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  • Beyond The Trailer
    Beyond The Trailer19 days ago

    Discussion starts at 2:30 - thanks for joining me!

  • Douglas Mendez

    Douglas Mendez

    15 days ago

    Get Woke Go Broke..... 😂😂😂😂

  • TimeIdle


    15 days ago

    @Upside Down - You obviously don't know Oscars history very well. It's not audacious at all. You're idealizing something that's not at all idealistic.

  • Upside Down

    Upside Down

    15 days ago

    @TimeIdle " People win on narratives alone all the time...."She pointed out examples of Jeff Bridges, etc. So why not with Chadwick? " That doesn't make it right. That's definitely not a justification. "The Oscars is not just about who's the best (that is subjective anyway), but also what that win means." It's EXACTLY about who's the best. It's there in the title! People like Grace are trying to normalize this view that it's all about the optics and perception, but that is not what the Oscars are about.

  • Upside Down

    Upside Down

    15 days ago

    @TimeIdle "But she already said it doesn't just matter what you think of the performance, the Oscar should be about the narrative as well. " Really?!!! "And given the clear critical consensus that Boseman gave an Oscar winning performance. Hopkins did too, but he already has an Oscar." Really? (again!) I think you understand what she said, but trying to normalize this and make it acceptable is frankly horribly audacious.

  • TimeIdle


    15 days ago

    @Michael Small - You're entitled to your opinion, but that's not how the Oscars work sometimes. People win on narratives alone all the time. She pointed out examples of Jeff Bridges, etc. So why not with Chadwick? I'm not necessarily agreeing with her. I'm just trying to explain the rationale. The Oscars is not just about who's the best (that is subjective anyway), but also what that win means.

  • Bla Bla
    Bla Bla5 hours ago

    Quo Vadis Aida deserved that Oscar. Such a shame voters didn’t watch every movie on that list. It speaks volume about Oscars and how much of an irrelevant award it is. Another Round won ONLY because of the director and the actor that’s in it. Also Grace I am extremely disappointed with you because of your bias and I know damn well you didn’t even watch every movie in the international category.

  • Taresh Patel
    Taresh Patel4 days ago

    Does anyone think they should include live musical performances? Maybe even some comedy sketches? Basically attach other forms of entertainment onto it

  • Lindenberg Gomes
    Lindenberg Gomes7 days ago

    Totally agree about best actress. But the best actor was 100% right.

  • Charles Alwyn
    Charles Alwyn12 days ago

    Not to mention that nail the dresses on the red carpet were sooooooo atrocious and ghastly. 🤮🤮🤮

  • jonathan foster
    jonathan foster12 days ago

    I disagree that Frances McDormand's character in Three Billboards was the same as her character in Nomadland. I think they couldn't be more different! She was so subtle with her performance in Nomadland, in complete contrast to her loud and expletive role in Three Billboards. Totally support her win!✊🏼✊🏼

  • UHeardMe1stTime
    UHeardMe1stTime12 days ago

    I agree on Chad Bozeman except the academy members vote and whomever get the most votes wins. It's not like they get together and have a discussion about who should win.

  • TheDarksweeney
    TheDarksweeney14 days ago

    So... are we pretending the Oscars haven't been political since it's inception?

  • Guillermo R. Tinajero
    Guillermo R. Tinajero14 days ago

    The fact that everyone is saying "They should've given the Oscar to Chadwick because of his legacy" and not "because of his performance" shows why he lost. With all respect, if he were still with us, Hopkins and Ahmed would've been the frontrunners all the way.

  • Yair Acevedo Mtz.
    Yair Acevedo Mtz.14 days ago

    girl what a mess people shouldn't win just because they passed, and you didn't even watch that movie!

  • Kaito Spin
    Kaito Spin14 days ago

    If Anthony Hopkins was an actor of color and the late Chadwick Boseman was not, Grace would have never spent 15 minutes pathetically arguing that Boseman should have won. she would instead spend 30 minutes explaining why Hopkins winning is absolutely earned and how no one else was even close. In fact she might even call it the most well deserved Oscar since Forest Whitaker's.

