Detective Chinatown 3 $398 Million Opening?! DC Future State Review


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  • Istana Angin
    Istana Angin9 days ago

    Well, China is building 4 cinemas a day..

  • Michael Cin
    Michael Cin12 days ago

    I guess at this rate the next Wolf Warrior movie will have a debut weekend of $1 Billion domestic in China.

  • Mark C
    Mark C14 days ago


  • History with Natalie Gray
    History with Natalie Gray15 days ago

    I'm really late to the party due to work, but there are dozens of documented female Italian mafia leaders. I wonder if "The Good Mothers" is fictionalizing any real Italian figures? So, is this more documentary, "historical fantasy" a la Firefly Lane, or drama?

  • Toruk Makto
    Toruk Makto15 days ago

    So it's bad if a female character dates a male character, but good if a female character dates another female character. Mmhmn, got it.

  • Rick Brown
    Rick Brown15 days ago

    Yeah…these FS comics are expensive and the latest covers with the hero on blank background are extremely lazy.

  • Cinema Guerrílla
    Cinema Guerrílla15 days ago

    Yikes. I wouldn't have subscribed again if I knew the first part of this video was going to be sinophobic and fear-mongering.

  • Rob16164
    Rob1616416 days ago

    Honestly, Scott Mendelson and Dan Murrell’s box office analyses are far more credible than Grace’s.

  • Captain Eri
    Captain Eri16 days ago

    In yen right???

    MADKIDD623BHN16 days ago

    I'm sure twice as many people , than ever before, didn't go to the limited amount of open theaters during a pandemic.....I call BS!!!

  • Danny Boyd
    Danny Boyd16 days ago

    I was in Detective Chinatown 2!

  • Judy Macias
    Judy Macias16 days ago

    Should read marvels king in black event it’s 🔥

  • Comic Booger
    Comic Booger16 days ago

    Too much of everything. Too many Batmen. Too many Supermen. Too many Wonder Women. Too many Aquamen. Too many Flashes. Too many Earth Green Lanterns. It's become a mess.

  • Spider-Man
    Spider-Man16 days ago

    Idk grace plenty of the dc future state issues have been pretty good imo

  • Apurva Surve
    Apurva Surve16 days ago

    i am so glad that china always makes up numbers :) :)

  • trinityangel666
    trinityangel66616 days ago

    I have the Disney bundle Grace and uses all 3 services.

  • Alexander Vela
    Alexander Vela16 days ago

    Hi Grace, nice background! I love listening to BTT while I'm sitting at my desk working or doing things around my house.

  • Yves Mugenga
    Yves Mugenga16 days ago

    Americans just think the world revolves around them. Why can't you just accept a win when you see one?

  • Tyler Ensminger
    Tyler Ensminger16 days ago

    Personally I would like to Harley go back to a villain and it wouldn't surprise me if that happened eventually. There was a time where the riddler was a batman ally but he turned back to a villain again

  • Egoitz Larrea
    Egoitz Larrea16 days ago

    It’s a sin is soooooo good

  • Silver Faraon
    Silver Faraon16 days ago

    13:03 is fireeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Solon Vergara
    Solon Vergara16 days ago

    I like it and appreciate it and so does Cbr

  • Bobbie Dylan
    Bobbie Dylan16 days ago

    China does not have good taste 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • despairedboy


    8 days ago

    They don't, but that's exactly why this number is more believable than Grace give it credit for. If they flocked to see Michael Bay craps in the millions, then why would a domestic film they made not do better?

  • JT
    JT17 days ago

    Keep in mind China was just on their lunar new year holiday break. Normally people go overseas or to their hometowns to spend time with families. But this year everyone stayed put. So they needed things to do. So retail, dining and movies was up. I am an expat in shanghai and trust me... malls were full. Doubt that number is real... but still, something to consider.

  • scottcoz
    scottcoz17 days ago

    "When a female character starts dating a male character, in the comics, it really hurts their storylines. Like, look what happened to Lois Lane." Please explain. I mean, when was Lois Lane NOT dating Superman? She was introduced as his love interest, and has served that story function for 80 years, so I have no idea what you're talking about here.

