Invincible Episode 8 BREAKDOWN! Spoilers! Ending Explained! Comic Book Differences!


Invincible Episode 8 today spoilers! Beyond The Trailer breakdown reaction 2021! Ending Explained! Omni Man! Comic Book Differences! Allen! Amber!
Invincible Episode 8 REVIEW today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction and review of Episode 8 with spoilers! Omni Man vs Invincible! Viltrum! Allen the Alien! Debbie, Cecil, Amber, Eve and more! Share your own reaction as you watch each full episode of Invincible on Amazon Video in 2021! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
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  • Beyond The Trailer
    Beyond The Trailer15 days ago

    Robert Kirkman Invincible Interview - Creator talks Season 1 and Season 2, including SPOILERS!

  • Punkrock Galbenevenelse

    Punkrock Galbenevenelse

    12 days ago

    I don't know what the story goes to in the future, I've never read it, but i don't what Nolan redeemed. I want it to be Mark... or Nolan to die in the end.

  • MrSupermario33705


    12 days ago

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  • nicola johnson

    nicola johnson

    13 days ago

    @Mark Pula I would agree with that, it was a better story, and the villain in TFATWS wasn't very compelling.

  • Mark Pula

    Mark Pula

    13 days ago

    I preferred Invincible over Falcon & Winter.

  • nicola johnson

    nicola johnson

    13 days ago

    @ShinyBusterBaby the whole mech thing annoyed me too much, so I bailed.

  • Ruairi McGoldrick
    Ruairi McGoldrick4 hours ago

    Grace keeps saying incredible and interesting and beautiful during this but the only words I’d use to describe most things are traumatic or horrible or shocking 😵 I was constantly stunned at the darkness of this whole season

  • Ruairi McGoldrick
    Ruairi McGoldrick4 hours ago

    I just binged this in one day and came right here for the breakdown. I’m shocked and proud of myself that I predicted omni mans reason for killing the guardians so exactly at the end of episode 1, only because I’m never that spot on 😂

  • UselessNutt
    UselessNutt5 hours ago

    In my opinion sure fatws was the bigger and more known show but invincible IMO was the better show to watch

  • Ex Smith
    Ex Smith11 hours ago

    I think battle beast can’t take on Omni man, i mean he did take on the whole Gurdians of the globe alone !

  • Equos
    Equos16 hours ago

    Jupiter's Legacy is absolute mediocre dogshit. Invincible? Holy shit, thats flawless victory of a show. Absolute badass.

  • robert hammond
    robert hammond19 hours ago

    I hope you just think about the trauma you might and hopefully never have to face

  • William Northrup
    William NorthrupDay ago


  • Sharon Casey Ledwidge
    Sharon Casey Ledwidge2 days ago

    I’m late to the party but finally got here! 🎉

  • Anthony Ludwig
    Anthony Ludwig2 days ago

    Vulture-mite is killing me.

  • ColbyClark
    ColbyClark2 days ago

    Amazing show!!! Sooo good. And let's talk about how much Amber sucks

  • thedavid00100
    thedavid001002 days ago

    Love this show!

  • Four Leaf Productions
    Four Leaf Productions2 days ago

    I think when Mark floats isn't cause its his default, I think it was just to get him off his feet cause he's tired

  • RonTrez Beaugard
    RonTrez Beaugard3 days ago

    A new meme was born this ep

  • Rahul Dubey
    Rahul Dubey3 days ago

    this was one of the best single episodes of a show it had everything

  • Pyrosium
    Pyrosium3 days ago

    If Vegeta and Neagan can be redeemed. Then Nolan can too. Only character I see almost EVERYONE hate, is Amber. I hope they keep her on the comic path but make her better within the show simultaneously.

