Jupiter's Legacy Interview - Netflix 2021

Jupiter's Legacy Interview today! Beyond The Trailer! Netflix 2021! Elena Kampouris is Chloe! Andrew Horton is Brandon! Ian Quinlan is Hutch!

Juipter's Legacy Interview today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's exclusive interview with some of the cast from Jupiter's Legacy for Netflix 2021, based on the Mark Millar comic book! Go behind the scenes! Elena Kampouris is Chloe Sampson! Andrew Horton is Brandon Sampson! And Ian Quinlan is Hutch Hutchence! Share your own reaction to this interview with the cast of Jupiter's Legacy before you've seen each full episode in 2021 on Netflix! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!

Interact with host \u0026 creator Grace Randolph!
Twitter: bit.ly/GraceOnTwitter

Intro - 00:00
Superhero Camp?! - 1:08
Hutch has No Powers! - 2:47
How does the Power Rod work? - 3:28
How is Jupiter's Legacy unique? - 4:50
Filming Action Scene - 5:43
Brandon's Journey - 8:45
Andrew's Costume - 11:05
Elena's Sloths! - 12:05
Chloe Like the Comics - 12:32
Chloe's Problems - 13:10
Conclusion - 14:30


  • Derekus Maximus
    Derekus Maximus23 days ago

    Is the actress who plays Chloe always dialed up to 50????!!! Jeez!

  • Vivin
    Vivin23 days ago

    Honestly I loved everything about this show. The characters, the heart of the show, costumes, special effects.

  • Linda Naranjo-Hayakawa
    Linda Naranjo-HayakawaMonth ago

    Fantastic show!!!! Just finished 🙌🙌🙌

  • VibesByLuxury
    VibesByLuxuryMonth ago

    I fuckin love this whole cast! Great show 🔥

  • Cris Camara
    Cris CamaraMonth ago

    I loved the show as well!

  • Cyber D Vonaven
    Cyber D VonavenMonth ago

    I was already thinking how GORGEOUS Chloe is, now I'm happy I watched this cause Elena is just SOOOO Adorable in this interview!

  • Jeremy X-tein
    Jeremy X-teinMonth ago

    Elena is so energetic i like her

  • Alberto Rodríguez
    Alberto RodríguezMonth ago

    OMG Elena is such a good actress that I can't see anything of Chloe in her lol

  • Tobermory
    TobermoryMonth ago

    Critics ain't know shit. Show' s good.

  • Callandor
    CallandorMonth ago

    Great show, loved it. Elena is even more beautiful than on the show.

  • Derek's Dichotomy
    Derek's DichotomyMonth ago

    Jupiter's Legacy reminded me of an edgier and grittier Sky High. Looking forward to season 2. Josh Duhamel's best performance to date. I've never been a huge fan of his, until now that is. Him, Matt Lanter, and the guy that plays Brainwave are fantastic in this show. If you love superheroes, the series deserves at least a single viewing all the way through.

  • Carlos U.
    Carlos U.Month ago

    Great interview! Elena was sweet, but a bit much.

  • daniel barreto
    daniel barretoMonth ago

    This was delightful Elena fangirling on Grace was so cute

  • Ross Walker
    Ross WalkerMonth ago

    It's good to see a few Supa show aimed toward an older audience , I loved JL congratulations to the cast and crew 👏👍👌🇦🇺

  • Lucas Ribeiro
    Lucas RibeiroMonth ago

    1:05 omg I love how ready Grace is to move on the interview, while Elena is like: WAIT... HOLD ON! 🤣🤣

  • Lucas Ribeiro
    Lucas RibeiroMonth ago

    0:50 bro me for suure lol

  • Karthik Siva
    Karthik SivaMonth ago

    Definitely the best Interview Grace has done. What an awesome cast and show!!

  • Zachs Mind
    Zachs MindMonth ago

    Just starting this video and Elena Kampouris is making me tear up inside a minute and five seconds. To see her fangirling over Grace is... I'm done. I could probably stop watching this video right now and be happy. I'll keep going of course but she explodes with excitement and it's well deserved for both talented ladies. Kampouris is living the dream! There was a time I woulda tore off a limb to make it in show business and if I'd found myself on Grace Randolph's radar I'd be doing exactly what Kampouris did but I'd be way less poised and graceful about it. I'd be a blubbering mess. It feels like Kampouris is one of us! She digs Beyond The Trailer! She's arrived! And we fans of this show are glad to see another fan make it this big.

