Summer Movies 2021 FINAL - Black Widow, The Suicide Squad, Army of the Dead, Candyman


Summer Movies 2021 updated today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & breakdown of all the full movies! In theaters or on Disney Plus, HBO Max?
Summer Movies 2021 today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives you a review of the final schedule of movies coming out in Summer 2021 after all the pandemic coronavirus covid changes! In theaters or also on Disney Plus, HBO Max or Paramount Plus? How about streaming on PVOD? And what about Netflix and Amazon? Share your own reaction to the Summer Movies 2021 line-up before you see each full movie! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
May 7
The Wrath of Man
May 14
Those Who Wish Me Dead
The Woman in the Window
Army of the Dead (theaters)
May 21
Army of the Dead
May 28
A Quiet Place 2
June 4
The Conjuring 3
Spirit Untamed
June 11
In The Heights
June 16
Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard
June 18
Pixar's Luca
Peter Rabbit 2
June 25
Fast & Furious 9
July 2
The Forever Purge
The Tomorrow War
July 9
Black Widow
July 16
Space Jam 2
The Night House
July 23
Hotel Transylvania 4
Snake Eyes
M Night Shyamalan's Old
July 30
Jungle Cruise
The Green Knight
August 6
The Suicide Squad
August 13
Free Guy
August 20
Paw Patrol
August 27
September 3
Shang Chi & The Legend of the Ten Rings
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • Electric Moxie
    Electric Moxie14 days ago

    I'm looking forward to ... The Conjuring, Space Jam and Suicide Squad. But I probably won't be making my triumphant return to the theaters until Candyman.

  • KLUV
    KLUV14 days ago

    Depends on the movie...but I'm picky on what movie I see in the theaters even during the summer. BW-yes FF9-yes Respect-yes Shang-chi-yes

  • Xalen Maru
    Xalen Maru14 days ago

    Not watching anything in theaters. Good luck getting me off my couch this year.

  • Cat Bravo
    Cat Bravo14 days ago

    I definitely kept my mask on while eating popcorn. I kept it on in between sips of my drink but I did see a lot of people not adhering to that rule. To each their own. I see a few movies that I want to see at the theater.

  • Undead Studios
    Undead Studios15 days ago

    Summer movies Cruella A quiet place 2 Army of the dead Vivo Peter rabbit 2 Luca In the heights. F9 Black widow Hotel Transylvania 4 Snake eyes The suicide squad Decent summer movie season.

  • Aarry Ballen
    Aarry Ballen15 days ago

    No I have mask on at all as soon as I sit down it’s off and stays off

  • Shubham Sachdeva
    Shubham Sachdeva15 days ago

    Situation is really worse in India so don't when will we be able to get out again 😔

  • Lunch Box
    Lunch Box17 days ago

    Grace, respectful would be pronouncing it like she does... you started with "than" but the report shows it's actually "tan-DEE-way".

  • Ace Degenerate
    Ace Degenerate19 days ago

    Looks like Netflix is finally going to reveal their summer slate in less than 14 hours from now. Are you going to cover it?

  • Leo Mount
    Leo Mount19 days ago

    I'll be seeing A Quiet Place and Shang Chi in the theaters. Probably In the Heights, too.

  • GEMINIVice1
    GEMINIVice119 days ago

    Will be dbl vaccinated by July 9th....will be at the theater.

  • Connor Ferguson
    Connor Ferguson20 days ago

    im watching Black Widow in theaters if they are open.

  • rajnbull ◑͜͡◐
    rajnbull ◑͜͡◐20 days ago

    Grace is a typical Lambs to the slaughter. with this particular mask BS constantly in chaos mode, you have to move on everyone's going to get this virus.

  • TJUC123
    TJUC12321 day ago

    14:19 Grace messed up in editing and put June 23rd. 😂😂😂

  • mekman4
    mekman421 day ago

    For the sake of good will, fingers crossed for Shang Chi! Great stuff, Grace!

