Superman & Lois REVIEW - The CW 2021


Superman & Lois REVIEW today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & review of the premiere on The CW in 2021! Tyler Hoechlin! Jordan Kent?!
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Superman & Lois REVIEW today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction and review of the premiere of Superman & Lois for The CW in 2021 with no spoilers! Tyler Hoechlin is Superman aka Clark Kent! Elizabeth Tulloch is Lois Lane! Their sons Jonathan and Jordan Kent! From Metropolis to Smallville! And who is The Stranger played by Wole Parks?! Share your own reaction before you watch each full episode of Superman & Lois on The CW in 2021! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
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Superman Stories - 00:00
Grounded - 1:04
Snyder's Style - 2:49
Taylor Sheridan - 3:08
Modern Americana - 3:54
Action! - 5:21
DC Trinity - 6:22
HBO Max - 7:01
Jonathan & Jordan - 8:44
General Lane - 9:58
Characters of Color - 10:24
Surprise Villain - 11:25
Conclusion - 12:10
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • me here
    me hereHour ago

    I agree with Grace, I hope this show is not tied in with the flash and other cw garbage. This is the highest quality show the cw has ever done.. it's more in league with the first Smallville seasons... And the inspiration from man of steel is incredible... even I all the way from Uganda appreciates the quality yet we get these shows for free ( no copyright laws) .. this is a win for tv over streaming.. great work cw, great work..

  • Dee Train
    Dee TrainDay ago

    Batman is easiest show for DC to make for tv, they make money at movies so they don't do it. Then they put sub-par actor on tv to play supes. The actor playing supes is not very good. They could have got a better looking and better actor for the part IMO.

  • Andre
    Andre2 days ago

    How many more reboots of superman do we need! Enough already 😴

  • logic first
    logic first2 days ago

    The criticisms are not valid.

  • James Keeling
    James Keeling2 days ago

    Just watched this. It was pretty wonderful. A nice dynamic with the Kent's, the Supporting characters are interesting (if a little cliche), the performances, especially Tyler Hoechlin and Alex Garfin are great and the CGI was great. Say what you will, but with Melissa Benoist, Grant Gustin, Stephen Amell, Cress Williams and now Tyler Hoechlin, the CW know how to cast their leads, Benoist and Grant are especially amazing.

  • Ayobami Gbadamosi
    Ayobami Gbadamosi3 days ago

    Red Son is the best adapted superman story

  • Otitis Grimm
    Otitis Grimm3 days ago

    I feel Clark as a dad suddenly makes Superman relatable.

  • Doctor Death
    Doctor Death3 days ago

    Very much felt separate from their Arrowverse characters. Darker. Hooe it stays that way. Unfortunately I feel like we will turn Focus to the teen sons because CW and that's where they're going to lose people. Hope they keep it about the father-sons relationship.

  • joseph • 20 years ago
    joseph • 20 years ago3 days ago

    If he's a good actor, i don't care about his race..

  • Paul Wong
    Paul Wong4 days ago

    Didn't it hit anyone that Superman is in the same timeline as Supergirl and there is a current Lex Luther? So the reason why Crisis wasn't played in the beginning of the show was purposely chosen to surprise you with an alternate universe Luther... 2 Luthers... I gotta feeling its not gonna end well for Kara ( remember one of the Crisis covers...hint, hint)

  • Paul Wong
    Paul Wong4 days ago

    Elizabeth was hired to look more like Margot Kidder than Teri Hatcher.

  • SteelHD
    SteelHD5 days ago

    This show sounds like it’s surprisingly good and when I say good I think it’s better then the flash

  • WhoIsThatGirl
    WhoIsThatGirl5 days ago

    This can't play in the arrowverse since we know what lena luthor looks like

  • Clark Barrett
    Clark Barrett5 days ago

    The pilot was surprisingly good and touching. CW will eventually mess it up, but it was a nice start. My only complaint was the over CGed Supes version. Hoechlin looked better in Supergirl.

  • TJ The 90s KID
    TJ The 90s KID5 days ago

    I loved the first episode

  • Urban Decay
    Urban Decay6 days ago

    Nadria has no valid points. She only cares about pushing her leftist agenda. That is all their ilk care about. Don't know why they even hired her in the first place.