  • Nestor Perena

    Nestor Perena

    13 days ago

    she is full of shit. don't mind her. let her be happy in her bubble.

  • thegalaxy
    thegalaxy17 days ago

    The number of theatres in China is more than 75000 theatres.

    CBMC KIDS17 days ago

    Detective Chinatown inflated box office number might be inflated. But....we should also consider that it is the Chinese New Year Holiday right now, and everyone is excited to celebrate without the lockdown they had last year. Everyone is out celebrating, and is the biggest spending holiday in China.

  • Klaus_Dark Phoenix
    Klaus_Dark Phoenix17 days ago

    MCU creative to Detective series ~ Jimmy Woo and Darcy ~ Agents of the Atlas

  • Michael Antony Austin
    Michael Antony Austin17 days ago

    Unusual, but not impossible. It was Luna New year Weekend there and no one can travel. Most people had no option but to go to the movies. It seems, according to reports that a lot of people didn't like the franchise, but went anyway. The ticket prices were also higher than usual which made the difference.

  • Ziyang Wu

    Ziyang Wu

    16 days ago

    I did some math. The number takes 3% of the Chinese population to go to see this movie. Endgame's opening weekend number requires 7% of the US population. It's very possible. From what I read, this movie is the only one in most theaters in China right now.

  • Christopher Diaz
    Christopher Diaz17 days ago

    Im having a grill cheese at 215 am lol

  • Gazwilliams


    17 days ago

    The best

  • Pery Brown
    Pery Brown17 days ago

    Avengers Endgame made what? $350M opening weekend in the US, that has 300M people. China has 1.4 BILLION people, most of who are not traveling for Lunar New Year, so with nothing to do for 3-4 days, the 3rd instalment of a very famous movie in China manages to make $398M and that's somehow a lie? also taking into account that ticket prices are on average double or triple the usual price to offset not being allowed to fill up a whole theater + pandemic prevention costs (sanitization, etc) .. I'm not claiming this movie is on par with Endgame, but at some point you just have to look at things rationally. I love your content Grace but sometimes your American bias shows

  • alexy sam
    alexy sam17 days ago

    Yeah China is full of shit

  • Derek Jang
    Derek Jang17 days ago

    What about the box office always beating out previous year's? Isn't that made up due to inflation? There certainly aren't any calculations made on that.

  • Andre Baruffi
    Andre Baruffi17 days ago


  • Rj
    Rj17 days ago

    Dark Detective is ok

  • Nocturnal
    Nocturnal17 days ago

    I’m so glad the American govt and its allies in Hollywood never lie.

  • Isaac Sheu
    Isaac Sheu17 days ago

    Grace, just accept the true. China surpassed US box office, get over it.

  • Isaac Sheu
    Isaac Sheu17 days ago

    Lol, Grace probably thinks China created the virus too 😂😂😂

  • despairedboy


    8 days ago

    @Connor Ferg WAS, as anything, US can't stand not being at the epicentre of everything, so they took over that title in, well I don't know? Last June? Seriously keep the border closed and don't come to Canada Americans, we'll talk to you when you finally get your shit back together

  • despairedboy


    8 days ago

    @Connor Ferg yeah, by that logic South Korea would be dead in the first month. Even if that weren't the case they shouldn't be doing better than the US, but they are, all East Asian countries are, they all basically adopted similar policies, and yet you still wonder why that work, or just choose to believe that works.

  • Cameron C

    Cameron C

    16 days ago

    @Connor Ferg No, that's not reasonable at all. It would be reasonable to say that China was the first country to discover a new virus. It is not reasonable to assume the first country to discover a new virus is also the origin of said virus. Your assumption is not scientifically accurate. The origin of the virus hasn't been settled yet. I suggest you wait for the science before you cast blame. Your country is in this position because your government is incompetent. All of China's neighbors are relatively virus free yet countries thousands of miles away with way less travel links have way higher cases of covid. That's the fault of your government and the fault of your population not adhering to basic pandemic prevention guidelines. Blaming others while not acknowledging your own faults is exactly the reason why you're in this mess to begin with. When will you learn?

