Olivia Colman for MCU Secret Invasion, Downton Abbey 2, Evil Stepsisters Movie Kristen Wiig


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  • Scott Eicholtz
    Scott Eicholtz19 days ago

    When you say G-D it...its hilarious ! If you let one slip here and there don't worry about it!

  • reel too
    reel too21 day ago

    hey grace stop all the brie larson hate

  • fortunateizzi
    fortunateizzi24 days ago

    I thought the Downton Abbey movie was a perfect ending to the story. I’m worried they’ll screw that up. But hopefully it will be done well and they’ll change my mind.

  • Dante F
    Dante F24 days ago

    Olivia Coleman (whoever she is) IS FOR SURE SKRULL QUEEN!!

  • sltsang5
    sltsang524 days ago

    A tidbit - Dominic West and his wife owns a castle in Ireland.

  • Serjohn
    Serjohn24 days ago

    who is hating on grace, point at them and ill smash them

  • Gabriel von Ronsen
    Gabriel von Ronsen24 days ago

    "It's a boom, here it comes. BOOM, BABY!" - Ad starts.

  • nat bw
    nat bw24 days ago

    Not every dogs eat their own poo🤦

  • Martin S
    Martin S25 days ago

    what??? cats are clean and you sweep up the kitty litter. You want a cat. Best pet. Also, you can leave for a week or so with little fuss...cats are less demanding than dogs and just as rewarding.

  • N Rand
    N Rand25 days ago

    Emilia Clarke is also going to be in Secret Invasion!

  • Will Ecoff
    Will Ecoff25 days ago

    Dominic West was a fantastic Jean Valjean for the recent Les Mis miniseries

  • highpriest012
    highpriest01225 days ago

    Sorry Grace I live for when you say God dammit

  • GenreOnline
    GenreOnline25 days ago

    Dreyfus was also a part of the cast of SNL in the early part of the 1980s.

  • Tony Randall
    Tony Randall25 days ago

    Roll receipts into a beating stick and go nuts on those haters Grace. Marvel constantly gets such great talent and getting Olivia Coleman is a catch. Cinderella stepsisters movie? Direct Disney + that.

  • Crafty Batty
    Crafty Batty25 days ago

    You have got to be kidding saying Olivia Colman doesn’t have much range she is the most ... versatile actress to come from the uk in years watch tyrannosaur ...she is amazing I really don’t think you know her very well at all

  • Tinkerbe11
    Tinkerbe1125 days ago

    Downton Abbey did have diversity. Thomas is gay and had several stories around that. And Lady Rose had an affair with a black musician. But this is set in Europe in the 1920s, not in the US in the 2020s. You did not get more diversity than that. at this time and at this place. And I love this show for being so historically correct.

  • Delboy0
    Delboy025 days ago

    When Grace said Olivia Coleman doesn't have range I spit my drink out. She started as a comedy actress and become a full fledged dramatic actress. If you compare her characters in Green Wing, Peep Show, Broadchurch, The Night Porter, The Favourite and The Crown she is completely different character. Humbug to anyone who claims Olivia Coleman has no range. She is a national treasure and unique today because I don't think there is actress who elite in playing comedic and dramatic roles. When you hear Marvel has also hired Emilia Clarke in this show, you start to think are there are enough British actors for Marvel projects.

  • Angela Saunders
    Angela Saunders25 days ago

    Olivia Coleman will be a great addition to the MCU.

  • Jorge Pérez-Jácome
    Jorge Pérez-Jácome25 days ago

    Grace you had heard of Shadow and Bone before 🤣 you made a video about it way back when when David Heyman had the rights to make it a movie.

  • Kevin Yates
    Kevin Yates25 days ago

    I hate hearing about the grief you get for being great at your job. We appreciate you 🙌🏾. These streams are such a great destresser in my day so thank you 🙏🏽

  • Ross Hadden
    Ross Hadden25 days ago

    I got into Downton Abbey backwards.. my friend was a fan of the series and wanted to see the movie. I never saw the series but went anyway. I was expecting to fall asleep but nope. I was totally into it. After seeing the movie I ordered the series on Amazon and binged!

