The Conjuring 3 Trailer REACTION


The Conjuring The Devil Made Me Do It Trailer REACTION! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & review of official trailer 2021! Ed & Lorraine Warren!
The Conjuring 3 Trailer REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the official trailer for The Conjuring The Devil Made Me Do It hitting movie theaters and HBO Max in 2021! Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are back as Ed & Lorraine Warren! Share your own reaction to the official trailer for The Conjuring 3 before you see the full movie in 2021 in theaters or on HBO Max! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • Define Beauty
    Define BeautyDay ago

    Vera farmiga and patric wilson deserves oscar for their realistic and aesthetic acting skills.. These guys are superb😍😍 Just nailed it🔥🔥💕💕

  • sebastian langley
    sebastian langley10 days ago

    Oh no, James comes back

  • Tony Randall
    Tony Randall11 days ago

    Always love horror movies and this duo of Wilson/Farmiga has been amazing.

  • Darrion S
    Darrion S13 days ago

    Grace, I know Warnermedia isn't going to do their same day theater releases for HBO Max in 2022 but I feel they could've kept the same day releases and just charged $14.99 or even $19.99 for the movies on HBO Max for people who would prefer to stay home in 2022. This just give us the consumer options, what's your opinion on this type of model? Side note, $29.99 access like Disney is way too expensive, $19.99 should be the max price for any movie.

  • Adam Mandes
    Adam Mandes13 days ago

    No James Wan no the conjuring for me is The Conjuring 2 the best horror movie from this universe has a good atmosphere and the idea that if you are different you can lose your surroundings and friends really cool my opinion

  • thor harper
    thor harper15 days ago

    Isn’t that the same water area that’s from it where they jumped off

  • Jason Lam
    Jason Lam15 days ago

    If there is a god, there has to be a Devil. And she wears PRADA!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Joshua Rieth
    Joshua Rieth16 days ago

    I'm already looking forward to it.

  • Desmond Slater
    Desmond Slater16 days ago

    I'm surprised how many people think this looks good

  • Ez Othman
    Ez Othman16 days ago

    so this is the movie we have to watch before Doctor Strange 2 comes out, so we know Billy’s whereabout after Westview is gone.

  • TheLinc78
    TheLinc7817 days ago

    2:07 you’re all welcome. Love ya, Grace!

  • Adele Thomas
    Adele Thomas18 days ago

    Same, love them all.

  • TruLuv
    TruLuv18 days ago


  • Mikey Raymond
    Mikey Raymond18 days ago

    The minute you said it wasn't directed by Wan, I lost 90% of my interest. No offense to the actual director.

  • Ronald Thornton
    Ronald Thornton19 days ago

    My favorite part of this video was Grace getting jumped scared. 😆😆😆

  • Jassysm
    Jassysm19 days ago

    Its really great and it gave me goosebumps!!!

  • Ronnie Cardenas
    Ronnie Cardenas20 days ago

    You would like this crappy trailer.

  • Jimmy Cheshire
    Jimmy Cheshire20 days ago

    I’m not a huge horror fan but this might just entice me enough because every shot looks so beautiful. So much detailed atmosphere makes it seem so beguiling

  • Existential Ghost
    Existential Ghost20 days ago

    I hate horror but the trailer looks amazing. The more I watch it the more I want to see the movie. But scary

  • Hoilalngak Gangte
    Hoilalngak Gangte20 days ago

    2:10 it attack me so hard😨😳

  • Uouttooo
    Uouttooo20 days ago

    Did they telegraph ahead all the jump scares that are coming? Oh here is one coming and then here is another one coming, wait for it. .. .. etc

  • Jonny P
    Jonny P20 days ago

    I love the franchise and this trailer has me so hyped for this film (will probably have my hands in front of my eyes a lot haha). I hope we get another one after this because Vera and Patrick are so good in these roles.

  • Lee Kearney
    Lee Kearney20 days ago

    ed and lorraine would be so proud

  • Wyatt Noise
    Wyatt Noise21 day ago

    Woahhhhhhhhhh, this looks rad as hell.

