Cruella Trailer BREAKDOWN - Disney's Joker & Harley Quinn RIP-OFF?!


Cruella Trailer today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & breakdown of official trailer 2021! Disney & Emma Stone doing a rip-off of Joker & Harley Quinn?!
Cruella Trailer BREAKDOWN today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the official trailer for Cruella starring Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil! Did Disney borrow too much from not just Maleficent but also DC's Joker, Harley Quinn and even Catwoman?! Enjoy this breakdown of the official trailer for Cruella before you see the full movie in 2021 in theaters and maybe on Disney Plus! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • Beyond The Trailer
    Beyond The Trailer16 days ago

    NOTE - Those are either HUGE moths or small bats - we'll see!

  • Jackson WS

    Jackson WS

    11 days ago

    definitely moths. thought it was obvious

  • angel no vr

    angel no vr

    12 days ago

    Fun fact we already have a Cruella origin story which is a book celled cold-hearted by Selena Valentino which is a part of the Disney villains book series by Serena Valentino

  • Troy


    13 days ago

    Cruella is the villain the fashion industry deserves.



    13 days ago

    Moths, definitely. BUT playing on the reference similarities of Bats!

  • conejitoasesinoOG


    14 days ago

    Fashion wise moths make more sense. And that would be true fabolous villainy if she destroyed the Baronesses collection with moths!

  • SerenityAlways
    SerenityAlwaysDay ago

    I’m calling it now. They are going to go with the secret daughter plot between Cruella and the Baroness.

  • Tori Early
    Tori Early2 days ago

    Looks better than harlequin.

  • Eric Landa
    Eric Landa6 days ago

    Hmmmm. These plot details gives me a great sense that it will be a Joker type of character. Why is she a Gang Leader? I don’t want this to turn into a Cartel like Cruella, that would be on the foolish side. I’m not remotely interested in this now. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • FleetingClouds
    FleetingClouds7 days ago

    i didnt realize at all. fan boys/girls nag too much

  • IfyouBelieve
    IfyouBelieve7 days ago

    Lol the reference to Marry Poppins

  • Battery gross
    Battery gross7 days ago

    I don't understand why we need to see every female villainy from old movies turn into a "tragic" person.... she wants to skin dogs just a few years later, we don't need to like her, she's not that kind of character and it just feels stupid

  • Logan Shea
    Logan Shea8 days ago

    I think this movie looks great, Emma stone one of the best working today

  • James Handley
    James Handley8 days ago

    I got a strong Cat Women Vibe and Joker Vibe

  • Daniel B Maximoff
    Daniel B Maximoff9 days ago

    To be fair Cruella has the flair & held the torch longer than Harley Quinn has in the psychopath department. Cruella resembles Cheetah (Pricilla Rich) much more than she does HQ. Nothing in relation to Harley Quinn in live action has been decent. Margot Robbie just looks the part. Not much else. I honestly don't understand the backlash.

  • Holistic Gay Life
    Holistic Gay Life10 days ago

    The h in haut is silent. Learn to speak

  • Holistic Gay Life
    Holistic Gay Life10 days ago

    They didn’t steal I am woman hear me roar from Batman, it is actually a line from a song

  • Kevin Morales
    Kevin Morales10 days ago


  • Andyrew
    Andyrew10 days ago

    I dont think those are bats im pretty sure there moths. Probably being used to sabotage the other designer since moths eat fabric

  • Philip Moore
    Philip Moore10 days ago

    Lets play a drinking game take a shot every time Grace says "so anyway"

  • I'mTheBee
    I'mTheBee10 days ago


  • HE Remasters
    HE Remasters10 days ago

    Liberty is a famous department store just off Oxford Circus in the centre of London, within paces of the fashionable Carnaby Street area, known to be a place for spotting rock stars or celebs buying their threads for the season. It is a great place to start the trailer as this area was the heart of rock and roll fashion in the 1970s.

  • N o
    N o10 days ago

    female Joker better than male Joker! DONE!

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    10 days ago

    @N o Oh okay

  • N o

    N o

    10 days ago

    @Gil Abramovich when I say better that means better for ME

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    10 days ago

    @N o Fair enough I guess, but that's not "better", that's what you want to see

  • N o

    N o

    10 days ago

    @Gil Abramovich yeah,, why? because I don't like male characters and so I had no interest into it

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    10 days ago

    Better than Phoenix's Joker (Joker 2019)?

