Flashpoint Supergirl - Sasha Calle joins DCEU!


Supergirl Sasha Calle today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & breakdown! Andy Muschietti & Walter Hamada cast the first Latina Supergirl! Multiverse!
Supergirl Sasha Calle today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & breakdown of news that Walter Hamada and Andy Muschietti have cast the first Latina Supergirl, Sasha Calle, for the upcoming DCEU Flashpoint movie with Michael Keaton and Ezra Miller! Sasha Calle's Supergirl will also be from an alternate reality! All the details! Share your own reaction to Sasha Calle cast as Supergirl in Flashpoint before you watch the full movie in 2022! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
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  • EternalGamingLoop
    EternalGamingLoop5 hours ago

    Not to thrilled on the casting. But it is what it is.

  • Murchison Phillip
    Murchison Phillip3 days ago

    DC should just stop it... They have verified IP money makers and continue to do crap.. DC us the fans don't care about your directors personal choices.. This whole multi verse crap is doomed.. Super Girl movie DOA

  • LA3G462
    LA3G4624 days ago

    They didn't learn from Star Wars? Smh. They bout to storm the Capitol on this poor lil' girls social media . Smh

  • psgamer0199
    psgamer01994 days ago

    I'm interested in this movie but Miller is quite the turn off for me ngl... I like the actress for Supergirl but I agree she should build some muscle for the role.

  • Phoebus Carr
    Phoebus Carr4 days ago

    Is she seriously gonna have a skirt? How are they going to navigate that?

  • Glenn Araos
    Glenn Araos6 days ago

    I like Henry Cavill in Shazam2 with Black Adam

  • coffeebreak
    coffeebreak7 days ago

    This is the studio execs' answer to Gal Gadot / Snyder / Jenkins. The studio infighting has just gotten its sequel.

  • Waynetech10
    Waynetech108 days ago

    It's the same principle with Jimmy Olsen, on the always terrible, and thankfully coming to an end, Supergirl show. It wasn't that the actor was black, but he was nothing like Jimmy. The actress is Latina. Fine, but will the hallmarks of Supergirl, even in a Multiverse setting, be in place? Will it be Kara in name only, and was she cast specifically for her ethnicity? I hope she was legitimately the best actress for the role, and that she won't be playing another 30 year old, jaded Supergirl. I just have a problem with WB/DC creators trying to reinvent the wheel and be "groundbreaking", without even being able to cover the basics. Even for an old, black, DC nerd like me, DC news isn't very exciting. It's always wait and see.

  • Zachary Iler
    Zachary Iler8 days ago

    Ezra Miller was a mistake, keeping him was a mistake, adding characters based on race is a mistake, and keeping producers and directors who aren’t interested in making good movies.... is a shockingly bad mistake. I don’t particularly like Snyder’s movies, but this looks like it will make Batman vs Superman look like a classic

  • 8nickG8
    8nickG88 days ago

    👎🏻👎🏻 very hard pass

  • Abe_Froman
    Abe_Froman8 days ago

    I don't know anyone who would consider St. Elsewhere a soap opera.

  • Steven Davison
    Steven Davison9 days ago

    I know it's just professional courtesy but it was a class touch from Melissa Benoist to do an instagram story congratulating her. I love Benoist as Supergirl so Calle has some big shoes to fill.

  • alejandro cisneros
    alejandro cisneros9 days ago

    Walter Hamada probably just wants to bury the snyder universe cause how bad it was launched really fast. He wants to get rid of snyder and I don't blame him.

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    3 days ago

    I'm all for ending the Snyderverse and building a strong foundation. But replacing one rushed universe with another rushed universe is a bad idea. The Flash movie already has 2 Batmans (one from previous DCEU films, the other from a different movie-universe) and a new Supergirl. No appriciation for Flash himself.

  • Cody Greenly
    Cody Greenly9 days ago

    I’m done with dc this is shit ... Terrible decisions crap crap crap

  • K DC
    K DC9 days ago

    Supergirl is a latina now.

  • Merdy Badiola
    Merdy Badiola9 days ago

    Honesty i'm not excited for this The Flash Movie thing i don't feel the hype since JL 2017 messed up, i only hype ZSJL after that idk.