  • Connor Ferg

    Connor Ferg

    16 days ago

    I think it’s more than reasonable to say that China is the epicentre of the pandemic, if it wasn’t for them, then we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in right now.

  • 1


    16 days ago

    right? the caucasity. i can't with these U.S. extremists, they'll Never change

  • Sharkgirl94
    Sharkgirl9417 days ago

    On Disney + in germany we got a lot of buena vista content recently

  • Sharkgirl94
    Sharkgirl9417 days ago

    Give europe the win with star. We don't have hulu and get stuff like really late

  • Elliot Morales
    Elliot Morales17 days ago

    Harlee Quin being part of the Bat family is completely ridiculous

  • Jahlahn Taylor
    Jahlahn Taylor17 days ago

    I hate they feel every needs to be a anti hero don’t need Harley on or apart of the bat family I like there random team ups but not full time

  • Md Azaharuddin
    Md Azaharuddin17 days ago

    Endgames opening is 300+ million in China

  • Klaus_Dark Phoenix
    Klaus_Dark Phoenix17 days ago

    checking video "唐人街探案1&2" 案件回顧 謎團解析 無縫連接 唐3 ~ Q 會是誰?

  • Rodolfo Leyva
    Rodolfo Leyva17 days ago

    I don't trust their report!🤔

  • Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    17 days ago

    is Truth

  • Jackson Plumber
    Jackson Plumber17 days ago

    Hi Grace, I have been viewing the boxoffice mojo in the detective china town. It's distributor is named. "Wanda Vision S. A." Well it is just coincidence that Wanda is the Wanda Group right or is it another Wanda media company. It links to spanish company. What is happening good thing they do not sue Disney's WandaVision. hehe

  • godzilla fan 2021 god
    godzilla fan 2021 god17 days ago

    Godzilla vs Kong trailer 2 watch it

  • B Powers
    B Powers17 days ago

    If you're upset about Future State, You only have yourself to blame Grace. I mean come on Grace. Hahahahaha, You're telling us that only you didn't see this coming? You gave DC money for this crap. That's on you! You really need to do a deep dive on how poorly DC did with this FS run.

  • Andy Feng
    Andy Feng17 days ago

    The question you should ask is whether it is possible that China would have a greater box office performance than the U.S. If yes, you would have to accept that someday. Nobody in the world would think America could keep up with the growth of China. You have been saying Chinese made up their box office record for a few years now. But someday you would come to terms with yourself and accept the truth.

  • Max Fun
    Max Fun17 days ago

    Grace, it was the Lunar New Year last weekend, and it is very normal that families go out to watch a movie during this period. I can imagine Chinese grandmas watching a film like this than Avengers, so I am not surprised that this is the highest grossing movie in China.

  • Max


    17 days ago

    Grace just believes everyone in china loves avengers and US movies..

  • Kaos The Cosmic Reviewer
    Kaos The Cosmic Reviewer17 days ago

    going to watch boss level on the 25th February, then we have chaos walking 4th of march and Godzilla is on the 25th march, cannot wait!!!

  • Jackson Plumber
    Jackson Plumber17 days ago

    I think here is my analysis why china was able to surpass the avenger endgame box office double. I have no evidence for this but just some suggestion how it can happen. 1. In China they do not have quarantine anymore in most cities so that would result in most people going to cinema. 2. Well there are no new Hollywood film showing so Chinese movies have less competition in Chinese mainland cinema. This happens a lot to hollywood boxoffice where a not so good movie gets big box office if not much competition. 3. Another one is, most countries where chinese go abroad to spend their money is in lockdown and closed. So if you cannot spend your money in airlines, hotels, tourist stuffs abroad, I would assume local domestic movie is where some of those money would go. 4. Also, the annual chinese new year migration was discourage this year. So city chinese folks may just use their money to cinema instead of travel to province? I do admit it is difficult to trust china numbers though, they do not allow criticism within the country so you cannot contest numbers and cannot do investigative journalism. So yup, the numbers may have been made up. But it is also possible it was double just my thoughts. China is also a next exporter this pandemic so they have more money than most western countries. So that may have eplained why they have money to spend for movies.

