Mortal Kombat 2021 Opening Weekend Box Office, Demon Slayer, Falcon & Winter Soldier Ratings


Top Ten Box Office & Top Ten Streaming today! Mortal Kombat 2021 opening weekend, Warner Bros wins! Falcon & Winter Soldier Ratings! Captain America 4!
What to Watch today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction and breakdown of the top ten on Apple TV aka iTunes and Netflix! Mortal Kombat 2021 opening weekend is another win for Warner Bros! Falcon & Winter Soldier ratings are so strong it leads to Captain America 4! Finally a look at the upcoming movies and shows coming to streaming like Without Remorse, The Mitchells vs The Machines and more! Share your own reaction and be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
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Intro - 00:00
Top Ten Box Office - 1:32
Demon Slayer - 1:57
Mortal Kombat - 2:40
Theaters Only - 6:14
Major New Brands - 6:53
Mortal Kombat is Hot! - 7:10
What about the Snyder Cut?! - 10:02
Falcon & Winter Soldier - 11:45
Invincible - 12:46
Shadow & Bone Netflix - 13:12
Nielsen Original Movies - 14:03
iTunes - 15:13
This Coming Week - 15:40
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • DarthVader20201
    DarthVader202019 days ago

    Grace 👍

  • Tony Randall
    Tony Randall12 days ago

    Tenet made money and big opening during pandemic or are we just counting 2021? Been a MK fan since the original video game in arcade in 1992. More money and better story for sequel with tie in show.

  • Ernireg3
    Ernireg314 days ago

    Hopefully, the mk movie sequels (if they happen) pull in real script writers and writing that actually follows the in game lore closely

  • J Turner
    J Turner15 days ago

    Grace in regards to the snyderverse couldn't the AT&T Higher Ups overrule WB Higher Ups?

  • Andrea Cook
    Andrea Cook15 days ago

    Is demon slayer movie good? the series is fine but not at all in my top 10 so the real question is: is at least a bit better than the series?

  • Walker Jhones
    Walker Jhones15 days ago

    MK was crap

  • Walker Jhones
    Walker Jhones15 days ago

    It's easy you stop releasing on demand that's how easy it is to put it back in the bottle

  • Badre Bally
    Badre Bally16 days ago

    Oh dear, expect people like Overlord DVD and Yellowflash2 to come after you because you provided news that contradicted their "Falcon and Winter Soldier is flopping" agenda.

  • Hector Velez
    Hector Velez16 days ago

    I'm unsure movie theaters are ever going to be the same. I believe streaming services are finally doing what Uber did to the cab business.

  • Adam Sevy
    Adam Sevy16 days ago

    "No matter how big a smile you put on your face, or how much confetti you throw in the air, that's not a great number." That was great.

  • Zach Stonestreet
    Zach Stonestreet16 days ago

    Are you corey Chase

  • Kaoru Bella
    Kaoru Bella16 days ago

    Flawless victory . Mortal Kombat 👍👏💜

  • calix0414
    calix041417 days ago

    If they do a sequel they need to have less Cole Young and give the other characters get more screen time.

  • Brandon Lopez
    Brandon Lopez17 days ago

    Me and my whole family including my aunt saw MK in theaters and we LOVED it. It’s completely a BLAST and they had such a great time. We just watched it again on HBO max and we loved it. Can’t wait for more

  • Punpun
    Punpun17 days ago

    What’s crazy about Demon Slayer’s performance is that it’s not too far off from Mortal Kombat’s performance but opened in less theaters

  • janito799
    janito79917 days ago


  • Aaron Mauer
    Aaron Mauer17 days ago

    I think this movie should have been a series and then the movie would have been the tournament

  • Michael Cooper
    Michael Cooper17 days ago

    Hollywood is not doing well.

  • Two Cylinder
    Two Cylinder18 days ago

    Never thought id hear grace talk ab anime im excited

  • Yassir Ketchum
    Yassir Ketchum18 days ago

    Hey Grace Thunder Force still top 10 LOL Demon slayer was awesome as expected. My only frustration from MK is that i see the potential but felt bit wasted, like you said on your review Cole shouldnt been there, maybe choose a new known character to be our introduction to things, i think Kung Lao with the same outcome, i would like to have seen more of him, so sad for what happened to him, and have more scorpion too, borrow ideas from the awesome animation. You didnt mention Yasuke which will debut on Netflix on April 29th, anime fans should be hyped for this, MAPPA the studio responsible for AOT is on this. Watching this week the ending of Invincible season 1, watching the first episode my jaw dropped, i hope the ending is as epic, ill catch up with the rest later.

  • Hadam10Rose
    Hadam10Rose18 days ago

    I'd rather have a sequel to the new Animated movie then LA Mortal Kombat. Sub Zero's brother deserves his revenge.

