The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Episode 6 REACTION


The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Episode 6 REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer live reaction 2021! Disney Plus! Marvel aka MCU! Season Finale! John Walker vs Sam Wilson & Bucky?! New suit?!
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The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Episode 6 REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction to Episode 6 of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier on Disney Plus in 2021 from Marvel aka MCU! Share your own reaction to Episode 5 of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, the full episode airing in 2021! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • DeAnthony Robinson
    DeAnthony Robinson20 days ago

    Why do ppl keep saying that dumb shit about the exhibit. Isiah said don’t tell ppl he’s alive, all Sam did was make sure what he did to serve his country wasn’t forgotten. As far as they know he’s still dead

  • Christopher Tyson
    Christopher Tyson20 days ago

    John Walker not serving time for killing while on duty and just being allowed to work for another department is the exact same as cops in America killing on duty and then being put on administrative leave or fired, only to be allowed to work for another police department, John Walker is a representation of cops in America that are allowed to kill with no consequences, they actually gave John a harsher punishment for what he did than American courts do to regular cops

  • lAmDreary
    lAmDreary21 day ago

    That Bucky scene with the old man needed no cuts, no music, and 2-3 more minutes (so we feel the anxiety Bucky is feeling). And we didn't really get to see the old mans reaction and feelings about what Bucky did. Hate how they just zoomed past that. Great episode still. Not as good as 4 or 5, but better than the others

  • Derek's Dichotomy
    Derek's Dichotomy21 day ago

    Grace, the word "also" is pronounced all-soh, not all-suhl.

  • Termite30
    Termite3021 day ago

    The end credit song is by a guy named Curtis Harding. My brother played bass guitar for him while he was on tour a few years ago. I highly recommend checking out some of his other songs.

  • Izzy InMiami
    Izzy InMiami21 day ago

    This was so fun Grace! My fist watch along.

  • Maleblade
    Maleblade21 day ago

    Looking lovely Grace.Stay safe and well. hugs

  • Max Gregory
    Max Gregory21 day ago

    This show had terrible writing (and editing). The worst in the MCU . It was all over the place. Random character choices. Wasn't coherent. No stakes. Big thumbs down.

  • Nathan King
    Nathan King21 day ago

    what is next on Falcon and the Winter soldier

  • Pat4Clippers
    Pat4Clippers21 day ago

    My favorite scene is probably John Walker and Bucky finally teaming up. And then had a funny banter after the mission was complete. I just didn't find Karli to be a strong enough villain.

  • Pat4Clippers
    Pat4Clippers21 day ago

    I did like the Zemo surprise at the end. The finale was on par to WandaVision's finale. Perhaps a little harder. More action-packed. No real set-up. We jump right into everything. I want to see more of Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

  • Richard Craig
    Richard Craig22 days ago

    You said, "that scene didn't work for me", what screen is that exactly, which are you referring too 💯

  • Dream Ivey
    Dream Ivey22 days ago

    wheres the thumb nail? do you really think youre a mcu movie? you never wrote or directed anything..

  • Heekamalo Kilo

    Heekamalo Kilo

    21 day ago


  • Adolf Oliver Nipple
    Adolf Oliver Nipple22 days ago

    this is the final episode right? I thought iwas great better than wandavision in my opinion but different stories, and the spy genre i like so that is why its a little higher for me, we just have to see what happens, they closed everything, but I cant wiat to see U.S.Agent in a movie as well as having a falcon movie would be great, bucky movie standalone is great, reminds me of cyborg of dc, but i guess bucky isnt a robot just is a man with a robotic arm. Itianium arm, its okay for the forgiving aspect, i think that it was kind of grey area, cause of the real life incident of brutality we have seen of it recently, i dont think they would want to work there, maybe U.S agent breaks a deal with the commander from hulk movie forgot his name, if they shown a scene like that then maybe it would make sense, im down for more watchalongs.

  • supahmajoo
    supahmajoo22 days ago

    These disney plus shows get the comic book accurate costumes!

  • hamhockbeans
    hamhockbeans22 days ago

    Those wings are most likely nano tech as well.

  • luke yznaga
    luke yznaga22 days ago

    Well...ONCE AGAIN....Grace was right. Sharon is the Power Broker, and WITHOUT guilt. Bitterness first, anger, then denial of her part of humanity, then vengeance...then power feels good. Ahh, why don't is just take what I deserve. And Boom, Sharon is power broker. At first, was for survival, later, became a habit like a bad drug. OR SHE IS SECRETLY A SKRULL.

