Flora & Ulysses REVIEW - Disney Plus Movie


Flora & Ulysses Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer reaction & movie review 2021! Disney Plus original movie! Marvel! Squirrel Girl?! Ben Schwartz!
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Flora & Ulysses Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the 2021 movie Flora & Ulysses for Disney Plus starring Ben Schwartz, Alyson Hannigan, Matilda Lawler and more! Should you see the full movie?! Enjoy Flora & Ulysses in 2021 and be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
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So Meta! - 00:00
Marvel, X-Men - 00:20
Titanic?! - 1:06
Engaging - 1:51
Audible - 2:13
Matilda Lawler - 3:11
Girls & Comic Books - 3:43
Kamala & Flora - 3:56
Cast Standouts - 4:38
Director Lena Khan - 5:31
Ulysses! - 5:52
Superheroes - 6:11
Overall - 6:24
Sequel? - 6:45
Conclusion - 7:10
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • Alex West
    Alex West2 hours ago

    I liked incandesto who shines as bright as a 1,000 suns, he kinda had that 1950s superhero feel to him I wouldn’t mind seeing more of him lol I also enjoyed the movie

  • Chrisid555
    Chrisid555Day ago

    So ulysses will find doreen in the city and join her and become squirel girl? Lol

  • Mohamed Attia
    Mohamed Attia4 days ago

    is it related to squirrel girl marvel's young avengers!!!!?????

  • mark sousa
    mark sousa6 days ago

    A lot of DC comic in a Disney movie lol

  • Skitz Vibe Hut
    Skitz Vibe Hut8 days ago

    The actor for flora had some... questionable acting throughout the movie

  • wilmah604
    wilmah6049 days ago

    Hey Grace, Did you see the Man of Steel montage of the "first flight" with Ulysses? Gave me goosebumps. Thanks, Great show!!!

  • Jamie Jones
    Jamie Jones10 days ago

    Oh this movie was so sweet. I really enjoyed it for what it is

  • Brad Cobel
    Brad Cobel10 days ago

    Cute baby squirrel 🐿️

  • Baby Toshiro
    Baby Toshiro11 days ago

    It was ok but I say Harriet the Spy and Akeelah and the Bee are old movies but way better than this.

  • Cooper Neil
    Cooper Neil11 days ago

    Disney deserves to be able to flex from time to time.

  • Suck It
    Suck It12 days ago

    There is space for all geek girls. Ms marvel was also in the intro with black panther, captain marvel and the green lanterns of all people.

  • Larry Cimarelli
    Larry Cimarelli12 days ago

    Watched the movie. It was enjoyable. Orally they referenced Marvel characters but when it showed comic books in the movie...they highlighted Green Lantern...WTF Disney?!?!

  • Michael Cain
    Michael Cain12 days ago

    My least favorite book of Kate Dicamlllo’s. And there was NOTHING from any franchise in that book.

  • Xantron
    Xantron12 days ago

    precursor to squirell girl

  • 짐살라빔
    짐살라빔12 days ago

    When the cat attacked the animal control officer @ the door , that shit scared tf outta me like a jumps are LMAOO

  • MANU- L
    MANU- L12 days ago

    It was a sweet surprise actually.

  • Klaus_Dark Phoenix
    Klaus_Dark Phoenix12 days ago

    Ms Marvel guest to squirrel (inhuman) and Girl shows

  • American Born Patriot.
    American Born Patriot.12 days ago

    Disney 🇨🇳💀 Corporation.

  • r0 ko
    r0 ko12 days ago

    Appraciating your work like always but could you address the Gina Carano debacle and share your point of view? Or is it too much of a landmine?

  • Sid WasIstDennHierLos
    Sid WasIstDennHierLos12 days ago

    so it turns out audible is actually really terrible, because they rip off independent creators to an absurd degree? i hear if you want to distribute your audio work creation non-exclusively over audible, they say you get 25% of the revenue (already laughable) but through some corporate shenanigans you actually only get 13%? that sucks and i can't support it

  • Carol Marty
    Carol Marty12 days ago

    Grace- will you review Nomadland please?!!!!!

  • MileZee Movies
    MileZee Movies12 days ago

    Haven't watched it yet

  • Corinna Ulloa
    Corinna Ulloa12 days ago

    Animal control again still inaccurately portrayed. Not okay to be shooting tranquilizer darts with abandon in residential area. Also, how is Mr. Klaus not under quarantine?

  • Robert Bench
    Robert Bench12 days ago

    Disney is really just a product placement machine rather than an actual Hollywood studio.

