Tim Burton's Addams Family Show on Netflix! Aquaman King of Atlantis Animated First Look?!


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  • Tony Randall
    Tony Randall5 days ago

    I was hoping for a Sleepy Hollow reunion with Ricci as Mortica, Depp as Gomez, and Burton directing. Weird animation style for Aquaman. Watched her in Friday again recently.

  • Joseph Okoh
    Joseph Okoh8 days ago

    I’m a week late, but thank you for acknowledging what we had to go through with the ice storm here in Texas. It was horrible

  • Pietro Pizzi
    Pietro Pizzi9 days ago

    I see the dark Alice Videogame in Wednesday :D

  • Chris Clarke
    Chris Clarke9 days ago

    This Aquaman cartoon deserves a Sonic The Hedgehog type of rework.

  • Geek Beat
    Geek Beat10 days ago

    So nothing about Hurt not playing Mera any more because she was the one beating Depp, pooping into his bed and torturing Depp with burning cigarettes?

  • Tyler Ensminger
    Tyler Ensminger12 days ago

    Comments I've seen about the Aquaman show think it will another Thundercats roar or similar

  • Shahen Alebyan
    Shahen Alebyan13 days ago

    Aquaman and Mera look more like Cosmo and Wanda from Fairly OddParents

  • Zain Hussain
    Zain Hussain14 days ago


  • Zachary Laban
    Zachary Laban15 days ago

    Wonderwoman was genuinely bad Grace !

  • Manuel Silva
    Manuel Silva15 days ago

    We Gotha Hate it 🙄😅

  • Manuel Silva
    Manuel Silva15 days ago

    🙄 powers? 🤔 vampire witch 😏

  • Nick Dorenkamp
    Nick Dorenkamp15 days ago

    You know honestly seeing how this is based on the addams family I wouldn't be surprised Wednesday having telekinesis considering that this is the addams family were talking about. Also I think they're is another reason why netflix wants to make this and I think it's because they just did A series of unfortunate events with Barry Sonnenfeld who directed the first two Addams family movies that in some ways have similar tones to some of Burton's movies. In fact there is something I'm curious about and that is why haven't Barry Sonnenfeld and Tim Burton worked together yet? Because they both worked with pretty much the same crews at this point.

  • Lis R
    Lis R15 days ago

    Riverdale, Nancy Drew, and Sabrina. They took the source name but changed the premise, characters, etc. They also made them "dark" . Why? It was originally for kids. Sabrina I couldn't watch. Nancy Drew I was so disappointed. I feel like the shows would be better if they were an independent shows, instead of taking something familiar but not following the source material. Christina Ricci has always been fun to watch. I loved her in Mermaids and in Casper. I hope this is a good show. I hope they don't change the source material too much, as The Addams Family was so fun to watch.

  • Soundwave VR
    Soundwave VR15 days ago

    Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges.

  • Rockerdude17
    Rockerdude1715 days ago

    It could be that the reason pietro maximoff is in quotations is because his real name in the xmen movies was Peter maximoff but obviously that wouldn’t be his name in wandas world. I could see this going either way and I think I would be satisfied with both choices.

  • Rockerdude17
    Rockerdude1715 days ago

    The Shirley Chisholm movie with Danai Gurira isn’t just starring her but also viola Davis in the same role probably a dual timeline thing

  • David Samuelson
    David Samuelson15 days ago

    ABC (owned by Disney) disguising a clip of Wandavision as crossover “news” from Disney+ (owned by Disney) to push the show & attempt to further increase subscribers? Shocking. It’ll be hilarious when they reveal nothing & the morning show hosts have to fall off their chairs in utter (read: forced) surprise.

