Captain America 4 Movie CONFIRMED! Sam Wilson MCU!


Captain America 4 today! Beyond The Trailer's breakdown! Falcon & Winter Soldier is such a big hit, Sam Wilson is getting his own MCU movie!
Captain America 4 today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's breakdown of news that Marvel aka the MCU is making Captain America 4 starring Sam Wilson aka Anthony Mackie! Malcolm Spellman head writer on Falcon & Winter Soldier is developing! Will it co-star Bucky aka Winter Soldier, Sharon Carter aka Power Broker, John Walker, Agent Torres, Flag Smasher, Zemo, Thunderbolts and more?! Enjoy this breakdown of Captain America 4 before you see each full movie! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • dd
    dd8 days ago

    I'm a little unsure how Sam Wilson will hold the Cap mantle without the super soldier serum. The history of Cap shows him going up against all kinds of evil. And just as we saw John Walker fail to beat all odds without the serum it is hard for me to imagine swallowing when they depict Sam getting hit by something substantial (like a Spidey punch) and getting up from it. Yes I understand we are all against steroids and yes I understand that Steve Rogers was Cap for a lot more reasons than the serum and Sam has those same traits, however how do you fight the Rhino, how do you grab Thano's fist and stop it for seconds, how do you take hits from Iron Man and keep giving back, or beat up 7 (was it 7) hydra agents in a closed elevator. I love Sam but there needs to be a way to honestly or accidentally give him that serum if the Cap story lines can continue as they have for the last 70 years.

  • DarthVader20201
    DarthVader202019 days ago

    Grace 👍

  • slickrickcm
    slickrickcm10 days ago

    All the things they set up can be taken into other movies 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Josh Loves Movies
    Josh Loves Movies12 days ago

    Captain America 4 coming in 2024!

  • rudimusawesomusmaximus
    rudimusawesomusmaximus12 days ago

    Sharon is setup to be the villain in Armor Wars. It was obvious when she said on her phone call she'll have access to gov't tech & they purposely had Roadie in the 1st episode.

  • OctZ2001
    OctZ200112 days ago

    Not watching. Falcon and Winter soldier was GARBAGE.

  • X Stream
    X Stream14 days ago

    Blue Marvel...Blue Marvel...Blue Marvel... his story is ammaaaazing!

  • 04nbod
    04nbod16 days ago

    Of course Jane thor worked out, she's got her own Valkyries side of Marvel comics now, they killed Brunnhilde for her! Its just that comics always go back to the status quo

  • Mike Mane
    Mike Mane17 days ago

    I would understand if they do put Bucky in it. But I think they should replace him with Misty Knight.

  • kyle D
    kyle D18 days ago

    People have been starving for marvel content so it doesn’t surprise me that it was number one on streaming. Black widow is gonna be the most money they make using premier access on Disney +!

  • kyle D

    kyle D

    18 days ago

    And people are gonna buy it at home instead of theatre’s. Marvels first movie on Disney + is gonna make a butt tons of money not including theaters money they bring in. What do you think

  • kyle D
    kyle D18 days ago

    I wish I could do what you do for a living. Movies are my life especially comic book movies and series. I could be really good. Hey Grace you down to be my master and I’ll be your apprentice lol seriously i would surprise you. You’re really talented and I love watching you you’re the first page i check out first every time I go online love ya grace you’re the goat

  • Vanderson Valley
    Vanderson Valley18 days ago

    Also, I hope they make Patriot more like-able because I did not care for him in the comics.

  • Vanderson Valley
    Vanderson Valley18 days ago

    They need to bring in a assistant director who can film action scenes. Which was lacking in spectacle. Also, can we go back to not nerfing Bucky like they did in the show.

  • DeusExMacchiato
    DeusExMacchiato18 days ago

    Bro i want Zemo, Ylena, John Walker and Justin Hammer (Iron Man) as the Thunderbolts. I think Sam Rockwell's character is different enough from Iron Man but still has the charisma.

  • DeusExMacchiato
    DeusExMacchiato18 days ago

    I'm thinking Sharon Carter may be a Skrull.

  • lukasky03
    lukasky0318 days ago

    Grace: They can’t take Secret Invasion from Captain Marvel. Me: Do it! Do it! Do it!