  • WindyClear
    WindyClear15 days ago

    When you say dammit with god in front of it it’s much more offensive on the ears, and I’m not religious. It’s just much more aggressive

  • Louise Andersen
    Louise Andersen15 days ago

    Uhm what? Andrea Day was not the frontrunner for best actress. She was 4th. Though I do agree that Cary Mulligan should´ve won, but I would not call it a rob

  • Chris Lounsbury
    Chris Lounsbury15 days ago

    Odd music choices and the way they trailed off was not fitting imo

  • Gunnar Eðvarðsson
    Gunnar Eðvarðsson15 days ago

    I adored Frances in Nomadland. I have not always been impressed with her but she was amazing in the film and I was very moved by her performance (which matters a lot it seems these days) more than gimmicks. I was not impressed by Ma Rainey. Viola was solid but I wasn't particularly moved by her performance.

  • Harvey
    Harvey16 days ago

    Thomas Vinterberg's Another Round is absoluetly incredible! I envy you for having not yet watched it. I would love for you to do a review of it, because it needs to be promoted on channels such as yours.

  • iulix max
    iulix max16 days ago

    shadow and bone is a cheap netflix show and they cope avatar the last airbender is the first time i wanted the bad guy to win!!

  • iulix max
    iulix max16 days ago

    i am hape Anthony Hopkins Win hi is a fantastic actor 👍

  • Eglan
    Eglan16 days ago

    Maybe one of the reasons ratings have tanked for The Oscars are because people are sick of being preached to by entitled Hollywood elites.

  • Baby Toshiro
    Baby Toshiro16 days ago

    Frances McDormand deserves an award for low telling the Oscars, your show not worth getting dressed for😊

  • Nilansh
    Nilansh16 days ago

    Grace sometimes you sound really dumb. (Chadwick boseman rant)

  • Marc
    Marc16 days ago

    It was a weak year for all categories but clearly Hopkins is a better actor than boseman.

  • Axel Rezinovsky
    Axel Rezinovsky17 days ago

    Anthony Hopkins did give the best performance

  • Alone Alien
    Alone Alien17 days ago

    My mom's side of the family has a history of Alzheimer's disease. Her grandfather, one of her uncles, one of her aunts... So, trust me when I say that Anthony Hopkins' portrayal of a father losing his memories and his grip on reality is absolute perfection. It felt real and I was so miserable thinking of how the people we love grow old and frail and at times there is nothing anyone can do for them. He deserved this win. My two cents.

  • Alone Alien

    Alone Alien

    15 days ago

    @kamuil asia I don't know if that's how such things should work. Merit and not emotions should decide who gets awards. But everyone's entitled to their own opinions.

  • kamuil asia

    kamuil asia

    16 days ago

    He already had so many Oscars and Boseman will never have another chance

  • Ruth Joseph
    Ruth Joseph17 days ago

    Hollywood is over. Done finished.

  • Cate M
    Cate M17 days ago

    I read that the Academy wouldn’t let Anthony Hopkins accept his award via Zoom, since he’s 83 and didn’t feel safe traveling due to COVID. Plus, the UK still has different rules regarding the travel in and out from Wales. Curious since in the video you said you didn’t understand why he wouldn’t accept via Zoom. Do you believe that happened? Or just an excuse made afterwards?

  • mikelikes44
    mikelikes4417 days ago

    Hopkins won because he gave the best performance of the five nominees. He's in his 80s, has been acting for decades, and yet still turned out his career best performance and arguably one of the best lead actor performances of at least the past decade. I think what this shows is that voters just vote for who they think gave the best performance, regardless of other factors such as previous wins, as shown by the Frances McDormand win too.

  • NorthBear
    NorthBear17 days ago

    No one cares about the oscars😂😂😂😂

  • Charles Okwuagwu
    Charles Okwuagwu17 days ago

    Go woke, go broke, truth hurts Grace

  • Savvaniya Sicarius
    Savvaniya Sicarius17 days ago

    I did not watch the Oscar but I did take the time to watch the review on your channel. I rather know the bread and butter than sit through the show.