  • vickram aditya
    vickram aditya12 days ago

    Does this channel only cover Disney and Hbo Content?

  • Baby Toshiro

    Baby Toshiro

    11 days ago

    no, she has interviews with zack the hack snyder numerous times for some reason🤷‍♂️

  • daniel mcdermott
    daniel mcdermott12 days ago

    There was also some Batman comics in the movie too

  • Mathew Lawrence
    Mathew Lawrence12 days ago

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  • Bella Touch

    Bella Touch

    12 days ago

    @Wang Long her what's App info bro...🧐🤨

  • Wang Long

    Wang Long

    12 days ago

    @Mathew Lawrence ?????

  • Mathew Lawrence

    Mathew Lawrence

    12 days ago

    @Wang Long +1 2 7 0 2 5 8 1 8 1 9

  • Wang Long

    Wang Long

    12 days ago

    @Joel Larry when someone is good at what they do, people won't stop talking about them

  • Joel Larry

    Joel Larry

    12 days ago

    Wow.. she's got good recommendation..not bad not everyone get to have this..

  • Lego Dinosaur
    Lego Dinosaur12 days ago

    I was surprised to see DC comics in this

  • Chase Elliott
    Chase Elliott13 days ago

    God I cant wait for her to get to 1million subs!!!!

  • Draum
    Draum13 days ago

    Nobody has ever heard of this movie...why in the world is Grace talking about storm and wolverine here...?

    WILL HARTMAN13 days ago

    So........ Squirrel Girl?

    KEY BLADE13 days ago

    I just realized this movie has squirrel girl and daredevil

    KEY BLADE13 days ago

    This movie is probably my favorite movie

  • The Real Official CAFE!
    The Real Official CAFE!13 days ago

    I read the book as a kid, but I remember nothing about it. So I’m not sure about this movie

  • Chris J. Films

    Chris J. Films

    12 days ago

    I can believe that

  • Lunar Moon

    Lunar Moon

    13 days ago

    It's not as good as the book sadly. Disney messed up most of it and that let me down.

  • Kike Navarrete
    Kike Navarrete13 days ago

    Your channel is becoming the Disney Channel, and is scary

  • Addison Leavitt
    Addison Leavitt13 days ago

    Kate DiCamillo who wrote this book, is my favorite childhood author. If you havent seen Because of Winn- Dixie, you NEED to see it. Its on Disney+ under Fox and its much more of an all ages family movie. Its incredibly special and you wont regret it 🥰

  • Lunar Moon

    Lunar Moon

    13 days ago

    Ikr! Only I feel like they messed up on this movie I felt like it could have been a lot better. I also felt like they focussed on Disney references and the parents love life more than Flora and the squirrel. It disappointed me that it wasn't as good as it could have been.

  • darren edwards
    darren edwards13 days ago


  • Sam Candelaria Jr
    Sam Candelaria Jr13 days ago

    I love your view of New York Grace. I keep hoping to see Spider-Man swings across your window.

  • Eli Gach
    Eli Gach13 days ago

    I though the move was amazing and I would not be surprised if they casted the actor of flora as squirrel girl if they are going a younger route

  • Terence Gui
    Terence Gui13 days ago

    "It turns out, the hardest thing about having hope, is watching the people who don't. And the only thing harder than that, is watching the people who once did." Flora, in Flora and Ulysses

  • Ryan Maddugal
    Ryan Maddugal13 days ago

    Grace is the best at Segway -ing to a product placement in her reviews it’s so seamless😄👏👏👏

  • Emilio Sanchelihón Mayorga
    Emilio Sanchelihón Mayorga13 days ago

    Thank you very much for this recommedation... My 11 year old son and I havent laughted this much since D'jango Unchained.

  • Christian Golden
    Christian Golden13 days ago

    Off Topic: Grace you should review ‘I Care A Lot” on Netflix. I know this may sound stupid but I am only only about 15 min in but I had to stop and send this to you because it has such a great start so far. Please consider it.

  • Keith Owens
    Keith Owens13 days ago

    Yeah! I was surprised to see Jeanine G, too

  • Keith Owens
    Keith Owens13 days ago

    The young lady was great. Good FX.

