Keanu Reeves as Kraven? Super Bowl 2021 Commericals, Michael B Jordan Amazon Deal


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  • Tony Randall
    Tony Randall7 days ago

    Up until now Kraven has only been in comics and animated form. MCU would get Keanu Reeves and KR would be able to make Kraven his own. No comparisons to someone else's performance. We all win!

  • Malcolm Brooks
    Malcolm Brooks12 days ago

    @ Beyond The Trailer Grace from what I've read and I'm sure you can confirm whether if this is true or not but Adam Driver was Sony's first choice for "Kraven The Hunter" but he turned them down.

  • iulix max
    iulix max16 days ago

    I think we all agree we don't need no more streaming services 😑👎 so I think you're the only person excited about this

  • iulix max
    iulix max16 days ago

    Actually kraven the hunter is not the bad guy he does what he does for his wife 😍👍

  • MeTube
    MeTube17 days ago

    Venom worked because Tom Hardy himself is a Venom fan. Kraven is of Russian origin, I think they should try to find a Russian actor. It could boost Marvel's fandom in Russia.

  • kevkeisha
    kevkeisha19 days ago

    Wesley Snipes as Kraven?

  • D But
    D But23 days ago

    Could you imagine Kraven constantly saying..."woah"...

  • Giovanni Amador Rosales
    Giovanni Amador Rosales23 days ago

    I don't know how she says that she can't see Craven Hunter as an anti-hero because last time I checked and Spider-Man the Animated Series that came out in the 90s Craven Hunter ended up being Spider-Man's friend. Craven and his wife ended up being Spider-Man's friend.

  • Ahmed Osman
    Ahmed Osman23 days ago

    Keanu would make a great batman.

  • harry gofreed
    harry gofreed23 days ago

    Jason mamoa would be the perfect KTH

  • Sh3p 83
    Sh3p 8323 days ago

    I wanted Keanu as the sliver surfer

  • Draum
    Draum24 days ago

    Grace: 'He's already playing someone in the Metal Solid Gear movie' lol

  • Skywalkerspock
    Skywalkerspock24 days ago

    Keanu was a great villain in The Bad Batch & The Neon Demon, very good in The Gift and entertaining in Man of Tai Chi. He has the range.

  • KaosPlays
    KaosPlays24 days ago

    Zac effron was decent as Ted bundy

  • J Smith
    J Smith24 days ago

    Grace... Lex Luthor was arguably a light complexioned black man in Superman TAS esp the early seasons

  • J Smith
    J Smith24 days ago

    How can people think Cavill and not think Jason Mamoa as Kraven? Dude looks it.

  • Lord Godspeed
    Lord Godspeed24 days ago

    Kraven should be a physical type of actor as well

  • Professor Ozzy
    Professor Ozzy24 days ago

    “Metal Solid Gear” 😄

  • Uncut Keyz
    Uncut Keyz24 days ago

    Jackman wasn’t a good Wolverine all them movies sucked and Logan was overrated

  • Brien O'Doyle
    Brien O'Doyle24 days ago

    Agree about Keanu I just don't see him as villain. Disagree about Michael B Jordan and the Fantastic 4. He was not good in that movie. Hell none of them were. John Boyega just stop Grace. Do you even know anything about Muhammad Ali. Ali was 6'3 and Boyega is 5'9.

  • Arianna Kathryn
    Arianna Kathryn24 days ago

    David Harbour as Kraven 💯

  • Ivan Fonkoa
    Ivan Fonkoa24 days ago

    John Boyega looks nothing like Mohammed Ali 😆

  • andrew naphtali
    andrew naphtali24 days ago

    jaimie bell as kraven, anyone?

  • symbian
    symbian24 days ago

    Sorry, love Keanu but I don't see him as Kraven. Henry Cavill would be more "fit" for the role, literally and figuratively.

  • Amanda
    Amanda24 days ago

    “Armie Hammer legit has cooties” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 brilliant Grace!!!! Laughing out loud 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tyler
    Tyler24 days ago

    me in the uk: did she just say... noo-tella lmaoooo

  • Clout Claudius Charles
    Clout Claudius Charles24 days ago

    John Boyega is great, but he looks nothing like Ali. Also, John is average height, which is fine but Ali was super tall. I just don’t know about that casting. Ray Fisher is a far better choice

  • Tyler
    Tyler24 days ago

    Why dont we just get him to appear in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness in the KeanuVerse. A version of the mcu but where everyone is played by Keanu Reeves.

