Oscars 2021 Movies Struggle without NY & LA Movie Theaters, I Care a Lot a hit on Netflix!


Top Ten Box Office & Top Ten Streaming today! Oscars 2021 movies like Nomadland struggle! WandaVision ratings drop with Episode 3, and more!
What to Watch today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction and breakdown of the top ten on Apple TV aka iTunes and Netflix! Also Searchlight hides box office and audience feedback for Nomadland as Oscars 2021 movies struggle with New York and Los Angeles movie theaters still closed! I Care a Lot is a hit for Netflix! Finally a look at the upcoming movies and shows coming to streaming, like Tom & Jerry on HBO Max, Tom Holland's Cherry and more! Share your own reaction and be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
Croods vs Tenet - 00:00
Universal's Success - 1:58
Secrets! - 3:43
Nomadland's Troubles - 4:28
NY & LA Movie Theaters - 6:14
Nielsen Ratings - 9:31
Netflix - 11:28
iTunes - 12:28
This Coming Week - 13:22
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • Red KoJacK
    Red KoJacK8 days ago

    I haven't seen the Croods 2 lol

  • Nihar Patel
    Nihar Patel9 days ago

    Okay I will be honest, I stopped watching wanda vision on disney + because its just such a small episode they release every week. I can watch it on other websites... or repurchased disney subscription and binge it all together.

    POLM PHOTO9 days ago

    I don't even want to think about going to a movie theater in nyc or L.A, especially during a pandemic. Thinking to self is that cough from the popcorn or is that cough a corona cough 😷

  • Jon Alexander
    Jon Alexander9 days ago

    Has anyone seen Silk Road? I really love the cast but the fact that I haven't seen many reviews scares me.

  • Dylan Gelinas
    Dylan Gelinas9 days ago

    I think the secret sauce is sequels. If you are going to shell out cash for a digital release the it really needs to be a property people are familure with. Raya is a complete unknown so its a hard sell to broke people at home. When your kids want the Croods 2 you are at least familure with the fact that they have watched the first one 57 times so you will likely get your moneys worth.

  • Kid Ippo
    Kid Ippo9 days ago

    Jajajajajajajaaj yeah Inglorious basterds did not win what it should have

  • IronBat
    IronBat9 days ago

    I still haven't seen the Croods 2 yet.

  • Shimaz Munshi
    Shimaz Munshi9 days ago

    people should watch tenet it's a crazy movie

  • Hadam10Rose
    Hadam10Rose10 days ago

    Of course I haven't seen Croods 2, never saw Croods 1, why would I watch the sequel?

  • Angel Arch
    Angel Arch10 days ago

    ...They aren't reporting their numbers, because "Thinking that the film might be a horrible flop" is better than "Knowing that the film is a horrible flop".

  • Bad Bitch
    Bad Bitch10 days ago

    I care A lot - I love them and I thought that every actor gave an insanely well done performance especially pike. However this movie made me Wade through shit characters to get to a satisfying end that never fucking came, honestly wish I didn’t waste the hours on it.

  • Michael
    Michael10 days ago

    I love how she added those Wizard of Oz stills into this conversation 🤣💯

  • Robert Bench
    Robert Bench10 days ago

    I'm excited for Tom & Jerry.

  • Robert Bench
    Robert Bench10 days ago

    The sitcom part of Wandavision is definitely a waste of time! They should've done the neighborhood mystery without injecting that unecessary sitcom cringefest!

  • Robert Bench
    Robert Bench10 days ago

    Grace I never heard any buzz about The Croods 2. It's not a popular movie. It just so happens that it's a family kids movie that's why it made that much at the box office.

  • Robert Bench

    Robert Bench

    9 days ago

    @Gil Abramovich It's not an unknown property but it's certainly not popular too unlike what Grace just said.

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    10 days ago

    The first movie made 600 million dollars, so it's not an unknown property. But I could see the sequel dropping to 300 million dollars in pre-pandemic box-office.

  • Ricardo Retamal
    Ricardo Retamal10 days ago

    The mole agent please. Netflix.

  • Pablo
    Pablo10 days ago

    No word on Greenland?

  • Passive Agressive
    Passive Agressive10 days ago

    Pleas can you review Lupin? It’s awesome

  • andrew wilton
    andrew wilton10 days ago

    the eyeliner is so distracting.

  • Passive Agressive
    Passive Agressive10 days ago

    So glad Lupin is in the Top Ten is awesome❤️

  • Passive Agressive
    Passive Agressive10 days ago

    Cuomo and Newsome are so unpopular right now. Opening movie theatres would bring them so much good will.

