Mortal Kombat 2021 SPOILER Review


Mortal Kombat Spoiler Review today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & movie review 2021! Cole Young! Scorpion! Sub Zero! Kano! Reptile! Johnny Cage! and use code "BTT12"
Mortal Kombat Movie Review with SPOILERS today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of Mortal Kombat in 2021 hitting movie theaters and HBO Max! Enjoy this SPOILER breakdown of Mortal Kombat in 2021 now that you've seen the full movie! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
Intro - 00:00
Johnny Cage Tease - 00:31
Reptile vs Kano - 2:50
Kano - 4:43
Mark & Arcana - 7:05
Opening Scene - 9:09
Scorpion Bloodline - 9:54
Sub Zero - 10:42
VFX - 11:29
Jax - 12:16
Tan's Cole Young - 13:02
Sonya Blade - 14:11
Scorpion & Sub Zero Suits - 14:57
Mileena - 15:32
Shang Tsung - 15:55
Story - 16:27
Conclusion - 17:27
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • Renee Benson
    Renee Benson3 hours ago

    Cole young I loved him even though he is no where is in the series but its definitely possabilty... chan Tatum or ryan Reynolds would be a great johnny cage

  • Abdullah Adnan
    Abdullah AdnanDay ago

    I’m a fan of grace but when I saw that she didn’t like Sonya from the trailer breakdown and was the only one to negatively comment about her (so far) in the review I knew not to trust her opinion on that

  • Abdullah Adnan

    Abdullah Adnan

    Day ago

    And I was right I didn’t like cole young but Sonya was good in the movie imo

  • Winged Paragon
    Winged ParagonDay ago

    I liked that Kabal had a personality... but, that was all that stuck out with him. It was more then what Reptile, Reiko and Nitara got though. Out of all the characters, they were the most wasted. Didn't even get a line. The tactical genuis that is Outworlds General, the vampire whos trying to free her realm from Outworlds control and the third of the original 3 ninjas made into nothing but 1-dimentional, no lined cannon fodder. No real emphasis on who they were or why they were a threat to the heros. Such a waste.

    DJ ROCKIN DDay ago

    I love ur channel

  • Packed Entertainment
    Packed Entertainment6 days ago

    I definitely want a couple of sequels after this.

  • Gozzy Wozzy
    Gozzy Wozzy6 days ago

    no mention of Kabal? He and Kano were the standouts

  • Edward Branscomb
    Edward Branscomb6 days ago

    They were going Linda Hamilton with Blade (maybe more poorly than terminator genesis)

  • lolll
    lolll7 days ago

    This was a 5/10 for me

  • Billy Billy
    Billy Billy7 days ago

    I would've liked to have Liu Kang be the character whose perspective we get to experience

  • m4giCKyt
    m4giCKyt8 days ago

    Raiden didn’t even look like raiden lol. That entire performance was so mediocre

  • Dani Romero
    Dani Romero9 days ago

    Check out mortal kombat legacy, it's on HBO Max. Cary is also in it.

  • Jeff Pettaway
    Jeff Pettaway10 days ago

    I don’t think it’s that it took so long for the Scorpion bloodline to show up...there probably wasn’t a need for a fighter or champion until Coles time. Wasn’t impressed by his character though

  • Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns11 days ago

    What y’all think of reptile?

  • Gabrielle Muniz
    Gabrielle Muniz11 days ago

    Grace, watch The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud with Scott Adkins. He'd be the perfect Johnny Cage. His skills speak for themselves, but he's also incredibly funny and has great comedic timing. I think he'd be an asset to the sequel, especially because he'd have some insight for the action scenes.

  • Luis Rodríguez
    Luis Rodríguez12 days ago

    Another sad story where the fucking generic character destroys the movie and the trailer is just better to see... fuck these directors/producers/writers... They dropped the ball here... A lot of talent wasted, special Sanada san...

  • Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana
    Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana12 days ago

    Flawless Victory

  • Jaylon Jackson
    Jaylon Jackson12 days ago

    I’m pretty sure people have told you this. But sonya’s energy blast are what she’s known for. Like sense the first mortal kombat😂

  • Flexcraft BARZ
    Flexcraft BARZ12 days ago

    I see it says Natara on screen but you don’t even talk about her at all

  • Adam U
    Adam U12 days ago

    JCVD or Linden Ashby as a washed up and bitter Johnny Cage is the only thing that can salvage the sequel.

