Halston Netflix REVIEW - Ewan McGregor 2021

Halston Netflix Review Today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction review 2021! Ewan McGregor is Halston for Ryan Murphy! All 5 episodes, series review!

Halston Netflix REVIEW today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction and review of Episode 1 through 5 aka Season One of Halston on Netflix in 2021 with no spoilers! Ewan McGregor is famous designer Halston! Share your own reaction before you watch each full episode of Halston on Netflix in 2021! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!

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Intro - 00:00
For Adults - 00:16
Halston's Real Life - 1:15
Liza Minnelli - 2:34
Ewan McGregor - 3:25
Amazing Trailer - 3:40
Slower Show - 4:08
But That 5th Episode! - 4:55
Mad Men Meets - 5:35
New York Locations - 6:02
Why Does Nobody Remember?! - 6:25
McGregor's Performance - 7:25
Other Cast Members - 8:10
Conclusion - 10:20

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  • filmgirlLisa
    filmgirlLisa5 days ago

    Why would she tell me not to look up those pictures...knowing that I'm going to look up those pictures???

  • filmgirlLisa
    filmgirlLisa5 days ago

    Is it NC-17? I dunno. I've seen much more graphic on Netflix. 360 is more graphic. But yes...it IS graphic.

  • Decio Gonçalves
    Decio Gonçalves19 days ago

    I got some wolf of wall street vibes

  • sampa2nyc
    sampa2nyc24 days ago

    "A champion of dance, his moves will put you in a trance and he never leaves the disco alone. Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci, He looks like a still that man is dressed to kill" - "He's the Greatest Dancer" by sister Sledge.

  • martin currie
    martin currie25 days ago

    I only know the Name Halston from the Sister Sledge song 'He's the Greatest Dancer'. "he champion of dance, his moves would put you in a trance And he never leaves the disco alone Arrogance but not conceit, as a man he's complete My creme d' la creme, please take me home He wears the finest clothes, the best designers heaven knows Ooh, from his head down to his toes Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci He looks like a still, that man is dressed to kill"

  • Peter Cambonga
    Peter Cambonga27 days ago

    I those Tom Ford frames

  • Lion23city
    Lion23city28 days ago

    Ewan deserves an Emmy for this. I'm rooting for him and Anya. I hope Netflix does a good campaign for them. Also, this is the first Murphy show i fully liked since Feud. I stopped watching AHS after that Hotel season and Ratched was just ok. He has problems with his shows: all of them are visually stunning but he puts SO MANY characters that in ends being all over the place. They promise you a show about a crazy humanless villain and then he turns them in some kind of a poor-weak overdramatic victim. I'm tired of that. And all his shows end abruptely (Halston kinda does that too but i didn't mind). I'm happy this time.

  • Beth Moore
    Beth MooreMonth ago

    To me this is his best performance. Amazing

  • Luanna E. Devenis
    Luanna E. DevenisMonth ago

    This “reviewer” is an idiot! Apparently, she has never read or viewed any historical documents pertaining to the 1970s, and her vocabulary is extremely limited, as she repeats herself throughout.

  • hollywoodshopaholic
    hollywoodshopaholicMonth ago

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the show. They seemed to do a great job with casting and recreating the time period but the story would have been more powerful if it had started from before his hat-making days and not in medias res. As it was, it seemed like it was just picking up the most scandalous parts of his life for buzz. The emotional ending didn’t feel earned because I didn’t learn enough about Halston’s journey (his childhood, start as a hat designer, etc.) as an individual to fully sympathize with him. They tried to cram so much into 5 episodes, it just didn’t resonate with me.

  • Black Alien
    Black AlienMonth ago

    Grace often sounds like she was raised Mormon.....She was also bothered by how "graphic" CYBYN was (It wasn't).

  • Juan Cruz D'Ambrosio
    Juan Cruz D'AmbrosioMonth ago

    I googled those pictures. I regret deeply😩

  • Dig Rom
    Dig RomMonth ago

    Ive..never heard of halston or the brand

  • Big Brax
    Big BraxMonth ago

    Isn't Halston the guy who Tom Ford was influenced by with his early designs at Gucci?

