Top Ten Streaming! Disney Plus Soul, Netflix Bridgerton & Cobra Kai


Top Ten Streaming today! Nielsen Ratings does Top Ten Movies, Originals & Acquired! Disney Plus Soul & The Mandalorian! Netflix Bridgerton & Cobra Kai!
What to Watch today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction and breakdown of the top ten on Apple TV aka iTunes and Netflix! Also Nielsen revises their top ten into separate lists for streaming movies, streaming originals on Netflix and Disney Plus, and streaming movies like Soul! But what happened to Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max?! Finally a look at the upcoming movies and shows coming to streaming, like Judas and the Black Messiah! Share your own reaction and be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
Movie Theater Situation - 00:00
New Nielsen Ratings Lists - 2:14
Movies - 2:44
Acquired - 7:36
Originals - 8:07
Weekend Box Office - 9:06
Worldwide Box Office - 10:01
iTunes - 10:42
Netflix - 11:04
This Coming Week - 12:35
SnyderCut Ratings - 13:22
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • bionic woman
    bionic woman10 days ago

    I would have to be vaccinated to go back to theaters. Both shots.

  • Ben Kinloch
    Ben Kinloch20 days ago

    What about attack on titan

  • John S
    John S22 days ago

    Queens resident. Not willing to go to theater till 2022. My friends would’nt hang out with me if they found out I went to a theater. There would be a element of shame. Just not worth it

  • Tirth Vaishnav
    Tirth Vaishnav22 days ago

    Loved Mulan! Also India is doing pretty well in the pandemic at this point and theatres are operating at 100% capacity (with no snaks allowed inside I think)! So my first movie in theatres will be Godzilla vs Kong, followed by of course Black Widow!

  • nouveaux
    nouveaux23 days ago

    You need to watch Space Sweepers on Netflix and I want a review from you!!!!

  • Adam Sevy
    Adam Sevy23 days ago

    I still have not watched Mulan for two reasons: It looks terrible (I have listened to plenty of reviews breaking it's failings down) and because of Disney's tacit consent of anything reprehensible the CCP does because of money.

  • Nicholas Forbes
    Nicholas Forbes23 days ago

    What about Apple tv I've heard nothing of them.

  • stefoehmen
    stefoehmen24 days ago

    i might go to black widow if not a lot of ppl there

  • Filipino Singing Show
    Filipino Singing Show24 days ago

    I think it might be the dubbing so for the casual viewer there is no extra barrier to just follow the story easily.

  • Filipino Singing Show
    Filipino Singing Show24 days ago

    I woudn't go right now,

  • 1 Nugget
    1 Nugget24 days ago

    I've been to the movies 10 times in the last 9 months.. Love it.

  • IAmANoob
    IAmANoob24 days ago

    I am fine with going to the movie theater the problem is there are no good movies rn

  • Pietro Pizzi
    Pietro Pizzi24 days ago

    A Rating ranked by minutes... the dumbest thing, in the movie area, I see in a long time! I can only think, at the top of my head, of the "2 minutes counts for a watch" at the netflix rating as even worse. But I'm one of these people, if there are more then one ;), who thinks even the good old box office numbers means "nothing" (especially not adjusted for infaltion). The only thing for a PUPLIC relevant rating (not for bussines decitions) for me is: "How many DIFFERENT people saw a move FROM-START-TO-FINISH?".

  • Darkside 91
    Darkside 9124 days ago

    12:27 ... I don’t know, maybe it has something to do w/the fact that so many people have SO MUCH free time on their hands ... or something.

  • Saransh Kapil
    Saransh Kapil24 days ago

    India has already gotten their doctors vaccinated about 5 mil ppl have already received it.

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez24 days ago

    disney premier access is too expensive :(

  • Forus1234
    Forus123424 days ago

    I am pro-dubbing. It's the only thing keeping me from watching the Mexican content on Netflix. I don't have a problems with subtitles, I actually prefer closed captions even for everything I watch, so it's not the text on the screen bothering me. I just hate not being able to look away from the screen for a bit and it's a little exhausting when you are binging something. Also, if the dubbing is high quality (a la High Seas), it won't distract from the performance on the screen.

  • Eric guti
    Eric guti24 days ago

    Black widow is worth going back to the theaters.

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James24 days ago

    I could listen to Grace all day long 🤗

  • Ernest Benjamin
    Ernest Benjamin24 days ago

    Truly I can count on one hand the movies I've watched more than once. If the price was right for a one time watch it would make more sense to me. If it was available for 48 hours of actual play time and it counted down then maybe I could justify 30 bucks for a time rental.

  • wewk584
    wewk58424 days ago

    Domt be mad. Just wait... dot dot dot

  • Кирил Йорданов
    Кирил Йорданов24 days ago

    So Disney + is just a streaming service for kids !? And is this news? Haha!