  • Jordan Hassell
    Jordan Hassell13 days ago

    Arcana was the 2nd worst decision they made. Mainly because its so lazy and unnecessary. For example: Sonya blades powers are straight from the games Grace. And the last few have explained them as coming from energy gauntlets on her wrist. This movie completly glosses over all the little details because the writers are too rushed (or incompetent). If your a fan of the characters or mythology you will be disappointed.

  • Hayden !
    Hayden !13 days ago

    couldn’t stand kano but loved sonya a lot lol

  • Scourge88
    Scourge8813 days ago

    Sonya was not bad in this movie and she wasn't a Karen lol. She made jokes and wasn't a wet blanket.

  • Andre
    Andre13 days ago

    For the first time I disagree with Grace about the likes. The movie is crap.

  • Marcus Moore
    Marcus Moore14 days ago

    This Movie was HORRIBLE

  • Roger Speed Art
    Roger Speed Art14 days ago

    I still can't believe Cole Young beat Lord Goro in his only fight..😅

  • Alex Vaillant
    Alex Vaillant14 days ago

    This movie was the best fighting movie ever

  • Kevin Miller
    Kevin Miller14 days ago

    Minus a few Kano moments, I hated this movie. The original film is Oscar worthy compared to this shit show.

  • The Horror Nerd
    The Horror Nerd15 days ago

    I agree with alot of the points you make and give kudos you have been covering the latest MK game. Sonya in the movie is a pretty good rendition of the in game character. She's shot rings forever so that was actually accurate. I DO hope one day you have a retro day or maybe a "Watch Along" and watch the first live action MK movie. It's perfect in so many ways

  • Critical Thinking
    Critical Thinking15 days ago

    Just a fyi grace but Sonya blades arcana was from the games. Although i would agree I didn’t like she got hers like immediately but everyone else had to struggle to get it.

  • tkghhhhh
    tkghhhhh15 days ago

    She called Sonya a "Karen"😂

  • Malachi Gonstire
    Malachi Gonstire15 days ago

    Her arcana is accurate

  • Jasoln F007
    Jasoln F00715 days ago

    Sonya’s arcana is her energy rings from the game so it does fit her the way she got them so fast was the dumb part

  • Gúnther Oberholster
    Gúnther Oberholster15 days ago

    When I saw the trailer I was like Maybe they should do a Teken movie. Then I saw the movie and I decided "No thank you please".

  • Cooper Dalbo
    Cooper Dalbo15 days ago

    I'm sorry to those who enjoyed it But mortal kombat was really bad It chucked half the material out the window Had shitty portrayals of characters and was just over a 1 dimensional attempt to start something A big disappointment

  • Tech Fragrance Marvel Fan
    Tech Fragrance Marvel Fan16 days ago

    lol I loved Sonya’s character. She kept the dialogue alive for me. I didn’t get the wet blanket impression from her. In fact, her knife fight was the only one I rewatched

  • Rolando Rodriguez
    Rolando Rodriguez16 days ago

    I think Billy Magnussen would make a great Johnny Cage. He's great in Aladdinand Made For Love @gracerandolph

  • Richard Holguin
    Richard Holguin16 days ago

    You skipped Nitara Grace lol.

  • theitaIianstallion
    theitaIianstallion16 days ago

    John Cena for Johnny Cage

  • Magese William
    Magese William16 days ago

    The movie is fun, but it could have been so much more, i felt like it was rushed, poor writing, creativity, no deep work done in it, poor choice of casting, poor world building, in the world of blockbusters n fantasy action movies, Mortal Kombat with its rich characters n potential for great action is an opportunity for an Epic n once in 10 years action movie, but it was reduced to just a nice movie.....

  • Jesus Mendoza
    Jesus Mendoza16 days ago

    This is the first time I’ve seen an ad on your videos Grace never ever realized that until now.

  • --
    --17 days ago

    This review is as good as the movie 🤣 . Some talent but a bit hungover, no worries I’ll get it done.

  • Antonio Brown
    Antonio Brown17 days ago

    You really don't be doing research and this not the first time smh

  • Eric Kim
    Eric Kim17 days ago

    Anderzej Bartkowaik is my choice although he did Doom and Street Fighter 2. His films have a fun sense and the action are really good.

