Robert Kirkman Interview - Invincible Season 1 SPOILERS, Season 2 Info!


Robert Kirkman Interview today! Beyond The Trailer! Creator Kirkman talks Invincible comics to Amazon Season 1, teases Season 2! Omni-Man origin!
Robert Kirkman Interview today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's exclusive interview with Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead and Invincible! Spoiler discussion about Season 1 up the finale with Mark vs Nolan aka Invincible vs Omni-Man! Plus teases for Season 2, like more Battle Beast and Demon Detective! Share your own reaction to Robert Kirkman's interview about Invincible Season 1 now that you've seen each full episode in 2021 on Amazon! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
Intro - 00:00
Reading the Comics - 00:14
Bloody Action Upgrade - 1:05
Mark vs Nolan - 1:55
Adult Animation in the West - 2:57
Better Roles for Debbie & Will - 5:07
Sanda Oh & Steven Yeun - 6:33
Idea for Omni-Man? - 7:31
Why the Mustache?! - 9:20
500 Years Line - 11:12
Season 2 Teases - 12:50
Things NOT in the Comics - 13:18
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  • Zac Killeen
    Zac Killeen2 days ago

    I got the first few comics if anyone is interested in buying

  • Allen Knott
    Allen Knott2 days ago

    Robert Kirkman is a douclebag. His stuff is terrible. Season 1 was terrible. It basically the Boys.

  • Jarod McCoy
    Jarod McCoy2 days ago

    I watched the whole series. In one day fucking loved it

  • Another Week
    Another Week3 days ago

    Titan was probably my favorite side character so i'm excited to see where that goes

  • Cesar Rojas
    Cesar Rojas3 days ago

    Am I the only one who wants Robert Kirkman making an X-Men cartoon for Disney plus

  • kareem lawson
    kareem lawson3 days ago

    After all these years we finally get an explanation behind the infamous viltrumite mustache

  • Silas Henderson
    Silas Henderson3 days ago

    Get this man to write a Transformers series...He would kill it! ;)

  • TonyG718
    TonyG7184 days ago

    Grace-Brilliant interview and THANK YOU for having Mr. Kirkman on! I had to google who the showrunner was after watching the finale as I was in AWE and needed to de-compress in quietness just to process it. Robert just blew my mind referencing Transformers The Movie for his inspiration for the violence to Invincible, as I experienced that in the theaters in 1986 and it forever reshaped the way I view mature, adult oriented animation. The finale had my wife in tears (who does NOT watch animation) and my stomach felt awesomely uncomfortable as we watched the finale unfold! I-LOVE-THIS-SHOW and would have not have watched it had you not recommended it Grace! And I hope this is show is recommended for an emmy.

  • sye
    sye4 days ago

    This interviewer asked all the questions I have wondered. Excellent work.

  • Emily Pozi
    Emily Pozi6 days ago

    I want to see battle beasts sick daughter I was so sad that she was only introduced at the very end of the comic 😭

  • Reaper
    Reaper6 days ago

    Bruh am so scared Robert Kirk man will change the relationship between mark and eve plz don’t

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee6 days ago

    Thank you Grace and Robert Kirkman!! A fabulous review. A fabulous adult animation and diverse, no tokenism! Thank you Kirkman!! Yes!! What a treat!!! I cannot wait for Seasons 2 & 3 and more to complete the series!!

  • Life Kicks
    Life Kicks7 days ago

    Gotta love graces commitment... This show was unbelievably gooood

  • Chad Bailey
    Chad Bailey8 days ago

    Great interview!

  • Jacob Beeter
    Jacob Beeter8 days ago

    Yea this show was an absolute masterpieace

  • podizzz
    podizzz8 days ago

    I love how enthusiastic the interviewer is! you can tell actually cares, makes the conversation a lot more natural!

  • Ryan Ouellette
    Ryan Ouellette9 days ago

    Best interview you've ever done next to your Snyder interviews

  • ShuYo
    ShuYo9 days ago

    My favorite thing about this show and the boys is having that feeling of hopelessness. When omni kills the most powerful super hero team, or when homelander lasers the crowd. It just gives you a sense that no ther show has given me. I want that

  • Cjrod
    Cjrod9 days ago

    we all know you came here for a season 2 release date...AND ITS NEVER THERE

  • Jakub Rusek
    Jakub Rusek9 days ago

    I would like to see a Battle Beast show 😂

  • Patricia Negrete
    Patricia Negrete9 days ago

    I hope this show paves the way to give us more adult animations

  • Dilraj K
    Dilraj K9 days ago

    This guy is a legend he made the walking dead and this damn he’s talented

  • JorgEduardorR
    JorgEduardorR10 days ago

    He is totally right, it feels like an anime but with Justice League Animated series animation.

  • Mohamed kouidri
    Mohamed kouidri10 days ago

    After finishing the show i got so hooked i read the comics in 2 days lmao

  • Suji Mao
    Suji Mao10 days ago

    AOT level gore for sure. One thing I like about this show is they have diverse characters reflecting real life America.