  • tawanna colbert
    tawanna colbert10 days ago

    My favorite movie I’ve seen since the pandemic is Netflix “Devil all the time”. It’s just that one movie I can’t stop thinking about and comparing every other movie I’ve seen this year too.

  • Siddharth Biswas
    Siddharth Biswas10 days ago

    Wandavision dipped in week 2 was kinda obvious coz majority didn't knew the story.

  • Karen Vondermehden
    Karen Vondermehden10 days ago

    Well we have to wait until HBO max releases the Snyder's Justice League,and then Godzilla vs Kong and then again Mortal Kombat.

  • Catman DUU
    Catman DUU10 days ago

    I made it back out to a theater again but unfortunately saw the very horrible Monster Hunter. That film is garbage. Why did we go see it. A friends girlfriend wanted to see and I just wanted to go to the theater so yay. There is a a very little bit of the movie near the end that at least pays tribute to the game.

  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH10 days ago

    We've finally got Star up and running but still don't have everything. I would've thought Nomadland would be available through that but it's cinema only in Australia. In saying that there's a heap of content that's now been dropped onto Disney Plus so I'm not exactly upset about missing one movie.

  • Stanlos
    Stanlos10 days ago

    I have been streaming THE MANDALORIAN and it joins DISCOVERY as the best of its franchise in the use of their respective lores, worlds, and trappings. Incidentally they both are also magnificently scored.

  • Rick Dalton
    Rick Dalton10 days ago

    I wish Johnny Depp had made a movie in 2020. He would absolutely fucking kill it among these trash nominees!

  • coolcats036
    coolcats03610 days ago

    Glad i have a way to see it but with Nomadland now on Hulu i have no plans on paying to see it

  • George Davy Jr
    George Davy Jr11 days ago

    I just found out that Adult section for Disney Plus isn't gonna be in the US. =(

  • JC Rising Late ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V l
    JC Rising Late ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V l11 days ago

    *they are being shifty* . i wonder if we can run our own research; probs not you know. if it may impact sales, the law is likely strict and company directed. hmm. we could do it underground, & force thr hand to all go to a neilsens.

  • nvelet koslin
    nvelet koslin11 days ago

    i care a lot is a fun ride, and it was really well done; i don't get why people are wanting to shit on it😹

  • Evan Evans
    Evan Evans11 days ago

    did Grace say "arcades" ??? lol they still exist?

  • Ro Ro
    Ro Ro11 days ago

    Amazing watching the movie business reinvent itself.

  • Max Bahneman
    Max Bahneman11 days ago

    I started using the Apple TV trending section to get an idea of what people are watching. Nomadland was trending at the top all weekend. I think it did quite well for Hulu though I’m not surprised box office was low.

  • Larry Cimarelli
    Larry Cimarelli11 days ago

    Yes opening theatres will really help Cuomo there. He killed thousands of elderly people and covered it up...but at least he opened movie theatres. Lefties are so dumb.

  • Vileplume 48
    Vileplume 4811 days ago

    I thought nomad land was one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen in my entire life

  • Barking Alien
    Barking Alien11 days ago

    There are still arcades? Wow. Who knew.

  • Keiki Alani Frazee
    Keiki Alani Frazee11 days ago

    Wait? What about Detective Chinatown 3’s Box Office $400 Million Haul? Shouldn’t that be up there to? Wow? -just sayin’ lol 😝

  • Costas Lavranos
    Costas Lavranos11 days ago

    I know you're trying to avoid making the mouse upset; but it's been quite a while since you mentioned the full on rebellion that has formed around Gina Carano. I keep hoping you'll make a video.

  • 짐살라빔
    짐살라빔11 days ago

    i watched nomadland only bc it's a nominee for best picture LMAO if it wasn't for any of that, then I would've skipped most def

  • Apti Newim
    Apti Newim11 days ago

    Rosamund Pike is amazing. I'd say Oscar worthy, but that may be my fanboy side talking haha

  • javier book shadows contributor du
    javier book shadows contributor du11 days ago

    424th comment

  • Snoer
    Snoer11 days ago

    Uni (Universal)? thats a fun nickname, they should use it and name their streaming service *Uni+* ! XD

  • TimonDAwesome
    TimonDAwesome11 days ago

    Rating drops aren't weird at all. 1st episode and the last episode are usually always the highest rated of the season for weekly shows. By this logic GoT lost interest because it always had drops after the first episode lol.

  • Justin Kidd
    Justin Kidd11 days ago

    I understand the angle for minutes but WandaVision has been dropping off faster and faster on Twitter. It’s weird. And why isn’t anyone talking about the low audience score?

