F9 aka Fast 9 Super Bowl TV Spot REACTION


Fast 9 Super Bowl TV Spot reaction today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & review 2021 to the Super Bowl trailer! F9! Vin Diesel! Michelle Rodriguez!
F9 Super Bowl Trailer REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the official TV spot for Fast 9 at the Super Bowl 2021! Share your own reaction to the official Super Bowl trailer for Fast 9 aka F9 before you see the full movie in 2021! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • LegLion
    LegLion7 days ago

    I think I'll throw up if they say 'family' one time in this film.

  • Tony Randall
    Tony Randall12 days ago

    In my top 10 of movies to see in theatres this year. This is going to push things to even more zany territory...and I like it.

    ANTHØNY Z.24 days ago

    I've missed Mia!!! Very interested in her character post Brian

  • Let’s pray and fast together
    Let’s pray and fast together24 days ago

    Why take the vaccines? Still have to wear mask, social distance and it doesn’t even protect against the new strains. And having side effects and it hasn’t been out for a long time yet

  • Ben Flockton
    Ben Flockton24 days ago

    I think the movie is about 3 hours long

  • ricardo linterna
    ricardo linterna24 days ago

    1:17 wasnt actually cgi

  • Oli Nomic
    Oli Nomic25 days ago

    Not cgi

  • Smart Smears
    Smart Smears25 days ago

    It's weird how the scene looks so CGI when they spent months making it a practical effect. Like it was touched up too much

  • javier book shadows contributor du
    javier book shadows contributor du25 days ago

    211th comment

    FIRST AVENGER25 days ago

    Take your poison so we can go to the movies. Shameless

  • Smart Smears

    Smart Smears

    25 days ago


  • Luca Leone
    Luca Leone25 days ago

    I honestly dont know what this is about. If it was any other franchise I would say its just for the money, but I genuinely believe these guys love doing these so there has to be more than just a paycheck. (thats why I dont think Hobbs and Shaw did well, it seemed very obviously for the money) But for real....wtf could this one be about lol

  • MadNero
    MadNero25 days ago

    Movie looks like trash.

  • tiesiog domas
    tiesiog domas25 days ago

    Hobs in movie💪💪💪

  • Roze Helm
    Roze Helm25 days ago

    Physics does not exist in the fast trilogy only family

  • I La Sombra

    I La Sombra

    23 days ago

    Finally someone that gets it!

  • MR Jack
    MR Jack25 days ago

    Don't worry folks. Tom Brady is still winning Super Bowls. There is hope for normalcy in the world.

  • selw0nk
    selw0nk25 days ago

    It would be nice if Gal Gadot made a surprise appearance.

    SARDAR FAIZAN25 days ago

    I am very very Excited For this movie 😍Release date 22 May or 28 May ?

  • Paul Derham
    Paul Derham25 days ago

    Why do you make stuff up?

  • Paul L Vargas42
    Paul L Vargas4225 days ago

    Do NOT take the vaccine!!!

  • J
    J26 days ago

    Gisele should be back since Han is. We need more Han and Gisele!!

  • J


    26 days ago

    Or just do a spin off with the two for one film?

  • Olando Anônimo
    Olando Anônimo26 days ago

    Omg another one.

  • Marc F
    Marc F26 days ago

    Littoral no interest

  • Josh Loves Movies
    Josh Loves Movies26 days ago

    F9 will come out in May to help movie theaters bring audiences back this Summer!

  • Utkarsh Raj
    Utkarsh Raj26 days ago

    Why didn’t they ever stop for gas in the Fast and Furious movies? They had Vin Diesel.

  • I La Sombra

    I La Sombra

    23 days ago


  • MR Jack

    MR Jack

    25 days ago

    Fast 10: Enter the Electromobile. "At nearly 100 horsepower each , the team must find a way to tow the space station back into orbit with nothing but three Nissan Leaf's."

  • Aevoa
    Aevoa26 days ago

    You noticed such a detail, a Nissan Skyline car drove up to the house, so Brian will be in the movie!😍

  • KingOfDreams 91
    KingOfDreams 9126 days ago

    Man notice a empty seat beside mia I think that a ending scene Brian shows up he pulls up in a blue skyline he's the only character drive skyline.

  • chris rangel
    chris rangel26 days ago

    Next movie saga = Fast & furious in the space 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • phohead
    phohead26 days ago

    Grace Why aren't you 1080p. You have very professinal channel and plenty of subscribers. You should have a better picture.

