Mortal Kombat 2021 Trailer BREAKDOWN


Mortal Kombat Trailer today! Beyond The Trailer reaction & breakdown official trailer 2021! HBO Max! Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Mileena, Kano, Cole Young!
Mortal Kombat Trailer BREAKDOWN today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the official trailer for Mortal Kombat featuring Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Sonya Blade, Jax, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Raiden, Goro, Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn and more plus new character Cole Young! Enjoy this breakdown of the official trailer for Mortal Kombat before you see the full movie in 2021 in theaters or on HBO Max! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • Beyond The Trailer
    Beyond The Trailer15 days ago

    Ah, Kane-o - got it! Haha, thanks everyone! :)

  • CannotThinkOfAUsername


    9 days ago

    @Jason Coleman Big names are what attract people to watch films. Audiences might be persuaded to watch a film they never would have if an actor they like is in it.

  • Jeremy bettis

    Jeremy bettis

    10 days ago

    @Sajid Yasin that's what I've been thinking. Either that or he changes his name at the end after becoming an actor or something

  • Jae Enceeti

    Jae Enceeti

    12 days ago

    It's like saying "Come here!" instead of "Get over here!" right? :p

  • Florida City Entertainment

    Florida City Entertainment

    14 days ago

    Reptile and Kabal is in the trailer..

  • LucenProject


    14 days ago

    7:32 Can bleed out through frozen pipes.

  • da foocha
    da foocha3 days ago

    hi grace, u fuckin beauty

  • Ansie
    Ansie3 days ago

    I dont really care about this cole person tbh I want johnnu cage

  • Righteous247
    Righteous2474 days ago

    i think a big name for a casting would take away from the movie. ex ryan renolds as johnny cage. ive seen that already its called deadpool

  • theman0776
    theman07765 days ago

    There were face mask cuz they're ninjas

  • henry ogbogu
    henry ogbogu5 days ago

    I personally think sonya is perfect.

  • Brady Sloan
    Brady Sloan6 days ago

    She said some sort of smoke >

  • bratsmovies17
    bratsmovies176 days ago

    No mention of Reptile or Kabal or why Malena is black? Its all in the trailer

  • Dancier Hall
    Dancier Hall6 days ago

    A lot of people are theorizing what you say looks like a Komodo Dragon (though in the still looks like a werewolf to me) is Reptile. I don't know if you'd heard that. Probably by now.

  • nikehike
    nikehike6 days ago

    shut up, grace.

  • David Geralao
    David Geralao8 days ago

    Grace, I’m curious. If not Jessica McNamee, who would you have liked to be cast as Sonya Blade?

  • Reno Aja
    Reno Aja8 days ago

    Joe taslim👍👍👍

  • J.s.
    J.s.8 days ago

    could be smoke or noob saibot (well noob is subzero)

  • MrPotato
    MrPotato9 days ago

    I have to disagree with most of your criticism but everyone is entitled to their own opinion so I'm cool :)

  • Mike Goddard
    Mike Goddard9 days ago

    That was the character Smoke coming out of the smoke. Reptile I believe was in this trailer also

  • Marco !!!
    Marco !!!9 days ago

    Grace! I love you and your content 😂 Seeing you getting the hang of the Mortal Kombat (MK) lore is just brightening my day

  • Danielle Daniel
    Danielle Daniel9 days ago

    Grace you need to do more research on the actors. Scorpions actor has big history with martial arts.

  • Michael Brennan
    Michael Brennan10 days ago

    The fact that Ronda Rousey voices Sonja but wasn’t cast as her in the live action movie is CRIMINAL.

  • gregjuicey
    gregjuicey10 days ago

    Out of the smoke...comes Smoke, G. :D

  • TheVillain WasRight
    TheVillain WasRight10 days ago

    they dont need friken stars in fact its better theres no superstars and we focus on the character. also they saved millions by not trying to get any A listers

  • sam1492
    sam149210 days ago

    Jesus fuck grave for once can you positive about a fan fav movie

    MS STUDIO10 days ago

    You miss the reptile 😊

  • Gerson Vazquez
    Gerson Vazquez10 days ago

    Are we going to let grace get away with how she pronounced "Kano"

  • farhad7t
    farhad7t10 days ago

    all your attitudes were completely correct in my opinion. I am a fan of MK since 90s though :)

  • Christian Ramirez
    Christian Ramirez10 days ago

    Everyone is saying that they don’t need any big stars but I disagree, there are ppl that just won’t watch this movie because they don’t recognize the cast and they do need someone so they can bring in more viewers

  • Angry Jim
    Angry Jim10 days ago

    A big name would've been a mistake. Scarlett Johansen is in enough movies. I wanna see the character shine, not the actor.