  • Sharpie Notes
    Sharpie Notes6 days ago

    One last thing. Superman IS real.

  • Sharpie Notes
    Sharpie Notes6 days ago

    its better bc supposedly hbo is involved

  • Michael Solares
    Michael Solares6 days ago

    She transitioned into that HBOMAX poduct plug real smooth, i was a minute into her pitch n didnt even notice 🤣

  • Michael Solares
    Michael Solares6 days ago

    Surprised how much i loved this!! LOVED the actress playing Lois n how grounded that relationship felt!

  • Jeremy Moore
    Jeremy Moore6 days ago

    Hey Grace, thanks for the subscription deal! Love your show!

  • RebeccaHindle
    RebeccaHindle6 days ago

    I loved it and the actors and actresses are excellent as is the writing so far and even the cgi. I love it

  • Rich Naf
    Rich Naf6 days ago

    I loved this show

  • Je-Nas
    Je-Nas7 days ago

    Glad they fired the silly woke inspectorial pushing ridiculous things like pseudoscientific “Bechdel Test” and race quotas. No wonder the story came good if it’s free from focus on identity politics.

  • Collin McRae
    Collin McRae7 days ago

    This sounds really, really, excruciatingly lame.

  • Danni Catzer

    Danni Catzer

    5 days ago

    As a CW hater I thought the same thing, it was surprisingly good for a premier it doesn't mean it will continue that way after all it's a CW show..

    ZACKARYKANT7 days ago

    What you talking about

  • Thereis Nopandemic
    Thereis Nopandemic7 days ago

    So they made lex luthor black?

  • TheExample
    TheExample7 days ago

    I hope they stay away from the wokeness

    JEREMY CANTON7 days ago

    Best superhero show I have seen on TV in a while. Very classic old school. Back to the basics. No PC messages just a solid story.

  • Bruce Thomas Wayne
    Bruce Thomas Wayne7 days ago

    So black people can't play villains? The writer was fired because she was a woke Activist posing as a writer. I'm sure her work on Batwoman had nothing to do with it.

  • Raymeester
    Raymeester7 days ago

    They probably did a great job firing the writer.

  • F. C.
    F. C.7 days ago

    He should've had two daughters

  • mithun manohar
    mithun manohar7 days ago

    Her criticism is plain stupid, if it about making superman's parents as African Americans. Not everything in this world is about represtation

  • Peter Gibney
    Peter Gibney8 days ago

    Bendis sucks at writing Superman, But I still give him credit for his comic book runs on Avengers & Ultimate Spider-Man .

  • Peter Gibney
    Peter Gibney8 days ago

    Plot Twist, What if Captain Lex Luther is actually Lex Luthor’s grandson from the future 🤔🤔🤔🤔?

  • Amara Winchester
    Amara Winchester8 days ago

    Just watched the pilot. The first trailer sets the mood perfectly. I really felt that the tone of the show is exactly what we saw in the trailer

  • Charles McGehee
    Charles McGehee8 days ago

    Surprisingly interesting. Lets see how it goes. I like this son of superman idea.

  • Graograman Hawk
    Graograman Hawk8 days ago

    Oh, I just watched the first episode. It was really great!

  • robwin007
    robwin0078 days ago

    Oh, wow - Superman was a fantastic debut. They got his flight takeoff the best I have seen. And I knew it would be Jordan with powers first. I saw it coming. I enjoyed the twin's relationship. Quite emotional show. I just looked at the CW logo when the camera was on the Lois actor. I wished the Lana character had the Lois role. Then this show would be perfect.

  • Adam StrangeLove
    Adam StrangeLove8 days ago

    Jordan having anxiety would be relatable, but it just felt like he was more of a loner than he actually had anxiety. Idk maybe our experiences with social anxiety or General Anxiety is just different though. I still enjoyed his character.

  • willgroober
    willgroober8 days ago

    The pilot made me cry.. finally we get a good superman

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee8 days ago

    I'd like to get your opinion on Robert Kirkman's Invincible coming out on Amazon Prime this March

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt8 days ago

    Really grace..that writer wanted to make Clark's parents black...really there is a certain point that race bending goes to far.