  • Justin Kidd

    Justin Kidd

    9 days ago

    @mickyjoe97 I’m talking about hours spent at the top. It’s much lower than earlier episodes. Even with slightly longer episodes it has dipped.

  • mickyjoe97


    9 days ago

    WandaVision trends nearly throughout the weekend after the last couple of episodes. Particularly after the Agatha reveal

  • Brayden Dukes
    Brayden Dukes11 days ago

    Lol I actually have not seen the Croods yet

  • Timothy Kenobi
    Timothy Kenobi11 days ago

    Hey grace! Just wanted to let you know if you don't already that M. Pike is going to be in the wheel of time tv show on amazon! You should look into it! 😁

  • Tue Sorensen
    Tue Sorensen11 days ago

    I skimmed Nomadland. Didn't like the semi-documentary style.

  • James Handley
    James Handley11 days ago

    Nomadland is so overrated it’s good but not that good omg the main actress hardly said anything in movie how amazing

  • Jane Choy
    Jane Choy11 days ago

    I Care A Lot is actually on Prime (not Netflix) outside of the US

  • Jane Choy

    Jane Choy

    11 days ago

    @Gil Abramovich it's on Prime in Canada

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    11 days ago

    It's in Netflix here, so it's also on Netflix internationally. I think I heard that it's on Amazon Prime in the UK.

    NRG COMIX!11 days ago

    It has been a terrible year for the business side of the movie business. Later this year, we will be greeted by lots of 20-20 hindsight that is part revisionist and part true. Always appreciate your perspective Grace. You have focused on the center of the problem. . . not enough people are prepared to go to the movies yet. . . and are not going to be willing to go back for a while. And yet the demand for content continues intensively. Thanks for continuing to share your very informed viewpoint!

  • Stanlos
    Stanlos11 days ago

    Grace and I had very different experiences viewing MONSTER HUNTER. I found this to be very fun and very exciting. I also really enjoyed some the choices made with the script for the same reasons I enjoyed them in IRON FIST. Usually the characters find everything easily and never take damage, know peril, or have to really work. If they are on an aluen world Everyone magically speaks english and they know everything instantly. MONSTER HUNTER doesn't take that route and I am appreciative of that. Jovovich is a fantastic and likeable action hero and her co-lead is a legend at action and does no different here. It's a very good time. The only downside for me was not getting more time with the diverse set of Rangers

  • Christopher Bstead
    Christopher Bstead11 days ago

    Fla, TX, GA all have had theaters open for months with no significant increases, and lower numbers than NY or CA . . . . sad

  • ky zman
    ky zman11 days ago

    It’s mind blowing every time I see people still compare Netflix to the Disney+ 🤔

  • KennyKennTV
    KennyKennTV11 days ago

    Ive played monster hunter for about 10 years, and the movie was average at best, but video game accuracy? Next level. SO many subtle things in the movie that only someone who actually played it (or at the very least, researched it greatly) would know. Respect to the director for knowing the source material.

  • Aleph Pardo
    Aleph Pardo11 days ago

    Also I think that they don't publish those numbers because it will change people's mind about which movie to buy or rent. Some people can especially choose not to rent something because it already has made a lot of money and choose to support another one. I know back in the day when everything was normal it never stopped people from going to see a movie but now, with the pandemic and a unstable economic situation, people became more sensible to the gap between big businesses and the working class. I don't know if my point came across but that can be one of the reasons.

  • Icy Mike
    Icy Mike11 days ago

    I am fascinated by her face movements

  • Janellelle
    Janellelle11 days ago

    "I care a lot" was disgusting

  • theylied1776
    theylied177611 days ago

    (To be fair) has to be your favorite term. The guys at Letterkenny would love this. Are you sure that you're not Canadian?

  • Peter Johnston
    Peter Johnston11 days ago

    Airplanes have excellent circulation... really?

  • Connor Buckley
    Connor Buckley11 days ago

    I'm surprised WandaVision didn't have more minutes viewed because I've been watching the latest episode twice a day every week until Friday 🤣

  • Dom McKenzie
    Dom McKenzie11 days ago

    Just saying tribes od Europa is a really good series.

  • Gregory Davis
    Gregory Davis11 days ago

    Grace, the term your looking for is "COVID SAFE"!

  • Skinner Sweet
    Skinner Sweet11 days ago

    Wuuut Grace !? Your nation don’t care for “Nomadland” !?¥&!?/%$€!? Of course, it ain’t got any sexy shots on Frances, but l lived Crap out of this fine cinema ! BTW appreciate very educational episode as always. Kek

  • Wajahat Ali
    Wajahat Ali12 days ago

    What about TOM and JERRY

  • Roberto Jacome
    Roberto Jacome12 days ago

    In south africa we have 50% capacity and opened weekdays only until the afternoon screening, but now they shifted to the weekends only since there are no business during the week.