  • A LJ
    A LJMonth ago

    Oh my God that first minute made this the best video EVER.

  • Mark Cruz
    Mark CruzMonth ago

    Elena's character was my favorite from episode 1

  • Beatriz Manzano
    Beatriz ManzanoMonth ago

    I jumped to this video since I saw the show and really liked it. But never imagined I would totally love the actors here being so adorable. Grace, you must be so happy to have received all that love in camera! You totally deserve it! It brought tears to my eyes to see Elena so thrilled and your 'say hello to your family' made her day for real!

  • Chris Tran
    Chris TranMonth ago

    While most actors pretending to be cool it's refreshing to see Elena just being a normal human being. Instant fan.

  • the madclown

    the madclown

    Month ago

    @Carlos U. funny is you can check any on cam interaction and shes acted like this in all of them. Maybe just her personality lol. Probably has adhd or some other thing. Maybe not assume crap like that.

  • Chris Tran

    Chris Tran

    Month ago

    @Carlos U. Yeah she is high energy. One would thinks she may even have ADHD, but I use to be like that when I was younger. I loved life so much I was always hyper happy 24/7. If you watch all her interview she's the same way. It's really who she is.

  • Carlos U.

    Carlos U.

    Month ago

    I think the guys were acting normal and Elena was overacting at being interesting and “quirky”. I mean, the stuffed animal bit? C’mon...

  • 03 AI
    03 AIMonth ago

    Elena Kampouris is so cute.

  • Iliya Badev
    Iliya BadevMonth ago

    These guys are so cool

  • manikan dan
    manikan danMonth ago

    Oh that's how it feels

  • the madafaka
    the madafakaMonth ago

    Elena.. that's her name? She reminds me a lot of a young Winona Ryder....

  • KIT Wander
    KIT WanderMonth ago

    This is a Beyond the Trailer moments for the books. I was smiling from to ear. ear.

  • King Zande
    King ZandeMonth ago

    She's hyped. 🤣

  • Summoner Fraco
    Summoner FracoMonth ago

    Elena was so cute and she had a plush sloth, which I also got this last valentines day! We are kindred spirits! I am now a fan🤩

  • Sweetexorcist7
    Sweetexorcist7Month ago

    Loved seeing the girl fan girl over grace that was pretty humbling!

  • J
    JMonth ago

    I love that Elena is still freaking out and doing her best not to cry/tear up/scream. She is very endearing.

  • JaDereon Starr
    JaDereon StarrMonth ago

    Can't nobody say Grace isn't the GOAT of interviewing, always getting the exclusives we want and need, I hope we get an another Invincible interview w/ the cast... Thank You and great interview as always, can't wait to watch the show... 🙌🏾👏🏾👌🏾👏🏾✊🏾🙌🏾

  • Lyman Wartupua
    Lyman WartupuaMonth ago

    Elena's energy is contagious.

  • wordsinahandle
    wordsinahandleMonth ago

    I can't wait to watch this show just because of Elena's enthusiasm!! Love it.

  • trinityangel666
    trinityangel666Month ago

    That was so cute how she was fangirling over Grace.

  • Gregorsy Beast
    Gregorsy BeastMonth ago

    Elena fangirling over Grace so relatable 😂

  • MegaFan
    MegaFanMonth ago

    Grace you are INSPIRING!!!

  • Vítor Mateus
    Vítor MateusMonth ago

    I love this!

  • Mike B
    Mike BMonth ago

    I teared up at the beginning :).

  • Ghost1823
    Ghost1823Month ago

    Elena is me fangirling over Grace.

  • Dj Genius
    Dj GeniusMonth ago

    That actress seems pretty fun👌🏿👌🏿... Lemme give her a follow on IG

  • Dare - wait for it - Devil
    Dare - wait for it - DevilMonth ago

    Did I miss something or is there still no review for the show? Most of the time those come out before the show goes online.