  • New way
    New way8 days ago

    Superman movies are hard for some writers because he isn't human. You can't make him human. He is a alien.

  • Zohar F
    Zohar F8 days ago

    The show was fantastic! Chris Reeve was my Superman, and though I like Cavill, Routh in Crisis and Hoechlin in this is why I love Superman.

  • Loudmouth Pastor
    Loudmouth Pastor8 days ago

    Are you saying that JJ Abrams is going to direct a Superman movie?

  • Loudmouth Pastor
    Loudmouth Pastor8 days ago


  • Matthew Winterle
    Matthew Winterle8 days ago

    Wasn't prepared for a HBO Max promo😄

  • Mr Jason
    Mr Jason9 days ago

    Basically they made Superman a Riverdale/Sabrina teen angst CW series🙃

  • Tell


    6 days ago

    This show is horrendous

  • Charles McGehee

    Charles McGehee

    8 days ago

    Then I wonder. Who wins a fight? Superman or Sabrina. My money is on Sabrina.

  • Shiny Prime
    Shiny Prime9 days ago

    honestly amazing pilot hopefully this cw show continues this top tier quality of a show

  • Ethan Mattix
    Ethan Mattix9 days ago

    I don’t watch any of the other DC shows. I watched this one cause Grace liked and and I love it! It’s sooo good. I’m hooked.

  • ChronoMATT
    ChronoMATT9 days ago

    Why is is “too bad that Nadria was fired as a writer”? Maybe she was bad at her job. Maybe she was unreasonably pushy with a personal agenda. I don’t understand why you automatically assume her side. But that’s okay. She can go work for Batwoman.

  • Rossella Borsari

    Rossella Borsari

    8 days ago

    @Mike Hunt what? I hate blackwhashing, good she is gone :)

  • Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt

    8 days ago

    I agree ..she wanted to make Clark's parents black.

  • jason Brown
    jason Brown9 days ago

    Well, people have intercourse all the time , and it doesn't take much and people don't plan to have intercourse at a certain time. It doesn't take long for People to can get pregnant 🙄 Gee whiz grace lol

  • james Little
    james Little9 days ago

    SPOILERS ALERT🚨🚨🚨 Grace they should of had Jon Cryer still as Lex Luthor since they hyped up the Earth Prime with all the heroes on one Earth!!!

  • roquefortfiles
    roquefortfiles9 days ago

    It takes some getting used to ? Sort of like you?

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf9 days ago

    Hi Grace, waitin for your spoiler review on Superman&Lois 😊😍

  • Bren Nelson
    Bren Nelson9 days ago

    I liked it!

  • The Omega Male
    The Omega Male9 days ago

    "Bendis is terrible at it." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...funny as shit. But seriously though, I didn't think his run was that bad. Now his legion and young justice runs....pure word vomit.

  • Uptown 2525
    Uptown 25259 days ago

    My boy derrick from teenwolf did not disappoint!!!!!

  • NozKahn
    NozKahn9 days ago

    Just watched the first episode.This is by far 10/10.And I do HOPE they stay away from associating with supergirl and arrow and flash.This in it self is so refreshing

  • Paul Robinson
    Paul Robinson9 days ago

    Bollywood superman that suit is enhanced with cginit looks rediculous with his pencil neck ugly kids and stupid old Lois this is not superman

  • Pocket Heart
    Pocket Heart9 days ago

    I agree that Supergirl season 2 was pretty bad. However, I cannot recommend season 4 strongly enough. It works well as a standalone story, and is just excellently plotted all the way through. The big reveals in the last 1/3 of the season are absolutely bonkers and had me glued to my screen with my jaw on the floor. Season 5 was alright, but it really did not reach the heights of 4. I'd say Supergirl season 4 is one of the best seasons of TV I have watched and greatly enjoyed it. I'm consistently confused that it took them that long to really nail the show down, even more confused that the show got worse again afterwards. It's like the writers room had a flash of genius for that one season and then it just went away.

  • S L
    S L9 days ago

    The production quality is off the charts.