  • Ethan Mattix
    Ethan Mattix21 day ago

    If I can stream it, I'll just watch it at home

  • micah
    micah21 day ago


  • knight of snoke
    knight of snoke22 days ago

    i want to see: spiral(maybe) a quiet place 2(maybe) samritan(maybe) black widow night house old snake eyes(has a trailer even come out for that yet?) the green knight suicide squad bios(maybe) shang chi(maybe) one film I hope comes in summer-the northman

  • Carina Mendoza
    Carina Mendoza22 days ago

    I will see Black Widow and In the Heights in theaters, the rest can wait

  • Dave Nattriss
    Dave Nattriss23 days ago

    Wearing face coverings in theatres. Here in the UK it wasn't required when cinemas first opened last July, but then was a few weeks later. After eating, I would put mine back on if there were people close to me (within a few seats in any direction), but most screenings were less than 5% capacity and so we would all be spread out, so it really wasn't necessary. Our screens have very high ceilings (so lots of space for circulation) and good air conditioning.

  • foredimples529
    foredimples52923 days ago

    Anything that's available in theaters I'm seeing in theaters!! And yes I put my mask back on after I'm done eating.

  • Robert Bench
    Robert Bench23 days ago

    It was so rude for Disney to release a big movie on Labor Day. It just proves the rumors that they don't care about employees.

  • Robert Bench
    Robert Bench23 days ago

    I think Free Guy can beat The Suicide Squad. It looks like a much bigger movie than James Gunn's low budget gotg knock off

  • AMagicProduction
    AMagicProduction23 days ago

    These types of videos are my favorite from Grace


    From movies I'm interested in: Those Who Wish Me Dead - Looks like it's gonna be a good movie, but I'm not interested enough to see it in theaters. I'll watch on HBO Max though. Spiral - I'm much more interested in this than the perviously mentioned movie, but still not *that* interested to see it in theaters. Army of The Dead - Definitely gonna check it out on Netflix. Cruella - I think it looks good, but not that interested in going to the theaters or paying $30 for it. Luca - Definitely gonna watch on Disney Plus. Spirit Untamed - I'm interested in any animated movie, but this looks kinda bland. I'll watch it whenever it's free somewhere. In The Heights - Definitely gonna watch it on HBO Max. Peter Rabbit 2 - I'll watch it whenever it's free somewhere. Fast and Furious 9 - Maybe I'll see it in theaters, because of how crazy it looks. Black Window - Yeeeeah, probably gonna wait for it to be free in autumn. It looks like a good movie, but movie doesn't interested me that much yet. Space Jam 2 - A definite theater experience for me. I've been waiting to see this for years. Hotel Transylvania 4 - I'll watch it whenever it's free somewhere. Old - I'll watch it whenever it's free somewhere. The Suicide Squad - Definitely gonna watch on HBO Max, can't wait. Free Guy - Looks like a cool movie to me, but I'll watch it whenever it's free somewhere. Paw Patrol - I'm just curious, I'll watch it when it goes to Paramount Plus. Candyman - I've already waiting to long to see this movie, I'm going to see it in the big screen.

  • coolbluetj
    coolbluetj23 days ago

    The MCU movies are my only reason for going to theaters.

  • Raihan Khan
    Raihan Khan24 days ago

    Hbo max / Warner will dominate

  • DylanNicolasSG
    DylanNicolasSG24 days ago

    you forgot vivo in June 4

  • Cringe Master64
    Cringe Master6424 days ago

    oh i'm definitely watching most of these. black widow, shang chi, F9, the suicide squad, free guy, jungle cruise, hitmans wife bodyguard and reminiscence all in theatres. gotta start saving up some cash.

  • Marco De ROSA
    Marco De ROSA24 days ago

    Covid-19 will end on summer in July 4th

  • M. G. Max
    M. G. Max24 days ago

    I would see Army of the Dead in the theater. Special effects are best on a big screen with ridiculous speakers. As far as mask goes, I would go to the first morning showing where I'm almost guaranteed to be the only person in the theater, so there won't be a need for a mask. The only film I saw in the theater in the past year was Nobody and I was the only person there.

  • nail inthefashion
    nail inthefashion24 days ago

    love death + robots in theaters would be a double visit for me to be quite frank, they need to put the pedal to the metal and have official netflix theaters; idk or care about the logistics. just DO IT.

