Mark Millar Interview - Jupiter's Legacy Netflix 2021

Mark Millar Interview today! Beyond The Trailer! Creator Mark Millar talks about his new Netflix show 2021 based on his comic! The Utopian!

Mark Millar Interview today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's exclusive interview with Mark Millar, creator of Jupiter's Legacy among many other famous comic books! Millar discusses his first Netflix show Jupiter's Legacy 2021! Share your own reaction to Mark Millar's interview about Jupiter's Legacy before you've seen each full episode in 2021 on Netflix! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!

Interact with host \u0026 creator Grace Randolph!

Intro - 00:00
Releasing Kick Ass vs Today - 1:10
Overseeing \u0026 Developing the Show - 2:45
Expanding Origin Story - 4:12
Why Such a Complex Origin? - 5:20
More Comics Coming - 5:55
Staying Ahead of the Curve - 7:00
The Utopian's Moral Dilemma - 8:10
Favorite Characters! - 10:09
Josh Duhamel - 10:50


  • Cecil Harmon
    Cecil Harmon19 days ago

    The show was completely awesome

  • Tim Hansen
    Tim HansenMonth ago

    Would love to see him do something with Alex Ross

  • Paul M
    Paul MMonth ago

    I can feel how demoralized and nihilistic you are. its very sad. Just find other people. pls. They are not good for you Mark.

  • Tim Hansen

    Tim Hansen

    Month ago

    @Paul M You're referring to his characters? It just sounded like you talked about the interviewer and how demoralized and nihilistic she was.

  • Paul M

    Paul M

    Month ago

    @Tim Hansen Pathological Belief Systems and Ideological Possession. The whole moral, ethical and intellectual structure of him projected in his writing onto the series, can be stated as such: “There is no good and evil, there is only power...” - That's a quote from Voldemort But I can go even further and state: "There is no good, no evil, and no truth, there is only power."

  • Tim Hansen

    Tim Hansen

    Month ago

    Please explain

  • aracen74
    aracen74Month ago

    Great Interview - What a success story, inspiring to hear !

  • Frankenviews *
    Frankenviews *Month ago

    The "code" problem seems like it's referring about the police using lethal gratuitous excessive force against suspects that's been very much in the news. Just not the part where its almost exclusive to suspects who are people of color.

  • Derek's Dichotomy
    Derek's DichotomyMonth ago

    Jupiter's Legacy reminded me of an edgier and grittier Sky High. Looking forward to season 2. Josh Duhamel's best performance to date. I've never been a huge fan of his, until now that is. Him, Matt Lanter, and the guy that plays Brainwave are fantastic in this show. If you love superheroes, the series deserves at least a single viewing all the way through.

  • toxiep
    toxiepMonth ago

    some parts was good but show was mostly cw level crap

  • Ross Walker
    Ross WalkerMonth ago

    I somebody produced some more hero story's from the 30s 40s and 50s adsolute bucket loads of material . Mind you the younger audience probably wouldn't go for it , just a thought 👍👌🇦🇺

  • Ross Walker
    Ross WalkerMonth ago

    Series 2 please,asap 👍👌🇦🇺

  • Beatriz Manzano
    Beatriz ManzanoMonth ago

    It is so fascinating to see these creators just talking and showing their passion! Love it so much! Thank you Grace and keep the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elido Diaz
    Elido DiazMonth ago

    His adorable ! Lol 😂

  • Felipe Toso
    Felipe TosoMonth ago

    This show is horrible

  • Sweetexorcist7
    Sweetexorcist7Month ago

    This is great

  • arturo diaz
    arturo diazMonth ago

    Im so excited for this now!!!

  • Zafran Hirwanis
    Zafran HirwanisMonth ago

    What time is it coming out ?

  • Marvelous Christian
    Marvelous ChristianMonth ago

    I haven’t been excited for a Netflix property in ages and it’s just by watching your interviews Grace!! Amazing!!

  • Danni Catzer
    Danni CatzerMonth ago

    Didn't realise Millar was Scottish.. Sounds like a Glasgow/west coast accent.. Be watching it tomorrow.

  • Egoitz Larrea
    Egoitz LarreaMonth ago

    Wow ,amazing Interview

  • GuGu E. Michaels
    GuGu E. MichaelsMonth ago

    I enjoyed the interview, why so short Grace? Would've liked to hear more about the show and the characters. He was so hyped and excited about this project. I was feeling his energy and wanted to know and hear more..