  • N1qq Fury
    N1qq Fury12 days ago

    *"SSSOOOOOOOOOOOO"* - Nerdrotic (used Grace as a meme in his videos 🤣)

  • Nomak
    Nomak12 days ago

    I care a lot is hot garbage, my wife and I couldn't even finish it.

  • buciallstar
    buciallstar12 days ago

    the etiquette in airplain eating is that while the people next to you eat, you still wear a mask, and once they are finished, you can eat.

  • buciallstar
    buciallstar12 days ago

    I have not seen any new movies. I haven't seen Wonder Woman, Croods 2, Mulan, Tenet, nor any new non-Netflix movies. And I used to go to the theater 2 to 3 times a week with AMC premium

  • Sergey Ivaschuck
    Sergey Ivaschuck12 days ago

    I loved Monster Hunter! Cinematography, music and CGI were top notch. It gave me Pitch Black vibes and that is always a good thing. Why you hating on it? ahah

  • therealeverton
    therealeverton12 days ago

    We have NO IDEA how much the Croods 2 actually makes. Sure it may be a lot, but at the same time, it could just be the top of a very small pile of money. This is the pprooblem.

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    11 days ago

    @therealeverton At the end, all streaming services have the same goal- to make you think "I can't not have this streaming service". Conversation is a part of it. There's a reason why every service talks about Game of Thrones- a show that was talked about a lot by a lot of people. It makes others feel like they can't miss it, they want to be a part of the conversation. The other part is releasing content every week, to make consumers feel their money is well-spent and that they can't leave the service. Disney+ releases a new episode every week, Netflix releases a new show/movie every week.

  • therealeverton


    11 days ago

    @Gil Abramovich Exactly.. and in the conversation for longer...

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    11 days ago

    @therealeverton And a weekly episode is as valueable to a streaming service as a binge show. They both do the same job: keeping you subscribed for one more week.

  • therealeverton


    11 days ago

    @Gil Abramovich I guess some people probably do that. My main experience is people doing what Grace has done here, which is not do the maths and see what numbers actually mean. For example that Wandavision being 7th is "bad". When in fact it is very good because it has a low number of actually available minutes. ~You could argue that is her using the data to further her agenda of the start of the show being too niche etc. But it is also just bad maths and statistical analysis (most people do this, it is not an insult, merely an observation). I would expect the people at Marvel and Disney to be well aware that the show is a massive success for them and that it is the most successful per minute show on that chart, by a distance.

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    12 days ago

    @therealeverton I have no idea. It's easy to make narattives when there are barely legit numbers. We just make stuff up based on half-truths we get, based on what agenda we try to promote.

  • yeetyotedude
    yeetyotedude12 days ago

    Movie theaters would be back in business if there was anything worth seeing in theatres. Nobody cares about the scamdemic anymore, if the companies put the good movies in theatres people would go. Opening up to full capacity would lead to probably 85% of normal numbers.

  • yeetyotedude
    yeetyotedude12 days ago

    Nobody even knows what The Croods 2 even is

  • E.H
    E.H12 days ago

    Also when thinking about wonder woman you gotta know that HBO Max isn't available worldwide and for example in my homecountry WW84 is a theatrical releae. And I am not going to the theatres when the pandemic is still a legitimate threat

  • hjermsted22
    hjermsted2212 days ago

    Dan Stevens has been hired by Marvel before, technically speaking. He played Charles Xavier's son in Legion. I hope Feige brings him into the MCU.

  • kevin pike
    kevin pike12 days ago

    I care a lot was on Netflix? Here in the UK it was on Amazon Prime. the comment on Rosamund isn't true. She has had plenty of work that fitted around her having a family.

  • SuperKing604
    SuperKing60412 days ago

    Highest grossing movie of 2020 was bad boys 3 wasn’t it?

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    12 days ago

    I think she talked about the highest-grossing or most successful movie during the pandemic. Bad Boys 3 completed its theatrical-run when the pandemic started. It made at least 90% of the theatrical profit before the pandemic.

  • Jhove LaLaLa
    Jhove LaLaLa12 days ago

    WW84 just say it grace it sucked.

  • Justin Wood
    Justin Wood12 days ago

    I've not seen Croods and won't be doing so until it's like a $5 rental. Same for most movies for me these days. There's plenty of other stuff to watch without spending $20-$30 to see a movie once.