  • iulix max
    iulix max18 days ago

    Really no excited 😒 if it's like the tv show😴 if you want the a really good superhero show watch invincible is amazing😍👍

  • Blu
    Blu18 days ago

    It will be interesting to get another Iron Man movie with a different lead actor.

  • Archamus DK
    Archamus DK18 days ago

    i honestly thought winter soldier would take the shield and continue as captain america.

  • Natalia Ruiz
    Natalia Ruiz18 days ago

    Awesome he deserves it and that speech was omg and his costume was official

  • MopUp
    MopUp19 days ago

    Was Sam ever in Wakanda?

  • sudha bhatt

    sudha bhatt

    18 days ago

    Yup. In infinity war

  • Rafael Manzo
    Rafael Manzo19 days ago

    Captain America 4 needs to have a big cinematic story for the level up. A noteworthy event. Sam deserves everything

    ALETHIA TOP MODEL19 days ago


    JAEGERIST19 days ago

    Idk. It works with Falcon because we grew up with him. That along with the show gave us a very natural transition that I think will be hard to replicate with the rest.

  • Varsikan Games
    Varsikan Games19 days ago

    Season 2 NOT A MOVIE

  • Varsikan Games
    Varsikan Games19 days ago


  • Michael Antony Austin
    Michael Antony Austin19 days ago

    Cap 4 will surely go the classic 'big bad' route perhaps followed by a season 2 of FATWS where they can further explore the social side. I think it would make sense to treat Sam as the new Captain America and not dwell on the colour factor (important as it may be). Isn't it time we just saw our heroes as human, and not constantly base things on colour, religion, nationality, sexuality etc. ?

  • Octo Pi
    Octo Pi19 days ago

    I want to see CA4 tackle a terrorist organization like Hydra or Aim. That's usually what Captain America does and it works great that way.

  • Flight of the Agitator

    Flight of the Agitator

    18 days ago

    +Octo Pi In that case, sam’s cap should face off against sin, the red skulls daughter, who leads a hit squad/ mercenary outfit. They could even have him go up against the serpent society.

  • Octo Pi
    Octo Pi19 days ago

    Being Captain America is more than just a title, it means that Sam is the new leader of the Avengers.

  • Armand Jokerkid
    Armand Jokerkid19 days ago

    The flash back sequence of Iseah should be used during the story line of this grandson so it will be far on the futures. And for Tores I hope he gate an inventive idea for is suit like having special jambière ( it will take just take some taekwondo, an lucha libre style) different from Sam who use caporeia

  • Cisco Lake
    Cisco Lake19 days ago

    I think Jason Aaron did a great job writing Thor Jane Foster.

  • Toruk Makto
    Toruk Makto19 days ago

    Heard the show was woke trash. RIP marvel.

  • Forus1234
    Forus123419 days ago

    I think it's important to note that a movie doesn't have to chose between providing a perspective on being black in America and facing an outside menace. The amazing thing about being black is that it's always with you. Whatever he experiences, it will always be an a black person. Also, black people like to enjoy a storyline that isn't about collective black trauma. If fact, we've seen a very real pushback lately about how we don't want the only stories about black people to be about them being shot, killed, and exploited. The series was a great place to flesh out Sam's personal drama with accepting the shield and at the same time introduce all these new concepts and characters. Now that he's accepted the role, it will be important to draw us into the storyline of his heroism and growth. I don't want Sam or any black MCU characters to be tragic figures. They can have human emotions but they have to be functioning SUPERHEROES. Like we saw in FWS, sometimes he will respond differently to issues because of his upbringing, military service, Avenger experience, etc., but everything can't be because he's black.

  • Ryan Coleman
    Ryan Coleman19 days ago

    FatWS was all about Sam accepting his role as Cap. Now we need a movie where he is Cap the entire time.

  • Thespian Charles
    Thespian Charles19 days ago

    I could see them sprinkling the thunderbolts throughout the series and movies and have them be the main villains of the Captain America movie

  • James P
    James P19 days ago

    While Sharon was identified as the Powerbroker there is obviously more to it. Either she likely took over for the previous Powerbroker or maybe she is working with him as an apprentice/partner. Exciting for a Sam Captain America movie

  • the ghostly one
    the ghostly one19 days ago

    Grace reminds me of the Power Broker.

