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Ms Marvel Costume today! Beyond The Trailer's breakdown of set photos of Kamala Khan's costume! MCU Disney Plus 2021! New Powers! First Look!
MCU Ms Marvel Costume today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's breakdown of set photos from filming Ms Marvel with our first look at Kamala Khan's costume, playing by Iman Vellani! Compared to the comics and video game, plus she's got new powers with purple energy from her bracelet! Enjoy this breakdown of our first look at the costume for Ms Marvel aka Kamala Khan before you see each full episode of her MCU Disney Plus show in 2021! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • Beyond The Trailer
    Beyond The Trailer13 days ago

    Thanks to those who pointed this out - Kamala Harris has already tweeted about Ms Marvel when it was first announced!

  • Stefan


    11 days ago

    Greetings form Europe, I'm not interested in US-politics, therefore I believe comics and comic movies should be political neutral.

  • Azino Odhomi

    Azino Odhomi

    12 days ago

    Y'all need to calm down. Keep your tribal politics out of your ability to enjoy a superhero show. Nobody in a leadership position of either party gives a damn that you're going to bat for/against them.

  • F.R.N. F

    F.R.N. F

    13 days ago

    @H. R. A. 😂

  • Sean Guinn

    Sean Guinn

    13 days ago

    Kamala Harris discussed women's empowerment with Bill Clinton nuff said. Wake up people..Take the red pill

  • Shawn Smith

    Shawn Smith

    13 days ago

    @Chihiro Mononoke Don't watch the show. Problem solved!

  • S. V
    S. V23 hours ago

    Hmm I don't like the new powers. Why??? Too much to animtate for Marvel?

  • Rejected ideas
    Rejected ideasDay ago

    Hindi : k(uh)-m(uh)-laa : lotus Urdu : k(uh)-maa-laa : means 'wow' I guess

  • The Ignited Reaper
    The Ignited Reaper2 days ago

    Changing her powers was a weird choice, don’t know people might feel about that. It can’t be reason that it’s goofy because they added somewhat goofy characters in the mcu and made them cool

  • Raul Chirai
    Raul Chirai6 days ago

    looks like garbage lol

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau7 days ago

    just here for the comments

  • Big Hand

    Big Hand

    3 days ago

    A lot of people don't seem to like the green lantern like powers.

  • Nico X
    Nico X7 days ago

    I'm glad they've done away with the huge fists. I always thought it was a stupid cartoony power and it turned me off of reading the comic.

  • Abdul Wahab
    Abdul Wahab7 days ago

    I'm from Pakistan, and i am super excited for this. I don't think that actors from india playing a pakistani character or vice versa will bother us. Artists from pakistan have worked in indian movies and indian artists have worked in pakistani movies(not just movies other artistic feilds as well). People won't be mad. They'll be proud that their countrymen are part of MARVEL projects.

  • Craaig91
    Craaig918 days ago

    Those pesky inhumans! Shoo!

  • Andrew I. Crocker
    Andrew I. Crocker8 days ago

    So Kamala is going to have a bracelet that gives her construct powers? Why not just make her Quasar then?

  • Chingo Garcia
    Chingo Garcia8 days ago

    Marvel doesn't worry about reality.. scarf works It's her look.. leave reality to DC

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee8 days ago

    No one gives a crap about COMMAla Harris. Just a skeez who screwed her way to the top. FACTS!

  • Jose Gene Irvin Bello
    Jose Gene Irvin Bello9 days ago

    Great now Rogue can now fly and have super strength. 😁😁😁

  • CB 1014
    CB 10149 days ago

    Reachhhhinnnn w the kamala harris connection

  • D Surrey-
    D Surrey-9 days ago

    I like the idea of the new powers but it’s a shame they come from a bracelet & not directly from her.

  • Colby Sullivan
    Colby Sullivan9 days ago

    Hmmmm, I’m conflicted on the power change. I don’t mind her new power in fact they sound really cool, but I wish SHE had the powers instead of getting them from some bracelet.

  • A Plants
    A Plants9 days ago

    Yaaaaaassss! The sneakers for sure. Good catch.

  • Shashank Sharma
    Shashank Sharma9 days ago

    As someone from India a little clarification : The Name is Pronounced as "Kamla Harris" for the VP and "Kamala Khan" for Ms. Marvel in Hindi.