  • LKVideos
    LKVideos9 days ago

    After Homelander, I needed this Superman lol

  • JackFlicks


    3 hours ago

    Would love to see Homelander shit himself if he ever met Superman lol

  • TheWorldOfChris
    TheWorldOfChris9 days ago

    This show is so fucking good

  • Wan
    Wan9 days ago

    Jonathan name from kal el earth father...jordan from jor el kal el real father i think... I really want the twins meet kara....and kara teach them how to control the power...

  • digiteen99
    digiteen999 days ago

    Sounds like the writer got fired for trying to jam unnecessary representation into a series with plenty of rep already

  • RunniN IT
    RunniN IT10 days ago

    The first episode was dope

  • Christoher Martin
    Christoher Martin10 days ago

    Lois and Clark sucked

  • silver2therescue1
    silver2therescue110 days ago

    Are we sure that it really is set in the Arrowverse? The ending has me doubting.

  • digiteen99


    9 days ago

    That character is from another earth brought to prime by crisis That's why its not the same actor

  • mrcookins


    10 days ago

    Had the same feeling.

  • Fanboyofeverything
    Fanboyofeverything10 days ago

    Great first episode. Weird to see Doomguy be part this universe. 😂

  • Victor Castillo
    Victor Castillo10 days ago

    “The Project O.M.A.C.” ... Kill Em’ All!!!

  • Norman Valiao
    Norman Valiao10 days ago

    In my own opinion, since I started collecting comic books since I was 10 years old, my first collections were Superman, Flash and The Uncanny X-Men back in 1985. The best writers for me back then was John Byrne, Dan Jurgens, Joe Shuster, George Perez and Grant Morrison. I just love their individual story lines and takes when presenting Superman.

    POLM PHOTO10 days ago

    While, I think visuals are awesome. I think it separates itself from cw shows. At first I thought I'm over superman stories. This I saw how it looked so I checked it out. It's definitely no Wandavisoion with twins. I didn't watch Wandavisoion until it was at episode 5. I can't wait for Friday to get here so I can see wandavisoion. I'm not excited about seeing the next superman and Lois. When black lightning is over I'm probably done with cw shows. Unless batwoman stops looking for Kate kane. I'm losing interest in that.

  • Clark Mustaine
    Clark Mustaine10 days ago

    Grace may i know what do you think about N52 Supes? thanks.

  • Zachary Iler
    Zachary Iler10 days ago

    Just watched it. You hit every nail on the head except for the music. The music in the episode was great, but TOO LOUD compared to the actors voices. It droned out some of the dialogue and felt unpolished. Otherwise, I was shockingly pleased with this show. Even down to making Lois rush for snacks when she is stressed, they did the characters all very well. I hope we get a good season out of this show before the CW turns it to hell. From the sound of the complaints by that writer who was fired.... sorry can't go with you on her having valid arguments. She sounded more concerned with putting her politics into a show than making it a good show. Happy they let her go. That kind of behavior is what has ruined all the other arrowverse shows and caused people to stop watching them. Hopefully they can stay out of that spiral for at least the first season and just make a good Superman show.

  • Nitin Bhattacharyya ETE

    Nitin Bhattacharyya ETE

    3 days ago

    @i-flarnted lol any actor would kill for the chance to play Lex Luthor. He is such an iconic villain. Who has both been good and bad based on situations in the comics.

  • i-flarnted


    9 days ago

    That writer said a black actor shouldn't play a bad character; what an idiot.

  • Donovan Delaney
    Donovan Delaney10 days ago

    Shouldn't Kal's kids have powers and shouldn't one of them be female? Oops.

  • Budgie Cat

    Budgie Cat

    9 days ago

    honestly surprised they didnt virtue signal and make one of them gay. Also is that Luthor the original Lex or an descendent from the future like Kane the Conqueror is for Reed Richards in the Marvel /MCU universe? Or an alternate version ? its confusing.

  • Hando316
    Hando31610 days ago

    I think Tyler Hoechlin is good Superman and plays Clark very well too. Still not too sure about Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois. I heard there was going to be a black Lex Luther which isn't cool IMO. If they needed a black person being a villain or major character I would have taken Colin Salmon (General Zod) from the tv series Krypton playing the same role. Like traveling back to the present day cause he is from our timeline if you will. I'd take Blake Ritson (Brainiac) and Shaun Sipos (Adam Strange) and maybe Emmett J Scanlan (Lobo) from that series too. That series had decent production.