  • Dwayne M 10
    Dwayne M 1022 days ago

    Idk why but I am starting to like John Walker because of ep6

  • e8604
    e860422 days ago

    i love the series! I also love the ending, bucky has a family now! he is uncle bucky

  • Maximus Hopkins
    Maximus Hopkins22 days ago

    That whole episode was perfect! As a retired black United States Marine that currently works for the Department of Defense I truly appreciated this episode and Sam! Sam is the perfect Captain America and I look forward to seeing him in future MCU movies and shows as Cap!

  • Stealthy Mongoose
    Stealthy Mongoose22 days ago

    Sharon didn't bother to wear a bulletproof vest?

  • Joseph Flores
    Joseph Flores22 days ago

    How do you sync your Disney plus

  • Heekamalo Kilo

    Heekamalo Kilo

    21 day ago

    She has a timer up on the screen, which shows which part of the episode she's at. Match that time with the episode you're playing. :)

  • Martin S
    Martin S22 days ago

    FYI, I watch it solo then this immediately...thank you for this great content.

  • Randall Crutcher
    Randall Crutcher22 days ago

    One day my daughters and I would love to meet you. They both are great artist and want to create comics and movies. We love you. I would love to share their artwork with you.

  • Princess Manasse
    Princess Manasse22 days ago

    Um Sharon need a therapist cuz all that trauma and pain 😂😂

  • JT74
    JT7422 days ago

    Helmets!! Why don’t these non powered humans have helmets? His suit probably would’ve looked better with a helmet.

  • TQ LLA
    TQ LLA22 days ago

    I did not like Falcon America's new suit. Looks silly.

  • william francis Collett
    william francis Collett22 days ago

    So, Sharon is a double agent AND THE POWER BROKER. Things are going to get crazier. I'm sad about Sharon.

  • adventurethis
    adventurethis22 days ago

    This Sharon has such a shift of character, I wonder if she is a Skrull and will be revealed in Secret Invasion

  • Matty Lee

    Matty Lee

    19 days ago

    I definitely hope that's true.

  • 50 Pence
    50 Pence22 days ago

    Sharon Carter? It was Agatha all along.

  • American Paisa Returns
    American Paisa Returns22 days ago

    Sam actually chose to help Kari over Sharon. He even flew her to the gurney. He chose to help a terrorist over his own friend. Pathetic.

  • Mr Critical

    Mr Critical

    22 days ago

    Sharon was fine, Karli was dead and he wanted to make a statement

  • AndJusticeforAll567
    AndJusticeforAll56722 days ago

    What does she want here? Walker got everything (the military) taken away and he can no longer receive benefits for his family, etc. I don't see why he needs to serve time in a prison like a super villain, he WAS the most decorated soldier. And it's not like he murdered an "innocent civilian", he was still a terrorist. Like Val said, it's bad PR. Also some are really quick to brush off/forgive Bucky for the hundreds of murdered innocents, and Sam even executed a bunch of dudes in Ep. 1 lol. Zemo's killed a ton but everyone loves him. Where's the calls for the majority of the Avengers to be locked up, since many have killed people? Walker was only a big deal because it happened on camera.

  • rexbitten
    rexbitten22 days ago

    When Steve gave Sam the sheild he knew he was the right choice to be Captain America and that if he followed that path towards it that he'd do what was right. This just proves that Steve was right . Just like when the time comes Sam will know who it would be right to pass the title on to.

  • Otto Brito
    Otto Brito22 days ago

    Grace! John Walker killed a bad guy! After they killed his best friend! It’s a traumatic experience... good he got pardoned!

  • stolas
    stolas22 days ago

    21:48 blessed sneeze... much obliged Grace

  • Andrew Hogan
    Andrew Hogan22 days ago

    How can you not continue with this group. They were outstanding.

  • Subham
    Subham22 days ago

    I loved the scene with US Agent. hoping that we get a thunderbolts spin off with him.

  • Knightfall182
    Knightfall18222 days ago

    The timing of this episode with the *GEORGE FLOYD VERDICT* .... 😦 DAMN MARVEL!!! 😦 Grace has to bring that up!

