Shadow & Bone Netflix REVIEW - NO SPOILERS


Shadow & Bone Netflix REVIEW today no spoilers! Beyond The Trailer's reaction review 2021! Cast! Ben Barnes! Jessie Mei Li! Freddy Carter! Grisha!
Shadow & Bone Netflix REVIEW today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction and review of Episode 1 through 8 aka Season One of Shadow & Bone on Netflix in 2021 with no spoilers! Does the new TV Show do the books justice? Ben Barnes is The Darkling! Jessie Mei Li is Alina Starkov! Freddy Carter is Kaz Brekker! Kit Young is Jesper Fahey! Share your own reaction before you watch each full episode of Shadow & Bone on Netflix in 2021! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
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What a Surprise! - 00:00
Amazing Casting - 1:37
My Favorite Cast Members - 2:10
The Shu - 3:45
Ben Barnes - 4:23
Slow Start - 5:16
Got REAL Good - 5:40
Bending vs Grisha - 6:24
Russian Style - 7:08
Great Characters - 7:30
Huge Budget - 8:15
World Building - 8:30
Behind the Scenes Talent - 9:10
Conclusion - 10:12
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • inthebag84
    inthebag84Day ago

    I just watched it, and I really enjoyed it. I agree and thought that the cast was great! However, to try and tell someone "it gets so good after episode 5" in an 8-episode show is ridiculous. To expect someone to watch more than 50% of a show before they become impressed is not ok. I thought it was pretty good much earlier than episode 5, and I think many people will, if they give it a chance. But if you have to watch 5 episodes before really getting hooked, you just can't expect that...

  • Golden Eagle
    Golden EagleDay ago

    OMG Kaz brekker my best Char

  • Frankenviews *
    Frankenviews *Day ago

    This has very very strong Game of Thrones influences (or homage?) . From some ancient Giant terrifying Wall, to ripping for wholesale the entire "Jon Snow & Ygritte in the place beyond the Wall travelling alone in the artic wilderness" (complete with the same keeping warm jokes) story line, instead of North vs South you have East vs West, ancient but modern, unrelated distant storylines that eventually merge, etc. Really taps into the vibe of what made GOT's first seasons amazing. Maybe the showrunner should have done Game of Thrones season 8 instead of D&D?

  • KayTeaAndBiscuits
    KayTeaAndBiscuits2 days ago

    i watched the series now - and yup, just as Grace said, EPISODE FIVE IS WHEN IT GET GREAT instead of just good

  • Angela Joshi
    Angela Joshi2 days ago

    So are we getting a spoiler review for this show?

  • hemanta naik
    hemanta naik3 days ago

    I love the season 1 and looking forward to season 2.

  • Nacho Libre
    Nacho Libre4 days ago

    I was hooked from episode 1 and I didn’t know anything about it either. Finished the season and I’m loving where this is going.

  • Nickolas Marmaras
    Nickolas Marmaras4 days ago

    I just finished binging it, and I was amazed!

  • Yassir Ketchum
    Yassir Ketchum5 days ago

    I enjoyed the show from the first episode, the actors playing the main characters that we follow are very likeable, watched it all in one seating, now where is season 2? I couldnt help to compare it a bit with The Air Bender, the few elements that are often shown, the rest i couldnt understand so probably will look for it further afraid for spoilers from the books.

  • Captain Malcolm Reynolds
    Captain Malcolm Reynolds5 days ago

    Are you gonna do a spoiler review ?

  • Big D
    Big D5 days ago

    I really liking this series more so than I thought. Glad I watched it

  • Cat of the Canals
    Cat of the Canals6 days ago

    In what world were the Narnia Chronicles a failure? Commercially they dipped but the quality was amazing

  • MrThorino
    MrThorino6 days ago

    Maybe this will be unpopular, but all I saw in this series was asians and black homosexuals fighting the bad whitemen.

  • MrThorino


    5 days ago

    @Eamon jeffrey traditional LGBT comment.