  • Ross Hadden
    Ross Hadden24 days ago

    Planning on seeing the following in theaters: Army of the Dead, Cruella, Black Widow, Snake Eyes and Shang Chi

  • Ovan61
    Ovan6124 days ago


  • Olivia B
    Olivia B24 days ago

    Space Jam and Suicide Squad would be a ton of fun in theatres

  • Myers Gaming
    Myers Gaming24 days ago

    I buy a large popcorn and large soda, I usually prefer to eat/drink, put my mask back on till I feel like I need to take it off, then eat/drink again

  • Jay Israel
    Jay Israel24 days ago

    I keep my mask on the whole time when in a theatre and I’m vaccinated 👍

  • Lorenzo Fernandes
    Lorenzo Fernandes24 days ago

    "That crazy scientologist" HELP

  • Tiffany Rose
    Tiffany Rose24 days ago

    In Atlanta🍊 I'm going to the theaters 🍿!

  • Andrew Gamer GL
    Andrew Gamer GL24 days ago

    I'm excited to See Space Jam: A New Legacy, The PAW Patrol Movie, and The Suicide Squad.

  • Nata Nicole
    Nata Nicole24 days ago

    I am fully vaccinated and will not got to the movies for any of these movies. If they release JLA Snyder cut or WW84 in Imax at Lincoln Center , I would go to se each twice in the theater. I already saw those movies more than 4 times streaming, but they deserve a big screen viewing. All those other movies don’t move me enough to pay theater prices. I want to see black widow- but only when it is free on disney+. I might see Mortal Kombat in theaters if I find it worthy of a big screen viewing after streaming it.

  • My'Kel - Amani Williams
    My'Kel - Amani Williams24 days ago

    Almost said candyman 3 times 😂🤣🤣😂😂

  • Daniel Mendoza
    Daniel Mendoza24 days ago

    The only movies I’ll see in theaters are marvel movies.

  • G Y
    G Y24 days ago

    I will see everything at home cause here in Greece everything is still closed. We are not even close to opening cinemas

  • Sonzhon 7
    Sonzhon 724 days ago

    Demon Slayer...

  • Smoking is bad For you kids!
    Smoking is bad For you kids!24 days ago

    Me when grace uses an office meme 🥳

  • blountman747
    blountman74724 days ago

    Why did you not mention MORTAL COMBAT?!?!??!?!?

  • MARVELous Bluntz
    MARVELous Bluntz24 days ago

    Outside might be open by summer 🤷🏽‍♂️ i can’t wait for this summer movies! - Pap Brady

  • Khristian Willis
    Khristian Willis24 days ago

    Watching BW from home with the family.

  • Eric Chase
    Eric Chase24 days ago

    I just saw a movie in theaters in North Carolina with no mask it was great!

  • Ay Sal
    Ay Sal24 days ago

    Grace I quit fiction, so I won’t be watching any of thes3 movies but I will continue watching your show!

  • Alexander Pantoja
    Alexander Pantoja24 days ago

    Going to watch Black Widow at home

  • Michael Mwaniki
    Michael Mwaniki24 days ago

    I'm I the only one waiting for antlers😞

  • ArtsyBuki
    ArtsyBuki24 days ago

    I'm hoping to see the marvel movies in open air cinema/ drive through.... don't wanna buy online again and would be a way to not feel so nervous around people during covid. I'm not ready for indoor theaters until next year I think

  • Shawntél DuTelle
    Shawntél DuTelle24 days ago

    I’m fully vaccinated so I plan on seeing Black Widow and In the Heights in the theater for sure....everything else...I’ll decide when it’s closer to their dates. I think it’s absolutely insane that Peter Rabbit 2, wasn’t released for the Easter season....

  • Anna Koesel
    Anna Koesel24 days ago

    I’ll definitely go back to theatres for A Quiet Place Part II and if cruella gets solid reviews I’ll see it too (as I’ll be fully vaccinated by then). Black widow is exciting too! If army of the dead is playing anywhere near me I’ll see it in theatres.

  • Juan José
    Juan José24 days ago

    I'll watch blockbusters and franchises in theaters: The Conjuring 3, A Quiet Place Part II, Cruella, In The Heights, The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, Black Widow, F9, Space Jam, The Suicide Squad and Shang Chi.