  • hahahahajajajajaj
    hahahahajajajajaj17 days ago

    OK you say that boseman and hopkins did comparable amazing jobs yet you havent seen ma rainey's black bottom so you dont actually know question have you seen the father or sound of metal ? because if you havent then your opinion is not valid you are just talking form a fangirl point of view wich you wourself have condemed many other times i like you but super disagree with your point

  • Silliness4U
    Silliness4U17 days ago

    You never stated the obvious. Maybe no one watched cuz they don’t want to be lectured by woke multi millionaires?

  • RitnFool
    RitnFool17 days ago

    Changing the order of the final awards only works if you know FOR SURE, 100%, who is winning the final award. They didn't, and it blew up in their faces. This is the first year EVER that I didn't watch the Oscars, and now I'm glad I didn't.

  • undercurrent
    undercurrent17 days ago

    Has grace even watched the father yet?

  • Catherine Paquet
    Catherine Paquet17 days ago

    They called it an Oscar SHOW a show is supposed to be entertaining!

  • Mark Massey
    Mark Massey17 days ago

    I did think that it was funny that Regina King Acknowledged that people turn over when Hollywood starts to preach to them... before proceeding to preaching to the hand full of people who bothered to watch lol

  • Hayley S
    Hayley S17 days ago

    How was it "Chadwick Boseman's turn" other than the fact that he died? He was never even nominated for one of the main awards before, and arguably hasn't even been making films for that long. Before he died the only film he was in that was hugely acclaimed was BP, a comic book film. Ma Rainey's wasn't even nominated for best picture. The nomination was only given because he died. Dying doesn't make you the best actor.

  • Toruk Makto
    Toruk Makto17 days ago

    So many lame excuses. The Oscars bombed because people are sick and tired of you woke fucks running your mouths about shit you don't understand. People want movies that entertain, not drain. We are sick of the propaganda and we are voting with our wallets and our time.

  • Baby Toshiro

    Baby Toshiro

    16 days ago

    dial it down buddy, or you will be reported

  • Philip Raider
    Philip Raider17 days ago

    "Chadwick Boseman got snubbed!" *didn't even watch Ma Rainey's Black Bottom* 😆

  • Hayley S
    Hayley S17 days ago

    Maybe they voted for Anthony Hopkins because in their opinion he gave the best performance and that is what the award is for.

  • 1c3 sLy1
    1c3 sLy117 days ago

    I didn't even know the Oscar's were on in April. It's usually right after January Grammy's. I knew the Grammy's came on because it made me mad they postponed The Equalizer with Queen Latifah for it.

  • Suraj Prakash
    Suraj Prakash17 days ago

    Abc conducts Oscars...and Disney owns it...u think Disney have influences on nominations and winners?

  • J.
    J.17 days ago

    Grace, you are so right. Call a spade a spade. The Acadamy should be ashamed.

  • Un Viaje al Cine con Ángel Mancilla
    Un Viaje al Cine con Ángel Mancilla17 days ago

    Grace... Really? You have not seen Ma Rainey's Black Bottom and you are defending so strongly Boseman's performance???? A lot of incoherence there I'm afraid

  • Pat Currie
    Pat Currie17 days ago

    The Academy didn't rob Chadwick. The voters decided. Come on Grace!

  • Pat Currie
    Pat Currie17 days ago

    Best Director came very early too, and even actress before Actor! All for the Gamble. Idiots!!!

  • Pat Currie
    Pat Currie17 days ago

    They advertised a lot on ABC. The producers followed you pundits that said Chadwick was a slam dunk. He WASN"T. It was his best role only. Actors vote, they appreciated him getting better, but couldn't deny Anthony. They shuffled the whole show on a gamble & lost, bigtime. Also that will teach you and your peers to stop the spin causes. Laura Dern was pandering as she spoke for supporting actor, it was sickening. Even Daniel looked uncomfortable.

  • Marco Davinci
    Marco Davinci18 days ago

    I still can't forget that Grace said in her Oscar films review months ago that she was bored because nothing actually happened in the films Nomadland and Minari!!! They were both such touching films and with all their Oscar wins I think most people felt that these life stories were indeed very captivating and heartwarming!

  • Sakuragi 10

    Sakuragi 10

    17 days ago

    Im very bored watching Nomadland and I haven’t watch Minari yet

  • Douglas Leon 11
    Douglas Leon 1118 days ago

    Nice Review Grace..very entertaining

  • sonicocr
    sonicocr18 days ago

    It was ugly... totally ugly...