  • Sugrrkisses
    Sugrrkisses10 days ago

    I’m excited for this! I don’t see why folks are upset...Cruella is crazy..ya’ll watched 101 Dalmatians right?

  • masood rahimi
    masood rahimi11 days ago

    i kinda like it even though it's totally riping off joker but that's not new they do this all the time DC rip's off marvel and marvel rips off DC it's a cycle

  • JCC31215
    JCC3121511 days ago

    Oh Grace... this is by far not a breakdown, not even remotely impatial. This is just you comparing everything to the Joker or DC. We get it your are a fan, can we please get an actual critique for the trailer, one that doesn't actually feel like you are splitting hairs on some scenes and how they "feel" like the joker or DC.

  • double-o G
    double-o G11 days ago

    Calm down Grace, its just a movie. You didnt freak out when Joker 2019 took HEAVILY from Taxi Driver and King Of Comedy

  • PokeFam
    PokeFam12 days ago

    I'm sorry but there is no way Disney should be making a "Feminine Icon" out of a person skinning puppies... That's basically excusing and causing sympathy or normalization of animal abuse.

  • scott roberts
    scott roberts12 days ago

    They aren't bats stupid. They are moths. Used to destroy her rivals designs.

  • Jezza Bondi Beach
    Jezza Bondi Beach12 days ago

    I don’t think DC fans need to worry at all. Her character has nothing on The Joker and Harley Quinn 🃏 🃏

  • Angela Saunders
    Angela Saunders12 days ago

    Not really certain that this movie is needed or even wanted. The trailer doesn't give me confidence in this one at all.

  • SM Malu
    SM Malu12 days ago

    hope she is a villain through and through

  • Spiky2999
    Spiky299912 days ago

    Also what shots were taken from joker I don't see anything ripped off lol and that Harley Quinn movie was dog shit so yea

  • Spiky2999
    Spiky299912 days ago

    Lol you're stupid

  • Kiya Lee Levy Runaya
    Kiya Lee Levy Runaya13 days ago

    If it was DC that copied a Marvel idea, the internet would've completely lost it's shit. Just shows the double standards and dishonesty when it comes to these two companies

  • Kiya Lee Levy Runaya
    Kiya Lee Levy Runaya13 days ago

    Marvel/Disney fans: "wheeeeei wheeeeii DC did something that's kinda 2% similar to something Marvel has done. DC is so unoriginal. They're just copy cats. Marvel is the best!" Marvel/Disney just recently in 2021: *straight up steals Harley Quinn/Joker/villain movies* *straight up copies every popular sitcom of tv history in WandaVision* DC fans: *silent* Marvel/Disney fans: "No, YOU're the copycats!" Whei whei whei.

  • Gil Abramovich

    Gil Abramovich

    12 days ago

    There's a difference between Marvel and Disney. Disney has Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Disney Animations, Live-action remakes, Avatar... So fans saying that the Live-Action remakes division takes ideas from DC doesn't have anything to do with Marvel.

  • Patrick Braue
    Patrick Braue13 days ago

    I'm assuming the vault is where Emma Thompson's character keeps her private designs and or collections of clothes. I am assuming Cruella (or someone) put moths in the vault to eat and ruin the clothes.

  • Patrick Braue

    Patrick Braue

    13 days ago

    Also I think that's Cruella in the fire, I don't think she started it!

  • Garkis Bloodlust
    Garkis Bloodlust13 days ago

    Well Wonder Woman totally ripped off the first Thor and Captain America movies.

  • Will E Jones
    Will E Jones13 days ago

    Emma would have made a good Harley Quinn.

  • 1131982vincent
    1131982vincent13 days ago

    Same time line as joker!

  • Carlos Roberto
    Carlos Roberto13 days ago

    I think you have nothing to compare her but the world you know, comics. But she doesn't release bats. Its moths , moth eat clothing , the hell hole place to me seams like its probably the orphanage she once escaped from and she later buys. You can see her escape wen she jumps on the back of the moving truck. And jocker isn't the only one who drives and starts fires . I wish you could have saved the comparisons at least until we all see it. You don't seem to know much about the film and you insist the are borrowing from DC . don't you think that if Disney wanted to " borrow " something , it would borrow from the ones that got it right. Marvel is after all the more success full brand. I used to rely on your opinion but notice how you play favorites and manipulate your audience. I'm sure your getting played but as a movie fan and a movie watcher , your not doing us any favors by posting an opinion of a movie you completely made up in your head. Just stick to the facts. Give us a chance to decide.

