Snyder Cut Joker FIRST LOOK Breakdown & Knightmare Spoilers


Snyder Cut Joker today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & breakdown! Vanity Fair official first look photos! Jared Leto in Zack Snyder's Justice League HBO Max 2021!
Snyder Cut Joker today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & breakdown of the official first look at Jared Leto's Joker for Zack Snyder's Justice League hitting HBO Max March 18th 2021! Spoilers! Bulletproof vest and police badges! Knightmare scene with Joker, Batman, Deathstroke and Mera! Share your own reaction to this first look at Jared Leto's Joker in Zack Snyder's Justice League before you watch the full movie on HBO Max in 2021! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
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  • General Shockwave Kingpin
    General Shockwave Kingpin6 days ago

    Romero, Nicholson, Ledger and Phoenix are the best Jokers, for me.

  • Jeffrey Leon
    Jeffrey Leon12 days ago

    This joker image look amazing, real character on DC

  • Marlon DeTorres
    Marlon DeTorres15 days ago

    The terrible industry cephalometrically calculate because swan radiologically bake aside a wary crown. narrow, skillful flute

  • JC GR'x
    JC GR'x16 days ago

    People want Harley to pair up with this joker don’t understand that the reason he is this way is because she is gone, the world is apocalyptic.

  • Eddie Ranson
    Eddie Ranson16 days ago

    A lot of us are hoping for Jokers development

  • straight facts
    straight facts17 days ago

    No offense to anyone but its one thing that joker actually looks the part and menacing in the new snyder cut but i thought it was lettos acting in the original suicide squad that ruined him and just was over the top and sucked!!! im reserving judgment till i see the movie before getting caught up in the new look!!!

  • stormsinhiseyes
    stormsinhiseyes17 days ago

    i love you! thank you for this.

  • ReedGreen
    ReedGreen18 days ago

    I used to really like Grace until I realized her reviews can be bought

  • DrPlazma
    DrPlazma19 days ago

    Proof that tattoos don't make people scarier

  • BamBam KapoW
    BamBam KapoW19 days ago

    Ben Affleck don't want to be batman anymore ?! Flash is like hold my slushie real quick and I will pick any batman in this multi-universe time travel fast!! Lol

  • Revan
    Revan19 days ago

    Leto looks great! Kinda like a House on Haunted Hill mad scientist/Hannibal Lector look going on there. Bring on the Snyder cut!

  • David Harrison
    David Harrison19 days ago

    Personally, my headcanon, which I think they could legitimately use as an excuse for this soft reboot of the Snyderverse, was enabled by Ezra Miller’s cameo in “Crisis on Infinite Earths”; they can say that when the DC multiverse was rebooted the Snyderverse came back subtly altered.

  • Emily Bates
    Emily Bates20 days ago

    The fact that no one ever talks about Leto as a cult leader and the proof that exists......

  • Ashmeed Mohammed
    Ashmeed Mohammed20 days ago

    thats marilyn manson

  • Chamath Jayashanka
    Chamath Jayashanka21 day ago

    I think they should keep the tattoos (other than the Damaged one, duh) Because I still hope that this Joker was once Batfleck's Robin

  • Jonathan Peña
    Jonathan Peña21 day ago

    F*** Amber Heard!!! Can't wait when she gets replaced.

  • William wolf
    William wolf21 day ago

    Joker had some serious Laser tattoo removal!

  • Rejected ideas
    Rejected ideas21 day ago

    Nothing can scare the joker. If only he was human and couldnbe killed. End of story. Batman and joker look like Tom and Jerry. No one ready to kill the other

  • Reggie Llllucccass
    Reggie Llllucccass21 day ago

    He looks cringe to me

  • finleyisnotok
    finleyisnotok21 day ago

    Im sorry but anyone who thinks this movie is gonna be good is not right in the head.

  • Jazzy Jones
    Jazzy Jones21 day ago

    Very excited about the future of HBOMAX, I have been with HBO for 3-4 years and this makes me very hopeful. I love Marvel but not that excited about Disney , DC will make HBOMAX even more interesting and watchable .

  • Kup1966
    Kup196621 day ago

    So glad they bought the Zack back!

  • Ebewele Praise
    Ebewele Praise21 day ago

    Grace have you seen the movie?

  • Privacy IsKey
    Privacy IsKey22 days ago

    I wish I knew you personally so you can tell me some of these things. Girl to girl 😉

  • Al Costanzo
    Al Costanzo22 days ago

    The guy who kills police officers and wears their badges as trophies should be no one's hero, Grace. Moral Relativism is out of control in our culture.