  • Taross Blackburn
    Taross Blackburn4 days ago

    I felt that Nolans ranting, the abuser flipping of cause and effect but more his remark about Debbie was something he was telling himself. He was trying to convince himself that he had no choice, that Mark 'made' him do that and that he cared nothing more for his wife than a 'pet'. Which is why Mark finally cracked him with his answer and he flew off crying. If he REALLY believed all what he said he would've finished the job. I'm not sure what to feel about Amber, though. She seemed like a neat character up to the point where she confides that she figured out Mark was Invincible a long time ago and STILL gave him crap for not telling her sooner and if she already knew, she shouldn't have ranted on him so much at the university square. She knew what he did and the fact still remains that he went to tell her BEFORE she admitted she already knew.

  • JB NC
    JB NC5 days ago

    Almost didn't finish it because episode 6 was so terrible but glad I did. Omniman is awesome!!

  • Quickpaw Maud
    Quickpaw Maud5 days ago

    It is cute how Mark thinks he stands a chance against the Empire when he couldn’t even beat one of them.

  • Noah Huaracha
    Noah Huaracha5 days ago

    I don't think that Mark's default position was floating. I think that it was that because of actually standing it was hurting his injuries, and floating gets rid of the pressure on his injuries

  • Kevin
    Kevin5 days ago

    Maybe Amber will start to be like a detective oporetive!

  • Elijah Hope
    Elijah Hope5 days ago

    OmniMan deserves no redemption. Nolan is a mass murderer/serial killer. On screen on Earth & Valxian and off screen before he was on Earth. A few tears and "I'm sorry" just don't cut it. Life in prison or execution. Cecil and Robot (and real world gov'ts) like to "use" people no matter what their crimes if they can. (Operation Paperclip etc) Often not seeing how far down the immorality/evil hole they fall for the so-called "greater good" . I'll take Captain America over them all. But if i'm going to be "pragmatic" personally I'll take Rorschach over Cecil and Ozymandias.

  • Roni
    Roni5 days ago

    “Might came back” lol

  • S.j
    S.j6 days ago

    Great video Grace! Made me reminisce about the think about the ink days.

  • Aliasgar Qutbi
    Aliasgar Qutbi6 days ago

    I felt this show could have been much better. I love the concept but it's just too overrated

  • Chris Maigaard
    Chris Maigaard6 days ago

    This was a great show!

  • HindsightPOV
    HindsightPOV6 days ago

    Mark is going to have so much PTSD after the bloody fight with his father.

  • Grizmeyer
    Grizmeyer6 days ago

    The Boys comparison feels accurate. I don't think Invincible is as good, but I definitely think they'll grow viewership in the same way. Something about these Amazon shows, they just need time to grow a little

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee6 days ago

    Thank you Grace!!! I heart your spoiler reviews!!

  • Jeffrey Wood
    Jeffrey Wood7 days ago

    One small quibble; the infamous "train scene" where Omni Man pushes Invincible through all the subway cars? Chicago doesn't have a subway... it has an elevated train system (The "El"). This coming from a Chicago native.

  • Eric Gant
    Eric Gant7 days ago

    Love your channel, Grace! One point: “The Flaxans never come back?” The Flaxans return to play a HUGE role in the development of two of the major characters in the series...

  • Walker One
    Walker One7 days ago

    Why did omni man save people in other episodes if it was pointless to save people in episode 8?

  • Samuel John
    Samuel John7 days ago

    This show wasn't that good, the boys was heaps better

  • DeadAss ASMR

    DeadAss ASMR

    5 days ago

    Care to explain?

  • raven beast
    raven beast8 days ago

    Invincible was way better than F & WS and I ain't the only one to say that....

  • Hunter Burke
    Hunter Burke8 days ago

    I’ve never been so disturbed by violence in a piece of media the way I was by that train scene. That was horrifying to witness.

