The Woman in the Window REVIEW - Netflix 2021 Amy Adams

The Woman in the Window Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer reaction \u0026 movie review 2021! Netflix! Amy Adams! Based on bestseller book!

The Woman in the Window Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction \u0026 review of the 2021 movie hitting Netflix starring Amy Adams! Should you see the full movie?! Enjoy The Woman in the Window in 2021 and be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!

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Waste of Time - 00:00
Good Story Somewhere - 00:25
Director Joe Wright - 1:43
Rear Window - 3:07
Hacked Up in Post - 4:20
Wyatt Russell - 5:02
Amy Adams - 5:31
Big Names - 5:55
Gotta Be The Script - 6:08
Based on Bestseller - 6:28
Conclusion - 6:58

Interact with host \u0026 creator Grace Randolph!


  • Jay Dan
    Jay Dan9 days ago

    I like it. Ty.

  • All of the best movies
    All of the best movies9 days ago

    This desperately wants to be like Rear Window. But despite the fantastic cast of Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Anthony Mackie, the script just seems clunky and slow. Hitchcockian, this isn't. If anything, it makes you want to see Rear Window instead.

  • Luis Vertti
    Luis Vertti10 days ago

    I actually liked the movie and i don't think it's a waste of time, but I do think that the way and style they told the story was an interesting choice that can take you off the story if it's not something you're familiar with. 🤔

  • David Bucknell
    David Bucknell11 days ago

    Well consider me here for commiseration. Wow I'll not get that 100mins back!!!

  • Tavares
    Tavares15 days ago

    I actually enjoyed this movie. Always judge it yourself before listening to others. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Marcia Laboo
    Marcia Laboo18 days ago

    I didn't hate this movie ..i was annoyed that such big actors had such tiny parts. And also because no one uses curtains in movies. I was surprised at how it ended but it felt like a last minute decision to throw the audience off.

  • Ryan Davies
    Ryan Davies20 days ago

    The book was great such a talented cast wasted 🥵

  • Scott DePanfilis
    Scott DePanfilis21 day ago

    Hitchcock, "Rear Window"

  • George Blabbermouth
    George Blabbermouth28 days ago

    Grace you said Raising Arizona was your favorite movie. Now its Rear Window???

  • Rebecca Elliott
    Rebecca Elliott28 days ago

    This movie was absolute trash

  • Jessy Recinos
    Jessy RecinosMonth ago

    Grace I still think you need to retire your "skills" as a reviewer.... everything people like you hate and everything u hate people love ... remeber ur mulan review ...? U loved that but it was trash.

  • Annaline Pfeiffer
    Annaline PfeifferMonth ago

    i really enjoyed it

  • Girl in the red scarf
    Girl in the red scarfMonth ago

    A bit like Jodie Foster's flight plan... this movie is quite good!

  • PurushaDesa
    PurushaDesaMonth ago

    Yup, Wright is definitely hit or miss. Sometimes he makes Atonement and Hanna 👍🏽. Sometimes he makes Darkest Hour 👎🏽.

  • ThatKidSON
    ThatKidSONMonth ago

    This was a trash film that's been made a hundred times . It's only draw is the actors... The film could've ended in 27th minute if Amy Adams just took the picture w her camera when she witnessed the murder. Waste of time

  • Jay Shank 007
    Jay Shank 007Month ago

    Here's the thing, the movie wa good. But what's great abt it, is amy addams, acting, and the cinematography.. So peaceful.. Loved it.

  • ThewayICit
    ThewayICitMonth ago

    It's total garbage that wants to copy Hitchcock. Adams does what she can with a pointless script, while Oldman turns up does some shouting then fucks off.

  • Melissa Hammer
    Melissa HammerMonth ago

    A waste of time and money pretty much sums up Woman in the Window.

  • Steve King
    Steve KingMonth ago

    Honestly, this sucked.

  • Steve King

    Steve King

    Month ago

    I love how thick Grace’ accent is here; mine gets like that when I’m annoyed!

  • Chris
    ChrisMonth ago

    Very helpful. Thank you!


    When ethan comes for the secnd time there is a black woman walking back n forth anyone notices????

  • Haatchii
    HaatchiiMonth ago

    I hated the film. Writing was bad, the directing, music. It was just really unoriginal and lazy.

  • Davis Pittman
    Davis PittmanMonth ago

    Will you be reviewing spiral grace? 🙂

  • entropy22
    entropy22Month ago

    the moment she took that photo of the cat and glass of vine I knew thats how she would find out the truth. Its so random she took picture with her iphone but not with a camera she had when seeing a murder.

