The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Trailer BREAKDOWN - Super Bowl


The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Trailer today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & breakdown of official trailer from Super Bowl 2021 for Disney Plus! Zemo!
The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Trailer BREAKDOWN today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the official trailer for The Falcon & The Winter Soldier from the Super Bowl 2021 for Disney Plus from Marvel aka MCU! Baron Zemo! Sharon Carter! Madripoor?! US Agent! And Thunderbolts?! Enjoy this breakdown of the official trailer for The Falcon & The Winter Soldier before you see each full episode on Disney Plus in 2021! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
Learn about the MCU Thunderbolts!
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • Beyond The Trailer
    Beyond The Trailer26 days ago

    Learn all about the THUNDERBOLTS!

  • Shivam Vaid

    Shivam Vaid

    22 days ago

    You are so beautiful ❤️ girl'

  • Science; The Super Ego.

    Science; The Super Ego.

    25 days ago

    It's wolverine

  • Science; The Super Ego.

    Science; The Super Ego.

    25 days ago

    So I saw a interview where they were discussing this show setting up the armor wars

  • Mr.


    25 days ago

    wait... before we see the thunder bolts.. we better see the Master of Evil ... that girl better be screaming mimi ..(who had the clown look before harley)...

  • Jiggle My Jam

    Jiggle My Jam

    25 days ago

    If Disney Plus disappoints again with very short episodes then the entirety of this show could acluminate to only around 3 hours.

  • BGee Treyes
    BGee Treyes13 days ago

    Those were skrull heads... saw one vid they adjust brightness and zoomed it in.

  • Callum Crow
    Callum Crow15 days ago

    I heard a theory that Zemo wears a purple mask to remind them and intemidate them of thanos because of the purple

  • The Reels
    The Reels19 days ago

    We love your enthusiasm! Another Great Video.

  • Geek Beat
    Geek Beat20 days ago

    How can the PoC girl have Bucky's genetics?

  • Riley Scherer
    Riley Scherer21 day ago

    They have confirmed that the organization is the flag smashers

  • Ryan Richmond
    Ryan Richmond22 days ago

    Most of the time women are the only adults in the room unfortunately

  • Mutant Outkast
    Mutant Outkast22 days ago

    This is a mans man s series so all the single guys will be watching the falcon n winter soldier action series .

  • obeyo1
    obeyo122 days ago

    It's definitely Madripoor. No Asian city has buildings with that much neon on the coast. As someone who lives in Singapore, and was born in Hong Kong. I can confirm that city will be Madripoor.

  • AJ Walker
    AJ Walker23 days ago

    Even if I had Disney+ I wouldn't watch "WandaVision" but I _would_ watch "The Falcon and Winter Soldier" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "WandaVision" is way too "meta" for me.

  • Jordan Solario
    Jordan Solario23 days ago

    I thought the girl with the handprint mask is gonna be Echo 🤔

  • Game Time G
    Game Time G23 days ago

    Did you say antifa? 🤣

  • Oliver Brooks
    Oliver Brooks23 days ago

    On the wall there are green heads maybe this could be skrulls skulls

  • Oliver Brooks
    Oliver Brooks23 days ago

    I meant the shot

  • Oliver Brooks
    Oliver Brooks23 days ago

    I can’t believe I’d didn’t see zemo in he shot

  • Mikiel Sahagun
    Mikiel Sahagun23 days ago

    All looking great. Thank you

  • Victor Huertas
    Victor Huertas23 days ago

    i guess folks who do not get it---that at a certain point you gotta reset,..are just MCU fanboys and not comic book readers at all...since any reader,..knows for a fact after every crossover type event. All characters a 1 or 2 issues of just villian of the month can not, just an ever growing crescendo..cause that makes big events meaningless after a while.

  • andrew valentine
    andrew valentine23 days ago

    Think I'd describe Wandavision as a mystery thriller, where as Falcon and Winter Soldier seems more action packed, getting some Captain America 2 vibes as well. Its good that its a different style from Wandavision and can't wait for it to start.

  • D But
    D But23 days ago

    Does your jaw ever get tired...

  • Jimmy Knizzle
    Jimmy Knizzle24 days ago

    The wall looks like a skrulls

  • Victor Hayes
    Victor Hayes24 days ago

    If they make Sam cap instead of just letting him be an original black character as falcon, I’m gonna be pissed

  • Haridas Palleeri
    Haridas Palleeri24 days ago

    Those 'masks' looks like Skrull heads

  • Ead Ric
    Ead Ric24 days ago

    Also, Bucky would’ve easily seen that dude.

  • Ead Ric
    Ead Ric24 days ago

    13:06 as I said, zemo, Bucky, and falcon team up. That red dude is falcon.

  • Ead Ric
    Ead Ric24 days ago

    The 3rd person on that bridge is zemo.