  • Chad Bailey
    Chad Bailey8 days ago


  • Philip Bodor
    Philip Bodor8 days ago

    I feel like mentioning Omniman has a redemption ark was an absolutely massive spoiler to me 😕

  • American Trucker
    American Trucker9 days ago

    Don’t let Zack Snyder get his hands on this movie, he’ll end up turning it into a franchise then we won’t let him retire

  • Greg Steele
    Greg Steele9 days ago

    I think the "She's more like a pet" line is more about how our pets don't live very long. Sure, we love them, but when a pet only lives 13 years or so, you're always aware that you're going to loose them. That colors the emotions. In a way, Omni-Man is protecting himself emotionally from the pain of being the person who has to see everyone he loves die by telling himself. "She's more like a pet"

  • Sorzin


    6 days ago

    The comics really have a sense of irony on that one

  • Bujbrother
    Bujbrother9 days ago

    Honestly, Grace, I don't understand why you hated Brightburn so much but love this sick nonsense. There is no redeeming value to this. It is just an excuse to shock with gore.

  • Bujbrother
    Bujbrother9 days ago

    The entire premise of this series is stupid. Why did Omni-man wait so long to attack his fellow Guardians? He waited until his son was in a position to fight against him to hatch his evil plan. It is stupid. Just stupid. It's just an excuse to have a twist bad superman.

  • Victor Kreed
    Victor Kreed9 days ago

    Was Amber an asshole in the comic too?

  • oedipa maas

    oedipa maas

    9 days ago

    Not really. She was just a ditzy doormat for Mark to walk all over. Kinda depressing, not a very good look for Mark

  • Corvus _Faux
    Corvus _Faux10 days ago

    I think invincible was way better than falcon and winter soldier.

  • P_E1994
    P_E199410 days ago

    I literally binged the whole season in one sitting after work. That finale was traumatizing I’m surprised Mark didn’t go insane after all that death and destruction.

  • Matt Fehlman
    Matt Fehlman10 days ago

    Invincible was so much better than Falcon & The Winter Soldier.

  • Wordfish Trombone
    Wordfish Trombone10 days ago

    The most important lingering question from this episode: did Mark’s wallet burn up when he went through the atmosphere?

    SKIPP10 days ago

    The cat be like 1st Shane Dawson And 2nd you a omni man 😭

  • Incomplete Control
    Incomplete Control11 days ago

    Have not read any of the comics, but shouldn't AtomEve be the most powerful being, more powerful then Omni Man? She does manipulate atoms and can basically turn Omni Man into a puddle of water?

  • Ethancia123
    Ethancia12311 days ago

    I'm definitely going to wait to read the comic because I've seen a lot of crazy stuff and would rather just see it in the show, plus I do enough comparing with Marvel and DC animations

  • Ethancia123
    Ethancia12311 days ago

    i would have loved to have seen Graces live reaction at the end of the first episode like WandaVision because I know I screamed when it happened

  • Randall X
    Randall X11 days ago

    Grace: Don't worry I won't ruin future story arcs Also Grace: Omni-Man has a redemption arc and after what he did I'm not sure how they will do it..... Thanks Grace 🙃

  • Devious J
    Devious J11 days ago

    If Grace is smiling in the thumbnail it's a banger. Everyone is talking about Invincible.

  • Erwin Davis
    Erwin Davis11 days ago

    The Omni Man and Invincible fight downtown reminded me of the fight scenes with Zod and Superman from Man of Steel and Neo and Mr Smith from Matrix Revolutions.

  • Will R
    Will R11 days ago

    Finally went through it over two days. It was great. The fight with battle beast had me going wth. The final episode was amazing too.

  • Superkingoftacos
    Superkingoftacos11 days ago

    wait ... did she not notice all the background cgi characters?

  • Dudu Maroja
    Dudu Maroja11 days ago

    This show is much better then falcon and winter soldier, you should had made invencible reviews

  • DaveTheBlade
    DaveTheBlade11 days ago

    That moment you were talking about from the comics where Mark catches the building and then tells the family to go get there stuff actual was in the show, just a different episode. It was in episode 5, around the 5:45 minute mark.

