Sam Wilson Captain America New Suit BREAKDOWN


Sam Wilson Captain America Suit today! Beyond The Trailer breakdown! SPOILERS! New costume Falcon & Winter Soldier Finale! Captain America 4?!
Sam Wilson Captain America Suit today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's breakdown of the new Captain America costume for Sam Wilson revealed in Falcon & Winter Soldier Episode 6! Made in Wakanda! How does it compare to other MCU Marvel costumes? And the comics? Enjoy this breakdown of the new Sam Wilson Captain America costume reveal in Episode 6 of Falcon & Winter Soldier aka the finale now that you've seen the full episode! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • Christopher Garcia
    Christopher Garcia9 days ago

    the suit was one of the most amazing parts of the show. The comic accuracy made it work in ways I didn't even know how. The only quip I have against it is the head piece. The design makes it look less like a suit and more like athletic wear you get at Big 5 or Dick's sporting goods. Considering it was made by Wakandans though, is there a chance that some of the suit is vibranium? The wings maybe?

  • Mo Maini
    Mo Maini9 days ago

    The American Angel

  • Michael LeGrand
    Michael LeGrand10 days ago

    They should've made the ear holes bigger on the cowl. That way when he turns his head it doesn't shift down and sit on his ears so much, making them stick out.

  • Josh Loves Movies
    Josh Loves Movies11 days ago

    So excited for Sam Wilson to rise as Captain America in Captain America 4!

  • Adam StrangeLove
    Adam StrangeLove16 days ago

    Also I wish he wasn't called exactly captain America. Maybe Captain Falcon? Idk. I just hate that Captain America's identity seems to be swallowing so much of his own.

  • Adam StrangeLove
    Adam StrangeLove16 days ago

    See the suit you guys wish he had makes him TOO much like Caps suit. This suit feels all his own while still fighting for the same ideals as cap

  • I write Checks at the grocery store. So?
    I write Checks at the grocery store. So?16 days ago

    I’m honestly shocked that I’m 2 minutes in and a character who literally almost died by being shot in the head, hasn’t had a lack of a helmet mentioned....

  • Zweischneid
    Zweischneid16 days ago

    Looking forward to Hawkeye going comics-accurate in his show ;)

  • EGA83
    EGA8317 days ago

    Those aren't 'Shoulder Pads' they are Spaulders(a piece of armor).

  • Alan Gramont
    Alan Gramont17 days ago

    Ha. That suite is a joke. Sam is an awesome character but, yuk.

  • It’s Seth Relax
    It’s Seth Relax17 days ago

    I gotta disagree with a lot of design changes but the cowl is conflicting for me

  • Bruno De Marques
    Bruno De Marques17 days ago

    I hope they get this through their thick skulls: get this man a helmet

  • kyle D
    kyle D18 days ago


  • Sean Walker
    Sean Walker18 days ago

    Bigger ear holes! His ears are getting squished. I couldn't unsee it once I saw them.

    RICHARD TURNER18 days ago

    looks like Captain Britain,s suit , hey ho !

  • Animefan350
    Animefan35018 days ago

    Yes! there will be tweaks. I love what they did for his current suit. it'll be different in his movie though.

  • iulix max
    iulix max18 days ago

    everything about the show looks really ridiculous 🤣😆👎

  • Vampyr787
    Vampyr78718 days ago

    The only part I don't like is headpiece. It looks like it's a pain to put it on and take it off. I looks like he can't just lift the goggles from the eyes so he can see without red filter over everything.

  • Clarence Hui
    Clarence Hui19 days ago

    I don't think Anthony Mackie's acting was anywhere close to Elizabeth Olsen's.

  • Matthew Dapena-Tretter
    Matthew Dapena-Tretter19 days ago

    Wow, that fan take looks amazing!

  • Brandon Clifford
    Brandon Clifford19 days ago

    Are you kidding me please tell me you are joking

  • eli Johnson
    eli Johnson19 days ago

    Ok why am i watching beyond the stupid? Thus is kinda comlicating

  • Chris
    Chris19 days ago

    Wife really didnt like Sam's new mask. Shoulder pads were odd, otherwise, looks good to me.

  • Octo Pi
    Octo Pi19 days ago

    That fan art is amazing. That would be the perfect outfit for Sam.