  • Heekamalo Kilo

    Heekamalo Kilo

    Month ago

    @GuGu E. Michaels No problem! :)

  • GuGu E. Michaels

    GuGu E. Michaels

    Month ago

    @Heekamalo Kilo Gotcha!! thanks for that insight. I was enjoying it so much that I forgot that could be the case. Lol! Thanks for reminding me. :-)

  • Heekamalo Kilo

    Heekamalo Kilo

    Month ago

    This is part of a press junket, so there are multiple reporters there to interview him and they all get an allocated amount of time.

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel RodriguezMonth ago

    I love what Mark Millar has done in Marvel, so I can't wait to see how this turns out!

  • Jair B. Peña
    Jair B. PeñaMonth ago

    Mark Millar is a great comic book writter and for what i can tell he is a very nice person too. The interview was great Grace bt there is something bothering me with the comic book adaptation genre lately, is like, they dont really write comic books anymore, the write movie scripts taking this for example which turn out great but judgig for what he said we in a couple of years have adaptations of The Magic Order, Space Bandits, Hell Keanu Reeves´s Berserk is like 2 months old and it already has a movie deal. Just wish the focus on writing good comics and then worry about adapting them

  • Beau Carranza
    Beau CarranzaMonth ago

    “Why don’t you just put the whole world in a bottle, Superman?”

  • Two Cylinder
    Two CylinderMonth ago

    This video made me want to watch this show which i wasnt sure i wanted to do before watching so good job and thank you grace!

  • H. C
    H. CMonth ago

    I wanna see millar's superman original story, "Huck". ✊

  • A
    AMonth ago

    Another great one Grace! SO excited for this show!

  • Jason Mckibbin
    Jason MckibbinMonth ago

    I have so many Millar comic books, more than I even realized. A true powerhouse of the medium, now taking over screens too.

  • Scott MacAulay
    Scott MacAulayMonth ago

    Proud Scottish representation

  • Jackie V. Meadows
    Jackie V. MeadowsMonth ago

    Great interview Grace!!! I could listen to Mr. Millar talk his accent. I can't wait to watch the series.

  • xanthis2001
    xanthis2001Month ago

    His enthusiastic love of the genre is what WB/DC just can't seem to grasp and why they are so hit and miss in the DCEU. In Millar's case of course it's his own creation but for Marvel, it is that Kevin Feige is a true fan. You can't rely on an opportunist like Geoff Johns who is only going to push the stories he wrote, so he gets a little extra money and ego-stroking when there are decades of better material. They need a creative director who is a fan of comics to tell convince them which stories fans would want to see adapted and then bring in the original creators to consult. I admit I was wondering if this was going to be a series thrown together to cash in on the comics and current love of superheroes but seeing his genuine enthusiasm I am much more excited. You can tell that he wants to be making this kind of art.

  • Lords of the Long Box
    Lords of the Long BoxMonth ago

    So it's pronounced "Miller" and not "Muh-Lar"

  • Polsnulspace
    PolsnulspaceMonth ago

    Mark comes from Coatbridge which is just 5 mins from me and I just know Grace is concentrating her best to follow the accent. She done well.

  • Damian Cowan
    Damian CowanMonth ago

    This show just moved to my must watch immediately list lol

  • Getsuga Tenshou
    Getsuga TenshouMonth ago

    Grace is killing it! Makes me soooo happy to see her light shining brighter and brighter!

  • On the Mess
    On the MessMonth ago

    Grace. Your a boss. Well done on all these VIP interviews in one week

  • Duane H
    Duane HMonth ago

    As a "casual" viewer, I didn't realize Mark was behind so many projects I've LOVED!!! Can't WAIT for May 7th!!!

  • C Prince
    C PrinceMonth ago

    Grace, Really loved this interview. You ask the Best questions, and you're a Fantastic listener. Thank you. What a treat :)

  • Dolph Createur
    Dolph CreateurMonth ago

    I'm SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU GRACE! YOU ARE GOING PLACES!!!!!!!!!!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Naren Mappat
    Naren MappatMonth ago

    Damn! Didnt know Mark Millar is making this! Guess my weekend is booked when this comes out!

  • Richard Barclay
    Richard BarclayMonth ago

    Great interview,

  • Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo
    Ibitola Ojoye-AdebayoMonth ago

    Who is Grace gonna interview next??? I can't freaking wait🥴. Loooooove it

  • Nicolás Fernández
    Nicolás FernándezMonth ago

    I loved this guy. Grace you have to keep interviewing Mark!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff SmithMonth ago

    Getting to watch Grace and Millar geek out together made my day 😂 Great interview!