  • Pablo Gonzalez
    Pablo Gonzalez24 days ago

    Nothing is getting me in the theater unless it's a drive in

  • Arkayden
    Arkayden24 days ago

    People watch with subtitles

  • orestesdd
    orestesdd24 days ago

    You shouldn't make pollical comments about the Biden Admin! What are you Trumpist too? You should stick to criticize movies and TV shows!

  • Jack Not west
    Jack Not west24 days ago

    Synchronic still in the top 10 on iTunes!!! : )))

  • Spatzenzunge from Berlin
    Spatzenzunge from Berlin25 days ago

    What would make me go to Black Widow right now? Nothing! I will go to the theater after I've been vaccinated and not before.

  • Humberto Correa
    Humberto Correa25 days ago

    No more movie theather for me

  • Tom So
    Tom So25 days ago

    i went to the theater to see that Russian movie Night Watch (). SOOO gooood.

  • Alouy Martinez
    Alouy Martinez25 days ago

    Yes dubbing for me because I don’t have the energy or time as I did before to read subtitles

  • Steel Phantom
    Steel Phantom25 days ago

    Of course it's the dubbing. I hate reading subs as it takes me out of the movie and I miss parts trying to read or miss reading trying to watch so I only "get" maybe 80% of the movie. Unenjoyable so I don't even bother anymore. Not to mention, for me the voices are better in dubbed Asian movies/anime.

  • Bill Miller
    Bill Miller25 days ago

    Funny that everyone is told they MUST wear masks but no one wants to go to the Theatre in a mask.. What is the point then?

  • Gil Martinez
    Gil Martinez25 days ago

    Doesn't Disney own a piece of Movies Anywhere? why not use their premier access for early access, then allow the movie to be streamed anywhere Movies Anywhere is accepted - that way the viewer can own the movie

  • Vicente Ortiz
    Vicente Ortiz25 days ago

    I still hold out hope for a Greenland review.

  • Matthew Ravis
    Matthew Ravis25 days ago

    One major issue with theaters is the lack of desired content. I would go if there was more I wanted to see. I saw New Mutants and Tenet. That was it.

  • ICU1337
    ICU133725 days ago

    I'd go to the movies once I've gotten my shot and theres a movie thats worth watching in theatres that I just cant wait to see. BW was never on top of that list even before COVID. A Quiet Place 2 is. Super surprised that Soul has done so well in China given the "primary characters". Midnight Sky is a typical Netflix movie where they set you up with a world where "something ambiguous" has devastated the world and then a cliff hanger of a ending that doesnt give you an ending. Its a formula they've done several times in the past month and throughout the year. Wrap this particular movie up in a predictable story plot with a "twist" that you see coming from a mile away if you've seen movies like 'The Sixth Sense' and 'Gravity'. lol I just rewatched the LotR's+Hobbits movies. I can only imagine the reason why people are watching so much foreign media now is because theres nothing else to watch. I know this is the reason for myself. So long as its "hollywoodish" its watchable to me. If its too "foreign" I have no interest.

  • Stephen Alba
    Stephen Alba25 days ago

    I saw Little Fish at a theater this weekend.

  • Ben Jackson
    Ben Jackson25 days ago

    Godzilla vs Kong is enough to make me go to the theater... idk about Black Widow though

  • JohnYChen
    JohnYChen25 days ago

    I will go to a movie after I get my second vaccine shot.

  • Julian Talks Movies
    Julian Talks Movies25 days ago

    I think it’s important to consider the lack of consistent new content when talking about how theaters have failed to re-open. I’m hoping the subsequent releases of Tom & Jerry, Raya, and Godzilla v. Kong bring at least a little light to the cinema industry.

  • Conner Gates
    Conner Gates25 days ago

    I’d chop off my own leg to see Black Widow in theaters right now.

  • YourOasis97
    YourOasis9725 days ago

    I saw WW84 in theaters. And plan to see Raya in theaters too.

  • foredimples529
    foredimples52925 days ago

    As soon as my theater opened up and a new movie came out( New mutants) I was there. All it takes for me is for a new movie that I'm interested in to come out for me to go to the movies.

  • mccoken11
    mccoken1125 days ago

    I go to the movies now, there just isn't anything worth spending money on. If you release them people will start to come

  • River Bjorklund
    River Bjorklund25 days ago

    For the US audience watching foreign films and TV shows, I would have to say it's the mixture of wanting to watch something new and people getting tired of politics being pushed into American films

  • Dirtysparkles
    Dirtysparkles25 days ago

    I don't get why these movie theaters are not using there parking lots to create a drive in theater situation? At least they would be making some money!!!

  • J
    J25 days ago

    The UK, Israel, and UAE are doing the best so far. UK obviously the largest nation.