  • karson bollinger
    karson bollinger13 days ago

    Grace, I can’t wait for a 70’s pop rock cover of Cruella de Vil to play over the credits 😂

  • Frozen Monster
    Frozen Monster13 days ago

    DC hardcore fans makes themself looks bad again

    RTMS RTMS13 days ago

    Grace they seemed to borrow not from joker but Once Upon A Time. It’s almost the same origin story.

  • conejitoasesinoOG
    conejitoasesinoOG14 days ago

    I wouldn't mind a female jokeresque villain and I don't care how many properties they rip off as long as the end product is good. Unfortunately, just like Joker and Birds of Prey,I think this is gonna be a problem of style over substance.

  • sampa2nyc
    sampa2nyc14 days ago

    "I am woman, hear my roar" - are lyrics to the hugely popular feminist anthem "I am Woman" by Helen Reddy, 1972

  • sampa2nyc
    sampa2nyc14 days ago

    Why is she yelling , lol?

  • Lance Lovecraft
    Lance Lovecraft14 days ago

    punk rock is fashion. in fact its influences are still very much felt today. Particularly in the early 2010s. Rocky horror is very much influenced by new york dolls who were very punk rock

    GRADY FALLERT - STUDENT14 days ago

    We live in a society where there is no animation. Isn’t that right... DISNEY

  • Holy Majesty
    Holy Majesty14 days ago

    I think that the sequence of the bats flying out of the vault is actually the main antagonist reveling old/unused designs to her staff

  • Mitch Conrad
    Mitch Conrad14 days ago

    Can we just let the movie happen and stop picking it apart?

  • Marco Sosa
    Marco Sosa14 days ago

    i don’t mind disney being inspired by DC 😂

  • Mr.consistently _inkonsistent
    Mr.consistently _inkonsistent14 days ago

    I think it looks okay. I just don’t care to see it. Not my thing. Like what you like though.

  • SuperGodzillax Vlogs
    SuperGodzillax Vlogs14 days ago

    I love where 🖤Disney🤍movies two different things with their characters and use their imagination🙏👍😍🥳👏

  • SuperGodzillax Vlogs
    SuperGodzillax Vlogs14 days ago

    Excited Love It 😍

  • greenguy369
    greenguy36914 days ago

    You have no idea how happy I would be to see Anita show up as "Batwoman" hahahaha. That would be too hilarious to be mad about.

  • Akairenn
    Akairenn14 days ago

    First Sparky. Then the Dalmatians. John Wick gonna be busy this year.

  • Stephanie Mathis
    Stephanie Mathis14 days ago

    "She's playing Frogger" - oh my goodness! That had me laughing out loud. Thanks Grace! You are awesome, and I love your videos!

  • Boston Blackie
    Boston Blackie14 days ago

    "I am women hear me roar" is from the song by Helen Ready "I Am Women" from the 1970s! The time period in which the movie is set. You do rabble on!

  • Ryan Patterson
    Ryan Patterson14 days ago

    I’m really excited about this film but have a strong feeling about how it’s going to play out. “Estella” wants to break into the fashion community with her larger than life vision but like she says at the beginning of the trailer, “I’m not for everyone”. I suspect the Baroness is probably the head of a fashion house, living a posh lifestyle that Estella idolizes. The fashion house either a) use to employ her or b) refuses to employ her (I suspect door number one since you literally see her leaving with a trash bag which I suspect are her personal effects from work) . Estella falls deeper and deeper into her fashion sense which borders on insanity and decides not to go quietly. Mayhem ensues. Estella does something not so nice to the Baroness and by some means, takes over her fashion house, giving birth to the Cruella we know and love in the 90’s (keep in mind, Glenn Close produced so there’s probably quite a bit of influence there). **I also suspect that the vault we see the Baroness opening actually houses some of her own designs; you can see bust forms inside and make note of the catwalk leading to the vault. I also suspect that isn’t a swarm of bats but moths which, if you think about it, would be an ingenious ways of screwing over a fashion designer since, as we know, moths eat fabric and clothing**

