The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Trailer REACTION - Super Bowl


The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Trailer today! Beyond The Trailer reaction & review of the new trailer for the Super Bowl 2021! Disney Plus! Zemo!
The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Trailer REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the official trailer for The Falcon & The Winter Soldier from the Super Bowl 2021 coming to Disney Plus in from Marvel aka MCU! Share your own reaction to the official trailer for The Falcon & The Winter Soldier before you see each full episode in 2021! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • Tony Randall
    Tony Randall12 days ago

    Action spy buddy Avenger movie we need but as a tv series. Zemo is back which is great. Sam: Old enough lady haha. Enjoyed Grace head bopping to music.

  • TheJlook2000
    TheJlook200013 days ago

    it seems very buddy movie by numbers .. it doesn't need to be gross like the the Boyz but it need to be way funnier with some really serrious moments to keep it grounded

  • Faran Butt
    Faran Butt15 days ago

    Imagine Old man Steve Rogers appear in this movie

  • Sam Well
    Sam Well17 days ago

    But who won the blinking contest 😂

  • Marsh Kabir
    Marsh Kabir21 day ago

    Lol dat head bopping 😂😂

  • 1man Productions
    1man Productions23 days ago

    I I've been reading articles that tell me that some territories and countries could be rating this television version of PG-13 or in some cases ma. The articles that I've read tell me that it is mostly when the violence. So is this show appropriate for Disney plus or is it teetering on being better suited for Hulu?

  • Homeboy Reacts
    Homeboy Reacts24 days ago

    When was the last time we seen Sharon carter I forget!

  • Gareth Bray
    Gareth Bray24 days ago

    Hi Grace, Your videos have been amazing through lockdown in the UK. You've really kept us up to date and cheerful. Thank you.

  • Beyond The Trailer

    Beyond The Trailer

    24 days ago

    I'm so happy you feel that way! Stay safe!

  • Gm Yoeme
    Gm Yoeme24 days ago

    Didn't live up to the hype in my opinion

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez24 days ago

    This looks like a nice fun change of pace from Wandavision, and if it's even half as good as that I'll be very happy. I'm totally up for an MCU action packed buddy cop series.

  • Stephon Jones
    Stephon Jones24 days ago

    I struggled HARD, to get through the first 2 eps of WandaVision. Ep 3 was ehh. Didn't get invested until episode 4. The release strategy, didn't work for the series. F&WS looks DOPE

  • Andrew Griffin
    Andrew Griffin24 days ago

    Hobbs & Shaw does this better. Imagine that. Just let Sebastian go to be Luke Skywalker. Falcon is a guy with wings. If he even tried to fight the Winter Soldier, it would not end well.

  • Pink Dragon
    Pink Dragon25 days ago

    I'm seriously considering not to watch this only because of those hideous falcon half sleeves! I mean WITAFF someone in costume design should get fired...

  • Infinity overlord
    Infinity overlord25 days ago

    I still think it needs something but I'll watch it regardless, both Wanda Vision and Loki pulled me straight in, this one doesn't hit me just as hard.

  • temp0rand
    temp0rand25 days ago

    Is Psych season 9 coming back on Disney?

  • Jay Marshall
    Jay Marshall25 days ago

    Grace they can't show you everything

  • David Samuelson
    David Samuelson25 days ago

    I hope these episodes are longer than 18 minutes.

  • LTME
    LTME25 days ago

    I’m in love and she’ll never know...lolz

  • Dwight Flippo
    Dwight Flippo25 days ago

    Imagine if Yelena and Sharon Carter teamed up.

  • Acrobot
    Acrobot25 days ago

    They should make Falcon and Winter Soldier a gay couple.

  • Baby Toshiro
    Baby Toshiro25 days ago

    OMG, LOVE GRACE bopping with the head movements!! Go, gurlll!!!🙌🙌🙌👶👏👏👏💯

  • Rebecca Elliott
    Rebecca Elliott25 days ago

    Completely agree with Grace on this one. Also does anyone think that Falcon seems to be more like Anthony inreal life than his character in the films? he seemed more serious in the films

  • Edmil Maldonado
    Edmil Maldonado25 days ago

    Can you please do a full series review of Craig McCracken's new cartoon, "Kid Cosmic", Please?