  • Google Sucks
    Google Sucks10 days ago

    Tell me amber gets killed in season 2 and I’m all in. Lmao

  • O C
    O C10 days ago

    You haven't even read any of his material and you're going to interview him and pretend like you have?

  • Cave Chicken
    Cave Chicken10 days ago

    Just now found this channel, love this interviewer. Subbed

  • GentleFist Infinity
    GentleFist Infinity10 days ago

    This was one of Grace's finest interviews. You can tell that Mr. Kirkman really loves his work.

  • Roberto Ortiz
    Roberto Ortiz10 days ago

    I too, read 14 years of comics in 2 weeks 😂

  • Deadbeat Pennyless
    Deadbeat Pennyless10 days ago

    Get woke, ruin the story.

  • The One

    The One

    4 days ago

    Cry brainlet

  • Jose Caro
    Jose Caro11 days ago

    He said 9~15 seasons! Let’s go!

  • Ethan123p
    Ethan123p11 days ago

    this is gonna be an amazing series its great to have the creator be behind this show so we can expect not a lot of big changes like marvel and DC but new stuff added from the comic creator.

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha11 days ago

    I was waiting to hear when is it season 2 coming out ?

    STEALTH JEREMY11 days ago

    The train part messed my head up

  • Eddie Costa
    Eddie Costa11 days ago

    Hands-down one of the best interviews I’ve seen in quite a while...Thank you! Now I wish They would do a “Wanted” Series just like invincible

  • The Whills
    The Whills11 days ago

    GAHD she’s so good at interviewing. 10/10

  • thearthound
    thearthound11 days ago

    I watched Episode 1-3 after your no-spoiler review. So good, I was immediately hooked. Unknowingly did exactly what you did. Bought & read the whole comic series before watching #4 thru 8. First comics I've bought in probably 20 years! Just Amazing!!! I'm a guy that actually likes spoilers, and regularly try to know all I can before watching anything. Really enjoy all of the behind the scenes stuff. For me, it's about Quality. Actors, Story, Presentation, and the overall Experience. Love the way Kirkman & Co. updated & adapted both the story and characters. Totally agree with you about Debbie's arc, and excited to see just where and how this amazing show will differ from the printed story. Seasons 2 & 3, and hopefully many more can't get here soon enough. Thanks for the interview!

  • nandozzy 2.0
    nandozzy 2.011 days ago

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the comic readers who for the most part haven't gone spoiler crazy? Big ups to u guys

  • The milk Man

    The milk Man

    8 days ago

    Yeah it’s sick I’ve read the comic and don’t spoil stuff anyway but I love how no one did

  • Method
    Method11 days ago

    She looks like she just woke up lmfaoo

  • armando peniche
    armando peniche11 days ago


  • lonely les
    lonely les12 days ago

    Albeit short, I really appreciate Robert bringing attention to the sound design and how much more it heightens the impact and gore of scenes

  • LT. DUCK
    LT. DUCK12 days ago

    Who doesn't she have connections to 😂😂😂

  • J B
    J B12 days ago

    Great show! So great.

  • Tutnugget
    Tutnugget12 days ago

    I read all the comics in 2 days

  • Caleb Griffin
    Caleb Griffin12 days ago

    I wanted Damien Darkblood to come back in the final episode to say, "I told you so!" And then Cecil could say. "Yea, we knew."

  • LeeMDP
    LeeMDP12 days ago

    Awesome series! people will catch on before S2 comes out cannot wait

  • Berty Bertface
    Berty Bertface12 days ago

    It's Eve's father. Cute.

  • mrcookins
    mrcookins12 days ago

    @Grace, I too also read all of the Invincible after watching the first three episodes. I am excited to see what's next! This was just a great show, I hope others find it and watch it all! Then read the comics.

  • Howard Pan
    Howard Pan13 days ago

    I started to watch the show based on your recommendation and I'm absolutely hooked! Thank you for the fantastic interview with Rober!

  • warren byrne
    warren byrne13 days ago


  • Saman kucher
    Saman kucher13 days ago

    Thank you for the story . And the great show .

  • mark bradley
    mark bradley13 days ago

    It was nice to see grace fangirling out LOL

  • Randall Makhanya
    Randall Makhanya13 days ago

    This dude seems a lot more down to earth than most. I like him. Glad he's getting his time in the sun

  • Anthony Joseph
    Anthony Joseph13 days ago

    Back when Grace mentioned the sale and I also headed over to Comixology 😆 - It took me 3 weeks to go through the series and it was fantastic!

  • GR3G
    GR3G13 days ago

    The greatest super hero show of all time.

  • AK.47 #6494
    AK.47 #649413 days ago

    when he said "transformers the movie" my respect for this man just went up like 10 levels.

  • Khari Khy-ree
    Khari Khy-ree14 days ago

    Yeeeeees more Damien Darkblood, I really loved that character.

  • Mordakie
    Mordakie14 days ago

    how did this skank get this interview?

  • Pharaoh Akhenaten
    Pharaoh Akhenaten14 days ago

    Can not wait for season 2

  • Teron RSA
    Teron RSA14 days ago

    This show is awesome on every level.. I literally cannot wait for season 2 n hopefully there are more than 8 episodes.