  • Martian Gentian
    Martian Gentian25 days ago

    I love that Grace recognises cats as beautiful little murderers! 🤣 dogs do too they just can’t catch things so much! 🤣

  • pongo5000
    pongo500025 days ago

    I mean Disney could do what they did in the Cinderella sequels and make so just Anastasia is more sympathetic and not Drizzella, kinda like having there cake and eating it too

  • karson bollinger
    karson bollinger25 days ago

    Disney has to stop the live action fairytales and start doing these villain movies

  • the sigi
    the sigi25 days ago

    Olivia Colman also is one of the nicest people. If you ever hear anyone talking about her you only will hear the best things.

  • J
    J25 days ago

    "analogy show" - you mean anthology? haha

  • J
    J25 days ago

    Black Panther barely explored Wakanda. I mean, they did a sidetrip to Busan, South Korea....and multiple trips to the US and elsewhere.

  • Ray Dez
    Ray Dez25 days ago

    Hulkling is Wiccans husband because he just got married

  • Adele Thomas
    Adele Thomas25 days ago

    Now Im older, I really enjoy all the older casting.

  • Pixie G
    Pixie G25 days ago

    Awwww, I feel needing social activities

  • Pixie G
    Pixie G25 days ago

    When Bill in that movie states “ he got carried away” gaslighting her at the cost of a family. Ugly tears. I made long grain rice with greens :3

  • StripedBandit
    StripedBandit25 days ago

    Always enjoy your coverage Grace! Would love to do what you do as a career myself

  • A S
    A S25 days ago

    Omg wish you hadn’t mentioned Sarah Paulson as Cheetah, now I’m stuck with the image of what we could’ve had 😭

  • Official Filmilen
    Official Filmilen25 days ago

    Olivia Coleman will make MCU better. It will be so nice to see her in Secret Invasion.

  • Gary Dodd
    Gary Dodd25 days ago

    Should i watch Shadow and Bone Grace, im late 20's and could not watch Riverdale or Sabrina, felt like for younger audiences... should i watch or Pass..?

  • Gary Dodd
    Gary Dodd25 days ago

    I actually really liked Captain Marvel, character, origin and film..hope Feige doesn't change it too much .

  • Gary Dodd

    Gary Dodd

    25 days ago

    My Bad, i thought u said they were changing Cap Marvel origin, i dont care about Miss Marvel, not that interested in that..

  • Gary Dodd
    Gary Dodd25 days ago

    Hey Grace, big fan, gud call on the Shang Chi trailer, looks so gud..ignore those haters, those green eyed monsters dont deserve ur time... definitely miss Movie Math but i get it, its all good... definitely watch next week but so much on next week, Mortal Kombat(i am so so hyped) Falcon Finale, Oscars, its crazy...Much luv from Ireland Grace, Olivia Coleman is too talented...💚☘️Stay Safe!

  • Inediblehulk
    Inediblehulk25 days ago

    Why was there no movie math this week?

  • John Aquarius
    John Aquarius25 days ago

    Maybe Downton Abby can do there own version of "guess who's coming for Dinner" it can be done with good taste a bit of tongue and cheek comedy.

  • Michael Antony Austin
    Michael Antony Austin25 days ago

    Grace, Olivia Coleman has enormous range. The MCU are lucky to have her!

  • Ciaran Murren
    Ciaran Murren25 days ago

    Where's Movie Math?!?

  • Alberto Garza
    Alberto Garza25 days ago

    Carey Mulligan won Best Actress at the Critics choice awards though 😅

  • Tycho Botter
    Tycho Botter25 days ago

    Downtown Abby 2 electric bogaloo? Downtown Abby 2 tokyo drift🤪

  • St Li
    St Li25 days ago

    Olivia Colman has a lot of range in acting.

