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The Mitchells vs The Machines Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer reaction & movie review 2021! Netflix! Animation! Phil Lord & Chris Miller!
The Mitchells vs The Machines Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the 2021 movie hitting Netflix from Sony Animation! Should you see the full movie?! Enjoy The Mitchells vs The Machines in 2021 and be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
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Intro - 00:00
HATE - 00:07
Film School Lies - 00:28
Not Realistic - 1:53
Katie's Art - 2:22
Gross Out Humor - 4:45
Weird Choices - 6:07
Mean Family - 6:37
Queerbaiting - 7:00
LOVE - 7:44
Tech Humor - 7:50
Animation Style - 8:45
Fast Paced - 9:12
Nice Message - 9:43
Maya Rudolph - 10:05
Conclusion - 10:28
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • Quiet Contender
    Quiet ContenderDay ago

    It might be Katie's basic level of film work makes it easier for the average person to get. I thought her stuff was fine. No hate just my opinion when taking 7 shots of whiskey

  • Adam
    AdamDay ago

    It’s the same with the stupid chicken in Moana I wanted that cute pig to be stuck with her

  • nychus1
    nychus1Day ago

    Grace, why don’t you ever get movies like this. Like the first guardians of the galaxy, I fear you fall short on your understanding of authentic human reactions

  • Javier Hernandez
    Javier HernandezDay ago

    Wow your review was almost a full on attack on such a great movie, I hear your opinion and think quite the opposite really. Movie was amazing in all aspects. This movie isn’t supposed to depict how real film school is; plus the dog in the movie was so hilarious!

  • Vincent Batts
    Vincent Batts2 days ago

    gosh I’ve never felt so bad watching a Grace review. This review is so bad. So much nitpicking and unrealistic expectation.

  • anthony castillo
    anthony castillo2 days ago

    I graduated from the school this film is based on, Cal Arts. The writer/director went there as well. Let me tell you, they would the DEFINITELY appreciate the lead young woman’s art style. Just think of it as the opposite of NYU. Or if NYU was run by trippy ex-hippies instead of Scorsese-s. Talented people but it was literally labeled the most progressive art school in the nation at one point.

  • Aussie Disney Girl
    Aussie Disney Girl2 days ago

    I gave this movie a go and I have to agree with Grace here. Really didn’t like this movie. Too many things going on!

  • King Millo
    King Millo2 days ago

    This movie was awesome! Loved the animation, jokes, and plot.

  • Brent Burks
    Brent Burks2 days ago

    I have literally never disagreed with you more on a review lol. Like others have posted, it looks like you took the film school thing personally. It’s weird, but I can kinda sympathize. I HATED the movie Drumline.. because I went to college on a scholarship playing drums lol. I know the reality of it and the movie Drumline ain’t it. But The Mitchell’s v The Machines is AMAZINGGG lol wut

  • Raff Serrano
    Raff Serrano3 days ago

    Movie was great!

  • Joseph Wiggett
    Joseph Wiggett3 days ago


  • Kamoel
    Kamoel4 days ago

    9:55 what movie did you watch??!

  • Davey Evans
    Davey Evans4 days ago

    I loved this movie

  • LizterZapZap
    LizterZapZap5 days ago

    It's an animated movie with robots. It's not supposed to be realistic Grace.

  • Solar Studios
    Solar Studios5 days ago

    Thank you finally someone who thinks the same as me about this film 👏👏😀

  • Jose Ornelas
    Jose Ornelas5 days ago

    Asking for realistic stuff in animation???? I guess Elsa is realistic!

  • Jeremy Rice
    Jeremy Rice5 days ago

    Maybe you shouldn’t have reviewed this one, seems just not your kind of movie. Me and my partner loved the dog, he reminded us so much of our own pup we couldn’t stop laughing. I didn’t think twice about the film school thing, as a LGBT+ individual myself didn’t agree there was queer baiting, in fact liked Katie’s sexuality wasn’t her defining trait. Overall was a great movie we had a great time watching it!

  • Theusen Prome
    Theusen Prome5 days ago

    WORST... REVIEW... EVER!!! I gave up watching after 1:30...