  • David Williams
    David Williams18 days ago

    Honestly. They way they Handled chadwick boseman makes me never want to watch the Oscars again. I cannot take them serious anymore. They are to biased.

  • Ay B
    Ay B18 days ago

    I couldn't watch the Oscars. Every time I tried, they were doing something cringey and I had to turn away.

  • Blushing Gun
    Blushing Gun18 days ago

    You lost me when you started advocating for Chadwick Boseman over Anthony Hopkins as if he was entitled to it. Yes, Chadwick was great, especially in his last scene. But Anthony Hopkins' performance throughout The Father was just so convincing and heartbreaking.

  • J Drake
    J Drake18 days ago

    They’ve been marching for a year and she hasn’t gone once. But oh she would have lol

  • jgarduno
    jgarduno18 days ago

    Anthony hopkins deserved the win. All were very great actors. a tough one. But Anthony deserved it. I'm sure she will change her mind about who should've won best actress and best actor after she actually sees movie ma rainey's on Netflix. Then again it is just a trophy. So it would've been nice.

  • Johnny Wolf
    Johnny Wolf18 days ago

    lol low viewership due to pandemic.Riiiight....

  • Crypto Smashist
    Crypto Smashist18 days ago

    Isn't an Oscar for best actor awarded to the person who the academy members vote for-as in, the person those eligible to vote thought was the best actor in a film they were in that year? If not, then what is the point of it? "If you don't win it for that really good performance you gave in that movie this year you might win it for a shit movie you did the year you die!" It just makes the whole thing pointless-as if industry awards needed to be more pointless.

  • Kristofer Wilson
    Kristofer Wilson18 days ago

    i honestly loved the introductions

  • canalcomstyle
    canalcomstyle18 days ago

    I mean I don't think people wanted Chadwick to win because he has unfortunately passed away but if it was just going to Anthony Hopkins (who's in my top 3 of favourite actors btw) it's just pointless. Also Frances McDormand shouldn't have win at all. Both of them are already huge actors, they don't need or care about that, they already have any job they want

  • Dan Hogan
    Dan Hogan18 days ago

    I get the fact that Oscars are always political / narrative-driven. But you didn't even SEE Ma Rainey? I saw all the nominated movies. Chad was great. So was Hopkins. It's a bummer Boseman will never win, but Hopkins did a fantastic job. I don't blame Hopkins or the Academy. I blame cancer for taking Boseman too soon.

  • Lovleen
    Lovleen18 days ago

    Marvel does a sixth month release strategy, they released the trailer for Infinity War in November which was six months before it came out. They did the same with Black Widow and they did that for Shang-Chi, Eternals trailer will probably comes out in June.

  • Alexander78
    Alexander7818 days ago

    You didn't even watch his performance (Bosman) and he deserves the oscar??? Do you understand why people don't care anymore??

  • Alexander78
    Alexander7818 days ago

    The OSCAR'S have committed ritual suicide. This will happen every yr and the audience is getting smaller and smaller. I used to love the Oscars but its irrelevant now because awards will not be based on merit.

  • Ocean Sage
    Ocean Sage18 days ago

    Sir Anthony Hopkins deserved Best Actor. Glad he won. Disgusting that the Academy was trying to force an elderly man to travel during a global pandemic.

  • Ocean Sage

    Ocean Sage

    14 days ago

    @Guillermo R. Tinajero They said he couldn't zoom call in like Hopkins offered or have Olivia Colman accept on his behalf. The only way for the at risk Hopkins to accept his award was to go to an Oscar Hub in Dublin, London, or LA. So that would force him to travel to accept it.

  • Guillermo R. Tinajero

    Guillermo R. Tinajero

    14 days ago

    I mean, they never force him to anything. Last year he was nominated and there was no pandemic, and even then he did not attend.

  • Rogelio Almeida
    Rogelio Almeida18 days ago

    Was waiting for this video!!!! Thank you!!!

  • O_o O_o
    O_o O_o18 days ago

    this video needed more pictures.