  • Peter Pain

    Peter Pain

    22 days ago

    I'd love Chauvin getting the needle for it. But yet i think, after about 2 or 3 appeals and maybe even a retrial, it'll be about 100 hours of community service at most or something :/

  • ultraman2k51
    ultraman2k5122 days ago

    I actually like most of the series but overall I was very underwhelmed. It felt like a elegant fan film. Pro: I loved Bucky, Sam, and John Walker arcs. Cons: like all movies very weak villians, weak conclusion, The flag smasher/power broker arc, and I don't like everyone using Bucky like a whipping boy. Overall I'd give the series a 6/10 but still pretty underwhelmed.

  • Nick Nicoletti

    Nick Nicoletti

    22 days ago

    I pretty much agree with you

  • MasterOnion North
    MasterOnion North22 days ago

    I highly enjoyed this finale but let's be honest though, a lot of threads were very conveniently and neatly wrapped up. And I never bought into Karli as a convincing antagonist either. And Sharon.... Well, did she engineered the entire thing with the Flag Smashers stealing the super soldier from herself, so that she could get back into the US government? 🤔 And then steal/sell off their secrets? Either way, she's definitely looking like the next bad guy in future episodes/arcs. Steve be horrified at what she's turned into.

  • Nihilist Porcupine
    Nihilist Porcupine22 days ago

    Was anyone else really disappointed with this episode? I liked the stuff with Sam and Isaiah, but everything else felt underwhelming. Found it really odd that Bucky was so easily tricked by Karli? His character moment with the old guy was cut off too soon. And are we really meant to believe that after everything he went through he's just like... no longer in need of therapy? Or was the idea that the court-mandated stuff was what was ending? And then I have a lot of questions about Sharon; they've been dropping hints about her all season and yet this revelation still feels a little out of nowhere. The Walker stuff was, idk. Fine, I guess. Although I find it interesting that they decided to shy away from him being a full villain. Idk, there was something missing in this one for me. Maybe it just pales in comparison to how much I loved last episode.

  • Joe Bees

    Joe Bees

    22 days ago

    I agree. They stuffed a lot of stuff into the last episode and it felt rushed in a way. They probably could have done with more episodes. I actually ended up preferring WandaVision which im surprised about I thought it would be the other way around.

  • James Kevin Williams Jr.
    James Kevin Williams Jr.22 days ago

    Karli was Sam's Wanda.

  • Max Bretschneider
    Max Bretschneider22 days ago

    Karli, Zemo, Ghost, taskmaster? Who else would be useful in a thunderbolt team?

  • James Kevin Williams Jr.
    James Kevin Williams Jr.22 days ago

    it's always a fight to make the US Gov. hold themselves accountable

  • James P
    James P22 days ago

    You are so cute and nerdy while watching this! It was a fun episode. Opens up a lot of comic book possiblities

  • Shamus Obi
    Shamus Obi22 days ago

    I feel no sympathy for walker or carli. The show tried to sypmathize with them, and I aint having it. They both are cut from the same cloth.

  • The Namekian36
    The Namekian3622 days ago

    This wa was surprisingly the most emotional episode of the season for me...can't wait for next season

  • Dave Quaschnick
    Dave Quaschnick22 days ago

    NOT buying Sharon Isn't a Skrull

  • TobiNano
    TobiNano22 days ago

    I would say for wandavision and fatws so far, marvel d+ shows lacked a bit more cinematic feel, everything feels greatly polished but lack the epic feel. Mandalorian finales were amazing tho.

  • Justin Alvarez
    Justin Alvarez22 days ago

    Oh what a great show cant wait to discuss it with you in the spoiler review.

  • Xavier Robinson
    Xavier Robinson22 days ago

    Idk what's up with me today but i cried like 3 times😂

  • amadeus arkham
    amadeus arkham22 days ago

    Do you think Val could use John Walker's wife as leverage in case John realizes he can't trust Val. I'm worried John will end up being used as an agent for her own agendas.

  • Termite30


    21 day ago

    I fully expect that to happen.

  • Jetrules231
    Jetrules23122 days ago

    This episode showed a lot of things about karli. Nobody agreed with karli. I wish Sam saw them at her “one world, one people” scene. They stay through fear, not devotion. I believe even more now that she was willing to kill sams sister. She has no regard or empathy for hostages or collateral damage, so she would have absolutely killed Sarah. Also, karlis alm moment 😬

  • Derek Night
    Derek Night22 days ago


  • Rich Naf
    Rich Naf22 days ago

    No don't make him serve

  • Kevin Wagucu
    Kevin Wagucu22 days ago

    We are in the Loki era now!