  • DatPsychGuy
    DatPsychGuy19 days ago

    7:15 - 7:45 🥴🤦🏾‍♂️

  • James Third
    James Third19 days ago

    I think Sharon Carter is actually Skrullon Carter

  • Bientoro Hadi Wibowo
    Bientoro Hadi Wibowo20 days ago

    Kevins team are getting busy and more busy..😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • michael jeacock
    michael jeacock20 days ago

    grace: "they are switching up the lead which they have never done before." black panther: "excuse me?"

  • GrandmasterCadillac 905
    GrandmasterCadillac 90520 days ago

    I don’t see why Blade needs to be “Black-centric”. His race is a total non-factor for his character. Like, I hope we don’t get a bunch of speeches about what it’s like to be a black vampire Hunter or whatever. If no one batted an eye in 1998 I doubt they will in 202X. I know the modern rules of Hollywood will probably dictate that Blade needs a black director and majority black writers but I really don’t see the benefit of it.

  • Top5NoQuestions
    Top5NoQuestions20 days ago

    Happy for Anthony. Proof that hard work pays off. I was kind of hoping old Cap would have shown up and talked to Sam for a scene or two in the show. Would have been cool.

  • Princess 45
    Princess 4520 days ago

    I think they can. They need to make sure that they do it correctly. If they don't, people will NOT be happy as mackie is ONLY marvel superhero with bosman passing. With gog3 being filmed soon, do they film ca4 1st or do gog3 first?

  • gjsncr
    gjsncr20 days ago

    It's all about the writing. The show was fantastic. All the movie has to do is run with the torch. I'd like to see the government trying to deal with a "rogue" captain america who is embraced by the public and who insists on speaking truth to power.

  • Derrick Marais
    Derrick Marais20 days ago

    Big hook for Cap 4...evil Steve Rogers clone with Red Skull's mind.

  • Elijah Hope
    Elijah Hope20 days ago


  • The Doll Aisle
    The Doll Aisle20 days ago

    Wanda deserves her own movie too :/ not just a supporting role in other people’s movies 🙄 she might be important to them but she’s still not the titled character :/

  • Himanshu Sisodia
    Himanshu Sisodia20 days ago

    It's a big move for MCU, but it will be difficult to market it for the International Audience, cause Steve Roger's version is still in demand and most of them wants him back as the Captain America (maybe in an alternative universe)

  • supersaiyn4four
    supersaiyn4four20 days ago

    I would like to see more multiverse with Chris Evan’s returning but as Hydra Cap and Sam has to confront his former friend and hero, could even bring Peggy Cap too!

  • Ana Martau
    Ana Martau20 days ago

    Hello and im new here and cool because is captain america 4

  • Noah Henson
    Noah Henson20 days ago

    Barnes definitely merits inclusion in CA4, as he has been in every CA film so far and is a deeply intriguing character. That said, I feel he needs a new superhero name, as "Bucky" is a goofy name which only his closest friends should be allowed to call him... and he is no longer the pawn of Hydra aka The Winter Soldier.

  • Rodrigo Pérez
    Rodrigo Pérez20 days ago

    You say it ranked #1 but there's nothing else on tv. Why did you hide the total of minutes viewed? Because it doesn't support your narrative and you're a manipulative b$%&#, aren't you?

  • Richard S
    Richard S20 days ago

    Weird youtubers all say this show rocked . real life friends say show was slow and a mess. Ill pass on this show still

  • CRAZY Clips!
    CRAZY Clips!20 days ago

    Why the movie title is captain america 4 if the original captain marvel is not the lead? The title should be the new captain america 1

  • theylied1776
    theylied177620 days ago

    You're not evil if you stop using an inferior iPhone. You're only evil if you start using a Huawei phone.

  • theylied1776
    theylied177620 days ago

    No, she should not direct Captain America 4.

  • Aaron G.
    Aaron G.20 days ago

    I wish Evans comes back in some sort of capacity.

  • Adam Foskey
    Adam Foskey20 days ago

    I want a US Agent show

  • N3rdify
    N3rdify20 days ago

    Yes they can. It was beautifully setup. I am EXCITED!!!

