Mortal Kombat 2021 REVIEW - NO SPOILERS


Mortal Kombat Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer reaction & movie review 2021! NO SPOILERS! HBO Max! Cole Young! Scorpion vs Sub Zero!
Mortal Kombat Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the 2021 movie hitting movie theaters and HBO Max! NO SPOILERS! Should you see the full movie?! Enjoy Mortal Kombat in 2021 and be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
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Intro - 00:00
VFX - 1:12
Some of the Actors - 2:25
Opening Scene - 3:35
Score - 4:36
Somewhat Epic - 5:18
Tan's Cole Young - 5:29
Sonya Blade - 6:26
Raiden & Shang Tsung - 7:06
Fight Choreography - 7:30
Story Changes? - 7:53
Popcorn Flick! - 8:04
Violence & Gore - 9:06
Conclusion - 9:31
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • Scriptwritertube
    Scriptwritertube20 hours ago

    i disagree with jessica macnamee she pulled off sonya blade very well and very believably.

  • Packed Entertainment
    Packed Entertainment6 days ago

    I loved it, & can’t wait to see what comes next for the franchise, it’s time for Warner bros to get their franchises kicking, not just DC & The Conjuring Franchise, it’s time for their others like Mortal Kombat, The Flinstones, Final Destination & others to make a comeback, & I for sure am here for it.

  • ryanw1401
    ryanw14016 days ago

    Lady...if u no mortal Kombat explain your opinion....Syzoth is a reptilian...not actually reptile character... Shang tsung sent a reptilian from the race of reptilians to stop them.... When have you ever heard in the game that reptile was called syzoth??? Do you even mortal Kombat!???

  • Scourge88
    Scourge8813 days ago

    Sonya was not bad at all. She was much better than Cole.

  • The Horror Nerd
    The Horror Nerd15 days ago

    Sonya did fairly well and the Cole character would have worked if they gave him more of a personality. He got outshined by literally everyone else he was around

  • Jonathan Jollimore
    Jonathan Jollimore16 days ago

    That is all I asked for. You are always super smart on this stuff!

  • Freedom From Desires
    Freedom From Desires17 days ago

    I didn't like Liu Kang in this movie, he was too bland.

  • Aaron Mauer
    Aaron Mauer17 days ago

    Iron fist should not Asian. That is part of his story that he is an outsider

  • Aaron Mauer
    Aaron Mauer17 days ago

    There is a lot of highs and lows. Subzero, Kano and scorpion were great. Sonja and Jax were okay. The rest were terrible

  • Nikolai Rodriguez
    Nikolai Rodriguez17 days ago

    Godzilla vs Kong is better

  • Quesoe
    Quesoe18 days ago

    They did my boy Reptile dirty..

  • Mazhar Raiyan
    Mazhar Raiyan18 days ago

    kano deserved better.

  • James Frew
    James Frew18 days ago

    I want Kano to spit in my mouth. But this movie was fucking awful.

  • Axel NA
    Axel NA18 days ago

    Mortal Kombat 1995 still better

  • Kephra Rubin
    Kephra Rubin18 days ago

    It's better than the first 2 mortal kombat movies... that's just not saying much... but heading in the right direction

  • B W
    B W19 days ago

    This movie was terrible. You're being really nice Grace. That 1995 movie was/is waaayyyy better. The Resident Evil and Fast and Furious movies are popcorn flicks. This was insulting.

  • Terrence Mcnally
    Terrence Mcnally19 days ago

    Get writers and a director who's been following since the beginning.

  • Terrence Mcnally
    Terrence Mcnally19 days ago

    Raiden should be American not asain

  • Terrence Mcnally
    Terrence Mcnally19 days ago

    I mean it has potential for a great saga

  • Steve Kasan
    Steve Kasan19 days ago

    Grace everything you said in this film I absolutely agree with, especially about how this truly felt like a 90s Martials Arts film. Those old films and moving into the 2000s was merely to showcase the different fights, fighters and styles. Which is fine, but, we are in 2021. The original MK did that and well. If the MCU like plan is to make this a series of films leading up to the Tournament as their big event movie, I can understand as there is a vast array of characters in MK. WB should get going on that sequel, make this their big franchise ending with the Tournament

  • Victosity Raw
    Victosity Raw19 days ago

    How tf did they get hired to be an actor /actress lol? Makes me wonder anyone can do it but I heard many bad movies are often filled with poor teamwork and poor directors.

  • Mental Deviant
    Mental Deviant20 days ago

    Where you how could Gore and violence be bad in the mortal Kombat movie and actually you kind of put that in the acceptable category.