  • Daniel
    Daniel10 days ago

    I like these new powers A LOT more. Especially because we will be seeing the F4 very soon so why enforce comparisons and arguments?

  • Big Hand

    Big Hand

    3 days ago

    I think it would have been cool seeing them have similar powers. Other characters in the MCU have had similar powers.

  • Tiberius Grey
    Tiberius Grey10 days ago

    Purple energy constructs that works like her Embiggen in comics plus another example of how the MCU describes the nature of powers by their shade (power being Agatha), is this another young witch using her heirloom artifact to manifest her powers or the bracelet of alien origin?

  • Paul Wong
    Paul Wong10 days ago

    Hahaha.... looks like Cisco Ramon from the Flash but with Breasts...LMAO

  • Designhacker
    Designhacker10 days ago

    I went into this video being vehemently against the idea of changing her powers, but between the points about shows requiring amazingly costly special effects with 3x the runtime of a film, and Disney with 2 movies released with Elastigirl and an upcoming F4 movie, you completely got me on board with this purple green lantern bracelet. Kudos!

  • FleetingClouds
    FleetingClouds10 days ago

    The costume looks to shiny for my taste really. Would have wished for a more grounded look like Daredevil (Ntflix shows). This one is a bit too flashy. But hey, its Disney ....

  • FleetingClouds
    FleetingClouds10 days ago

    Controversy about casting of pakistani or indian descent??? Cumberbatch is British but plays an American guy, should we start a war???

  • DragonKnight Awesome
    DragonKnight Awesome10 days ago

    I hate the power change to ms marvel because I love when she gets very gigantic because I love giantesses . The whole reason I love ms marvel it’s because she can become a giantess . And a lot of people who love giantesses are going to be bummed out because ms marvel is no longer a giantess. There needs to be more giantess super heroes not none at all.

  • AntneyBo Mo
    AntneyBo Mo10 days ago

    Dumb costume for a dumb character. Who's really asking for a show about her. Didn't they see what she did to the Avengers game. Ruined it!

  • AntneyBo Mo

    AntneyBo Mo

    10 days ago

    @Team Rocket Yet..she sold zip comics. She's not even a thing. It's forced. I was hoping for Carol Danvers Captain Marvel. At least she's badass.

  • Team Rocket

    Team Rocket

    10 days ago

    @AntneyBo Mo for me the worst part of the game is hawkeye and his sister like why would u give us heroes with same powers at least kamala is different and unique.

  • AntneyBo Mo

    AntneyBo Mo

    10 days ago

    @Team Rocket Folks thought they were getting a Avengers game..not a stupid stretchy lame nonselling character.

  • Team Rocket

    Team Rocket

    10 days ago

    She is pretty good in the game. It's just the people were expecting the game to be open world. And so many people didn't like the same enemies robot.

  • Jack Clayton
    Jack Clayton10 days ago

    I’m very upset about the power change, one of my favourite things about her is her big goofy weird abilities and seeing her use them in inventive ways! Also her opening story arc with her shape shifting powers was so inspirational and a massive staple of her character and now that is just completely impossible! I’m sure i will grow to like this version of her eventually but already i am thinking she will massively pale in comparison to her comic book counterpart

  • Big Hand

    Big Hand

    3 days ago

    I hear ya

  • Ishan Singh
    Ishan Singh10 days ago

    As an Indian i am interested but can't say about politics and political leaders blind followers. They may create hurdles to release smoothly in India. Good luck marvel 😂👍

  • Giant Punda
    Giant Punda10 days ago

    Edna Mode would be disappointed. No scarves!

  • Ethancia123
    Ethancia12310 days ago

    Well guess the inhumans are pushed away again from ever being in the MCU

  • Alexis Camacho
    Alexis Camacho10 days ago

    Love everything, but its the powers for me. They could’ve at least have a version of it where she is a mutant because of the gamma rays from the snap. It could’ve affected her and expose her X-Gene. Not a bracelet.

  • Team Rocket

    Team Rocket

    10 days ago

    She get her power after chemical explosion in AIM.

  • Rodrigo Pérez
    Rodrigo Pérez11 days ago

    It looks like shit. It fits the character.