  • Eamon jeffrey

    Eamon jeffrey

    5 days ago

    This comment is so stupid 😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee6 days ago

    Thank you Grace!! I'm loving this show!! I have not read the books. Very appreciative of your reviews! Please do a spoilers! I LOVE your spoilers reviews!! Not only that I'm loving it. There's more to why I'm loving this show! Must watch streaming show on Netflix! Whoo Hoo!! Thank you Netflix! Very progressive! It's probably one of the most diverse casting I've ever seen for the main cast, and all the actors on screen from principal to background! No tokenism. Every scene starting with episode 1. Not episode 2, scattered here and there, or random. Almost all the colors of the rainbow from principal actors to background actors. No more only for this story arc, a particular exotic village or tribe, etc. I've never seen rainbow casting like this ever. Like ever! Yes, maybe the principal cast, but not the background actors as well. No one tone or one note casting. A mix of almost everything! Like seriously! To have witness this type of storytelling is electrifying! And, it's so organically done. Not forced or token. I can't wait to see what's next on Netflix! So exciting!! I'm ecstatic!! Identities do matter and more importantly dollar signs. Diversity is paying off as well. Like you said Grace, "This is show business."

  • Thomas Wayne
    Thomas Wayne7 days ago

    It’s perfect. Can’t wait for season 2. Kudos to Netflix

  • Amin Marohomsalic
    Amin Marohomsalic7 days ago

    Episode 5 is perfection!

  • packertai1
    packertai19 days ago

    I also love how the title sequence is different for every episode of the show.

  • packertai1
    packertai19 days ago

    I totally agree with everything you said! I was completely hooked after episode 5! I enjoy the whole cast and cannot wait for season 2! I will add this to the list of shows that I will be looking forward to for another season. 👍🏻

  • MrSpice
    MrSpice9 days ago

    Great review...very indepth! This was like reading the manual but more fun :) Do people even read manuals anymore Great job on your video :)

  • William Carter
    William Carter9 days ago

    I feel like the magic casters are more alchemists and reminded me of Full Metal Alchemist.

  • Carl Votti
    Carl Votti10 days ago

    Ben Barnes has been in a few films I’ve seen previously.

  • Ichsuka
    Ichsuka10 days ago

    It definitely takes a good 4 episodes to get going, im into it now

  • Amara Winchester
    Amara Winchester11 days ago

    The show is full of cliche. Noting was shocking to me. I seriously want the general to win he has been the victim all along

  • Joni Halenius
    Joni Halenius11 days ago

    The show really suffers from color grading and lack of lighting. Half of the time you can barely see what it happening. I understand that when they are in the Fold, but it happens ALL the time.

  • crepet
    crepet12 days ago

    Netflix should throw all their money in this show instead of making hundreds of Noah Centineo projects. I hope Star Wars is eyeing this strong cast. I think Archie Renaux is good as well.

  • RMR V
    RMR V12 days ago

    Didn’t care for the lead actress, would’ve loved Gemma Chan in that part.

  • RMR V

    RMR V

    9 days ago

    @Gil A haha, true

  • Gil A

    Gil A

    9 days ago

    For this actress it's the first big role, while Gemma Chan is going for Eternals as a main role. I think it's unfair to compare the two, because the show can't afford Gemma Chan. That's like saying, "I don't like the General, he should've been Ben Affleck".

  • DunnD
    DunnD13 days ago

    Grace, where's the spoiler review?

  • TargLife
    TargLife13 days ago

    Ben Barnes is the worst actor on this show.

  • Charles Carpenter
    Charles Carpenter13 days ago

    The show was unique with the Russian theming. Loved the steam punk aspect too, but not overdone.

  • M L
    M L13 days ago

    IM opposite on this I thought the start was great but episode 6 turned into Twilight

  • Gil A

    Gil A

    9 days ago

    I agree, episode 6 was terrible. And the Twilight troubles started to show up in episode 5.

  • TheZeitergeist3
    TheZeitergeist313 days ago

    Didn't enjoy this series, but to each their own!

  • David Cremin
    David Cremin13 days ago

    You are so right about the casting its phenomenal they all feel made for these roles

  • carroll11000
    carroll1100013 days ago

    Only a few episodes in ... I want to like this .. but it feels very CW Should I stick with it ?

  • Dion
    Dion13 days ago

    Overall, this show is so good. The production value is high. The cast is really great as well.

  • Techno Pirate
    Techno Pirate14 days ago

    I gave this a couple of episodes but had to let it go by episode 4. The manner in which the Black characters are depicted reminds me of a CW show. No sense in wasting my time watching this further.

