Charisma Carpenter calls out Joss Whedon, #FireGinaCarano trends #1 on Twitter



  • Rahman Yii
    Rahman YiiDay ago

    Here's what Yoda said to Grace, I sense much fear in you.

  • Kyle Hopkins
    Kyle Hopkins6 days ago

    It really is disappointing when ur idols turn out to be pieces of shit

  • Tony Randall
    Tony Randall7 days ago

    Things aren't going to be tolerated. Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein. Gina made her own bed. Joss sounds like a creep. Entitled to your opinion but have to face consequences.

  • Budgie Cat

    Budgie Cat

    6 days ago

    Gina shoulda known Kathleen Kennedy was gonna use her words to boot her since Kathleen is afraid of Jon Favreau's uprising which might usurp her throne and thus getting rid of Gina puts a dent in Jon Favreau's movement since Jon had a spin off show planned for Gina. Kathleen Kennedy probably try to go after Rosario Dawson next using the angry Twitter move to her convenience which Jon ha a spin off show planned for her as well.

  • r0 ko
    r0 ko12 days ago

    "Freedom only for the supporters of the government, only for the members of a party - however numerous they may be - is no freedom at all. Freedom is always the freedom of the one who thinks differently. Not because of the fanaticism of "justice", but rather because all that is instructive, wholesome, and purifying in political freedom depends on this essential characteristic, and its effects cease to work when "freedom" becomes a privilege." Rosa Luxemburg [co-founder of the Comunist Party of Germany

  • Cristoff Trevor
    Cristoff Trevor14 days ago

    Amazing 👏

  • Malai Maren
    Malai Maren14 days ago

    26:20 cant believe someone would think/say that...RIP free speech

  • King Katie
    King Katie16 days ago

    I really like the way Grace handles "controversial" topics. By treating them like they aren't, because they are not. "She should not have access to her own social media account" - Grace Randolph spitting cold hard truth ... Cara Dune will forever live on now because of this. She was fucking iconic; therefore, it is a real shame... its just a shame and people on the internert need to chill the fuck out as well, because out of all the MMA fighters we should have held accountable, Gina Carano was the last damn one. Her issue was she was an MMA fighter ( not a politician ) under Disney contract, rules and empire... fuck .. that is all

  • Dark Kommissar
    Dark Kommissar17 days ago

    @cancelDisney+ trended at #1 too.

  • John Lindsay
    John Lindsay17 days ago

    How is it a tough situation? Hamada tried to sweep improprieties under the rug and so the victim of those improprieties called him out. How do you fire the victim? That’s not a gray area.

    WORLD PVP18 days ago

    Gina Carano: MAGA = 150 million Americans, 75 million which voted for MAGA you ignorant sac. Tone deaf? is there anyone more tone deaf then you? Conservative = MAGA... you just don't get it. You should talk about movies, period. Your assecment of MAGA clearly is a derivative of where you get your news from... pathetic.

  • Rusty Denham
    Rusty Denham18 days ago

    LOL The "company" is the one who made what Gina said seem horrible when it was really simple political commentary which was cherry picked and misrepresented for clicks and shock value.

  • Brian Gressett
    Brian Gressett19 days ago

    Thank goodness. I was so pissed when McDonald's took Hi-C Orange and replaced it with fanta.

  • Blighty
    Blighty19 days ago

    Grace not telling us what they did reminds me of Tripod's song called King Kong. 😂😂😂✌🏻

  • Alphabet 7
    Alphabet 720 days ago

    You call conservatives nazis all the time

  • Alphabet 7
    Alphabet 720 days ago

    We're the extremists? What about 3 billion $ in damages and 50 people dead by BLM and ANTIfA?

  • Alphabet 7
    Alphabet 720 days ago

    Omg I wish I could take this video down for the misinformation

  • Alphabet 7
    Alphabet 720 days ago

    You don't understand Maga

  • Alphabet 7
    Alphabet 720 days ago

    You call us fucking nazis

  • Alphabet 7
    Alphabet 720 days ago

    Goodbye grace. I see your true colors now

  • Alphabet 7
    Alphabet 720 days ago

    She didn't say anything about trans. All she did was put her pronouns as bebop cuz of star wars as a joke

  • Mezmerized4Life Jay
    Mezmerized4Life Jay20 days ago

    Joss is a piece of 💩

  • Geek Beat
    Geek Beat20 days ago

    Can someone tell me what Whedon did? All say he build a toxic environment. What does that mean? Also what did he do to Ray Fisher?