  • Marvin Sargeant
    Marvin Sargeant17 days ago

    Jax was trash how they get their powers was so fucking stupid

  • Tue Sorensen
    Tue Sorensen17 days ago

    I'm afraid I thought this movie sucked big time. Horrid in just about every way. I gave it 3/10, mainly for the effects. Story and characters were completely awful. It had humor??

  • Aaron Mauer
    Aaron Mauer17 days ago

    Sonja blade’s powers are straight from the movie

  • Hycinta Dsilva
    Hycinta Dsilva17 days ago

    I don't get why people hate Cole young I get it his character motives and inspiration is not that good but people hate him because he was not in the video games even his arcana his 'Imact absorbtion and fricin matter creation means he can make his own weapons' at least one person will agree to me

  • Aaron Mauer
    Aaron Mauer17 days ago

    Sucks they killed Kano. Hopefully they figure out a way to bring him back

  • Aaron Mauer
    Aaron Mauer17 days ago

    I heard the miz from wwe wants to play Johnny cage

  • Aaron Mauer
    Aaron Mauer17 days ago

    Cole should not have been in the movie and Johnny cage should have replaced him.

  • L3TT3R5nNUM83R5
    L3TT3R5nNUM83R517 days ago

    The bad is Subzero and Scorpion suits? They looked great.

  • Chris O'Brien
    Chris O'Brien17 days ago

    Anyone notice how Jax's shoulder tattoo transferred to his rib cage when his arms get ripped off like what the fuck is that???

  • Redford music
    Redford music17 days ago

    The "bad" is just an opinion. I didn't find some of your bads not even worth thinking about, let alone bad. So, I don't agreed on everything, and I'm sure the execs and the majority didn't either. I just loved the movie! Great popcorn flick which rocked on my 4K beamer and 7.1 surround system :)

  • Deshon Cole
    Deshon Cole17 days ago

    Maybe Tom cruise could possibly play Johnny cage?

  • Hans Paul
    Hans Paul17 days ago

    Kung Lao vs Kabal would have been great. Teleportation vs speed. Great opportunity missed.

  • supremercommonder
    supremercommonder17 days ago

    That always been Sonya power nothing to do with blade

  • caldxm
    caldxm17 days ago

    I would love to take you out on a date Grace?

  • Allain De Leon
    Allain De Leon17 days ago

    Grace doing Hello Fresh endorsements now? Hahaa cute!

  • BoomStick Critique
    BoomStick Critique17 days ago

    As an adaptation it captures the spirit of the games which is over the top silly B movie cartoon with blood and gore and thats all it needed to be and for that it was great however not flawless. At some points it started feeling like episode of a tv series because the movie focused on a character that feels more like side character I didnt hate Lewis Tan nor love him he was fine average he doesnt have the charisma to carry the series as the lead but he was fine as side character at points but he wasnt needed. The fights could have been stronger but were mostly fine and the cool moves and gore fixed it the plot was good enough for a silly video game movie but was dumb in certain spots with things that made no sense but had to be there cause its from the game like Scorpion going to hell for no reason thats explained except to have in universe reason for his Hell fire power from the game lol. This movie is really a prequel movie to the actual Mortal Kombat movie this movie needed a sub title like Mortal Kombat beginnings or origins or something to let people know this was more a prequel movie to the big tournament. For what this was and what its adapting it was about as good a movie as it could be with some exceptions like what I listed also Raiden and tsung were both flat actors were miss casted and never felt larger then life like they should. Still this was great start to what should be a silly cartoonish B movie level franchise about super powered characters fighting for the fate of the universe against magic gory abilities lol. The sequel needs Johnny Cage as the star though each movie in the trilogy needs to have different main character.

  • Bryan Battista
    Bryan Battista17 days ago

    Terrible movie, just rubbish.