  • Dailycreeper 13

    Dailycreeper 13

    9 days ago

    Well you know the ZSJL is only a movie, a one time movie, where it was already made. Well The Flash is something new, and maybe it’ll be good than what we are expecting right now. And we probably will not see Zack directing another DCEU movie anymore.

  • Hope Springs
    Hope Springs9 days ago

    Get Armie Hammer as Supes. He is free

  • DeadFreakingPool
    DeadFreakingPool10 days ago

    Is this even a Flash movie anymore? lol

  • Richard Thornton
    Richard Thornton10 days ago

    Had to get her chastane jab in there lol. IT 2 was great.

  • Yan Martin del Campo
    Yan Martin del Campo10 days ago

    I just wished she was blond and American. But oh well the world she be used to things like this But hopefully its just the supergirl of another universe and get switched with someone else in the DCEU we have seen in the films

  • Kizaru
    Kizaru10 days ago

    If I was invested in the DCEU still, I might've had a problem with this. At this point I just don't care anymore. Even Wonder Woman managed to squander the goodwill built up. DC/Warners doesn't care. Hollywood egos are just ruining everything.

  • masood rahimi
    masood rahimi11 days ago

    this is why DC is failing so badly these days they hire directors who have never made a superhero movie and hold on to actors who everyone hates like Ezra miller and amber turd get your shit together DC

  • Corman Bates
    Corman Bates11 days ago

    why do you sound like you have a horrible woody allen accent or are from the bronx all of a sudden?

  • dubzillas
    dubzillas11 days ago

    Good luck Dc...you’re going to need it

  • PotterPointFilms
    PotterPointFilms11 days ago

    Could Keaton's Batman perhaps train Sophia Lillis as Batgirl Beyond? XD

  • Cholofelo Malunga
    Cholofelo Malunga11 days ago

    honestly I don't care about her race as long as she can act, all I'm asking is that they keep Henry Cavil as Superman please

  • Alexander Brito
    Alexander Brito11 days ago

    She's gonna make no difference here in Brazil, a hispanic actor is as far away from us as a american one because of the language barrier

  • Syed Kashif Ismail
    Syed Kashif Ismail11 days ago

    Jessica day

  • Toruk Makto
    Toruk Makto11 days ago

    Racebenders should be imprisoned for a minimum of 10 years.

  • Layla Aaron
    Layla Aaron11 days ago

    I dont see her as supergirl its just what i see. Sorry

  • Christopher La Bianca
    Christopher La Bianca11 days ago

    Let this sink for the people who are hating this decision, if you don’t support the Snyder cut when it come out, you are supporting what WB are doing and what they will be doing.

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    11 days ago

    Nope, you can just not watch both. If people don't want to watch a movie, they don't have to do that just because it's not as bad as the other option. It'd still be encouraging WB to make a product they don't want.

  • Christopher La Bianca
    Christopher La Bianca11 days ago

    Just dyed her hair blonde, she already looks the part, but if they keep her Brunette that’s dumb. Also really hope this female trinity doesn’t happen, it literally has no build up, it’s just being thrown in there together, when will that ever stick? Never. Like Grace said you have Siren sitting right there, ugh so frustrating when DC really tries to screw fans over.

  • J D E
    J D E11 days ago

    To be honest physicality isn’t a big deal for me in this scenario she seems in good shape anyways, and the suit like they typically seem to do can just have built in muscle padding. I think she looks like a great Supergirl and I’m excited to see her in the role.

  • J D E

    J D E

    11 days ago

    @Gil Abramovich yeah I think there was no problem with the final product of Shazam, I even rewatched some scenes of Shazam and it looked like they even CGI’d in some muscle contractions to make it look even more realistic.

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    11 days ago

    People had the same complaints before Shazam came out, and I don't think it was an issue at all in the final product.

  • RMR Savage
    RMR Savage11 days ago

    *”Just make Gotham City Sirens! Why is this so difficult?!”* Said a mouth full… as usual 👏🏾👏🏾

  • i wasted a lot of time on YouTube
    i wasted a lot of time on YouTube11 days ago

    Can we get poison ivy just give me poison ivy

    VISION0STUDIO11 days ago

    Sasha Calle 'pronounced Ca Ye' the 2 L is more of a Y

  • Jae Enceeti
    Jae Enceeti12 days ago

    Heyy Michael Turner was a great artist though.