  • bcgbb
    bcgbb18 days ago


  • Lexx Movielover
    Lexx Movielover18 days ago

    I didn’t even know the oscars was yesterday ugh

  • IT
    IT18 days ago

    They need to bring a host back.

  • Omar Bustillos
    Omar Bustillos18 days ago

    You have to react to Steven Spielberg´s West Side Story teaser!

  • Jared Adler
    Jared Adler18 days ago

    I immensely enjoyed this video Grace!! You did such a great job putting together the reasons for why this Oscars was a bust! Also, Diane Warren was ROBBED! :)

  • John Smith
    John Smith18 days ago

    Watching to get her take on the Best Actot

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max18 days ago

    In the heights 😍

  • GrantDeezNutz
    GrantDeezNutz18 days ago

    People should vote for who they honestly believe gave the best performance of that year. Not to create a narrative so they can feel better about themselves.

  • Swoody
    Swoody18 days ago

    Covid one thing but when they nominate a movie people have heard of maybe folks will watch again but third Hollywood is seeing it go woke go broke.

  • Mujo Suljo
    Mujo Suljo18 days ago

    People still care about the Oscars? xD

  • David Marshall

    David Marshall

    18 days ago

    No, they absolutely don't based on the ratings (lol), but we still like to discuss stuff with Grace.

  • Tebogo Manthata
    Tebogo Manthata18 days ago

    I was with you until you said you didn't even watch Ma rainy's black bottom ... like ????????

  • Gerard Smith
    Gerard Smith18 days ago

    Just wanted to point out that it’s really weird you don’t have a home theatre set up when your life revolves around movies

  • Pan Radek
    Pan Radek18 days ago

    Watching Grace's coverage is 10 times better than sitting through the darn'd thing

  • Maximillion Zulu
    Maximillion Zulu18 days ago

    Sometimes I disagree with you, mostly I don't, but I appreciate the depth of your commentary concerning the Boseman Snub and its relevance to the Academy's history and legacy, humanity, and culture. I feel similarly around Denzel's Malcolm X and Spike Lee in general.

  • What?


    18 days ago

    Yea but that "depth" of her commentary is pretty much negated when she admitted she never even saw the performance Boseman did that he got nominated for. It's like if I said "Prince should've been Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame because he came from a poor black family, he died, and and it was his legacy ON TOP of the fact Purple Rain is one of the greatest pieces of music to come out I'm the 80's". And then I follow that up with, "well to tell you the truth I never got around to listening to Purple Rain". Then it's it's like wtf was that rant for and how can I speak on PR's quality if I never heard it? THATS what Grace's rant was. She was arguing nothing, because she knew nothing of Boseman's performance, only that he was a black guy who died, and played a role she liked 3 years ago, so he should've won.

  • Daniel Fernando Lares
    Daniel Fernando Lares18 days ago

    Chadwick had no chance against Hopkins, sorry grace.

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max18 days ago

    Boseman should’ve gotten a nomination for 42

  • Bombalute *
    Bombalute *18 days ago

    Grace didn’t see ma rainey? How can she comment about Chadwick then?

  • Heekamalo Kilo

    Heekamalo Kilo

    18 days ago

    She was using the "his legacy" argument.

  • Gary Dodd
    Gary Dodd18 days ago

    Hey Grace, big fan from Ireland, i agree with everything u said, it was like an industry lunch...yes the start with Regina King whom Directed one of my three favourite movies 'One Night in Miami' was cool, set looked beautiful but that was kind of it...the speeches did go on and i found it hard to keep my eyes open watching, the lack of hosting duties made it feel disjointed and no clips made the show feel less like more of a rehearsal for the Oscars...Director of my second favourite movie 'Another Round' gave a great speech and a harrowing one, really felt for the guy..every award was obvious except for Anthony Hopkins, I was shocked and then finding out they would not let an 83 year old man use Zoom to give his acceptance is ridiculous....I still think Carey Mulligan from my 3rd favourite movie Promising Young Woman deserved an Oscar for her phenomenal performance, especially after the crap she got from people for not being the right fit for this role, nonsense! I luvd Frances in Nomadland, a good performance and a good movie but not exactly great but she has also won before for a better performance, they should have gave someone else a chance. Did luv Frances speech though, shortest and best in show...also no musical guest and why was In Memoriam done so fast, barely got time to read the names and no was no reel light moments in the show whatsoever.. utterly ridiculous, what a mess...very unimpressed, waited so long for this..Academy needs some new blood in there or Oscars will become a thing of the past..Thanks for the tea as always Grace...hope ur enjoying Jupiters Legacy, i hope it is something unique and not another thing we have seen before. Stay safe everyone, much luv from Ireland.💚