  • Keith Owens
    Keith Owens13 days ago

    You are right. Surprisingly fun to watch

  • Keith Owens
    Keith Owens13 days ago

    It was cute

  • aj strong
    aj strong13 days ago

    No to squirrel girl no one wants that

  • mayela ct
    mayela ct13 days ago

    it was charming and i am madly in love with ben schwarts; totally recommend for a streamer

  • Kiki Holistic
    Kiki Holistic13 days ago

    Im shook grace you reviewing this! We will watch

  • modest gaming
    modest gaming13 days ago

    You don't need Audible. You can get free e-audiobooks from your local library

  • penandpaper
    penandpaper13 days ago

    Pudi being in it gave me hope it might be good

  • Cpt Clown
    Cpt Clown13 days ago

    Nobody transitions to an aid like grace. Love it lol

  • Chance Jin-Koh
    Chance Jin-Koh13 days ago

    Grace got a sponsor! Get that gold queen!

  • Dwayne Custer
    Dwayne Custer13 days ago

    Storm is one of my favorite superheroes!

  • jay nunya
    jay nunya13 days ago

    they showed some Batman comics in there too in the little girls comic collection

  • GingerTea123
    GingerTea12313 days ago

    ummm what's this squirrel movie, where's the review for I CARE A LOT

  • Candace Cherry
    Candace Cherry13 days ago

    Ok now i get it

  • Specular
    Specular13 days ago

    Ahh so pleased it tuned out well, a friend of mine, Darien Martin plays 'Incandesto' ,hopefully its onwards an upwards from here 🙌🏻💫

  • aja walker
    aja walker13 days ago

    Nicely good review Grace!

  • Movie Fan
    Movie Fan13 days ago

    Jennifer Lawrence has joined fantastic four I'm not lieing check Apple news on the movies page

  • Pinkdew1
    Pinkdew113 days ago

    This moview was horrible even my kids hated it. Grace please do a review on I Care A Lot.

  • Lunar Moon

    Lunar Moon

    13 days ago

    Please read the book, Disney messed up the movie and it disappointed me too.

  • Ruben Avalos
    Ruben Avalos13 days ago

    I thought this was a secret Squirrel Girl origin

  • Ryker Loprinzi
    Ryker Loprinzi13 days ago

    It was 5/10

  • vodka pigeon.
    vodka pigeon.13 days ago

    The book was so good

  • Joey 2099
    Joey 209913 days ago

    Her transitions to advertisements are done so well I don’t even notice till It’s too late and I’m hooked 😂

  • Brent Maxey-Hanson
    Brent Maxey-Hanson13 days ago

    Squirrel Girl...?🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂😂 sorry, I had to because of the movie poster!

  • Juan Montemayor
    Juan Montemayor13 days ago

    Go watch I care a lot on Netflix highly recommend

  • Ryan Leslie
    Ryan Leslie13 days ago

    I’ll def give it a watch, after this great review!

  • Safwat NuMan
    Safwat NuMan13 days ago

    Kind of disappointing that you are saying there can only be one super geek girl even though you relate so much. Reminds me of the “there can only be one talented black person at a time” feeling from back in the day.

  • f12mnb
    f12mnb13 days ago

    The girl who plays Flora, Matilda Lawler has Kiernan Shipka like air. The film is OK but is definitely a little kids film. Still the creators have snuck in small bits about comic books - the squirrel appears, it slides down like Spiderman. There are little remarks about the purpose of super hero and asides that are very good. The Jack and Rose gag at the end does get a guffaw. Actors got to act so I don't blame Alyson Hannigan, Ben Schwartz and Kate Micucci.

  • Lunar Moon

    Lunar Moon

    13 days ago

    Plus the movie isn't as good as book. You should read it.

  • Lunar Moon

    Lunar Moon

    13 days ago

    The author of the book writes children's books what do you expect? She really good though I read her books when I was younger and I really enjoyed them. And if a kid enjoys it that's all that matters because that's the audience she was aiming at.

  • supahmajoo
    supahmajoo13 days ago

    I see x-men and hear storm i am sold! STORM is my goddess. I need for her to be in marvel already

  • aj burch
    aj burch13 days ago

    I'm finally onto you..Matching your outfit to the movies. Ok you told us 3 episodes back, but I'm still taking credit for noticing..

  • Alex Bok
    Alex Bok13 days ago

    While amusing it was most definitely a kids movie. Some plot devices that kids would overlook I found cringeworthy. For example, an animal control officer can't run around shooting people with his tranq gun willy-nilly because there would be some serious consequences.

  • Lunar Moon

    Lunar Moon

    13 days ago

    Those parts aren't even in the book, Disney just messed up the movie because they don't think.