  • Old Man Deadpool
    Old Man Deadpool15 days ago

    Sold on it because Adam’s family. What a bunch of sheep

  • Isaiah Godwin
    Isaiah Godwin15 days ago

    It’d be cooler if she didn’t have powers. Wednesday is already a genius. Should have gone a detective route

  • Frankie Smith
    Frankie Smith15 days ago

    Grace: I presume it’s live action bc Tim burton is directing and that’s a big deal! Yeah but he has made multiple big deal stop motion movies

  • Darko Cvetkovski
    Darko Cvetkovski15 days ago

    There was a USplanr that did a fabulous show about Wednesday Adams in real life about her sarcastic and brutally honest attitude, I forgot the USplanr's name, but she has done Wednesday Adams perfectly and I feel Tim burton was inspired by this USplanr but it will be nice if he actually hired this USplanr / actress and create a show about Wednesday Adams in real life but with Netflix budget behind it, Wednesday Adams is the more interesting character to me

  • TheBaldr
    TheBaldr15 days ago

    I don't like the idea of Tim Burton and the Addam's Family. I always said that Tim Burton's style was that of taking Charles Addams' style, then Disney-fying it. So Tim Burton style would be incompatible with the Addams Family.

  • Gypsy Monster
    Gypsy Monster15 days ago

    I think Wednesday is the only Adam’s family character that can carry their own show

  • Ricky ATD
    Ricky ATD15 days ago

    so, with friends, were they on a break?! that's all I want to know. hahahah

  • Ricky ATD
    Ricky ATD15 days ago

    they omit parts of black history on purpose! it's sad!

  • Celestial
    Celestial15 days ago

    GRACE ON BUBBLE TEA: 25:43 “I think it’s funny whenever you’re drinking it and something gets sucked up the straw and you’re like ‘Oh! That’s crazy!’ “ 😂😂😂

  • David Sharlot
    David Sharlot15 days ago

    I haven't seen Sophie's Choice, but was it really that hard to chose.

  • Sandal_Thong


    15 days ago

    I can’t stand when Grace uses a Sophie’s Choice analogy. I saw the scene again this week in a Meryl Streep interview, where she has to choose which child gets taken by the Nazis to die or they will take both. Cruel.

  • David Sharlot
    David Sharlot15 days ago

    Why have you got a picture at the beginning taken last century probably.

  • Daniel Edwards
    Daniel Edwards15 days ago

    Sitting here constantly refreshing my YT feed for Grace's Mortal Kombat trailer reaction

  • Ayan IM
    Ayan IM15 days ago

    Mortal Kombat trailer was leaked. WB did it again

  • CMG30
    CMG3015 days ago

    Poor Grace! You can tell she so badly wants DC to succeed and it hurts her soul watching themselves continually shoot themselves in their own feet!

  • Jodi3 Da K1tten
    Jodi3 Da K1tten15 days ago

    Everybody LOVED Wednesday Addams. But I absolutely adored Gomez and Morticia. They were such a happy couple, that loved their creepy family. I'd rather focus on the whole family honestly. Wednesday is still one of the best characters in the Addams. But her parents are amazing.

  • theylied1776
    theylied177615 days ago

    Tim Burton is a has-been. Like Wes Anderson, Tim Burton is a one-trick-pony.

  • Just Me
    Just Me15 days ago

    Pan-Am was a good show. Have you seen the Adult Wednesd@y Add@ms USplan web series? It was very good, but sadly unauthorized. (Adult as in full grown.)

  • Rodrigo Pérez
    Rodrigo Pérez15 days ago

    Hollywood's job is NOT to educate. It's to *entertain* Seriously, f***** every single person who is trying to use Hollywood to "educate" audiences.

  • Rodrigo Pérez
    Rodrigo Pérez15 days ago

    A lot of good actors don't ever get enough praise for their work. Only black ones pull the race card.

  • Rodrigo Pérez
    Rodrigo Pérez15 days ago

    "Black Widow is not that divisive... Give it time!" 😆 Yes, just give it time for intersectional feminist writter Jac Schaeffer's crap to float up to the surface and you will see. Guaranteed.

  • Rodrigo Pérez
    Rodrigo Pérez15 days ago

    Tim Burton's Wednesday should be animated. His whole work since the mid-90s has been nothing but a cartoonish parody of his previous work.

