The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Episode 6 BREAKDOWN! Spoilers! Easter Eggs & Ending Explained!


The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Episode 6 today spoilers! Beyond The Trailer breakdown reaction 2021! Easter Eggs! Ending Explained! New Suit! US Agent!
The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Episode 6 REVIEW today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction and review of Episode 6 with spoilers, "One World One People"! Marvel, MCU, Disney Plus! Sam Wilson gets a new suit as Captain America! John Walker becomes US Agent! Sharon is the Power Broker! Share your own reaction as you watch each full episode of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier on Disney Plus in 2021! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
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  • Kell Harris
    Kell HarrisDay ago

    Carly is sympathetic because the GRC are blatantly bad. They have an army and they are going to drive half the people away trail of tears style. It's criminal. But ultimately Carly got what she wanted because the vote got changed and she died like a martyr.

  • ClearwaterFliss
    ClearwaterFliss8 days ago

    I really enjoyed this breakdown Grace, my fave of all the big reviewers for sure.

  • Tea Circle Sis
    Tea Circle Sis9 days ago

    I cried nonstop throughout the whole final episode😂😅

  • DarthVader20201
    DarthVader202019 days ago

    Love it Grace

  • Alexander Maxwell
    Alexander Maxwell9 days ago

    @17:49 The rest of his life. If that "mercury vapor " grenade does this to his skin- his lungs are no longer going to ever work.

  • Alicia Kingston
    Alicia Kingston12 days ago

    Um, perhaps if John Walker would've spoken to Sam and Bucky without the condescending entitled tone he always brought maybe they would've responded more positively to him. I find nothing sympathetic about Walker.

  • rudimusawesomusmaximus
    rudimusawesomusmaximus12 days ago

    I lost my sh!t when Sam did the Cap move "Charging Star" from the Marvel vs Capcom games.

  • Jeremy Barnes
    Jeremy Barnes13 days ago

    Marvel’s always first to-watch for me, but I saved “Invincible” to binge in its entirety AFTER “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” And I LOVED it! There’s always time for movies, so I watched MK, and I will watch a lot of movies for the rest of the year, both on streaming platforms AND in theaters!

  • christopher indeck
    christopher indeck13 days ago

    Grace why did you spoil how zemo escapes in black widow!!!

  • Miljan Tanić
    Miljan Tanić13 days ago

    Although I usually defend understanding Karli... A LOT of people were also in the Hitler camp...

  • Rando Mando
    Rando Mando15 days ago

    Grace, you're right. The show tried its absolute best to make Carli seem evil. They gave her a real "kick the puppy" moment with her explosion early in the season, not to mention all those nonchalant comments about killing. The problem is that the writers gave her a very relatable cause; opposition to rich bureaucrats who care more about their imaginary dividing lines than they do about human lives.

  • Jeremy Lee
    Jeremy Lee15 days ago

    It‘s another small story of MCU. just like WandaVision. No big surprise here.

  • Ricardo Mackie
    Ricardo Mackie15 days ago

    Its SO insane, I basically went on Danish television a week ago without seing the finale ... and said almost the same thing to Theater director of the biggest scene in Denmark ... since they were whitewashing a black character. Talking about representation matters, and they basically said to me, live on national tv, that my reaction was outdated and that colour doesnt matter ... OMG ... anyways !!! this gives me power to continue my fight !!! thanks GRACE !!!!!!!!!

  • brian rodriguez
    brian rodriguez15 days ago

    Carl Lumbly is always a win!!

  • Artt&Ash Films
    Artt&Ash Films15 days ago

    My theory on why they didn't expound on Eli as much is they might have not decided on if they want to cast that same actor if they do a Young Avengers show or movie

  • I write Checks at the grocery store. So?
    I write Checks at the grocery store. So?16 days ago

    Didn’t Steve say he was sterile from the super solider? How come isiah can have a grandchild?

  • Gus Burhoop
    Gus Burhoop16 days ago

    Why didnt falcon/cap sweat after his fighting. Also I wish falcon/cap new costume would have been discolored and wet when he fell in the water. Everything he Just did and the new suit wasnt even slightly dirty.

  • Jasmine Carter
    Jasmine Carter17 days ago

    Naw no prison time for John walker

  • Rick Turner
    Rick Turner17 days ago

    You are on fire with the comedic lines on this review. I laughed so many times.

