discovery Plus REVIEW - Shows Ghost Adventures: Cecil Hotel, 90 Day Fiance Universe


discovery Plus today! Beyond The Trailer review of new app 2021! Shows like 90 Day Fiance Universe, Bobby & Giada in Italy! Save 30% Feb 1-14!
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discovery Plus today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction and review of discovery Plus, the new streaming app in 2021! Learn about top shows like from the 90 Day Fiance Universe, Ghost Adventures: Cecil Hotel, Bobby and Giada in Italy, and more! Share your own reaction to discovery Plus before you watch each full episode on the app! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
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  • HeelTaker7
    HeelTaker74 days ago

    Wait, is the friends happening to mention Discovery+ part of the ad or a true story? ๐Ÿค”

  • Javiar Prado
    Javiar Prado14 days ago

    I can't believe she gets anybody to watch, 10 seconds and stop. Low budget drama queen.

  • Evan Paszamant
    Evan Paszamant19 days ago

    Grace!!! I was a Development Producer for a show on Discovery Plus called Frozen In Time with Maureen McCormick! Gotta love seeing my favorite film critic diving into the world of reality tv!

  • Chloe H
    Chloe H20 days ago

    Just finished my free trial, definitely going to keep the subscription going! Great content and so much documentaries that are right up my ally!

  • The Stoney Times
    The Stoney Times20 days ago

    I wonโ€™t be watching discovery plus but I thought Iโ€™d give grace a chance to sell it to me, but Hulu, Disney +, and Netflix are enough for me

  • Techaush Guy
    Techaush Guy22 days ago

    This looks so cool!

  • TwilightSunXXIV
    TwilightSunXXIV22 days ago

    Did I just watch an ad and Ryan Reynolds had no involvement at all? Whoa.

  • Syaril Amri Johari
    Syaril Amri Johari23 days ago

    Did i just watch an ad. Voluntarily ๐Ÿ‘€

  • stormxjp
    stormxjp23 days ago

    I hope these big companies don't buy Grace's opinions. She is my favorite movies commentator. And the best reviewer on youtube, IMO! I only uses other channels for news and spoilers.

  • DarthVader20201
    DarthVader2020123 days ago

    The video went dark after a minute

  • Rommel Gonzรกlez
    Rommel Gonzรกlez23 days ago

    We'll make it a Discovery+ night LOLOLOL

  • Rafael Manzo
    Rafael Manzo23 days ago

    I like Food Network, some TLC, and Discovery. I didn't know they had other networks integrated. Get it get it get it Grace ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜‰

  • marylopez0812
    marylopez081223 days ago

    Do Paramount + please review

  • Kid Zoom
    Kid Zoom23 days ago

    I think these niche services are happy to get a couple of million viewers. I subscribe to Shudder now and then. No-one is asking you to subscribe to every service. Just pick whatever you like.

  • island
    island23 days ago

    call back discovery and tell them I'll sub with a 30 free trial that you unlock with code "grace"

  • Love You
    Love You23 days ago

    Will their a 100 billion people on earth coronavirus kill a couple thousand. Some die by Accident by police shooting by murder and by sickness, now there Disney+ HBO max TNT discover plus Amazon prime Netflix And more And people are losing their job, And gas prices going up we are fuck on this earth soon to be electric car no time to live. Movie Theater closing down Life is getting expensive soon canโ€™t subscribe to all the apps, some apps gonna have to close are Merge-together To survived, actors soon be unemployed to The government Running out of money,Thatโ€™s why Elon musk is building Mars good luck to the future.

  • lchanceiv
    lchanceiv23 days ago

    I only want this for fixer upper. So pissed that it is only on discovery +.

  • Love You
    Love You23 days ago

    I only wanna see space

  • Jack Castillo
    Jack Castillo23 days ago

    I love how supportive the BTT community is of the queen Grace ๐Ÿ˜Œ

  • Subkhan Sarif
    Subkhan Sarif23 days ago

    Thank goodness it's not available here where I live, otherwise I would've subscribed unintentionally because of Grace's convincing words ๐Ÿ˜…

  • Darth superman
    Darth superman24 days ago

    I really love discovery +

  • Luis Hammer
    Luis Hammer24 days ago

    They have way more stuff on this service than I expected. Maybe Iโ€™ll check this service out

  • Celestial
    Celestial24 days ago

    Whoooo! 90 Day Universe! ๐Ÿ˜„

  • iulix max
    iulix max24 days ago

    wow another subscription service ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ‘Ž no thanks with this economy and how bad the times are now netflix it's more than enough

  • BJ Wanlund
    BJ Wanlund24 days ago

    You forgot to mention MY favorite Discovery+ exclusive show: Home Town Benโ€™s Woodshop. A Discovery+ exclusive spin-off of the popular HGTV show Home Town! AND thereโ€™s some interesting guests that I wonโ€™t spoil!

  • Che Che
    Che Che24 days ago

    Grace can you please do a review on the Expanse. I wana hear your thoughts on this show!

  • Texaspoontappa
    Texaspoontappa24 days ago

    So happy to hear you like Triple Ds, huge fan of everything Guy Fieri and real excited for this streaming platform!