  • Passive Agressive
    Passive AgressiveMonth ago

    ‘One of the least talented Culkin’s’😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jared Adler

    Jared Adler

    27 days ago

    Absolutely hilarious! Grace always gives great shade.

  • Passive Agressive
    Passive AgressiveMonth ago

    Hugh Jackman played Halston on Broadway

  • Stealthy Mongoose
    Stealthy MongooseMonth ago

    Just finished it. Ewan McGregor was phenomenal. Everyone is great but Ewan really blew me away in this. I've always been a fan of his but I felt every moment of his performance.

  • Chris
    ChrisMonth ago

    Thanks for the review, appreciated. Not the show for me.

  • Jehu Martin
    Jehu MartinMonth ago

    What a stupid review. Halston was wonderful fabulous exciting-he made so many around him feel special. He would enliven the event or space or club he was at. This Netflix series misses all that . It focuses on his moods fits sexual desires etc. It s[pends most of its time on depressing nonsense. His salon and workshop was lively and fascinating. The movie does capture one character correctly-Pat Ast-as she is ascendig a staircase with a fan. Two people it totally misses are Joel Schumacher and Elsa Peretti. There was nothing shy or reclining about Elsa-she was wonderful with a great sense of humor, style and character. And there was never anything wimpy or withdrawn about Joe Schumacher. He could enter a room and entertain everyone there without missing a step. We were hoping for better.

  • Lynda Smythe
    Lynda SmytheMonth ago

    Loved your review with one tiny disagreemenl-I LOVED the music! It was a great very underrated 70”s soundtrack that I think tied in very much with his actual life.

  • Filipino Singing Show
    Filipino Singing ShowMonth ago

    was a great series!

  • rangel Villanueva
    rangel VillanuevaMonth ago

    Hollywood the series was more graphic

  • Jayson Daniels
    Jayson DanielsMonth ago

    NC-17? oh Grace, bless you

  • Dirk Van Hook
    Dirk Van HookMonth ago

    NC-17? The version I saw didn’t have exposed genitalia or gore.

  • petalchild


    16 days ago

    Right? Such hyperbole 😄

  • iulix max
    iulix maxMonth ago

    the story is interesting and the acting from Ewan McGregor it's fantastic but I had to skip a lot of it because it's kind of disgusting for me 😖🤢🤮👎

  • Justin Alexander
    Justin AlexanderMonth ago

    The book 'Holy Terror' about Warhol in the 70s dives deep into this whole scene. Good read.

  • Iliya Badev
    Iliya BadevMonth ago

    amazing show

  • Jacob Van Ness
    Jacob Van NessMonth ago

    This was barely graphic at all. No genitalia or anything really. Some butt shots, and some butt humping. Gay doesn’t mean NC-17.

  • Diana Maurer
    Diana MaurerMonth ago

    My sister and I had prior to seeing this watched on Amazon Prime video the 2019 documentary called Halston. We have heard of him before.

  • frank vigliarolo
    frank vigliaroloMonth ago

    McGregor is sensational here. It’s a stylish, entertaining mini series. The set of his office in the Olympic Tower and his home is spot-on recreations.

  • Julius Maloney
    Julius MaloneyMonth ago

    The ‘Battle of Versailles’ the fashion show that’s referred to in the film is legendary & is a major part fashion history, specifically it changed the way the world viewed American fashion. There’s a book & documentary about the event. 💃🏽

  • Megumi Nakama
    Megumi NakamaMonth ago

    Hairstylist here. I now have clients who haven’t heard of Vidal Sassoon. Imagine that. I felt officially felt old.

  • Victoria Scholl
    Victoria SchollMonth ago

    I am a senior and I know who Halston was, he created designer brands,

  • Ian
    IanMonth ago

    its not graphic at all..you see a Couple bums, but that's it. Quite tame actually.

  • newcreature222
    newcreature222Month ago

    Ewan McGergor was so good in this I forgot he was straight, such great story telling the ending is so sad this was a story well told 👏 great job Netflix

  • Tim's Artistic
    Tim's ArtisticMonth ago

    I actually own a bottle of Halston Z-14 and had no idea who he was, which attracted me to watch this series and I was like please don't let this designer have a tragic ending like Versace. I have so many questions, but really want to credit Ewan for an incredible Best Man Emmy worthy performance.

