WandaVision Episode 7 BREAKDOWN! Spoilers! Easter Eggs & Ending Explained!


WandaVision Episode 7 today spoilers! Beyond The Trailer breakdown & reaction 2021! Spoilers! Easter Eggs! Ending Explained! Agatha Harkness! Monica powers aka Photon! Book?! Nexus!
WandaVision Episode 7 REVIEW today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction and review of Episode 7 with spoilers, "Breaking the Fourth Wall"! Marvel, MCU, Disney Plus! Kathryn Hahn's Agnes is Agatha Harkness, the hexagon belong to THIS witch! What's that book?! Monica gets her powers and becomes Photon! Evan Peters is not Pietro aka Quicksilver! Vision & Darcy team up! What's happened to twins Billy & Tommy?! Share your own reaction as you watch each full episode of WandaVision on Disney Plus in 2021! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
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  • Beyond The Trailer
    Beyond The Trailer14 days ago

    Yes, I did catch the end credit scene and break it down here! :) Thanks for making me part of your WandaVision Fridays!

  • thelco1


    11 days ago

    The heart around the 10 on the calendar is just a recall to the first episode when there was a heart on the calendar and they couldn't remember what the occasion was.

  • Sir Kaizersan

    Sir Kaizersan

    12 days ago

    Pretty sure they are going to call Monica Spectrum as that's her more recent hero name.

  • DarthVader20201


    12 days ago

    Love the breakdowns

  • Ben Frank

    Ben Frank

    12 days ago

    @Mujtaba Hussain yup. Wanda is literally one of the buttons on the shirt of the multiverse.

  • kevin mair

    kevin mair

    12 days ago

    I also noticed the hexagonal emblems and till now I hadn't seen any other breakdowns that have actually mentioned it at all

  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH15 hours ago

    That's very unfortunate for those who haven't seen Happy Endings because it's an amazing show. The first season is a little uneven but the other two are brilliant,

  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH15 hours ago

    I know exactly where the Kevin Feige thing came from. I tweeted about it weeks ago. He said the whole series was 6 hours long but he was of course counting the entire runtime including credits and whoever it was calculated the series to that point with no credits. It was at that point I made the decision to stop watching Wandavision. The hype machine was getting too out of control. The theories were making it impossible to enjoy the series on it's own merits without expecting the biggest thing in the world to happen every week. Reed Richards was never going to be in the show but everyone had decided he was. So I cut myself off. Now that the series is over I'm watching the last 3 episodes. Avoiding spoilers to a show like this is next to impossible. I had to stay off the internet for a day or two after each airing and be prepared for any spoiler like thumbnails. So now I can go in with relatively even expectations.

  • Frankenviews *
    Frankenviews *Day ago

    Wow the broadcast stopped because the 2010s were on cable/internet streaming and not on airwaves anymore.

  • Mark Arnold
    Mark Arnold4 days ago

    Agatha all along is DEFINITELY a parody of the Munsters sitcom theme song from the 60's which coincidentally piloted around the same time bewitched piloted! coincidence??? I think not....

  • Silent Refusal
    Silent Refusal4 days ago

    Sorry if i am too late to this trend of "iconic lines", but what exactly this "And i killed sparky too" does mean? is this a reference to some iconic movie line or what? Why is everyone talking about it so much?

  • Will Ecoff
    Will Ecoff4 days ago

    Thanos approves of the cereal choice

  • Jonas Pinta
    Jonas Pinta5 days ago

    just as a sidenote: "a hex" comes from the german word for "witch" ("hexe" --> comparable to the english "hag") and the verb for using magic or cursing ("hexen"). so it has nothing to do with geometric shapes, like a hexagon in which "hex-" stands for "six".

  • john kirkham
    john kirkham6 days ago

    Does anybody else think that the pattern on Darcy's outfit resembled the Hydra octopus's tentacles?

  • knoahbody69
    knoahbody696 days ago

    She has no regard for her safety? Do you remember the Wonder Woman Movie?