  • Gizzo Vizzo
    Gizzo Vizzo21 day ago

    Looks more like jump scares than actually a creepy movie

  • Hipa Lahi
    Hipa Lahi21 day ago

    I really liked you narrating lol very entertaining n the trailer is scary

  • Jacob Woodrow
    Jacob Woodrow21 day ago

    i cannot WAIT for the watch along!!

  • Toruk Makto
    Toruk Makto21 day ago

    To my based homies out there. every time Grace says "Diversity" I downvote. Pity you can only downvote once.

  • The Halloween Mask Horror Fan
    The Halloween Mask Horror Fan21 day ago

    But I gotta say the director might finally get this right expectually for how bad his last Conjuring film was this is a huge improvement for filming and specail effects but hope to god the scares are good not expecting and charector developement

  • The Halloween Mask Horror Fan
    The Halloween Mask Horror Fan21 day ago

    Didn't like The Nun, Annabelle 3, Laliarona can't spell her damn name right haha

  • Paully808
    Paully80821 day ago

    I've missed a lot this movies in the franchise, but the detective angle got me. It looks SOOO GOOD!!

  • Bobby Swanson
    Bobby Swanson21 day ago

    The first two conjurings are so unnerving and great at being scary while telling a good story. I hope Michael chaves doesn’t take away from that and turn it into a cheesy jump scare montage

  • David G.
    David G.21 day ago

    Does anyone ever go by themselves to watch these type of movies?

  • Arjun Lakhanpal
    Arjun Lakhanpal21 day ago

    2:04 best 😂😂😂

  • Andres Perez
    Andres Perez21 day ago

    I guess i should go watch the first two films first. 🐭🐷🐦

  • Danny Stone
    Danny Stone21 day ago

    For those who subscribes to hbomax the movie will be on there for a month. You wont have to go to the theatres to see it. It looks good .starting june 4th.i am so excited love this series

  • mcjansen
    mcjansen21 day ago

    These movie's and Bates Motel really has given me a soft spot for Vera Farmiga, an incredible woman and performer on screen.

  • gebryn
    gebryn21 day ago

    I can feel The X Files force is getting stronger

  • Marko Jovanovic
    Marko Jovanovic21 day ago

    Really, i love la lorona a lot tho

  • Frida Fridmand
    Frida Fridmand21 day ago

    I’m sorry i don’t think it looks that good Grace...

  • Renee Benson
    Renee Benson22 days ago

    I'm excited for this one

  • Jiyan Reaction & Gameplays
    Jiyan Reaction & Gameplays22 days ago

    This is the same trailer music from BRIGHTBURN trailer

  • Matheus Gamer
    Matheus Gamer22 days ago

    2:06 What a fright, Grace! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    MELO GAGA22 days ago

    I’m still worried.. cause just from the trailer I can pick some similarities to “The Curse Of La Llorona”.. and I hope he doesn’t go that way for this movie. Let’s hope he could manage to blend the suspense / mystery part of the court with the horror nicely and doesn’t go to try some clichés. This movie has a potential to have a great horror, and a great story, let’s hope we get that!

  • Jeanine Heurtematte
    Jeanine Heurtematte22 days ago

    That looks really good! So happy we are finally getting blockbusters again 🥰

  • Dar
    Dar22 days ago

    Ok I enjoy all the movies so I'm hyped for this! 🍿

  • Nightmare Files
    Nightmare Files22 days ago

    I made the backstory video to this almost two years ago. I thought the movie was coming out sooner when I made it

  • Marko Jovanovic

    Marko Jovanovic

    21 day ago

    Well it was in the making 2 years ago but stoped cause of corona. At least we are finally getting it

  • Figure Drawing
    Figure Drawing22 days ago

    Conjuring 2 was bad.

  • jacob 2046
    jacob 204622 days ago

    awh grace poor trl quality. exspected more.

  • Junior Magubane
    Junior Magubane22 days ago

    Loreine: * starts solving demonic mystery* Nick Fury: I'm here to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative...

  • Orlando Torres
    Orlando Torres22 days ago

    The ending was PHENOMENAL!

  • Carlos Venegas
    Carlos Venegas22 days ago

    Nobody: Like literally no person: Me: Grace said Llorona correctly *fist pumped*

  • ArtofLunatik
    ArtofLunatik22 days ago

    welp..never did like waterbeds to begin with. now NEVER buying one

  • El At
    El At22 days ago

    0:58 It's weird, he's driving towards the guy with blood. Doesn't notice the blood until the guy turns around? Didn't the officer see the blood when he was driving?