  • Andrew Kwamina Nikyi Mensah
    Andrew Kwamina Nikyi Mensah20 days ago

    Agree with your reviews Grace, like we think the same way of the movie, as a mortal kombat fan it was underwhelming

  • Evan Tomiko
    Evan Tomiko20 days ago

    VFX Sub Zero's ice looks soo realistic. I enjoyed this movie from beginning to end.

  • Corsair
    Corsair20 days ago

    I really enjoyed the movie too, felt like a really good successor to the 90s movie. Somewhat epic is a pretty good way to describe, though I've gotta disagree about Sonya Blade. Thought the actress was pretty good

  • kyle arias
    kyle arias20 days ago


  • kyle arias
    kyle arias20 days ago


  • airforcex
    airforcex20 days ago

    It was terrible. I’m starting to cringe when I see WB...

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan20 days ago

    7 : 04 omg that's the phrase I been looking for to say!!! A fan film thanks!

  • Marcus Vessels
    Marcus Vessels20 days ago

    B movie acting from not 1 but from 5 main actors 🙄🙄🙄 oh and let’s not forget the flimsy story 👎🏾

  • CJ
    CJ20 days ago

    I think the actors for Shang Tsung and Raiden were fine... HOWEVER, i think the issue is, they didnt get to do a damn thing........ Nothing...... They didnt get a chance to really deliver there characters, which isnt there fault.

  • iulix max
    iulix max20 days ago

    The action is good the rest is really bad especially the acting and the story 😒👎

  • Nazneen Paruk
    Nazneen Paruk20 days ago

    This came out on the 9th in South Africa so I watched it that weekend. Definitely not a perfect movie but I was never bored and I had a blast.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith20 days ago

    I liked the original alot more

  • Jens Törnell
    Jens Törnell20 days ago

    To say that some of the actors are bad and should stop acting is a rude thing to say.

  • Glorious Mustache
    Glorious Mustache20 days ago

    Can we all just laugh now that this movie was once a dubbed a "threat" to Shang Chi by Grace? Like seriously who would compare a cheap martial arts video game movie by WB against Marvel's first chinese superhero (which I'm sure they'll treat with more respect)?? 😂🤣

  • Daniel Ford
    Daniel Ford20 days ago

    I haven’t watched it yet but I don’t think this movie will be as good as Mortal Kombat Annihilation

  • B W

    B W

    18 days ago

    The first Mortal Kombat was good. Annihilation was so bad it was good. This movie is just bad.

  • The Way Back
    The Way Back20 days ago

    Laura Brent literally went to the “best acting school” in Aus lol

  • Mr. HoneyComb
    Mr. HoneyComb20 days ago

    I thought the choreography was pretty good (yes, it's no John Wick, but still), but the editing was bad, and some of the actors were just not convincing at performing the choreography.

  • Entertainment's Best
    Entertainment's Best20 days ago

    This movie was trash

  • Somyo Nag
    Somyo Nag20 days ago

    React to kgf chapter 2 teaser . It is the world's no#1 teaser. Recommend from India.

  • Ovan61
    Ovan6121 day ago


  • Billy Abroad
    Billy Abroad21 day ago

    I saw this movie last night and it was horrible Grace. You are far to kind. I actually feel upset at wasting this time of my life. This was a made for tv movie.

  • B W

    B W

    18 days ago

    This movie was insultingly bad. The choreography was subpar as well. So many camera cuts. Bad acting, dialogue, poor story, no character development, plot holes. Felt like 8 year olds wrote the script. The animated movie did the opening scene much better as well.

  • N. Torres
    N. Torres21 day ago

    Lewis tan gave me Power Ranger vibes, i think it would do great in it

  • its a MAD world
    its a MAD world21 day ago

    Grace - "there aren't even a lot of fights actually at all in the movie." *This is a completely inaccurate statement. FYI to anybody who hasn't watched this movie yet.

  • Dame Butler
    Dame Butler21 day ago

    Mortal Kombat wasn’t bad at all!!! It gave us exactly what it needed in my opinion. I was into it from start to finish!!!

  • Hey There
    Hey There21 day ago

    The score was so bad what are you talking about

  • Bruno Ceballos

    Bruno Ceballos

    12 days ago

    Yeah, I thought the same. The OST played against the film most of the time.

  • LoriParker213
    LoriParker21321 day ago

    all these reviewers are fucking trash.... FUCK THE CRITICS!!!!!!!!!