  • Dee Angil
    Dee Angil15 days ago

    ALSO!!!!!! “Pietro Maximoff” is really Nightmare!! I believe when he says to Wanda the whole bit of “Beats giving people nightmares and shooting red wiggly woos from your fingertips,” he really was talking about HIMSELF!!!!! 😱⚡️ Can’t wait for Friday!!!

  • Rodrigo Pérez
    Rodrigo Pérez15 days ago

    I'm kind of glad Aquaman got the Thundercats roar / Teen titans go treatment. I don't like Momoa's Aquaman. I can see it tank.

  • Rodrigo Pérez
    Rodrigo Pérez15 days ago

    All female led movies this year have been so divisive because they all look like intersectional feminist trash. The world doesn't like feminists, Grace. Only SJWeirdos pretend to do so.

  • Peter Johnston
    Peter Johnston15 days ago

    Female led movies have been controversial lately because they use it as a vehicle to man bash which is totally unnecessary. I love and probably prefer female led movies but not if the directors and female cast bash my gender. Trying to stir up more division.

  • Official Filmilen
    Official Filmilen15 days ago

    Tim Burton is the best perfect director to direct The Addams family on Netflix

  • Proloy B
    Proloy B15 days ago

    Web Series is the actual term. Shows that are for the internet(Streaming Service) is called a Web Series and not TV Series.

  • echozgus
    echozgus15 days ago

    Aquaman looks like garbage

  • Philipp Tanzer
    Philipp Tanzer15 days ago

    Women, race, race, women, social justice... I am so tired of the neverending focus on these issues. I stopped watching new Netflix Movies, because everything is gender political. Some of my favourite movies were focussed around female characters in the past, but now its just part of a gender war. Sick of it. I just want to watch good movies. And yes, Grace, you get more flack for being a woman, because you keepon talking about gender politics instead of movies.

  • fred tate
    fred tate15 days ago


  • fred tate
    fred tate15 days ago

    thundercats roar

  • nolife Snorlax
    nolife Snorlax15 days ago

    Wednesday is probably the most popular character in the family. So I'm all for it.

  • Kevin Pangaribuan
    Kevin Pangaribuan15 days ago

    Can you please review Michael Scorsese's essay, criticizing the era of streaming?

  • Aaron Jan Listanco
    Aaron Jan Listanco16 days ago

    Regina King is coming again at the Oscars claiming her second trophy

  • George Caltsoudas
    George Caltsoudas16 days ago

    Interesting how nobody also mentioned that Cruella also copied Hunger Games with the red dress that ignites in flames.

  • Syaril Amri Johari
    Syaril Amri Johari16 days ago

    I love you for hating bananas

  • Scarlet Witchdoctor
    Scarlet Witchdoctor16 days ago

    Don’t ever feel like you’re playing a card when you state a relevant factor 🙌🏽 People who rely on systems of inequality will make you feel bad when you see them for what they are.

  • Ali taqwa
    Ali taqwa16 days ago

    We want to see your reaction on the ,,,Lady Of Heaven Movie trailer,,, 🙏🙏🙏

  • Rockerdude17
    Rockerdude1716 days ago

    I’m surprised it’s taken this long for tim burton to do an Addams family project

  • Rockerdude17
    Rockerdude1716 days ago

    I would prefer a Christina Ricci led grown up Wednesday tv show. You could even bring back Angelica Houston!

  • alexguskov25
    alexguskov2516 days ago

    Looks like The best directors will never be done until they full filled their duty to basterdise their own movies that made them famous, I'm looking at you ridley scott, lets hope it doesn't become a pattern. Cruella does not look good, I believe they are making a mistake with that film. Sometimes the orgins of characters only makes the characters less likable not that she was likeable, but whoever voiced her in the animation defiantly sold her as a villain but I don't buy Emma stone as Cruella. Sorry Grace i went to take a look what movies she's been in and Regina King, has been out shined in most of those movies. She just needs to get the right rolethats tailored to her, something main stream and not awards movies, my eyes can't roll higher when they say it's awards movie , usually means slow and uneventful.