  • P Sz
    P Sz25 days ago

    I once met Olivia Colman at the vets In London and she is really nice (just spoke about our dogs for a minute). That was a while ago before her Oscar and Crown

  • Gary Dodd

    Gary Dodd

    25 days ago

    Thats cool!

  • Bratt S
    Bratt S26 days ago

    No offense but ….why are you so hype about LGBT representation Grayce. Not everyone wants to see that. And that’s not phobic . It’s a fact that most were raised against the LGBT ideology in America . Some of us genuinely don’t want to see it or here it especially in pop culture . I personally have no problem w/ any off the bases of their sexuality but do not agree with influencing society that way.

    TOM WAITHAKA26 days ago

    Will henry cavill ever place a superhero in the mcu

  • Christopher Street
    Christopher Street26 days ago

    Dan Steven’s should have stayed

  • Christopher Street
    Christopher Street26 days ago

    Speaking of ms marvel ... I wonder how they will handle rouge getting her powers

  • Deoxyribonucleic Acid
    Deoxyribonucleic Acid26 days ago

    I really wanted quake in the mcu😒

  • Chelsea T.
    Chelsea T.26 days ago

    Broad Church is amazing! That’s how I was introduced to Olivia.

  • jon Moreno
    jon Moreno26 days ago

    Do as Madonna does, those venomous comments can make you stronger

  • Phil D.
    Phil D.26 days ago


  • Evan Evans
    Evan Evans26 days ago

    Dominic " our marriage is strong" West was literally in a show called The Affair? Wow. Who knew.

  • Ellie H

    Ellie H

    24 days ago

    @Evan Evans she's been keeping a low profile on social media but hasn't stopped working since the scandal, there set pictures from different shows. It's a shame what has happened but Kristen Stewart came back from a similar situation, so I guess so can Lily :)

  • Evan Evans

    Evan Evans

    24 days ago

    @Ellie H She's disappeared hasn't she? lol

  • Ellie H

    Ellie H

    25 days ago

    I was wondering if Lily James could come back for the second movie,but since they got Dominic, I doubt it😂

  • Anthony Harrison
    Anthony Harrison26 days ago

    It truly needs to be appreciated and discussed how consciously and adeptly Grace approaches such divergent Hollywood topics. She appreciates different audiences on a global scale and helps us, as said audiences to relate to the nuances and controversies of media. It’s rare for such a commentator to indulge us with understanding, insight and perspective that helps us to connect with topics previously unquestioned or unknown, whilst also, appreciating the simplicities and beauty of the medium itself. Truly inspired by all the work she does, and I hope Grace gets the recognition she deserves. One of a kind.

  • M A S H U P G A W D Cass
    M A S H U P G A W D Cass26 days ago

    OLIVIA COLMAN IN THE MCU??????????????

  • resurgam75
    resurgam7526 days ago

    Grace if you've not seen Coleman in Tyrannosaurs you're missing out. Not the lightest of films but it's a great piece of work.

  • Delton Valentine
    Delton Valentine26 days ago

    We love you Grace!

  • Toppz P.
    Toppz P.26 days ago

    I see her, Olivia Colman from The Crown, and I think she great.

  • 7MonarC
    7MonarC26 days ago

    I like other peoples' pets. Hahahah!

  • Jay Bonn
    Jay Bonn26 days ago

    What I like about Cinderella 1950 is how it epitomizes the postwar hollywood boom's sound. It's romantic, its dramatic, its classy. Its everything beautiful about rose tinted hollywood. The music swoons and the art direction is just so feminine it's great.

  • Jay Bonn
    Jay Bonn26 days ago

    Given the amount of times weve seen the villain but good actually, they'd need to do something really different here if it were a movie.

  • Jay Bonn
    Jay Bonn26 days ago

    So are we ignoring Cinderella 2015 because I think I'm down to do that but itll be a little weird marketing wise. If disney wants to remake their old brands its gonna have less impact than the 1950 film. Also yes. I liked the fashion the most in 2015 and the magic was great. Story wise the 3rd act failed lol. Ehhh. But I liked the architecture and art direction.