  • Soap
    Soap26 days ago

    In F10 we get to see Dom's Older Brotha Stonecold Steve Austin Lmao!

  • Infinity overlord

    Infinity overlord

    25 days ago

    Him and Dom got the family hereditary genes of great hair.

  • sky nate
    sky nate26 days ago

    physics teachers show fast and furious to show physical impossibilities

  • Jeremy Riley
    Jeremy Riley26 days ago

    As soon as Vin came out growling I rolled my eyes. I sort of over this franchise...

  • Junior James
    Junior James26 days ago

    Meh. I'll wait for the next Hobbs & Shaw. Never liked the Fast franchise (lumped it in the same category as Transformers and Ninja Turtles crapfests) until The Rock and Statham joined and made it tolerable. So have fun kids, I'm out.

  • MT
    MT26 days ago

    When are they going to start shooting lasers out of their eyes and leap over buildings in a single bound?

  • Stacey Hopson
    Stacey Hopson26 days ago

    I’m hyped to see this movie one of my favorite franchise 🔥

  • David
    David26 days ago

    THAT was real Grace. ;)

  • GOAT
    GOAT26 days ago

    I'm kinda like whatever with the Fast series. To me, it really ended in Fast 7 when they retired Brian. I think the Mission: Impossible series is superior to Fast. MI4, MI5, and MI6 were all fantastic.

  • Soap


    26 days ago

    Lol FF doesn't even come close to MI

  • Junior James

    Junior James

    26 days ago

    I'll wait for the next Hobbs & Shaw. Never liked the Fast franchise (lumped it in the same category as Transformers and Ninja Turtles crapfests) until The Rock and Statham joined and made it tolerable. So have fun kids, I'm out.

  • BoomStick Critique
    BoomStick Critique26 days ago

    Greatest stupid fun series ever made.

  • GOAT
    GOAT26 days ago

    Can't believe Bill & Ted and Wayne & Garth are in their 50s already. Dana is actually 65. Mike is 57. Keanu is 56. And Alex is 55. But that's what 30 years of time passing by will do to people.

  • GOAT
    GOAT26 days ago

    My favorite Super Bowl TV spot so far is Wayne's World with Cardi B that I just saw two minutes ago. But man, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey look really old. So many wrinkles.

    AUTOSTOP26 days ago

    What else dropping at super bowl, that scene looks too cgi and look artificial, it gat to look real and better before the franchise get messed

  • VulkymTheFriar
    VulkymTheFriar26 days ago

    Waiting for Godzilla Trailer, fingers crossed!

  • lonely Lemur
    lonely Lemur26 days ago

    Funny fact is some scenes were shot in my country

  • Sunstar
    Sunstar26 days ago

    John Cenk looks more menacing here than as Peacemaker

  • mk6rfc1


    26 days ago

    cos theyve kinda said hes an evil version of captain america

  • Sunstar


    26 days ago

    @mk6rfc1 A major supervillain supposedly worth Amanda Waller’s attention why won’t he be menacing but your right. Hope he’s not ridiculous.

  • mk6rfc1


    26 days ago

    we dont know if peacemaker is actually meant to be a menacing charcarer or not though

  • Hush
    Hush26 days ago

    Vin diesel is such a bad actor 😂😂

  • Junior James

    Junior James

    26 days ago

    I'll wait for the next Hobbs & Shaw. Never liked the Fast franchise (lumped it in the same category as Transformers and Ninja Turtles crapfests) until The Rock and Statham joined and made it tolerable. So have fun kids, I'm out.

  • BoomStick Critique

    BoomStick Critique

    26 days ago

    @varun c Not sure why if you mean because I pointed out Pauls acting ability. That man was much more then his acting he had a family an real life his acting ability isnt important what is is how ever he lead his life. Acting is just something to do for a job or entertainment beyond that it means nothing rather you are good or bad at it or in between.

  • varun c

    varun c

    26 days ago

    @BoomStick Critique I agree but I am pretty certain you just hurt some people's feelings

  • BoomStick Critique

    BoomStick Critique

    26 days ago

    @Hush The Rock yes because he just plays himself. But Paul despite me liking him for the Fast series has never been a good actor. His acting in the first 2 Fast films is prolly the worst of the entire franchise. He did get better though as the series went on but he was never really a good actor.