    KEN ROMERO7 days ago

    I thought The Scarlet Witch was the Nexus being of the Marvel Multiverse. Which means she exists in multiple of not all universes

  • Jabaris Logan
    Jabaris Logan8 days ago

    I love, love, love your channel!!!! I’m here every week religiously

  • chloe miller
    chloe miller8 days ago

    I so wanted Evan Peters to actually be quicksilver

  • Aaron Joseph
    Aaron Joseph8 days ago

    I'm a new fan of yours but I adore the breakdowns and highly regard your opinion

  • Jeremy Weingarten
    Jeremy Weingarten8 days ago

    Grace, for the end credit scene, Monica knew where Agnes’ house was because she watched Agnes take Wanda back to her house after the confrontation. She probably just waited a little to see when the coast was clear to investigate.

  • Eddie Dexter Stewart
    Eddie Dexter Stewart8 days ago

    7:00 With Scorsese's attitude? Yeah, you are on the money. The snobbery in Hollywood is strong.

  • aspiringwayfarer
    aspiringwayfarer8 days ago

    20:35 it IS a witch’s house! That’s the house they used to film Bewitched!

  • aspiringwayfarer
    aspiringwayfarer8 days ago

    15:15 interestingly, when we later see what Agatha had been up to, she is seen bringing in the plant that she had gifted Wanda as a house warming gift in episode one. That’s one of the first objects in the room to start glitching out and going back and forth between time periods, so I think she brought it there for that to happen well in advance, knowing she’d be messing with Wanda in that way at some point in the future.

  • aspiringwayfarer
    aspiringwayfarer8 days ago

    7:40 that pillow looks like it has two green eyes above Wanda’s head, as if someone is watching her. But the rest of the bed sheets and pillows have hexagons on them.

  • Hope’s World
    Hope’s World9 days ago

    i think agatha is gonna be what loki is for me 😭 cause i can’t see myself ever hating her even if she does bad things 💀

  • Psy-op83
    Psy-op839 days ago

    I was and still am hoping Dotty is The Enchantress and that could tie into Loki.

  • Martin Snow
    Martin Snow9 days ago

    Didn't the Russo Bros produce Happy Endings. 👍

  • dastretch
    dastretch9 days ago

    Sparky? Really? That escalated quickly.

  • marvel fan
    marvel fan9 days ago

    The book that was in Agathas house was the missing book from Doctor Strange

  • Austin Pruitt
    Austin Pruitt9 days ago

    The heart is an abbreviation for dinner with Mr. Hart and his wife

  • chaelius
    chaelius9 days ago

    When escape-artist Darcy agrees to go on a date with Vision, was that a Mystery Men reference?

  • Michael Tiong
    Michael Tiong9 days ago

    What you guys think: Pietro = senior scratchy "morphed" (bunny) Agatha = lived with the Ancient One (from Dr. Strange) or was a disciple Hayward = skull Space engineer = still Reed Richard. The soldier was just the delieverer

  • Michael Tiong

    Michael Tiong

    8 days ago

    Omg what if Hayward is Mr. SINISTER!!! LOL 😆

  • Jurassic Park
    Jurassic Park9 days ago

    I love that Agatha was dressed as a witch for Halloween, so on the nose. Also cannot believe the intro was for Happy Endings, literally my favourite TV show, I even thought it was that intro but then immediately disregarded as it didn't seem plausible in any way.

  • Martin Daniel Grendele
    Martin Daniel Grendele10 days ago

    Also in the comics, Wanda is the Nexus Being of the 616 universe, meaning she is the pillar fo that worlds reality

  • Raph Reyes
    Raph Reyes10 days ago

    The Ruso Brothers worked on Happy Endings, one of the best and funniest shows EVER!

  • Sam Hachmeister
    Sam Hachmeister10 days ago

    Elizabeth Olsen is really great. Check out Silent House.

  • Matt Richards
    Matt Richards10 days ago

    Couldn't that book be the darkhold

  • Jon Williams
    Jon Williams10 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the Vision scenes are Arrested Development?

  • Laura Petillo
    Laura Petillo10 days ago

    I apologise if I'm the tenth person who commented this, but did you see the breakfast scene with the closed captions on? It's a radio message on low in the background and it's crazy.