  • TheSeeker
    TheSeeker19 days ago

    I get going to Wakanda for the wings, but what was the point of a new suit if it wasn’t also made of vibranium??🤔🤔🤨

  • MANU- L
    MANU- L19 days ago

    Even the first cap's costume wasn't so flattering. It was spikey and baggy...then it evolved. I have a feeling we might have a new costume update in his new Cap movie.

  • Joe S
    Joe S19 days ago

    Marvel should hire whoever made the fan art

  • Aaron Romley
    Aaron Romley19 days ago

    I think it should look more metallic since it's made if Vibranium, that's my only nit pick about it. Other than that it looks great

  • Mox
    Mox19 days ago

    I don't like the half cowl. I do however, think he needs some helmet type of thing to go over his head when he's at high speeds.

  • M North
    M North19 days ago

    From the Pitch Meeting: So he has a new suit that's all armoured, except the top of his head, where his brain is.

  • Carl Walton-Stanley
    Carl Walton-Stanley19 days ago

    It is a very comic accurate suit and it looks good on him but I do agree with the tweets that need to be made. I do love his growth and transformation from Falcon to Captain America. Great series and I look forward to seeing him in yue movies as Captain America

  • Truly Madly
    Truly Madly19 days ago

    I want to see Eminem as villain rap battle with Falcon

  • My name is Aminé
    My name is Aminé19 days ago

    I didn’t care for the suit at all. I felt kinda awkward when i first saw it on screen. It needs a little work.

  • Gerhard de Beer
    Gerhard de Beer19 days ago

    I was in tears, literally, for probably the duration of the show after Sam entered with the new suit. Even though the suit felt lacking in places, it definitely served to the angelic persona that you touched on - it also worked best in the more shadowy scenes, I felt. The wings were incredible!! I loved how he balanced his former alias with the new - some truly incredible action scenes!! Overall I'm so onboard with everything this last episode did for the MCU and for us while touching on social and political dilemmas, not to mention Isaiah Bradley's redemption... I still would've loved to see Isaiah is the earlier suit to some degree. But tears of joy even still after watching your comments on episode 6, good job!!

  • DatPsychGuy
    DatPsychGuy19 days ago

    I think the suit is dope. I’m sure it can be tweaked but overall, I like it. Plus, I like the color scheme.

  • DatPsychGuy


    19 days ago

    3:05 okay...I’m digging that.

  • Matthew Baas
    Matthew Baas19 days ago

    I thought the suit was awesome and wasn’t thinking changes at all. Don’t understand the criticism and honestly I’m amazed at how many out there (not Grace) have been so overly critical of this show. Lots love it but wow I couldn’t believe some of the smack downs this show got by guys like Josh and Sean

  • Patrick Woodley
    Patrick Woodley19 days ago

    Grace keep hating as the new cap said "I'm still here"

  • Owen Hampton
    Owen Hampton19 days ago

    The suit is fantastic

  • Mike Rosario
    Mike Rosario20 days ago

    Captain America still needs a loan, maybe I should start a GoFundMe for him

  • Randhis Ramiah
    Randhis Ramiah20 days ago

    the last episode did Johnny Walker dirty.

  • Ryan Kuhns
    Ryan Kuhns20 days ago

    Yeah I don’t like the head piece, it reminds me of Nightwing from Arkham Knight and I wasn’t a big fan of it.

  • Ramzan Ali
    Ramzan Ali20 days ago

    His neck looked so stiff...he must have had a lot of trouble turning head

  • Clip5299
    Clip529920 days ago

    Thought I would comment because before my comment you had 666 comments

  • Brent H
    Brent H20 days ago

    How does Sam breathe when flying

  • Nicholas Maione
    Nicholas Maione20 days ago

    I agree mostly. I did see a video of what would happen if we could really fly like these heroes and it said one of the biggest threats is the elements and just how cold it is not very high up not to mention hitting birds. So I suppose as much coverage as possible to keep him warm and vibranium to shield him from hitting debris at high speeds

  • Dele Mala
    Dele Mala20 days ago

    I think the Wakandan would not sincerely give their technology to other person that easy especially for Sam bcause he's different nationality which is America

  • Trufe_about_Gaming
    Trufe_about_Gaming20 days ago

    The way they brought this suit to life just imagine what they could do with The X-Men in the MCU.