  • Scott Boswell
    Scott Boswell24 days ago

    I was just thinking, is the title "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" an homage to the 80's 'Falcon and The Snowman', a real life Cold War spy story? Anyone else see that?

  • Rex C
    Rex C24 days ago

    at 15:29 those are Skrull heads

  • Jason Prime
    Jason Prime24 days ago

    Those are skrull skulls in the background not masks. It looks like people in that city like to hunt skrulls and use there heads as decoration.

  • Damon Barnes
    Damon Barnes24 days ago

    Your enthusiasm remind me of that of a brilliant home-schooled girl with ADHD who found the sugar it.

  • Omar Majeed
    Omar Majeed24 days ago

    Multiverse, Thunderbolts and Secret Invasion.

  • Dr OG Ramadan Johnson
    Dr OG Ramadan Johnson24 days ago

    I think bucky is showing him how to throw it, he threw it back at cap in the winter soldier movie

  • Paul Dudley
    Paul Dudley24 days ago

    3:14 Why? literally just why?

  • Brandon Numbskull
    Brandon Numbskull24 days ago

    But if a reach with the political stuff again

  • Clarence Hui
    Clarence Hui24 days ago

    This better be good because they have three such good leading actors in the same series! It's sad to see Sebastian Stan playing the sidekick although I understand why. Anthony Mackie is good and looks good in almost everything he does, Altered Carbon II is underrated and it's time he should really shine, AND he is Cap, but I hope SS gets to shine as well. I thought SS was excellent in , up there with Robert Pattinson, but his badboy look hasn't gotten him a Johnny Depp treament casting wise. I guess there are just too many bad boys in Hollywood. Daniel Bruhl is probably the best actor of the three; he seems to me a Daniel Day Lewis of this generation but he hasn't been following the award winning films path. I think he has been wasting his time with many projects. Hopefully, this isn't one of them. It's time joins this lineup of good actors as the this generation hottest leading men.

  • Dan Simas
    Dan Simas24 days ago

    Skrull heads not masks

  • farid mahnad
    farid mahnad24 days ago

    That‘s a Henley grace, not a hoodie. First world problems here my darling.

  • wester joseph
    wester joseph24 days ago

    I think Bucky is showing Sam how to throw the shield properly. Bucky was one of the few people who could take it from Cap in a fight. Who better to train him with it?

  • JacobIanStanFan
    JacobIanStanFan24 days ago

    I hope they're not short episodes

  • usmcus
    usmcus24 days ago

    at the club fight Bucky scene in the Manapoor city..... 50 skrull heads on wall.

  • Natasha Evans
    Natasha Evans24 days ago

    I really like Sharon hope she’s in most of this series she so interesting as a character and least hopefully not used as a romantic for either Bucky or Sam.

  • Version 0.111
    Version 0.11124 days ago

    I don't know why, but they are reminding me much more of Gus and Sean from Psych than Hobbs and Shaw. They seem to really be going for comedy squabbling and bickering more than actual fighting and disagreement. And although they are doing so, they still seem to work well together.

  • shellya 66
    shellya 6624 days ago

    How is the therapist supposed to be apart of the group when the main characters are Flacon and Bucky and all they're doing is having a staring contest? What is she going to do moderate the staring contest? Just because she's a woman doesn't then mean she needs to have an equal share of the scene. she's a minor supporting character.

  • Michael Moyo
    Michael Moyo24 days ago

    13:36 Grace once complained about Captain Marvel's Helmet not being symmetrical in the first trailer but that was fixed in the final movie. No complaints there. I trust Marvel. It also looks like one of Falcon's brows is raised so the visors are following that motion methinks.

  • James Pope
    James Pope24 days ago

    "Evacuate the city, engage all defences and get these men a shield"

  • theylied1776
    theylied177624 days ago

    I'm gonna be honest. Wandavision is not a good show. It's slow, and the classic television show theme just makes it unwatchable. The Falcon & The Winter Soldier seems to be more on the level of the Mandalorian.

  • Ken Masters
    Ken Masters24 days ago

    It's like wandavision 2nd rate superheros "you know the other guys"

  • Sean
    Sean24 days ago

    15:30 are they skrull skulls?!?!

  • Lucia
    Lucia24 days ago

    Isn't the lady a therapist or something?

  • Helo1138
    Helo113824 days ago

    Like Stormfront, they are not Antifa, but rather the reverse.

  • Buddhi Dev
    Buddhi Dev25 days ago

    Daniel plays Zemo very well and I'm so glad he's back

  • Gaby Navarro
    Gaby Navarro25 days ago

    I'm very excited for this and knowing Anthony and Sebastian are good friends in real life makes it even better because I that chemistry shows on their performances.

  • Smooth Operator
    Smooth Operator25 days ago

    That show sounds WOKE with a bunch of politics mixed in, don't think I'm watching this...