  • Christian Ramirez

    Christian Ramirez

    10 days ago

    Big names bring in more viewers

  • Laurence Ball
    Laurence Ball11 days ago

    There’s already a younger version of scorpion, who is his nephew I believe. And his name is Takeda.

  • Kyle Beguhl

    Kyle Beguhl

    9 days ago

    Takeda is scorpion’s student, not his nephew.

  • musicx xa
    musicx xa11 days ago

    Long time MK fan i really like what i'm seeing. This movie gonna be good. Trailer is great. I can see the passion. I hope this movie will do good and get sequels with bigger budgets.

  • Most Carnage
    Most Carnage11 days ago


  • K Aaron
    K Aaron11 days ago

    Can-Oh It’s Kane-O

  • GGthegenius
    GGthegenius11 days ago

    Grace, I love you, but to be honest - you don't know shit about Mortal Kombat. Komodo dragon?? Come on :D Please, stop reviewing this

  • Andris Belovs
    Andris Belovs11 days ago

    or Cole character will be possessed by scorpions vengeful spirit. btw you whining about scorpions fighting, he isn't stunt guy hes a real old martial artist XD he doesn't need to look good to be effective.

  • Fida Hussain
    Fida Hussain11 days ago

    Now I dont love the trailer as much 😅

  • Reinhardt Asis
    Reinhardt Asis11 days ago

    Sonya does not have a gun Grace...those are her Energy rings she fires from her High-tech wrist thingy

  • Jose Mendez
    Jose Mendez11 days ago

    I think that yes, it would have been great to have Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa back as "Old Shang Tsung"... but I do not think he(the actor) would be able to fight anymore. And if they went the route of later on getting him younger... it would be really polarizing I think having 2 Shangs and comparing the acting even more than just having him on the classic movie and the new guy here 😅

  • MyVirtualToyz
    MyVirtualToyz11 days ago

    I wish they didn't put the Cole Young character. His character automatically put the movie into the fan fiction category for me. Mileena and Reptile look absolutely horrible. I'm sure Sisi did her best but the director's creative choices have exposed her to bad criticism. They didn't put any effort to make her look like Mileena. Overall it feels like I now have to buy socks with holes. I'll wear them and pretend everything is fine, praying noone will ask me to take my shoes off and get embarrassed. The story changes are too big and drastic and scream Dragonball Evolution from miles.

  • Scouserific
    Scouserific11 days ago

    Grace with all due respect , you really lost us with your breakdown of this. If you're not familiar with the franchise , it would be difficult for you to "analyze". Remember this is a B movie for fans. It's not aimed for the Hollywood franchise . I am just glad we are getting a movie.

  • Michael Cooper
    Michael Cooper11 days ago

    This is a legitimate critic of the movie and I would like to know did you play the game when it first came out in 1992?

  • Michael Cooper
    Michael Cooper11 days ago

    I hope Cole Young is really Johnny Cage. I want Johnny Cage.

  • VF5
    VF512 days ago

    Good job pointing out the Kano's inconsistent eye patch thing.

  • David Pausche
    David Pausche12 days ago

    Mileena can probably expand her mouth like a snake. Her narley looking cheeks most likely are able to open up and show her real mouth. The director said...that's not all of her. I think it looks good. It doesn't matter if they're big stars or not, just as long as they all act their characters well.

  • Ari Gold
    Ari Gold12 days ago

    This trailer was terrible. It looks more low budget than those USplan mortal kombat short films from 2011.

  • Franz Janganieri Barbosa
    Franz Janganieri Barbosa12 days ago

    Could we expect Quan Chi to be mentioned on this film?

  • DZ
    DZ12 days ago

    wtf are you talking about? the trailer was awesome.

  • 짐살라빔
    짐살라빔12 days ago

    The young scorpion or scorpion jr is Takeda in MKX

  • Purple Shy
    Purple Shy12 days ago

    i had a feeling this new MK movie isnt good like the old. what i dont get is. the game is good but when there a movie its bad. i can tell by just looking at the trailer. when i say im like god of judge people would just call me crazy like wow. because i know my stuff if i say its not good then its not. i cant say im god or people will hate and call me names LIKE WOW people are brain dead

  • ben obasa
    ben obasa12 days ago

    I do not really feel this trailer like the game. I agree with her

  • Dan
    Dan12 days ago

    Grace this movie is base out of the first mortal combat game not mortal kombat 11 they probably didn't go with the different colors because it too close to the original movies. The 11 costumes won't be seen unto future movies

  • Richard Holguin
    Richard Holguin12 days ago

    Sonja Blade has a "Spring like Photon Blast" that she uses in the game thats pink. It wasn't a gun

  • Tamora Callum
    Tamora Callum12 days ago

    Gun is using shells...not sure its pump action but definitely peebles being fired.