  • RIH
    RIH11 days ago

    So how is she gonna embiggen

  • Big Hand

    Big Hand

    3 days ago

    They might not even include the whole embiggen power from what I heard

  • Nichole Tiglao
    Nichole Tiglao11 days ago

    Maybe she'll be connected to the Eternals instead of being inhuman (her costume gives mcu eternals).

  • Avik Niyogi
    Avik Niyogi11 days ago

    No inhumans mean Lockjaw.. ?? 🐶 but.. does that mean also, no confusion regarding purpose of powers, no funny initiation dreams, no Italian boyfriend??

  • David Geldner
    David Geldner11 days ago

    You go girl

  • Mark Tolsom
    Mark Tolsom11 days ago

    Don’t like change of her power I think a big mistake ☹️

  • Andy D
    Andy D11 days ago

    Looks Terrible, defo wont watch

  • Dae Thomas
    Dae Thomas11 days ago

    Kamala Harris 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Nate Van Slyke
    Nate Van Slyke11 days ago

    I wonder if we'll get Quake a different way since Kevin Feige doesn't want to use inhumans. Could she be considered a mutant or something because Quake is a beloved character from Agents S.H.I.E.L.D

  • Nate Van Slyke

    Nate Van Slyke

    10 days ago

    @disney era power rangers I know I just really want Quake and Coulson back. I miss them.

  • disney era power rangers

    disney era power rangers

    10 days ago

    But quake is already an inhuman.

  • Geek Beat
    Geek Beat11 days ago

    Can someone explain me the difference in the pronounciation? I cannot hear any.

  • Geek Beat

    Geek Beat

    10 days ago

    @switchin Thanks, that did help me.

  • switchin


    10 days ago

    “kAH-mela” “ka-ma-la”

  • MannyB Light
    MannyB Light11 days ago

    I don’t like the thought of changing her powers but I’m open minded

  • MannyB Light
    MannyB Light11 days ago

    People speak so badly of this costume online but I love theircostume it looks great

  • The Only Hope
    The Only Hope11 days ago

    0:40: What? They’re just sneakers, it’s got nothing to do with race.

  • Jacob Matsunaga
    Jacob Matsunaga11 days ago

    I'm not liking the thought of no stretching powers at all!

  • Nuno Reis
    Nuno Reis11 days ago

    Really?! The sneaker are a node to the VP? Does this mean that Ms. Marvel also sleep around to move her carrear forward?

  • Lirain Weerasekera

    Lirain Weerasekera

    Day ago

    no it just means that shell imprison anyone to further her career

  • londonladxxx
    londonladxxx11 days ago

    If this was a more A list character there would be uproar with all the changes They might as well rename this character

  • Carl Walton-Stanley
    Carl Walton-Stanley11 days ago

    Another great costume. I live the look. Comic accurate with a few weeks. I am curious to see how the power changes will look but I am looking forward to the show

  • Jcnextgener
    Jcnextgener11 days ago


  • Action Boss
    Action Boss11 days ago

    New powers? So you telling me she's not gonna be at all like mr. fantastic lol

  • M0n0bl0ck Land
    M0n0bl0ck Land11 days ago

    Purple Green lantern..... POWER PUFF GIRLS!!!!!! she is the 5th sibling!

  • jose de la cruz
    jose de la cruz11 days ago

    I sorta don’t like the idea with her powers yes it would cost a lot but I feel like they should keep the powers in bracelet thing but just like to activate her stretchy powers if that makes since

  • MoTreangelo
    MoTreangelo11 days ago

    Will Marvel beat DC to the Green Lantern story first. Secondly, will Blue Marvel come and be Marvel's DC... I mean they already took the Damion Wayne story with Shang Chi. May as well beat New God's and Black Superman

  • MoTreangelo
    MoTreangelo11 days ago

    Sneakers gives Miles Morales a true partner in saving crime

  • MoTreangelo
    MoTreangelo11 days ago

    Glad to see her have a new power and leave room for Rouge taking Carol Danvers powers and Ms Marvel and Spectrum to stand out as an Aforce Greenlantern Core hybrid

  • Josh Loves Movies
    Josh Loves Movies12 days ago

    Ms. Marvel suit is so phenomenal!

  • random Swiftie
    random Swiftie12 days ago

    I sure both Indians and Pakistanies will love her character because I think it will be very stupid to connect your political problems with a country with a fictional mcu girl superhero... Just makes no sense.