  • Max Halle-Podell
    Max Halle-Podell18 days ago

    Karli needs to chill.

  • Alvin Del Rey
    Alvin Del Rey18 days ago

    I loved this powerful ending. John was a bit more bearable this episode but doesn't make up for all hes done. I found Zemo more redeemable than him.

  • Vanderson Valley
    Vanderson Valley18 days ago

    The speech was the perfect amount of transparency! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Vanderson Valley
    Vanderson Valley18 days ago

    Eli is probably going to get in an accident that’s so bad that Isaiah has to donate some blood to him. Thus giving him the super soldier serum.

  • Richard West
    Richard West18 days ago

    "Peggy Carter should come from a different timeline and kick her butt." Yes.

  • Robert Bench
    Robert Bench18 days ago

    Also where the heck is Spiderman with all of this chaos that's happening in New York? Did marvel just forget him? This is another case of continuity error in the mcu.

  • Mason Guthrie
    Mason Guthrie18 days ago

    why should john walker serve time? he killed an enemy. like he should not have but in the end it was an enemy who was attacking him and killed his friend. I agree that he should have the shield taken away and he should be stripped of his rank but i dont think he deserves jail time.

  • Mason Guthrie
    Mason Guthrie18 days ago

    it is not that surprising that at least one of the council members served in a military before getting into their office.

  • Berto Witt
    Berto Witt18 days ago

    In the episode where the power broker is fighting the guys by the crates.. I think is the same location as in Thor The Dark World at 17 minutes into the movie lol

  • Darius Powell
    Darius Powell18 days ago

    Sharon's a rogue skrull..I'm calling it

  • newtongeorge burrell
    newtongeorge burrell18 days ago

    Falcon and Winter Soldier really made WandaVision look pedestrian in comparison. It was a good job they switched up the release schedule as the backlash would have been all the worse if they had not.

  • M. Stewart
    M. Stewart18 days ago

    I’m sorry guys but this show was terrible. Let’s just pretend it never happened.

  • dnomusic
    dnomusic18 days ago

    Sharon is my bet for a Skull in Secret Invasion.

  • Peter Davenport
    Peter Davenport18 days ago

    So the after credit scene is the precursor for the Armour Wars isn't it?

  • Richard B Willmon
    Richard B Willmon19 days ago

    I loved it

  • A J
    A J19 days ago

    Good show, my question is however. How did the Falcon hold up the truck if he didn't have powers?

  • CornTater83
    CornTater8319 days ago

    The speech was exactly as long as it needed to be.

  • BG method
    BG method19 days ago

    I like Invincible. Want to see more than 8 episodes

  • Akairenn
    Akairenn19 days ago

    Wakanda, a brand you can trust.

  • fromchomleystreet
    fromchomleystreet19 days ago

    The idea that all those world leaders would just stand there, on camera, shamefaced, while Sam lectures them about how unfair they’ve been to a terrorist is ludicrous. That whole speech was so on the nose. I know suspension of belief is integral to the genre, but a man flying with wings and super soldier serum were much easier to swallow than this.

  • fromchomleystreet
    fromchomleystreet19 days ago

    People are supposed to immediately start thinking of Sam as Captain America. But he still looks like the Falcon. The wings or the shield. Choose. Think about the logistics of shield-throwing for more than a minute, and you see how completely impractical that combination is. How do they not get in each other’s way, to the extent that he would ditch the shield in frustration within five minutes? Captain America doesn’t have wings. If he keeps the wings, that is going to be his defining characteristic, not the shield. So people are still going to call the guy with the wings Falcon. He’s just Falcon carrying Cap’s shield.

  • SupaHerby2020TV
    SupaHerby2020TV19 days ago

    My streaming service life is.......complicated

  • Vinsanity
    Vinsanity19 days ago

    i guess even super soldiers can get shot to death or exploded to death. and i don't get why power broker sharon had dr. nagel killed or why she sic'ed bounty hunters on sam and bucky only to fight them off. 🤔

  • justinn bucano
    justinn bucano19 days ago

    Can Sam lift Thors Hammer?

  • Rean Rae
    Rean Rae19 days ago

    I think karli is holding a bullet for sam to possibly help him figure out who shot the leaper.