  • marvelboy74
    marvelboy7420 days ago

    Grace has spent time studying Anthony's physique. The worst part about his costume is the headpiece. They look fine on the page but no so good in real life. The redesign you posted doesn't have enough red in it.

  • Filipino Singing Show
    Filipino Singing Show20 days ago

    yes looks a bit ...wooden...not really dynamic.

  • Angelordz
    Angelordz20 days ago

    I really like the cowl

  • Nub Worthy Cigars
    Nub Worthy Cigars20 days ago

    Idk if Wakanada ever fell into the whole “cargo pockets” thing.. they seem like a more stylish culture. Also, do you think they make a cargo short in vibranium?.. ya know for shorts days and such.

  • Shayne Rawls
    Shayne Rawls20 days ago

    No tweaks. It's great as is.

  • Evan Tomiko
    Evan Tomiko20 days ago

    I love Falcon's new Cap suit. More than Wanda's suit. I would probably take off the headpiece to Falcon and the shoulder bulky pieces.

  • David MacKay
    David MacKay20 days ago

    Hopefully he never get hit in the head....

  • GODSGIFT2780
    GODSGIFT278020 days ago

    Marvel please take note this lady here knows exactly what she’s talking about & Grace I love your input as always & I agree 💯

  • Billy Jackson
    Billy Jackson20 days ago

    Falcon show sucked so bad. Tired of getting lectured the whole time

  • A B
    A B20 days ago

    The wings digging into the ground to prevent Sam from being moved were visually amazing and metaphorically brilliant.

  • King Jaylen
    King Jaylen20 days ago

    I think the fan art looks like something Steve probably wore. I'm fine with the suit Sam has besides a few tweaks since he's not trying to be Steve and looks more inspiring imo

  • Brandon Watts
    Brandon Watts20 days ago

    He kinda looks like A-train from the boys.

  • David Cains
    David Cains20 days ago

    yes I noticed a bit like some live action versions of Batman turning his head looked awkward. however was impressed by first edition of this suit

  • Peter Terry
    Peter Terry20 days ago

    I know it is comics faithful, even with the comic I never understood why any flying person without powers don’t have head protection.

  • Farro Royal
    Farro Royal20 days ago

    If they do redo the character suit, I hope Sam is the one who decides the changes and all for practical reasons because he is a soldier. But also for the stunt / main actor.

  • Sammy Bricks
    Sammy Bricks20 days ago

    maybe just the wings were from wakanda?

  • Sammy Bricks

    Sammy Bricks

    20 days ago

    but i do like the more comicy aesthetic though

  • Sammy Bricks

    Sammy Bricks

    20 days ago

    because it seems like they wouldn’t design such a cloth costume seems like they would make it more nano techy

  • Michael Deal
    Michael Deal20 days ago

    He look like he had the batman effect where the early films he couldn't turn his head in the suit

  • TheJlook2000
    TheJlook200020 days ago

    i dont like the suit - that fan art is a great improvement though . in the show the glasses and mask combo reminded me of A-train from the Boyz .

  • Radi
    Radi20 days ago

    Sam’s suit reminds me a lot of Howard stark cap suit

  • zenjii1
    zenjii120 days ago

    Nice video Grace!!! While i like most of the suit, I still think Sam needs a mask/helmet to protect his noggin. He has no superserum after all and a aerodynamic helmet with a visor, because you don't want flies in getting in your eyes, would not only look cool but will have function!!!

  • David Petrusewicz
    David Petrusewicz20 days ago

    I’m going try to make this costume at home with motor and gears along with light alum wings. It may take 6 to 7 month .


    I like the suit, I just thought it was too loose for a super hero...

  • Randall Hill
    Randall Hill20 days ago

    Personally, I was disappointed. I was hoping for a black panther type "super suit" with wings, and a more muted color pallet. But I understand, they were going for the stars n stripes to emphasize the new Cap, and trying to be more comics accurate.

  • trey born
    trey born20 days ago

    It just struck me watching the final episode again Sharon Carter is a skrull

  • Lead Head
    Lead Head20 days ago

    And his costume looks too much like a regular shirt, shouldn’t it be Vibranium like Iron Man suit otherwise anything could simply go through him

  • Lead Head
    Lead Head20 days ago

    Their race baiting rants are RIDICULOUS! and just because of the falcon has captain America shield does it make him captain America in fact it makes him falcon America!