  • Willports
    WillportsMonth ago

    Watched it last night with he wife, both loved it, this was a great cast, whoever was in charge of casting made great decisions. I felt Ewans best role to date by far. I never got taken out of the acting, to me that shows the acting was great.

  • fuck society
    fuck societyMonth ago

    Black Mask show would've been not bad, just saying

  • YummyBaer
    YummyBaerMonth ago

    I really enjoyed the series. I thought it was just a BIT TOO graphic, but I totally understand why he did that. The music was appropriate I thought. Great throwback music, some disco, some french pop and the fucking Cocteau Twins!! Good god that pulled my emotions like no other episode has. How tragic but he died doing something very cool and actually the way O would spend my last days. Great show but I wouldn’t watch it with my parents or my kids. Hmmm. Bravo!

  • Mark A.E.
    Mark A.E.Month ago

    Hi Grace, your crying at the end of Netflix’s Halston may in their ending scene choice of the cult band The Cocteau Twins and their song Pearly Dewdrops’ Drop. The beautiful vocals by Elizabeth Frazier is not meant to be in English. It’s her vocalize to be forgotten to understand, just emotion. Thanks Grace.

  • Link326
    Link326Month ago

    It's wasn't graphic 🤣

  • theylied1776
    theylied1776Month ago

    I Actually watched the show yesterday, and that is not love between Halston and Victor Hugo. That is equal parts destructive codependent and obsession. That was made Crystal Cclear when Ed came to Halston with an ultimatum about his window dressing job. It's either Me or Victor... and Halston without missing a beat said Victor.

  • Cory Drummond
    Cory DrummondMonth ago

    I remember Halston. Loved the cologne.

  • Elizabeth Bednar
    Elizabeth BednarMonth ago

    I feel the same way... how have I never herd of this guy.

  • Alvaro Ibacache S.
    Alvaro Ibacache S.Month ago

    I wanted to like this series so much, and it was somehow a disappointment. I never really get to knew the real Halson and we where just watching a cartoon version of a fashion designer. They didn’t dig enough on his private life or his caterer it was very very superficial. At the end of the day it was about a spoiled brat with some past issues. That got away either everything he wanted with a minimal effort and a lot of talented friends who made him. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Mark Baker
    Mark BakerMonth ago

    Loved your review ! My Friend sent me the article and asked have you heard of him ?? because i haven't ? I said YES of COURSE ! I have a book on him and studied him when i did my Fashion course ( 1976 - 1980 ) and later when i worked with David Emmanuel he used to tell me stories of when he met him !

  • Micah Mann
    Micah MannMonth ago

    Ahh! Just started watching episode one and I had to stop to comment… How did you not like LIZA!!! HAHAHA It’s Liza with a Z not Lisa with an S. HAHA. Maybe it’s just a gay man thing, but I love Liza. 😉👍🏽

  • Bryan Battista
    Bryan BattistaMonth ago

    Where's the "straight actor playing gay/lack of Hollywood inclusivity/Tone deaf casting" criticism? Proof positive that producers should absolutely cast the best actors and hire the best directors for their projects regardless of sexuality/colour or media pressure. I'm really enjoying it btw.

  • jrosehistory
    jrosehistoryMonth ago

    Thank you for the recommendation Grace! I watched all the episodes in one sitting it is was so good I could not stop watching it. Ewan McGregor was fantastic and I loved Bill Pullman. Such a great watch. Thank you so much Grace for letting me know about this it has had me looking at 1970s fashions all day. I remember Halston fashions I would wear all of his clothes today. 💗😊

  • Arnettra Baker
    Arnettra BakerMonth ago

    Of course I Googled the pictures. But I’m excited to see this , I enjoy Halston’s clothes and Ewan McGregor is a fantastic actor.

  • Lea Frydman
    Lea FrydmanMonth ago

    Why is the hell are you yelling at me... Don't need to yell to get your point across... if you are going to be a movie reviewer the least you can do is watch all the movie... I don't need your BS

  • Rockerdude17
    Rockerdude17Month ago

    I had no idea that grace didn’t like Liza Minnelli and I’ve been watching this channel for almost a decade. When did I miss the beef ? Haha😂

  • bob mathis-friedman
    bob mathis-friedmanMonth ago

    I do recall Halston; then again, I'm almost 60

  • Eric Inman
    Eric InmanMonth ago

    Ewan McGregor is incredible, I am absolutely mesmerized.