  • Becca G
    Becca G18 days ago

    The Oscars were so low key, my newspaper didn’t even bother paying for color photos of the outfits😂

  • Dev Daneo
    Dev Daneo18 days ago

    I don’t think we need high ratings for the Oscars because it’s for film buffs and industry participants. There’s just not that many of us. Also, I really enjoyed the show front to back with the exception of the category order switch ups.

  • What?


    18 days ago

    @Dev Daneo well.if u think that that's fine. Me personally I don't care as I haven't been an awards fan for a while, I just watch them now to see what everyone is talking about. I was just saying it's a big deal to Hollywood their ratings has dropped so much, as that's been a big thing for them for decades and they weren't designed for anything else. Not to mention alot of people are just checking out in general. So while you may want Hollywood to go in this direction, they themselves probably don't. But I'm not trying to knock your opinion or say u can't have it.

  • Dev Daneo

    Dev Daneo

    18 days ago

    @What? well that’s why it’s what I think. It’s just an opinion. I don’t care about ratings, I care more about the films so, CW ratings will be fine with me as long as the people who are there actually care about it. It’s about the film community to me, but again that’s just my opinion. The original post is my opinion, I never said it was what everyone should believe. I think that all the people watching in the world doesn’t necessarily make for great art. This isn’t sports or science so the more subjective it is, the better.

  • What?


    18 days ago

    @Dev Daneo Again, what you think it should be isn't what they think it should be. As I said, the Academy Awards has, since it's inception Almost a century ago, has always been about the awe of Hollywood. Now that more and more people don't care, it's killing Hollywood on some level, and they don't like that. If you was getting peak numbers in the multi millions for decades, and then now, all of a sudden you are getting CW level ratings, you aren't just gonna go "well, we should just roll with it". No it's a big deal.

  • Dev Daneo

    Dev Daneo

    18 days ago

    @What? over the years it has come closer and closer to what I just described. I think the academy should go with it. After all it’s really just industry professionals voting and awarding each other. Trying to please the general public only makes the award even more worthless than it’s become.

  • What?


    18 days ago

    The Academy Awards (same as with the Grammys) has always been about the awe of seeing all the big Hollywood stars of that year and who'd win the awards. Not necessarily for film buffs who just like and study films. If that was the the case, more and more indie films/directors would've been getting more notoriety for the bigger Awards all this time, because being a film buff isn't just about the big movies media raved about that therefore garnered Oscar nominations. It's like an NBA draft. It's not just for hard-core fans who know everything there is to know about Basketball on a sports commentator level, but it's also for the fans who feel represented by the teams in the draft and want to see who their guy goes to, etc. That's why the Oscar ratings dropping THIS LOW is a big deal. Hollywood is dying on some level becausealot of peoplejust don't care anymore, and that's what drives Hollywood, this shows it, and that's not good for them.

  • 1man Productions
    1man Productions18 days ago

    I heard the show was a political nightmare.

  • aboveaveragejoe
    aboveaveragejoe18 days ago

    As an artist, I agree 100% with Grace about the painting.

  • Petro Paolo Aguilar
    Petro Paolo Aguilar18 days ago

    1. Hopkins 2. Ahmed 3. Boseman 4. Oldman 5. Yeun ... is how I would rank them. But I would rather have Lindo and Mikkelsen at 4 and 5. Boseman had a great performance but it wasn't the best of the year. Boseman was just stuck in 1 gear for the entirety of MRBB. Hopkins was essentially shifting gears with each room change. There are actors incapable of face acting and then there's Riz Ahmed's and his blank stare of devastation. He doesn't do much with his face but by gosh he just emanates how his world is just crumbling around him. Hopkins and Ahmed's characters can take you on a compelling emotional journey. The only journey Levee Green took me was looking forward to his comeuppance.