  • jameson stalanthas yu
    jameson stalanthas yu19 days ago

    I love that new exhibit in the Captain America pavilion, but I wonder at the timeline for it. A couple of days, maybe a couple of weeks, to design and create all that content, including casting a new statue? That's faaaasssssst.

  • Chris
    Chris19 days ago

    Good episode, bit preachy, but well done.

  • Star man
    Star man19 days ago

    23:20 There is a difference between cops killing people for minor crimes and a soldier killing a wanted terrorist. John Walker was put in court because he killed him in public, not because he killed him.

  • Taleeb Elewonibi
    Taleeb Elewonibi19 days ago

    Sam is still a little too weak at hand to hand combat, we need the wings, redwing, shield, everything....... He's now a lovely mix of old cap, falcon, iron man and i guess.....Naruto?

  • Liam Geoghegan
    Liam Geoghegan19 days ago

    I think there's been an old man cap the whole time. What if the timeline cap went back to and grew old with Peggy ended up being the main timeline in many timelines? He was waiting at the bench because he knew where they'd be, what day, what time etc. So before cap was brought back from the ice there was already an older Cap in the timeline. The one who Peggy married and had a family with.

  • Dave
    Dave19 days ago

    If "you" felt the ending speech was too edgy, then you need to be cut by that edge and check yourself.

  • white kid
    white kid19 days ago

    Its weird how this show didn’t have a lot of attention when it first started, but by episode 2 or 3 everyone loved it. Wandavision didn’t come close to the amount of viewers fatws has.. (also i wish there was a little more with the ending, but what are you gonna do) ... either way this was my second favourite episode because of all the action,my favourite was episode 4 because of the amazing ending.

  • My name is Aminé
    My name is Aminé19 days ago

    I don’t find Sam entertaining, maybe that’s an unpopular opinion but he bores me. He’s always been a very flat uninteresting character to me. John Walker in the series was far more interesting and far more developed despite being having less screen time. I didn’t like the suit either, Grace is right, it needs work. All that aside, it’s cool to see a black captain America.

  • Fernanda Torres
    Fernanda Torres19 days ago

    Did we all miss the part where the security calls Bucky "Sargent Barnes"? Made my heart melt!

  • Fabricio Molina
    Fabricio Molina19 days ago

    John Walker will never go to jail, as we see in his dismissal/trial they talk about him being pardoned in account of all his military achievements. That being said, he killed one guy who helped kill his best friend AND was a terrorist...the Avengers kill people all the time, Wanda killed civilians accidentally, they have fought on populated cities, who knows how many Hulk killed, Tony was ignoring borders and going after terrorists since Iron man 1 AND he created Ultron, Black Panther went ahead and caused absolute chaos in Korea, Thor Killed an unarmed Thanos who was not a treat anymore, etc... I don't think we can't forgive John considering the history of the heroes in this universe.

  • COMIXamples
    COMIXamples19 days ago

    Chill there is no other Timeline.

  • AJ Schultz
    AJ Schultz19 days ago

    I personally didn't care for the serie. I hate they made it about race... 😒 Wandavision was better

  • Tom Gemmevyr
    Tom Gemmevyr19 days ago

    7:23 No but what the fuck is this

  • DatPsychGuy
    DatPsychGuy20 days ago

    7:04 - 8:23 Not even a close comparison. Odd to even try to make that work, particularly because of the the obvious perspective of American descendants of slavery the show was trying to highlight.

  • DatPsychGuy


    19 days ago

    44:08 …because Sharon’s a Skrull…😏

  • DatPsychGuy


    19 days ago

    41:15 black folks are patriotic. We’re owed a debt and expect reparations, which isn’t unreasonable. This show does a good job on that relatively speaking.

  • DatPsychGuy


    19 days ago

    34:20 that was my first thought - I was at home like, “pass her to US Agent!” lol

  • DatPsychGuy


    19 days ago

    30:15 nope, he was a jerk all along and need/needed to go through the character development he did.

  • Owen Hampton
    Owen Hampton20 days ago


  • Student Loan Rage
    Student Loan Rage20 days ago

    If Invincible was on Netflix, it definitely would be trending. Its definitely the lack of Amazon Prime users, and not the actual show.

  • Barry Jordan
    Barry Jordan20 days ago

    Grace, Sam's speech wasn't too much. As a black man, that's how we feel and I love every minute of it. You will never know how it feels to love a country that doesn't love you back. I loved his speech and EVERYONE needs to listen!!!