  • Tyler
    Tyler24 days ago

    Keanu Ghost Rider

  • Ingram Jones
    Ingram Jones24 days ago

    John Boyega as Muhammad Ali? You clearly know nothing about Ali......stop it! Ali was like 6'2. Boyega is like 5'9. God, that is a terrible idea. OK, I'm back to not trusting you.

  • VALENTINEproductions
    VALENTINEproductions24 days ago

    You had Cheetos with me back in 1992 Grace. At the Bronx zoo.

  • VALENTINEproductions
    VALENTINEproductions24 days ago

    Ray Fisher was great as Ali. He could be cast in this show... considering If anyone wants to work with him.

  • David James

    David James

    24 days ago

    Why don't people like Ray Fisher?

  • TheC00L r u
    TheC00L r u24 days ago

    If they want Keanu in Spidey: Chameleon.

  • TheC00L r u
    TheC00L r u24 days ago

    Timothee Chalamet as a younger Kraven vs Holland would be dope actually

  • VALENTINEproductions
    VALENTINEproductions24 days ago

    Joe Maganello would be a great idea as Kraven, given his background for playing Flash in the Raimi series.

  • NJLGamer
    NJLGamer24 days ago

    I really think Kraven should be used as a villain in a venom movie.

  • TheC00L r u
    TheC00L r u24 days ago

    Medal Solid Gear 😂😂

  • TheC00L r u
    TheC00L r u24 days ago

    Keanu's not quite charismatic enough for Kraven. Brainiac or Silver Surfer would be my pick. Jason Momoa? If he wasn't the lead villain? Or Pascal or Diego Luna. Or Viggo! But yeah Cavill would be cool too

  • VALENTINEproductions
    VALENTINEproductions24 days ago

    Keanu would have made a good Namor 20 years ago.

    RICHARD JOHNSON24 days ago

    Doesn’t anybody think that Keane is too good for Kraven? I want to see Keanu in a ‘proper’ MCU movie...

  • Lyrics Bang
    Lyrics Bang24 days ago

    I think Keanu would be a better Mr Sinister since he’s more stoic and a lil funny

  • Jadenfury
    Jadenfury24 days ago

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan for kraven

  • zacharygoulbourne
    zacharygoulbourne24 days ago

    No to Keanu, he's not going to do well unless he's taken acting lessons; I'm A Fan of Michael B Jordan, so I hope all his projects are great. Didn't care about Superbowl and I've never had Chic Fila.

  • R.H.
    R.H.24 days ago

    Tom Hardy would have been a good Kraven....but i really find a race bent Kraven would be interesting

  • Miguel Labrador
    Miguel Labrador24 days ago

    "I think Armie Hammer like legit has cooties" -Grace Randolph 2021

  • HJL JR
    HJL JR24 days ago

    Kraven is going after Spiderman with a pencil. "I'm going to kill you"

  • Jaccl
    Jaccl24 days ago

    Amber Heard Is OFFICIALLY Replaced By Emilia Clarke In Aquaman 2! - took 8 months to do it - but we finally made it through the chaos

  • VALENTINEproductions


    24 days ago

    Ew really?

  • Gilby Rodriguez
    Gilby Rodriguez24 days ago

    I don’t know the villain, but I’m NOT going to support Trophy Hunting for ANY reason

  • Axel Salas
    Axel Salas24 days ago

    Keanu belongs as Constantine in Dc and he can ensure the adultish future for Dc

  • ringgold1212
    ringgold121224 days ago

    Unfortunately John boyega is too short to play Muhammad Ali it just wouldn't look right

  • Cooper Hunt
    Cooper Hunt24 days ago

    Still waiting for the day when Keanu plays Silver Surfer...

  • Ashiqur Rohman
    Ashiqur Rohman24 days ago

    Keanu as GhostRider anyday. Karl Urban as Kraven for me.

  • Branden McCarney
    Branden McCarney24 days ago

    Regarding a good Mohammed Ali movie, check out the documentary "When We Were Kings" (1996). If you don't know the history of the fight this movie is about, you're in for a treat. Probably one of the best true sports movies ever.