  • Kelly
    Kelly25 days ago

    I love that the Marvel Studios logo at the beginning of the trailer has a reflection of the shield in the silver part behind the "Marvel". Looks great!

  • Nagato Uzamaki
    Nagato Uzamaki25 days ago

    I don’t think they are masks they look like skulls but not human ones

  • DirigoDuke
    DirigoDuke25 days ago

    The wall of masks in the Bucky fight scene is actually a wall of Skrull skulls.

  • Saif Rahmanur
    Saif Rahmanur25 days ago

    I think Nat was perfect in civil war. Her role wasn't to baby anyone but to lead the political side of the Avengers and to actually take the steering wheel while cap and stark were in a spitting contest. She played a mediator who then switched sides because she realised the need for independence from government systems and staying loyal to her friend Steve (as shown in CTWS)

  • Saif Rahmanur
    Saif Rahmanur25 days ago

    Please don't compare Sharon to Black Widow. Black widow is of a higher calibre and much more trained in close quarters combat and deadly assassin training from the Red Room. Not to forget, the possible physical augmentation and how she can go toe to toe with the likes of cap and the winter soldier.

  • Cameron Bienvenu
    Cameron Bienvenu25 days ago

    You have a problem with everything

    TIFFANY PERSAUD25 days ago

    The scene with the shield was my fave. To me it's meta, it addresses the fans debating on who should be Cap's predecessor, not so much who gets to use the shield in combat. But I suppose we'll get to see how they use the shield or the meaning behind it. I agree with you on the Wendy-characters, so very much.

  • R *
    R *25 days ago

    15:29 Hey Grace! I've noticed that some people spotted those masks behind as Skrull heads instead. So possibly a bounty hunter who captures skrulls.

  • T Lee
    T Lee25 days ago

    In the scene where Bucky is catching the shield... I think his illustrating to Sam how easy it is to toss the weapon "that does not obey the laws of physics" and boomerang it back.

  • TC Kewlzter
    TC Kewlzter25 days ago

    Loki, is what I'm looking forward to.

  • Millenial Mayhem
    Millenial Mayhem25 days ago

    I'm excited for the Isaiah Bradley storyline

  • j hoffa
    j hoffa25 days ago

    15:08 - masks from the Bronze Monkey aka the Brass Monkey Saloon, which in the comics is located in...Madripoor! X-Men confirmed. I wanna see Wolverine in this.

  • Gregg Ausserer
    Gregg Ausserer25 days ago

    For me, its not really Thunderbolts without Songbird and Moonstone. Those comics were great.

  • Tano Bammino
    Tano Bammino25 days ago

    Looks like Batroc the leaper standing next to Baron Zemo in the club.

  • Bryan Gaspar
    Bryan Gaspar25 days ago

    Did anyone else think those looked like Skrull Skulls on the wall?

  • psylockqe
    psylockqe25 days ago

    I was expecting Grace to mention Mockingbird during Sharons fight sequence, who is blond and most known for using batons

  • Joseph Guiste
    Joseph Guiste25 days ago

    I think they’ll share the shield for a portion of the season, just as a transition before Sam wields it full-time once he fully accepts the mantle for himself. This show will be about both Sam and Bucky growing closer with each other, and about Bucky being able to drop his walls and reluctancy, let a non-Steve human from the modern era into his heart, and fully recognizing Sam as a worthy successor to Steve, and completely honouring Steve’s decision.

  • James Kelton
    James Kelton25 days ago

    Don't forget, "Falcon & the Winter Soldier" was supposed to be Marvel's premiere Disney+ streaming series and the more avant-garde "WandaVision" its follow up. The virus switched that up.

  • Felhek Lehrian
    Felhek Lehrian25 days ago

    I wonder if Antman could make an appearance here. Mmm 🤔

  • Ravendra Kewlani
    Ravendra Kewlani25 days ago

    Maybe the blip helped zemo escape, it would be really hilarious if he blipped or the guard guarding him did 😂

  • Angela Saunders
    Angela Saunders25 days ago

    Looking forward to this so much !

  • SoSickRick
    SoSickRick25 days ago

    18:20 is supposed to be ironic from you?

  • lateguitarvision
    lateguitarvision25 days ago

    When you pointed out Zemo in the night club, the character beside him looked like it was in uniform. At first I thought it could be General Ross but when I looked again i though it might be Wyatt Russell.

  • SoSickRick
    SoSickRick25 days ago

    11:55 Yes 😂

  • Reece O'Hare
    Reece O'Hare25 days ago

    What ig Zemo blipped and when he came back he was no longer imprisoned

  • Matthew Bantau
    Matthew Bantau25 days ago

    How did they get therapy and wanda didn't?...just gonna throw this out there.

  • Matthew Bantau
    Matthew Bantau25 days ago

    I thought the masks with the handprint was... Echo. I swear I heard she was gonna be in it.