  • sanauthorised
    sanauthorised14 days ago

    I agree it was brilliant. Not GOT level, but definitely Witcher level. It’s entertaining and the writing is great. Final 2 episodes had me on the edge of my seat!

  • Ovan61
    Ovan6115 days ago


  • Joel Henry
    Joel Henry15 days ago

    It wasn't bad but it is straight up YA and very derivative of Harry Potter, Avatar and even Stephen King's Gunslinger books. There's a romance subplot that is so God awful I skipped every scene with the characters.

  • Luis Campanella
    Luis Campanella15 days ago

    Lack of action. Hope that changes for S2

  • Mitra
    Mitra15 days ago

    It's an amazing show. 😍

  • HeyHelloIt's MeAgain
    HeyHelloIt's MeAgain15 days ago

    I am sure the books are great. The show sucks. The characters are too similar to each other. Too many characters. The only thing that is interesting is the clothing. Horrible cast. Casting Director is bad. Don't get why you like it. Bad story.

  • Gil A

    Gil A

    9 days ago

    I don't think the characters are too similar, but a lot of them don't have clear motivations. Take Kaz for example. He wants to capture the sun summoner to free Inaz. Except Inaz was going to be free if she had killed the ticketer, so problem solved. But I guess he didn't want her to live with the guilt of killing someone (which she does later in the show anyway, so that didn't help much). So now Kaz and Inaz cross the fold, and Inaz is free from Elin, so problem solved. But Kaz now wants to capture the sun summoner to reclaim his property that he gave Elin to free Inaz. Kaz ends up having 3 different motivations, and he could've easily achieved any one of them without needing to capture the sun summoner. His 3 motivations contradict each other.

  • iulix max
    iulix max16 days ago

    One of the most stupid TV shows ever this is another story about the chosen one and it looks like a low budget tv show and not only that they are the last Airbender 😒👎

  • Joseph Okoh
    Joseph Okoh16 days ago

    I just binged it in two days, Grace, ITS AMAZING!!!

  • Moone Shadow
    Moone Shadow16 days ago

    oh i gotta check this out!

  • Kaj Te Briga
    Kaj Te Briga16 days ago

    Loved this show. It's a really good fantasy show. Not too smart but very likeable.

  • Ar Vi
    Ar Vi16 days ago

    ngl i didnt expect too much but after i watched all the episodes I'm impressed about the story line. Unlike other previous series that Netflix produced this adaptation have a lot of potential to continue for a couple of Seasons but we all know that Netflix has a habit of axing their shows, fingers crossed they will produce more of this

  • S M
    S M16 days ago

    Thanx for the recommend Grace, just finished it, 🙌👍

  • Angelia Villar
    Angelia Villar16 days ago

    The author studied Russian history during her undergraduate at Yale which is when she was writing the book

  • Angelia Villar
    Angelia Villar16 days ago

    Also who else read the books and knows what’s happening next

  • Angelia Villar
    Angelia Villar16 days ago

    Amita is Suli not Shu. And I think she played Inej amazingly.

  • Josh
    Josh16 days ago

    I'm on episode 4. It's OK so far but the mc girl is pretty dumb. Why would she assume the military would deliver her letters to a lowly soldier?

  • Croz Raven
    Croz Raven16 days ago

    surprisingly good & make me interest on reading the books while also waiting for season 2. this show could easily be trapped in the typical YA romance shenanigans sprinkled with fantasy, but it didn't & feels like an actual deep lore mature story. I am kinda surprised tbh. One think that I kinda bummed majorly about the story. SPOILER: I wish Alina storyline have more follow up to her own very big consequences that ended up killing her friends/unit. She was the one that sabotaged the map forcing them to go into the fold, for her own very selfish & dumb reasons, but the show kinda glossed over it & NO MENTIONS or any kind of actual grievances at all from the character. NO NIGHTMARES or traumatic scenes at all when things like survivor guilt & victim guilt are very common in a situations like this.

  • Joe Schmit
    Joe Schmit16 days ago

    I have insomnia issues, and the night this show released (it was 1-2ish am for me) I couldn't sleep and decided to try the show out even though I never read the books. I legitimately watched it all without break, even when I was able to get tired and possibly sleep I ended up staying up to finish it. An amazing show all around.

  • Jessie Dobbie Reactions
    Jessie Dobbie Reactions17 days ago

    This series was AMAZING!!