  • Branden McCarney

    Branden McCarney

    24 days ago

    @Rockstar 1996 100% agree

  • Rockstar 1996

    Rockstar 1996

    24 days ago

    I’d argue it’s one of the best documentaries period, nevermind just of the sports Genre

  • The Dopest
    The Dopest24 days ago

    Its METAL GEAR SOLID, the greatest story for a game ever, with the best characters Solid Snake, Liquid Snake and the Big Boss

  • G Stone
    G Stone24 days ago

    Poor Armie Hammar !

  • G Stone
    G Stone24 days ago

    Karl Urban already was in Thor Rangnarök !

  • Official Filmilen
    Official Filmilen24 days ago

    Keanu Reeves should not play Kraven the Hunter in the Sony MCU. Disney MCU should get him for a huge franchise role.

  • Andy Lindsey
    Andy Lindsey24 days ago

    Kraven be like: "whoa...."

  • Gary Dodd
    Gary Dodd24 days ago

    Grace, Borat 2 was big for Amazon though, i mean people talk about it a lot, its got Golden Globe noms, the actress in it has shot to fame because of it and its probably most people's favourite comedy of the year, i dont know how it effected Subscriptions but i imagine it helped a lot... i personal really enjoyed but didnt think it was near as good as the first but im in the minority..

  • Stephen Shortt
    Stephen Shortt24 days ago

    100% ABSOLUTELY NOT Keanu. Nothing Kraven speaks Reeves in anyway. Keanu is perfectly fine as John Wick and he does not look good for any comic book character in Marvel or DC.

  • desireealicea
    desireealicea24 days ago

    Well, Keanu did play a rapist in The Neon, he does have some range...

  • Andrés García Jr.
    Andrés García Jr.24 days ago

    Ashton Kutcher is on “The Ranch”

  • Adrian Padilla
    Adrian Padilla24 days ago

    I can see Gerard butler as kraven

  • Samantha Geer
    Samantha Geer24 days ago

    I will die saying oscar isaac should be kraven and literally anyone else should be moon knight . I love oscar but moonknight is not the role for him.

  • curtjames
    curtjames24 days ago

    I do love your content but it’s six minutes in and I’m already disagreeing with you. An element of humor? Like the humorous John Wick? Reeves would make an amazing purely evil Kraven.

  • Panterlo Art
    Panterlo Art24 days ago

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on Framing Britney Spera

  • Katie Donaldson
    Katie Donaldson25 days ago

    Below Deck is pretty funny but for me the first season is on Amazon prime - but I’m in the UK so I don’t know if that makes a difference

  • Dinesh Mungra
    Dinesh Mungra25 days ago

    Goran Visnjic as Kraven, or maybe Jason Isaacs.

  • AC
    AC25 days ago

    Grace has never had 5 guys in her mouth!? Whaaaaaaaat!? Shooooocking!!!!

  • Gendgi
    Gendgi25 days ago

    Love Keanu but he might be missing the "savage" part for the role

  • William Folwell Shryock Cooke
    William Folwell Shryock Cooke25 days ago


  • Bob Wow
    Bob Wow25 days ago

    Keanu Reeves I feels kinda overrated, he seems amazingly nice and I wish all the best for him, but I’m not a fan of his acting… he seems rather flat compared to others. Like every movie I’ve seen him in it seems he plays the same characters

  • George Vivanco
    George Vivanco25 days ago

    dafugg is Detroit pizza

  • George Vivanco
    George Vivanco25 days ago

    could DEFINITELY see Boyega as Ali

  • twelve11
    twelve1125 days ago

    Heard all these names for Kraven, but this is MARVEL dream casting: Luke Evans as Namor Henry Cavill as Hercules Zac Efron as Wolverine I hate anything Sony do with Spider-Man (without Marvel Studios), so a stand alone Kraven film sounds stupid, but great casting would be the Russian actor Danica Kozlovsky from the final season of Vikings.

  • George Vivanco
    George Vivanco25 days ago

    “Armie Hammer has cooties” 🤣

  • Paul Z. Arts
    Paul Z. Arts25 days ago

    Sacha Baron Cohen as KRAVEN

  • VALENTINEproductions


    24 days ago

    That’s kinda genius lol. Imagine him all buffed.

  • Curtis Nolin
    Curtis Nolin25 days ago

    Keanu has to come back for Constantine. That's it. That's the tweet

  • Pablo Pervguy
    Pablo Pervguy25 days ago

    Keanu is perfect for Ghost Rider role, he has his own motorbike company which is meta

  • Psycho -
    Psycho -25 days ago

    JDM Would be a great a Kraven The Hunter!