  • KimSarang tv
    KimSarang tv12 days ago

    I can wait see this series

  • TexasVagabond
    TexasVagabond12 days ago

    If the sneakers are a nod to the VP, I rather her be barefoot. :D

  • Foster
    Foster12 days ago

    god let's leave the presidency out of marvel i'm begging you

  • L G
    L G12 days ago

    So they basically gave her Quasar's powers, complete with the Quantum Bands or band in this case (the bracelet she's wearing) that give her the Green Lantern type abilities.

  • Jack Vals
    Jack Vals12 days ago

    Did this chick seriously just say she thinks a teen wearing sneakers is a reference tk the fucking VP????!!!!! What??!!

  • Felicia B
    Felicia B12 days ago

    Wait why would they changer her powers? We finally we get a female character with awesome visual powers and they change it to a DC shazam/GL ripoff and what about her embiggen catchphrase .. OH GOD!!!

  • Big Hand

    Big Hand

    3 days ago

    Yeah, hearing that news kinda bummed me out.

  • Felicia B
    Felicia B12 days ago

    Her costume is actually a scientifically modified burkini which is type of swimwear & athletics clothing for muslim women opting for a more modest ensemble. Not technically a nod to the shalwar kameez but she has to wear that at some point or I'll be real disappointed :

  • Toruk Makto
    Toruk Makto12 days ago

    Phase four is a dumpster fire.

  • MrMax2898
    MrMax289812 days ago

    Pretty sure she wears sneakers in the later comics

  • edit pocho
    edit pocho12 days ago

    She's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute (*’(OO)’*) 🥺😍

  • C Greens
    C Greens12 days ago

    Please fail

  • PoochZie
    PoochZie12 days ago

    It's the most comibook accurate costume after Iron Man.

  • Carnell Holley
    Carnell Holley12 days ago

    ☝️😲Oh wow...wasn’t expecting the purple lantern change, but since Marvel has Mr Fantastic coming smh I’m not against it.

  • Weston MCK
    Weston MCK12 days ago

    I'm so cautiously optimistic about this

  • The Drunk Geek
    The Drunk Geek12 days ago

    Hahahaha someone things it’s a good idea to give a comic character completely different powers for tv reasons ......hahahaahhahaah. It’s the 90’s all over again.

  • MacPhal1
    MacPhal112 days ago

    I love her look but I really don't know about changing her powers.

  • Officially Shaun
    Officially Shaun12 days ago

    I wonder if Kamala will go through a second metamorphosis in the comics and gain powers similiar to her movie counterpart?

  • Aaron Salisbury
    Aaron Salisbury12 days ago

    I honestly hate them changing her powers like that, I loved her original power set

  • Edward Vazquez
    Edward Vazquez12 days ago

    I was actually just thinking about how will they manage having two superheroes with the same powers.

  • JonTheBush
    JonTheBush12 days ago

    Changing her powers is kind of lame. Idk suit looks incredible but the powers being different is just bleh

  • J Smith
    J Smith12 days ago

    Grace... I think the scarf helps give movement a flow in comic panels... and on screen it can do the same.. I like the change to her powers. I always thought they look a bit silly in the books and too close to Mr Fantastic. I would love a live action Elastigirl cameo or Easter egg. 🤯

  • Miguel Joshua Alejandrino
    Miguel Joshua Alejandrino12 days ago

    I think her hero name is gonna be really easy to explain, she loves captain marvel so much that she based her name off of her but changed it a little bit.

  • Jordan Solario
    Jordan Solario12 days ago

    Everyone seems relieved that she won't have Reed's powers but they seem totally fine with her potentially having Sue's 🤔

  • Jordan Solario

    Jordan Solario

    9 days ago

    @Piotr Jeske that wasn't really my point, but okay

  • Piotr Jeske

    Piotr Jeske

    9 days ago

    Pink telekinetic force fields and constructs would be more in the style of what Armour could do with her powers

  • Ian Darko
    Ian Darko12 days ago

    The power change actually makes sense considering she'll be fighting alongside Carol and Monica who both have glowy powers. It makes her seem like a member of that group rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

  • Jude Edwards
    Jude Edwards12 days ago

    The costume looks dog shit , I wish they would just make it fully comic accurate

  • S_lopez 805
    S_lopez 80512 days ago

    Changing Ms. Marvel's powers and Imhumans heritage is a big mistake! Taking away her powers because some male character with the same power is making his debut even though he already appeared in live action three times!