  • William Clay

    William Clay

    20 days ago

    He hurt their feelings.

  • graphicsbrian
    graphicsbrian21 day ago

    I doubt you will see this but I just un-subbed and I wanted to tell you why.. too many politics Grace. I really like you and have enjoyed hearing your opinions for years but this video made me feel very unwelcome. I feel like you are feeding the beast with some of this. Too much hate and too many misrepresented statements of Gina. I didn’t feel you had any empathy for her. Her opinions aren’t that far from 1/2 of the country. The mob sucks. The mob won. Mob justice is no justice. Gina will be fine but I can’t say the same about Star Wars. Best of luck to you and your channel. I’m gonna take a break for a while. I’m sure I won’t be missed.

  • ian redgate
    ian redgate21 day ago

    Clone High sucked and so does Grace

  • Noland55
    Noland5521 day ago

    I don't get it. If it was so " toxic" why didn't they just leave. Their careers were made being on his shows. Where are they now? Why now after all this time? And what exactly did he do?

  • Toruk Makto
    Toruk Makto21 day ago

    *_"Nobody is against conservatives"_* Another bold-faced lie.

  • Robyne Kelly
    Robyne Kelly21 day ago

    Grace, your coverage of the first story was very lackluster.

  • Avi vitsman
    Avi vitsman21 day ago

    I'm a jew and an israeli . . . and 🔊 I AM NOT OFFENDED BY WHAT GINA SAID ❗❗ . . . ☝and i don't feel she crossed a line at all ❗❗

  • Chani Lerner

    Chani Lerner

    21 day ago

    Same here 👍

  • Avi vitsman
    Avi vitsman21 day ago

    😊💖. WE LOVE GINA .💖 ❗❗❗

  • Connor 22
    Connor 2222 days ago

    Moral of the story- Don't use Twitter

  • dave spiess
    dave spiess22 days ago

    Gina Carano should not have been fired! PERIOD!!

  • The Secret Life of Pets 3 and Rio 3

    The Secret Life of Pets 3 and Rio 3

    18 days ago


  • Karl Sweeney
    Karl Sweeney22 days ago

    Bill Burr is not a conservative.

  • Refat Oemar
    Refat Oemar22 days ago

    You know.... You know...........

  • Kelly D.
    Kelly D.22 days ago

    I wonder why Sarah Michelle Geller is so quiet. As for Gina Carano, good riddance!

  • MeTube
    MeTube22 days ago

    I think Disney hired some conservative actors so that the the shows would have a wider appeal in casting terms. But, I also think Gina Carano probably took her casting on a major Disney show as a signal that Disney is okay with her politics. Or maybe she thought her politics are nothing to do with her job. Well, now she knows she can't have both.

  • MeTube
    MeTube22 days ago

    Chris Pratt is okay. He's conservative but he has Arnie as a father-in-law and Arnie is center-right and will make sure Chris Pratt doesn't go too far to the right.

  • MeTube


    22 days ago

    @Dirg Ramsey Grow up.

  • Dirg Ramsey

    Dirg Ramsey

    22 days ago


  • Aloha Coach
    Aloha Coach22 days ago

    Ginas post were not that bad at all. They media blowing it out of proportion. As the media tends to do.

  • Raul Ochoa
    Raul Ochoa22 days ago

    I honestly don’t see how anyone could defend any of these people, especially Gina. She was very vocal on a very popular social media site. What did she expect to happen when she makes such outrageous remarks? She likened being a republican to a Jew in the Holocaust and it wasn’t the first comment like this that she had made. This is not ok. This is behavior that should get you fired. Period. In many other professions these kinds of comments would get you fired. Why shouldn’t she be held to the same standards? You all need to keep the same energy instead of letting your bias show.

  • Raul Ochoa

    Raul Ochoa

    21 day ago

    @Toruk Makto ok

  • Toruk Makto

    Toruk Makto

    21 day ago

    You stupid bastard. Disney proved Gina's post to be absolutely correct.

  • MrCr86


    22 days ago

    But they proved her point.. how may actors compared republicans to Natzis and still have their job.. all of them.

  • psinno


    22 days ago

    > She likened being a republican to a Jew in the Holocaust No she didn't.