  • mk6rfc1


    22 days ago

    not really, gotta wait for 7 weeks

  • Kudzai Murefu
    Kudzai Murefu22 days ago

    The way Grace says “Karli” like a disappointed parent is my favourite thing

  • VM CV
    VM CV22 days ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Sam's speech! but ..ummm the suit is cool like for a comic book but for a show or movie i think it looks cheesy...I expected a stealth suit or similar colors like cap's winter soldier movie suit because the wakanda black panther colors but hey..that's the way they are moving forward. It's a little thing. The show is great but I feel the finally was a little short and little forced...a little more time could let the finale breath more

  • VM CV

    VM CV

    22 days ago

    @armando peniche Sorry... I mean more like darker colors ..not because Sam is black but because stealth? I guess...What I am trying to ay is that Sam's suit now looks very obvious for tactical reasons. When I said the Wakanda colors, I was referring to Black Panther suit color tone.

  • armando peniche

    armando peniche

    22 days ago

    Why would it have wakandan colors if it's for captain America

  • Imdiyu
    Imdiyu22 days ago

    New Cap's suit should have been in black from neck up.

  • Eli Gach
    Eli Gach22 days ago

    Wait so will us agent be good in the MSU

  • Bonnie
    Bonnie22 days ago

    Those Wakandans know how to make a suit!!!!

  • João Miguel Lauria
    João Miguel Lauria22 days ago

    wtf are these comments. im sorry if you are disappointed by the show bc it doesnt have huge ramifications in the mcu, but you cant deny that it was a great show in and of itself.

  • R
    R22 days ago

    I support Carly because she’s so damn attractive

  • Artoon.Studio
    Artoon.Studio22 days ago

    Nope Grace, John Walker shouldn't have served any time, I think you are forgetting he's a sanctioned soldier that would of killed many people in the line of duty, his superiors knew this as Cap he was even given a gun to use, plus he was against a super soldier terrorist as seen by the government. The only "crime" is the fact it was captured on camera. Also has Bucky served any real time as a Soviet Agent?

  • Alec Shaffer

    Alec Shaffer

    22 days ago

    Or falcoln for that matter... remember those 2 guys he randomly blew up during the government sanctioned mission at the beginning of the show?

  • Ahmed Merza
    Ahmed Merza22 days ago

    Wandavision finale was better. This finale got way way way too political. So cringy honestly

  • Juan Bc
    Juan Bc22 days ago

    Man, Cap's new costume is damn ugly

  • FabianP18


    22 days ago

    That headpiece is corny af, specially when he was giving his speech, he looked like turboman I couldn't take him seriously

  • Cole Pryor
    Cole Pryor22 days ago

    As I thought the Disney plus series are origin stories. Wandavision is the Scarlett witch origin and this was the origin for captain America! So glad Sam is captain america!!

  • Schtemeul


    21 day ago

    @Knightfall182 you mean Cap 4th movie !

  • Cole Pryor

    Cole Pryor

    22 days ago

    @turnthepage yep bet it’s young loki so he can be a young avenger. He will become something we know this much haha!

  • Knightfall182


    22 days ago

    Season 2 of Captain America and WS is coming dawg

  • turnthepage


    22 days ago

    Next up, Loki's origin story!

  • Earthen Jadis
    Earthen Jadis22 days ago

    Sharon as Power Broker was completely predictable. And I have to say, it was the dumbest and least interesting subplot of the series.

  • Fatbatman12
    Fatbatman1222 days ago

    I think the reason they did the attempt at saving the truck with John Walker is for a few reasons, not to redeem him or to say that the show is fine with him, but to show that he still may have some good morals deep down and to suggest that he could go either way of being a villain ( Dark Avengers) or of being a anti-hero (Thunderbolts) and so that the audience is somewhat unsure of which way he will go until we see him again, and also he was punished with being fired from the military, stripped of his rank and retirement funds, which isn't enough in my book, but still its worth noting and also Val is probably protecting him from getting worse sentences.

  • rodrigo
    rodrigo22 days ago

    Once again, Marvel. And I only realized it today with Sam's speech. Like, is DC really going to make a black Superman now? It would be amazing ... but I don't think it will have as much power as Sam. Our new cap. (And power in the political, social .. representative sense)

  • rodrigo


    22 days ago

    @Geran Ball Representation is not a stupid thing, my friend. Please, dont say that. Thank you.

  • Geran Ball

    Geran Ball

    22 days ago

    What would be the point of making superman black it makes no sense? You have hundreds of DC characters that are black that aren't used. Use them instead race changing for no reason is stupid.

  • PJ OC
    PJ OC22 days ago

    Hopefully Sharon gets more screentime in future projects now shes turned heel.