  • Shauvik Saha
    Shauvik Saha16 days ago

    this is making the aquaman a more famous brand among kids..this will be awsome

  • animatsuri
    animatsuri16 days ago

    The art style for the Aquaman show looks like it some the Fairly Odd Parents.

  • CK Godoth
    CK Godoth16 days ago

    Yes Grace I hate bananas too😭 I do like an indigenous breed that we occasionally get in the market here in my hometown. But that's like once a year(a seasonal type)

  • Will Osborne
    Will Osborne16 days ago

    The Wednesday show literally looks nothing like the umbrella academy or Sabrina. I sometimes question the way you view things. Loki looks nothing like the umbrella academy either

  • ShaeRin29
    ShaeRin2916 days ago

    I would hope they include Christina Ricci in some way or form. She is a fantastic actress and did so well in the Amazon series Z. I just wish Christina could get a role in a modern drama with an interesting storyline and decent cast that would renew interest back into her acting career. Or at least get three consistent relevant back to back projects.

  • King Katie
    King Katie16 days ago

    It is weird Grace , but what I love about all these female led films is that they own the shit out the hate (: I can't believe films in general are "controversial" topics.. it is insane

  • Dr Donald Blake
    Dr Donald Blake16 days ago

    I'm in unless Christina Ricci reprises her role as the grown up Wednesday Addams. Her iconic take on the character is very hard to beat.

  • Armand Napolitano
    Armand Napolitano16 days ago

    Isn't "Snack meal" a little bit like Borat's "movie film"? Hahaha

  • icehulk2
    icehulk216 days ago

    I chose Nintendo. Sorry grace. They only have a stream 3 to 5 times a year... But I'm always glad to see your videos even if it's not live 🥰

  • badidea 13
    badidea 1316 days ago

    Yeah it's cold in Texas, the electricity keeps going out, but at least I'm not dead🤣

  • Mako Kenji

    Mako Kenji

    15 days ago

    @R Going Green is what prevents the crisis, dipshit.

  • R


    15 days ago

    Next election vote red so there isn’t another green failure when it happens again.

  • Mehrdad Mahmoudi
    Mehrdad Mahmoudi16 days ago

    Wandavision was supposed to be 6 hours of content. Do you know if the last 3 episodes could be about an hour each?

  • Angel Acosta
    Angel Acosta16 days ago

    Black History should be mandatory along with all the other curriculums.

  • Jeff Pettaway
    Jeff Pettaway16 days ago

    Grace I create emojis I’m a member, longtime viewer and graphic designer!!!!

  • Brodie G
    Brodie G16 days ago

    Not all female lead movies have been divisive this year.. We were all disappointed by WW84.

  • Lori Redford
    Lori Redford16 days ago

    I know who Shirley chisom was from my history class in jr. highschoo

  • Matt at the Movies
    Matt at the Movies16 days ago

    It would be BRILLIANT if burton cast ricci as morticia in the new show, i can see her killing that role also VERY meta

  • ASEC Mimosas
    ASEC Mimosas16 days ago

    Thoughts on Dota: Dragon's Blood?

  • Gokul Balu
    Gokul Balu16 days ago

    DCs worst enemy is Warner Bros

  • David Porter
    David Porter16 days ago

    People confuse Regina King with Regina Hall. I think that's what she meant.

  • Photo Trekr
    Photo Trekr16 days ago

    I though PanAm was good and had potential. Loved the original Addams Family. Not a big Tim Burton fan. Hope Christina Ricci gets more work.

  • Bizzy Brown
    Bizzy Brown16 days ago

    Kate Blanchet was great as Phyllis Schlafly

  • diddo
    diddo16 days ago

    tim burton is literally just copying his other film that peculiar home for children movie that i can't even remember because it was so bad

  • HeyNowJose
    HeyNowJose16 days ago

    all female led movies have been divisive.... its almost as if America has a misogyny issue.

  • David Cooper
    David Cooper16 days ago

    Geeez - NO!! Try a little imagination, not everything is something else. I wish you'd stop that

  • Dan Guillan
    Dan Guillan16 days ago

    Ur so pretty!! Beautiful hair!!