  • fong03
    fong0326 days ago

    Olivia Coleman doesn’t have range?? GURL, BYE! First you wrongly shade Jane Fonda’s career and now this? 😂 Step up your game, Grace.

  • luke yznaga
    luke yznaga26 days ago

    I have also been defending you Grace. You are intelligent and use your resources well. NOBODY does the movie entertainment and predictions and "Rona Barrett" news like you. You know the "pulse" of what is going on behind the scenes, because you do your homework. it also helps that you are drop dead gorgeous and you INTIMIDATE those in power in Hollywood and feel that they MUST cooperate with you or face the wrath of fandom and your fans.

  • luke yznaga
    luke yznaga26 days ago

    Grace...where DO YOU get those great outfits? of course, It IS New York City. You look fantastic, Grace.

  • Aaron Hoosier, SHRM-CP, PHR
    Aaron Hoosier, SHRM-CP, PHR26 days ago

    How awesome she is for posting this.....I really love this channel.

  • Kyle Roger
    Kyle Roger26 days ago

    It was obviously a big storyline in the comics so naturally at this point they will have to visit the skrulls more. But how can they avoid undercutting character development and stories with this cheap trick? As of yet, this story element hasn't been too "invasive", but I was pretty annoyed at the Far From Home stinger with (spoiler) Nick Fury not being himself the whole time. And, in a similar point, although I find the multiverse angle fascinating, I have the same concern here with how they play loosey goosey with character development, casting, semi-resurrections and such. It just seems like it could easily head down a path that makes the franchise more like what we have over at DC (each project being more discrete), and then Marvel might no longer have the solid continuity that made the saga so special. I'm just going to enjoy the ride at this point. But, regardless of how Marvel proceeds, the infinity saga up until its conclusion with Thanos will forever be the blockbuster achievement of a generation.

  • Mauricio Farfan
    Mauricio Farfan26 days ago

    Damn, i want to know some updates on batfleck

  • Darryl H
    Darryl H26 days ago

    No Movie Math this week?

  • real mad
    real mad26 days ago

    I think you should put time stamps

  • Tyler
    Tyler26 days ago

    If they use the same actors then stepsisters could have a movie. If a completely different cast I’d keep it to a series

  • SpeakinThaTruth96
    SpeakinThaTruth9626 days ago

    For anyone who's skeptic....I saw Mortal Kombat today and its damn near perfect, probably the most accurate video game movie ever made

  • flash barry

    flash barry

    25 days ago

    I though it comes out this Friday or is it playing overseas already??? I am not a huge fan of MK but the trailer look promising though!!!!

  • Pavo
    Pavo26 days ago

    Olivia Coleman was also in That Mitchell and Webb Look.

  • mus terd
    mus terd26 days ago

    Don’t understand how you can watch Fleabag and The Father and The Favourite and conclude that Olivia Colman doesn’t have range?? Her characters in those are wildly far apart from each other

  • Tony_Tones_312
    Tony_Tones_31226 days ago

    CVS got competition!!! 🧾🧾🧾

  • blaze229
    blaze22926 days ago

    I don’t mind if she uses the swearword God dammit. It’s funny when she use it because you don’t expect it. And It helps to emphasize how frustrated she is. In a comedic sense.

  • Alexia Torrez
    Alexia Torrez26 days ago

    According to the time line of Downtown Abby, they should be in WWII. I know that they went through WWI during the show, but WWII was worst than the first. I wonder what would be the plot.

  • Pat Currie
    Pat Currie26 days ago


  • hollabigT
    hollabigT26 days ago


  • Robert Dora

    Robert Dora

    26 days ago

    Lord Kevin Feige

  • Eric Geraldy

    Eric Geraldy

    26 days ago

    I hope they keep the accent, love her accent!!!