  • Esteban A
    Esteban A25 days ago

    The entire existence of this is the wow moment

  • Lance Lovecraft
    Lance Lovecraft25 days ago

    "this is very fast and furious" well yeah did u see falcon pull a too fast too furious under the trucks?

    TAINO GAMES25 days ago

    Uh....the best part of this video was seeing grace jam to the sound track 🤣

  • Uncle Kimmi
    Uncle Kimmi25 days ago

    Jesus!!! My volume was on 71 and you scared the crap outta me 😂

  • SuperCrazydada
    SuperCrazydada25 days ago

    I cant believe they saved Zemo for this, Kevin is such a genius omfg! he really did plan this years ago! holy fk

  • Michael Minjares
    Michael Minjares25 days ago

    Looks good.

  • Wyatt
    Wyatt25 days ago

    I really like how the first three Marvel shows we are getting are all so distinct from each other

  • David Marshall
    David Marshall25 days ago

    I think Sam would have won the blinking contest. He would have dropped a quip that threw Bucky off his game.

  • Fulcrum 28
    Fulcrum 2825 days ago

    Personally, I get way way more excited watching a trailer for WandaVision or Loki, I know this will be great, but watching the trailer, I just see a captain America type fighting people with guns type thing, (Which I know it won’t!! It will be great!!)

  • David Marshall
    David Marshall25 days ago

    No offense to that little red-headed actress, but why do Disney keep casting her as a mask-wearing badass? She's one of the least intimidating-looking people I've ever seen.

  • David Marshall
    David Marshall25 days ago

    Action-wise, it looks OK. I hope the story leans into the same kind of conspiracy themes as The Winter Soldier.

  • Adrian Ramirez
    Adrian Ramirez25 days ago

    They got Migos for the trailer song. Now I’m mad bc they couldn’t get Iggy Azealia and Rita Ora for the Black Widow trailers. They should’ve done that.🥲🥲

  • David James
    David James25 days ago

    Is there enough people at The Superbowl to see it?

  • Kpizzle 937
    Kpizzle 93725 days ago

    I thought the Super Bowl trailers were weak as hell this year and ik bc of covid but still I like the Falcon and Winter Soldier trailer by didn't love it🤷‍♂️

  • Zac Pinto Lobo
    Zac Pinto Lobo25 days ago

    I'm having Hobbs and Shaw flashbacks

  • Mutant Outkast
    Mutant Outkast25 days ago

    The best trailer during the superbowl for a game I never even watched .this is a series for real men who are soldiers .

  • pibavalente
    pibavalente25 days ago

    I laughed out loud when I noticed the way Grace was moving her head to the beat

  • Gaby Nassar
    Gaby Nassar25 days ago

    Looks basic .. nothing new here .. if I watch it would be for Emily Vancamp .. not the 2 lead douchebags

  • Alien
    Alien25 days ago

    "bLiNkInG cOnTeSt"

  • Tiago Olaya
    Tiago Olaya25 days ago

    I feel like the show will end up surprising us.

  • Psycho Gaming
    Psycho Gaming25 days ago

    I am soooo not interested in that show...

  • A little bit of Flexter
    A little bit of Flexter25 days ago


  • Hasan A
    Hasan A25 days ago

    I remember growing up, my best mate and I always thought we were Starsky and Hutch even though that show was WAY before our time and didn't really hold up haha. It is nice to get a buddy adventure like this again, I don't think it's been done for a while as a series (I think they tried a Lethal Weapon show at somepoint that didn't really work out).

  • Dare - wait for it - Devil
    Dare - wait for it - Devil25 days ago

    WandaVison is very out of the box. The Falcon & The Winter Soldier is more the typical MARVEL style. Nothing bad with that. I liked it, but we know what to expect from this genre.

  • Dare - wait for it - Devil
    Dare - wait for it - Devil25 days ago

    I'm just happy Sharon Carter is back.