  • patrick tyler
    patrick tyler12 days ago

    It’s funny Grace mentions an all female Trinity may be problematic but then champions Shuri as Black Panther along with those female guards and Nakia. Isn’t that all female? And one if Marvel does will perform mediocre.

  • Nebojša Udovičić
    Nebojša Udovičić12 days ago

    How about we make a petition to keep Henry as Superman? I feel like everyone wants it,and they need to hear it.

  • patrick tyler
    patrick tyler12 days ago

    I’m fine with her as SG but SG? WB can not get away from these this pool of a few characters. They literally have as many as Marvel but nope . I’m with Grace why not Yara/WW???? Please god do not dye her hair. If u gonna cast this woman as SG please leave the dark hair. She is after all in the multiverse

  • Quinton du Plessis
    Quinton du Plessis12 days ago

    Ahhhh yes WandaVision, the success no one is talking about.

  • Aasif Ehsan
    Aasif Ehsan12 days ago

    Oh boy....this movie is going to fail miserably.Hamada thinks he is some kind of genius like Feige hopefully he will realise he is not after this movie.

  • Totally Acting
    Totally Acting12 days ago

    Well, I don’t really know how to feel about supergirl, can’t wait to see her as the girl of steel though

  • Bonghune Zhou
    Bonghune Zhou12 days ago

    Gal would and does possess proper physicality, having served in the Israeli Defence Force in addition to rigorous training. Wondering to what extent Natalie P will be transformed for her prospective role on "Thor: Love and Thunder" (the first announcement & rollout was more than merely cringe-inducing 😆) ?

  • Rafeeq66
    Rafeeq6612 days ago

    i am quite happy that she was cast

  • Ramp10er
    Ramp10er12 days ago

    Flashpoint animated series was already good. Story is simple but impactful. I dont't know how DCEU will come up with much bigger story than that and make it way better. And look much nicer with no bad VFX, Good Action sequence and way better world destruction than man of steel, Independence Day, 2012, Titanic, Avatar, The Dark Knight Rises and of course Avengers Endgame...

  • m
    m12 days ago

    So many people making a huge deal of this. Seriously, shes light skinned enough to look like the character. Give her blonde hair and its all good.

  • j morane
    j morane12 days ago

    Bro, it's pronounced Sasha "KAH-YE."

  • SVR845
    SVR84512 days ago

    Yikes! It's not Sasha "Cali" it's Calle. The two Ls are pronounced like a y. Lol sorry had to correct this.

  • charlierose214
    charlierose21412 days ago

    you're telling me I need to keep Ezra miller and let hot zaddy Henry leave Nooooo

  • Yvenson Hilerme
    Yvenson Hilerme12 days ago

    Every movie in the DCEU that went in the direction of a horror director always worked out like Shazam and Aquaman. If the formula works.

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    12 days ago

    True, but I doubt the Flash movie will work anyway. But I guess the director can try to do his best.

  • JS
    JS12 days ago

    Not how Calle is pronounced

  • David N.
    David N.12 days ago

    I like how she only has 1 acting experience of a TV SHOW, not even a movie, what a great start.

  • Dave Eldridge
    Dave Eldridge12 days ago

    Sense we're playing the race bending game. We should cast WWE's Sheamus for Black Panther!

  • bulletprooff1k
    bulletprooff1k12 days ago

    Not a flash movie

  • RexySuperman
    RexySuperman12 days ago

    I have never heard of a situation where an actor like Henry Cavill WHO WANTS TO DO MULTIPLE FILMS OF SUPERMAN, clearly there are thousands of fans that want it. Anytime we see his superman on a trailer or picture he is trending on twitter and IG. I hope JJ Abrams sees this and does it. The foundation is set for Superman after Snydercut we get Clark being Superman he reached the end of his journey to become Superman. So many stories for any director to take on. So many villains Mongul, brainiac, lobo, mr. Myxzplix etc so many stories

  • Tyler Harris
    Tyler Harris12 days ago

    If she was cast as jessica cruz I highly doubt anyone would even bat an eye god dc is a mess man I'm head out lol

  • CJ32 pull2
    CJ32 pull212 days ago

    DCEU is just a reset button hot potato show

  • Will E Jones
    Will E Jones12 days ago

    Yea. Yara Flor makes more sense.