    CAJFB24 days ago


  • boipelo zondo
    boipelo zondo24 days ago

    Being respectful to Thandiwe and making no effort to learn how to actually pronounce it is just disingenuous. Its T(h is silent).

  • Son of Martha
    Son of Martha24 days ago

    I’ll see BW in theaters to support it

  • Francisco Martins
    Francisco Martins24 days ago

    Sony can u do something with netflix pls

  • Eli Gach
    Eli Gach24 days ago

    I hope The Mitchell’s vs the machine can get in some theaters also there was some news cause people were freaking out about illumination doing the LEGO films cause it might be bad quality but there was a leak yesterday that it will be the same LEGO animation team that did the past LEGO films the distributor is just universal

  • Mauricio De los Santos
    Mauricio De los Santos24 days ago

    Im in Australia, would go out to see any movie if there was actually something in the cinema! 🤣

  • mike menter
    mike menter24 days ago

    Tbh as of right now I don't plan on seeing none of them in theaters. I REALLY miss the theater experience but I don't think this year it's going to happen for me 😣

  • ben m
    ben m24 days ago

    can’t believe we’re waiting till july for black widow, that’s so insane to me

  • K.B. Osborne
    K.B. Osborne24 days ago

    I'm really sorry, but that F9 poster is the aesthetically most unpleasant poster I've ever seen. But I hope it'll be a great movie. Just the poster is kinda awful (but that doesn't say anything about the movie itself)

  • Samuel Reinders
    Samuel Reinders24 days ago

    Theatre: A Quiet Place II, In The Heights, Luca, Black Widow, The Green Knight, The Suicide Squad, Candyman, Shang-Chi Home: Woman in the Window, Army of the Dead

  • Divya Patel
    Divya Patel24 days ago

    34 movies this summer ❤️

  • Brett James Bishop
    Brett James Bishop24 days ago

    Jurassic World: Dominion was initially scheduled for June 11, marking the anniversary of Jurassic Park in 1993 as a way to close out the franchise. I wish so so so much it could've hit that date!!!

  • Siobhain Louiseoxx
    Siobhain Louiseoxx24 days ago

    17 May when uk cinema open so I’ll be see some in cinema

  • OneKai ToRuleThemAll
    OneKai ToRuleThemAll24 days ago

    Honestly nothing on this roster really makes me long for a theater except Army of the dead, too bad its coming up soon because, like you Grace, I don’t trust ppl out in theaters just yet. Shang Chi maybe, but it’s too far away to tell.

  • Hadam10Rose
    Hadam10Rose24 days ago

    This summer movie list has me thinking, yo ho yo ho, a pirates life for me. Nothing worth watching in theaters, that's exclusive to theaters. And the Max stuff, I may or may not watch. I only still have that service because I signed up for it for a year.

  • JD
    JD24 days ago

    Stallone making a homeless superhero movie, sounds great... but Joe Manganiello already just did that exact thing in his movie Archenemey. Pretty good little film.

  • Nick Dorenkamp
    Nick Dorenkamp25 days ago

    13:54 dang auto correct

  • Nick Dorenkamp
    Nick Dorenkamp25 days ago

    5:17 well in the states united artists does infact have I think a distribution deal with Universal considering that Universal is handling international distribution except in the UK where it will be handle by lionsgate. In other words there is a good chance they're going the universal route.

  • Fabian Dejesus
    Fabian Dejesus25 days ago

    Most I will see at home, BUT Black Widow in IMAX... a couple times‼️🌸🌸🌸

  • Rafael Manzo
    Rafael Manzo25 days ago

    I saw MANK in theaters today, and this Movie Math summer slate has me very excited!🔥

  • yeetyotedude
    yeetyotedude25 days ago

    I don't wear a mask anymore, I'm double vaxxed

  • Saad's Requiem for Sasuke
    Saad's Requiem for Sasuke25 days ago

    I am really excited for Army of the Dead, The Conjuring 3 , Fast and Furious 9, The Suicide Squad ! And Old and Reminiscence look very interesting! I would love me a good M.Night Shyamalan movie!