  • Snuffles
    Snuffles25 days ago

    If Black Widow truly releases without streaming, it'll be my first theater showing since Sonic last year. That said, I'm really considering biting the bullet to rent an entire screen.

  • Bossk77
    Bossk7725 days ago

    It's pretty obvious why people in the US are enjoying movies from other countries more now........they're tired of politics in their movies and constant movie flops from the US market, or constantly getting the same rehashed movies over and over again. That and other countries are getting better at making blockbuster movies for the world to enjoy. While it's not quite the same as the US movies, it's getting closer every year.

  • Oscar Veloz
    Oscar Veloz25 days ago

    Got to admit. I would go to black widow.

  • Brisa higgins
    Brisa higgins25 days ago

    Actually you Have Premier access until the movie releases at no extra costs. So I had no problem getting Mulan. I watched it with 7 other people so it was cheaper to just get premier access. And I could rewatch it as much as I wanted. It’s a much better deal than it looks like.

  • The Spotlight
    The Spotlight25 days ago

    Black widow deserves to hit the big screens!

  • Dylan Benedict
    Dylan Benedict25 days ago

    I'm going to a movie for my birthday next month. First time in over a year. I'm willing to go now because I've had my two covid shots.

  • volarhg
    volarhg25 days ago

    I want to watch Spider Man and Black widow in theater 11 years she deserves it bro

  • Lily Edith
    Lily Edith25 days ago

    I excited for Raya, really. But i have my fingers crossed so that it bombs on disney+ and hopefully they dont do the Premiers accses again🤞🤞🤞

  • kam henry
    kam henry25 days ago

    Actually grace the vaccine program is going great in the uk it's been reported 10 million people in the uk have been vaccinated, I had mine as i am on the frontline in the NHS

  • George Hernandez
    George Hernandez25 days ago

    Restaurants are like before covid times .

  • Ben Gilroy
    Ben Gilroy25 days ago

    Am i the only one thinking that the Nielsen reports are very uninteresting. The No.1s and majority of the Top 10's are mostly always going to be Animations because kids have them on repeat, even just for background noise, and TV Shows because of the minute length of them. Occasionally a high profile Big Budget and expensively marketed movie will pop in briefly, likely by WB or Disney. There's no excitement, intrigue or mystery with reports on the Nielsen lists, they're always predictable, Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon crowd the charts. Its the monetary lists that are of interest, the purchasing, there's the competition. I like the Subscriber Numbers lists but if only they were weekly. I've found myself skipping straight to the VOD and Theatre Blockbuster lists the past couple of weeks. I love me some Movie Math 😆

  • Luke M.
    Luke M.25 days ago

    Mulan was so touching and I really felt the emotional beats. Yifei’s action scenes were great. Loved the movie

  • Jeffrey Moore
    Jeffrey Moore25 days ago

    I own Big Bang Theory and Friends on VUDU so that is not an incentive for me to get HBO Max

  • Yahzee Skellington
    Yahzee Skellington25 days ago

    WB happy with Justice League? Then why they act like they rather bury it XD

  • Rafeeq66
    Rafeeq6625 days ago

    I like watching my Korean drama in subtitles is better than the dubbed ones

  • MandelaButterfly
    MandelaButterfly25 days ago

    Less on Itunes and special features? Damn. That's why i don't buy dvds. They don't put special features no more. Why no love for the behind the scenes of tv and movies.

  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH25 days ago

    Midnight Sky is an odd movie and doesn't really have huge stakes so I can understand why people didn't watch it at first but it's an enjoyable movie and George Clooney is really good in it.

  • Domino
    Domino25 days ago

    Nah I'm just over theaters but I'm loving HBO Max. I've been binge watching all the studio Ghibli films and His Dark Materials season 2.

  • Hillside Comics
    Hillside Comics25 days ago

    I can't be the only one who thought "Fuck thats a lot of snow"

  • Carmen
    Carmen25 days ago

    I wouldn’t feel comfortable going to the theaters until it’s half capacity allowed in the screenings..but also it would be sad not to snack on popcorn too :( I loved Malcolm and Marie!! I thought it was wonderful and truly dove deep into the not so good aspects of a relationship. I honestly think Marie should leave Malcolm though, if a man talked to me the way he talked to her at some points I would BOUNCE

  • Auri PYT
    Auri PYT25 days ago

    nahh I'll pass over black widow the movie isn't any different than the movies that are going straight to streaming so no for me Big No!!! disney has to put it on streaming

  • Jane Choy
    Jane Choy25 days ago

    I'm in Toronto Canada and I've been comfortable to go to a theater when it was open (summer 2020) because of the covid protocols in place. i've never had a more relaxing time!

  • Kenny Palmer
    Kenny Palmer25 days ago

    The UK is doing surprisingly well with vaccinations. Fingers crossed it continues and it makes a difference, so we can get out of lockdown.