  • Devin Leary
    Devin Leary24 days ago

    Undercover billionaire is incredible

  • Amz K
    Amz K24 days ago

    Can just plz ๐Ÿ™ say zack not to give away too much in JL trailer. BVS almost all batman fight scene was in the trailer

  • Bill Frantz
    Bill Frantz24 days ago

    I hope this helped you. Get that cash girl!

  • thatboiwhowonders
    thatboiwhowonders24 days ago

    Grace you got me signed up

  • Vamps77
    Vamps7724 days ago

    Grace gotta Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

  • Ron Feulner
    Ron Feulner24 days ago

    those of us that live in europe?

  • Oliver G.Byrne
    Oliver G.Byrne24 days ago

    Haha We all know it is just an add but with that said there are some good content in there.

  • Andy Lindsey
    Andy Lindsey24 days ago

    Now all we need is a Turner Classics streaming service. Or is that sort of part of HBO Max now?

  • Andy Lindsey
    Andy Lindsey24 days ago

    Not a bad service for not being Netflix or Disney. That's quite a few popular cable channels included there. Could make for a good replacement to cable/satellite TV.

  • Tania Huerta
    Tania Huerta25 days ago

    I have been looking to stream Ghost Adventures and Dead Files forever since I had to cut them out of my cable package. Plus the ID channel for all that true crime content! But I don't know if I can add another site ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

  • foreva yang
    foreva yang25 days ago

    Only streaming in US

  • RamPAGE
    RamPAGE25 days ago

    Good for you Grace.

  • gorilica
    gorilica25 days ago

    Can you review Dara of Jasenovac?

  • Armando Pena
    Armando Pena25 days ago

    We watch 90 day fiancรฉ every night. its the MCU of reality tv! we are getting discover+ this weekend to see the new 90 day stuff on it.

  • Kevin Hodes
    Kevin Hodes25 days ago

    Grace! Watch Boise Boys! I work on it, and weโ€™re doing a new show with them :D

  • Jessy Recinos
    Jessy Recinos25 days ago

    There is ways to get all these programs and streaming services for free. Ask your local friend who's good with firesticks

  • Dj Genius
    Dj Genius25 days ago

    Streaming service for boomers

  • badgamer1967 KC
    badgamer1967 KC25 days ago

    Hmmm ๐Ÿค”

  • Samantha Bledsoe
    Samantha Bledsoe25 days ago

    I'm annoyed by all of these streaming services. Most people are getting rid of cable because it costs too much, but it's going to cost just as much to subscribe to all these streaming services at this rate.

    BTS ARMY IS SHIT25 days ago


  • SoundtrackFanGirlFa
    SoundtrackFanGirlFa25 days ago

    No interest in Discovery + but I still watched the video from beginning to end to support ya. Earn that paycheck girl!

  • David Goddard
    David Goddard25 days ago

    Lol this ain't it chief

  • Daniel Cabrera Marchante
    Daniel Cabrera Marchante25 days ago


  • Jonathan Green
    Jonathan Green25 days ago

    I like grace but watching this feels a bit force. Like you can clearly tell they told her to pick some things to watch and talk about on there and obviously she got some money from doing this. Discovery plus isnโ€™t that great compare to the other streaming services

  • MrVitaminG1
    MrVitaminG125 days ago

    Dammit not available in Australia

  • Gregg Ausserer
    Gregg Ausserer25 days ago

    Not interested at all, but wanted to give Grace the click.

  • Jennifer ciaccio
    Jennifer ciaccio25 days ago

    Title says Breakdown, content says ad.

  • Phil D.
    Phil D.25 days ago

    Worth EVERY PENNY. But I'm pissed it's not in my Samsung TV app store :(

  • Charles Alwyn
    Charles Alwyn25 days ago

    I am obsessed with DISCOVERY+...itโ€™s my favorite one...

  • Javier Marmol
    Javier Marmol25 days ago

    only grace can get me to click on what is essentially a 5 minute commercial. i skip them on youtube, but i wouldn't if grace did them.

  • King__ Davii Tutorials
    King__ Davii Tutorials25 days ago

    Grace please talk about some snyder cut goodness ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ I've been waiting for your video for like forever now๐Ÿ˜ช

  • PFT Burchell
    PFT Burchell25 days ago

    I have the service & Iโ€™m not pleased. I got it to watch Escape to the Chateau & itโ€™s not on their service. They advertise that it is but when I emailed them about it, they said that it cycled out of availability.

  • Triple -A
    Triple -A25 days ago

    Nah this is not for me. There's to many streaming platforms and for me i'm just narrowing down to Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+, everything else yh i'm gonna be like Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • BV vrvela
    BV vrvela25 days ago

    I did the free trial. They have Ghost Adventures, Dead Files, Dr.Pimple Popper, 90 day fiance & all their spinoffs. All the crime and ID TV shows. It was addictive lol

  • femmeweird
    femmeweird25 days ago

    I have to recommend this to Mike from RLM.

  • Marcos Antonio
    Marcos Antonio25 days ago

    Great job advertising grace ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿพ. Since i know ghost adventures is on it i may sign up

  • Tyler
    Tyler25 days ago

    sooooo this video is literally a brand deal... and thats it.