  • jon_honor
    jon_honor22 days ago

    Think like me or prepare to be banned or eliminated. The USA current climate.

  • Aloha Coach
    Aloha Coach22 days ago

    So much for freedom of speech. Where you have to apologies for speaking your heart. Any opinion on anything offends someone. I guess as a fighter myself I have a soft spot for her lol. Politics makes me wanna barf.

  • Tyler
    Tyler22 days ago

    Weren't Velma and Shaggy a thing at one point?

  • Zillamon51
    Zillamon5122 days ago

    Grace, I'm confused. How bad is it? Is it bad? Is it really bad? Or is it so bad?

  • Tyler
    Tyler22 days ago

    Grace whenever theres a news slow you should do a segment in tyour live streams or a separate video where you can review some of the recent leaks / past scoops and whether they've come true or not. Put some respec on your name for the stuff u get right and report first. You can call it... Beyond Beyond The Trailer (or Beyond The Trailer [and] Beyond)

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow22 days ago

    So Grace you want to act like the tweet Gina Carano put out about the Nazi comparison is so bad but yet you, liberals and Hollywood will not speak out against China who have actual concentration camps today

  • MiL_BoT
    MiL_BoT22 days ago

    I thought Carano was a trans person herself. I didn’t know she was part of the cray far right.

  • Tyler
    Tyler22 days ago

    i'd like to hear from some Avengers actors (and Thor: The Dark World for that case as he came over to help out) about how Joss Whedon conducted himself on set

  • Champuli


    22 days ago

    Same here!

  • JCgaming
    JCgaming22 days ago

    wait, im very late to this but, why do people want Gina carano to leave again?

  • Kenny Palmer
    Kenny Palmer22 days ago

    I feel like grace is on hbo Max’s books! Pushes it every video.

  • Christopher CDUBS

    Christopher CDUBS

    21 day ago

    Trying VERY hard to make HBO max happen. And the snyder cut, on and on. Is it a different cut? Or a completely different movie with hours of extra filming done to try and fix the shitshow it was?

  • Stan Poulard
    Stan Poulard22 days ago

    Bill Burr isn’t conservative at all wtf?

  • kate patskevich
    kate patskevich22 days ago

    I bet directors like Michael Curtiz wouldn't have been allowed to work today at all. There were so many talented and yet very demanding and "toxic" directors and producers in that era

  • lafeil
    lafeil22 days ago

    This going hurt the show and after while going have to rehire her in future at high salary. Look at James, was rehire after few years. Hollywood, need tell their people stay off Twitter and Facebook.

  • Keith Owens
    Keith Owens22 days ago

    In story 1 you never said what happened

  • hddd
    hddd22 days ago

    its good they fired gina shes fuckin crazy

  • ultramage1
    ultramage122 days ago

    So we protect the guy who protects those abusing people ?? hamada ?

  • wazza bull
    wazza bull22 days ago

    somebody needs knocking off her high horse

  • The Oscar Nominated A-Hole
    The Oscar Nominated A-Hole22 days ago

    Grace: It’s so bad. So bad an independent woman has a different opinion.

  • Red X

    Red X

    22 days ago

    @The Oscar Nominated A-Hole She sucks either way. Her acting is so bad lol

  • The Oscar Nominated A-Hole

    The Oscar Nominated A-Hole

    22 days ago

    @deadliest_angels she was comparing how there is division amongst each other and how that happened back in the 30’s that led to the Holocaust. Also, Pedro Pascal did the same thing in 2018 with a Holocaust comparison. And if it triggers someone, then close the tab and move on to something else. People are allowed to have different opinions.

  • deadliest_angels


    22 days ago

    She was comparing republicans to Jewish people dying..............

  • Unoculus
    Unoculus22 days ago

    Idk why people are trying to say Carano 'shouldn't' have been fired for her comments when all of our employers can fire us for the same reason. It's the exact reason why we're told to be careful what we post on social media because if an employer decides to look you up online, they can fire you if what you do or say doesn't align with the company's values.

  • Ty Long

    Ty Long

    22 days ago

    Exactly if you work for Corporate America you have to watch your comments.

  • Alicia Baig
    Alicia Baig22 days ago

    I wonder if she would have got fired if she used an example of black people being slaved . Hmmm 🤔 moral of the story is pick anything to compare except one.