  • Hush


    26 days ago

    @BoomStick Critique Paul walker, the rock and a lot of the cast still gave good performances tho

  • T-Virus Terrance
    T-Virus Terrance26 days ago

    What's up, Grace? The funny thing is, I was watching the Fast concert they had a year ago, celebrating the franchise. They said, "tickets are available now!!" That was before the trailer dropped. My friend and I got our IMAX Tickets, 3 minutes before the trailer came out. One minute after the trailer, the tickets were completely sold out, for that particular time in IMAX. Now, we're stuck WAITING!!!!! TERRANCE OUT

    NICHOLAS D'AURIA26 days ago


    NICHOLAS D'AURIA26 days ago

    So. Excited.

  • VALENTINEproductions
    VALENTINEproductions26 days ago

    They ran out of titles. The next movie will just be the number ten.

  • Wojak C
    Wojak C26 days ago

    First they used kids see ghosts in last years trailer, now jesus is king in this. I think the marketing team likes kanye

  • Johnny Arreola
    Johnny Arreola26 days ago

    Grace will you be posting spoiler pics on the cover of your video for Wanda vision because I want to wait till the whole thing comes out, so I can resubscribe then, thanks!

  • aja walker
    aja walker26 days ago

    I'm not too excited for F9 but I really hope it won't get postponed again.

  • Drrck11
    Drrck1126 days ago

    Looks interesting. But in theaters?

  • Elliott Wilson
    Elliott Wilson26 days ago

    They recovery rate is 98%

  • Elliott Wilson
    Elliott Wilson26 days ago

    No you take the vaccine lol 😂

  • Aliens Filmz
    Aliens Filmz26 days ago

    Han is the man

  • John Pitts ii
    John Pitts ii26 days ago

    I remember this movie when it was about street racing. Much ❤ as always Grace

  • Wayne A. Pollock

    Wayne A. Pollock

    26 days ago

    They were never about street racing, they were always robbing and pulling heists.

  • Gabriel Patten
    Gabriel Patten26 days ago

    I'm hearing there will be a new marvel trailer during the superbowl

  • Mohammad Zekereya

    Mohammad Zekereya

    26 days ago

    It's already here. Falcon and winter soldier

  • Bert Vedder
    Bert Vedder26 days ago

    The pandemic turned Fast 9 ......into Slow 9 hehe

  • Pinknikki
    Pinknikki26 days ago

    This is great and all but have you seen falcon and the Winter soldier?!

  • Javier Pizarro
    Javier Pizarro26 days ago

    Tbh the new Fast and Furious movies owe the Wachowski Speed Racer a bit of credit for all the car-fu they do.

  • Douglas Toomer
    Douglas Toomer26 days ago

    Falcon trailer is out!

  • Ski Mask
    Ski Mask26 days ago

    that scene was real not cgi

  • Ralph Angel
    Ralph Angel26 days ago

    I just want a taste of the Eternals

  • F. Jones
    F. Jones26 days ago


    CRAZY BRYSON26 days ago

    Falcon and winter soldier out more

  • Ethan Matthew
    Ethan Matthew26 days ago

    Big Fan Grace!!! Thank you for all you do!!

  • jalyn jerez
    jalyn jerez26 days ago

    I don’t care what people said about f and f franchise for me watching those movies is so much fun.

  • Sakuragi 10

    Sakuragi 10

    25 days ago

    I dont get why people always hating on Michael Bay movies but love this franchise

  • Professor Raccoon

    Professor Raccoon

    26 days ago

    I like the action in the Fast and Furious movies even if its unrealistic.

  • Evan scardina Scardina
    Evan scardina Scardina26 days ago

    New falcon and the winter soldier trailer

  • Grant Adams
    Grant Adams26 days ago

    I can't wait to see Fast 9.

  • June Bugg
    June Bugg26 days ago

    This movie does make mcu look more realistic



    25 days ago

    Tony stark takes a couple hits to the face' has cuts and bruises, dom takes haymakers and kicks to the face, not even a scratch just mumbles family with a constipated look on his face lol...i will not be watching this film..could of and should of ended with the 7th film..only thing that made the 8th watchable was hobbs and shaw

  • HJL JR
    HJL JR26 days ago

    Can you imagine WB dropping a Mortal Kombat trailer I would lose my mind

  • Muhammad Tanveer
    Muhammad Tanveer26 days ago

    I don't watch trailers on my own anymore I wait for Grace's videos :D

  • OGMillyMillz
    OGMillyMillz26 days ago

    Let me take you out to see this in theaters, Grace 😍😍

  • John Croft
    John Croft26 days ago

    wear a mask and take your vaccine.....SO WE CAN WATCH THIS MOVIE lol

  • XJoe360
    XJoe36026 days ago

    I’ve never seen a Fast and Furious movie. Are any of them worth the watch?

