HBO Max Subscriber Update 2021 - Snyder Cut, Godzilla vs Kong


HBO Max Subscribers today! Beyond The Trailer's breakdown! As of first quarter 2021 2.7 million subscribers added?! Snyder Cut, Godzilla vs Kong
HBO Max Subscribers today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & breakdown of the latest update on HBO Max Subscribers from AT&T and Warner Media! Just 2.7 million subscribers were added in the first quarter of 2021 after Zack Snyder's Justice League, Godzilla vs Kong, Tom & Jerry, The Little Things and Judas and the Black Messiah! What can HBO Max do to compete with Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon?! Share your own reaction to this breakdown of HBO Max subscribers vs Netflix and Disney Plus! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
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  • Pratik Makwana
    Pratik Makwana2 days ago

    garbage hbo max

  • Sorn Ratana
    Sorn Ratana5 days ago

    HBO Max uses purple to target women? Well that's news to me.

  • stereowater2
    stereowater27 days ago

    If they restored the snydervers in full glory - Aflect Batman, Cavil superman, and a bunch of Snydervers style DC shows - everyone would subscribe. But they don't. Instead there trying to sell us something we can find on every other streaming service.

  • Section1 Estudio
    Section1 Estudio12 days ago

    Im done with WB, :( A shame but to much gringe and frustrate. Not a good time to be fan of DC / Warner´s franchise

  • Pisto Lero
    Pisto Lero12 days ago

    As long as toby emmerich oversees hbo max it is doomed. Warner Max with kevin riley and greenblatt was the way. Jason Kilar fucked it up by his decision to remover warner max

  • mnharris10
    mnharris1013 days ago

    I think there was a lot of luck in time in here. Netflix has been around forever, Disney+ launched before the pandemic began. HBO max got caught in the pandemic with a half form plan to to begin their streaming service.

  • Gil A

    Gil A

    11 days ago

    Considering HBO MAX can barely get subscribers even during the pandemic shows how much they messed-up. HBO MAX could've easily been a rival to Disney+ and Netflix, but ut screwed up so much that I don't see it happening anytime soon (at least not until 2024-2025). From no worldwide distribution (because they're locked in deals until 2025), not having Harry Potter until 2025, no big show like the Mandalirian at launch (they were going to have the Friends reunion, but I don't think that would've been enough for more than getting attention), having a seperate DC streaming service at launch..... Even the name "HBO MAX" is a mistake. It's too much adult-oriented, and not mainstream enough. It doesn't sound like something more than HBO (which mean if you don't have HBO already, why'd you get HBO MAX). And they had 3-4 different services called HBO at launch, which caused confusion.

  • megan mangray
    megan mangray13 days ago

    Hopefully hbo max expands to the caribbean this year. Sucks that it isnt available here

  • Ghost Ops
    Ghost Ops14 days ago

    Amazon prime should just buy of DC .. WB are bunch of idiots

  • Mikado
    Mikado16 days ago

    Saturation point has been reached

  • MahdiRanger
    MahdiRanger17 days ago

    HBO max is great so far. Far better than paramount plus so far. Cartoon network,DC animation, new movies. Just my opinion. I watch it more than Netflix

  • Ouis Sandy
    Ouis Sandy17 days ago

    I have been moving my money away from retail into disney tesla pltr and others because retail is dead for the next few years. Btw we are neighbors ( waves out window).

  • Nekul Varghese
    Nekul Varghese17 days ago

    Now that saturation is happening... I wonder what will be the fate of Paramount+ and Peacock ? 🙄🤔 I for one really hope that everyone could co-exist (using some innovative ways I suppose) rather than go out of business...

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis18 days ago

    Warner Bros Powerful Brand In USA WB HBO HBO MAX PRETTY GOOD SERVICE BETTER THAN Hulu, Amazon Prime, Paramount+ Need TV Shows That Going Draw People In.

  • Fargolapse170
    Fargolapse17018 days ago

    Now tv is better I may only watch the movies on hbo

  • Manuel Almodovar
    Manuel Almodovar18 days ago

    Who doesn't want to upgrade to HBOMAX? It's an awesome streaming service.