  • Lolita Yayo
    Lolita YayoMonth ago

    I literally could not stop watching this show

  • SoulStylistJukeBox
    SoulStylistJukeBoxMonth ago

    I've given up on hoping for a convincing American accent from Ewan McGregor.

  • Brian Lee
    Brian LeeMonth ago

    I wouldn’t say this is NC-17. This isn’t Nymphomanic I-II or Henry and June. You don’t see explicit OPP in this series. I thought this was a good show. It was a good length of time. It shows the flaws and it wasn’t a reinvention of someone to make them appear greater. Evan should be recognized for his portrayal. I binged it in one sitting. I gave it a B.

  • Mr Mcgregor
    Mr McgregorMonth ago

    Excellent viewing

  • Ramzi
    RamziMonth ago

    I don't like too much sexual scenes but I'll definitely see it

  • Freddy Rodriguez
    Freddy RodriguezMonth ago

    I don’t even have to watch the review just thumbnail to know when grace likes a movie or tv show

  • Steve Brown
    Steve BrownMonth ago

    Binged all five episodes last night. I was a young man in the 70's and pretty familiar with the period, people of the time and Interview magazine. You're assessment of the show is perfect. I'd also add that the wigs, hair in general was spot on. So often these 60's-70's period pieces look like the actors are wearing recently deceased animals on their heads. Also, enjoyed the music, and I agree Liza's two pieces ran l-o-n-g.

  • Lilah Maes
    Lilah MaesMonth ago

    I really liked this show just watched the whole thing in one evening. Although it’s not that graphic I thought. Btw because you mentioned the way Liza displayed her awards I couldn’t help but notice they used the new Golden Globe statue and not the older version she actually won. I wonder why they choose to go for the new one?

  • Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey

    Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey

    Month ago

    Great observation! An unintentional anachronism, perhaps?

  • Laylaswood96
    Laylaswood96Month ago

    Just finished and it was okay. It is very sad

  • Crystal Hopkins
    Crystal HopkinsMonth ago

    I remember Halston mainly cuz I was around in the 70’s and when he died his brand went as well but if he was still alive like Calvin Klein or if he had good business managers maybe his brand would still be around today.

  • Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey

    Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey

    Month ago

    It is. It's had a number of changing designers, but try his name on Wiki (for info about the ongoing lines of clothes) and then check out some site like Vogue for the images. The last collection was basically luxury leisure wear... last year? The one before? Tasteful, but no-one got terribly excited about it...

  • Rio Adiwaluyo
    Rio AdiwaluyoMonth ago

    They actually credited Vera Farmiga, but way after the main casts, as a special guest star. I know that for sure, cause I was looking for her name 😄

  • Cory Drummond
    Cory DrummondMonth ago

    Grace says don’t google, and I immediately go to google! Uhhhhhhhhhmmm that’s NO CIGAR!

  • Arthur Fleck
    Arthur FleckMonth ago

    Just finished it. It was fantastic!! And I loved the woman playing Liza!

  • Arthur Fleck

    Arthur Fleck

    Month ago

    @Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey I agree!! Loved her!

  • Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey

    Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey

    Month ago

    McGregor was great, but she's the one I'd really back for the Emmy...

  • hahahahajajajajaj
    hahahahajajajajajMonth ago


  • Jessethegoodwitch
    JessethegoodwitchMonth ago

    Whaaaa!? How are you not a fan of Liza? 😱

  • SuperExtrovert
    SuperExtrovertMonth ago

    So Ewan won’t be getting a Golden Globe for this performance in 2022 before of mess going in with the institution? 🥺

  • Filipino Singing Show
    Filipino Singing ShowMonth ago

    hmmm maybe for him I will resubscribe to netflix...maybee!

  • Marjorie Musick
    Marjorie MusickMonth ago

    Great review! The 2019 documentary, "Halston," was excellent too. He was brilliant. So very tragic.

  • Richard Kennedy
    Richard KennedyMonth ago

    If nobody was aware of Mr. Halston there would not be a series on Netflix. It's you. Everybody I know, knows of Halston.