  • dallas808
    dallas80817 days ago

    Agreed on the whole movie I didn't not like Raiden

  • Ales-sandra Cerise
    Ales-sandra Cerise17 days ago

    I think the arcana comes out when the person is in an intense moment which then reflects who the character is Kano - he's generally an angry aggressive guy so him getting them when feeling major rage after being embarrassed and called a failure made perfect sense Jax - doubting himself cuz he didn't have arms. then in order to save his best friend having to push through all that and believe he could do it then getting the upgrade and doing it Cole - having to save his family from a huge four-armed titan from killing them Now idk how miss Sonya got hers but I lived when she came in and said they were a parting gift it was funny as hell

  • Rick Gock
    Rick Gock17 days ago

    Can you please make a casting video for MK 2 🙏🏽

  • Rl C
    Rl C18 days ago

    Sonya..should of nvr gotten the blast powers so fast after beating Kano...she should of been like cole young and discovering her ability.. I would of waited till 2nd movie to receive them as this would develop her character. But they Deff need to recast half this film Lol. shang tsun isn’t iconic nor is raiden n she’s right they were iconicccccccsoft reboot for part 2 lol.

  • Jordan Patriarca
    Jordan Patriarca18 days ago

    In the old games Sonya had the pink ring blasty, bullshit things.

  • arimill1045
    arimill104518 days ago

    Regular disagreer here, but Grace once again you nail this movie in the first sentence.

  • Nightshade Novels
    Nightshade Novels18 days ago

    The 1995 film was so much better. Better theme music, better cast, better story.

  • Miyeon is a queen
    Miyeon is a queen18 days ago

    Ok so in the next movie they should get rid of koala young and replace him with his daughter! Maybe she would be better

  • Demi Nella
    Demi Nella18 days ago

    I just watch the movie and i LOVE it! I CAN’T wait for the sequel!

    G1GRIM LOCK18 days ago

    U get the birth mark wen the one be4 u dies if it’s in ur family

    G1GRIM LOCK18 days ago

    The rings from Sonya is the original Sonya powers from mk 1

    G1GRIM LOCK18 days ago

    Scorpion went straight to hell cos he’s a ninja assissans killed 100 of people

  • John-Michael
    John-Michael18 days ago

    i was originally stoked that Johnny wasn’t in this film because i’ve never liked him as a character. but then everything about his character that i don’t like (the ego, the not-so comedic relief) they just tacked onto Kano 🙄 there’s just way better characters than Cage. also, Sonya has always had those blasts as her power set in the games.. the knives thing was actually an add on that she’s never really had be apart of her character. and the story was supposed to be a prequel to the tournament. the sequel is meant to be the tournament itself and the third installment is supposed to be about post-tournament.

  • I write Checks at the grocery store. So?
    I write Checks at the grocery store. So?18 days ago

    Jax didn’t actually get an arcana did he?

  • G’s Spot
    G’s Spot18 days ago

    Arcana wasn’t about anger. With the exception of sonya (moral kombat Hermoine) it was STRESS that brought on their powers

  • Esta vez con Dami Fers
    Esta vez con Dami Fers18 days ago

    I just wish, when it comes to the non fight ting scenes, they gave them the chance to breath... that could help a lot. As for the rest I like the movie a lot

  • Paul McCormack's VideoGames and more!
    Paul McCormack's VideoGames and more!18 days ago

    Great review Grace! I think people are afraid to admit publicly that they actually loved many parts of this movie! Look. Its seriously flawed but did it kill the franchise? He'll no , we are all looking forward to the sequel! So what more do you want? Lets be grateful!

  • Kelcore
    Kelcore18 days ago

    The fact they took out the tournament aspect for the film says it all. It just moved from one clusterfuck to another. The written was on par with annihilation... Plus somehow it felt completely rushed while also dragging on. I've got to say I feel a bit hoodwinked as they knew they had a dud apart from the pieces they put into the trailers. Honestly thought Cole was going to die and be possessed by scorpion (in my mind would have made more sense) and would have at least been better than man with the iron fist Dave Bautista. None of the good guys have any character personality apart from Kano (which makes me think they cut the film with him much heavily focused as they were pinning their hopes on it). Plus can we get action film without a ticking fucking clock for once, its cheap and played out. Plus the blatant attempt at baiting a cinematic universe... screams money over substance. At least at the end of the original when they did it, it had felt like they had achieved a victory rather than the screaming to a halt finish this film had. For me the original at least had a charm to it, which the upped gore factor didn't make up for in the new one.