  • Tobias Mohr
    Tobias Mohr18 days ago

    I think it's so weird to hear you say people want to watch lokal content, cuz my experience with that is so different ... like I'm from Germany and I don't know anyone who prefers German shows and Movies over Hollywood productions ... I personally haven't watched anything made over here in years ...

  • IG: World of Comix
    IG: World of Comix19 days ago

    Disney plus gave their service away for free via Verizon etc.

  • Auristel Anguiano
    Auristel Anguiano19 days ago

    from all streaming apps HBO MAX is by far my favorite streaming service 🙌

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max19 days ago

    HBOmax is only US no wonder

  • Justin A
    Justin A19 days ago

    I subbed to HBOMax to watch ZSJL, GvKK, and Mortal Kombat. I watched all so far, about to cut the renewal.

  • Darrell Hardy
    Darrell Hardy19 days ago

    From what i gather from a recent financial times interview Jason Kilar is wanting to have HBOmax go fully worldwide but is tied up by existing contracts such as HBO's with Sky TV in the UK. I wonder how that will play into restoring the snyderverse. Also how well ZSJL sells on vod to buy. I would assume they'll be looking to see if they can convert international buyers into HBOmax subscribers. If ZSJL sells 10 milllion or so copies internationally, that's potentially 10 million international subscribers just for the restored Snyderverse. $15 a month would be $150 million & $1.8 Billion yearly. Are they really going to throw that away if the only way to see it is on HBOmax like Mandalorian is on Disney+? I thiink there's little more waiting to do & right now & ZSJL is still number 1 on the international VOD platforms it's currently been released on. Hopefully we'll get a better idea soon.

  • georgiehensley
    georgiehensley20 days ago

    I actually like the HBO Max interface more than the Disney+ one, and the service overall. I just think it has better variety. It just needs some better branding (a "Warner" name rather than "HBO" would be a smart move) and some bigger, exclusive shows and movies. Which it could have if they restore the Snyderverse, I'm just saying!

  • Bryan Aker
    Bryan Aker20 days ago

    If they did the snyderverse on HBO Max, their numbers would sky rocket.

  • Morgan banefort

    Morgan banefort

    18 days ago

    @starwarsalliance dont be a prick

  • starwarsalliance


    18 days ago

    Are you stupid she said snyderverse got low subs and the snyderverse won't continue

  • Bryan Aker

    Bryan Aker

    20 days ago

    @Morgan banefort She didn't say anything, that's the point. If HBO greenlight the snyderverse, they wouldn't have to worry about subscibers again.

  • Morgan banefort

    Morgan banefort

    20 days ago

    What did she say about the snyderverse I cant watch the video

  • Count Quackula
    Count Quackula20 days ago

    HBO Max is pretty good actually.

  • Paul Wong
    Paul Wong20 days ago

    Question... why did WW84 disappear from HBOMAX ???

  • Paul Wong
    Paul Wong20 days ago

    Soooo.... I have a package with Verizon FIOS which gives me a premium channel as part of the package. Because I have HBO as my premium choice channel, they gave me MAX access for free. This is HBO limited offer and I don't think they offer it anymore. That being said... this may be why they jumbled up the total numbers and the 3 million are people who subscribed to MAX taditionally.

  • Lancom
    Lancom20 days ago

    seems we never get Snyder Verse...

  • Douglas Fuentes
    Douglas Fuentes20 days ago

    Just make it one streaming service

  • Miguel Moleiro
    Miguel Moleiro20 days ago

    Hbo max isn’t available available in most countries and it lacks a weekly release of new content (like series and other originals)

  • Rebrand Info
    Rebrand Info20 days ago

    There’s a lot of series lacking on HBO. I have the Justice league. But where is BvS ?! Where is Tim Burton’s Batman ?! I don’t get it...

  • Bronze Tiger
    Bronze Tiger20 days ago

    Easily called the Snyder cut fiasco. JUSTICE LEAGUE was a "failed" movie,with lots of Bad memories for folks. The ONLY ones interested in ANOTHER CUT of a failed movie are us "Hardcore fans". Usually not enough to truly "move the needle". Also BOTH Godzilla/Kong And Mortal Kombat are "niche crowd " Genre IPs, not Really mainstream,so again. Not really enough to "move the needle. None of this news is surprising.