  • Igor
    IgorMonth ago

    I know you're here, Elena! We already love you!

  • Jamie Jones
    Jamie JonesMonth ago

    Absolutely loved this video. So happy to see a fan meeting Grace.

  • Sage Akporherhe
    Sage AkporherheMonth ago

    I love Elena's energy.

  • Sage Akporherhe
    Sage AkporherheMonth ago

    That was a heart-warming intro 😃

  • It's Zaid
    It's ZaidMonth ago

    0:15 the emotion explosion 😂

  • Tay
    TayMonth ago

    I hadn't heard of this show before but now I'm very much looking forward to it!!!

  • Niyaaz Isaacs
    Niyaaz IsaacsMonth ago

    That intro just made my day!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!

  • karson bollinger
    karson bollingerMonth ago

    Please have Elena back lol, she’s SO FUNNY!!! 😍😂

  • Jacob
    JacobMonth ago

    Honestly i would totally be her if i were to become famous. Fangirling over Grace and liking tweets about the show? You rock Elena!

  • David Peters
    David PetersMonth ago

    Andrew is so pretty

  • Kristof091
    Kristof091Month ago

    Grace, you're gonna get ALL the tea for Season 2! I think you should've given her a Boom Baby red box around her :)

  • Ernie
    ErnieMonth ago

    Elena just made my day. We love Grace and it's awesome to see a talented actress like her appreciate her too. Can't wait for this show!!

  • Brett Lee Clark
    Brett Lee ClarkMonth ago

    Elena has sold me on the show. She seems just so happy and full of life. She’s the bright light we all need.

  • Dalin Rowell
    Dalin RowellMonth ago

    The fan girling is so relatable!!!! I would too

  • nope
    nopeMonth ago

    I honestly had little interest in the show cause it looks kinda basic but Elena being sooo cute and charming and charismatic made me wanna watch the show. Hope she gets more work from this!

  • Javier Nomdedeu
    Javier NomdedeuMonth ago

    I'm watching the show just for this interview.

  • Serjohn
    SerjohnMonth ago

    Ian Quinlan is the new sailor moon

  • vokasi mid
    vokasi midMonth ago

    Millar said she has the gravitas of Meryl Streep

  • Subham
    SubhamMonth ago

    Her fangirling over Grace is the best thing ever.

  • Meteor Man
    Meteor ManMonth ago

    Good interview

  • Max Riggah
    Max RiggahMonth ago

    Looking forward to this show.

  • Dany Sanz
    Dany SanzMonth ago

    We all are Elena Kampouris!! Hahahaha I love heeer!! She got herself a new fan and I haven't watch Jupiter's Legacy 🤣!!

  • Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo
    Ibitola Ojoye-AdebayoMonth ago

    This was beyond sweet🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 l can relate🤤. Thanks Grace for always giving us amazing content. Best interview soooo far. Hold up well after any interview you've had with Zack Synder🙈🙈 I am sooo gonna watch this show now. The hype is real.

  • hexponi
    hexponiMonth ago

    Haven't even watched a trailer and Elena is now the reason I'm gonna watch. Love her.

  • Just Heather
    Just HeatherMonth ago

    Great interview! It was fun to watch & now I'm excited to watch the show & see if I can notice any baseball signals. 😆

  • dei by dei
    dei by deiMonth ago

    That fangirling moment was just sooooo cute😊

  • Entertainment Geek
    Entertainment GeekMonth ago

    Grace just had her WatchMojo moment ❤️..it feels good when the stars show appreciation for what you do...

  • Bill Reese
    Bill ReeseMonth ago

    Yep! I just fell in love with Elena…

  • Diego Castro
    Diego CastroMonth ago

    I'm now watching this show cause Elena is a Grace fan.

  • R.H.
    R.H.Month ago

    Elena's fangirling over Grace is all of us..Elena became one of my favourite person now just for this reason

  • Cyber D Vonaven

    Cyber D Vonaven

    Month ago

    Totally agree

  • Lincoln7Echo
    Lincoln7EchoMonth ago

    Another fabulous interview! I love when you do these, Grace, they really make me want to see the show. Congrats!