  • Lapis Android 17 Park Ranger
    Lapis Android 17 Park Ranger22 days ago

    Its simple, if God exists so does the Devil.

  • EdjeMr1975
    EdjeMr197522 days ago

    Cant wait for this

  • Sandra Meesala
    Sandra Meesala22 days ago

    Love the series too. Why wasn't this trailer on my feed?

  • Katyusha Stoyanova
    Katyusha Stoyanova22 days ago

    Please could you check out or react to movie "Oculus"? You won't regret it.

  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH22 days ago

    For whatever reason I have never felt compelled to watch any of the Conjuring films despite my fandom of James Wan. This trailer has impressed me so much I may have to go back to the beginning. You're probably asking why none of the other trailers did that. I never felt the need to watch them either. The sole reason I watched this one was because it is on Grace's channel. So I thank you for turning me onto a franchise I may have otherwise missed.

  • TP
    TP22 days ago

    The trailer gives me enough information to say it will be a long film, it will drag a lot and it will get a rating of 5 on imdb. The Conjuring films are classic horror, made with modern technology. They've got something for everyone. Campy 70s stuff, jump scares, atmospheric sounds and drama. And then of course scary scenes and monsters. What else does a good horror need tbh. But this one looks more of a drama with none of the rest. I will never understand why Wang would step aside from directing this franchise. I guess they already decided this will be the final film in the series, but then again, that's what they decided while doing Insidious chapter 2 and were on the 4th now I think. I'm sad to see one of the true horror film franchises die off. Most "horror" films are just drama with minimal gore at the end to get into that horror genre. We need more people like Wang to step up and make films like the first 2 conjurings.

  • Liam Rizzi
    Liam Rizzi22 days ago

    I’m very interested in the next chapter in the series but I can help but notice the absence in James wan he does have a particular style that feels more grounded and I think that’s what you need in a movie like this so it feel really and not a fantasy

  • TP


    22 days ago

    Chaves has a very similar style to Del Toro, very slow build up and usually not worth the end. Most Spanish and Mexican horror films take this route. They value the atmosphere and lore more than action and scares. Which is fine and all, it's not for everyone. But this is The Conjuring franchise and the first two films went straight to the point from the very first minute, and is one of the reasons the franchise is so loved. Not sure how bad the backlash will be once the film is out. It's like a complete turnaround from the previous films. Imagine your favorite band / singer releasing an album in music genre that you despise and they've never done before.

  • C L
    C L22 days ago

    I hope this isn’t the last one 🤞

  • TP


    22 days ago

    I have a feeling it is. Wan is obviously done with the series, he wouldn't pass the director's chair to someone like Chaves - who recieved universal backlash from LA Llorona, unless he didn't want to end the franchise. Chaves' style is the polar opposite of Wan's so idk.

  • Angela Garutti
    Angela Garutti23 days ago

    My kinda movie

  • Esteban Miranda
    Esteban Miranda23 days ago

    Grace loves this possession movie but refuses to accept the existence of the devil IM DEAD “I don’t knowww about that” 🤣

  • Brett James Bishop
    Brett James Bishop23 days ago

    I know I shouldn't jump the gun here but I think this has the potential to be the best of the trilogy.

  • sasha mocni
    sasha mocni23 days ago

    The Devil made me do it 😉 Let me guess -- Raccoon wasn't available 😁 yeah,riiiight

  • Classic Action Figures
    Classic Action Figures23 days ago

    This trailer is way better than what I expected. Ok, I guess I'm still into the Conjuring Universe.

  • GUIGU32
    GUIGU3223 days ago

    Very “mindhunter” like in cinematography

  • Zeina Ian
    Zeina Ian23 days ago

    I know the true story behind this one and it is quite interesting so I might give it a watch. Even though the series really isn't scary to me.

  • theomimesis
    theomimesis23 days ago

    Looked good.

  • cn huibai
    cn huibai23 days ago

    🐝I stayed up the entire night to watch this trailer. But tbh, not as what I expected 🧎🏻‍♂️

    BTS ARMY IS SHIT23 days ago

    The Conjuring universe is literally one of the horror films that I can't wait to watch. And I *hate* horror genre.