  • N3rdify
    N3rdify20 days ago

    Could it be that snyderverse have something to do with it? Like hbomax was numbers was great but they don't wanna give Snyder fans hope since they're moving away from it. Just saying...

  • Marc F
    Marc F20 days ago

    HBO Max has to go worldwide or it'll never catch up the concurrence.

  • Jose Rovirosa
    Jose Rovirosa20 days ago

    HBO MAX COST TWICE NETFILX AND 4 times Disney. Basically 200million subscribers on Disney plus makes the same money HBO max does with 50

  • Jose Rovirosa

    Jose Rovirosa

    20 days ago

    @Gil A HBO MAX is all about revenue. Disney Plus one year is 80 per year is 180 that’s more than double Disney Plus has 100m HBO max ha 50m. HBO Max is barely getting started and won’t be global until a few years. Netflix is different. They depend if their own home made original content more than ever and their global strategy of investing in local productions will keep them relevant for a long time. HBO is the most valuable legacy brand from the cable days. ( even motels would advertise having HBO back in the days)

  • Gil A

    Gil A

    20 days ago

    How did you even get to that number? Disney+ costs 8$ per month, and HBO MAX costs 15$ per month. So it's only twice the price, not 4 times. Netflix's prices are: 9$ for basic, 14$ for standard (which is a 1$ difference from the price of HBO MAX) and 18$ for premium.

  • James Richardson
    James Richardson20 days ago

    Also, as you say, for a company to own properties like DC, Potter and so on, its madness that they didn't launch with a serious on one of those titles like Disney did with Mando. Imagine a DC series made to the quality levels of Boardwalk Empire, imagine a Harry Potter series with some of the original cast members returning, and how much hype that would make.

  • M Baker
    M Baker21 day ago

    It's probably not a good idea to have both HBO and HBO Max, but I don't have a problem with them reporting those numbers together. HBO is basically just HBO Max-Lite (in my understanding). I think they should just have one service.

  • Ernest Stephens II
    Ernest Stephens II21 day ago

    I have them all, and this is the order I watch them: 1. Disney+ (Mostly Marvel and Star Wars) 2. Netflix (Horror and any new stuff) 3. HBO Max (Action or nostalgia) 4. Apple TV+ (Drama) 5. Amazon (Old stuff) 6. Hulu (when there’s nothing else) What’s your order?

  • TB 1985
    TB 198521 day ago

    Been subscribed since right before Tom & Jerry.

  • LatinRemix
    LatinRemix21 day ago

    Both HBOMAX and HBO (Previously called HBO Now) are streaming services. HBO Go is the one you get when you sign up via your cable company

  • LatinRemix
    LatinRemix21 day ago

    I believe HBO has a streaming option also, not just cable subs.

  • NnotOF
    NnotOF21 day ago

    It does help Hbomax is probably the only streaming service, apart from prime, offering free trials. Netflix doesn't anymore and neither does Disney.

  • Addison Ratcatcher 3
    Addison Ratcatcher 321 day ago

    I love HBOMAX. I dont know why more people arent subscribed. Although i agree with you, it would be so awesome to feel like Space Jam 2 when you log on 🤩

  • Alvaro Chuquiure
    Alvaro Chuquiure21 day ago

    Agreed on everything. From Latin America - Peru here i rented SZJL on Google play and i wonder will i know how it did as rental in there? And im sad that i couldnt add numbers for the movie due to my region on HBOmax. Only reason i would suscribe when it finally launches here would be 1. ZSJL2 movie or series or 2.Batflec movie or series.

  • TheSongwritingCat
    TheSongwritingCat21 day ago

    HBOMax is supposed to be for women!?! That's ludicrous.

  • Ryan Vogt
    Ryan Vogt21 day ago

    Just curious, how could streaming services even stop password sharing? Do you think they’ll just make it so only one screen can be using the service at a time?

  • Gil A

    Gil A

    20 days ago

    They're already limiting the amount of screens that can watch at once, so that won't help much. What they can do is use the location of the users to see whether there's more than one place which constantly uses the service. But even then, it can be one person having two different homes, or using it when visiting family.

  • Derek's Dichotomy
    Derek's Dichotomy21 day ago

    Grace, the word "also" is pronounced all-soh, not all-suhl.