  • Brad
    Brad22 days ago

    Hi Grace -- long time subscriber here. I continue loving the coverage. Why not talk a bit about the potential for other actors to backfill Gina Carano. How about Frankie Adams from "The Expanse"?

  • LLL417
    LLL41722 days ago

    I guess I don’t get today’s “I’m offended” culture. Why does it matter what someone you don’t even know personally thinks? I can’t even believe you said what Gina did is worse than Joss. He ruined people’s lives. Gina is just saying tone deaf nonsense that only hurts people dumb enough to let it 🙄

  • VerseWonder Strikes
    VerseWonder Strikes22 days ago

    Marvel should bring Ray Fisher in as the new Black Panther.

  • William Clay

    William Clay

    20 days ago

    Hell no.

  • Andy Lindsey
    Andy Lindsey22 days ago

    I'm surprised there's a Wizard of Oz remake in the works. There's only two possible ways a Wizard of Oz movie could be made without being under the original's shadow. Either finally make Wicked a movie or do something like "Dark Side of the Rainbow", so it's drastically different in nature from the original and would get a lot of attention.

  • Adam Sevy
    Adam Sevy22 days ago

    PS Clone High was great--glad to hear its coming back.

  • Steve Robbins
    Steve Robbins22 days ago

    I tried and tried to find the part of your video that says what they actually did. Gave up trying after about 30 clicks.

  • Nathan Fox
    Nathan Fox22 days ago

    Grace, Pedro Pascal compared immigrant detention facilities to concentration camps in 2018. Why does he deserve a pass?

  • MrCr86


    17 days ago

    @JUMPOFF 396 Yes they were, if you did not hear about it it did not mean it did not happen. and please explain the difference in the purpose it is being used for now to back when Obama order it.

  • JUMPOFF 396

    JUMPOFF 396

    17 days ago

    @MrCr86 but it wasn’t use for the purpose it is being used for now. Kids didn’t die under his watch nor were they separated and lost

  • MrCr86


    22 days ago

    @Mahim mahim But it started under Obama, and they way you talk. you have being radicalize by the media and act exactly as extreme .

  • Nathan Fox

    Nathan Fox

    22 days ago

    @Mahim mahim So you give people passes if they agree with you politically, I see.

  • Mahim mahim

    Mahim mahim

    22 days ago

    Conservative people r not separated from their children by ice for being conservative. But ice does that to immigrant seeking refugee. And several children died in their custody. So u can compare them and he gets a pass.

  • Ingram Jones
    Ingram Jones22 days ago

    So my question is, how much is Snyder paying you to cape covertly for him?

  • Nerd Toy Reviews
    Nerd Toy Reviews22 days ago

    I'm 15 minutes in in Grey's Hasbro continuous we talked about how bad the situation is and how awful Joss Whedon in Jeff John's are, I'm not sure if she ever gets to what actually happens, guess I'll come back later

  • theylied1776
    theylied177622 days ago

    Let's be honest. Bill Burr and George Lucas get a pass in Hollywood because they are both married to highly accomplished (Hedge Fund Manager and Law Partner) Black Women.

  • Darrell Uy
    Darrell Uy22 days ago

    Always grateful for your videos, Grace!!

  • Puckaluck
    Puckaluck22 days ago

    What did Johns do? No one will say explicitly what he did.

  • John Patrick
    John Patrick22 days ago

    Grace, tell me what happened re Whedon. Stop blathering on and on without details

  • Rab McL
    Rab McL22 days ago

    What is the world coming to when you are fired for an opinion?

  • blue26
    blue2622 days ago

    James gunns tweet were very disturbing i dont care it was a joke. Dont try to downplay it

  • Aslan Dark Lion 80
    Aslan Dark Lion 8022 days ago

    Gina gets fired for being vocal about her believes, and yet Kristina Arielle gets to keep her job( so far) and she posted some pretty controversial tweets. I also believe that extremists on each side are bad but I also believe that there should be equality and so if one gets fired the other should too. But we shall see, I don't think it's gonna go the way Lucas Films thinks it's going to go.

  • Eduardo Braga

    Eduardo Braga

    22 days ago

    She’s delusional. Conservatives are being persecuted like Jewish people in Nazi Germany? What the actual fuck?