  • Jamie Crucefix
    Jamie Crucefix12 days ago

    Dan Stevens was really good in Eurovision

  • Eliezer Concepcion
    Eliezer Concepcion12 days ago

    Look at those numbers we are back in the mid nineties. 😂

  • Garnet Fire
    Garnet Fire12 days ago

    So I gotta stream WandaVision more? No problem.

  • Jamie Crucefix
    Jamie Crucefix12 days ago

    I haven´t seen Croods 2.

  • Chrys .Loi
    Chrys .Loi12 days ago

    There's little doubt on my mind that Best Director will go to Chloe Zhao.

  • Gangerworld
    Gangerworld12 days ago

    Yeah, cinemas need to go. They're disgusting, filthy illness traps run by greedy lazy assholes. Shut them all down. People want the theatre experience? Get some friends and go to the one who has the biggest TV and share the cost of a rental.

  • Akhil Kocherlakota
    Akhil Kocherlakota12 days ago

    Lmao, WandaVision didn't have a previous season to make it exciting? It has 23 freaking movies for 12 years! It's just the sitcom angle that didn't connect well to majority of the audience.

  • marie fairweather
    marie fairweather12 days ago

    nomadland is the type of movie only people who are into indie film want to see, and most of us already saw it at one of the many virtual film festivals it played at a few months back so the low box office wouldnt surprise me

  • Nella J

    Nella J

    10 days ago


  • Brad Hearne
    Brad Hearne12 days ago

    Given that WandaVision only dropped twenty or so minutes of additional content that week, it’s not only understandable that it dropped to seventh; it’s impressive that it managed to stay in a top ten list of full seasons of shows! Maybe nielsen need to adjust they way they report the list or break it down further into full season list and new content list. Or have a seperate list for all the shows/streamers doing week-to-week episodic. I imagine something like The Boys or umbrella academy would be challenged by the current method as well (although they have previous seasons).

  • Jon Stewart

    Jon Stewart

    11 days ago

    So, Nielson's metric wasn't a problem when weekly shows like The Boys and the Mandalorian were dominating it, but now that WandaVisions numbers appear unflattering, they need to change how they report the numbers? 😆 the MCU c***sucking is off the charts

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    12 days ago

    This algorithm favors Netflix shows. Netflix shows drop all at once, make big headlines and disappear after 2-3 weeks. That's why the top 10 is filled with shows you mabye didn't even know existed. The other streaming only release an episode weekly, but that episode is much more valueable than an average Netflix episode. That one episode keeps viewers subscribed for a full week. So that one episode sort of equals to an entire binge series in terms of subscriptions.

  • Peter Lomax
    Peter Lomax12 days ago

    Nielsen could add another column with a percentage of the show watched. For example (Total minutes watched divided by average run time of the all episodes divided by all episodes in the series multiplied by 100%). This might give a idea on how the series is performing against others.

  • Peter Lomax

    Peter Lomax

    11 days ago

    @Maxi Iroh Both, side by side comparison

  • Maxi Iroh

    Maxi Iroh

    12 days ago

    So, going by minutes per viewer instead of overall minutes?

  • Tirth Vaishnav
    Tirth Vaishnav12 days ago

    Felt so good to hear "per-theatre average" after almost a year! :'-)

  • nerdywilliams
    nerdywilliams12 days ago

    Yeah all the MCU die hards trying to convince us that WandaVision is a hotter streamer than GOT and Mandalorian and all that , well , it’s not sorry !! Stop trying to sell MCU as it the second coming !!!

  • nerdywilliams


    10 days ago

    @Siddharth Biswas from who ?! It’s numbers don’t like it ?!

  • Siddharth Biswas

    Siddharth Biswas

    10 days ago

    Well it is currently the most demanded show

  • theresia2012
    theresia201212 days ago

    Nomad land to me was just average! Great storyline though

  • Luigi Delco
    Luigi Delco12 days ago

    Please don't bring Chinese box office, that's bullshit

  • Wikinomad - DJ
    Wikinomad - DJ12 days ago

    Rosamund pike = Emma frost

  • Chelsea Thompson
    Chelsea Thompson12 days ago

    I can’t get past the first 20 minutes of the first Croods movie. 😳

  • Broderick Schwinghammer
    Broderick Schwinghammer12 days ago

    I have to mention, I am soooooo happy the Good Girls S3 finally arrived on Netflix, and made the top 5!!!!!!!!! That show is excellent and I highly recommend it to anyone who is either remotely curious about it, like's great, complex female roles, or like a Dead to Me (it's in a very similar vein, delightfully so!).

  • luxneji
    luxneji12 days ago

    It feels nomadland is the front runner at the momento

  • Lupin
    Lupin12 days ago

    Just give me a Barb and Star sequel!!!