  • Nurul Illyana
    Nurul IllyanaMonth ago

    I've skyped with the ever-so-lovely Grace a few years ago. She's soooo nice, so fun to talk to. I understand where Elena is coming from 100%. Ok, all that aside, the interview is soooooo entertaining. Fantastic questions by Grace

  • Plugged In
    Plugged InMonth ago

    the fangirling was top notch

  • ponk
    ponkMonth ago

    I love how they shouted out the stunt workers and costume designer by name. They seem like a really cool cast

  • Johan Smallberries
    Johan SmallberriesMonth ago

    Hahaha Elena couldn’t wait to get that out. True BTT fans know our thumbhole shirts.

  • tubrodiaz
    tubrodiazMonth ago

    This is so cute!

  • Maxime Brunet
    Maxime BrunetMonth ago

    This interview is pure goal! I wasn’t interest in another superhero show but Elena was so cute fangirling over Grace. I will stream and support! 🤍

  • Danny R
    Danny RMonth ago

    The beginning made me smile so hard! Love this haha

  • Roberto V.
    Roberto V.Month ago

    uh so i was questioning if to watch Jupiter's Legacy but now w this interview but Elena's energy w Grace just sold me.

  • Analize Fyerra
    Analize FyerraMonth ago

    I’ve decided to watch this for Elena, I like her energy!

  • Dylan
    DylanMonth ago

    I bet that interview marks the beginning of Elena fandom. And wasn't Millar saying she was going to make it big ? I can't wait to see the show now, I'm so hyped 🤤🥳 let's go!!

  • vokasi mid

    vokasi mid

    Month ago

    Millar said she has the gravitas of Meryl Streep

  • NZ B2 B
    NZ B2 BMonth ago

    That's the biggest FANGIRL reaction I've ever seen. Too cute. Elena you dream.

  • Dylan
    DylanMonth ago

    I suppose she's also loosing her shit over the comment section 🤩🤩 so I guess: Hi Elena!! Thanks for that amazing reaction and all the energy, you're truly one of us ✊

  • Dysatisfunctional TV
    Dysatisfunctional TVMonth ago

    Elena is mad in the best way!

  • William Jones
    William JonesMonth ago

    1-minute in and I’m so excited for Grace! You really have created an amazing USplan community. And I’m so glad an artist fangirled over you. You deserved it!

  • vokasi mid

    vokasi mid

    Month ago

    Not just an artist, a star!

  • Broderick Schwinghammer
    Broderick SchwinghammerMonth ago

    Elena would be me if I ever ran into Grace in-person. Been watching for nearly 8 years!!! Keep up the good work!!

  • Sokka
    SokkaMonth ago

    loved this so much i can’t wait to watch the show

  • theylied1776
    theylied1776Month ago

    My God, the shifting dynamics in entertainment is amazing. Grace just had her WatchMojo moment. The beginning of this video is similar to when the cast from Spider-Man: Far From Home freaked out over being interviewed by Rebbeca from WatchMojo. All I can say is Good for You, Grace.

  • George Chico
    George ChicoMonth ago

    It's on Friday

  • Brayden Dukes
    Brayden DukesMonth ago

    I.literally.love.Elena. Oh my gosh, wow, just what an amazing human being . Wowowowowow

  • James Kevin Williams Jr.
    James Kevin Williams Jr.Month ago

    I love her reaction, and I can relate. Grace's coverage is truly amazing.

  • Danny O
    Danny OMonth ago

    That was so wholesome

  • Kelvin Collazo
    Kelvin CollazoMonth ago

    This is so wholesome and funny, when she shouted at 0:31 lmao 🥺😂

  • RitnFool
    RitnFoolMonth ago

    What a great moment to open this interview!

  • Mr. Magic
    Mr. MagicMonth ago

    Awe we all love Grace but it made me so happy that Elena was so excited to talk to Grace!

  • Christian Fajardo
    Christian FajardoMonth ago

    What an intro! Probs any of us if we were in her place lmao

  • Ike&Ike
    Ike&IkeMonth ago

    I’m soooooooooooo proud of my friend Ian!!!!!!!!!

  • Carlos Cortez
    Carlos CortezMonth ago

    The beginning is 💯 so wholesome.