  • Prkwon
    Prkwon5 days ago

    Um is not real...not a documentary....i think you need are treating this as if it is a serious is okay to sleep once in awhile...

  • Pablo Laucerica
    Pablo Laucerica5 days ago

    This review is kinda tone deaf. This movie has so much charm and passion oozing out of every second.

  • Anne marie Hayden
    Anne marie Hayden6 days ago

    I literally only subscribe to this channel because she always has the OPPOSITE taste to me in movies, helps me narrow down my choices. By the way, this movie was great

  • Otis Brown
    Otis Brown6 days ago

    As a member of the LGBT community, I have to disagree with your opinion about them queer baiting. I picked up on her liking her future college student very quickly when she mentioned her earlier in the movie and it came full circle in the end. I don’t think it was necessary to focus on her sexuality because it didn’t make any difference in the storyline. To say it was “insulting” is a strong opinion. Very rarely that I disagree with you but your opinion/review about this film are very selfish.

  • Olamide Akinola
    Olamide Akinola6 days ago

    I loved this movie. Another critical darling after The LEGO Movie and Spider-Man Into The SpiderVerse.

  • rusedgin
    rusedgin6 days ago

    It's a wonderful film.

  • Chris K
    Chris K6 days ago

    Shocked at this review when usually for me Grace is on point. This movie is one of the best animations that I have seen and is certainly the best film of 2021 so far by a fair margin. Not sure why al of the emphasis of the realism or not thereof is getting into film school is all about, seems to have touched a nerve for some reason. Everyone should see this film, trust me you will love it.

  • Champion Winner

    Champion Winner

    6 days ago

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  • Mr Nook
    Mr Nook7 days ago

    This review is why im only here for movie math

  • imicca
    imicca7 days ago

    What do you mean “clearly lgbt” character? She has rainbow badge on her all the time

  • quare3
    quare37 days ago

    Grace stop it

  • Arvind Kumar
    Arvind Kumar8 days ago

    i loved this movie .

  • iamanerd
    iamanerd8 days ago

    Bruh did we see the same movie?

  • matteo.parzanese
    matteo.parzanese8 days ago


  • Daniel RTSC

    Daniel RTSC

    7 days ago

    so will I

  • Corey Watches
    Corey Watches8 days ago

    I loved this film

  • Mr. Chad
    Mr. Chad8 days ago

    Honestly I dunno if anyone gave a second thought on the logistics of the film. I can’t believe that of all the fantastical elements in this movie, the portrayal of film school is the one that pushed it too far lmao.

  • Jack Jxjd
    Jack Jxjd9 days ago

    Although the family stuff and the film school stuff I personally don’t like in this review grace it’s a great review over all good job👍🏻

  • Movie and Game reviews
    Movie and Game reviews9 days ago

    Film school isn’t that difficult to get accepted to, otherwise how would you have gone?

  • Shamim Azad
    Shamim Azad9 days ago

    Just watched it on Netflix...It's too good, bravo bravo to the animators, and the story writer, everything was great about this. It even teared me up in some places. I even watched the whole credits even that was very creative. I recommend it everyone.

    IMMORTAL BADASS9 days ago

    Sounds like someone a snob and triggered about the film school thing enough to try and make that hate list bigger

  • Ed Word
    Ed Word9 days ago

    You didn't like Monchi???? Ok Fuck you

  • Keith Redacted
    Keith Redacted9 days ago

    Oh my god, you made me think the movie was awful. Just watched it, it was amazing!

  • Slim Slendey
    Slim Slendey9 days ago

    I’m sorry, but in my opinion this just isn’t a good review. I know you’re explaining your problems with the movie and that’s totally fine, but some of the problems you had like the film school stuff has nothing to do with the actual movie. It shouldn’t matter if it isn’t realistic, it’s a children’s movie. I just think in some areas you looked too hard into things

  • The Cartoon Finder
    The Cartoon Finder9 days ago

    Your review should be retitled as... "I DON'T GET THIS FILM!!" If you don't have anything nice about this movie then don't say anything at all.