  • jason philip
    jason philipMonth ago

    How could I not watch after that?

  • Paul Fitzpatrick-Lowrie
    Paul Fitzpatrick-LowrieMonth ago

    So bizarre and heartwarming to hear a Scottish accent on BTT. Representin

  • JSociety
    JSocietyMonth ago

    Fuck Mark Millar! Why did you pick someone who has trashed Zack Snyder?

  • Daniel Montalvo
    Daniel MontalvoMonth ago

    I had no idea Mark Millar was Scotish 🤣

  • David Marshall
    David Marshall Month ago

    I like his accent. I felt the urge to say that, and I don't even live far away from Scotland. I live in Northern England. lol

  • David Marshall
    David Marshall Month ago

    "I can't afford to animate cars behind me." lol Maybe you can't, but you're friends with Zack Snyder now, so we can't be 100% sure your background isn't movie magic.

  • Aaron Mauer
    Aaron MauerMonth ago

    Millar is really a great comic writer. Love a lot of his work

  • will_ da_man_
    will_ da_man_Month ago

    Ah, yes, the edgelord himself...

  • dave marty

    dave marty

    Month ago

    Snyders interview was months ago fam...

  • Subham
    SubhamMonth ago

    Thank u Grace! I love Mark I have read the comics it's so awesome!

  • Michael Barletta
    Michael BarlettaMonth ago

    I love how excited he is to be here in this interview.

  • lawrence TV
    lawrence TVMonth ago

    Vent wait to See it 👨🏾‍💻

  • Dare1100
    Dare1100Month ago

    It's unfortunate how usually you can tell when the interviewee doesn't really want to be there but Mark's enthusiasm about his show is so infectious! I might actually watch the show now!

  • Michael Davis
    Michael DavisMonth ago

    OMG, I love his accent.

  • KayTeaAndBiscuits
    KayTeaAndBiscuitsMonth ago

    mark miller just seems like a super nice guy, very genuine, and talented to boot! i cant't wait to watch this show :)

  • Murali D
    Murali DMonth ago

    I like the Mr.Miller’s accent He sound like he is from Skellige in Witcher 3

  • Photo Trekr
    Photo TrekrMonth ago

    Looking forward to Jupiter's Legacy. Hope it's better than Jupiter Ascending.

  • andrew valentine
    andrew valentineMonth ago

    Actually getting something good on Netflix. Never heard of this comic but even without knowing a thing about it I know it will be good. You can never have to many super hero shows.

  • Abc Bcd
    Abc BcdMonth ago

    Thank you for old man logan

  • Michael Mark
    Michael MarkMonth ago

    At first, I wasn’t going to watch this but if Grace Says it’s so good, I’ll give it a try.

  • Dave Johnson
    Dave JohnsonMonth ago

    Looks like Superman but acts like Anthony Hopkins?!? I’m in can’t wait for Friday

  • Web Surfer
    Web SurferMonth ago

    Where is the NEMISIS film

  • Carlos Heredia
    Carlos HerediaMonth ago

    I'm half way through the video and I am actually scared for spoilers so ill be back Saturday lol.

  • Web Surfer
    Web SurferMonth ago

    Grace is CRUSHING the competition

  • Imperial Spy
    Imperial SpyMonth ago

    These interviews are cringe

  • Yousif Namat
    Yousif NamatMonth ago

    I love these interviews grace , keep doing them ❤️💙❤️💙

  • Mohamed Aymane Ahajjam
    Mohamed Aymane AhajjamMonth ago

    I don't understand why it's always only one woman with a bunch of men like 4 or 5!! it's always bothered me!

  • Sharon Casey Ledwidge
    Sharon Casey LedwidgeMonth ago


  • RitnFool
    RitnFoolMonth ago

    I'll be watching this. Fantastic interview!

  • SuHaIL
    SuHaILMonth ago

    He's just another hollywood hack that steals other peoples work and gets the credits. Also a horrible person.

  • Serjohn
    SerjohnMonth ago

    grace has been thriving in lockdown

  • The Lion Mutters
    The Lion MuttersMonth ago

    I feel like Grace needs another interview with Mark Millar just to chat comics and adaptations because she and him were having such a great time

  • Benjamin Israel

    Benjamin Israel

    5 days ago

    @Wallace Gibson yup, I have been watching on InstaFlixxer for years myself :)

  • Wallace Gibson

    Wallace Gibson

    5 days ago

    Dunno if anyone gives a damn but if you are bored like me during the covid times you can stream pretty much all the new movies on InstaFlixxer. Been streaming with my gf for the last couple of months :)

  • lonewhitewolf silverfox

    lonewhitewolf silverfox

    Month ago

    Yes! and Mark was so engage in the interview he ask back Grace question. I feel and think they exceed the allowed time for the interview. Great interaction between them.

