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Sweet Tooth Trailer REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & review official teaser trailer 2021! Netflix, produced by Robert Downey Jr! Comic Book!
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Sweet Tooth Trailer REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the official teaser trailer 2021 from Netflix and Robert Downey Jr! Based on the comic book! Share your own reaction to the official trailer for Sweet Tooth before you see each full episode in 2021 on Netflix! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • _ jjeKKell _
    _ jjeKKell _2 days ago

    Everything's better with Will Forte in it 😛

  • Jlinus
    Jlinus9 days ago

    I would love to be a bird hybrid just to get the flight ability, but if not a bunny hybrid sounds cute too

  • StaryBros
    StaryBros11 days ago

    Not a fan of Jeff Lemire?! What have you read by him? He may be my favorite comic writer/artist ever.

  • Skinniest Kween
    Skinniest Kween11 days ago

    I'd love to be an eagle hybrid. Have the vision of one AND the wings. But also get to keep my arms.

  • Devin Kavanaugh
    Devin Kavanaugh11 days ago

    I would want to be crossed with a panther

  • relaxdrawlive
    relaxdrawlive11 days ago

    Looks great!

  • Tony Randall
    Tony Randall11 days ago

    When you are as rich as Downey and Netflix are can take risks with movies like this. Spend more money on the makeup indeed. Would want to be crossed with a tiger or wolf. Might check it out.

  • Leneufcinqcergy
    Leneufcinqcergy11 days ago

    cross me with a vulture. they are among the greatest avian aerialists

  • Philip Corso
    Philip Corso11 days ago

    This looks different. I'll definitely check it out.

  • Jay N
    Jay N13 days ago

    I love how youre always so honest Grace. One of the reasons i respect & follow you.

  • chakkra69
    chakkra6913 days ago

    I'm a cat person.

  • arduiNote
    arduiNote13 days ago

    what about the Georgetown trailer from Christoph Waltz?

  • Bobby Boyton
    Bobby Boyton13 days ago

    That trailer was phenomenal. Hooked

  • Gaming Time with Adrian Wolff
    Gaming Time with Adrian Wolff13 days ago

    Pig dog rabbit and deer so far

  • jolan jake adorable
    jolan jake adorable13 days ago

    dis some Fall out Boy sh******t..hahaha

  • Call Me Sirg
    Call Me Sirg14 days ago

    *Symone has entered the chat*

  • James Pope
    James Pope14 days ago

    Looks like one of the High Evolutionarys experiment 😂

  • Salah Hassanpour
    Salah Hassanpour14 days ago

    I keep thinking that Will Forte is actually Daniel Ratcliffe.

  • DC House
    DC House14 days ago


  • DC House
    DC House14 days ago


  • Ramzan Ali
    Ramzan Ali14 days ago

    You should read sweet tooth comic...

  • EICL2011
    EICL201115 days ago

    Was that RDJ's name? and not even one shout out to Iron man Grace? :D

  • Ovan61
    Ovan6115 days ago


  • Oscar Coello
    Oscar Coello15 days ago

    Did you just call that thing adorable? Kill it with fire!! 😨😨😨

  • Karamela Lb
    Karamela Lb15 days ago

    I don't know this just feels like a Furry film to me...

  • Baraborn
    Baraborn15 days ago

    Platypus Give me ALL THE POWERS.

  • Benimation
    Benimation15 days ago

    I would want to be crossed with a human so I would be super smart

  • Private Info
    Private Info15 days ago

    Was that Danielle Radcliffe in there?!??

  • Comics & Fiction
    Comics & Fiction15 days ago

    I would love to see a Lion hybrid. Are there gonna be insect and fish hybrids? Yes Grace it would be awesome if the hybrids had powers.

  • imicca
    imicca15 days ago

    So LOUD

  • Nolan Rivera
    Nolan Rivera15 days ago

    I have no idea what’s going on... but since you asked... Tiger, i would want to be a Tiger

    STFU LYRICS15 days ago

    Thought this was a movie, it is a great thing though it is a series since Netflix has a very good track record on it. I would've even preferred it more if they're going to stick to it whether it is a mini-series or 8-13 episodes so that characters can have development, Cause I think with this method, they can make a compelling show even though the source material is really not that interesting. For example, the Queen's Gambit, it can easily be done as a movie if it's owned by any other studios but because Netflix turned it into a mini-series the story elevated more and we got more fleshed out story, better and compelling character rather than making it a 2-hour movie.

  • Aslan Dark Lion 80
    Aslan Dark Lion 8015 days ago

    I'm curious and mortified....... I guess I'll be watching it, until Netflix cancels it leaving us on a cliffhanger

  • Mini Wolfsbane

    Mini Wolfsbane

    5 days ago

    Pretty sure it's a movie, so no cliffhanger. :)

    KINICHI HUSH15 days ago

    Cab Netflix handle Dc movies give more

  • Solo Fox
    Solo Fox15 days ago

    Well this is a disappointment. I was hoping for a deadly car combat contest where only one can survive to win the competition and is then granted their greatest wish from the mysterious Calypso! Oh well I don't really like clowns anyways.