  • Carol X.
    Carol X.22 days ago

    Not expecting anything from Snyder cut

  • Sergio Vega
    Sergio Vega22 days ago

    Looks trash

  • Marcus Worsham
    Marcus Worsham22 days ago

    The little things was good only because it wasn't actually a crime film. Shocking but true I understand what they did. But the trailers made it look like a different movie. So I get why some people want like it.

  • Le Joker
    Le Joker22 days ago

    I'm so happy to see that... I just hoped to see the moment he killed Robin

  • Serendipity Léas
    Serendipity Léas22 days ago

    Maybe Joker went so rogue that Harley distant away from him?

  • Brill Logue
    Brill Logue22 days ago

    Oh.. Grace told us what to do to get the Snyder cut "green-lit". 🤔

  • Designated Piledriver
    Designated Piledriver22 days ago

    I don’t see the problem with the tattoos. Such a small thing in the grand scheme of things

  • Generic Human Being
    Generic Human Being22 days ago

    This was never JS's vision of joker. This is just a tacked on afterthought.

  • bosshova23
    bosshova2322 days ago

    LETO's Joker was trash! I hope the JL movie is great!

  • Kkn_D
    Kkn_D22 days ago

    I really didn't liked Joaquin Phoenix joker. Grounded Story wise maybe,

  • M Z
    M Z22 days ago

    I thought the green Powerpuff girl was already Asian: black hair and pointy eyes. It would be crazy if they diversified the casting in any other way.

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich22 days ago

    "His mouth looks disgusting, I love it!" 😂

  • Hels Phoenix
    Hels Phoenix23 days ago

    I love that he's getting a second chance at the role.

  • Developed Spermcell
    Developed Spermcell23 days ago

    The look is better, but he still has that *"oh look at my eyes, I'm so crazy"* look in his eyes which is not great. It takes a certain person and personality to play Joker. I just don't think Leto is the right type of person. Ledger and Phoenix seemed to have more personal baggage which helped their performance.

  • Hela Odinsdottir
    Hela Odinsdottir23 days ago

    But his morbius too right

  • Terani Fernando
    Terani Fernando23 days ago

    JARED LETO JOKER IS MY FAVURITE, he has OSCR, we love him from SRI LANK💜💙😇

  • verse vica
    verse vica23 days ago

    Post Joaquins Oscar award winning portrayal of the clown prince ought to weigh in.

  • Ghost Black Project
    Ghost Black Project23 days ago

    So Amber Heard gets to keep her job while Johnny Deep got axed ? How is that fair ???

  • DomTheSupa
    DomTheSupa23 days ago

    What if this film become a success from the audience and Joker receive good reviews. What is the chances like for Jared Leto to reprise this role again in the future? Especially after having Joaquin Phoenix play The Joker in a solo film. Jared is over in the marvel camp as Morbius so does anyone think this might the last time we see this joker. Personally I liked jared leto joker. I was not too focused on the tattoos because I understand this joker is it's own interaction. But suicide squad joker already had a creepy vibe to him. I believe Jared is a method acting and put alot into his roles.

  • ShinChven ZHANG
    ShinChven ZHANG23 days ago

    Are you saying batman is dead in Snyder cut?

  • Master Epps Returns
    Master Epps Returns23 days ago

    One thing that will be in the movie's favor: Is Jared Leto's absolute balls of doing this role after the massive backlash he got after Suicide Squad. It's inspiring. It's almost like he's challenging us, like he decided to break out the big guns and show us just how good he can really be and redeem himself. I stand behind this movie!

  • Daddy and Son Channel
    Daddy and Son Channel23 days ago

    Grace what if WB offer you a full-time position as their movie consultant, would you accept it and leave your channel?

  • Patricia Chiaramonte
    Patricia Chiaramonte23 days ago

    Didn't like Ben Affleck as Batman\ don't \ really like this actor\ half and half with Jed as the joker\ but will see

  • Orlando Peña
    Orlando Peña23 days ago

    WB/HBO/AT&T should keep Zack Snyder's Visuals. The guy has a talent with not match.

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson23 days ago

    This movies is going to be amazing Im so excited plus the whole cast is Perfect ( chefs kiss) ❤️

  • Joe MacC
    Joe MacC23 days ago

    I hate Jared Letos geek Joker. He's so desperate to be accepted as a great Joker but he's not. Hate Jared Leto. Hate his stupid face and dumb eyes.