  • jo88 jo88
    jo88 jo8821 day ago

    These HBO mac numbers are concerning. These are low numbers.

    TAUSMC21 day ago

    Grace, you mentioned that HBO Max pricing is as much as Netflix so you don't think it is that. Well HBO Max is not at the same level as Netflix. I think they would do better with a $9.99 price point vs a $14.99 price point. I really think that would help. I think one of the reasons why Disney + is doing so well is because of the much cheaper pricing. Netflix even started much much lower in price when it first started. Then it increased when they got way more content and way more exclusives. People then still seen the value in Netflix. Where as HBO Max started off high and people don't see it as valuable to have for the price point. Those same people will not give it a chance because of the hight pricing. Oh Netflix even did new subscribers as 1 month free for a long time. I really do think HBO Max is priced too high for now. They need to do what Netflix and Disney + did and start out low and work their way up slowly.

  • cdkb77's World
    cdkb77's World21 day ago


  • Karumoto Art
    Karumoto Art21 day ago

    Nolan is turning out to be right.

  • The Mean Arena
    The Mean Arena21 day ago

    I think ATT makes more money than anything by raising my bill every month. We're talking millions of dollars monthly just by nickel and diming customers to death monthly.

  • Ashley L.
    Ashley L.21 day ago

    I love hbo max, besides Hulu it's the one I use the most. Best original content.

  • I M
    I M21 day ago

    Thank you for pointing this out!!!

  • Noland55
    Noland5521 day ago

    HBO max has great content but their marketing strategy makes no sense. They need to bite the bullet & go pure streaming. Hanging on to cable is like Blockbuster hanging on to DVD stores. Netflix let DVD go & went streaming. Some didn't like it but in the long run it was correct. Bluray & DVD markets are for long term owning not rent like cable kind of is. I got all 4 of the big ones. Apple is junk & I don't know anyone else.

  • Maxi Iroh
    Maxi Iroh21 day ago

    People want series, not movies, and some of the series need to be released on the platform at once, maybe one a month, on top of all of the series that go weekly.

  • Purple Spark
    Purple Spark21 day ago

    I would subscribe if it were available in the UK. But one thing I would consider is whether it also has series (don't know if it's only movies)

  • Ricky Huang
    Ricky Huang21 day ago

    I like your point that the news only tells audiences what they want to hear! They've been doing that for years and it's only getting worse, glad to see you pointed that out

  • 427 Varun Shrivastava
    427 Varun Shrivastava21 day ago

    You made a great point that it should feel as if you entered space jam world while logging in app🔥🔥

  • Tarek Sadek
    Tarek Sadek21 day ago

    Hi grace, love your channel! I am subscribed to HBO Max through a complicated workaround that includes a VPN service, as I am located in Egypt. Every few weeks, the service gets interrupted for a day or two, but otherwise, it's working fine. I am really enjoying it and I hope they don't start making it more difficult to access once they start operating officially overseas, as I am happy with the content. It's the case for Netflix, which doesn't provide the same content here as it does in the US. I also have a similar setup for Disney plus. The problem is that there is a regional satellite service (based in Dubai) that has exclusive deals for most of the HBO original content (including the new Warner releases) and the Disney catalogue. However, it is satellite based (so, like cable TV) and their recently introduced streaming service doesn't provide the best image and sound qualities (no 4K, no surround sound), they're often a bit late and they're more expensive! Alos, not even the whole catalogue of Disney, Star Wars and Marvel is available! So I'm much better off finding workarounds like that in order to be able to get HBO Max and Disney+ content sooner and in better quality.

  • Phil Chadwick
    Phil Chadwick21 day ago


  • marylopez0812
    marylopez081221 day ago

    My HBO max wish is that annual price point🤑

  • Hardik Bhardwaj
    Hardik Bhardwaj21 day ago

    They can give us Snyderverse as an exclusive and releas HBo Max in India too

  • darksector41
    darksector4121 day ago

    As others have noted, it being locked to the US only is what's absolutely murdering it. Shocking, I know, that services available globally enjoy more success than one only offered nationally.

  • KLUV
    KLUV21 day ago

    Im not buying any more subscriptions....

  • mekman4
    mekman422 days ago

    I think you’re right, Animaniacs on Hulu is devastating to me!