  • Dark REN
    Dark REN18 days ago

    like petition for grace to watch demon slayer!

  • SavEdgeSurvive S.E.S.
    SavEdgeSurvive S.E.S.18 days ago

    Without Remorse looks pretty good. I just wish they were going to be connecting it to the Jack Ryan series. A Ryanverse. And hopefully it's good enough to go into a rainbow six film...or series. But I don't see Michael B Jordan doing a series....I also heard that there is some sort of copyright issue with without remorse as far as what they can do with it...which. ages little sense since Jack Ryan is on Amazon.

  • Dark REN
    Dark REN18 days ago

    demon slayer!

  • SavEdgeSurvive S.E.S.
    SavEdgeSurvive S.E.S.18 days ago

    Another movie would be great. I actually liked the approach of not going right into the tournament. They would do well with shows as well to help expand their MK universe

  • Maria
    Maria18 days ago

    Demon Slayer!! I’m here for it!

  • John-Michael
    John-Michael18 days ago

    MK deserves, AT LEAST, a trilogy. but at the same time, they should also get two HBOmax spin-off series. perhaps a Kung Lao prequel (since he died, it’d be the best way to showcase his journey that lead him to be such a prime fighter). or maybe a different character(s) that will then lead into a future sequel like a series about Edenia with a story surrounding Sindel and Kitana... setting up the eventual conflict that drives them to separate sides of the tournament.

  • FamSamitySam
    FamSamitySam18 days ago

    I think Raya had a terrible message. "Forgive and trust the people who are actively betraying and trying to kill you". Uhh, no. I'd rather not.

  • FamSamitySam
    FamSamitySam18 days ago

    I made the breakup analogy with Netflix and Army of the Dead as well. I hope Zack and Netflix are super successful and are really obnoxious about it.

  • V R
    V R18 days ago

    Just 9% asian for MK? huh.

  • John Yeman
    John Yeman18 days ago

    A Mortal Kombat Kano spinoff TV show would be awesome.

  • michael murphy
    michael murphy18 days ago

    I’ve only been watching mortal Kombat that’s it lol went to see it in theaters watched it twice on hbo max

  • iulix max
    iulix max18 days ago

    Demon Slayer is too overhyped and only because of the animation and visual effects 😑

  • iulix max
    iulix max18 days ago

    Mortal Kombat Legends it is much better than this movie 🗑️😍👍

  • Josh B
    Josh B18 days ago

    Everyone I work with have been asking each other if they have seen Mortal Combat. Haven’t heard a movie make it’s rounds since prepandemic.

  • Nikephorus
    Nikephorus18 days ago

    Shadow and Bone was awesome. I hope we get a season 2.

  • Tatenda Chidarikire
    Tatenda Chidarikire18 days ago

    Demon slayer yay 😍

  • Scott DePanfilis
    Scott DePanfilis18 days ago

    Way before the pandemic we moved into a newly constructed home and put a media center in our great room. A huge projector screen and a Optoma uhd50. Picture and Sound system are awesome... my point being.. We have no plans to go back to the theater. Don't miss folks talking through movie and with today's landscape can you imagine a bunch of woke people interrupting a movie 😳

  • Chalk-it-up Success
    Chalk-it-up Success18 days ago

    The Mortal Kombat movie was a " MIX BAG " ..I didnt really like how they used this inner power called " ARCANA " felt kind of cheap ( in others EX MACHINA ) ..if it was a replacement for " Animality " that would of been cool --like each character gets a " spirit animal " that gives them a unique fighting style prowess..that would've of been cool 💡..this would also help to establish Nightwolf ...Rayden was a uninspiring grump 🙁, Subzero was a MENACE to society ( as in Michael Myers ⚰ lol), Kano was well fleshed out , Liu Kang doesn't work as a background character but he was good too 😐, Kung Lao was surprisely GREAT --his death felt out of place tho 😐, Jax & Sonya was good as exposition/lore , Scorpion was awesome, lastly Shang Tsung & crew except for Kabal/ Mileena slightly felt like DUDS 💀🙁..Shang's performance didn't surpass the original 1995 performance..Raiden's Temple is a cool concept 🔥🔥🔥..just wish it was more of an journey or build up to discovering that Kano knew where it was creating an enigma around it, making it just as important as the Mortal Kombat tournament...Cole Young was ok ..but too similar to Cage that was a mistake 😕..why couldn't he be a KIBO fitness instructor who really wanted to be fire fighter to support his family but didn't meet the qualifications, so he's stuck trying to encourage a hand full underdogs back in shape which kind of breaks his spirit because it makes him remember how much a unsuccessful loser he is as an adult [ Fast Forward To The End of The MK Film ] ...he finds a way to leave the fitness DOJO & explains to his spunky manager he got a more rewarding gig in Hollywood..which also leads to a gag 😄👌 ( as in Johnny Cage's personal KIBO instructor for his new movie )

  • KaotikKnight
    KaotikKnight18 days ago


  • J.s.
    J.s.18 days ago

    shadow and bone was ok. but it was young adult type genre. aint no witcher

  • Marc C
    Marc C18 days ago

    MKU is my dream come true 💛

  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH18 days ago

    It makes my soul sad to see that Thunder Force is in the Netflix top 10. Who is watching this and are you OK? Is it a cry for help? Are you being held against your will? If you need rescuing but can't talk just say "The falcon flies at midnight".