  • I Shall Meet You At The Monorail
    I Shall Meet You At The MonorailMonth ago

    I don't know Grace they mentioned holston in a lot of films of the era even going into the 80s now around the 90s they did stop mentioning him as far as I can remember but maybe you didn't notice because you didn't know who he was and I didn't either but I noticed it's the same as Benaton for me; I only know of them from movies and tv.

  • oswjim
    oswjimMonth ago

    to this day I still wear my Z-14 & 1-12 -- there's a 2019 documentary also worth checking out

  • Leila Spenser
    Leila SpenserMonth ago

    I felt this didn’t do Halston justice. 5 episodes IS NOT enough. It’s should have been 8-10 at least. But FIVE?!? Ewan was ok/eh, I didn’t really by him as a designer.. Also I wanted more real struggles from Halston (his employees, lover, Liza). They could have made a whole serie based on the battle of Versailles or even Halston relationship with Liza. But I will say the locations were great. They barely scratched the surface of who he was & why he was so talented & creative. This didn’t make me cry, it made me annoyed😠😤😡.

  • Cullen Frowick

    Cullen Frowick

    Month ago

    Same, made his family angry too. They need to put the label of fictional events at the front instead at the end of the credits.

  • Martian Gentian
    Martian GentianMonth ago

    Great review Grace I am clicking! 🤗

  • Richard Perez
    Richard PerezMonth ago

    I wasn't going to see it , but now I'm watching it. NC-17 made me put it at number one.

  • Richard Perez

    Richard Perez

    Month ago

    @Koua Xiong : She is prudish. I was hoping for Hereditary plus ➕. Bummer.

  • Koua Xiong

    Koua Xiong

    Month ago

    @Richard Perez It's rated TVMA, which is the TV equivalent to NC17, but most of the "graphic" imagery is just butt shots with strong suggestive acts. Nothing you wouldn't see in a PG13 horror film. The MPAA has a history of rating LGBT content higher than it should be. In Europe, what's shown on the show wouldn't even bat an eye.

  • Richard Perez

    Richard Perez

    Month ago

    @Koua Xiong : That's too bad. It's R right?

  • Koua Xiong

    Koua Xiong

    Month ago

    You'll be dissapointed... she exaggerates about things being graphic because she's prudish. Nothing against her personally, but she has a history of doing this.

  • RitnFool
    RitnFoolMonth ago

    Having grown up in the 70's, I've absolutely heard of Halston, and knew he was huge in the industry, but maybe didn't appreciate (or understand) what he did for women's fashion back then. He was a giant.

  • Ethan Kolnik
    Ethan KolnikMonth ago

    Grace, I really think you should give American Horror Story a try!! I think you’d really like it, it’s such an amazing show.

  • BryPiot
    BryPiotMonth ago

    "never heard of Halston"? I distinctly remember the Halston commercials growing up with Lauren Hutton. The two went hand in hand. I don't know if I can bring myself to watch another Ryan Murphy show...he is so uneven: Feud = Excellent; Hollywood = Awful.

  • theylied1776
    theylied1776Month ago

    I am not a Liza Minnelli fan, but she was great in Cabaret. But that had more to do with Bob Fosse than Liza Minnelli.

  • Jen McMahon
    Jen McMahonMonth ago

    Halston is such a tragic American story. Btw: Grace, The Halston documentary is available on USplan, and I highly recommend it.

  • Laylaswood96
    Laylaswood96Month ago

    Whew, I have some streaming to do this weekend😅 thanks Grace♥️

  • theylied1776
    theylied1776Month ago

    I have to admit that I'm a little tired of Ryan Murphy. His projects just all look the same to me. Now it seems like the only reason he went to Netflix was to see if he could raise the shock factor.

  • Vani Casals
    Vani CasalsMonth ago

    Yes, I'm on chapter two and kept thinking about black mask and how unfortunate it is he was killed of. Love, LOVE Ewan McGregor, he is absolutely fabulous. Do you really think a teenager wouldn't watch because of the rating? 🤔

  • CannotThinkOfAUsername
    CannotThinkOfAUsernameMonth ago

    I am only one episode in but I just can't help but feel like Ewan McGregor is miscast in the role

  • Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey

    Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey

    Month ago

    I thought he was great, but some other poster on another vid mentioned Richard E Grant as a better possible option for similarity...