  • Sarah Copland
    Sarah CoplandMonth ago

    Just watched it and its soooooo a play!

    THE SAINT BARBMonth ago

    I just finished the movie and i don't know how to feel cause i thought so many things when the movie started or in half of it but none of that became reality ksksk i even thought she have double personality...

  • holace
    holaceMonth ago

    OMG! Was it really that bad? I thought it was good. It definitely delivered for thrill, and suspense.

  • 88Gifts
    88GiftsMonth ago

    The car in the living room did it for me, at that point it ruined the movie for me lol they don’t use that visual storytelling any other time lol it was really dramatic but enjoyed Amy as always

  • Janet Rose
    Janet RoseMonth ago

    I enjoyed the movie. It was easy to get hooked into any Adams’s acting.

  • MAN art
    MAN artMonth ago

    I have to strongly disagree with this review. Because of this I went with little expectations but it turns out this movie is really something. I’m gonna have to watch it again because I need to enjoy it again without less influence of this review.

  • Lexx Movielover
    Lexx MovieloverMonth ago

    This movie wa such a disappointment the last 5 minutes was the only good part and Amy Addams wasted such a good performance in a bad movie.

  • Nardina DeLeon
    Nardina DeLeonMonth ago

    I really agree with this review. It was very dry and dragged. It’s a shame because the book was a great read and told the story really well.

  • Ely Kalontar
    Ely KalontarMonth ago

    Yeah - why they would REMAKE Rear Window 🪟 is anyone’s guess...

  • Archie Canape
    Archie CanapeMonth ago

    I actually liked it

  • Justin Wood
    Justin WoodMonth ago

    I watched this over the weekend and it was...not good. I kept thinking it was going to have a good payoff that it was going to be good. It was entertaining enough while watching, but it all fell apart at the end. By the time you finish the movie, you might find yourself even a bit angry. LOL

  • Capota 28
    Capota 28Month ago

    Marry me Grace!!!🤩

  • Mercury Angel
    Mercury AngelMonth ago

    It would have been a good movie if they made the main character relatable or likeable. I mean, you don't really know why she is they way she is until almost towards the end of the movie. I thought Julianne Moore (the 'first' Jane Russell) was the highlight of the movie.

  • Rockerdude17
    Rockerdude17Month ago

    I love Tracy letts but I also blame him for this him and whoever edited it. This movie is really not interested in the mystery aspect of this story which is kind of the whole point for its existence haha. It could have so easily been fixed that it irks me.

  • Steven B
    Steven BMonth ago

    I felt this movie was an excellent depiction of the book.

  • CB 1014
    CB 1014Month ago

    Disturbia did this and crushed it

  • Blue TM
    Blue TMMonth ago

    Movie was more then decent. Maybe you shouldn't do reviews if you can't stay up for the entire movie. Or maybe you should just do reviews only for zack snyder's garbage which based on your reviews he makes only masterpieces... Critics in a nutshell

  • Designs By T.D.F.
    Designs By T.D.F.Month ago

    When you say that the film tested poorly, does that mean it didn’t do well with audiences? Or the film just looked really clunky before its set release date?

  • Ana Milosavljevic
    Ana MilosavljevicMonth ago

    I can’t see why all the hate 🤷‍♀️ just the bad effects that seamed intentional. Should have been longer yes, but by no means as bad as the reviews.

  • Julius Maloney
    Julius MaloneyMonth ago

    Sorry Grace, stop confusing actresses with their roles. Amy Adams is a mess because the character is a mess. At no point did I conflate Adams the person with the Adams character. 🙄

  • Daniel Sackett
    Daniel SackettMonth ago

    i liked it, i think its a good psychological thriller but yeah its not amazing. i think Grace doesn't really like this genre because she didn't like 'I'm thinking of ending thing' and that movie is amazing

  • Deja
    DejaMonth ago

    Lol I enjoyed it. It was like disturbia mixed with Scream 4 mixed with every early and mid 2000s movie about people hallucinating. I recently binged a lot of old psychological thrillers and this movie fits in with all of them honestly.

  • masood rahimi
    masood rahimiMonth ago

    i have actually read the book and it was really good so this is disappointing to hear they butchered it

  • Aaron Quijano
    Aaron QuijanoMonth ago

    It may not be a great movie but it a great movie if you don't want a mystery movie hard to know

  • Peter Glynn
    Peter GlynnMonth ago

    That Caine Mutiny moment was good.