  • HonestlyKyle
    HonestlyKyle11 days ago

    This is honestly one of the best shows I’ve seen in a very long time. I’m happy to see it get renewed for 2 more seasons and I hope more people discover & enjoy it along the way.

  • blingblingg31
    blingblingg3111 days ago

    never read the comic .... but found the show due to your review... Thank you... fantastic writing.

  • Jos46664
    Jos4666411 days ago

    Omni Man looks like 90's Tom Selleck

  • Oscar
    Oscar12 days ago

    At 11:38, they still kind of did that. I can't remember what episode, but a building was collapsing and he grabbed it and made a quip along the lines of, "gather your things, sorry I caused this".

  • Albert Rhodes
    Albert Rhodes12 days ago

    I assumed the reason Mark starts floating when he got home was he was still kinda beat up, and it was less stress on him to float than stand.

  • JoelBrandonMedia
    JoelBrandonMedia12 days ago

    Don’t you find it strange that Nolan wouldn’t expect Mark to be attached to humans after being raised as a human with other humans? I felt his sudden brutality towards his son was too extreme. A build up to that where he tries not to fight him for longer would have been more believable. Also very predictable the plot line of him being the conqueror instead of the hero.

  • oedipa maas

    oedipa maas

    11 days ago

    I think Nolan actually did expect Mark's attachment to humans. He didn't tell Mark the truth as soon as he got his powers, he was forced to prematurely after killing Immortal again in front of everyone. It's like he wanted to slowly work up some indoctrination on Mark first, but when Mark found out too early Nolan knew he wouldn't be able to just talk Mark into siding against humans. Fighting Mark might've felt sudden to me if it weren't for the fact that Nolan has spent the whole season on edge.

  • Isaiah Young
    Isaiah Young12 days ago

    I always enjoy your reviews. You are so detailed and clever.

  • F K
    F K12 days ago

    One thing I loved about the xmen and hate about the avengers MCU universe is that the xmen always has training sequences. It annoys me that the avengers always just find themselves in trouble they’re never ready for any missions and only mention that hey have practiced. I would love to see them training together.

  • Seth Elrod
    Seth Elrod12 days ago

    Fun fact - Abraham Lincoln was very muscular and a championship level wrestler

  • Nahum Rojas
    Nahum Rojas12 days ago

    Invincible is way better than the falcon and the winter soldier. Animation is still an unappreciated medium.

  • Remy-J Knott
    Remy-J Knott12 days ago


  • Jay
    Jay12 days ago

    I really just don't like Amber lol

  • Tormin 8
    Tormin 812 days ago

    When Debbie says she wishes Nolan would come back, i don’t think she meant Omni-Man, she meant the Nolan she knew before

  • The Dream Weaver
    The Dream Weaver12 days ago

    This episode of INVINCIBLE was all shades of Speechless.... it was incredibly done.

  • Puff Puff Pass
    Puff Puff Pass12 days ago

    I think the floating he did was because he was still beat up and tired, probably felt easier to do than walking.

    THE MOVIE_BUFFNESS12 days ago

    "So Mom's just some pet to you" "I'm some ways, Yes" Man F that guy!!!! Very well done show for me to react that way. Glad my kids weren't around when I said that lol.

    THE MOVIE_BUFFNESS12 days ago

    My Jaw dropped at the Train scene 😲😲😲😲😲😳😬😶 Brah, also I'm not sure who's scarier, Homelander "I can do whatever I want!!" or Omni man "I do what is necessary.."

  • Craig
    Craig12 days ago

    LOL... You find out your husband/father of your son for 20+ years is a sociopath, killer, world conqueror, and referred to you as a pet. But yup... get a good cry in Debbie and move on.

  • chakryand
    chakryand12 days ago

    I hope the next two seasons have more episodes. Let's get maybe 15-24 next time LOL.

  • Patrick Robie
    Patrick Robie12 days ago

    I think he does that Floating was because he wasn’t healed yet.