  • Tyler
    Tyler25 days ago

    all i keep seeing is discovery+ adverts on yt

  • wildcherryblossom
    wildcherryblossom25 days ago

    Question: Are shows available in multiple languages?

  • MandelaButterfly
    MandelaButterfly25 days ago

    So Ghost Adventures did a Cecil Hotel special. Netflix is doing a Cecil Hotel special. Eliza Lam is getting a lot of exposure lately

  • PatricioINTP
    PatricioINTP25 days ago

    While this does seem more like an info commercial than a review (no negatives mentioned?), I am watching Discovery+ more than any other streaming service right now. I am watching all of Storm Chasers, will be watching all Mythbusters, and have bookmarked Expedition Unknown and 6 Degrees with (Dirty Jobsโ€™) Mike Rowe for later. No idea when I will catch up!

  • john luis
    john luis25 days ago

    Bout mf tyme

  • Kirch
    Kirch25 days ago

    what a sellout lol

  • fxlxp
    fxlxp25 days ago

    Watching this just because Grace

  • Photo Trekr
    Photo Trekr25 days ago

    I thought I would replace Philo with discovery + since it has the History and Science channels which is the main reason I get Philo. But, I was disappointed to find out that the shows aren't live. So, I dropped discovery+ and went back to Philo.

  • 7MonarC
    7MonarC25 days ago

    Hmm, not available in my country.

  • 7MonarC
    7MonarC25 days ago

    Ooh haven't seen Giada in a while.

  • lacolem1
    lacolem125 days ago

    Clown Discovery+ all you want, guys, but all of the seasons of Mythbusters, for that price, is worth it alone. Discovery has cornered the market on comfort content. it's crazy how much shit there is to let play in the backgrounds and watch during breaks. Not everything needs to be scripted.

  • Nate
    Nate25 days ago

    this is like the perfect streaming service for my dad lol

  • Yeah I agree,
    Yeah I agree,25 days ago

    grace i love this channel, but this ad is kind of blatant. get them coins though, good for you!

  • TJ K
    TJ K25 days ago

    This announcement makes me tired. A like for Grace though.

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones25 days ago

    I was looking up Discovery+ just this weekend!

  • Aliaa Abdel-Gawad
    Aliaa Abdel-Gawad25 days ago

    I think this is the streaming service Disney+ is most concerned about at this time (as you mentioned, only so much for the monthly budget) because at times, their top banner recommendation has been National Geographic productions.

  • David Seijas
    David Seijas25 days ago

    yas kween get that coin! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿฅฐ

  • Andrij Evans
    Andrij Evans25 days ago

    Nice ad for Disco+ Grace ;-). I don't get much time to watch it at the moment as we're half way through making new Alaska Triangle and These Woods are Haunted seasons for the service. Hope you guys get to enjoy it this year.

  • Jerbear
    Jerbear25 days ago

    If it had a Grace Code I would subscribe. Gotta hook our girl up!

    HOLLY HOOD25 days ago

    Hmmm tempting

  • atualhpa
    atualhpa25 days ago

    Happy she upping her game. Make that money.

  • The Man
    The Man25 days ago

    The 90 day universe is the next big thing. Watch out MCU.

  • nicola johnson
    nicola johnson25 days ago

    Best show on tv at the moment is, it's a sin, its a UK show, it's funny and harrowing, a must watch.

  • Comic Booger
    Comic Booger25 days ago

    I wanted to skip this 5 minute ad but I just couldn't find the "Skip ad" display.

  • Just Heather
    Just Heather25 days ago

    I hate to say it but we watch every 2 star content about ghost hunting. so we would actually watch this, unlike peacock. at least 4.99 isn't much.

  • Shoshana Loomer
    Shoshana Loomer25 days ago

    Thanks to this video I want to get a subscription!

  • Juan S
    Juan S25 days ago

    I think I'll pass...

  • James Dylan
    James Dylan25 days ago


  • Kwakests
    Kwakests25 days ago

    get that bag sister!

  • Kevin Buckley
    Kevin Buckley25 days ago

    I watch most of these shows on Hulu. Chopped, Guys grocery games and house hunters..... get that bag grace ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Aitor Karanka
    Aitor Karanka25 days ago

    God bless Grace pretending to be excited , this is why she gets all the sponsors she's professional

  • Lilah Maes
    Lilah Maes25 days ago

    The Cecil Hotel and Amityville House specials actually make me want to join this.

    RHY STARR25 days ago

    I can FINALLY watch Dead Files! These are the absolutely best shows on Travel Channel...Ghost Adventures is good forpeople who like to watch Zack act like an idiot...lmao. FYI, I'm so here for this streaming service...BEST ONE OUT THERE considering the diversity of shows!

  • jadehill2001
    jadehill200125 days ago

    I got this PURELY for Ghost Adventures

  • Vileplume 48
    Vileplume 4825 days ago

    Get your coins queen!!

  • Danew
    Danew25 days ago

    My son really wanted it for Battle Bots. I was disappointed the old A&E/History show Biography wasn't on it.