  • K DC
    K DC17 days ago

    I just googled number of theatres and screens in usa, Canada and then china.

  • f12mnb
    f12mnb17 days ago

    After New 52 and other re-imagining, the powers that be at DC should have give things a rest. Stick with the fundamentals with each character and run a few years with good stories - shorter 4-6 issue arcs. Harley Quinn is foe of Batman - can't twist her into an ally.

  • Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    17 days ago

    Detective Batman and Harley Q team Up

  • Joshua Sturgess
    Joshua Sturgess17 days ago

    Streaming services don't have a choice when it comes to local content because European legislation is being enforced to stop big american companies destroying regional media. Which is good legislation because more voices? More artists? Fantastic

  • Sean Ian
    Sean Ian17 days ago

    I really feel like Bad Robot are out of their depth on Justice League Dark

  • K DC
    K DC17 days ago

    Outside the regular hollywood trades; NY Times and People are also reporting. The population is dense over there. Plus the lunar year.

  • M.N
    M.N17 days ago

    Grace you are so close to 1M, what's you celebration plan?

  • Han Seoul-Oh
    Han Seoul-Oh17 days ago

    I tried Future State. It just solidified why I stick to independents now, and just catch the cliff notes from USplan and wiki pages.

  • Klaus_Dark Phoenix
    Klaus_Dark Phoenix17 days ago

    why DisneyPlus don't lunched on China mainland / Hong Kong & Macao? 推薦 外國友人 觀賞 «河南春晚» 古典舞 "唐宮夜宴" / 天地之中 表演 (2021 Henan Province Spring Festival Gala ~ Chinese classical dancing)

  • Ryker Loprinzi
    Ryker Loprinzi17 days ago

    Just read New 52, and Rebirth

  • Gracie Spicer
    Gracie Spicer17 days ago

    Why isn’t the Snyder cut trailer being promoted on TV at all?

  • Brien Odoyle
    Brien Odoyle17 days ago

    Grace it's called The Lunar New Year in China. Maybe that played a role in it.

  • Brien Odoyle

    Brien Odoyle

    17 days ago

    @alexy sam : Why is that?

  • alexy sam

    alexy sam

    17 days ago

    I mean still NO

  • Xiaotian Zhang
    Xiaotian Zhang17 days ago

    Grace I like you a lot, you are like MKBHD in the movie world to me. But please talk movies like you used to, Grace. Stop commenting on another country. That's the politians job. People here are for your professional opinions on movies, not on covid

  • Grego Gio

    Grego Gio

    17 days ago

    She's always talk about movies from around the world. Especially the one that making headlines. Lol

  • Ruza Roos
    Ruza Roos17 days ago

    I love Grace saying Disney+ owns Friday night with their 25 minute shows.

  • Icarius Negus

    Icarius Negus

    17 days ago

    @KISAI lol tell me about it



    17 days ago

    There's this very american centric view of reality sometimes...

  • Scott Madej

    Scott Madej

    17 days ago

    😂 it’s funny but it’s true

  • Nestor Perena
    Nestor Perena17 days ago

    cherry the worst movie she ever seen? mmm it has to be good then

  • Heekamalo Kilo

    Heekamalo Kilo

    13 days ago

    Well technically, she said "one of the worst", but I assume your conclusion still stands.

  • Aaron Chan
    Aaron Chan17 days ago

    I'm curious when is WandaVision season 2 coming out since season 1 is almost finished. Only 3 more episodes to go

  • Ryker Loprinzi

    Ryker Loprinzi

    17 days ago

    Its probably a limited series now season 2

  • Darcy Keating

    Darcy Keating

    17 days ago

    Probably won’t be a second season

  • George Vivanco
    George Vivanco17 days ago

    Where can I read marvel comics from the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s?