  • Brandon Wootten
    Brandon Wootten25 days ago

    Will be seeing ‘Black Widow’ in Theaters, IDK about the Disney+ extra charge. Maybe, to then watch it over and over. We will see. Will also definitely see ‘Shang-Chi’ in Theaters!

  • Dante F
    Dante F25 days ago

    Probably only see Marvel films in the Cinemark XD because the seating is Individual boxes where you’d be much farther than just 6’ apart. Maybe the Jungle Cruise too depends on the trailer though... And any film that I can see at home that isn’t a Marvel film I’m watching at home why would I spend extra money and go out and deal with other people? Lol

  • CB 1014
    CB 101425 days ago

    Nobody wants to watch these at home

  • Mthunzi Dumakude
    Mthunzi Dumakude25 days ago

    Grace, please could you pronounce Thandiwe as "TA-NDEE-WE", the H is silent and the "TA" is said in a way that you would pronounce the A in the word "Sharp'". Love your Show! All the way from KwaZulu, South Africa.

  • thatboiwhowonders
    thatboiwhowonders25 days ago

    That intro tho😂

  • Black Swantm
    Black Swantm25 days ago

    Grace watch younger on paramount plus i think you would like it since u like gossio girl

  • Skylar Watching Movies
    Skylar Watching Movies25 days ago

    A Quiet Place Part II is a must see in theaters because of the sound design

  • Tristan Mayer

    Tristan Mayer

    19 days ago

    I agree. There's no way the sound quality will transfer to TV speakers or worse at home. Definitely a must-see.

  • Armand Daiguillon
    Armand Daiguillon25 days ago

    Grace mentioned "Army of the dead" and Netflix movies .... Cinemark has an agreement to play Netflix movies in their theaters, Grace should read up on that.

  • Gil A

    Gil A

    24 days ago

    Until the theaters stop airing day-and-date movies (which means, when the big studios stop making day-and-date releases), the theaters have no excuse to not show Netflix films. If they agree to show Cruella day-and-date, there's no reason not to show the Snyder zombie film from Netflix.

  • David Grouix
    David Grouix25 days ago

    I'm going to watch a bunch of these at home but plan to return to the theaters for Downton Abbey 2. Theaters here are still closed anyway and they'll be closed for at least the next 6 weeks due to restrictions in place and after that I probably wouldn't feel comfortable in the theaters until more are vaccinated.

    EL KETER25 days ago

    If the pandemic wasn't a thing I would go see 'Army of the Dead' in a theatre.

  • Ann Stillwell
    Ann Stillwell25 days ago

    Sorry I looked up what's coming out but it all looks stale.

  • Just Heather
    Just Heather25 days ago

    We're purchasing BW the day of release & I'm hoping we will get to do the same for Shang-Chi. That would be perfect. 🤞

  • Travis Waller
    Travis Waller25 days ago

    “That Crazy Scientologist” 😂😂😂

  • Photo Trekr
    Photo Trekr25 days ago

    The only movie I want to see on a big screen is Dune. The rest I'll watch on my home theater.

  • Cinemaguy
    Cinemaguy25 days ago

    May 14th has a lot of good movies coming out.

  • Chicken Baloba
    Chicken Baloba25 days ago

    I have no intention of going to theaters till they clean the damn bathrooms.

  • Movie Lover 120
    Movie Lover 12025 days ago

    YES!!! I will have a lot of movies to watch and review this summer

  • ken Gaulthier
    ken Gaulthier25 days ago

    Definitely watching Suicide Squad and Space Jam 2 in theaters. They both look like so much fun.

  • rapture724
    rapture72425 days ago

    Love your videos, but Grace you have a mistake in this video. You say July 23 but you posted June 23 on the video. Just thought I’d let you know.

  • Jahlahn Taylor
    Jahlahn Taylor25 days ago

    In a perfect world zack Snyder ww film wouldve dragged black widow at the box office

  • 35x31
    35x3125 days ago

    i really hope these movies arent a letdown.. like ‘the suicide squad’ im hoping it does so well so the ayer cut would have its chance of coming out. but i cant be so sure looking at the theatrical cut of suicide squad and how they did mr. ayer.