  • Eee Bee
    Eee Bee9 days ago

    do you like anything

  • Daniel beats
    Daniel beats9 days ago

    Not true i got into art school by making weird anime movies and video editing

  • angsty moomin
    angsty moomin10 days ago

    Damn grace if you want a disney movie just say it

  • Alvaro Zendejas
    Alvaro Zendejas10 days ago

    Wait... They DID make a movie about Eddie and his family... direct to video and was horribly reviewed but... they DID make it.

  • busterban2
    busterban210 days ago

    I actually really loved this movie! Both me and my fiancé laughed a lot and ended up saying it’s one of the best movies we have watched in a while.

  • Joseph Goldenhawk
    Joseph Goldenhawk10 days ago

    She is so literally picking the dumbest things to hate. This is sad grace.

  • thegammonator
    thegammonator10 days ago

    I have three things to say about this review: 1. The fact that Grace focused so much on the lack of realism of Katie getting into film school in her review of a movie about the robot apocalypse really makes me think that she doesn’t have much to say 2. I loved the representation of Katie’s sexuality, it wasn’t in your face and was just presented as a fact of life, which is how it should be 3. The whole ‘A little bit goes a long way’ mentality is absolute bullshit, coming from someone who’s tried more than reasonable to fix their relationship with their father over the years

  • Rahul Messi
    Rahul Messi10 days ago

    when I saw this movie all I can think is wow, animation can be amazing and film students should be inspired after seeing this movie.

  • Queer Creatures
    Queer Creatures10 days ago

    The beauty of the 2d and 3D animation were amazing! Best-animated film that doesn’t spoon feed everything to you.

  • Leo Gomez
    Leo Gomez10 days ago

    This is more like a rant than a review

  • movie gurl74

    movie gurl74

    9 days ago

    My feelings exactly, and im baffled why shes going so hard in the paint, this was better then mortal combat incan tell you that much and ahe didn't habe all this heat for that

  • Greg 20-100
    Greg 20-10010 days ago

    For me it make sens ~ she is a meme queen and nobody irl gets her ... I was suprisingly satisfied with this movie since I dont like when something try to be meme but the character felt real and not too tryhard

  • great boi
    great boi10 days ago


  • karthik C
    karthik C10 days ago

    The dog was the best part of the movie. I had a pug, and the similarity between how monchi(the dog in the movie) behaves and my dog was uncanny. Loved the dog! Grace just doesn't like Pugs😂

  • rosesvvloweer
    rosesvvloweer10 days ago

    I liked it by the characters are so ugly

  • Mero
    Mero10 days ago

    Came for a review, got ten minutes of how unrealistic the portrayal of film school is. It’s literally not that big of a deal

  • Mero
    Mero10 days ago

    As someone that lives in a small town, weird is not cool.

  • Robb S.
    Robb S.10 days ago

    “ a giant ball of flesh” ... yep, that’s a Pug 😏

  • videomissionary
    videomissionary10 days ago

    3:50 how could Grace miss the point so hard? Katie's online popularity is not relevant at all. The whole point of her story is that even niche artists can find their place in the world (and view count should not be indicative of finding that place)

  • videomissionary
    videomissionary10 days ago

    Hate: this review Love: this movie

  • Randy Gyan
    Randy Gyan10 days ago

    You saying the family were particularly mean to eachother makes me question if you actually watched the whole movie or just skipped parts so you could review

  • Ali Avner
    Ali Avner10 days ago

    I grew up in a family like this and I credit them for my creativity. We even had a pug!

  • Ginja Jesus
    Ginja Jesus10 days ago

    It's all based on opinion but this review IS coming from someone who unironically enjoyed the tom and jerry movie more than this one, so I take it with a grain of salt...Just saying

  • John Steel
    John Steel10 days ago

    Please just stop doing reviews

    GUS GARCIA11 days ago

    as a PUG owner i love ALL of the scenes with the dog, it was kinda accurate. plus ITS AN ANIMATED MOVIE!!! you are taking this way too seriously. it has a nice message about family. i loved it, i think it should be nominated for an OSCAR!!! maybe not win BUT get a nomination.