  • Rich Sing41
    Rich Sing4122 days ago

    Another big mouthed idiot loses a job because of their big mouth Gina Carano oppressed how are you being denied something are you being told where you cant live who you cant marry where you cant go to school wow what an idiot good riddance

  • Robert Delisi
    Robert Delisi22 days ago

    Grace is a Communist Sympathizer and a Gaslighter for the Chinese/Democrat Party. She is your enemy.

  • resurgam75
    resurgam7522 days ago

    I'm not American, but I have seen footage of Republicans being beaten in the streets recently......

  • Phillip Walker
    Phillip Walker22 days ago

    Grace I think you did a good job of explaining the difference between Conservatives and MAGAs. I’m a southern Baptist and would love to vote conservative but some of their supporters make it hard to.

  • Mark Roy
    Mark Roy22 days ago

    So just being honest here, this stream was awful. I usually love listening to your insight on things but you have provided absolutely none here. Instead of informing us on the context of what is going on, you just repeated "This is really bad" about a dozen times. If you credit yourself as a journalist and you are reporting on a story, your audience should not have to look elsewhere to find out what actually happened.

    ADDOITALLDAY22 days ago

    You can’t be a political revolutionary and a brand ambassador at the same time. Now Gina can tweet all she wants. Her Representatives have dropped her as well.

  • Andy Baird
    Andy Baird22 days ago

    You lost me at “I want to be clear here” anything said after that is going to be intentionally or unintentionally gaslighting

  • marcus Bear
    marcus Bear22 days ago

    Hold on bill burr is not a conservative he is comedian who makes fun on liberals

  • Kaito Spin
    Kaito Spin22 days ago

    This reminds me of her Brightburn review in which she claimed that she hated the movie for a whole bunch of issues related to internet toxicity I suppose but apart from mumbling and dancing around the issue she never quite spoke about her reasons for hating it.

  • Kevin Accetta
    Kevin Accetta22 days ago

    That's all Gina Carano did..? xD I don't think she should get fired or anything, but she sure isn't a very smart person lol.

  • F.R.N. F
    F.R.N. F22 days ago

    Of course Grace, when Pedro Pascal calls people nazis and fascists you are just fine with it...

  • ll ll
    ll ll22 days ago

    What an idiot Gina C. is. I mean why didn't she just march with those rioters last Jan. 6 to the capital. How much u wanna bet she is a Trumper. I mean is being fired my Disney worth a few tweets? I don't think so. Good luck finding work now. Try Fox News now.

  • Foster
    Foster22 days ago

    "nobody's against conservatives, they're against MAGAs" nah i'm against conservatives

  • Symbolic Gamer

    Symbolic Gamer

    22 days ago


  • Matthew Agosto
    Matthew Agosto22 days ago

    Celebrities been saying wtvr tf they want on social media they don’t care and sometimes like she said they don social media for you ... but still just fire or kill her off 💀

  • Mike Redoble
    Mike Redoble22 days ago

    you know......the demographic that subscribes and watches the Mandalorian isn't the Antifa BLM an Austronesian male who has followed Gina Carano before she stepped in front of the camera.....this is the most retarded thing that Hollywood has ever done....for a group that espouses the woke....she was in Thailand getting the cuts and bruises in poverty to get to where they wanted her for fame as a woman warrior....the ultimate feminist icon in their opinion.....just because she doesn't toe the line and isn't a pansy like the demographic they're chasing but never going to get because they're too caught up in their closed little world of fantasy about justice Don Quixote's...

  • Admiral Ackbar
    Admiral Ackbar22 days ago

    Hopefully you guys see this, Grace Randolph said Jacob Trembaly is "not hot enough" to play Percy Jackson, he is 14 year old, And the character of Percy Jackson is 12. This is a grown woman. Please boost this.

  • Rodrigo Pérez
    Rodrigo Pérez22 days ago

    Let me get this straight. It's not ok to compare people to nazis? Because that's what 99% of Hollywood has been doing against 75 million americans every day for longer than 4 years. Someone please give them a mirror that works.

  • Apollo Creed
    Apollo Creed22 days ago

    All they did when they fired Gina was prove her right.

  • Apollo Creed

    Apollo Creed

    22 days ago

    @Helo1138 you are so incredibly stupid that I am absolutely shocked to even know how to walk. If you look at the post and listen to what she saying you wouldn’t make this comment. Or maybe you’re just in capable of comprehending it. I’m not saying I agree or disagree. What I’m saying is that she is silenced because she’s not conforming.