  • Malcolm Bamba

    Malcolm Bamba

    20 days ago

    chill. It’s not that deep. It’s just a movie.

  • Mogul Media
    Mogul Media21 day ago

    The Mortal Kombat 11 story line is ten times better

  • B W

    B W

    18 days ago

    They should habe just done a live action version of that or the previous 2 and it would have been better

  • Riley Gagnon
    Riley Gagnon21 day ago

    This movie is so sloppy, but had great elements

  • Brandon Keller
    Brandon Keller21 day ago

    The actors that play Kung Lao & Raiden look so lame and corny. smfh! And Shang Tsung too. Terrible casting

  • Yeager Film
    Yeager Film21 day ago

    The start of this movie is so strong, it is hard to believe how much it went down hill.

  • George Chico
    George Chico21 day ago

    Thanku you grace I feel asleep during some of it

  • Derek's Dichotomy
    Derek's Dichotomy21 day ago

    Grace, the word "also" is pronounced all-soh, not all-suhl.

  • Garik Avagyan
    Garik Avagyan21 day ago

    I don't get your criticism towards Sonya and Cole's wife. They did at least OK job with their material.

  • Edwin Johnson
    Edwin Johnson21 day ago

    Bro. Grace savage AF for calling out Lewis Tan like that lmaooooo. Respect. But he's a damn good martial artist. The director just made a brutally fatal error in doing multi-cut fight scenes when these martial artists were MOREEEEEE than capable of doing longer shot sequences or even 1 take sequences. I love Tan's social too, as well as his artistic eye and his skill. I think given the right opportunity, he can shine. Either way, I'm glad he's being given more opportunities to prove himself.

  • James Frew

    James Frew

    18 days ago

    Yeah but he was just so flat as an actor. Watching him and Jessica deliver lines was like being in an acting class and watching a self absorbed student who just wants to be famous and doesn’t know what acting actually is.

  • JJ Cruz
    JJ Cruz21 day ago

    I honestly couldn’t stand Kano. But the VFX was really fun to watch and the choreography was pretty fun.

  • Metamorphic Crystals
    Metamorphic Crystals21 day ago

    I liked the movie. I was entertained. Hopefully we get a sequel.

  • mia hoffman
    mia hoffman21 day ago

    Well put Grace,,,Great review,,..It felt a bit flat at times..

  • Michael Pama
    Michael Pama21 day ago

    I thought the score was good initially, but then it just got really repetitive. Cole was lame, whoever thought swapping out Johnny Cage for him were idiots. I put MK 21 on par with the 95 movie, they both succeed and fail in different aspects.

  • isaac roman
    isaac roman21 day ago

    It was a great movie your nit picking at this point

  • Praveen Diaz
    Praveen Diaz21 day ago

    Movie was horrible

  • Mrs. Saturn
    Mrs. Saturn21 day ago

    They didn't "elevate tensions between real world countries for the sake of a fantasy movie", Bi-Han and Hanzo just happen to be Chinese and Japanese without any consideration of real world politics. 🙄🙄🙄 Stopping watching this "review" right here.

  • E. Izaguirre
    E. Izaguirre21 day ago

    This movie is crap. The one from 1995 is way better than this. MK needs another reboot after this travesty. MK 2021 should be put in carbonite.

  • kobe leroy
    kobe leroy21 day ago

    My favorite character was Sonya. I was rooting for her to get her tattoo for the whole movie

  • John Smith
    John Smith21 day ago

    Yeah, up and down, wowz and mehz, wouldve liked bigger stars in some rolls.

  • John Smith

    John Smith

    21 day ago

    screen presence - yup, that's the phrase I couldn't think of.

  • TG1T (nnm3101)
    TG1T (nnm3101)21 day ago

    I freaking liked it. Cheesy violence and fun like how Mk ALWAYS been 👍not perfect and wanted more time to flesh out characters.

  • kSwissh007
    kSwissh00721 day ago

    scorpions revenge animated movie >> mortal kombat movie

  • Sowmya Ranjan Nayak
    Sowmya Ranjan Nayak21 day ago

    The fighting was an F

  • A D
    A D21 day ago

    The whole movie was a pleasure to watch especially if youre a mortal kombat fan. The fights were great.

  • Mase Windo
    Mase Windo21 day ago

    Review "Invincible"! Omni-Man just did a fatality on Abraham Lincoln!

  • S M
    S M21 day ago

    Hilariously👏 horse 👏sh*t 👏movie👏🤣

  • Josh
    Josh21 day ago

    I liked Raiden.