  • Kyle Cronin
    Kyle Cronin11 days ago

    the irony that this girl is so proud of going to film school yet can't tell how unimportant the depiction is to the grand scale of the film.

  • Melissa Ybanez
    Melissa Ybanez11 days ago

    We really enjoyed the movie esp my daughter. She loves Katie the most as she can relate for being different and creative.

  • Ame. Nu .Ma.
    Ame. Nu .Ma.11 days ago

    i didnt like her artistic point of view neither but the humor wasn't gross at all. I actually LOL. The family wasn't mean at all...the daughter and da were stubborn

  • Irreverent Bard
    Irreverent Bard11 days ago

    Ugh grace. This was a fun family movie.

  • Jonathan Jackson
    Jonathan Jackson11 days ago

    I've disagreed a fair amount with Grace but this absolutely takes the cake. The Mitchell's vs. The Machines was an epic masterpiece.

  • Mr10Y5
    Mr10Y511 days ago

    The dog was the comic releif and was cute and funny thats why they liked it

  • Maple Street Pictures
    Maple Street Pictures11 days ago

    100% agree grace, this movie was manipulative trash, sooooooooooooooo bad.

  • Maple Street Pictures

    Maple Street Pictures

    8 hours ago

    @Kyle Cronin there are a lot of moments in the film where the try to make a “joke” or have a moment to try to get you to cry but the don’t lay the ground work to make those moments feel authentic or organic. It is lazy writing. This is just my option too, it may have worked for you, but for me, it felt like lazy and cheap storytelling.

  • Kyle Cronin

    Kyle Cronin

    11 days ago

    What was manipulative about it?

  • Curtis
    Curtis11 days ago

    I watched and I loved it

  • John Gottschalk
    John Gottschalk11 days ago

    Doug the pug was a meme, that's why he's so prominent.

  • TheCrow0029
    TheCrow002911 days ago

    Grace is so mad about the film school thing. Welcome to the world of every doctor/lawyer/insert other common TV or movie profession.

  • Sami Agius
    Sami Agius11 days ago

    I normally enjoy your reviews but this just wasn't it. To anyone who saw 'The Willoughbys' or just enjoys any animated movies that genuinely have heart, I can't recommend it enough! Also wanted to add the reveal that Katie was gay, was subtle enough that it didn't come off as disingenuous. Tldr; Wonderful movie, if you have some free time to spare, watch it!

  • Maddie Mac & Cheese
    Maddie Mac & Cheese11 days ago

    I feel like any time I love a movie, Grace hates it, and any time Grace loves a movie, I hate it. What's up with that? (Also don't really see her point here but everyone has their own opinions)

  • Ky Jafari
    Ky Jafari11 days ago

    I agree, it would have been nice to have clearer LGBTQ rep tbh

  • SketchTheParadigm York
    SketchTheParadigm York11 days ago

    Gotta love how the comment section can’t handle when someone criticized something they like. I dont have to watch this movie to know it’s just another uwu quirky Steven universe-cartoon network-edgy cartoon.

  • Riyad V M
    Riyad V M11 days ago

    calm down grace its just a childrens movie xXD

  • LAMusing
    LAMusing11 days ago

    Grace, did you think you were going to watch the animated family film "Katie Tries To Get Into Film School"?

  • eli
    eli12 days ago

    Awww, I thought it was great! Watching it with my niece's and literally laughing out was such a great experience. Haven't seen an animated movie that's held my attention so well since watching into the spider verse!! Don't think that the movie is queerbating as well because it seems pretty acknowledged, especially at the end.

  • straightedgeveganbel
    straightedgeveganbel12 days ago

    The dog, the gag about licking the day! So funny. And he saved the day by killing the robots when they got confused if he was a dog or pig, totally necessary. Katie being gay was not lost on me, I liked how it was just a natural thing and not hammered in but made apparent at the end. This is how you normalize, we need more of that.

  • straightedgeveganbel
    straightedgeveganbel12 days ago

    I almost skipped this movie because you mentioned not liking it in another video but it was #1 today so took a look, I ended up absolutely loving it. I actually laughed out loud at least half a dozen times. Sorry you didn't like it more.