  • William Tovar
    William Tovar10 days ago

    that would be so cool and funny if the bunny was actually Ralph and then really Nightmare or Mephisto

  • Yuval Bilgorai - יובל בילגוראי
    Yuval Bilgorai - יובל בילגוראי10 days ago

    Happy ending is the most underrated show ever! it's a must watch

  • Mick DiPiano
    Mick DiPiano10 days ago

    What if Quick Silver is Quick Silver and he awoke when Wanda threw him. Snoopers gonna snoop could refer to him too looking around, something he was known to do.

  • Karday_ C
    Karday_ C10 days ago

    Im starting to think that either she is color blind, or I am color blind. Cuz wen aint seeing the same colors

  • Zahid Rehman
    Zahid Rehman10 days ago

    I'm glad the sitcom crap is done... starting out good then got grating as it went along.... the time could be better used for the main story.

  • D0N5K3Y David
    D0N5K3Y David10 days ago

    We literally saw Monica follow Agnes ofc she knows where she lives

  • D0N5K3Y David
    D0N5K3Y David10 days ago

    I think grace is colour blind 🤣

  • Ravendra Kewlani
    Ravendra Kewlani10 days ago

    If the last rumoured 10th episode is a behind the scenes.. What if it's the actual episode of what really happened with wanda.. "behind the scenes" like it's Wanda being.. Oh yeah i was so depressed that i created this entire reality.. ?

  • Vahn Williams
    Vahn Williams11 days ago

    It matches the color of that bug? That big is clearly green

  • Vahn Williams
    Vahn Williams11 days ago

    Its really silly that Darcy and Vision took the truck, because Vision can Fly and travel at the speed of sound probably! I get that its just the plot of the serie! Still a bit stupid though🤷‍♂️

  • Brie Nuñez
    Brie Nuñez11 days ago

    The book made me think of Sabrina's Book Of The Beast (which is also very common in any witch mythology) so it could be Mephisto related BUT I like the point you made about it potentially being a portal and needing Wanda's power

  • Marc Pasquinelli
    Marc Pasquinelli11 days ago

    Agatha's house is the same exterior they used for Bewitched. Samantha lived there, and she was a very powerful witch. Nothing is a coincidence!

  • Charles Loftin
    Charles Loftin11 days ago

    21:30 coco for Coco puffs😂it's: Cookoo for Coco Puff's .. look up commercial

  • Corey Rider
    Corey Rider11 days ago

    This may be reading too much into this, but I think the whole joke about Agnes' mole is actually a hugely important clue: Some folklore states that the Devil can control witches via moles on their bodies. I bring this up because, even though it was Agatha All Along, it could possibly indicate that Agatha is not exactly a willing participant in whatever master plan is going on...

  • TheBrianGee
    TheBrianGee11 days ago

    I was expecting Agathas magic to look more like Dr Stranges, not unfocused looking like Wandas bc she's untrained.

  • KoroWheke
    KoroWheke11 days ago

    Agnes is the Hero of Westview protecting the Nexus of All Realities from the madness of Wanda. (Notice the vines in the basement dungeon - nod to Man-Thing). The book is a key to the Nexus.

  • William Bender
    William Bender11 days ago

    Not only are your video's very entertaining but, damned if your theories aren't spot on!!! Way to go, my dear and keep up the good work!!!

  • theomimesis
    theomimesis11 days ago

    It was a rather predictable episode.

  • orly2me
    orly2me11 days ago

    End credit scene, because end credits scenes started in the 2000s.

  • Drizzy1k
    Drizzy1k11 days ago

    "and I killed sparky too" John wick: YOU KILLED MA DOOG

  • Luis Facundo
    Luis Facundo11 days ago

    Is this something, that Agatha's flowers are purple, Wanda's flowers pink, and Dotty's yellow? Is Dotty another witch?