  • Frankenviews *
    Frankenviews *25 days ago

    What about Edward Norton and Eric Bana as multiverse Hulks and Jennifer Connelly as a multiverse Betty Ross?

  • Scriptwritertube
    Scriptwritertube25 days ago

    i disagreee zack effron is a can totally pull kraven off

  • Abdallah Bouzid
    Abdallah Bouzid25 days ago

    Why not an actuel Russian actor for the role of kraven the hunter?

  • Jamie D
    Jamie D25 days ago

    What about Michael Shannon for Kraven...he’s menacing

  • Niv Arad
    Niv Arad25 days ago

    I’m really sorry that Armie Hammer‘s career is over because he is so goddamn handsome. But Disney via Fox still has death on the nile with him.

  • M. Dillinger
    M. Dillinger25 days ago

    Reeves should play dark Adam Warlock. He would be perfect for it. We all have been waiting for them to incorperate that easter egg in the end credit schene in GOG where the creation pod was shown. It's time Marvel give us that crumble. I know I'm not the only one who is thinking it.

  • Jamie D
    Jamie D25 days ago

    I like Luke Evans for Kraven. He can do the action and the accent.

  • Ashiqur Rohman

    Ashiqur Rohman

    24 days ago

    Karl Urban for me. And Keanu as GhostRider

  • Jack Carver

    Jack Carver

    24 days ago

    Benicio del toro would be better but Luke would be good too

  • swapnil shinde
    swapnil shinde25 days ago

    Keanu as Dr. doom in fantastic four it will be awesome

  • James Templeton
    James Templeton25 days ago

    I would like to see Kevin Durand play Kraven. 6'6", ripped like a bodybuilder, great actor and could easily keep a consistent accent throughout the movie.

  • Jose Salinas
    Jose Salinas25 days ago

    Khabib Nurmagomedov for Kraven the Hunter 💯 Like the way GSP was a villain in Captain America- Winter Soldier

  • Top Gato
    Top Gato25 days ago

    Cringe on the Alexa ad! M.B. Jordan only has two acting chops moody and angry, now he can add dull. He flatlines as Alexa.

  • Allhail Drewzavic
    Allhail Drewzavic25 days ago

    John Boyega is about to play Mike Tyson in the new film

  • neverpure20
    neverpure2025 days ago

    Keanu as Kraven is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

  • neverpure20


    23 days ago

    @Ashley Adonis Didn't quite get the question. Do I think there'll be a MCU movie like Suicide Squad?

  • Ashley Adonis

    Ashley Adonis

    23 days ago

    Imagine they make a marvel version of suicide squad.?

  • Nikolai Rodriguez
    Nikolai Rodriguez25 days ago

    Since when did Tom Holland say he didn't want to be in Sony's Marvel Movies?

  • Nikolai Rodriguez
    Nikolai Rodriguez25 days ago

    Karl Urban was in the MCU as Executioner

  • Nikolai Rodriguez
    Nikolai Rodriguez25 days ago

    You are right about Kraven but I think Keanu Reeves would be good.

  • Westin Iroh
    Westin Iroh25 days ago

    I'm glad I had already paused eating when I heard "Metal Solid Snake." Wooooow lol. There's a much bigger Metal Gear Solid nerd than myself somewhere who just woke up in a sweat after that.

  • Westin Iroh

    Westin Iroh

    25 days ago

    @The Best Name In The World lol I knew it. I can see the exclamation point.

  • The Best Name In The World

    The Best Name In The World

    25 days ago

    I'm that fan, literally almost had a heart attack, brought on by too much joy at once.

  • Ryan Nelson Holt
    Ryan Nelson Holt25 days ago

    You know, you always say how everybody needs to be cast appropriately. Why can’t they just find a badass Russian guy. I think Cavill & Keanu are both terrible choices.

  • Nathan Cochran
    Nathan Cochran25 days ago

    Have you ever ate at Fudrucker's? They serve buffalo and elk.

  • Veronica Gagliardi
    Veronica Gagliardi25 days ago

    Well there was a story about how Timothee Chalamet spread Chlamydia allover the NYU campus so I guess they both have cooties 🤷‍♀️

  • XEVN


    24 days ago

    😳... Is this factual??

  • Aniket Sharma

    Aniket Sharma

    24 days ago