  • Grandmaster Blueberry Ice
    Grandmaster Blueberry Ice18 days ago

    Sorry to break it to you Grace, but Sonya always shot purple energy rings out of her hands in the games they're just technology not Magic.

  • McTapoutos
    McTapoutos18 days ago

    More Kabal

  • Spencer Parker
    Spencer Parker18 days ago

    I understand you didn’t like Sonyas powers, Grace. Unfortunately, her energy blasts are directly from the game because that’s her special ability and fans of the game probably wouldn’t have liked it if they changed it.

  • TheFuzzyElf
    TheFuzzyElf18 days ago

    I'm not a mortal kombat fan, and this movie was very confusing

  • Jonae D
    Jonae D18 days ago

    "Awesome! I won this fight by default "😂😂

  • Leonard williams
    Leonard williams18 days ago

    Much like 90's annihilation

  • Leonard williams
    Leonard williams18 days ago

    Deadly alliance reference reptile

  • Umer Soomro
    Umer Soomro18 days ago

    I don't usually do hate comments but I think it needs to be said. This movie is not good. It weighs the same as the Power Rangers reboot

  • Anthony Janz
    Anthony Janz18 days ago

    Chris Pratt for Johnny Cage!

  • Thomas Baron
    Thomas Baron18 days ago

    This movie sucked HUGE BALLS!

  • Fabricio Bacurau
    Fabricio Bacurau18 days ago

    This movie sucked hard.

  • The Dyce Game
    The Dyce Game18 days ago

    This movie was complete shit.

  • HellaEmoRaven
    HellaEmoRaven18 days ago

    Sonyas arcana is from the games especially mkx its her wrist blasters

  • Mila 1234
    Mila 123418 days ago

    Liu kangs powers - Master martial artist, shoots fire balls from fists. Sonya - Shoots beautiful purple blasts from fists. Kano - Shoots laser beam from his eye. Kung lao - Teleports, Master martial artist, has the coolest hat in the world. Cole - Dude has a freaking long sleeved shirt. Like WTF.! And he's the worst MMA fighter. Like how's he even going to survive Mortal Kombat. Seriously.! 🤦🏽

  • Nathan Dust
    Nathan Dust18 days ago

    Other character have more than one power. It’s not just Cole Young. Kung Lao can teleport and he has his hat. Scorpion has his dagger and chain as well as he can breathe fire. I actually liked Cole Young’s character.

  • Emanuel H Polanco
    Emanuel H Polanco18 days ago

    I'll watch it again just to see Raiden's awesome lightnings !

  • Luca Leone
    Luca Leone19 days ago

    To be fair, Sonyas gauntlets are from the game. She has fisticuffs that shoot lasers. But I agree that for THIS sonya. it didnt look right. Another fault of the movie. They were too torn between making the movie have its own story/ lore, but then also have things recognizable from the game (including alot of 4th wall breaking jokes that were just references. Some of them good, some of them not good at all) It didnt know how to balance these two concepts making both of them mediocre (or just bad)

  • Portia G
    Portia G19 days ago

    Sonya blade’s power doesn’t come from her last name....that’s how her powers are in the game. Yes she was bad in the movie but her powers are game accurate

  • Conner Nicholson
    Conner Nicholson19 days ago

    Nitara was such a waste of a character. Literally only introduced in the story so a cool fatality could be shown. It was a great fatality, but I would’ve liked her to put up a fight and show her powers against kung Lao before he sliced her up. Neither nitara nor mileena fed on anyone, so that was disappointing for me 😂

    PTX_PIRATE19 days ago

    I really enjoyed this movie. Even tans cole young !! Yea it could've been better but it definitely wasn't "replace him with his daughter bad" grace lol. And Liu Kangor raiden described arcana as "discovering what ultimately drives you". Which I thought was made clear and made sense how everyone got their "powers".

  • David Cipriano
    David Cipriano19 days ago

    Lewis Tan needs a new job. Lol. I'm a diehard fan of this series and he has no business doing here or any other 4 sequels. WB. STAHP. Mileena without a kitana? Without a sindel? Without a Shao Khan?

  • flowerpink33
    flowerpink3319 days ago

    I’m pissed about Kung Lao and pissed that more people are not pissed about it. He was the baddest character in the movie. His entrance alone had me screaming. And I loved Sonya. She was kicking butt.