  • Ocean Sage
    Ocean SageMonth ago

    Joe Wright directed many wonderful films like Pride & Prejudice, Atonement, Hanna, & Darkest Hour. His misses like The Soloist, Anna Karenina, & Pan are pretty awful. I enjoyed The Woman in the Window, but mostly for Amy Adam's acting. I think there was seriously some scenes missing.

  • Aaron Merkel
    Aaron MerkelMonth ago

    I liked the movie. I didn't see the twist coming.

  • Duong Tran
    Duong TranMonth ago

    Don’t know if anyone has pointed this out but her front door camera could’ve been a point of reference for the police or justify the meeting of “Jane number 1” ect which would’ve made the rest of the story obsolete. And ofc this device wasn’t mentioned in the book that’s why the story worked there. But here we were given a mounted recording device for free so..hmm

  • david thirugnanakumar
    david thirugnanakumarMonth ago

    😂 I only know rear Window because of the Simpson, 😂 and after i see the movie

  • Dark Dreams
    Dark DreamsMonth ago

    Total waste of time. Had expectations. Disappointed.

  • Gonz
    GonzMonth ago

    I love it when Grace gets rough

  • Ectoplasmic Entity
    Ectoplasmic EntityMonth ago

    Release the Better Cut!

  • luke yznaga
    luke yznagaMonth ago

    once again, the "new" Lois Lane Amy good at acting and this movie is slow, poor script. A thousand Orcs were insulted during the production of this movie.

  • DyeYoungKesha
    DyeYoungKeshaMonth ago

    I liked it! Loved the plot twist. Was definitely slow at first but I was satisfied.

  • Mattyxscott
    MattyxscottMonth ago

    After 8 seconds thanks Grace

  • Lawrence Scales
    Lawrence ScalesMonth ago

    Think I’ll stick to rear window

  • Michael Burkhalter
    Michael BurkhalterMonth ago

    I just look at Grace's facial expressions in the thumbnails. I immediately know if her review is bad or good. This saves time.

  • Rockerdude17
    Rockerdude17Month ago

    I just finished the book and it was so good. I’m really curious to see how they could have possibly messed it up.

  • Christopher D.
    Christopher D.Month ago

    Hello- I watched the film after watching Grace's review. since the film was originally to be released late Spring 2019 I figured we weren't dealing with awards material. after watching it I disagree with Grace. while corny and hokey it kept my interest and i never would have guessed the ending.

  • Spike
    SpikeMonth ago

    Amy Adams can't catch a break

  • K
    KMonth ago

    Also, Gary Oldman didn't deserve that Oscar.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike HuntMonth ago

    I actually didn't hate it, but I have low standards.

  • Michael Coggin-Carr
    Michael Coggin-CarrMonth ago

    I really liked it 🤣

  • thaderpydog
    thaderpydogMonth ago

    it was enjoyable to watch amy adams but the movie was missing something

  • Ahmed Khan
    Ahmed KhanMonth ago

    your channel is one of the oldest youtube channel but i dont understand why you still has less then 1m subs why ?

  • Kry Babe
    Kry BabeMonth ago

    Amy Adams did a good job being a mess because all I could think about was how there is no way in the world this is Lois Lane.

  • Steve King

    Steve King

    Month ago

    Felt like you could watch it right alongside Sharp Objects... at least until this got going and completely fell apart.

  • Kasey Patterson

    Kasey Patterson

    Month ago

    I had the same thought

  • Rohan Smit
    Rohan SmitMonth ago

    Oi! Grace. I watched it. I did like it. Did not see the twist at the end and did not feel it was a waste of time...

  • Pauline Mark
    Pauline MarkMonth ago

    I loved PAN! Honey....speak for yourself.

  • Rodrigo Oshiro
    Rodrigo OshiroMonth ago

    things to watch if you cant sleep category...

  • James Rinley
    James RinleyMonth ago

    Joe Wright is the master of dreams. But I love Hannah, not gonna lie...

  • Sprite Masters
    Sprite MastersMonth ago

    I liked it. great acting and cool cinematography.

  • Garbhan Boyle
    Garbhan BoyleMonth ago

    A waste of time and a piece of shit.

  • noah london
    noah londonMonth ago its not just me?!?!?! I turned it on and it was so damn tedious that I literally dozed off on it. I tried to give it a second try to no avail...a total PASS !

  • Goutham Chalamala
    Goutham ChalamalaMonth ago

    Rear window is great but have you all watched ROPE?

  • Kasey Richardson
    Kasey RichardsonMonth ago

    ok i thought i was going crazy. i started watching and was like why does this look like a play lol. what a frantic mess.