  • ByPaolo
    ByPaolo12 days ago

    I clicked to hear a terrible take, wasnt dissapointed

  • Matt Rossini
    Matt Rossini12 days ago

    Yes because we have to treat like every gay character needs a big coming out party in media.

  • Past Analysis

    Past Analysis

    4 days ago

    @Mr Critical Exactly!

  • Mr Critical

    Mr Critical

    11 days ago

    It was done well in my opinion, being gay wasn’t a major thing it was something Katie was clearly open and proud about due to the pride badge and how Linda talked about her having a girlfriend at the end

  • wildcard 27
    wildcard 2712 days ago

    🐶, 🐷 or 🍞

  • wildcard 27
    wildcard 2712 days ago

    I just finished watching this movie for the second time and I loved it. Ignored this review and don't take it to serious, it's an ANIMATED MOVIE! it was hilarious and the dog steals the show hands down 🥰

  • HanLan
    HanLan12 days ago

    Bad movie

  • Jay Israel
    Jay Israel12 days ago

    Can always count on Grace to give a review that entirely conflicts with the national consensus. Really - this heart warming beautiful film - you’re hung up on whether or not she is good enough for film school?

  • Kyle Snider
    Kyle Snider12 days ago

    It almost feels like Grace didn't realize this was an animated movie. I also find the issue with "queerbaiting" a reach and a half. She's a well-written character who HAPPENS to be gay. This just sounds like a review from someone who's disconnected from the average family. "I don't think Katie will ever truly like her family..." - WHAT MOVIE DID YOU WATCH?

  • Back to The One
    Back to The One12 days ago

    I actually appreciated that her sexuality wasnt on display. What would what/who she is attracted too really matter. It seem we honestly ask that question too much.

  • O Demônio

    O Demônio

    4 days ago

    I wanted to see her with the girl, but Hollywood doesn't have guts to do this.

  • Past Analysis

    Past Analysis

    4 days ago

    Right? Grace's take doesn't make any sense. If you want to normalize lgbt, you don't do so by making a big deal out of it. You do it by including it and having people not question it, because dafaq why would they?

  • BookonLegs BookonLegs

    BookonLegs BookonLegs

    7 days ago

    Yes because having a Rainbow badge and having a close friend of the same gender mean a 100 percent your gay. Give it up Grace your view is like a Custard Cream Space Station, just plain silly.

  • I'm no good

    I'm no good

    7 days ago

    yup that's like the complete opposite of queerbaiting

  • Bryan Battista
    Bryan Battista12 days ago

    Does Grace think people watching this film will use it to inform them how to get to film school? It's a cartoon!

  • Joseph Medina
    Joseph Medina12 days ago

    As someone who went to film school, it’s not crazy that Katie would have gotten into film school. What is Grace talking about?!

  • Dukjin Im
    Dukjin Im12 days ago

    That poor dog is OLD... she’s had it a long time as part of their family. Why would you stop loving your dog when it can’t fetch any more?

  • Dukjin Im
    Dukjin Im12 days ago

    Ridiculous to judge her work based on a few minutes of footage of her work, a lot of it done when she will little. It biased you against the movie. Also what could you possibly know about her school, when they barely spent any time in the school? You should watch again. Things come fast and furious, and older people miss the boat.

  • Dukjin Im
    Dukjin Im12 days ago

    Fantastic. I think older people won’t get it. But young people (and I) “get it”.

  • titiksha chakraborty
    titiksha chakraborty12 days ago

    Sorry Grace have to disagree strong on this one. This movie is a feel-good one, and no one takes life inspiration from fantastical animated movies! I mean what do you gotta learn from Tangled? Having really long will save you from theives by jumping off a cliff??? I mean come on Grace!!! I think you're critiquing of this movie so off the point! I loved Katie's art style and the art in this movie is soooo cool! I really loved the family bonding and the characters! Art is subjective, but your criticism is sooo off the point!

  • teacher bok
    teacher bok12 days ago

    Why are you relevant?

  • 308328928
    30832892812 days ago

    I haven't watched the whole movie but the father comes off as ignorant as many people who think there is no money in art just because he sees one clip and thinks that's all that there is to art.