  • Mark A

    Mark A

    Month ago


  • SavEdgeSurvive S.E.S.
    SavEdgeSurvive S.E.S.Month ago

    I'm so excited for this....hopefully some American Jesus down the line?

  • Pufflehead
    PuffleheadMonth ago

    I've gotten so used to the American English that I acutally had to look up where Mark Miller is from because his accent is hilarious :D

  • Faisal Bones

    Faisal Bones

    Month ago

    you've never heard a Scottish accent before?

  • Javier Nomdedeu
    Javier NomdedeuMonth ago

    Great interview Grace! Cannot wait to watch the show.

  • David James
    David JamesMonth ago

    It's Millar Time!

  • Miss Star
    Miss StarMonth ago

    How it's soo cute how Mark kept praising the cast. That's nice to hear.

  • Iliya Badev
    Iliya BadevMonth ago

    This guy looks like a lot of fun 😌

  • Lynal N.
    Lynal N.Month ago

    Enough talking I’m in since the first 1 sec lol 😂

  • Diego Guisa
    Diego GuisaMonth ago

    Pleassssss he’s soooo adorable I love his accent and how excited he gets 🥺💕

  • George Chico
    George ChicoMonth ago

    8ve started to read all his comics

  • Kez
    KezMonth ago

    I thought the CGI looked a little cheap, but if Grace says it's good, I guess I'll be having a late late Thursday night

  • Friis Torben Tappert
    Friis Torben TappertMonth ago

    No super hero content out there since Engdgame. Talk about living in a bubble. Very professional from Grace not to call him out on it but letting it slide instead.

  • Ross Leonardy
    Ross LeonardyMonth ago

    Great interview with a bonafide legend! Awesome work Grace!

  • fffan11
    fffan11Month ago

    I really appreciate the enthusiasms, but come on, there have been a lot of super heroes movies and TV shows since Endgame (even just these past few weeks), or is he saying Jupiter's Legacy is the first one at the level of Endagme? Which again, I appreciate the enthusiasm, but please...

  • lolll


    Month ago

    Nah still not enough

  • Vinnie J
    Vinnie JMonth ago

    Another interview! Someone is on a roll! You deserve it Grace!

  • Dare - wait for it - Devil
    Dare - wait for it - DevilMonth ago

    I'm very excited for this show. I hope it's good. Please be good.

  • Dallas Graham
    Dallas GrahamMonth ago

    Another “insider” with Grace interviewing our favorite creators! I’ve been saving up my screen time for Friday’s debut! Going all in, all day!

  • Gendgi
    GendgiMonth ago

    Mark Millar is freaking amazing, thanks for the interview Grace o/

  • Valk.
    Valk.Month ago

    Same creepy bastard that wanted the rape of WonderWoman? Bad call, Grace.

  • BK's Bullets
    BK's BulletsMonth ago

    So much fun to listen to Mark talk. I love him on podcasts and interviews. Grant Morrison too

  • KeyserSoandSo
    KeyserSoandSoMonth ago

    It’s crazy how far superhero’s have come along in the last 10 years. I am so looking forward to watching Jupiter’s Legacy on Friday. The first season of Daredevil is probably my most enjoyed superhero series.

  • Taye Owusu
    Taye OwusuMonth ago

    I love the Ultimates. One of my favourite comics.

  • M2K
    M2KMonth ago

    guess ill have to watch this now....

  • Christopher Street
    Christopher StreetMonth ago

    Such a great interview thanks

  • Laylaswood96
    Laylaswood96Month ago

    The superhero genre is my favorite at this point. I’ve started both Jupiter’s Legacy and Invincible comics but took a break due to life... gotta get back to it!!!

  • Laylaswood96


    Month ago

    @Kez Ikrrr and all the sci-fi/otherworldly stuff. I love it

  • Kez


    Month ago

    I will never get tired of the superhero genre. There's so much you can do with it, there's not just one set of powers.

  • Brt Creep
    Brt CreepMonth ago

    Thanks for this interview Grace. Am almost done w its comics. Appreciate u

  • Jose Pinto
    Jose PintoMonth ago

    i wonder how close to the source material will they keep to? i just wish that they would makeWanted! again but sticking to the source material this time.

  • lolll
    lolllMonth ago

    Superhero fatigue? 😂😂Never I can watch superheros all day long