  • Blizaga101
    Blizaga10115 days ago

    I remember these comics, cause always loved the covers art style. But sadly never read any. I'm a Jeff Lemiere fan so maye Ill enjoy the show. Still a bit lost on the premise but I am curious.

  • curtjames
    curtjames15 days ago

    Tiger? 🤔 On a 30-day free trial! “Ha!”🐅

  • Joni Halenius
    Joni Halenius15 days ago

    Looks very interesting. Didn't even touch Dolittle, so I hope this is good.

  • Robert Bench
    Robert Bench15 days ago

    This doesn't look like a DC series at all! It looks more like a disney ish show. It has that Disney plus vibe to it especially to the music. It's better if they followed the tone and the ambience from other high budget DC shows like Titans, Doom Patrol and Stargirl instead of incorporating the disney vibes.

  • T-Virus Terrance
    T-Virus Terrance15 days ago

    What's up, Grace? I just started reading the comics. I read five comics thus far. The story is pretty interesting, with a main character (Gus aka Sweet Tooth), you want him to be okay. I'm excited to watch it, when it drops on Netflix. TERRANCE OUT

  • Gazwilliams
    Gazwilliams15 days ago

    I wanna be half cat but I’d settle for bunny

  • Towfon's House Of Peace
    Towfon's House Of Peace15 days ago

    I think it looks amazing

  • El3V1N
    El3V1N15 days ago

    He should have the freckles of the deer 🦌 on his face n his nose more deer like

  • Abdul Ahad
    Abdul Ahad15 days ago

    This feels like a Disney plus show

  • Adam Parrish
    Adam Parrish15 days ago

    No Catgirls or Bunnygirls ??

  • Miss Star
    Miss Star15 days ago

    Hollywood always get rid of scars and make them cute. The boy is so human you'll think he's just wearing a headband like you said why are people mad? Hollywood never fully commit to make these characters what they are in the source material and it always end up ruining the movie series. 🙄🙄🙄

  • ytubeanon
    ytubeanon15 days ago

    lol it's so obvious Grace isn't into it, but she's trying so hard to be upbeat about it -- I'll probably skip it, 'they hate you cuz you're different' with emotionally manipulative cuteness (yawn)

  • Benjamin Simpson
    Benjamin Simpson15 days ago

    Gotta be honest, when I looked at the title I was hoping it was a “Twisted Metal” based film.

  • KeybladeMaster Andy
    KeybladeMaster Andy15 days ago

    It actually looks good.

  • L A
    L A16 days ago

    an eagle. flying

  • Alexandre Souza
    Alexandre Souza16 days ago

    Hybrids Are real And need to ALL be Destroyed!!!

  • Chris Clarke
    Chris Clarke16 days ago

    The Furries are going to love this.

  • Papa Lil' Mouth

    Papa Lil' Mouth

    14 days ago

    Based on the comics, i think it's going to be devastating for them.

  • Sunset Rider
    Sunset Rider16 days ago

    What the hell is this story supposed to be a about?

  • TheFuzzyElf
    TheFuzzyElf16 days ago

    The comic is SUPER dark and I'm worried that this series is leaning too far in the Umbrella Academy/ Doom Patrol direction when it really should be leaning in the Walking Dead direction

  • Joey Haske
    Joey Haske16 days ago

    I read this back in the day, it WAS good

  • LordShagRag
    LordShagRag16 days ago

    Damn, Will Forte is only in one episode? he is the reason I would check this out.

  • jimmy koolbreeeze
    jimmy koolbreeeze16 days ago

    Beastiality movie no thanks you I will pass

  • Colin Sydney
    Colin Sydney16 days ago

    The Judge was a good movie though..

  • Gesus
    Gesus16 days ago

    So his parents are Deer and Human. Not keen on movie based on bestiality.

  • Michael
    Michael16 days ago

    To each his own, but Jeff Lemire is an excellent writer who consistently puts out entertaining stories.

  • The Creature

    The Creature

    14 days ago


  • RadActiveLobster
    RadActiveLobster16 days ago

    Saw the title, thought there were making a Twisted Metal movie, am disappointed.

  • Chris Cueva
    Chris Cueva16 days ago

    Not a fan of Jeff Lemire? Jeez Grace, you’ve got the worst taste.

  • A M
    A M16 days ago

    The Sweet Tooth trailer song reminds me of The Devil All The Time Trailer

  • David C
    David C16 days ago

    Why does he have a deer nose as a baby, complete with a white line of fur down his forehead to the bridge of his nose, but not as a little boy?

  • Will R
    Will R16 days ago

    Not interested

  • william francis Collett
    william francis Collett16 days ago

    I like the "headband" look for the kid. This looks like a nice looking take and different from most comics. .I could be a goat . . . willy- goat, get it ha ha ha

  • LV RB
    LV RB16 days ago

    LOL - based on the thumbnail I thought it was going to be a HORROR reaction.