  • Pat Currie
    Pat Currie26 days ago

    Downton Abbey, I saw the first movie teaser on Mary Poppins Return, as soon as the movie music startes and the camera panned down on the flag, goosebumps!

  • Pat Currie
    Pat Currie26 days ago

    Coleman will be great!

  • lyon jones
    lyon jones26 days ago

    grace you wouldn't get so much hate if you didn't keep attacking brie larson

  • Hellothere682
    Hellothere68226 days ago

    Olivia ? Doesn’t have range? What utter bollocks lmao

  • Ernie
    Ernie26 days ago

    You are loved by us Grace. Olivia Colman was on Matt Smith's first DR WHO episode. Love her! I LOVE DOWNTON ABBEY and the film!!

  • Nicolas Bobadilla
    Nicolas Bobadilla26 days ago

    Olivia Colman is one of the best actresses working rn

  • Usama Masood Ahmad
    Usama Masood Ahmad26 days ago

    I'm sorry but how did USplan place ad right when Grace said story no 2

  • Dylan Kurtze
    Dylan Kurtze26 days ago

    Would be cool if young avengers Disney plus show was each episode an individual backstory and ends with them getting recruited, that way we could see Isaiah Bradley flashbacks for patriot and then they are together for a movie

  • Nosskara


    25 days ago

    This is actually perfect because there was a Young Avengers run that was sort of a prequel to the main story, and each standalone comic focused on each member. Would totally be cool with that. It could even set up a movie for them.

  • Welch_inc


    25 days ago

    They should do that. Even if it’s just short films

  • Picture Perfect
    Picture Perfect26 days ago

    Yes! I love Olivia Colman!

  • Sean Ian
    Sean Ian26 days ago

    Brie Larson was a legit comedic actress back in the day when she wasn't being directed to act like RDJ in every role

  • Kornelius Bellamy

    Kornelius Bellamy

    26 days ago

    Yeah, she use to play Amy Schumer’s sister.

  • Crypto Smashist
    Crypto Smashist26 days ago

    watch Tyrannosaur (2011) for some range.

  • Adrian Hurtado
    Adrian Hurtado26 days ago


  • Bwebbz W
    Bwebbz W26 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Grace looks stoned here? Love that for her haha

  • Kelly Adams
    Kelly Adams26 days ago

    I didn’t doubt your trailer scoop for one second! :)

  • Aj Raven
    Aj Raven26 days ago

    I need to see Thomas Barrow and Richard Ellis relationship continue in Downton Abbey 2... but if the actor that plays Richard isn't called back... I will also be okay with Thomas hooking up with Hugh Dancy's character. As for more diversity, yeah they should try for it. The show did give Lady Mary a romance with a Black jazz musician in one of the seasons. But they can do more.

  • Kirch
    Kirch26 days ago

    Seinfeld is over 30 years old Grace. Not everyone is going to know who she is..... And Olivia Coleman was famous in the UK as a great comedy TV actress before The Favourite. But that’s what made her an international actress, as well as The Crown.

  • Capes & Reels
    Capes & Reels26 days ago

    Hey grace, Missing our Monday motivation (movie math)

  • Capes & Reels
    Capes & Reels26 days ago

    Shang chi is Generic marvel stuff. Looks like they made something by stitching together Mulan, cap marvel and many other films

  • Eprocto-Files
    Eprocto-Files26 days ago

    Shadow and Bone I hadn't really heard of either until the teaser for this show came out, and that's even WITH Leigh Bardugo (the author) being one of the most talked about authors on Booktube, along with Holly Black, Sarah J. Maas, and V. E. Schwabb. The Leigh Bardugo book that is most often mentioned is Six of Crows, which is apparently set in the same world as Shadow and Bone, and is a heist novel so I mean if you like Shadow and Bone, Ocean's Eleven, and the heist aspect of Army of the Dead, if Six of Crows comes I suppose it'll knock people's socks off supposedly.

  • Jack Richardson
    Jack Richardson26 days ago

    I’m sorry to hear you’re dealing with haters, you don’t deserve it!