  • John V
    John VMonth ago

    Halston is a Mandela Effect for me, (the so-called "Forgotten History Mandela Effect" like the Black Tom explosion, plane crashing into Queens NY after 911, and the Lindbergh Baby being found). This is because Halston literally popped into my reality when I heard about this movie. I was born in the 70s, interested in fashion, Studio 54 history, and celebs. I don't know how it's possible that he existed and I never heard of or seen him before. A complete and total head scratcher.

  • Aisling O'Leary
    Aisling O'LearyMonth ago

    Ah I hoped Anjelica Huston would be in it. I loved how she wore Halston. Looking forward to a Velvet Goldmine esque Ewan McGregor performance.

  • Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey

    Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey

    Month ago

    I loved the show, but no Anjelica, no Warhol and just a nod to Bianca. I felt these were the major omissions...

  • Rockstar 1996
    Rockstar 1996Month ago

    Worst way of warning someone off something? tell someone not to do it.... I gotta go see those pictures haha 😂

  • MrVitaminG1
    MrVitaminG1Month ago

    Grace u must watch at least the first 4 seasons of American Horror Story!

  • ramoist101
    ramoist101Month ago

    *Immediately googles it* my my my my my

  • F.R.N. F
    F.R.N. FMonth ago

    I feel like one need to be fashion obsessed as myself to understand who and what Halston was, so strange that basically nobody knows who he was, just strange...

  • ITcanB
    ITcanBMonth ago

    The original Halston perfume was just delicious and enticing shame they reformulated it,you can still buy if for next to nothing and the beautiful bottle designed by Elsa Peretti is worth it.😘

  • Momma of the pack

    Momma of the pack

    Month ago

    I’ve worn Halston since I was young.....about 16 I guess. When my parents let me start wearing makeup, perfume, etc. It is the only perfume I wear still to this day. At one time it was considered an expensive perfume but not so much now. It is hard to find. I order mine online and still love it!

  • The Local Diva

    The Local Diva

    Month ago

    I SOOOO WANT that original perfume! I wanna know what it smells like!

  • John Rigs
    John RigsMonth ago

    We are watching it now and it is fantastic! And you are right about him not being very well known anymore - My wife was making fun of me because although I have been using his Cologne for years… until this show I actually never knew that it was named after a real guy lol!

  • Xilonem Espinoza Xilostrología
    Xilonem Espinoza XilostrologíaMonth ago

    Not knowing abogue Halston tells me that indeed, you don't know about fashion...😂but good thing is....you do know about your work, and that's why I'm here!

  • luvyou baby
    luvyou babyMonth ago

    Ill pass, I can’t handle right now something emotional to the point of tears

  • Nikita Averin Kronlund
    Nikita Averin KronlundMonth ago

    Rather an NC-17 version than those watered-down biopics about Freddie Mercury and Elton John etc.

  • YummyBaer


    Month ago

    Sascha Baron Cohen’s version of Bohemian Rhapsody was probably Tons better than that nonsense they released. Well, I liked it but not as much as I thought I would.

  • Al Berto

    Al Berto

    Month ago

    @Alvaro Ibacache S. it isn't a masterpiece.. but I love business and the movie was about the group of Queen and not JUST about Freddie. The finale really got me.. tears streaming down my face the entire time...

  • Alvaro Ibacache S.

    Alvaro Ibacache S.

    Month ago

    ☕️ that’s tea. Bohemian Rapsody was a mess (besides from the god awful editing)

  • Al Berto

    Al Berto

    Month ago

    I loved Bohemian Rhapsody ❤ 😍

  • Tony Minutti

    Tony Minutti

    Month ago

    What’s so NC-17 about it? I don’t get it.

  • Photo Trekr
    Photo TrekrMonth ago

    Wasn't there a movie about Halston a few years ago? Or was that another designer? There was a time when designers were on magazine covers. That was before super models. I'll look forward to seeing it.

  • Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey

    Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey

    Month ago

    Documentary, from last year, I think. It may be available on here

  • jeffrey dahmere
    jeffrey dahmereMonth ago

    I was waiting for a something new about starwars lol