  • Matthew Bantau

    Matthew Bantau

    25 days ago

    Jk. Thar was hawkeye. SO MUCH HAPPENING.

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones25 days ago

    I think Bucky gets the shield by end of season. Sam needs the freedom that the shield and Cap persona don't allow. He needs to be free to fly and I don't know how he could holding the shield. Bucky has to understand this new world and be accepted as not the people's villian, find a niche in this phase. I think doing something more wildly accessible to non-MCU diehards is 'fantastic 4' everyone, lol. I'm actually okay with Sharon fitting this secondary trope role. Let this be the seeds to her own thing later- or is she a Skrull???


    I think these days people have their lines crossed. Are women the equal to men - in worth and value? Absolutely. Are Women just as smart as men? Once again the answer is absolutely. Are women as strong and fast as men? In most cases the answer is no. The vast majority of men tend to be stronger and faster than women ( history and modern sports proves this) now this does not mean because men tend to be stronger and faster they are better. Not at all... It just means that there are real differences among the genders. A person's worth is not measured by their strength or speed. But by their sense of morals and core values. But these days it seems as if both the movies and TV shows are scared to say or show that females are often at a disadvantage in a fist fight against male opponents. Once again there are distinct differences among the genders.

  • nicholas bonanni
    nicholas bonanni25 days ago

    those "masks" ate 15:21 look like Skrulls heads, I suppose something like a trophy wall of dead Skrulls, that could tie in with the Secret Invasion show.

  • Felhek Lehrian
    Felhek Lehrian25 days ago

    The show shoud be renamed as "Zemo" No one cares about Falcon or Bucky

  • Lance Lovecraft
    Lance Lovecraft25 days ago

    the under the truck scene should remind you of too fast too furious! And I am too furious that no one else seems to have noticed

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones25 days ago

    Omg, those aren't masks they're Skrull heads!!!

  • Michael Fares
    Michael Fares25 days ago

    all things considered, its actually the best time to be alive when talking about entertainment. Next gen still talking its baby steps, but itll get there in the next few years.

  • Demonbox 77
    Demonbox 7725 days ago

    Wait Grace, but that's a therapist, not a friend of theirs or a team member, why should the therapist have or win a stare contest with her patients?

  • Chelsea Thompson
    Chelsea Thompson25 days ago

    I'm excited to see more Zemo. I don't think Daniel got to fully develop the character the first time around.

  • Steffany
    Steffany25 days ago

    I don't think they are "sharing the shield." Bucky looked more like he just stepped in and intercepted it almost out of frustration or something.

  • Connor Blomstrom
    Connor Blomstrom25 days ago

    What were you talking about wet blanket? I’m sorry that was outta nowhere

  • Uouttooo
    Uouttooo25 days ago

    Sorry Grace but nepotism should not be a big deal.

  • Luke M.
    Luke M.25 days ago

    Yeah I prefer the Multiverse track

  • Jackson WS
    Jackson WS25 days ago

    What if Zemo got snapped in prison and blipped back in the prison hallway or with his cell door unlocked and was able to escape during the confusion. Either that or he wasn't snapped and just escaped

  • Josh Morales
    Josh Morales25 days ago

    It's arguable that it takes both Sam and Bucky to equal Steve. Bucky is a super soldier equivalent to Steve but because of the mental programming and abuse he underwent at the hands of Hydra for decades he's a liability. Sam on the other hand has Steve's sense of duty and willingness to throw himself into a fight for the greater good but none of Steve's physical abilities.

  • Ty Long

    Ty Long

    25 days ago


  • Shamar


    25 days ago

    That’s very true

  • JGaming
    JGaming25 days ago

    I can't wait for Marvel to get to Thunderbolts. Show DC how to do Suicide Squad properly the first time lol.

  • Viiibes
    Viiibes25 days ago

    Cool show, bringing the Russo feeling back, not WandaVision cool, but cool.

  • Mephisto Knackerman
    Mephisto Knackerman25 days ago

    I don't think she is related to Bucky, but then I see a lady with curly hair in a Captain America show setting, and my mind immediately goes to Red Skull's daughter.

  • Ty Long

    Ty Long

    25 days ago

    I think she could be Sin Red Skull Daughter or Songbird

  • Toto Ike
    Toto Ike25 days ago

    Wandavision is trash.

  • yolol


    25 days ago

    Gonna cry

  • yolol


    25 days ago

    Awww Dc fan

  • Mimi Sardinia
    Mimi Sardinia25 days ago

    15:22 - the guy in the back also looks like it's Batroc, who is listed as coming back as well.

  • Andy Lindsey
    Andy Lindsey25 days ago

    I love that Grace used the word "salacious". It's an under used word. I used it the other day and thought, "wait, did I use that right?" I looked it up and I did use it correctly!