  • Jeremy Weingarten
    Jeremy Weingarten17 days ago

    When’s the spoiler review coming out Grace?

  • Sebastian Piazza
    Sebastian Piazza17 days ago

    i couldn't get past episode 1 lol, I found it a little cringy for my liking. i guess i should give it a try.

  • Alejandro Castro
    Alejandro Castro17 days ago

    Thanks for the heads up, a show that needs 5 episodes to pick up means a waste of time

  • Gil A

    Gil A

    9 days ago

    Don't worry, it becomes even worse in episode 6 😂. I don't think it's worth your time, but many people seem to like it.

  • Anthony Alexander
    Anthony Alexander17 days ago

    Let's see: Struggle through 5 episodes of an 8 episode series each an hour long and THEN you'll love it! Sorry. Can't buy this. Grace has shot down other series because the first couple of episodes were weak. Sucking 5 hours of my life to get to a payoff for 3 more episodes and then wait a year for season 2 ain't worth it.

  • Tamim Hasnat
    Tamim Hasnat17 days ago

    Really impressed with the show.Thanks for the recommendation🤎

  • Gúnther Oberholster
    Gúnther Oberholster17 days ago

    Loved it from the start! Just thought I was sleeping on it, never noticed the trailers. So good. Also the costumes, GIRL! LGBTQ representations for the win!!

  • Mystic Ranger
    Mystic Ranger17 days ago

    why is ur mouth always open in thumbnails? close them dammit

  • Trevor Vaubel
    Trevor Vaubel18 days ago

    I'm 4 eps in and you said exactly what I was thinking. Have thought, this may be one of the best shows on Netflix since Stranger Things, but of course it may be on the level of those you mentioned. Great stuff!

  • Mark C
    Mark C18 days ago

    its confirmed from Netflix that season 2 is a go!!! plus they want to do a trilogy of the series ... I hope all these happens!! I am reading all three books. Because not everything is in the series.. only 8 episodes!!! I want more!!!! Why so short ???

  • Bluesfier
    Bluesfier18 days ago

    I was quite surprised at how much I liked this show.

  • Kelly Tibbs
    Kelly Tibbs18 days ago

    You know , I watched this review a SECOND time after watching the series, just to remind myself how spot on your reviews always are ! Great job !

  • Ash M
    Ash M18 days ago

    I think Ben Barnes gets overlooked cause he got that "pretty boy" kinda look to him. He was great in the Punisher and seems to get a lot of fantasy movie roles but never a big breakout role.

  • Roman Correa
    Roman Correa18 days ago

    This series was sooooo good. I loved it and I am really glad I gave it a try.

  • Doctor Death
    Doctor Death18 days ago

    3 episodes in and I am enjoying the vibe so far. And come one, like The Last Airbender isn't also a remix of 1000 other stories and myths before it...

  • Charles H
    Charles H18 days ago

    So true about the locations in this show. I had to have the world map open in another tab.

  • abcun17
    abcun1718 days ago

    I enjoyed this show, way more than I thought I would. It's even better the second time (and beyond) around!

  • nightworg
    nightworg18 days ago

    Yea this series is really good. Kind of surprised me how good it was. Looking forward to next season.

  • Deli24knight
    Deli24knight18 days ago

    Watched the show over the course of a few days and loved the cast! The pacing is good too

  • Emmanuel Baj
    Emmanuel Baj18 days ago

    i watched it all in one night.

  • Zer0 Hero
    Zer0 Hero18 days ago

    This is so good. First time i heard General Kirigan speak , i was like 'Lucifer !?'

  • The Bear Geek
    The Bear Geek18 days ago

    Everybody knows him as Prince Caspian but for me he will always be Dorian Grey. Also it is meta casting and works perfectly.

  • The Bear Geek
    The Bear Geek18 days ago

    Game Of Thrones' Intro that is actually a map is the best intro of a Fantasy TV Show ever. Shadow and Bone did the "every episode is a different intro" thing that is popular right now and I agree it really lacked on the spacial orientations. It took me for half the cast to cross the fold to realize that they started on the other side.

  • The Bear Geek
    The Bear Geek18 days ago

    USplan recommended your 8 year old video when you mentioned the rights purchase of Shadow and Bone to produce a movie so I watched that first and then this. Cue Grace saying "I've never heard of Shadow and Bone" lady, you made a whole video about it!! (8 years ago.)