  • Michael Riggenbach
    Michael Riggenbach12 days ago

    There are so many characters in this movie. I hope she gets more than a 5 second cameo.

  • Tim Ogul
    Tim Ogul12 days ago

    DC's video side needs to stop trying to reinvent the wheel. You use the DC characters because you _like_ the DC characters. If you don't like the DC characters, don't use DC characters. Just take what's on the page and make a good faith interpretation of that. It's not complicated.

  • Miguel Plata
    Miguel Plata12 days ago

    As a Colombian, I can assure you, Latinoamérica is enriched by different cultures, dialects and languages. So painting a big brush with the selection and casting is going to make some people mad, specially taking into a account the known rivalry between Colombia and Argentina, and Argentina and the rest of nationalities, 😂. Anyways I don't have an issue with this casting, because the DCEU wasn't working before this decision was made, so nobody can blame it on the latina.

  • Sparkyar


    11 days ago

    "...rivalry between Colombia and Argentina", what are you talking about? I´m from Argentina and we love colombians here, no tenemos ninguna rivalidad o problemas con Colombia, no se a que te referis.

  • Mark Martell
    Mark Martell12 days ago

    Isn't her last name pronounced "Caye" like "street" in Spanish? She's great on "The Young and the Restless."

  • Jaguar Warrior

    Jaguar Warrior

    7 days ago

    @Mark Martell I Just Said Literally, The Same Thing In Another Comment! To Grace's Pronunciation of Calle's Last Name.

  • Stinko 407
    Stinko 40712 days ago

    I'm so used to seeing Melissa Benoist as Supergirl, this is going to be a little different. Haha.

  • AintItJay187
    AintItJay18712 days ago

    Warner Brothers better procure Sundays while the slot is open... I think they will take too long and the Game of Thrones Prequels will take it back

  • Luke O'Reilly
    Luke O'Reilly12 days ago

    They can't get Superman right and now this shit? Fucking ridiculous

  • M.A.Z
    M.A.Z12 days ago


  • Raph
    Raph12 days ago

    Did she forget to play the twitter video?

  • Javier Jimenez
    Javier Jimenez12 days ago

    I’m a second generation American with my parents from the Hispanic Caribbean. I think it’s pointless semantics to say that the actress is not FROM Columbia. Many people born from Hispanic heritage, especially 2nd gen children, co-identify with their heritage (i.e. Colombian-American), especially in Miami culture.

  • Ezgi
    Ezgi12 days ago

    We need that Gotham City Sirens movie! Margot as Harley, Angdlina Jolie as Catwoman Megan Fox as Poison Ivy.. That would be dope af

  • Hulk-Buster111
    Hulk-Buster11112 days ago

    Of course it's fascinating to you Libtards. I'm Cuban American, I believe Sasha is gorgeous but she's miscast. Let the outrage begin. CANCELATION!!!!!!!

  • junior ruiz
    junior ruiz12 days ago

    Pls recast Ezra Miller 🙏 he's creepy

  • junior ruiz
    junior ruiz12 days ago

    As a Mexican American if I was offered the part of Superman! Of course I'd Take it! but as a fan I would not be happy with the Race Bending, even if it was me in the part.

  • sim sims
    sim sims12 days ago

    Hawkman and Hawkgirl are from Egypt ffs🤣

  • sim sims
    sim sims12 days ago

    Capt Marvel made more than a billion dollar

  • Kratos
    Kratos12 days ago

    Why did they make Michael Keaton Batman again???

  • Kratos


    12 days ago

    But there’s no progression with him unless we’re getting a Terry McGinnis

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    12 days ago

    Nostalgia + famous actor = money I don't know if this movie will actually make big money, but that's probably their mentality.

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman12 days ago

    There's no need for GCS! stop giving them ideas lol

  • Uranium Z
    Uranium Z12 days ago

    why dont they let snyder cast a super girl instead. no grudges with this supergirl though.