  • GalaxyNexus1
    GalaxyNexus114 days ago

    Joker was slow and small scale with him getting beat up and abused...this is a copy of Joker how now? 🤔

  • Gustavo Olivieri
    Gustavo Olivieri14 days ago

    I find it really idiotic to compare. It's Cruella, goddamit! let her be as she is!---

  • Miranda Mizen
    Miranda Mizen14 days ago

    Wish it was set in 1950s . Give her a dior look . High fashion . Maybe mob style film noir esc . Make her like devil wears parada etc etc

  • James Pope

    James Pope

    13 days ago

    This is Disney you're talking about, they can't do noir lol

  • Joshua Lowe
    Joshua Lowe14 days ago

    Cruella is NOT Harley Quinn! Cruella isn't a clown!

  • Kevin Hagler
    Kevin Hagler14 days ago

    Disney is notorious for ripping off other people's stories, from the Brothers Grimm to George Lucas. But Malifacent came before the Joker and Harley Quinn films.

  • wazza bull
    wazza bull14 days ago

    god dc fans are so stupid... dc is going down a crappy path copying mcu with the multi verse. they just carnt do films as good as marvel simple

  • mr420
    mr42014 days ago

    Yeah I see it

  • Trash TV
    Trash TV14 days ago

    An example of why the internet can be such a shitty place. Enjoy the high quality content, stop whining and moaning. DC doesn't own the premise of a psychotic character, Cruella was psycho long before Joker.

  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee14 days ago

    And let's not forget that animated Cruella has been around longer than animated Joker and Harley. I think there's quite a bit of Cruella in Harley, so they've probably been borrowing from each other. I think Grace is closer to the pin than the detractors (more feminist Joker than a rip off).

  • Official Filmilen
    Official Filmilen14 days ago

    Cruella is a rip-off the Joker. Its like the female Joker made by Disney.

  • John Rzepka
    John Rzepka14 days ago

    "wannna know how I got these Spots Bat Boy?"

  • Dima Vaisberg
    Dima Vaisberg14 days ago

    I can watch the origin story of crazy Jocker or (not so) evil Maleficent, because I know these are fictional characters which do fictional crimes. Cruella is just a regullar woman. The shitty things she does in the original cartoon are being done all over the world, by just regullar people, almost each day. Who realy needs to know the origin story for this?

  • Pasca Alexandru
    Pasca Alexandru15 days ago

    Because a rip off its a rip off Grace. When I see a rip off between DC and marvel or DC and Disney in this case, I just feel it takes from the stories they already have and haven't explored in full. It just feels like it tries to steal a thunder from DC rather than creating a thunder of their own

  • Retro Active 23
    Retro Active 2315 days ago

    I honestly don't understand mentioning Angelinas divorce? What does her personal life have to do with any of this? Maybe she made a conscious decision to take a break from Hollywood and making movies to raise her kids. Anyway, I actually think this movie looks awesome!

  • Patrick FF
    Patrick FF15 days ago

    Is skinning puppies cool, now?

  • Khayal
    Khayal15 days ago

    I understand why someone would make this comparison. But, NO! This movie has been in production for a while and I don’t think that they ripped anything from DC. That’s cruella and how we’ve always known her in both the books and the movies. I wouldn’t make this comparison cause it’s like comparing cars to bikes! Oh they both have wheels and are used for transportation!

  • Underscopes playz
    Underscopes playz15 days ago

    The sequel isnt even similar to jokers and harley quinn

  • Underscopes playz
    Underscopes playz15 days ago

    YALL should watch the movie first before critisizing

  • Underscopes playz
    Underscopes playz15 days ago

    Not yall thinking every phsyco/crazy live action movies are rip off joker and harley

  • Jojo Radford
    Jojo Radford15 days ago

    Can't wait to see this for sho. Cruella De'Vil is the ultimate villain than the Joker and Haley Quinn. Haley Quinn is the second generation villain of Cruella. Emma Stone will rock this movie

  • winwin's missing lines
    winwin's missing lines15 days ago

    im sorry but ripping off dc is so stupid lmfaoo

  • Underscopes playz

    Underscopes playz

    15 days ago

    This makes me cringee

  • winwin's missing lines

    winwin's missing lines

    15 days ago

    she be throwing every dc films/animated she remembers lmfaoo please

  • Manuel Silva
    Manuel Silva15 days ago

    Can i say something Grace? She reminds me more of Bet Sykes from Pennyworth than Harley and if they push Cruella to that level i think it will be even better!