  • C. Harr
    C. Harr21 day ago

    Wow, I completely agree with you about the Raiden and Shang Tsung components.

  • Cameron McKelvey
    Cameron McKelvey21 day ago

    I was pretty disappointed. I really wanted to like it. Like really wanted to. Not to compare it to the original 90s one, but at least when the 90s one was “bad” it was fun bad.

  • C. Harr
    C. Harr21 day ago

    I had a fun time watching this! It’s popcorn entertainment and has rewatch-qualities. What they did with all the snow and ice stuff was really cool. Kung-Lao, Kano, and Sonya were my favorites!

  • M I S U A L P A
    M I S U A L P A21 day ago

    I enjoy watching the new mortal kombat

  • Nuka Dash
    Nuka Dash21 day ago

    what about millina did she fit?

  • twesiime alex
    twesiime alex21 day ago

    i loved this movie

  • James Smith
    James Smith21 day ago

    Yes girl xxx you the first person I've seen to agree with me cole and sonya were terrible in this movie wanted both them to just die from start to finish especially cole and to be honest the cole character kind of spoiled the movie for me he was that bad

  • Fewezt
    Fewezt21 day ago

    Last time a grace review said spoiler free, I immediately got mecha godzilla blasted all in my face 😒

  • Constantine XI
    Constantine XI21 day ago

    Worst movie of the year

  • glory2marik
    glory2marik21 day ago

    Lewis tan, sadly, but not a good actor :/

  • marslol
    marslol21 day ago

    How are people actually going into this movie looking for a masterpiece? I’m just watching it while screaming MORTAL KOMBAT

  • Hector Frausto
    Hector Frausto21 day ago

    I feel like this movie couldn't figure out whether it wanted to be a serious action epic or a cheesefest video game movie, the serious moments were badass but the cornball one liners were really bad.. Kano was a definite scene stealer though hopefully he comes back if they make a sequel

  • NewJackSwing13
    NewJackSwing1321 day ago

    Facts, Cole Young is trash. Arcana is trash too. So is kung lao part. And no Johnny.

  • Hoang Bui
    Hoang Bui21 day ago

    I have to disagree, the score was terrible for a MK movie. Even the end credit with the slight OG theme remix was bad

  • David Sumler Jr
    David Sumler Jr21 day ago

    "The character is weak and pointless" THANK YOU! He's trash. Take him out the movie.

  • David Sumler Jr
    David Sumler Jr21 day ago

    Cole sucks. Next movie, pretend like he never happened. Stick to the origin. Mortal Kombat is about Lui Kang, Raiden, and Shang Tsung.

  • raprice79
    raprice7922 days ago

    Bad fight choreography, and not that many fights. SKIP!

  • Resident Evilfan666
    Resident Evilfan66622 days ago

    I did enjoy this movie and I love Sonya Blade played by Jessica McNamee she did a great job in this movie and she was so amazing and I love her as a actress and they got my boy right Kabal he had a great fight scene and also gor was great in this movie and Milenna played by Sisi Stringer she did a great job and she is so beautiful and gorgeous and I’m gonna give Mortal Kombat 2021 reboot a 9/10 stars I didn’t like there wasn’t nothing at the end of the movie I guess they might get a sequel but we will never own for sure but overall I still enjoy the film for what it was giving but that just me though and I’m a huge fan of Mortal Kombat and I can’t not wait to buy it on 4K

  • Jessica McCormick
    Jessica McCormick22 days ago

    THANK YOU for opening with the fact that you had fun! 💜

  • Juan S
    Juan S22 days ago

    For the sequel kill off Cole Young within 5 minutes and introduce Johnny Cage.

  • E. Brown
    E. Brown22 days ago

    Honestly this should’ve just been a Skorpion vs SubZero movie. There’s also some really bad acting in it like you mentioned sadly

  • George NoX
    George NoX22 days ago

    I was bored to tears until the final 20-30 mins of this movie TBH. Also they totally fcked up the theme song so points down for that as well. Not something i would want to watch a second time any time soon sadly

  • Geo G
    Geo G22 days ago

    Mortal Kombat Legends Scorpion’s Revenge is a better MK film. Hands down.

  • Christer Espevoll
    Christer Espevoll22 days ago

    Is it woke or not?

  • kimmal8
    kimmal822 days ago

    Completely agree with everything except I actually don't think Sonya was all that bad

  • Clark Griswald
    Clark Griswald22 days ago

    Movie was absolute 🗑🗑🗑🗑😑

  • Dusty Cook
    Dusty Cook22 days ago

    It was so bad