  • abelgrave
    abelgrave12 days ago

    The Flaxans do come back and they play a significant role in Robot and Monster girl's story

  • Patrick Robie
    Patrick Robie12 days ago

    You are so freaking cute… Can anyone tell me were you got to find your information and research

  • RidingwithSam
    RidingwithSam12 days ago

    That thumbnail shot is definitely dc universe online inspired

  • Hawkeye's Corner
    Hawkeye's Corner12 days ago

    I don't know that I'd call Nolan an evil Superman. He's more like a Zod that pretends to be Kal-El

  • Daniel Roden
    Daniel Roden12 days ago

    its dragon ball if goku didnt get a head injury. its well done for sure

  • matthew jones
    matthew jones12 days ago

    Great show 👍🏻I know nothing about the comic so it was great trying to figure out what was going on 🤔 I stopped watching the falcon and winter shoulder got bored of it 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Robert Bench
    Robert Bench12 days ago

    I always see comics as the western version of Japanese Manga that's why I still don't know why the studios always try to adapt the comics but create their own story. Why can't they just followed the comics accurately with some few changes like how they adapt the novels? This is also the problem with DC live action movies. Marvel is kinda following the comics a little bit that's why the whole mcu series storylines works but DC let the filmmakers to create their own storyline for the characters. Nolan and Zack are the only modern directors who manage to have some accuracy on the storylines even though their story is different from the comics. Joss and Hamada on the other hand are just gonna invent their own woke unecessary stories for DC moving forward.

  • garrett1433
    garrett143312 days ago

    Am I the only one who ships Mark with Eve?

  • Marc Scott

    Marc Scott

    6 days ago

    Nope I ship them too lol

  • Wet Money
    Wet Money12 days ago

    Vultrimite or viltramite

  • Jinu Ms
    Jinu Ms12 days ago

    Falcon n the winter soilder got nothing on invincible. That was a marvel fan service while invincible felt like a breath of fresh air

  • mtzis81


    10 days ago

    Fresh air? Yeah bad superman oooooooo so original.

  • Oladipupo Windapo
    Oladipupo Windapo12 days ago

    That mount Everest scene made me so uncomfortable.

  • It's Zaid
    It's Zaid12 days ago

    I love your tongue in cheek phrases 😁

  • EIthan
    EIthan12 days ago

    In movie Paul form 201, Simon Pegg has the shirt with this guy on it :)

  • Ishmael Trainor
    Ishmael Trainor12 days ago

    Seeing his son toothless triggered the flashback

  • Samuel Poku
    Samuel Poku13 days ago

    Let's settle this right now - who's more terrifying, Omni-man or Homelander?

  • George Hernandez
    George Hernandez13 days ago

    Im not a fan of amber

  • m
    m13 days ago

    The train scene reminded me of the 90s Jojo's Bizarre Adventure OVA when Dio kidnapped the senator and had him chauffeur him around Egypt and then proceeded to force him to plow through dozens of innocent bystanders on the sidewalk in a really graphic moment. Too bad it wasn't included in the modern anime.

  • Luis
    Luis13 days ago

    Oh man why is it always chicago the city that gets destroyed in these super hero stuff?. Transformers, man of steel and now this show.

  • oedipa maas

    oedipa maas

    9 days ago

    Doesn't really apply to Invincible, but there's a lot of tax incentives to film in Chicago. Makes it appealing to big budget action films that need a large city to bust up

  • jacob harris
    jacob harris13 days ago

    Super hero's need to exercise goku like hold my beer

  • BlacRabbit David
    BlacRabbit David13 days ago

    I wish they would change the animation a bit

  • Omega Thirteen
    Omega Thirteen13 days ago

    Hope people check this out. Invincible is 20x better than FaTWS and I like that show.

  • Antjhart
    Antjhart13 days ago

    I did not realize that there were so many A list actors voicing characters in this show 🤯.

  • David Velazquez
    David Velazquez13 days ago

    Lmao “what have you been doing with the family pet?!” 🤣🤣🤣