  • d m
    d m11 days ago

    oh please we very rarely ever see black villains on any tv or film show and its been that way for decades in hollywood! they have shyed away from it so much its now ridiculously unrealistic. The black character is always the earnest one or the loveable friend. So now when any black person is in any way bad theres a fuss about it! we need to stop pandering to every faux outrage opinion on twitter.

  • Róbert Molnár
    Róbert Molnár11 days ago

    Is the villain from the Future Apokolips? Justice League Issue #23

  • Mooning Man
    Mooning Man13 days ago

    why do i get ultra chad vibes from cw superman

  • Jenny clark
    Jenny clark14 days ago

    Shouldn't the lead actors at least be good looking?

  • Matt Becker
    Matt Becker15 days ago

    Man of steel feels more like elseworlds than what I've seen for this. This seems very true to what superman is.

  • Zack D.

    Zack D.

    10 days ago

    bruh there is not only one version of superman

  • arthurcurry2003


    10 days ago

    Every fkn time one of you pops up. Ffs. Move on.

  • TC Kewlzter
    TC Kewlzter15 days ago

    "Supergirl became unwatchable", amen!

  • Kalyn & Robert
    Kalyn & Robert16 days ago

    Seriously Grace... I don't think you know the definition of no spoilers. Why would you get side tracked with race bending. Let me see it for myself if your going to say no spoilers.

  • MeTube
    MeTube17 days ago

    Well now I may have to give this a chance, the trailers didn't excite me, but I may give it a shot now.

  • Nicolas Silva
    Nicolas Silva17 days ago

    Supergirl was the only show that got better after its second season... Such a shame you drop from it

  • aleee2010
    aleee201018 days ago

    lol why does grace hate supergirl? that show is super feminist she always likes that kind of shows. does anyone knows?

  • Lee Shunmugam
    Lee Shunmugam18 days ago


  • Dan Nagle
    Dan Nagle18 days ago

    Saying that you couldn't watch Supergirl after season 2 made me subscribe to you. I thought the same thing. I kept jumping back in on different seasons to give it another go but just couldn't keep watching. Hope this Superman and Lois show doesn't fall into that same formula that Supergirl used. Flash and Arrow had a good formula I watched every one of those shows. I also enjoy the Legends crazyness.

  • jessica butler
    jessica butler18 days ago


  • Michael Vitales
    Michael Vitales19 days ago

    This gives me hope. 💪🏻

  • Katie Kelly
    Katie Kelly19 days ago

    I’m way too excited about this show! Glad to hear it good!

    PINGUIN BOY19 days ago

    Will Superman and Louis go to HBO MAX?

  • Sage Rafferty
    Sage Rafferty20 days ago

    Grace, I’m a millennial who is around their ages. I have both an established career and a teen. So it’s not that far off. Millennials have kids, mortgages, and careers these days.

  • TheComeUp18


    4 days ago

    Exactly! Grace should know that being in New York.

  • Robert Zimmerle
    Robert Zimmerle20 days ago

    Be my valentine Grace 😍

  • aleee2010


    18 days ago

    I am sure shes is Married or has A boyfriend

  • Rafael Manzo
    Rafael Manzo21 day ago

    Grace you're sellin this show well, and it's sounding like a surprise win which is great.... but I just can't see myself being the least bit interested in watching. It's weird. But then, I'm more of a Bat guy. And your point about Superman stories being tough is just proven all the more.

  • Trevor Golding
    Trevor Golding21 day ago

    So you're saying you don't like The Flash TV show? What up w/ that?

  • Emily Jastrow
    Emily Jastrow21 day ago

    I Hope this is good. Always hoping for Tyler Hoechlin but he doesn't seem to get good work.

  • Metamorphic Crystals
    Metamorphic Crystals22 days ago

    I loveee Wole Parks. He was soooo good on the Desperate Housewives spin off - Devious Maids. So sad that show didn't get a 5th season. Love Devious Maids.