  • O_o O_o
    O_o O_o23 days ago

    Imagine that, an actor anxious to work

  • geojimz
    geojimz23 days ago

    Great....let’s focus on the Joker so us Superman fans can continue being tortured with no new Superman projects....yay! Yeah, I’m a salty Superman fan, but all kidding (not really) aside I love this look!

  • Michael Streich
    Michael Streich23 days ago

    Jared leto SUCKED as the Joker. He needs to move on. NUFF SAID

  • Jerry 666 Adams

    Jerry 666 Adams

    23 days ago

    You need to shut your mouth little boy, nuff said little punk 🖕

  • Jeff Dranetz
    Jeff Dranetz23 days ago

    Jared Leto always gives his 110%. This is his chance to to get to show more of the work he put in.

  • James Williams
    James Williams23 days ago

    So cop killers are praised? this only makes me want to be a cop more and hate people lfmao

  • WyzGyz Entertainment
    WyzGyz Entertainment23 days ago

    Does anybody know how Batman even started getting the Knightmare visions in the first place? Is it based on stuff the Flash told him here and there?

  • WyzGyz Entertainment
    WyzGyz Entertainment23 days ago

    Last I heard Justice League, the Snyder Cut was being switched from a miniseries on HBO Max to a 4 hr movie. Have they made up their minds yet?

  • Jose Izquierdo
    Jose Izquierdo23 days ago

    congrats Marilyn Manson for your new role as Joker .

  • WyzGyz Entertainment
    WyzGyz Entertainment23 days ago

    Why on earth is Vanity Fair giving spoilers?! I thought their goal was to keep this kind of stuff secret?

  • Darya
    Darya23 days ago

    I like The Little Things movie (not talking abt the ending) and Jared's character was the brightest thing to remember and think about on my way home - what a creepy weirdo, RIP Albert Sparma. I believe Zack had many choices for the Joker. If he stopped on Jared Leto - that's his cast as the other actors he had chosen 5 years ago.

  • Jimmy Jizzi
    Jimmy Jizzi23 days ago

    Grace : "Alright so let's talk spoilers" me : *aggressively pauses the video to shut it down*

  • Jonathan Cineus
    Jonathan Cineus23 days ago

    I feel like I’ve been hearing about this “Snyder Cut” for half of my life.

  • VerseWonder Strikes
    VerseWonder Strikes23 days ago

    Look at DC fans accepting the same ole’thing.

  • AnonBunny
    AnonBunny23 days ago

    He like characters from old horror movies

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan23 days ago

    I am uncertain. Have you watched the Snyder Cut, Gracey?

  • barry babbot
    barry babbot23 days ago

    Give the keys back to zack!

  • Derrick Baxter
    Derrick Baxter23 days ago

    Loki is Pietro in WandaVision. I bet you didn't see that coming

  • Renzo Jones
    Renzo Jones23 days ago

    I can’t wait OH BOY

  • Will Ross
    Will Ross23 days ago

    I'm not sure if its me being used to seeing Leto's joker with shorter thicker hair, but the long hair doesn't do it for me

  • Omnitrix8
    Omnitrix823 days ago

    Amber Heard is still in the movie?? Oh lord!

  • captloki13
    captloki1323 days ago

    David Ayer just can just go fuck himself then

  • Ruchit Shivani
    Ruchit Shivani23 days ago

    6:11 there's nothing you can threaten him with, Only if he was made to watch josstice league

  • Harry IS Wright
    Harry IS Wright23 days ago

    If wonder woman is dead in the dream sequence/ future of darkside winning ill be pissed. Like she was underpowered against superman in the first justice league I need her to be the fucking GODDESS and rival to superman she is supposed to be. But hey this is another person's interpretation of the justice league and u can't have everything

  • gagalover2k10
    gagalover2k1023 days ago

    The new look gives me early ‘90s Manson vibes which is really cool but I just hope his dialogue isn’t going to be that cringey edgy shit that only sounds cool to 12 year old boys

  • GN
    GN23 days ago

    Jared Leto shows that with a good director he could be an amazing JOKER!

  • Kal-El of Krypton
    Kal-El of Krypton23 days ago

    I feel it's been a love you/hate you relationship over the years. I'm sorry if I ever said anything mean to you. I know you're access media of sorts. But defo my favorite. You've done us Snyder and DC fans proud!

  • Stevosan
    Stevosan23 days ago

    Jared Leto Joker. No.