  • camisha mill
    camisha mill25 days ago

    Any similarities to The Boys ??? I got that vibe

  • The Wrestling CHICK-Tamara
    The Wrestling CHICK-Tamara25 days ago

    I'm not impressed but I'll watch it.

  • Joe Steel
    Joe Steel25 days ago

    Way to much like fast and furious, to goofy:(

  • cenemoh 2002
    cenemoh 200225 days ago

    It reminds me of Hobbs and Shaw! Please, go beyond that! Like way beyond!

  • shrey chaudhary
    shrey chaudhary25 days ago

    Looks so dull. Same old MCU cookie cutter s**t

  • Caridad Chang
    Caridad Chang25 days ago

    therapist: how old are you? Bucky: like 106, but in my 302 I guess, mentally I feel ancient... Sam: please don't ask him again

  • Jeff Haas
    Jeff Haas25 days ago

    Grace: I hate when they give too much away in the trailers Also Grace: It didn’t have that big Oh My God moment.

  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH25 days ago

    It's baffling that a Super Bowl trailer didn't open with the scene featuring US Agent running onto the field with fireworks going off.

  • Disturbing Da Peace
    Disturbing Da Peace25 days ago

    Grace with the groove

  • johnnyboy
    johnnyboy25 days ago

    This looks like such garbage

  • Robert Bench
    Robert Bench25 days ago

    Black Lightning Season 4 > Falcon and the Wintersoldier

  • Phil Chadwick
    Phil Chadwick25 days ago

    It's not fine if a girl beats Bucky because then it wouldn't be a putdown by Falcon. :D Not sure how it'd be ok if she was a relation of Sam's, as Sam is just a normal bloke and Bucky is the equivalent of Cap.

  • Robert Bench
    Robert Bench25 days ago

    Nah this trailer doesn't look interesting. They should have used an OST military music instead of this typical American rap music. It makes it look cheap and it takes away it's kind of like a majestic and serious appeal.

  • Robert Bench
    Robert Bench25 days ago

    This looks like another weak series from Disney plus. Heck it didn't even trended!

  • may vasy
    may vasy25 days ago

    Thats what i love about marvel , it gives everything you might want. I prefer Wandavision for the complex trauma and relationship aspects, and for people who are not into that you, you have Falcon and Winter Soldier A grate fun action pack. Its a win win that blends togerther well

  • Sergio Cabrera
    Sergio Cabrera25 days ago

    It's crazy, I kinda prefer my "first" watch of a trailer to be in tandem with yours, Grace lol.

  • Connor Buckley
    Connor Buckley25 days ago

    I thought Disney would have announced Black Widow on Disney plus, if they delay it again it's just going to confuse things, since Falcon & the Winter Soldier ties in with it.

  • Yashodeep Solapure
    Yashodeep Solapure25 days ago

    Liked the bobble head effect by grace

  • Damon242
    Damon24226 days ago

    I really hate that the Winter Soldier has gone from being an anti-hero to just...hero Once upon a time he was an intimidating figure

  • J
    J26 days ago

    WandaVision has been a bit lacklustre so far. I liked seeing a few characters from Ant-Man, Thor, etc but the sitcom bit was not up to snuff. They didn't lean into it enough at all, and yet its been the main plot device, kind of? The building of the mystery has not been effective and fluid either.

  • J
    J26 days ago

    Its "All American" except for the beautiful Emily VanCamp (Sharon Carter), a true north Canadian beauty.

  • Zoë Marriott
    Zoë Marriott26 days ago

    Bucky: Sam, what's the plan? Sam: *jumps out of a plane* Bucky: How do I keep getting stuck cleaning up after these reckless little sh*ts every single time I just managed to rid myself of the last one I swear to God --

  • Man Of Steel
    Man Of Steel26 days ago

    I'd be interested in seeing Jon Bernthals Punisher or Charlie Cox's DareDevil in this. Really, any of the Netflix actors would be good, those were just the first that came to mind. Disney has gotten the rights to those characters back from Netflix by now, so it's doable.

  • Kitsune -kun
    Kitsune -kun26 days ago

    Looks pretty basic, I agree with you Grace needs that Gotcha moment to us excited.