  • Dr pepper Hecler
    Dr pepper Hecler20 days ago

    Sam as captain america almost made me cry :,)

  • Brandi Cole
    Brandi Cole20 days ago

    I'd spin the wings as patriotic - Bald Eagle. The thing is Carlie's hand sounded small and metallic - Bullets?

  • ichiban308
    ichiban30820 days ago

    I thought Eli Bradley didn't have powers and juiced up in the comics

  • EternalGamingLoop
    EternalGamingLoop20 days ago

    This show was complete shit. Im not going to rant about it because i will make so many people angry. And Grace Steve is dead. Thats why they speak in the past tense and and was confirmed in spiderman far from home.

  • CoolBlackKnight
    CoolBlackKnight20 days ago

    Grace, he threw the shield that knock the passenger soldier off the craft, caught the shield and pummeled the pilot out the other side of the helicopter... That's what Cap did.

  • Park Jimin is my light
    Park Jimin is my light20 days ago

    Considering that Bucky was iced for such a long time, all his handlers and enemies and most of his victims and victims relatives have already die so no way to redeem that. So it makes sense the list isn't that long.

  • Nicholas Maione
    Nicholas Maione20 days ago

    Th speech sucked. Just saying “do better” is just basic.

  • Big Mo Logan
    Big Mo Logan20 days ago

    The thing Karli was holding was the original Flag Smashers bracelet, that Mama Donya had on her death bed in episode 3

  • Big Mo Logan
    Big Mo Logan20 days ago

    In the _Black Panther_ movie, Killmonger mentions that vibranium does not set off metal detectors. Which is why Bucky passed through it just fine.

  • Gilang Akbar
    Gilang Akbar20 days ago

    Sharon change is too drastic for me, from someone that sacrifice her well being for the good to what she is appear now. Still hold my bet on her being one of the skrulls.

  • Narrative Escapes
    Narrative Escapes20 days ago

    In both WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier I found the penultimate episode stronger than the finale. This makes sense in some ways as the penultimate episode is when the heroes transition into their new selves for the finale. This finale felt quite weak in numerous ways other than Sam's bits which were awesome. The odd he is redeemed now but around Walker was just WTF! I have no problem with him being redeemed but I don't think they did the work.

  • Mark Pula
    Mark Pula20 days ago

    I want both streaming and shows

  • marcovi2806
    marcovi280620 days ago

    The thing with Invincible is that the comic already ended and the show plants Omniman’s presence as such a big mystery that I don’t want it to get spoiled by some random post or comment online

  • A B
    A B20 days ago

    John Walker smashed a person begging for his life to death and tried to kill Sam and then Bucky. He belongs in jail.

  • Jezza Bondi Beach
    Jezza Bondi Beach20 days ago

    The episode was average

  • Mark Pula
    Mark Pula20 days ago

    Grace do a watch along about invincible I’ll watch it with you!

  • David Benjamin
    David Benjamin20 days ago

    Sharon's 4th wall break looking directly into the camera. You, the audience, knows i'm the Big Bad. Bucky's superhero landing at the construction site

  • The Qoheleth Foundation
    The Qoheleth Foundation20 days ago

    His new uniform was a little-bit baggy. However, I'd rather be woke than asleep.

  • Padawan2506
    Padawan250620 days ago

    34:03 she’s holding the pendant that the lady gave her. Mama Donya? I don’t know how to spell it 😂

  • ppixilation
    ppixilation20 days ago

    Steve Rogers would be well over 100, so he's dead

  • Victor Cervantes
    Victor Cervantes20 days ago

    Could be that Sharon Carter is a Skrull and leading us into Secret Invasion. JMO

  • Tim Drake
    Tim Drake20 days ago

    Do the flagsmashers have a military/fighting background? They seemed to be awfully good at hand to hand combat with our main characters (with military background) in this show.

  • Carol Perdue
    Carol Perdue20 days ago

    This series was great and I hope there is a second season and we don't have to wait 3-4 years for the movie to come out. My thoughts on the villains: of the four, John, Sharon, Zemo and Karli I think Karli was the least evil of the bunch and I think the serum was warping her judgement. Even the other Flagsmashers knew she was acting out of character, otherwise they wouldn't have shown shock at what she was doing. Sharon is the most evil of the bunch, she manipulated Karli, she sent Batroc in knowing he wanted to kill Sam, even though Sam was supposedly her friend and she shot Karli just to keep her from ratting her out to Sam. Now she plans to betray the government. It makes me wonder if she took the serum too.