  • daviddoodlez
    daviddoodlez23 days ago

    i really don't like this haha I think I prefer hot topic joker from ss 🥲 Hope he looks better once we see the film in color!

  • DCPD 87
    DCPD 8723 days ago

    And of course grace has only nice things to say about amber heard. She cant look at a poster of mel gibson without bringing up something he did a decade ago and asking if we can separate life from art, but bring up AH and only positives cross her mind, not the current conversation of AH keeping millions of dollars she promised to charities. Whats sad is i expected nothing less.

  • Ashley Cheatham
    Ashley Cheatham23 days ago

    Grace: There's nothing you can threaten him with. Joker: Nothing to you with all your strength.

  • Monal Patel
    Monal Patel23 days ago

    Joe also posted all three posters.

  • Vileplume 48
    Vileplume 4823 days ago

    Is Grave hinting at Harley vs Joker movie? 🤔

  • Jordan Ziolkowski
    Jordan Ziolkowski23 days ago

    Plot twist: Marilyn Manson's current PR crisis is actually a viral marketing campaign for Joker's appearance in Snyder Cut.

  • Leo 08
    Leo 0823 days ago

    I did'nt even know that Joker was supposed to be in the Snyder Cut! YES!!!

  • Carlos Fierro
    Carlos Fierro23 days ago

    Love that he dose not have his stupid tattoos anymore, Great job Snyder

  • Joe Petri
    Joe Petri23 days ago

    Let’s GME the SnyderVerse. 🚀 to the moon!!!

  • XpertRebel95
    XpertRebel9523 days ago

    Perhaps I judged you to harshly

  • Rajesh Roy
    Rajesh Roy23 days ago

    Grace rumored to be in the Snyder Cut as Ivy 😅

  • Earl Smith
    Earl Smith23 days ago

    Questions about the Snyder cut: Just how much footage is going to be added? An hour? Two hours? I know there was an hour already done before Snyder got the go ahead to do his cut. Does anybody know yet about Ryan Reynolds and Martian Manhunter showing up?

  • Earl Smith

    Earl Smith

    23 days ago

    @NightmareCo666 Maybe WB did the right thing. I want something light hearted and humorous, more aka The Avengers. Have to admit I enjoy the anticipation of seeing the other footage, but maybe afterwards I won't. Have to admit I did not enjoy Batman vs Superman. No fun moments. No comadarie. Everyone's excited about the Snyder cut, but I haven't been a fan of his work.

  • NightmareCo666


    23 days ago

    @Earl Smith it was deemed too violent, scary and dark. WB wanted something light hearted and humorous, as they were trying to copy Marvel. Also didn't help that Geoff Johns is a Kevin Feige simp and has a problem with Snyder.

  • Earl Smith

    Earl Smith

    23 days ago

    @NightmareCo666 It doesn't make sense that WB or Whedon would let go of that much of Snyder's footage.

  • NightmareCo666


    23 days ago

    In 2017 we saw like 20mins IF that of Zacks own footage. He had pretty much finished, he just needed to finish his knightmare and Martian manhunter footage. We're getting 4hours and Zack filmed like 5minutes worth of footage last year. Its basically 4hrs of NEW footage

  • ThaLiveKing
    ThaLiveKing23 days ago

    Joker making a billi shows he's the key

  • JONOVO 1551
    JONOVO 155123 days ago

    This looks like a grim version of the 2004 ‘The Batman’ series Joker

  • little dude from across the street

    little dude from across the street

    23 days ago

    Ikr love it

  • Dan Warner
    Dan Warner23 days ago

    I see what you did there in video name " knightmare" sequence 😂

  • sasoesasoe
    sasoesasoe23 days ago

    he looks like butcher before 50's

  • Syronne Roxas
    Syronne Roxas23 days ago

    This new look of Joker is more scarier and terrifying than the tattooed Joker.

  • JC GR'x

    JC GR'x

    16 days ago

    It’s a different world. Apokolips.

  • silver smoke

    silver smoke

    20 days ago


  • Aldo Sayangbati
    Aldo Sayangbati23 days ago


  • Gabanna
    Gabanna23 days ago

    My boi jack lookin kinda good...not fresh but still creepy in a good lookin way

  • Quill
    Quill23 days ago

    Jared is 50 years old ?!

  • Devindran Mathiwanan
    Devindran Mathiwanan23 days ago

    He looks like Valak to me...

  • Jeremy Colwell
    Jeremy Colwell23 days ago

    Anybody else sick really of the joker? Just me?