  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee14 days ago

    "I think Darth Vader would be like DAMN!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • PJ Ace
    PJ Ace14 days ago

    Great interview!

  • Ekkk
    Ekkk14 days ago

    Grace: I bought all the books Robert: :)

  • SuperSaiyanBroku
    SuperSaiyanBroku14 days ago

    I hope at least on the TV show version they just keep Nolan as an evil character and do not have this fulfilling redemption negan arc cuz this man what he did on the last episode should not be forgiveness

  • lovelyte
    lovelyte14 days ago

    I feel so bad for Omni-man. He just wanted to bring a better life to the people of earth but his own son chose the friends he grew up with over the viltrimites, his pet Debbie didn't believe in him, and he was so sad he flew away. Clearly the true victim.

  • Chris Wade
    Chris Wade14 days ago

    Transformers poster in the Background! He knows whats up!!! 😉

  • PJ Ace
    PJ Ace14 days ago

    That flashback brought me to tears I didn't expect to catch feels after all that carnage

  • albizu75
    albizu7514 days ago

    Love the show and the interview! Thanks a million!

  • Beatness
    Beatness14 days ago

    First time seeing Robert Kirkman in an interview and surprised he's so much of a sweetie despite his comics being super dark haha

  • Sandhy Gantika
    Sandhy Gantika14 days ago

    Give this show to Zack Snyder for the live action movie version...

  • Skyler Finley
    Skyler Finley14 days ago

    Love the interviews!

  • Boba Phet
    Boba Phet14 days ago

    Yea totally, it was really harrowing. Great show, well done all:)

  • JaDereon Starr
    JaDereon Starr14 days ago

    This show is.... idek the words but I fuckin love it!!!! Great interview!!'👏🏾👌🏾👏🏾✊🏾

  • JT
    JT14 days ago

    For a person who has had so much creative success, Kirkman is a very chill, down to earth guy.

  • Don Jiaye
    Don Jiaye14 days ago

    Wow wow Invincible is an Amazing show...

  • Nvi Warren
    Nvi Warren14 days ago

    Yoooo, Transformers the movie is my movie too!!

  • GuitarBizzar
    GuitarBizzar14 days ago

    I love how genuine you are in interviews. You don’t seem to ever be putting on any different vibes then your normal show! ❤️

  • Ramzan Ali
    Ramzan Ali14 days ago

    Best animated show of 2021 so far. And im damn sure there cant be any better

  • Yee ji ziang
    Yee ji ziang14 days ago

    Isnt Omniman and Viltirmite , basically Kakarot and the Saiyans from DBZ ?

  • Ronin22
    Ronin2214 days ago

    Incredible first season! Definitely can't wait for season 2.

  • Alexander Bleu
    Alexander Bleu14 days ago

    This is cool!

  • Alec Porras
    Alec Porras14 days ago


  • Max Halle-Podell
    Max Halle-Podell14 days ago

    lmao Grace really loves Debby

  • Friis Torben Tappert
    Friis Torben Tappert15 days ago

    This great. Thanks to The Walking Dead Kirkman has more money than God but still pours his heart into it. Love it.

  • Mike Tyson's Disciple with a rifile
    Mike Tyson's Disciple with a rifile15 days ago

    I know I’m gonna get a lot of people upset when I say this but season 1 of invincible is better than the first 12 issues of invincible imo

  • Lester Medina
    Lester Medina15 days ago

    One thing I didn´t like was for Grace to make a big deal about the fact that William had to be gay from the start. That is because there´s also a reason why people come out. More so as a teenager. It could have been played like in the comics and the wouldn´t have been anything bad about it.

  • VALUST17
    VALUST1715 days ago


  • DemiRonin
    DemiRonin15 days ago

    That was such a great interview Grace! You're the best!

  • OnePunchSiana
    OnePunchSiana15 days ago

    I haven't come across your channel before but that was a great interview. Robert seemed super relaxed and comfortable, you kept the flow going, asked great questions and were really enthusiastic about the material. Awesome job! This is just what I needed after episode 8 lol

  • bythebeardofZEUS
    bythebeardofZEUS15 days ago

    You make the state of Kentucky very proud Robert Kirkman. Compelling story telling. Can't wait to see what you do with Rick Grimes movies.

  • Zac Nicholson
    Zac Nicholson15 days ago

    The news that there will be more battle beast makes my day

  • Shae
    Shae15 days ago

    And yes...Queen Grace has once again got an exclusive.

  • aracen74
    aracen7415 days ago

    This show is INVINCIBLE

  • puffwad
    puffwad15 days ago

    Great interview. Show rocks.

  • C. P. Kerney
    C. P. Kerney15 days ago

    Been down since Battle Pope!

  • B a d H a b i t s
    B a d H a b i t s15 days ago

    I started watching this show just in time to finish it on time for the final episode it’s call perfect timing !!!!

  • jack hawkins
    jack hawkins15 days ago

    Great show......cant wait for season 2

  • bcgbb
    bcgbb15 days ago

    I am so glad you covered this finale, thank you so much. What a treat!!!! *****

  • Silvanus Clarke
    Silvanus Clarke15 days ago

    This show is insane good