  • earmah1
    earmah122 days ago

    Netflix charges different amounts for how many screens can simultaneously stream. This inherently means that they already deal with the issue of password sharing. Your theory that they’re going to do “something about it” makes you sound uninformed. HBO Max has shitty content compared to Netflix and Disney+. The Snyder Cut was a complete waste of money, and DC offerings in general compared to Marvel offerings, are terrible.

  • Marc
    Marc22 days ago

    HBOMax is so poorly run, they completely botched the roll out and will not recover for many years. How are they targeting women? lol I hadn't heard that.

  • Rhys Williams
    Rhys Williams22 days ago

    The problem for HBOMax is the price and it’s not available in wider international markets

  • יותם קשי
    יותם קשי22 days ago

    I’m subscribe to Netflix and Apple TV+

  • samuraigundam0079
    samuraigundam007922 days ago

    I think that we need to wait until HBO goes global before we can call the Snyder Cut a failure. I still don’t think that people necessarily care about seeing people of their ethnicity. People just want to see good content. That’s why Anime is such a global success.

  • Joe News & Culture
    Joe News & Culture22 days ago

    The thing is too danm expensive! And don't forget the price of hbomax is Disney+'s double

  • Pedro Carvalho
    Pedro Carvalho22 days ago

    My friends and I always watch stuff together after Uni work so while we don't share passwords we decided that each one of us would have a different streaming service 🤷‍♂️ so we've got Disney+, Netflix, Sky pro (we're in Europe so that's where we get all our HBO content) and Amazon prime. We'll just add HBO max to the board IF it becomes necessary.

  • masood rahimi
    masood rahimi22 days ago

    well if they wanna get more successful and get more subs they really need to go global foreign countries like American content way more than actual Americans

  • octasian
    octasian22 days ago

    I’ve been watching a lot more foreign television shows on Netflix lately. It feels relaxing for some reason. Maybe it’s just the difference in culture.

  • yanis mouhoub
    yanis mouhoub22 days ago

    i live in the uk and i don't think I would subscribe to hbo max becuse it really doesnt have anything compared to disney plus

  • Yassir Ketchum
    Yassir Ketchum22 days ago

    HBOmax is my favorite streaming service right now, i am currently watching multiple shows. I enjoy their interface allowing me to see whats leaving in this month and whats new, plus all the DC content and more. As i ve said before Disney for me only got the Marvel movies and i ve already watched them all. Once finished the Mandalorian and Wanda vision got nothing else for me but Falcon and the Winter soldier, which i tune in once a week for. Netflix i got it for over 10 years since their DVDs rental days, never leaving that. Amazon i can do without even tho they got so much stuff there, but i subscribed for the faster shipping, with streaming service side dish, for a long time i wasnt watching anything until their recent hits.

  • T Vallejo
    T Vallejo22 days ago

    HBOmax is too expensive Of they want women, they should try to get NWSL. I would subscribe for that.

  • altlover85
    altlover8522 days ago

    I also think HBO Max is doing a terrible job of advertising the content that they do have including some great classic art house films and some really interesting documentaries.

  • boywithoutaparachute
    boywithoutaparachute22 days ago

    I've been sayinf this since last summer. Now that vaccines are rolling out, and as fun activities open up, there will be a v-shaped(or rather a reverse check mark) dip in subscriptions. Subs will dip, then go back up, but probably not as high as they have been over th last 18 months or so. People are sick of being indoors and once the green light is given people ard gonna be out and not at home watching TV.

  • Ahmed Osman
    Ahmed Osman22 days ago

    I don’t think people realise how much content HBO Max has and that’s their marketing fault. People think there’s only HBO tv shows but there’s so much more

  • Gil A

    Gil A

    20 days ago

    It's even a problem with the name itself- HBO MAX. When I hear that, I think "HBO with a bit more content". And as someone who has no interest in HBO content, that name doesn't help. They chose the name to keep HBO subscribers and convince people to get the service, since HBO is the biggest advantage it has so far. But as they try to go more mainstream, they should really consider changing the name to something else.

  • William Ortega
    William Ortega22 days ago

    HBO Max is included if you subscribe to HBO with the biggest us cable company such as Xfinity, Verizon Fios, Cox, AT&T TV, Direct TV, Hulu, Apple, Amazon, and about 100 other providers. So I think it make sense for them to combine the number since most people people that have hbo already have hbo Max.