  • Fabricio Bacurau
    Fabricio Bacurau18 days ago

    Darkling = Magneto. This show is basically X-Men.

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith18 days ago

    The storyline is very similar to the "Red Queen" series by Victoria Aveyard. The "chosen one" trope is compelling, but overused in sci-fi and fantasy. Star Wars, The Matrix, and so on.

  • Fotis Kogias
    Fotis Kogias18 days ago

    Grace what you thought of the filming and camera work ? I was really hooked on a lot of transitions 😅

  • Anthony Gibbs
    Anthony Gibbs18 days ago

    This could have been a great show but instead its just 'ok', and the people saying it could be the next GOT dont know what they are talking about, maybe its as good as the last season of GOT.

  • Ian Vera

    Ian Vera

    16 days ago

    The last season of GOT had way better cinematography and acting than shadow and bone tbh

  • Emeka Bah
    Emeka Bah18 days ago

    Ben Barns in West World is 🔥🍿📺💫

  • straightedgeveganbel
    straightedgeveganbel19 days ago

    This show isn't cheesy like those other shows, I can't wait for season 2, I also binge it.

  • straightedgeveganbel
    straightedgeveganbel19 days ago

    Omg Ben Barnes killed it in West world, I think he is the star of everything he's in, everytime I see him I think oh there's Billy he was great in the punisher!

  • straightedgeveganbel
    straightedgeveganbel19 days ago

    I saw Ben Barnes, 🪝 💗😄

  • Gibran A
    Gibran A19 days ago

    Remember your video about a Shadow and Bone movie 8 YEARS ago?

  • PT Barnum
    PT Barnum19 days ago

    I'm just here to say "I'm inlove with Inej and Jesper"

  • Joe Sena
    Joe Sena19 days ago

    I was able to watch all the episodes in 1 sitting! And I enjoyed every minute of it!!

  • ed invested
    ed invested19 days ago

    Was not impressed with show untill episode 5 and 6 i stuck it out intill those ep only cause other char seemed more interesting then the love triangle characters. Basicly it started okay ended up good and wanting next season

  • Jaime Duncan
    Jaime Duncan19 days ago

    I don't know what I get the feeling from the review that it's some kind of twilight or something like that. In any case It don't seems like something for me, so I will pass on this one. I love they film it, because clearly, women love it.

  • SquiffleNoses
    SquiffleNoses19 days ago


  • semanado
    semanado19 days ago

    watched after you recommended, loved it

  • dumi kaponda
    dumi kaponda19 days ago

    thanks grace i wil atch this show now

  • mediamerc8
    mediamerc819 days ago

    This show just proved to me that Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy can and should be adapted as a tv show. It would be epic!

  • Vidre Patria
    Vidre Patria19 days ago

    so Grace legit has convinced me to watch this right away

  • Laoighse Boyle
    Laoighse Boyle19 days ago

    Will you be doing a spoiler review ?

  • Muddathir M. Ariff
    Muddathir M. Ariff19 days ago

    To me it's the tight writing and pacing that sets it apart from Cursed, Letter for the King and others of it's kind.... Even Witcher

  • Star Brand
    Star Brand19 days ago

    Shadow and Bone is my new favorite show. It is like Avatar: The Last Airbender meets Harry Potter with a little Bridgerton mixed in.

  • Star Brand

    Star Brand

    17 days ago

    @Peter Last Very true, but I was referring to its tone and not its historical time period. Shadow and Bone like Bridgerton has a diverse ethnic cast, also, in particular, the feeling of Alina at the Little Castle with the General reminded me of Daphne at the Duke's estate with Simon.

  • Peter Last

    Peter Last

    17 days ago

    Shadow and Bone’s time era is Victorian not Georgian era like Bridgerton is (there’s a big difference in terms of culture and technology).

  • Kwentuhan sa Banyo
    Kwentuhan sa Banyo19 days ago

    hello check my book also its call he last moondancer

  • Schnitter Design
    Schnitter Design19 days ago

    I only read the six of crows books, cause somehow the Shadow and Bones books where not translated in my native language. Jesper is my favorite character and I love how they brought the crows in this series. I am only at episode 4 and wow it is great. You can find the two Crows Audio Books on Spotify, great stuff