  • bloodycoollife


    17 days ago

    Me too I'm even excited for this one😐

  • Jack William
    Jack William23 days ago

    the jump-scares in these films are like a comedian tickling their audience and saying they’re a good comedian because the audience laughed

  • Andre F. Gordon Jr
    Andre F. Gordon Jr23 days ago

    The scariest goosebump hair standing score ever in a horror movie i remember the first conjuring the opening credit with the new line logo and that score played my heart was pounding

  • djprideone1
    djprideone123 days ago

    cant wait to see it !!

  • john Paul Hit
    john Paul Hit23 days ago

    Its not scary anymore what have They Done,

  • Rakeen Kelel
    Rakeen Kelel23 days ago

    Lorraine passed away in 2019 I think.

  • Devon Hall
    Devon Hall23 days ago

    Fun fact: zak from ghost adventure has the real rocking chair from the real exorcist. And either Lorraine Warren gave it to zak as a gift or zak brought at a auction. And it is at his museum in Las Vegas. Pretty cool am i right.😎

  • Rakeen Kelel
    Rakeen Kelel23 days ago

    I'm a little over Horror, but looks AMAZING!!! Interesting stuff....philosophical theological discussions......there was an actual Devil Made Me Do it Case, so kind of relative to headlines..

  • Rakeen Kelel

    Rakeen Kelel

    23 days ago

    ripped from the Headlines, or wripped, like wrap, but wrip.......interesting case study...

  • Sith Rodriguez
    Sith Rodriguez23 days ago

    Push this movie for a watch along, that would be great!

  • Anthony Harrison
    Anthony Harrison23 days ago

    I have never seen Grace jump during a trailer reaction before.. made me jump more than the actual scare 😂

  • Dwight Flippo
    Dwight Flippo23 days ago

    When I first saw the beginning of the trailer, I thought the guy was going to attack the cop.

  • Lucius Blackwood
    Lucius Blackwood23 days ago

    Awesome! I can't wait!

  • Nathan Palmer
    Nathan Palmer23 days ago

    Little over a week away from May, I don’t think June is too far to not have a second trailer and like you said, this does not need another one, wow!

  • lAmDreary
    lAmDreary23 days ago

    Still not sold on no James Wan tbh

  • Karim Manasry
    Karim Manasry23 days ago

    OMG did billy just teleport to another universe or is he running fr0m mephisto😂

  • Logan Hickman
    Logan Hickman23 days ago

    Well you can’t have good with out evil. Been that since the beginning

  • Brent Maxey-Hanson
    Brent Maxey-Hanson23 days ago

    This one looks the best, so far🤯

  • Chicken Baloba
    Chicken Baloba23 days ago

    I love grace watching spooky stuff!!!!

  • Ricky Valentine
    Ricky Valentine23 days ago

    This movie looks terrible lol

  • Jezza Bondi Beach
    Jezza Bondi Beach23 days ago


    C-BIZ OFFICIAL23 days ago

    The devil exists whether u believe or not

  • Pulp fiction Nightmares
    Pulp fiction Nightmares23 days ago

    Bruh I love that line How have we been claiming god all this time in court but then the devil is like “up to you if you believe in it” Like I’m sorry but if you believe in god or a god you inherently believe in some devil figure with most cultures So idk about your “idk” 😂

  • TJ Malana
    TJ Malana23 days ago

    I read that James Wan is involved with the production. If James Wan isn’t involved in any form of the movie I probably won’t watch it. 😎

  • Scott Stevens
    Scott Stevens23 days ago


  • João Henrique Burgess de Lima
    João Henrique Burgess de Lima23 days ago


  • Alicia Franco
    Alicia Franco23 days ago

    I CAN NOT WAIT🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🤘🤘🤘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Vanderson Valley
    Vanderson Valley23 days ago

    I’m so happy for Julian Hilliard! First The Haunting of Hill House, WandaVision, and now The Conjuring 3!!! Great job man!!!

  • Kollin with a K
    Kollin with a K23 days ago

    2:06 to see Grace jumping out of her skin. Too funny on repeat, makes my day lol