  • TapWater


    11 days ago


  • Anthony Gatjens
    Anthony Gatjens11 days ago

    I loved the Agatha opening scene I geeked out when I recognized it was inspired on the Munsters, I love that series

  • raiderkwood
    raiderkwood11 days ago

    Agnes said her anniversary was June 2nd, which is also the date of the Salem witch trials. And for the rabbit, old scratch is an old time name for the devil

  • George Caltsoudas
    George Caltsoudas11 days ago

    Notice how in every decade the interior of the house has the front doors as a corner entrance (with an adjacent bay window overlooking the neighbourhood) but on the outside of the house, the front door is always centred with windows (rooms) on either side? I wonder if that means anything or if that's just a nod to The Shining? Also, when you think of the hexagonal patterns that are popping up everywhere... wouldn't that be crazy if the big actor reveal were Jack Nicholson--of all people--as Mephisto? There's no way, but still that would be nuts!

  • Sammy GBaby85
    Sammy GBaby8511 days ago

    I still get my milk in a carton sometimes

  • Wojocole ASMR
    Wojocole ASMR11 days ago

    "Happy Endings" was a Russo Bros show I'm pretty sure

  • My Channel
    My Channel11 days ago

    I hope they replace Brie Larson with Rambeau as captain marvel

  • Jeremy Barnes
    Jeremy Barnes11 days ago

    I think Señor Scratchy is Agatha’s son, Nicholas Scratch. She’s probably trying to summon Mephisto by sacrificing the twins to him. Pietro is probably just an X-Men Quicksilver being controlled by Agatha (sadly, I was hoping he would be Mephisto). The main thing I was disappointed about for this episode was the engineer. But I don’t think it was actually a reveal; there’s definitely going to be something else, whether it’s that the whole team are Skrulls or the engineer actually didn’t show up yet.

  • Red Panda
    Red Panda11 days ago

    I’m so glad I found this video, you’re the only person I’ve seen who has a lot of the same theories that I did...Pym tech, the double nexus references, vindication feels great! Haha

  • Da busdriva1
    Da busdriva111 days ago

    Agatha’s laugh. That’s probably the best witch laugh I’ve ever heard 🔥🔥🔥

  • Red Panda
    Red Panda11 days ago

    Ralph Maximoff haha

  • Red Panda
    Red Panda11 days ago

    I am convinced Mark Hamill is the surprise cameo...there have been way too many MCU/Star Wars references in the last 36 hours for it to just be a coincidence...Mark Hamill as Magneto? Mark Hamill as Mephisto, or Nightmare?

  • bored cat
    bored cat11 days ago

    I dont get why people are so wet for this show... The acting sucks its lame everyone knew from the trailers that female Jimmy kimmel was a witch... I would rather have daredevil and punisher from netflix going forward than all of this marvel series... Maybe loki would be good but they feel so self contained... Much smaller and budget constrained... This show feels like short bad s3x

  • Guilherme Nardelli
    Guilherme Nardelli11 days ago

    The book shown at the end of the episode at Agatha's layer is the missing book from the Dr. Strange movie. If you remember when Dr. Strange went to the library and he was introduced to the books that were chained up, there was one missing. The same symbol on the missing slot is shown on top of the book at Agatha's layer. Also in the new Dr strange movie coming up, agathas character appears to be in the movie as well. All of the dots are connecting.

  • MTLano
    MTLano11 days ago

    Russo Bros connection with Happy Endings

  • L.J Smith
    L.J Smith11 days ago

    “It’s been Agetha all along!!”

  • John Grill
    John Grill11 days ago

    marvel pays you well ha ha

  • charalambos
    charalambos11 days ago

    I want fresh X-men too! What a great episode! Hopefully we’ll get an hour episodes for the last two.

  • Michael F
    Michael F11 days ago

    Agatha's color is PURPLE NOT PINK!!!

  • ObiEdits
    ObiEdits11 days ago

    They chose Happy Endings for the intro because The Russo Bros was the Executive producers for that show.

  • PaulTurbo
    PaulTurbo11 days ago

    Why get up at 2am to make videos from your room?