  • Scriptwritertube
    Scriptwritertube26 days ago

    the captain america storyline has always been the most accessibe storyline in the mcu. good to see the trent continuing so well with his supporting characters

  • Scriptwritertube
    Scriptwritertube26 days ago

    lmfao. ive never seen nor imagined grace bumping her head to a beat before. its like an alternate universe lol

  • ドラゴンDragon
    ドラゴンDragon26 days ago

    I'll watch this for sure, this trailer just didn't do it for me personally. It seems pretty generic, the humor didn't land and it doesn't show enough to make you go "oh shit, I cant wait for this." I'm only really interested in the characters, especially Bucky and Zemo.

  • Karabo Moumakwe
    Karabo Moumakwe26 days ago

    I want that sonnnnnggg!!!!!

  • Equos
    Equos26 days ago

    This trailer was great. Can't wait to watch that.

  • SpectatingBystander
    SpectatingBystander26 days ago

    Hmmm I'm not impressed.. not feeling falcon he's a garbage character. It'll be better if it was just winter soldier or Shuri which could lead up to her getting the black panther mantle. That'll be a good team up.

  • David Kosir
    David Kosir26 days ago

    This feels like it would have fit the MCU 5+years ago... But looks too generic now

  • Ami A
    Ami A26 days ago

    Yeah definitely feels like a movie more than TV show but that’s makes sense considering it was film like one

  • Roxane Barbey
    Roxane Barbey26 days ago

    Nah, I'm gonna skip this one. Too much action and not enough storytelling.

  • yolol


    26 days ago

    Lol keep hating I will watch it

  • c32g


    26 days ago

    Lmaoooo you've seen a total of like 3 minutes total. Lots of which is repeated footage. At least admit you're not gonna give it a fair chance

  • Nick Salazar
    Nick Salazar26 days ago

    Is it too much to ask for Hydra back with Zemo discovering that they are still up and running?

  • Jack Roche
    Jack Roche26 days ago

    This does look like a lot of fun

  • luvyou baby
    luvyou baby26 days ago

    Not really interested in the characters or the show but I’ll still watch it

  • Candy Hyo
    Candy Hyo26 days ago

    Super excited to see Sharon Carter back 😊

  • smallville horkey
    smallville horkey26 days ago

    Two funny super badass dudes and another badass lady, yep this is definitely a Hobbs and Shaw rip-off

  • elisa
    elisa26 days ago

    i think this is gonna be really good, i’m just a bit worried the weekly release is not gonna work with this kind of show. but we’ll see. i cant wait!!

  • Zane Duggs
    Zane Duggs26 days ago

    Who the fuck calls a starring contest a “blinking contest”😂

  • Mr Fog
    Mr Fog26 days ago

    Blinking contest? Wtf? Lol

    MADKIDD623BHN26 days ago

    It's not a movie trailer, Grace😂...They have to save the WOW!...

  • Enola 101
    Enola 10126 days ago

    I thought they r gonna show 4 trailer?

  • Jennifer Misera
    Jennifer Misera26 days ago

    When my brother and I watched the full trailer, we laughed cause we love their dynamic.

  • Josh Loves Movies
    Josh Loves Movies26 days ago

    So hyped for The Falcon And The Winter Soldier!

  • Pablo Sonic
    Pablo Sonic26 days ago

    Grace bopping her head to the beat: crazy. sexy. cool.

  • M.N
    M.N26 days ago

    Why didn't they start with this, the first trailer felt undone

  • Jonathan Adnitt
    Jonathan Adnitt26 days ago

    "it won`t get delayed because of the coronavirus", having been delayed from last year because of coronavirus.

  • Cam Reeds
    Cam Reeds26 days ago

    lol this smart they are playing on the relationship they created in civil war to create the comedy. and Falcon/caps wings just gave up on physics lol

  • Jose Enrique Agutaya
    Jose Enrique Agutaya26 days ago

    A longer trailer please!

  • Drew Moore
    Drew Moore26 days ago

    Can’t wait for Bucky’s response to “How old are you?”

  • Joshua Jooste
    Joshua Jooste26 days ago

    Blinking contest?? Said nobody ever... it's a staring contest.