  • JanTheMan
    JanTheMan17 days ago

    I don't understand why people are acting surprised, this isn't the first time China has manipulated their statistics. Just look at the pandemic.

  • 咸鱼
    咸鱼17 days ago


  • despairedboy


    8 days ago


  • Xiaotian Zhang

    Xiaotian Zhang

    17 days ago

    @Jianfei 😩😩😩

  • Jianfei


    17 days ago

    @Xiaotian Zhang 以前至少怀疑三四次了,当然这次是最直白最彻底的。

  • Xiaotian Zhang

    Xiaotian Zhang

    17 days ago

    @Jianfei 我这是第一次看到,以前也有很多吗。不得了,我已经在粉转黑的边缘

  • Xiaotian Zhang

    Xiaotian Zhang

    17 days ago

    @Max 我看到评论区有很多人也指出她没经思考就臆断

  • Steve Pryor
    Steve Pryor17 days ago

    Snyder King Arthur? Do Camelot 3000 please, i can die a happy man.

  • Jerry Bernabe
    Jerry Bernabe17 days ago

    Hey Grace. will you do a foreign movie review (old or new) recommended to you by your subscribers? from the most numbers of subscribers to the least base on demographics ?

  • George Vivanco
    George Vivanco17 days ago

    I thought Tom & Jerry was coming out after summer 😆

  • chakkra69
    chakkra6917 days ago

    For the life of me, I cannot think of one reason why ANY country would make up numbers for something so trivial as box office numbers. I think U.S. people are getting way too paranoid about China.

  • despairedboy


    8 days ago

    @Brandon Alexander "Right now Chinese reporters who covered that the pandemic is still out of control in China have disappeared and lost their lives.... with proof..." care to share that "proof"? Just because you say there are "proof" doesn't mean there are proof. Or are you just too shy to admit thinking others are always worse off than the US somehow make you feel better about your 500k deaths due to covid?

  • despairedboy


    8 days ago

    @Brandon Alexander Yeah China definitely want to attract visitors, that's why they stopped issuing travel visa

  • Isaac Sheu

    Isaac Sheu

    17 days ago

    Getting paranoid? They were always paranoid

  • Max


    17 days ago

    @Miss Star r u kidding me? the breakdown of box office is done in Chinese and we can easily access all sales data over weibo.. it is just Grace lazy af and did no research.. did she tell you the ticket price goes from 45 to 98 during Chinese New Year break? did she tell you USD devalued against RMB from 1:7.2 to 1:6.4? I bet she did not.. do a simple math plz. The accumulated box office of detective chinatown3 is not even passing the Wolf Warrior 2... just broke the record of opening box office.. why would people so surprised a Chinese movie breaks the record in china? let me tell you half of the chinese never heard of marvel or dc.. it is China not the U.S.

  • Max


    17 days ago

    @Brandon Alexander did u ever go to china? who told u china is now still experiencing covid pandemic? cuz your media says so? even when the covid cases showed up again in Jan.. only less than 100 cases in couple of provinces.. they could track down who the origin of those new cases. they can make all citizens in Beijing take tests in a week. it's been a year helloo.

  • Liljana Stefkova
    Liljana Stefkova17 days ago

    Grace, I respect your opinion but I have to disagree with you about ,,diversity" in European movies and shows. Europe has over 90 ethnic European groups and over 50 countries. Every European country has it's own culture and tradition. We want our entertainment industry to be European, not American. Europe is not racially and culturally diverse as the USA is because only 3 % are of non-European origin and most of them don't have citizenship. Eastern, Central and South Europeans need to be more represented in movies .Plus the current sitiation in Europe is very bad, both social and political. Europeans don't want immigrants.

  • Mott 50
    Mott 5017 days ago

    Disney cooks the books so will everyone else,Disney for $1.62 on HotStar .