    DJMAN12 days ago

    6:02 He’s holding a fucking shotgun...

  • jester26uk
    jester26uk12 days ago

    Couple of things here, firstly i think having "big" stars in this would have been a big own goal as it would have likely impeded the narrative the film is aiming for , it would have ended up as a film to serve ego's. So having lesser known actors is a win in my book. The costumes look great for the most part again if they had carbon copied the more colourful vibrant pallet from the games it would have camped out the tone of the film. This comes across more slightly grounded with a down to earth approach on the design language and i can see what they were aiming for. In my mind it works great for the most part. My BIG concern is that they might make the same mistake "Annihilation" made when they tried to shoe horn in as many characters as possible leaving very little room for Character building. I still have very fond memories of Paul Andersons 1995 film though!.

  • Alex DeLarge
    Alex DeLarge13 days ago

    Who is "Can-oh"?

  • brian garcia
    brian garcia13 days ago

    They ninja coming out of smoke is literary “smoke” smh do your research pls!

  • brian garcia
    brian garcia13 days ago

    I hate when people have no knowledge of the game or even story, and have the audacity to make a review about it... please do your read each before putting your two sense, wouldn’t you think Ed boon would’ve help write out the script?!

  • Giovanni Amador Rosales
    Giovanni Amador Rosales13 days ago

    I honestly don't have any problem with the trailer at any of the actors they picked on it because it is the most best Mortal Kombat movie that actually looks spot-on connected to the video games and I have a feeling it's going to be hella dope.

  • King Killmonger
    King Killmonger13 days ago

    Why is grace breaking this down if she isnt even that long into MK ? She really does have the audicity to judge this franchise 😑

  • Jay Montez
    Jay Montez13 days ago

    Also, are they gonna try to make cole into tekeda? I have so many questions! Lol

  • Jay Montez
    Jay Montez13 days ago

    They’re costumes and masks need to be tighter, more fitted.

  • Jay Montez
    Jay Montez13 days ago

    I can see what they’re doing. They’re saving shao khan and the edenians for the second movie. Maybe they’re gonna have an end credits scene. They’re confident they’ll get a sequel but idk we’ll see.

  • Wilson Bedoya
    Wilson Bedoya13 days ago

    7:51 thats smoke

  • Wilson Bedoya
    Wilson Bedoya13 days ago

    what if cole is scorpion

  • michael ogilvie
    michael ogilvie13 days ago

    My mate auditioned for melina

  • Colby Loran
    Colby Loran13 days ago

    They could still redeem themselves if Mileena’s mouth opens similarly to pennywise from IT

  • michael ogilvie
    michael ogilvie13 days ago

    They had a limited budget and they filmed in Australia that's why you don't know most of the actors

  • KenneththaMenace
    KenneththaMenace13 days ago

    Her mouth was wide open with excitement the first time she saw the trailer now she's just picking it apart.she not even a real mk fan so grace opinion doesn't even count or matter

  • Hanson Duron
    Hanson Duron13 days ago

    That character you’re talking about that comes out of this dust cloud is not subzero that is smoke

  • Hanson Duron
    Hanson Duron13 days ago

    Johnny cage is confirmed for the movie

  • Brandon Pollard
    Brandon Pollard13 days ago

    Grace wanted to see The Avengers cast in this 😂😂

  • anthony magee
    anthony magee13 days ago

    How can you not have an original Johnny Cage???

  • Michael Daniely
    Michael Daniely13 days ago

    Grace you miss Kabal fighting against Liu Kang at least I think it was Kabal.

  • Michael Evans
    Michael Evans13 days ago

    The biggest thing I miss in all of this is screaming "Mortal Kombat!" to the theme song we all know.

  • midnighteye
    midnighteye13 days ago

    It's sad that Rain from Big Trouble in Little China looks more like Raiden than the Raiden from this trailer. I don't like the Cole character on the trailer or the Sonya casting. I'm still excited about this movie. I think Grace is correct about the colors. That's the problem I had with Transformers. Once the fight began I couldn't tell which character was which.