  • Nicki J
    Nicki JMonth ago

    Honestly, I would rather have seen them make a movie about the controversies surrounding the book's author. Would have made for a far more interesting watch than a Rear Window rehash adaptation.

  • Dragon J Gaming
    Dragon J GamingMonth ago

    I really loved this film, it was very compelling, although i agree the script is kind fucked the third act badly.

  • Marina and The Devil
    Marina and The DevilMonth ago

    Horrible pacing 😩

  • sophiesmom
    sophiesmomMonth ago

    I didn't even get 1/2 way through it. Terrible!, even with the efforts of the actors.

  • James Tarr
    James TarrMonth ago

    Grace, there are a few "movieplays" that are good. One I can think of off the top of my head is "Lilies".

  • Sabrina Lozar
    Sabrina LozarMonth ago

    Unfortunately we are so used to movies having these twists that I was able to quickly find one of the two twists featured in this story. The second surprise I could not anticipate just because I thought they would not dare to go there. It didn't bore me at all. It is not a movie that I would recommend but it is not the disaster that Grace found it to be.

  • entropy22


    Month ago

    i gussed the twist with a picture of wine and the cat... just because it was so random for her to take a picture. The twist with a car was kind of a guess for me, I was 50/50

  • straightedgeveganbel
    straightedgeveganbelMonth ago

    Omg seriously!? I absolutely loved every minute of this movie. (Did not read the book)

  • zaneomega2


    Month ago

    Really enjoyed save for the ending dumb.

  • Dragon J Gaming

    Dragon J Gaming

    Month ago

    It just makes that kinda basic film school mistake

  • Dragon J Gaming

    Dragon J Gaming

    Month ago

    @Casey Ryland yes but what could that explored. Its just the script needed to show more than what it told.

  • Casey Ryland

    Casey Ryland

    Month ago

    Same, though it was kinda predictable and it skips many parts that's not in the book. The movie was 95 minutes (without the credits), it could've added another 20 to 30 minutes to explore more of it. The third act was kinda rushed

  • Dragon J Gaming

    Dragon J Gaming

    Month ago

    Agree with you both

  • ScorpioDan 80
    ScorpioDan 80Month ago

    I just started watching this. But my first thought it.. “Is this a Rear Window Remake? Grace will def have something to say “ I’ll be back when I finish to watch

  • Mr D
    Mr DMonth ago

    Thanks for your honesty. Some movies just aren't worth the effort. BUT there is a movie you haven't reviewed yet. A24's The Green Knight. Been waiting for it to come out for over a year thanks to covid. but they just released a new trailer. Grace you gotta check it out and tell people.

  • Josh Loves Movies
    Josh Loves MoviesMonth ago

    It was like if Netflix made a Lifetime movie!

  • Brett Crandall
    Brett CrandallMonth ago

    Watched it last night and DID NOT vibe with this movie. Grace’s Rear Window breakdown is perfect, and this movie giving nods to it cheapens this mess.

  • nancykerrigan
    nancykerriganMonth ago

    4:29 LANGUAGE!!!

  • kris sannicks
    kris sannicksMonth ago

    This was a good but predictable movie. Well worth a watch. I try never to listen to reviews. They like humans are always flawed and served with personal opinion, and an agenda.

  • Caleb Small
    Caleb SmallMonth ago

    I loved this movie actually. Had great twists and turns in my opinion

  • ricky roach
    ricky roachMonth ago

    The unreliable protagonist trope was very well done but the ending was so sped up that made the movie lackluster

  • Jacob Van Ness
    Jacob Van NessMonth ago

    The book isn’t very good either, no matter what anyone tells you. It’s an amalgamation of several other stories done before it. The author has also been embroiled in accusations of plagiarism since the very beginning.

  • Erne Geo
    Erne GeoMonth ago

    The book wasn't good either... But the movie is worse. At least Amy Adams performance made it watchable

  • Triple -A
    Triple -AMonth ago

    Honestly i'd give it a 7.5/10, it's a pretty decent film with a great performance from Amy Adams and the cinematography looks gorgeous 😍

  • fortunateizzi
    fortunateizziMonth ago

    I feel about Vertigo the way you feel about Rear Window. First saw it in a screen studies class and it had a major impact on me.

  • Orionsbelt
    OrionsbeltMonth ago

    But the book is awful, there isn’t practically any changes. I liked the movie better.

  • TS Xtina
    TS XtinaMonth ago

    Does this movie have anything to do with Edward G Robinson's and Joan Bennett 1944 version?