  • elastic_luv
    elastic_luv18 days ago

    I'm gonna cry right now because Grace is talking about Demon Slayer!!!

  • Michael Bobadilla
    Michael Bobadilla19 days ago

    Well suicide squad 2 is coming

  • Michael Bobadilla
    Michael Bobadilla19 days ago

    F9 is a pile of crap!

  • Alvin Del Rey
    Alvin Del Rey19 days ago

    I saw Mortal Kombat in theaters and I couldn’t have picked a better movie to have gone back to theaters for.

  • Mark Chan
    Mark Chan19 days ago

    I think the tough love from Grace (and other critics) on MK helped it out.

  • kyuzo thao
    kyuzo thao19 days ago

    Bought our tickets to go see Demon Slayer with my daughter who is a huge anime fan like myself

  • Helder Almeida
    Helder Almeida19 days ago

    Why does Warner brothers ruins all the Franchise? 1st Godzilla, 2nd DCEU and now mortal kombat. Foff Warner

  • chintan bankar
    chintan bankar19 days ago

    Demon slayer is an anime not adult animation

  • truecountrymusicfan
    truecountrymusicfan19 days ago

    Honestly mortal Kombat was crap and not worth the money to watch it

  • Britany B
    Britany B19 days ago

    Ugh that mortal kombat movie was soooo bad

  • muckymucks
    muckymucks19 days ago

    I’m in a Nielsen household. I’ll personally keep Invincible and Falcon and the Winter Soldier in the top 10.

  • musicx xa
    musicx xa19 days ago

    All in for Mortal Kombat. I want more. But some things should change. The movie lots of glaring problems.

  • james
    james19 days ago

    Demon slayer 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Corrie Rosetti
    Corrie Rosetti19 days ago

    I'd appreciate hearing Grace's take on HBO's the Nevers.

  • Nigel I
    Nigel I19 days ago

    I been watching Grace for years. Never imagine Grace would talk about Demon Slayer 😢

  • Nick S
    Nick S19 days ago

    Summer is getting closer. Planning on turning away from streaming this summer and getting out more. had enough of being inside and watching shows for a whole year.

  • Trent Menssen
    Trent Menssen19 days ago

    I also binged the entire season of Shadow and Bone, I've been telling everyone I know to watch it lol.

  • Trent Menssen
    Trent Menssen19 days ago

    Some friends and I all watched Mortal Kombat together online on HBO Max and it was campy but really fun. The references to the original game for us were great!

  • Michael Andrew
    Michael Andrew19 days ago

    I've watched mortal kombat 3 times already. It's a fun cheesy martial arts movie. I love it

    FBA.D.O.S CUTheCHECK!!19 days ago

    Good video 👊🏾🇺🇸‼️

  • Jay Kelley
    Jay Kelley19 days ago

    Good lord.. Really?

  • TheJlook2000
    TheJlook200019 days ago

    Great presentation and facts

  • mUrK
    mUrK19 days ago

    Demon Slayer really impressed me. Damn.

  • Chihiro Mononoke
    Chihiro Mononoke19 days ago

    I went to see Raya numerous times. I love it.

  • Yamen AN
    Yamen AN19 days ago

    I never watch the same movie twice why would I do that ?

  • N3rdify
    N3rdify19 days ago

    Grace said giant. I believe and hope Black Widow would smack it outta the park

  • R L
    R L19 days ago

    There was a Mortal Kombat live-action and animated series in the 90’s. Neither were any good.

  • Paul Santibanez
    Paul Santibanez19 days ago

    It will be easy people love the movies grace I don’t know why you push that movies at home narrative, the pandemic caused people not to go but vaccines the rolling out now and movies at the theater are what most of us want

  • Gracie Spicer
    Gracie Spicer19 days ago

    Grace, will you be covering the Emmys soon?

  • Fidei Spears
    Fidei Spears19 days ago

    Has anyone compared the minutes (millions) watched for F&WS and WandaVision??

  • Uouttooo
    Uouttooo19 days ago

    Wait for AT & T to fire all the top brass at WB. :D

  • Richard Holguin
    Richard Holguin19 days ago

    I forgot about Invincible until I watched one of your videos and you mentioned it. I think I came in when they had 4 episodes

  • Gustavo Olivieri
    Gustavo Olivieri19 days ago

    Movie Math is a great show.