  • Hydra Spectre
    Hydra Spectre17 days ago

    Toho in Japan is also doing really well, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - The Movie: Mugen Train is doing so well that it beat Spirited Away as the highest grossing Japanese film of all time. Toho also distributes in Japan and co-produces Universal and Paramount’s films, so Sonic and Trolls: World Tour (which had a theatrical release in Japan) also did really well there. And then they have Godzilla vs. Kong, Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time, Earwig and the Witch, Shin Ultraman, Minions: The Rise of Gru, F9, and Top Gun: Maverick lined up for this year.

  • Joshua Suber
    Joshua Suber17 days ago

    You can’t really trust box office numbers anyway though so... But, China’s population is 4 times that of US. I’m surprised they haven’t already reach that number.

  • Vidal Bolton
    Vidal Bolton17 days ago

    You said when a female dates a male which is natural, it hurts the story line. So if she dates a woman the story is better?

  • Lyonardo
    Lyonardo17 days ago

    I loved Malcolm and Marie. This is the best acting from both of those actors.

  • Elliot Morales
    Elliot Morales17 days ago

    I agree, DC Future State is garbage overall. So much of it makes little to no sense. The stuff that does make sense is just ok

  • Elia Fuimaono
    Elia Fuimaono17 days ago

    So this isn’t a video about future dc statehood?

  • John Smith
    John Smith17 days ago

    And NYC didn’t lie about the numbers? Actually China is pretty much recovered from the pandemic - they are the only large country with positive GDP. Perhaps you need to check whether US media have actually been that truthful as part of geopolitic that is happening behind the scene

  • Max


    17 days ago

    China adopted strict quarantine and lockdown and everyone wears mask ever since late Jan 2020.. I don't know why people are surprised covid could be contained there.. when they could clear all original cases and everyone traveled to China has to be in forced quarantine for 2 weeks in hotel, you can contain it.

  • crested argo
    crested argo17 days ago

    Even though i'm pretty sure that China inflates its box office numbers, I think that this time Grace has not considered a couple of things: Detective Chinatown 2 (well, these were the numbers given by China...) opened in 2018 with 154 million and made 554 million total, after the first one made only 120 million total. if Detective Chinatown 3 had a similar increase on the second movie, it would probably be on its way tp became the first movie to reach 1 billion in a single territory. Furthermore, it's "Chinese New Year" and I would say it's a little bit like Christmas in the US. In 2018, during the same recurrence's weekend, the top ten in China generated 506 million (nearly 188 million were from Monster Hunt 2 and nearly 155 from Detective Chinatown 2, among others) and in 2019 the top ten generated 360 million (after generating more than 300 million from monday to thursday, because New Year's Day was actually on monday 5th). So I wouldn't be too surprised if Detective Chinatown 3 had made 398 million, as long as other movies in the top 10 haven't generated more than 100-150 million overall. Compare this weekend with the last one: last weekend the top ten movies in China made less than 20 million overall. This weekend is clearly a special moment in China. Third and last point: I say it again, I don't believe that these numbers are "genuine", but China's economy grows about 5-10% every year and probably ìthe movies' box office grows as much as the rest. On the other hand, US' economy grows 1.5-2.5% a year, which is only slightly more than the inflation rate, which means ion the end that chinese people are actually getting richer year after year, while americans' "richness" is steady, but not growing much. However, as you said, I also think that China has been unflating their box office numbers for many years and this year it was more important in order to show strenght during the pandemic (a strenght that maybe is only appearence and not a lot of substance...)

  • Zane Fannin
    Zane Fannin17 days ago

    The Justice League and Wonder Woman titles are the only titles I’m enjoying; but omg the art for immortal wonder woman is awful.

  • Maybe Bonsai
    Maybe Bonsai17 days ago

    Why would the number not be realistic? People are extremely bored in china since hollywood have not been putting out movies and china's pandemic was over long time ago. Plus their population is a lot more than North America. And it's the lunar new year! do the math

  • Miss Star

    Miss Star

    17 days ago

    Their pandemic is not over. They're pretending it's over, but it's not. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Evan Stutler
    Evan Stutler17 days ago

    I skipped Future State. First time in fifteen years I haven’t bought new DC Comics. Sounds like I made the right decision.