  • iEntertain


    26 days ago

    Fast 5 and Fast 6

  • Soap


    26 days ago

    1, 3 and 5 are good.

  • David Marshall

    David Marshall

    26 days ago

    The very first one is a great action/drama about a cop going undercover with criminals. The ones after that are also good to varying degrees (three and five being my personal favourites), but they get progressively sillier, and now they're basically Avengers films, but everyone's superpower is speed. lol

  • XJoe360


    26 days ago

    @AintItJay187 you sure?

  • AintItJay187


    26 days ago


  • Official Filmilen
    Official Filmilen26 days ago

    Fast 9 gave us a Super Bowl teaser trailer in 2021, but the movie will be delayed to 2022.

  • aja walker

    aja walker

    26 days ago

    That's a good possibilty but only time will tell.

  • Rene Espinoza
    Rene Espinoza26 days ago

    It would be possible if they release a big budget blockbuster movie on Blu-ray then a few months later on DVD so that it’ll make more money not everybody uses phones just to purchase a movie on google play store

  • MCU Spidey
    MCU Spidey26 days ago


  • Greg
    Greg26 days ago

    Idiotic movie

  • O J
    O J26 days ago

    That head movement 👌 go on grace 😄

  • Sam Candelaria Jr
    Sam Candelaria Jr26 days ago

    I have yet to see any of these movies. Not one....

  • VALENTINEproductions


    26 days ago

    First one is a good little movie.

  • Themessies FCB
    Themessies FCB26 days ago

    Looks horrible

  • Hectors Quintero
    Hectors Quintero26 days ago

    Fuck that vaccine

  • Masked Mono
    Masked Mono26 days ago

    In Theatres in 2345

  • McNaire
    McNaire26 days ago

    Funny is the iffy one that comes out first

  • Ami A
    Ami A26 days ago

    Every Fast and Furious trailer, I be like: This is so ridiculous But I go watch it anyway.

  • Nestor Perena
    Nestor Perena26 days ago

    by crazy you mean stupid, right?

  • saakerson2
    saakerson226 days ago

    Wow that looks bad lol

  • James Ward
    James Ward26 days ago

    I believe it will come out in May, because it’s only February and the vaccine situation might improve and case might go down by themselves hopefully, I’m praying cases go down to have a slim of normal and go back to the movie theatres

  • Rodney Dollar
    Rodney Dollar26 days ago

    Grace react to the Raya tv spot please

  • Orange Taxi
    Orange Taxi26 days ago

    This really is a super hero movie.

  • C
    C26 days ago

    I just want the OFFICIAL trailer for Mortal Kombat 🥺

  • Doc


    26 days ago


  • David Marshall

    David Marshall

    26 days ago

    Me, too, man! I'm actually hyped for that film.

  • futuramayeah
    futuramayeah26 days ago

    thank you Grace for doing this , it's very nice of you, kisses

  • J man Money man
    J man Money man26 days ago

    I have never seen any of the Fast movies.

  • Soap


    26 days ago

    If you want to just check out F5. That's the best of the franchise.

  • AintItJay187


    26 days ago


  • David Marshall
    David Marshall26 days ago

    I used to love these movies, but now I just rent 'em. The cheese is off the charts. I like Vin Diesel, though. I'm glad he's still in the driving seat of his own franchise. (Pun absolutely intended. :)

  • Daniel Koroma
    Daniel Koroma26 days ago

    LET'S GOOOOO💯💯💯💯💙💙💙💙

  • King Zande
    King Zande26 days ago

    "I'm always thumpin'".

  • Daniel


    25 days ago

    Love that snl skit

  • Joshua Howell
    Joshua Howell26 days ago

    "That was very CGI." lol I love ya Grace but sometimes I gotta say.... well, no shit!

  • Stannis Stewart

    Stannis Stewart

    26 days ago

    i think she means bad cgi look like a gta v knockoff

  • Kaveh Teimory

    Kaveh Teimory

    26 days ago


  • Gabe
    Gabe26 days ago

    bro that cgi was so trash lol this is gonna be fun anyways i wish john cena would be in the movie tho i heard rumors but still haven't seen him

  • Stannis Stewart

    Stannis Stewart

    26 days ago

    they spent to long on that ugly shot that defying physics shot

  • adarrl nathan tv

    adarrl nathan tv

    26 days ago

    I see what you did there

  • Afro Kat
    Afro Kat26 days ago

    The world has way of