  • Ben Howard
    Ben Howard19 days ago

    loving shadow and bone!

  • Horrible Slave
    Horrible Slave19 days ago

    You're amazing Grace😊

  • Richard Holguin
    Richard Holguin19 days ago

    I would LOOOOOVE a series for Mortal Kombat

  • Max Bretschneider
    Max Bretschneider19 days ago

    I started watching the irregulars ust before Falcon and winter soldiers. I am gonna continue with it now in may :) Shadow and bone was good and if they do more marketing for it, it might be even more successful. I tried ginny & georgina but I didnt even finish the first episode. Wasnt my cup of tea :)

  • yanis mouhoub
    yanis mouhoub19 days ago

    there aint gonna ba no day and date in 2022

  • discoqueenmom
    discoqueenmom19 days ago

    The justice league new cut wasn't that great in my opinion, but it seemed to be a better take on the story.

  • Asch79
    Asch7919 days ago

    Warner Bros execs are disgusting scum.

  • Michelle Salazar
    Michelle Salazar19 days ago

    Seeing El Paso with top 3 for MK kind of blows my mind but I did kind of figure my city was big on movie going. Although I went to go see demon slayer 👹

  • discoqueenmom
    discoqueenmom19 days ago

    HBO needs to get a Canadian version

  • JD Bond

    JD Bond

    19 days ago

    We have Crave

  • reveluv
    reveluv19 days ago

    loved demon slayerrrrr yessir

  • darkart1000 2000
    darkart1000 200019 days ago


  • VdrummerStixx777
    VdrummerStixx77719 days ago

    I rarely go to the theater anymore even prior COVID. Have too much invested in my home theater and when I get the 4K Blu Ray I can watch it as many times as I want for the cost of the movie and snacks.

  • darkart1000 2000
    darkart1000 200019 days ago

    To be honest i like watching at home better bought a new 75 inch tv and love putting my feet up and having a ice cold beer. But there are two movies that i will go see on the big top gun 2 and Avatar 2. So like you said it really depends on the big company's to decide wear they want to wage the viewing wars. I have hbo max and disneys plus. If the content drop or we go back to the way it was then why bother paying for there streaming services.

  • Alex Rivera
    Alex Rivera19 days ago

    Would've loved to see a Demon Slayer review tbh

  • Jarrod Saling
    Jarrod Saling19 days ago

    hbomax spin off series for secondary characters in Mortal Kombat or Origin Stories for certain character or Elder Gods. DO IT!!!

  • tonynitrox
    tonynitrox19 days ago

    I paused mortal combat and walked away, Haven't gotten back to hit replay. I looks kind of power rangery

  • BushidoBrownSama
    BushidoBrownSama19 days ago

    I signed up for HBO Max for Mortal Kombat & to catch up on stuff like Young Justice, Kong vs Godzilla & WW84 but the latter is no longer on the service.

  • BushidoBrownSama
    BushidoBrownSama19 days ago

    Good for Demon Slayer specifically & for Movie spinoffs of battle shonens, but tbh Demon Slayer is not "adult animation". Demon Slayer is a battle shonen & battle shonens are typically as mature/all audience appropriate as PG-13 movies but perhaps more graphic in depictions of violence/blood.

  • Old Man Yemiyam
    Old Man Yemiyam19 days ago

    MK was a good popcorn flick!! I'm 55 yrs old and I'm watchin the Demon Slayer series now and it's freakin FANTASTIC!!! I have a question, when should I watch the movie and then continue watchin the series?

  • Madhurjya das

    Madhurjya das

    19 days ago

    Watch the movie after the first season.

  • Max Castillon
    Max Castillon19 days ago

    I think mortal combat was ok. It had some really really good moments, particularly when they were emulating/mocking the video game aspect. but I think a lot of it didn't really translate.

  • KennyKennTV
    KennyKennTV19 days ago

    Really enjoying invincible, thanks for the recommendation Grace! Dare I say last weeks ep was better than the Falcon and Winter Soldier finale??? :X

  • Lord Zem
    Lord Zem19 days ago

    They win those game awards by default since they are almost the only western fighting game devs and Street fighter is the only japanese fighting game with a sizeable audience in the west but the last iteration was considered terrible until recently.

    ROMANTRA19 days ago

    Holy shirt! Grace recognizing Demon Slayer. More DS vids please!

  • Rodrigo Pérez
    Rodrigo Pérez19 days ago

    People saying Godzilla would have made so much money if it wasn't a pandemic and Grace be like the other Godzilla movies didn't do great. Grace saying Mortal Kombat would have made so much money if it wasn't a pandemic when in reality every videogame movie has done poorly.