  • t_t
    t_t22 days ago

    I’m in the U.K. and branding wise ‘HBO’ means nothing to me or many others besides vague association with ‘Game of Thrones’; I can confidently say that ‘WarnerMax’ would be infinitely better branding based on worldwide recognisability for the studio and it’s properties.

  • Saurabh__ sp
    Saurabh__ sp22 days ago

    I think HBOmax isn't ready to take risks , some of execs might be expecting sudden results like after every movies/series

  • altlover85
    altlover8522 days ago

    I consider myself an HBO Max subscriber even though really we only get HBO through our cable. I would be happy to still keep HBO Max even if I lost cable so I think it makes sense to and the numbers together since HBO is the only one that's also available through cable.

  • PTFPhoto
    PTFPhoto22 days ago

    I finally broke down and subscribed to Disney+. Primarily for Marvel content, but some was simply because I wanted to see Star Wars again from the beginning. I've had Netflix since the days of DVD mailers. I have Prime mostly for reasons nothing to do with streaming. I got on Hulu at launch. I have not subscribed to HBOMax because it's expensive, and there's very, very little there I want to see. There isn't a single movie on the 2021 slate that made me say, "I want to see that". I think AT&T/WB is finding out in real time that their brand just isn't as popular as they thought it was. I think some fans of their stuff are finding that out as well. This is also not helped by the absolute tripe that DC continues to pump out.

  • Rihana Ijiran
    Rihana Ijiran22 days ago


  • Wayne Gremillion
    Wayne Gremillion22 days ago

    If they want original shows maybe bring back Swamp Thing, it was a great show.

  • Luis
    Luis22 days ago

    While i was in colombia last week, i noticed that you could PPV the snydercut on Direct TV. curious is there are other revenue avenues that Warner is not declaring

  • Bientoro Hadi Wibowo
    Bientoro Hadi Wibowo22 days ago

    In my country, free piracy version of Snyder cut JL move a lot faster than HBO Max official streaming availability. Up till today, there are no clear news about HBO Max here.

  • Balaji
    Balaji22 days ago

    Mandalorien magnanimous success is a main key to Disney +.. viewership increase.. like I believe Dune series gonna Change viewership of HBO MAX..

  • Israel Cano Jr.
    Israel Cano Jr.22 days ago


  • Red Silver
    Red Silver22 days ago

    HBO max just needs to be available in other countries. Obviously they aren't going to get a ton of subscribers. I had to sign up for Crave and buy the HBO add on just to watch ZSJL

  • Sameer Mudaliar
    Sameer Mudaliar22 days ago

    Titans is DC then why it is in Netflix???

  • Victor Altuve
    Victor Altuve22 days ago

    Just wait until June when HBOMAX will hit Latin america and I can't wait for it.

  • Rishi Bepat
    Rishi Bepat22 days ago

    I have Netflix, Disney+, Apple+ and Amazon prime...If HBOMAX would be available in the Netherlands, I would subscribe.

  • Julien Dark
    Julien Dark22 days ago

    Since I’m not in the US, I have no choice but to pirate HBO Max content.

  • Kal-El of Krypton
    Kal-El of Krypton22 days ago

    Sorry Grace I work in Data Science and you're going to have to show a bit more of how you validated and what numbers to come to your analytical conclusions. Otherwise it's just your opinion. Which is fine. Your claim that these numbers disappointed Wall Street is the opposite of what I analyzed, where expectations are actually surpassed.

  • Saumitra Sarmokadam
    Saumitra Sarmokadam22 days ago

    Snyder verse is the only thing that can take HBO max to new heights

  • TheTanman412
    TheTanman41222 days ago

    Best User Interface: Netflix Best Quality Video/Audio: Disney+ Best Originals: Netflix Best Library: HBOMax Worst User Interface: HBOMax, Amazon close 2nd Worst Quality Video/Audio: HBOMax

  • Larry Cimarelli
    Larry Cimarelli22 days ago

    HBOMax is the price point. They needed to start low like Disney and raise price over time as people see the value in the service. Netflix also has a tiered service. You can get it for as low as $8.99 based on resolution.