  • Sai Bhargav
    Sai Bhargav12 days ago

    you want to know why there are problems btw countries???? STFU and just ask Mexico...

  • The Dream Weaver
    The Dream Weaver12 days ago

    I fell in love with the video game version of the character 😍

  • Basil
    Basil12 days ago

    pakistan zindabad

  • Benj Vilar
    Benj Vilar12 days ago


  • Aashell Wallace
    Aashell Wallace12 days ago

    Suit looks great only one thing i don't like is the shoes.

  • Mox
    Mox12 days ago

    I called the construct creating powers a while back. I think the bands are quantum bands. I personally thought that Photon would have them.

  • RazorWindRazor


    6 days ago

    +Mox If you don’t understand how changing the characters power set drastically alters her identity, you’re clueless. Don’t call yourself a fan of the Kamala Kahn character if you think this change is okay. 😒

  • Mox


    6 days ago

    @RazorWindRazor Actually, her powers are being changed for the purpose of HER being unique. Reed Richards has been around. No need for a duplicate powset. She can stand out on her own and not constantly be compared to him.

  • RazorWindRazor


    6 days ago

    +Mox Scarlett witch is in the process of getting powers more accurate to the powers of her comic counterpart. Kamala is being shortchanged and being stripped of her original powers to make mister fantastic look unique.

  • Mox


    10 days ago

    @RazorWindRazor No dangerous precedent. Scarlett Witches' powers are different than the comic book. She's never had telekinesis or telepathy in the comics.

  • RazorWindRazor


    12 days ago

    +Mox Changing this characters powers sets a dangerous precedent going forward. If they are willing to do this to her character, who is next on the hit list? 🤔

  • clint hancock
    clint hancock12 days ago

    I would like to see her powers from the comics, not different ones, that changes the charicter

  • twistedyogert
    twistedyogert12 days ago

    I like the suit. I actually think it's better than the one she wears in the comics. As far as the bracelet based powers I wouldn't mind. The MCU has always been more about realism where powers have often been more technological than biological.

  • TheDarkPrince
    TheDarkPrince12 days ago

    it look great apart from the domino mask

  • Der Pumper
    Der Pumper12 days ago

    I love Grace, but please spare me with Kamala Harris.

  • Neal McDaniel
    Neal McDaniel12 days ago

    Shoes look like official product placement - now available in stores!

  • Keith E
    Keith E12 days ago

    Thank you for the in-depth video as always, Grace!

  • Sarath J
    Sarath J12 days ago

    People should stop fearing woke backlash. Kingo is a Bollywood actor (Indian film industry) played by Kumail Nanjiani (Pakistani-American), and as an Indian, I do not have a problem. I doubt that any self-respecting Pakistani will have any problem with a few Indians in the cast of Ms. Marvel. Also, calling someone KamAAla or KAAmala would not offend them, this is just some made-up white person problem. We don't care if you SLIGHTLY butcher the pronunciation of our names. Heck, we mispronounce names amongst each other!! PS - In India, the true pronunciation is Kuh-M-Laa

  • James MacColl
    James MacColl12 days ago

    Grace there's like a thousand different languages and dialects spoken across India and Pakistan, and of course even more among the diaspora. There won't just be two ways to say Kamala. You have to find out from each person how they say their name.

  • Private Info
    Private Info12 days ago

    Looks stupid ...

  • Vinsmoke_Sanji
    Vinsmoke_Sanji12 days ago

    3:20 They 2 different universe and Marvel wants us to know that. That's also why she might have different powers than in the comics, just like if she was from a different universe than Earh-616 which is the case. Did anyone complained when we saw hundreds of VERY different Reed Richards in the "Council of Reeds"? No, because we knew that each iteration had a different origin! We had a Reed-Human-Torch, Reed-Thor, hell we even had several of them wearing a fully set Infinity Gauntlet! Did anyone complained when the Miles Morales or Spider-Gwen from Spiderverse had different origin/story than in the comics? No because we know they are from a different universe.... The same should go for Ms. Marvel: we should accept that in the Marvel *CINEMATIC* Universe the characters we know and love have different origins, will have different lives and will wear different costumes!!

  • Tony S
    Tony S12 days ago

    'Its amazing!' Is it tho??