  • Spam591
    Spam59111 days ago

    Grace, the Happy Endings show was produced by the Russo’s (to the best of my knowledge) so that might be why it was chosen

  • Shearron Perkins
    Shearron Perkins12 days ago

    How did everyone miss the grass skirt lady on the dash where Darci got the keys to the funnel cake truck. That links to Agent Coulson and Tahiti - “it’s a magical place”

  • Sayan Nandi
    Sayan Nandi12 days ago

    Fav. Part...Looks like the meme!!😂😂😂

  • Narvin
    Narvin12 days ago

    The Russo brothers worked on happy endings

  • Kevin Nowling
    Kevin Nowling12 days ago

    I’m pretty sure that nexus commercial was just referring to the fact that Wanda in the comics is a nexus being that lives outside of any fixated place or timeline

    PRIVACY Two12 days ago

    The harsh cable expectedly push because judge alarmingly reply before a loutish address. friendly, tangible mallet

  • Gaming Wave
    Gaming Wave12 days ago

    i tell u have other vision in ep8 and dottie become clea

  • Allen Tang
    Allen Tang12 days ago

    The 2 cartoons in the TV are the trapped twins! It’s even the correct colours... red and green!

  • Fred Gwynn
    Fred Gwynn12 days ago

    Mockumentaries don’t have music. Drove me crazy

  • Ejay Manzano
    Ejay Manzano12 days ago

    Okay, so... Wanda's flowers are red just like her powers. While Agatha's flowers are purple similar to her powers as well and those flowers might just be the "Wundagore Everbloom". As for Dottie, hers are yellow which canonically similar to Arcanna Jones' (a wizard) power set, just like in the comics. The character Arcanna Jones has a husband called Philip Jones. Dottie's husband in Wandavision is called "Phil Jones". So does this mean that another magical gal is residing within Westview? Dottie aka Arcanna Jones aka Moonglow. 🤯😶🤔🤔

  • gplus46
    gplus4612 days ago

    why did Monica have to push thru the shield...previously she was sucked in??

  • Jessy Recinos
    Jessy Recinos12 days ago

    What the hell do you mean happy endings , it's clearly the office and modern family

  • Ray Anthony Labayo
    Ray Anthony Labayo12 days ago

    Happy Endings was a fantastic show!

  • Ben Frank
    Ben Frank12 days ago

    Sanka is a call out to Ed O’ Neil’s line about ordering a Sanka on Modern Family. I fell out laughing when I saw that can of coffee in the fridge exactly where it don’t belong unless you’re an old man.

  • Larry Cimarelli
    Larry Cimarelli12 days ago

    How's the hero Andrew Coumo doing Grace? LOL.

  • Ben Frank
    Ben Frank12 days ago

    (F) Sparky!

  • Mr Will
    Mr Will12 days ago

    ducktape. That would be my first move. Right over the kisser.

  • legokid2303
    legokid230312 days ago

    I love your videos and also Wanda says, “ life moves fast in the suburbs”...... you’re right!

  • Dev Jenks
    Dev Jenks12 days ago

    Wanda's house number is 2800. Agnes is 2804. Monica saw it while "snooping" around back. There's likely one house between Agnes and Wanda's, 2802.

  • Luis Zuñiga
    Luis Zuñiga12 days ago

    What if Dotty it's Clea (a Doctor Strange ally)??? Wandavision leads to Multiverse of Madness after all.

  • deadlyvenom354
    deadlyvenom35412 days ago

    This episode was kinda weak compared to the last few

  • MEGAtr0n TV
    MEGAtr0n TV12 days ago

    Also Wanda is a Nexus being, meaning that she's so powerful that she exist in every multiverse, every timeline

  • rudehoneybadger
    rudehoneybadger12 days ago

    If Wandavision takes place five years after Infinity War that is 2023 and the Tenth on a Friday falls in a February or November.

  • Kyle Dwight
    Kyle Dwight12 days ago

    35:24 Monica didn't "somehow find" Agatha's house. Agatha is Wanda's next door neighbor. Monica watched them walk into that house after the argument. It was all in that scene

  • Baby Grandpa
    Baby Grandpa12 days ago

    Wanda is going to get the Scarlet Witch name because she is blamed for stealing children. Because witches steal children.