  • Alan Gramont
    Alan Gramont13 days ago

    My Facebook feed is lit up with parents talking about their 8-11 year old kids not really into this movie. It fell flat with every one who bothered to post about it. They all said the first act was great and then it fell off the rails and never recovered.

  • Lunar Moon

    Lunar Moon

    13 days ago

    It's not like the book Disney focussed too much on references and the parents love life more than the squirrel and Flora. The book it better than this the movie disappointed me.

  • Zeb Brahvi
    Zeb Brahvi13 days ago

    im beginning to enjoy your videos more in exam days than my normal days. Tomorrow i have opthalmology and here i am. watching a review of a movie which i wont watch until my exams are over........ (after 1.5months probably)

  • Steph Willer
    Steph Willer13 days ago

    I'm so excited for this! I didn't know they were making this into a movie.

  • Hawaii Coast Yoga
    Hawaii Coast Yoga13 days ago

    Please read my manuscript

  • Mychal Bodeman
    Mychal Bodeman13 days ago

    Me and my boyfriend were both upset that that used "I love you 3000" in this movie, i feel like its too soon to use it and kinda werid that they used it out of a Marvel movie

  • Carlos Millán Castillo
    Carlos Millán Castillo13 days ago

    I liked it a lot !! I was kids movie but really enjoyable.

  • Grizmeyer
    Grizmeyer13 days ago

    I thought this movie was really cute. Fun family flick. If the plot was a little stronger, I'd even put it at the level of the first Paddington

  • Gary Turbo
    Gary Turbo13 days ago

    Basically a Squirrel Girl origin story

  • Richbutnot Wealthy
    Richbutnot Wealthy13 days ago

    So glad Abed (Danny Pudi) is doing well. Better than Jeff, as good as Annie, but definitely not as good as Troy!

  • Lunar Moon

    Lunar Moon

    13 days ago


  • James Dylan
    James Dylan13 days ago

    Gotta love that Segway into the sponsor grace! Get that coin sis! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jose Bautista
    Jose Bautista13 days ago

    What about I care a lot?!

  • Mohamed Abd Elhameed
    Mohamed Abd Elhameed13 days ago

    waiting for the cherry review it gonna be fun ripping it apart

  • flash barry
    flash barry13 days ago

    It’s an okay movie, I mean there were couple scenes that takes me out of the movie.

  • Lovleen
    Lovleen13 days ago

    The beginning of this movie is a whole Marvel ad

  • Maleficent Devil
    Maleficent Devil13 days ago

    I think you missed the best original Disney plus streaming movies , black beauty and clouds , they made me cry

  • keim73
    keim7313 days ago

    Thanks Grace

  • Arthur Bontempo
    Arthur Bontempo13 days ago

    We need to see her beat Dr. Doom!!! XD

  • Lunar Moon

    Lunar Moon

    13 days ago

    The squirrel is a he.

  • LukeZilla 2019
    LukeZilla 201913 days ago

    It was a really cute movie, enjoyed it quite a lot. Ulysses was so cute

  • George S
    George S13 days ago

    This is made for little kids, its so strange adults dont get that these days.

  • Baby Toshiro

    Baby Toshiro

    11 days ago

    that's a bad excuse

  • Texaspoontappa
    Texaspoontappa13 days ago

    Why are you giving this a review and not giving us the Soul spoiler review 😭

  • Aj Raven
    Aj Raven13 days ago

    Everyone is waiting for Storm to appear in the MCU and be done right!! ... She has what it takes to be one of the biggest MCU players... loved... or at least respected... across the board... if done right!!!

  • Bhargav Desai
    Bhargav Desai13 days ago

    SPONSOR 👍👍👍👍

  • Matt Last name
    Matt Last name13 days ago

    Not gonna lie thought it was a squirrel girl rip-off

  • Lee Coleman
    Lee Coleman13 days ago

    I know its not squirrel girl but it really should have been called squirrel girl. The marketing on that name alone is crazy

  • Lunar Moon

    Lunar Moon

    13 days ago

    What I mean is that the book came out before this movie and it was better.

  • Lunar Moon

    Lunar Moon

    13 days ago

    Dude it's based off of the book even though the movie isn't as good.

  • Tj Samson
    Tj Samson13 days ago

    I remember watching the trailer before and I thought it was a take on Squirrel Girl in a movie. HAHA!

  • Lunar Moon

    Lunar Moon

    13 days ago

    It was based off of a good book, Disney just messed up the movie.

  • Jaylen Straughn
    Jaylen Straughn13 days ago

    Grace is smooth with the plugs