  • lestatli
    lestatli25 days ago

    So happy to see supernatural doing so good ❤️

  • 222ckc
    222ckc25 days ago

    I think dubbing is key to american audiences getting on board with foreign series but I can take it or leave it personally. But my parents for instance only watch these shows dubbed.

  • gorilla foot
    gorilla foot25 days ago

    I would go to the theater only to see kong vs godzilla or the conjuring. black widow at this point seems old.

  • snoopy super
    snoopy super25 days ago

    The vaccine is doing pretty well in Israel, around a fourth of the population already had taken two doses, and nearly half took the first one...

  • DJ
    DJ25 days ago

    I really want to watch godzilla vs Kong in imax🥲

  • Brent H
    Brent H25 days ago

    Soul was amazing

  • Brent H
    Brent H25 days ago

    If these movies go to VR style it's over for theaters

  • MR3D-Dev
    MR3D-Dev25 days ago

    I'd go to the theater for Godzilla vs Kong, nothing else on sight to do it tbh. Also when it comes to overseas content, I think the so called "democratization of VFXs" has really helped foreign films. Outside of the US you don't get as much investment in films and VFX used to be extremely expensive, not that much anymore as any average joe such as me can do it :)

  • Daniel Profitt
    Daniel Profitt25 days ago

    People are dubbing the foreign movies. I love using subtitles, but my friends and family are willing to watch if the movie is dubbed. It recently worked for French show Lupin.

  • traydevon
    traydevon25 days ago

    Dubbing is surely why.

  • Yuhao Yang
    Yuhao Yang26 days ago

    Who are the people still watching The War with Grandpa?

  • Robert Bench
    Robert Bench26 days ago

    Why would we watch a korean movie with Korean language where obviously we won't understand a single thing their saying? Of course we will watch it in dub to understand what they are talking about in the movie.

  • Robert Bench
    Robert Bench26 days ago

    9:44 Wait The Lord of the Rings on number 10?

  • Rodrigo Pérez
    Rodrigo Pérez26 days ago

    People could get something worse than COVID at the theaters, Grace. They could get infected with critical race theory or intersectional feminism. I'd rather take my chances going to a crowded event without a mask than going to an empty movie theater these days.

  • Robert Bench
    Robert Bench26 days ago

    Mulan is sh*t! Of course only babies are the only ones who's watching it.

  • Eric Marshall
    Eric Marshall26 days ago

    Stop teasing us with Cobra kai in the title and spending 5 seconds on it. It's practically clicking baiting us.

  • Robert Bench
    Robert Bench26 days ago

    Told ya! HBO Max has the best strategy of film release this year. That's why we should be thankful to them.

  • Damon242
    Damon24226 days ago

    I’m so disappointed that Justice League is no longer in parts

  • Angel Arch
    Angel Arch26 days ago

    Foreign content: when I was in film school I preferred original subtitled foreign films... but in regular life, I am way too lazy for that, and I only want to watch english dubbed haha.

  • Brandan Silcox
    Brandan Silcox26 days ago

    Who cares about Black Widow now?

  • Tim Ogul
    Tim Ogul26 days ago

    I never liked theaters much pre-pandemic, I would go to see the "big" movies, but only a few per year. To get me back into theaters, I need to be vaccinated and have a relatively low infection rate in my local area.

  • caitlin beardsworth
    caitlin beardsworth26 days ago

    UK roll out for vaccine's is happening fastest since ditching EU.

  • kevin pike
    kevin pike26 days ago

    Grace i seem to remember in past video's that you have stated that you will not be going back to the movies until the vaccine roll out has happened? So why do you think others should?

  • Niv Arad
    Niv Arad26 days ago

    Netflix please stop trying to make Noah Centineo happen.

  • PFT Burchell
    PFT Burchell26 days ago

    They have to release a good movie, to get people in the theaters. The best one so far was Croods 2, let that sink in.

  • PFT Burchell
    PFT Burchell26 days ago

    If you can still spread the disease & will be required to wear a mask, then how will it help theaters?

  • Joseph Bloch
    Joseph Bloch26 days ago

    I and my wife are getting our second vaccine doses later this week (in Israel). But schools and most businesses are still closed, and movie theaters have been essentially closed since March.

  • Ethan Mattix
    Ethan Mattix26 days ago

    I watched Bridgerton and honestly, I did not like it.

  • MaynardzDick


    25 days ago

    Me either

  • Josh Loves Movies
    Josh Loves Movies26 days ago

    Im planning to see Raya And The Last Dragon in theaters opening weekend!

  • Robert Angus
    Robert Angus26 days ago

    Monica Rambeau: How are our cinemas? Tyler Hayward: Dismal, I lost half our studios during the Blip and those who stayed have lost their nerve