  • Silver Faraon
    Silver Faraon12 days ago

    5:52 I think is really nice a latina actress been Supergirl...aunque no creo que vaya a tener una sola linea en español en la película lol (i don´t think she will speak on spanish on the movie lol)

  • Brian Morris
    Brian Morris12 days ago

    I don’t mind as long as they don’t put her in pants!!! bring back the classic skirt outfit

  • TK738
    TK73812 days ago

    Nobody cares! She looks good and that's what matters for Supergirl. Period.

  • Soundwave VR
    Soundwave VR12 days ago

    She would have been perfect for Green Lantern Jessica Cruz.

  • Radical Vlogs

    Radical Vlogs

    11 days ago

    Jessica Cruz is half black half mexican like Miles Morales.

  • app review zone
    app review zone12 days ago


  • 3DMaster
    3DMaster12 days ago

    Flashpoint doesn't have multiple universes; it's just an alternate timeline.

  • sdnlawrence
    sdnlawrence12 days ago

    My dream is Miller gets sucked into the speed force and they have to find an actor to portray the flash. Oh, and that someday they make a movie of my all-time favorite Red Daughter of Krypton.

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo12 days ago

    Also, I feel like the timing of this announcement was deliberate, WB wanting to undercut the WandaVision hype but it kind of backfired on them, WandaVision trended #1 for a good 10 hours after it aired, the Supergirl news peaked at like #3 in trending, DC hasn't been able to get anything trending at #1 since Fandome

  • J
    J12 days ago

    JJ Abrams doesn't need any power in terms of managing or planning the brand. I mean, he doesn't exactly have the greatest of records for that...

  • J
    J12 days ago

    Grace, Warner Brothers really needs to hire you as The Presence in the DCEU.

  • Briareos Barnes
    Briareos Barnes12 days ago

    What are u talking about you guys gush over this, WHO COULD NOT BE A BIGOT FOR A LATINA KRYPTONIAN, batman's rogues gallery are turning gay thungs and his legacy is being passed around to any1 in Gotham with nipples and we just love that, so yeah, anything but a good story...

  • J
    J12 days ago

    I mean, there was clearly an open pod in Man of Steel...

  • J
    J12 days ago

    Why is Walter Hamoda even still there? He's not a fan, he's not a creative, and he doesn't seem all that great of a business man...

  • alejandro cisneros

    alejandro cisneros

    9 days ago

    He is still there because he's the boss you doofus and has nothing to do with the snyder and wheadon drama. He's the guy that got picked by WB because he knows how to make movies on a budget after snyder hemorrhaged a shit ton of money in attempting to do a DC universe.

  • junior ruiz

    junior ruiz

    10 days ago

    Because he checks a box ☑

  • Andrew Weisneck
    Andrew Weisneck12 days ago

    To be honest, I always thought Melissa Benoist's hair could have been a few shades lighter and I would have liked her "S" emblem to look like it does in the comics, but she has a beautiful smile.

  • victorsos100
    victorsos10012 days ago

    Gotham city sirens would be good. Multiverse Supergirl would be interesting if done well.

  • jaredouimette1
    jaredouimette112 days ago

    They could just make their own superheroes so these diversity hires aren't just riding the coattails of a popular name. It's not like anyone really cares about supergirl.

  • CCR Productions
    CCR Productions12 days ago

    I think she’s an awesome choice and I can’t wait to see her in the film.

  • Carlos U.
    Carlos U.12 days ago

    For the love of God, Grace- Stop calling her a Latina Supergirl! It’s not like she’s going to pop up in the moving speaking Spanish. She’s a Latina ACTRESS playing a Kryptonian. Her real life ethnicity will have NO bearing on the character she’s playing.

  • Gannicus Finch
    Gannicus Finch12 days ago

    The DCU can't even get the most basic concept of, "keep the same actor for the same character" down right. ONE character? ONE actor. It's seriously not that hard . . .

  • Sueanne Macinnis
    Sueanne Macinnis12 days ago

    Sasha is going to be an amazing Supergirl.

  • 920mario
    920mario12 days ago

    10:20 wow whats with her legs thats too trippy omgg

  • 920mario
    920mario12 days ago

    Henry cavill is Superman!!!