  • K
    K18 days ago

    They snubbed Cate Blanchett for Gwyneth Paltrow. Timothee Chalamet should have won over Gary Oldman. Viola Davis should have won over Frances McDormand who now has THREE Best Actress Oscars the last two of which she should not have won and the one for Fargo is questionable. Chadwick Boseman should have won. Al Pacino won not for The Godfather but for Scent of a Woman!

  • James MacColl
    James MacColl18 days ago

    But PWC probably didn't know about the running order for the show.

  • PhoenixPhire22
    PhoenixPhire2218 days ago

    I don’t think Price Waterhouse or whatever has no responsibility for what the Oscars did to themselves. Who knew the academy was going to change the line up? They’ve always ended with Best Picture. That’s not Price Waterhouse’s fault. If the Academy wasn’t trying so hard to make themselves look good, pat themselves on the back while boost ratings etc, they wouldn’t have been in this mess.

  • Mikey Raymond
    Mikey Raymond18 days ago

    You can't go back to the heights the Oscar ceremonies once had because the movies themselves just aren't there. Watch the trailers of the winners from the 1990's, and then watch this years. The raw material just isn't there. The industry has completely changed. This years crop, good movies all, are things that would have done well at Toronto or Sundance back then. We just don't have the films and culture anymore.

  • Billow
    Billow18 days ago

    I think Anthony Hopkins performance was the best in that category (I did like Riz Ahmed as well). Still, Chadwick not winning felt weird to me. The reason for that is the fact that they knew that people expected him to win. It's pretty obvious that they put the Best Actor category last to make sure that people watched until the end. There is no other reason why they would've changed it to last other than that. I saw it as their way of honouring him. I'm happy for Anthony... but I would never have sat through the entire thing if I thought someone else was gonna win.

  • StevieAF
    StevieAF18 days ago

    Wokars = epic fail. Nobody cares. Fuck these people.

  • Mikey Raymond
    Mikey Raymond18 days ago

    Also the first Oscars I couldn't work up enthusiasm to watch.

  • Mikey Raymond
    Mikey Raymond18 days ago

    Lowest rated Oscars ceremony, by a huge margin, ever.

  • Andy Lindsey
    Andy Lindsey18 days ago

    I didn't even know the Oscars had happened! :o

  • h
    h18 days ago

    A movie called Promising Young Man wouldn’t have received an Oscar. Hollywood perfect.

  • Yuhao Yang
    Yuhao Yang18 days ago

    Even if you gave Chadwick Boseman the Oscar which I believe it's well-deserved just like Hopkins, that just makes you feel good, like see I did the right decision. Winning or not, Chadwick Boseman will never know. He is dead.

  • PHD


    17 days ago

    @David Marshall it SHOULD be only about merit, it can’t though, you CAN’t mesure “acting “ by objective standards, that’s a very naive point. Especially when you compare good actors with good actors . RizAhmed AND Boseman AND Hopkins are ALL good actors, who is the “best” and should win? There’s no clear answer. It’s not as simple as car race with a clear winner , the Academy eventually arbitrarily chooses someone. It would be a decent consistent choice to give the award to Boseman.

  • David Marshall

    David Marshall

    18 days ago

    Obviously there are also people who thought Chadwick deserved the win based *purely* on his performance. Their opinion is entirely valid and their disappointment understandable.

  • David Marshall

    David Marshall

    18 days ago

    As harsh as that may sound to some, it's true. Anthony Hopkins was able to feel pride and gratitude upon receiving his reward, and Chadwick wouldn't have been. There's no reason to feel bad for Chadwick. Everyone who loved and respected him still loves and respects him as much as they ever did, and Anthony Hopkins is, by all accounts, a worthy winner. People like Grace wanted Chadwick to win for their own emotional gratification and for the Hollywood story, not necessarily because it was the right decision, and clearly not because it mattered to the man himself. People can desire all sorts of different outcomes when they view a situation through a personal or political lens. That's why, in my opinion, the Oscars should simply remain consistent and do what it's supposed to do -- reward the best performances of the year, as impartially as possible.