  • Mikael Duong
    Mikael Duong20 days ago

    I feel like they missed out on development Sharon’s character. How did she become so selfish after all she did for Steve in the movies?

  • mechasentai
    mechasentai20 days ago

    Think about this. How many of the people going “booh” to USAgent were cheering for the Punisher when that was on?

  • Gus Harris-Reid
    Gus Harris-Reid20 days ago

    I delayed watching TF&TWS until Saturday so I could binge Shadow & Bone... 😅

  • Jessy Recinos
    Jessy Recinos20 days ago

    What a shit show ! This show was crap.

  • Omni-Man the Viltrumite

    Omni-Man the Viltrumite

    18 days ago

    Everything in the MCU these days is highly overrated, but it’s not definitely not crap.

  • Zoe Laird
    Zoe Laird20 days ago

    You're not gonna talk about Bucky's good lines while talking to Karli?

  • Steve B
    Steve B20 days ago

    I liked Sam speaking out as capt america and agree it felt a bit long, but it could’ve worked better if they intercut sam’s nephews seeing his speech on the news at home, and maybe others seeing it too

  • juliobro1
    juliobro120 days ago

    You know, about Redwing, having it rebuilt with a nice cover of vibranium and a "shielded" roof (as in the back of Sam's new suit), could mean that it can carry the shield back to Cap...wherever he or it is. Yeah...a la Mjolnir.

  • PrimaryBufferPanel
    PrimaryBufferPanel20 days ago

    Awful pacing and all the sutblety of a sledgehammer. This show could have been so much better. I hope they do a better job with the movie

  • Gary Dodd
    Gary Dodd20 days ago

    Hey Grace, big fan from Ireland, i have to say i agree, i mean i luved Falcon, i mean its started rough but then found its feet and became a great show..Mortal Kombat, i enjoyed, being a fan of the games when i was younger really made me nostalgic at times, it could of been a lot better but i still enjoyed and glad people are too and discussing both if them...but for me the best out of the three hands down is Invincible, i dont even watch animated stuff but i f***ing luv this show,. So glad i listened to ur recommendation Grace, its such a shame it doesnt trend as its phenomenal 😥

  • Rhys BC
    Rhys BC20 days ago

    I like the shows more than the movies. I think movies should now be saved more the milestones like avengers moves.

  • Nikephorus
    Nikephorus20 days ago

    I wasn't really into it when Steve gave the shield to Sam in endgame, but after watching Falcon and the Winter Soldier I'm now totally onboard. Sam definitely earned it and I'm glad to see him as the new Captain America.

  • Jack McKLAINE
    Jack McKLAINE20 days ago

    I absolutely love his this show alone Sam has had the best flight scenes out of ANY flying hero...he looks like an angel...why strip him of that? That is symbolic and makes him appear more than just a man

  • antmagor
    antmagor20 days ago

    I don’t know about everybody else, but the scene where it was revealed that Sharon was the power broker; I was not happy. I just kept saying to myself over and over and over, please be a skrull please be a skrull. And even after the post credit scene was over and done with I was still saying please oh please oh please oh please let it be a skrull (At least when we get to secret invasion) let it turn out to be a skrull.

  • JaDereon Starr
    JaDereon Starr20 days ago

    I LOVE Invisible!!! Great breakdown Grace, loved the season finale. The new Capt. America suit is Badass but I think it needs wrk too and the way Sam uses it is genius but I'm still hoping he gets the serum!! They also announced Capt. America 4 with Sam in the title role. 👏🏾👌🏾👏🏾✊🏾

  • WarlockPure
    WarlockPure20 days ago

    Why would carter have to do prison time all he did was kill a terrorist.

  • Adam Warlock
    Adam Warlock20 days ago

    They are behaving in an uncivil like manner; Thus, warrants a dehumanizing label. Rationalizing violent / illegal behavior is ridiculous. Terrorists are terrorists. I thought Sam's speech was ridiculous....eye rolling bad. I give the episode a big thumbs down. When Karli was shot, they were making it look more tragic than when John Walker's partner was killed. WTF is this world coming to, rationalizing / sympathizing with murderers?!