  • Fadil Arfat
    Fadil Arfat16 days ago

    The comic is one of the best story i ever read

  • The Creature

    The Creature

    14 days ago

    AGREED 🦌

  • Carlton Harris
    Carlton Harris16 days ago

    black dude crossed with a horse

  • Aramane
    Aramane16 days ago

    So they're basically the faunus from RWBY?

  • Raffaele Calvia
    Raffaele Calvia16 days ago

    So... furries? 🤔🙄 No thanks 🤣

  • arkinyte13
    arkinyte1316 days ago

    I’ve always seen the comic cover but I never read it, this looks good though.

  • Adrian Mcgillivray
    Adrian Mcgillivray16 days ago

    Looks neat, like film aimed at furry

  • Alan Rodrigues
    Alan Rodrigues16 days ago

    Ok, who dated the deer now? Hands up?? I would be asking some serious questions

  • MommyOfMutants
    MommyOfMutants16 days ago

    Origin story of the lead character from the Sugar We’re Going Down video? 😂

  • Punpun
    Punpun16 days ago

    Whatttt Jeff Lemire’s recent stuff has been pretty good! Gideon Falls, Family Tree, Descender and Ascender have been solid!

  • Punpun


    15 days ago

    @Thubelihle Zondi same! Space stuff normally hard for me but it was really good 😊

  • Thubelihle Zondi

    Thubelihle Zondi

    15 days ago

    I ready Volume 1 of Descender and I was genuinely surprised at how much I liked it.

  • JalenJ
    JalenJ16 days ago

    DC went ahead and did Mutants before Marvel 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣🤣

  • Alex B
    Alex B16 days ago

    I'm definitely a part of the Jeff Lemire fanbase! Gideon Falls and Essex County was awesome!

  • Junior6288
    Junior628816 days ago

    If it wasn’t for Grace, I would know about half this stuff. :D

  • junior ruiz
    junior ruiz16 days ago

    Comic writers trying to get Netflix deals ruined American comics 😑 and its gonna ruin streaming next haven't you already noticed an abundance of quirky apocalyptic garbage.

  • garrett1433
    garrett143316 days ago

    2:43 I think a pig honestly....I'd hate to be that lol

  • RitnFool
    RitnFool16 days ago

    This trailer didn't thrill me. I'll pass.

  • Valentine Joseph
    Valentine Joseph16 days ago

    I didn’t know they were adapting this one!!

  • scar0983
    scar098316 days ago

    I don't know why I thought "twisted metal" when I saw this title

  • JRTG
    JRTG16 days ago

    1:57 looks like the forest where they filmed that scene in Wild, Reese Witherspoon

  • Deep Trivedi
    Deep Trivedi16 days ago

    Imagine not being a fan of Jeff Lemire.

  • spike43m
    spike43m16 days ago

    This coming out at the same time scientists are revealing that there make human animal hybrids to harvest there organs

  • Jean Lucas
    Jean Lucas16 days ago

    Put “Sugar We’re Going Down” as the soundtrack, and we’re golden! 😂

  • MommyOfMutants


    16 days ago

    I just made a similar comment. It’s his origin story 😂

  • MoonToonEx
    MoonToonEx16 days ago

    Do you get the abilities of them or is it just a physical thing? Cause I'd go straight for Hawk ... but if all it does is give me wings but no flight then nah, I'd prefer some kinda big cat if it's just an aesthetics thing.

  • J Hayes
    J Hayes16 days ago

    disney missed the chance for a live action Bambi remake/prequel where the animals are half human

  • Keon Craven
    Keon Craven16 days ago

    I haven’t read the comics but this trailer gave me Where The Wild Things Are vibes

  • Thubelihle Zondi

    Thubelihle Zondi

    15 days ago

    Take the depressing stuff from that movie only, and you have an idea of what the book is like.

  • ManuMiAS
    ManuMiAS16 days ago

    wake up ppl transhumanism its coming next!

  • Michael S.
    Michael S.16 days ago

    I know nothing about this but it has me interested! I'll definitely watch

  • soulsimplistic
    soulsimplistic16 days ago

    Beautiful narration and score for the trailer. Does well to ignite emotion and curiosity.

  • Elliott Wilson
    Elliott Wilson16 days ago

    Oh lord the promoting those human hybrid stuff

  • Nina Sanchez
    Nina Sanchez16 days ago

    My go to animal would be a Cat but I think a Fox would be a fun hybrid too. I’ve never heard of this comic but this looks pretty interesting so I’ll check it out.

  • MarCor
    MarCor16 days ago

    Wow, this has me thinking of Catra from the rebooted She-Ra series, can anyone imagine a real life Catra (cat-hybrid) here on Earth?! Scary creepy and I know that it would freak me out! 🤷🏿‍♀️

  • angelica vasquez
    angelica vasquez16 days ago

    Wait is that harry potter

  • Alicia Garcia
    Alicia Garcia16 days ago

    Peregrine falcon as long as it meant I can fly, have their speed and have their sharp eyesight but still have my arms.

  • Deborah Walker
    Deborah Walker16 days ago

    I just watched the trailer and I am struggling to watch it again with you, but I like you so I'm trying...