  • Luke M.
    Luke M.16 days ago

    I LOVE BOBA (bubble tea)

  • Luke M.
    Luke M.16 days ago

    Here in Austin Texas at a Hotel cuz my apartment has no power/internet and water has just been shut down. Thank you for your well-wishes. Fingers crossed this disaster will be over soon

  • Travis Morrison-Mckell

    Travis Morrison-Mckell

    16 days ago

    I’m sending positive vibes. Be safe

  • Sean Ian
    Sean Ian16 days ago

    The Aquaman animation reminds me of Dexter's Laboratory. Also the reboot of Dc Superhero Girls (I still don't understand why they did that. Dc animation is insane right now)

  • brandon quintero

    brandon quintero

    16 days ago

    It does look like dexter's laboratory, it's sadly not what I was hoping for, I was wanting something like harley quinn. Hopefully it works out for DC. Also you're very cute ☺️

  • Be Kind
    Be Kind16 days ago

    You are a very entertaining, knowledgeable and skilled reporter, Grace. Sometimes you get in your own way, and a lot of times you feel hate from ppl who prob have nothing better to do ... But you’re a solid person. A professional. A beautiful human. And very funny. I’ve been watching you for years, and I’m always rooting for you. I might leave somewhat critical comments from time-to-time, but I hope they’re constructive. You really are pretty great, and I hope you know that. (I watched another channel talk about how ppl like to criticize in the comments, so I feel the need to balance it out now.)

  • karson bollinger
    karson bollinger16 days ago

    “No one..... *whispers* no one!!!”

  • karson bollinger
    karson bollinger16 days ago

    Aquaman looks like Teen Titans Go

  • Natasha A
    Natasha A16 days ago

    I am a bit annoyed by the Wednesday twist as the whole point of the Addams family is that they are not magical or monsters, they are dark and weird humans living a dark and spooky life, in contrast to the Munsters who were Monsters trying to live a 'normal' life, they are direct opposites and I think making them really magical takes something away from the charm of how weird they are.

  • Be Kind
    Be Kind16 days ago

    With the Cruella thing, it wasn’t that you mentioned ppl thought it was a rip-off. It was that you then compared almost every shot to another property, which made it seem like you were promoting those ideas. What you should have done was breakdown the trailer, focusing only on Cruella, and at the end, mention the rip-off idea ppl were talking about in GENERAL terms (not posting every shot that’s being compared) and asked ppl what they thought about it and whether they cared.

  • Leon and Anna Prather
    Leon and Anna Prather16 days ago

    Why is the audio so much lower for the live streams versus the editorial content?

  • LaMar Finesse
    LaMar Finesse16 days ago

    I thought Wednesday was Annabelle silhouette lol.

    MADKIDD623BHN16 days ago

    There shouldn't just be a 'month' .. It should just be in the history books IN THE FIRST PLACE....not a separate thing...

  • saturncrush
    saturncrush16 days ago

    Aquaman animated looks kind of like “Superjail”!!!

  • Sonya
    Sonya16 days ago

    I opted out of the black history programs because they only had them watch Roots and take a test, 2 years in a row.😒

  • Schmo
    Schmo16 days ago

    I'd rather see Christina Ricci back as Wednesday as an adult in a show and how her life is now

  • DarthVader20201


    15 days ago

    This is Tim Burton show

  • Scarlet Witchdoctor

    Scarlet Witchdoctor

    16 days ago


  • Dan Guillan

    Dan Guillan

    16 days ago

    What about mortitia?

    MADKIDD623BHN16 days ago

    Don't see the Joker correlation... Looks like live action Cruella 🤷

  • Red X

    Red X

    16 days ago

    Do not look at the IGN comments for cruella you have been warned

    MADKIDD623BHN16 days ago

    I wish EVERYONE had supernatural Powers....😁

  • Melanco
    Melanco16 days ago

    Even when I disagree with you I wholeheartedly enjoy watching you. Thank you!