeks The Director
    Ceikaiyia Cheeks The Director28 days ago

    Monica haves some issues with Aunt Carol? I'm curious now

  • Mrpuddingpants
    Mrpuddingpants28 days ago

    Bet you that Evan Peters is actually Mephisto in disguise

  • Sergio Acosta
    Sergio Acosta28 days ago

    I am exited to see Mephisto, I feel this is the right place to put something like that on the MCU.

  • Sergio Acosta
    Sergio Acosta28 days ago

    Again that was too short an episode

  • Adam Wright
    Adam Wright28 days ago

    She can bring back Pietro from her reality. So she pulled Pietro from another reality.

  • Kevin Micheal Allen
    Kevin Micheal Allen28 days ago

    But why is Vision in pieces at SWORD after 5 years? Doesn’t sound like SWORD was respecting Vision’s wishes. They were doing SOMETHING that wasn’t laying him to rest which should’ve happened 5 years ago.

  • Hekili
    Hekili28 days ago

    "She's in my head" "Make her stop". What if he wasn't talking about Wanda?

  • Rebecca Elliott
    Rebecca Elliott28 days ago

    paul Bettany and elizabeth olsen have exceptional chemistry

  • Rebecca Elliott
    Rebecca Elliott28 days ago

    I love kathryn Hahn so much what an actress

  • Robert Lundkvist
    Robert Lundkvist28 days ago

    Credits roll says Evan Peters is Pietro Maximoff. What's Lagos?

  • Gaming In The Apocalypse
    Gaming In The Apocalypse28 days ago

    I think he was plucked from the multi verse....we’ll see 🤓

  • Roger
    Roger28 days ago

    would of been cool of it was doctor strange at the door

  • Bhavya Kabade
    Bhavya Kabade28 days ago


  • D Borras
    D Borras28 days ago

    Grace PLEASE save and share live reactions to EVERYTHING this was great

  • JPin
    JPin28 days ago

    So DC's Flashpoint, huh?. It seems Quicksilver is even faster than the Flash. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Sheldon _
    Sheldon _28 days ago

    This could be the multiverse. Setting up doctor strange. So it might be quicksilver

  • Retha Blair
    Retha Blair28 days ago

    Is it that many people watching a 3 in the morning? 🤣YEEEEAAAA

  • Cody Price
    Cody Price28 days ago

    This could be how they are bringing are bringing in X-men.

  • Black Magician
    Black Magician28 days ago

    3 points of interest: 1)😃Seeing those Full House outdoors homages with Elizabeth Olsen- I bet the Fuller House creative team were "really" kicking themselves for not trying to push harder for the Olsen twins younger sister over the original duel starlets when they declined, now. 2)😂Vision was like- don't you dare play me off with a roll credit, when getting into a heated confrontation with Wanda!😁 I can see Wanda's gesture as the new- talk to the hand! 3) 😀And-...now we have our very first, Fox's Marvel cross over into the newer Disney management! Here's to more that is surely to come.😁

  • Marisol Ferreira Simões
    Marisol Ferreira Simões28 days ago

    I like the Mephisto theory. And the multiverse will come after she breaks.

  • Mike Jenkins
    Mike Jenkins28 days ago

    Ohh my stars and garders.....after Wanda threatens the Sword agents....did she just create Asteroid M???

  • Samuel Brown
    Samuel Brown28 days ago

    Billy and tommy are powers what are u talking about. Wandas not the one ageing them. They’re ageing themselves, she even tells them not to do it, when the dog dies

  • Jaikena Givens
    Jaikena Givens28 days ago

    I like how the acknowledge the fact that Wanda isn’t Scarlet Witch like that’s not her name she’s just Wanda in the movies

  • danny k
    danny k28 days ago

    I think it's Mephisto pretending to be quicksilver

  • JJHcars
    JJHcars28 days ago

    The lagos commercial has an African child. She spills the RED Kool Aid representing spilled blood of the day in civil war and she can't clean up her mistake in lagos oh yea 80s Drone is Stark Tech

  • JJHcars
    JJHcars28 days ago

    It's FAMILY TIES opening! !! Not growing pains! The painting is dead give away. But they mix in full house elements BTW people inside say she. The she is not wanda it's Agness

  • Backfandango X
    Backfandango X28 days ago

    grace if you have insider info please dont hint at it, thats sort of a spoiler in itself

  • Justin's Cinema
    Justin's Cinema28 days ago


  • Justin's Cinema
    Justin's Cinema28 days ago


  • Dr Donald Blake
    Dr Donald Blake28 days ago

    Grace's background looks as though she's stuck between two dimensions.

  • Gabriel Patten
    Gabriel Patten28 days ago

    She can't resurrect people, but I think she can take one person and "recast" them

  • Saad's Requiem for Sasuke
    Saad's Requiem for Sasuke28 days ago

    I hope this is Quicksilver from the X-Men movies, because it explains Soo much! Why they said WandaVision will be connected to the new Spider-Man 3 movie, how Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are coming back! This should 100% confirm the Multiverse!! 😍😍😍 Maybe Mephisto brought in another Pietro Maximoff from the X-Men Universe , to satisfy Wanda 😍🔥 She can feel his connection to their universe's deceased Pietro, and that's why she recognizes him while the others don't !

  • Zileiram1234
    Zileiram123428 days ago

    I think its mephisto not pietro

  • Wally Guy26
    Wally Guy2628 days ago

    I don't mind the weekly release. Gives you something to look forward to instead of binge watch over the weekend. My only problem is that for the most part the rest of Disney+ stuff tends to be full of fluffy and light material. There's not much variety

  • Klayhamn
    Klayhamn28 days ago

    i think it's the "multiverse" version of Pietro - that she somehow "pulled" the other pietro from the other universe

  • Voice of Reason
    Voice of Reason28 days ago

    They wouldn't have used the actual X-Men Quicksilver if he wasn't playing the actual X-Men Quicksilver.

  • David Marshall

    David Marshall

    28 days ago

    I agree. Surely if it was just an illusion, or Mephisto's disguise, they would have used MCU Quicksilver. He's the logical choice to win Wanda's trust and manipulate her. The only reason to use X-Men Quicksilver is because they want to introduce X-Men Quicksilver. (Although I think he is being controlled by the villain.)

  • Justin Ivann
    Justin Ivann28 days ago

    SWORD enjoyin' the show without subscription. Don't worry. Your free trial will expire soon when Wanda wreaks havoc at you HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAA

  • Christopher Campbell
    Christopher Campbell28 days ago

    Raise your hand if you thought it was old Steve Rogers.