  • ErikUnrated
    ErikUnrated15 days ago

    Cruella: Breathes Grace: JUST LIKE JOKER !

  • Tre' Weis
    Tre' Weis15 days ago

    What are you talking crulla is not a Harley rip off

  • P. D. L
    P. D. L15 days ago

    Even though Tim Burton didn't direct this film = It looks like the most Tim Burton Tim Burton movie to ever Tim Burton!

  • P. D. L
    P. D. L15 days ago

    That "masquera ball" is actually one of those 'Eyes Wide Shut' type parties. YUCK!!!

  • P. D. L
    P. D. L15 days ago

    Since Disney owns The Simpsons now = Mr. Burns shows up and starts singing 'See My Vest'.

  • P. D. L
    P. D. L15 days ago

    I could have played Cruella's fatter henchman.

  • jesus Salazar
    jesus Salazar15 days ago

    Those are not bats, those are moths which eat, and consume cloths Probably Cruella, set the moths to destroy the cloths

  • P. D. L
    P. D. L15 days ago

    Disney exec: That Harley Quinn sure is popular. Another Disney exec: She sure is. Disney exec: What's Marvel's Harley Quinn equivalent? Another Disney exec: Deadpool. Disney exec: Oh...Can we just make Cruella Harley Quinn? Another Disney exec: We Sure Can!!!

  • James Pope

    James Pope

    13 days ago

    Sony already has their version of HQ in Venom 2. Shriek.

  • kyle D
    kyle D15 days ago

    Yeah but James Gunn probably fixed her character in the new Suicide Squad movie in my opinion. Might give new building blocks for that character in the future

  • Silen Christian
    Silen Christian15 days ago

    I don't agree at all with people's opinion, people just have harley still in their minds and are comparing movies but they are absolutely ridiculous , I think this looks absolutely amazing and I don't think it's a rip off at all people get over yourselves cruela was like this before harley quinn was even popular stop trying to talk bad about a great looking artistic and creative movie

  • Ruza Roos
    Ruza Roos15 days ago

    No one is touching Rachel Skarsten's Alice right now. Alice > Harley > Cruella

  • KawiLover250
    KawiLover25015 days ago

    Honestly, not interested

  • apocalypsepow
    apocalypsepow15 days ago

    Is this going to be pg or pg 13? And will she be skinning puppies in this movie?

  • Gian Cornejo
    Gian Cornejo15 days ago

    These idiot Disney apologists are making my head turn 360. The tone, the cinematography are literally copied from the Joker movie. We don't have a problem if she's the original, we're saying that they copied how the joker trailer was made, the tone, the script, the cinematography says it all. Smh

  • .xxo
    .xxo15 days ago

    I love that this was more talk about DC than the movie, the comparisons were killing me 🙄🙄

  • André do Amaral Antunes
    André do Amaral Antunes15 days ago

    The soundtrack of this trailer was what gave the most DC vibes to me... at least the DCEU

  • Aaron Brosnan
    Aaron Brosnan15 days ago

    y’all just need to get over it, just look at it as cruella and put everything aside and stfu pls

  • Passive Agressive
    Passive Agressive15 days ago

    I expected more punk paraphernalia given it’s 1970s. London

  • Sean-Thomas Flynn
    Sean-Thomas Flynn15 days ago

    She released MOTHS - moths eat closes and she screwed with the Baronesses’ show

  • Daniel R
    Daniel R15 days ago

    I don't understand the backlash. I think this looks INCREDIBLE. I didn't really grow up with Disney movies like most other people did, so I haven't actually watched the dalmatian movies. But I absolutely love this style of crazy but smart and powerful people (both men and women) and it makes for incredible stories.

  • A B3k
    A B3k15 days ago

    This lady is a nut lol

  • M0THRA
    M0THRA15 days ago

    it looks like there are dresses in the vault. Maybe the moths were put in there to eat them?

  • ASMR MovieHead
    ASMR MovieHead15 days ago

    So I think Emma Stone is supposed to be young Glenn Close.