  • Helo1138


    22 days ago

    Well, Gina proved that she is Nazi-trash.

  • KalvinEllis
    KalvinEllis22 days ago

    Are you EVER going to tell us what is this mysterious "despicable behavior" that Geoff Johns has engaged in that you keep referring to for all this time without specifying anything about it. Cause there's a difference between supposedly "enabling" someone else's despicable behavior and engaging in despicable behavior yourself. What has this man SPECIFICALLY said and done that's so abhorrent that he should lose everything because of it.

  • Higgs Boson

    Higgs Boson

    22 days ago

    she's probably scared of a defamation lawsuit.

  • Jonas C.
    Jonas C.22 days ago

    Majority of the world isn’t on Twitter, so if someone trends on it, might seem like a big deal on there and get picked up by a few online outlets, but outside of that bubble knowledge of anything is close to nil.

  • ICU1337


    17 days ago

    @Millie Dancer only thing that was proven is that Gina knows how to spit at a gift horse in the face. This was Gina's first truly successful outing and her employer was willing to give her her own show as the lead character. And what does she do? Spits in their face. Repeatedly, just to claim some "morale high ground victory". She was willfully making enemies on social media, that she didnt need to be engaging with. She had a choice and she made her choice. If you want to see Gina as a victim thats fine. Just make sure to see that her adversary is none other than herself and that shes her own victim.

  • Jonas C.

    Jonas C.

    22 days ago

    @VerseWonder Strikes yeah because 330 million Twitter users is the majority of the world... so yes I’ll keep thinking that.

  • dan freeman

    dan freeman

    22 days ago

    I’ve looked at Twitter.... it’s not a good place, so I’m not even on it, and I work online 💁

  • Dustin


    22 days ago

    @Millie Dancer People facing consequences for dumb actions is nothing new.

  • Millie Dancer

    Millie Dancer

    22 days ago

    @VerseWonder Strikes its true. though. Most of the world isn't on twitter.

  • Masked Mono
    Masked Mono22 days ago

    Everyone was shitting on Ray Fisher about joss whedon and now charisma carpenter says the same thing they support and believe her. Peops gonna apologise to Ray?

  • Masked Mono

    Masked Mono

    20 days ago

    @William Clay almost 20 years later

  • William Clay

    William Clay

    20 days ago

    Charisma Carpenter gave details about what happened.

  • Leaf Scott
    Leaf Scott22 days ago

    I find it inter4esting that the day she gets fired, Pedro Pascal introduces his trans sister to the world... I have too many trans friends who were upset by Carano's comments, and my Jewish friends today are having a meltdown.

  • DodgerRiley
    DodgerRiley22 days ago

    There is no differenve between Republucans and MAGA. Look how Marjorie Taylor Green is favored over Liz Cheney.

  • Eldho George

    Eldho George

    22 days ago

    I don't think many of the MAGA people care about Marjorie Taylor green tbh and they don't like Liz Cheney. They don't like the establishment republicans

  • DVD Exchange-Online
    DVD Exchange-Online22 days ago

    What Gina said is historically correct. A Dem was calling for Rep's kids to be put in "re-education camps"! American freedoms and values are under attack and disappearing fast...

  • DVD Exchange-Online

    DVD Exchange-Online

    22 days ago

    @N R Yes, saying people needed to be blacklisted, put in camps, targeted by drone strikes, etc. because of their political beliefs is extremely fascist

  • N R

    N R

    22 days ago

    fk you, fascist.

  • Gregory Banks
    Gregory Banks22 days ago

    If Gina Corana gets fired for comparing today’s political climate to Nazi Germany than she is probably right.

  • F.R.N. F

    F.R.N. F

    22 days ago


  • Mase Windo

    Mase Windo

    22 days ago


  • Upside Down
    Upside Down22 days ago

    To be clear, I don't have a conservative or god forbid, MAGA leanings, but a point was made regarding being a conservative in Hollywood, which made me think. If we're honest, it's far easier to be a progressive in Hollywood than a conservative. The difference is even more stark when you have a vocal progressive versus a vocal conservative. I guess it doesn't help that the industry is heavily tilted this way. This is in stark contrast with the US as a whole, where the division is balanced.

  • Mase Windo

    Mase Windo

    22 days ago

    "The difference is even more stark when you have a vocal progressive versus a vocal conservative" perfectly said