  • Kyle Leinen
    Kyle Leinen20 days ago

    I am glad Sam is now Captain America, but I am not a fan of the headgear. Plus the whole suit seems bulky.

  • Kristjaan Gaming
    Kristjaan Gaming20 days ago

    I also liked wanda's outfit not quite it looks good on her I also think something should be adjusted with it

  • Pepe Silvia
    Pepe Silvia20 days ago

    My issue with Sam being Captain America is that he doesn't have the super soldier serum. This should have an impact on the way he fights with the shield. He has to be more cunning than Steve Rodgers, he has to be closer to Batman if anything.

  • Tasha Child Of The Most High God
    Tasha Child Of The Most High God20 days ago

    The fan art looks really good.

  • Sener
    Sener20 days ago

    I was surprised by some of the hate on the suit online. I literally find it perfect.

  • teekleek
    teekleek20 days ago

    comic accurate = ugly

  • micah
    micah20 days ago

    i love how you said hightened characters ! b level characters are finally becoming a tier characters in the mcu!

  • Pennine
    Pennine20 days ago

    Why not retractable vibranium suit like BP. Sam got screwed

  • eSCAPE
    eSCAPE20 days ago

    I just here thinking how the hell Sam gets out if the head piece, lol. I thought maybe there’s a latch on the back but no. Remind me of how Shuri made fun if the of panther suit for having a really slow helmet removal. Just give same the same tech that forms a helmet or headwear around his goggles

  • andy pla
    andy pla20 days ago

    aint no way she compared his first suit wit caps first dog shit 2012 suit

  • Akshay Desai
    Akshay Desai20 days ago

    Steve Rogers was hella thicc in the right places, Grace. 🥵

  • Akito
    Akito20 days ago

    Well you should be happy the first costume for Sam is the comic accurate one. Meaning we’ll get new and greater suits in the future

  • nightworg
    nightworg20 days ago

    Yea I agree with you Grace. Especially the shoulder pads need to go.

  • bashenga the black manta
    bashenga the black manta20 days ago

    The fan art is exactly what I imagine in my head

  • CJ Parallel
    CJ Parallel20 days ago

    Come on Grace you didn't @mention or shout out who created the fan art.

  • mercurywoodrose
    mercurywoodrose20 days ago

    give him Black American colors. browns, burgundys, beige. and just the shield for the usa colors, or a small badge. in fact, no fixed color costume. let him wear a good military style suit, with no camo unless he needs it, no us armed forces colors. whatever shows off his skin.

  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH20 days ago

    This is what I get before watching the whole video. Pretty much said exactly what Grace said. I'll leave it up anyway. It almost seems like Sam's suit will go through the same thing as Steve's. His original from when he did the USO shows was a lot brighter and it darkened between each appearance. The fan art looks closer to Steve's Winter Soldier version. I'm sure they'll upgrade so they can sell come more toys.

  • Mofax Zulu
    Mofax Zulu20 days ago

    That costume is horrible. It’s like cosplay costume. I don’t see wakanda vibe. All I see is Sesame Street vibe

  • Resident-Nerd Man
    Resident-Nerd Man20 days ago

    Suit is literally... Perfect

  • Pratik Shetty
    Pratik Shetty20 days ago

    One change : Does it come in Black?

  • toysmostwanted
    toysmostwanted20 days ago

    The biggest difference between the show costume and the comic book costume is the wing placement. The comic book costume always has the wings mounted on his forearms which makes it weird looking whenever he holds or throws the shield. Having the live-action costume wings mounted on the back frees up is arms to use the shield without it looking like he should fall out of the sky whenever he throws it.

  • Marzx Cl
    Marzx Cl20 days ago

    With the removal of the neck piece and the shoulder pads it’s a pretty cool suit

  • dan tan
    dan tan21 day ago

    I liked the new suit but it just looks so frumpy.

  • dan tan
    dan tan21 day ago

    Grace thinks Anthony mackie is thicc. Hahah😂😂

  • Kupret el Kazhiem
    Kupret el Kazhiem21 day ago

    The new suit/Falcon Captain America suit is the ugly suit that i ever see in MCU.

  • Max Rockatansky
    Max Rockatansky21 day ago

    He looks like A-train with a flag.

  • brandon berg
    brandon berg21 day ago

    Thanks for ruining the suit again in the thumbnail have some respect