  • Blackwiz
    Blackwiz13 days ago

    Kano was probably fighting the character called Reptile.

  • Toruk Makto
    Toruk Makto13 days ago

    Hiroyuki Sanada was the protege of Sonny Chiba. Sonny Fucking Chiba. You SJWS love urban phrases, here's one for you Grace: have several seats.

  • Dwayne Hendricks
    Dwayne Hendricks13 days ago

    This is the first video I’ve thumbs down in years on USplan. It just seems like Grace is being overwhelmingly pessimistic about this movie. The trailer looks AWESOME. 🦂❄️🐉

  • Dwayne Hendricks
    Dwayne Hendricks13 days ago

    Grace: the trailer is not as good as it could be Me: WHAT!? The trailer was...EXCELLENT.

  • Fernando j r
    Fernando j r13 days ago

    Instead of spending money on stars they spend it on the movie...they didn’t have a big budget to begin with

  • Fernando j r
    Fernando j r13 days ago

    If subzero and scorpion doesn’t have a mask then they lose some of their identity as well as kung Lao if you take off his hat then is not Kung Lao...

  • soyourboi27
    soyourboi2713 days ago

    Hiroyuki Sanada and Joe Taslim are legends Grace

  • y o y
    y o y13 days ago

    Mileena should be wearing her mask because she doesn't show her mouth useless she is really to eat in the beginning of the series. It's not till later in the series, where she fully embraces her face. It seems like they just REALLY missed a point of character development for Mileena.

  • D Meah
    D Meah13 days ago

    The illustration is of the great king lao who goro defeated

  • Samael Grey
    Samael Grey13 days ago

    Hiroyuki Sanada is martial art specialist. Cary Tagawa plays Shang Tsung in MK Legacy Series (2 season), Kano fight with Reptile, Lyu Kang fights with Cabal.

  • Him
    Him13 days ago

    Grace, it’s Muh-cod, like the fish.

  • yaBoy2000 HEARD
    yaBoy2000 HEARD13 days ago

    Umm their ninjas ninjas do wear masks u know lol

  • Sid _Vintage
    Sid _Vintage13 days ago

    I’m not feeling this movie because the characters don’t feel right. They had all this lore and the games just to give us this🤢

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith13 days ago

    Agatha Harkness and Katana having purple outfits and powers. Grace said both of them were pink. Legit think she is colourblind? I dunno, is she?

  • Luis Felipe Silva Sampaio
    Luis Felipe Silva Sampaio13 days ago

    you need to learn much more about the MK lore!

  • Luis Felipe Silva Sampaio
    Luis Felipe Silva Sampaio13 days ago

    Why they need face masks? easy, they are ninjas!!!!!

  • Zero Kool
    Zero Kool13 days ago

    By the way ITS NOT CANNO ITS KANO say it right

  • Zero Kool
    Zero Kool13 days ago

    This lady didnt even know about MK and now she is teaching you. Hahaha. Everytime there is a cool macho movie she says is bad and she has many problems with it but when there is a kitty cat movie meaning a Twilight type of movie she says its great. Bro, get out of here...

  • LB Films
    LB Films13 days ago

    Definitely watching this for the effects and martial arts. I think most of us aren’t really concerned with the level of acting 😅

  • Blaine Dempsey
    Blaine Dempsey13 days ago

    Can’t believe I haven’t heard many fan service jokes lol ;)

  • 6shot Rell
    6shot Rell13 days ago

    Johnny Cage

  • Lilo Rolland
    Lilo Rolland13 days ago

    The way this person speaks tells you just how intelligent they are...and it's severely disappointed.

  • Nordbard
    Nordbard13 days ago

    Can you maybe react to Dota: dragons blood?

  • TheDavePrem
    TheDavePrem13 days ago

    I assume the lack of star power is probably down to wanting to keep the budget down with the R rating and all

  • Super Asim
    Super Asim13 days ago

    It a shotgun the bullets are like that 😑

  • Parallax Peak

    Parallax Peak

    13 days ago


  • Greg_Beasty
    Greg_Beasty14 days ago

    I just can’t understand how people can’t recognize noob and smoke 😂

  • Parallax Peak

    Parallax Peak

    13 days ago

    noob and smoke are not in this. That is subzero in different lighting conditions. Kabal is fighting lui kang tho

  • Dragana jacimovic
    Dragana jacimovic14 days ago

    Am l seriously the only one who thinks the monster kano is fighting is reptile?