  • wordsinahandle
    wordsinahandle22 days ago

    They should've released the last 2 episodes together. This was just post credit scenes slapped together.

  • Mansi prajapati

    Mansi prajapati

    22 days ago

    Exactly felt too rushed but Doesn't matter , it was overall good show

  • Marisol Ferreira Simões
    Marisol Ferreira Simões22 days ago

    Maybe if I watch it again... but I’m underwhelmed by it. I don’t know... the characters overall did a nice trajectory, but the Walker thing.... I mean, we were disgusted with him and the shield and the blood and now? Joy!? I don’t know... it happened a lot and not enough and at the end somehow it felt rushed? The storytelling may have fumbled a tad on this last episode. Not unhappy, just bah. The best, absolutely Sam becoming Captain America and Bucky finding peace, but overall underwhelming.

  • David Marshall
    David Marshall22 days ago

    I was very pleased that Walker remained an anti-hero, attempting to save those civilians instead of pursuing vengeance at the cost of innocent lives. My biggest fear for his character was that he'd become a mindless villain.

  • Schlock Jocks

    Schlock Jocks

    20 days ago

    @Jetsurge He was, kind of, at the end of the "Captain America No More!" story. He got better after that.

  • Knightfall182


    22 days ago

    Also when I said "OoOoOOOoO" ...that's my impersonation of Grace

  • Mr. Prince

    Mr. Prince

    22 days ago

    Yeah I'm glad they didn't to that route. His character is nuanced.

  • Jetsurge


    22 days ago

    He was never really a mindless villain in the comics anyway

  • Knightfall182


    22 days ago


  • wordsinahandle
    wordsinahandle22 days ago

    How could you Sharon! How could you besmirch the Carter name! You need to redeem yourself. Haylee Atwood be giving you a whooping soon. Either she's a Skrull or they'll have to show that the five years she was MISSING not blipped/dusted was horrible on her and her family but she can and will change. Guessing Zemo met a decoy or older power broker or just assumed was a man without meeting him.

  • steven bill
    steven bill22 days ago

    Thought it was awful, made Americans look like they can't accept a black captain America. Antifa-esque terrorist martyred by Sam after she tries to murder civilians? Falcon was always kickarse and dragging his character into something 23 films didn't have was pointless hrs already loved and beyond acceptance. Acting on carly and her clueless supporting cast was abysmal. More lethal weapon less 2020 agenda please

  • Kkn_D
    Kkn_D22 days ago

    I want winter soldier to be killed by the grandfather. Why just they're able to get away with this kinda murder, but talk about if their love ones be killed . They be going nuts.

    MAVINE SAM22 days ago

    Patiently waiting for the breakdown now😌

  • David Marshall
    David Marshall22 days ago

    I liked a lot about the final episode. I liked the final interaction between Sam and Isaiah. That was great. Very powerful. Sam gave Isaiah a measure of hope and peace, which is exactly what heroes like Cap and Superman are supposed to do. I didn't like that Sam brought up something to the effect of "people are looking at me funny right now because I'm a black man wearing the stars and stripes" during his talk with the government officials. It was too on the nose, in my opinion. Just BE Captain America. Give good advice. Show, don't tell. The world will get the message that you're right for the job, no matter what your skin colour is. I think Sam's speech could have been more concise, more subtle, and more impactful as a result.

  • Tina Mardt
    Tina Mardt22 days ago

    BTW awesome job Grace with these amazing reaction vids to these series.... love these!

  • Daga Luv
    Daga Luv22 days ago

    What a weak finale. I was never compelled by Karlie. Sharon isn’t very powerful. She at least could have taken a vile for herself. But the politics behind being a Black Captain America is so powerful.

    KQODGAMING22 days ago

    I hit that like button thumbs up

  • Mr. Cake
    Mr. Cake22 days ago

    Already knew it walker wasn't a bad guy..

  • Bob Wow
    Bob Wow22 days ago

    I dunno if he should serve time? The thing is he was out on the field, he was a army soldier, they kill people. My assumption is that he thought he was suppose to be captain America how he was a solider, that’s why he was upset at the government. They excused his behaviour when he was shooting people who didn’t personally attack him. But he was being punished for killing someone who was responsible for the death of his partner. I don’t think he should serve time because he was doing his job, he was stripped the title I think that’s punishment enough. The guy surrendered sure, but I don’t think that relives blame when the guy was trying to hold him down 5 minutes earlier to let Carly stab him.