  • Ognjen Amidza
    Ognjen Amidza17 days ago

    Ticket price in China increased by 50%. Thats why.

  • Gani Budi Setio

    Gani Budi Setio

    17 days ago

    Not only that, but this time a lot of people was not come back to their hometown, they stuck in the city, probably adding the number of box office.

  • Jayson Daniels
    Jayson Daniels17 days ago

    I love the "Ask Me Anything" sections its my favourite part :-)

  • Lude Nunes
    Lude Nunes17 days ago

    Glad to know Disney + will be playing the original foreign content game. Much of my favourite Netflix content is not in English, and hopefully Disney will also give creators from all over the world a venue to reach a global audience On another note, I'd like to know what are Grace's references regarding European content, because the European movies and shows I watch seem true to the demographic shifts the continent has experienced in the last few decades.

  • Nick
    Nick17 days ago

    China will lie lie lie.

  • fffan11
    fffan1117 days ago

    Grace, I hope you reconsider and end up reviewing It's a sin!

  • Sam Greenberg

    Sam Greenberg

    17 days ago

    I was so disappointed to hear that she wasn't going to review it, but I'm also not surprised after she mentioned in a video last week that she hadn't watched it yet. I had a feeling she would wait too long to watch and then end up not reviewing it, which is a real shame.

  • danny k
    danny k17 days ago

    Geoff Johns is the greatest nemesis of all to DC fans everywhere. Everything he touches turns to shit - I said what I said.

  • George Vivanco

    George Vivanco

    17 days ago

    I read what you said, and it can be said that it’s been read, well said.

  • resurgam75
    resurgam7517 days ago

    I just saw the trailer for Detective Chinatown 3. Apparently having a dark coloured face is one trait that makes one a murderer. Mmmmmm.

  • resurgam75


    7 days ago

    @despairedboy The translated line is 'he has a dark face' I didn't mention the word 'that' or say he mentioned the N word. Also the person he is talking about removes a black face mask, saying it's mask not his face. So it's clearly about looking black, not 'bruised' as you claim.

  • despairedboy


    8 days ago

    that was taken totally out of context, like, Chinese word for "that" sounds like the N word, but it's not. The aforementioned line is more accurately translated to having a bruised up looking face, but then again that'll be way too long for subtitles

  • Mr Vic
    Mr Vic17 days ago

    For comic reading I would get comixology and read some of the free stuff they offer. Right now I am reading Lonewolf and cub . If you have kindle they share some of the things you can read

  • Vader47000
    Vader4700017 days ago

    Some reports indicated ticket prices in China for DC3 averaged $2 higher than other recent movies (a price increase to supposedly make up for lower theater capacity). After reading a synopsis of the Detective Chinatown franchise, I have to think that this is the equivalent of a Police Academy movie making $300 million in the U.S.

  • Le-matya
    Le-matya17 days ago

    Sorry, I missed this stream live. I'll try to do better tomorrow. I also think Judas and the Black Messiah is great!

  • Laylaswood96
    Laylaswood9617 days ago

    DC Future State’s writing is very lack luster. I personally like the new characters, they are all really enticing but the dialogue seems off.

  • Matija Jurić
    Matija Jurić17 days ago

    Is this woman for real? Did she just say china made up the numbers?xD

  • Matija Jurić

    Matija Jurić

    17 days ago

    @Rafael Ortiz are you asking me?

  • Rafael Ortiz

    Rafael Ortiz

    17 days ago

    Are you hurt? Who hurt you?

  • Matija Jurić

    Matija Jurić

    17 days ago

    @George Vivanco which part? You think i asked you? Do you answer to every internet question you dont know the answer to? Do you understand rethoric? Do you troll or roll?

  • George Vivanco

    George Vivanco

    17 days ago

    I mean... I don’t know lol

  • Old Man Deadpool
    Old Man Deadpool17 days ago

    Who would’ve guess getting the moron behind Marvel NOW would backfire