  • aviatorz2fretz
    aviatorz2fretz22 days ago

    I love how they changed the title at the end to say Captain America instead of Falcon, but at the same time a little upset they didnt do the same for Bucky. Hes no longer the Winter Soldier. Its clear he doesnt like that title. What bums me out is we gotta live in a world without Falcon. Hope they do make Ramirez Falcon soon.

  • Termite30


    21 day ago

    @DJ Captain Falcon! 😜

  • aviatorz2fretz


    22 days ago

    @DJ Absolutely!

  • DJ


    22 days ago

    We get the best of both worlds. He’s like a Falcon America. He still has the shield, but with wings!

  • Daedalus
    Daedalus22 days ago

    The best part about this show was Zemo. Interesting perspectives on Falcon becoming Cap and what this means to the black community and beyond. Winter Soldier and Walker were ok, but both could have been better. Flagsmashers, Karli, Sharon... borefest.

  • Tina Mardt
    Tina Mardt22 days ago

    Things are about to get weird.... the big 3 are coming!!!! Andoinds , aliens and wizards LOL

  • Noor K
    Noor K22 days ago

    wandavision was so much better

  • JC Rising Late ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V l
    JC Rising Late ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V l22 days ago

    less than honorable discharge is no time. then str8 into private (/cia etal) isnt so unbelievable.

  • David Marshall
    David Marshall22 days ago

    I knew Batroc was dead as soon as he started trying to extort Sharon. That was ridiculous timing. I'm surprised he lasted so long in the criminal underworld with so few street-smarts.

  • Apti Newim

    Apti Newim

    21 day ago

    @Baby Toshiro the coolest thing about Batroc is the man behind the character - GSP. The UFC champion, one of the best fighters.

  • Baby Toshiro

    Baby Toshiro

    22 days ago

    Well let's hope he's wearing a bulletproof vest. He such a cool character, I don't want him gone tbh

  • Dan Hellwig
    Dan Hellwig22 days ago

    Wow this show was such a disappointment

  • Buba Monteiro
    Buba Monteiro22 days ago

    I want a Isaiah Bradley 6 episodes show... I need to see what happened! Oh lord I cried like a babe in that memorial scene. I want to see this man acting again, and again....

  • Cole Mayes
    Cole Mayes22 days ago

    It was WONDERFUL watching the "series" finale with y'all. I was more emotional than when I watched it alone just minutes before I queued it up with y'all. :) Thanks, Grace, and everyone!!

  • Apti Newim
    Apti Newim22 days ago

    Honestly Walker's arc was best thing in this show

  • Blossom Utonium

    Blossom Utonium

    22 days ago

    I’d say top 3 fav things about this show

  • Knightfall182


    22 days ago

    YUP brilliant !

  • Justin Alvarez

    Justin Alvarez

    22 days ago

    Yeah same here glad he actually had an arc and not just a plot device.

  • Zedrick Olivarez

    Zedrick Olivarez

    22 days ago

    I found myself rooting for him this episode

  • hello Banking
    hello Banking22 days ago

    God Dang girl, dem lips be shiny!

  • Nada Doyle
    Nada Doyle22 days ago

    If John Walker is essentially functioning as a soldier, he would not get jail time. He was just dishonorably discharged when they took away his title and shield.

  • BushidoBrownSama


    22 days ago

    US Military does have rules of engagement which Walker violated, but he did kill an illegal super soldier terrorist which probably factors into consideration

  • hamhockbeans


    22 days ago

    In the comics he was fired from every team he was made leader. This is nothing new to him.

  • wakeaus89
    wakeaus8922 days ago

    Great Series, they did so well. I personally felt the winter soldier was nerfed, but all in all epic! Definitely gets the feels at some points.

  • nobody exceptme
    nobody exceptme22 days ago

    I need a captain america 4-6 with Sam now. CUT THE CHECK 💰💵💳🏧💸💴💶💷💰

  • Mr Vic
    Mr Vic22 days ago

    Sharon Carter is the preacher's daughter

  • Amir Shemirani
    Amir Shemirani22 days ago

    so lets check again Sharon is still evil as power broker no more super soldier but government secrets no more falcon and winter solider its change now Captain America and winter soldier so did yori forgive Bucky ( please if you understand replay my comment ) val (the name is hard to type to :D ) is now form the dark avenger with help of zemo and us.agent still nothing from Steve roger c'mon he isn't dead and wait a minute sara had a golden ring in his finger so bucky has family now ?