  • Jason Valin
    Jason Valin20 days ago

    Hopefully Steve shows up

  • ytj92
    ytj9220 days ago

    I feel like Superhero steroids for Eli would be too similar to John Walker's story and his super-solider serum temptations

  • imkluu
    imkluu20 days ago

    Sam gave the old broken wings to Torrez in the show. Seems a good bet he will fix them and use them.

  • Hulk Smash
    Hulk Smash20 days ago

    Hydra Society Grace?

  • Rui
    Rui20 days ago

    Probably unlikely but while watching I started to wonder, what if we’re already watching the multiverse and the stories we’re seeing from spider man far from home, wandavision and FAWS were all different splinter universes from after the blip.

  • Brock Bowen
    Brock Bowen20 days ago

    No interest. Big fan of cap character. Big fan of the falcon character. Falcon as cap ? Nope. It bombed in the comics and will bomb in theater. Marvel just keeps messing up. I think end game is looking like truly the end for the MCU in general.

  • Waseem
    Waseem20 days ago

    John Boyega probably wished he got Disney Plus now...

  • Kevin Lyda
    Kevin Lyda20 days ago

    Is Sharon Carter a Skrull?

  • Ovan61
    Ovan6121 day ago


  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH21 day ago

    I think they can change leads but only because of all the work Falcon/Captain America and The Winter Soldier did showing Sam prove he is worthy. I know Kevin Feige doesn't want any major evens to happen in the series but I think he's using them very strategically. Especially this one. If Sam were to just show up with the shield and new outfit it'd be quite jarring I think. Showing him accepting the part, training himself to fight alongside superpowered individuals and getting his new suit will make it all the more exciting when he shows up in the movie because we know how hard he fought to get it and that makes me so happy knowing we get to see him in that outfit, maybe altered a little, on the big screen with a big budget behind him. Anthony Mackie is amazing and it's going to be a lot of fun. I can remember back when Falcon fought Ant-Man at Avengers HQ and everyone was a little disappointed that it was Falcon. He's gotten better each time and now we know he has what it takes. I seriously can't wait. They need to bring that team from the show over. They've shown they know how to write for this character and direct some incredible action that I'm sure they could do even more with given a bigger budget and more time.

  • Garnet Fire
    Garnet Fire21 day ago

    What if it was a team-up movie where Sam leads the Avengers after Secret Invasion in a world where society doesn't trust the Avengers because of the Skrull infiltration. So... The Dark Avengers step up and "defend" Earth while having secret, malicious motives. So Sam's Avenger team (Capt America, Capt Marvel, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, and Wasp) would have to not only gain the trust of the public again but, also defeat the Dark Avengers (US Agent, Moonstone, Norman Osborn (Iron Patriot), Toxic Doxie, Sentry).

  • CJ Meiko
    CJ Meiko21 day ago

    If Anthony Mackie's agent was the one who said "try out for this Falcon character" back in the day; they deserve a raise 💵

  • mercurywoodrose
    mercurywoodrose21 day ago

    i know what i WANT to see. cap going after the american fascists. thats not going to happen. what would work. 1: sam gets the serum. maybe through blood transfusion. not planned. battle and emergency medicine. isaiah supplying it reluctantly. 2. sam can go up against a surrogate fascist group, such as hydra. roxxon type org maybe. 3. road trip. journeys across america to see what we need, as a people. listen to everyone. but with a secret side plot that creates tension while were watching, like someone spying on him. i dont want other black heroes aside from isaiah and his son. too crowded. give everyone some space. oh, unless he can partner with Thunderbird, who i always loved and hated to lose back in the day.

  • Bree Bree
    Bree Bree21 day ago

    If Sharon Carter is in the movie it would be really interesting that there's still a major dynamic between Captain America and Agent Carter.

  • Bree Lee
    Bree Lee21 day ago

    I'm so happy we get this!! And I'm so happy Mackie finally get the spotlight and the recognition!! I SO want to see this Cap on theaters! (I am worried, tho, about the sheer amount of projects Marvel has on the plate right now (and therefore the quality) long will we have to wait to see this, even? Like, if there was a season 2 it would be 2023 at most, i think, but for a movie?)

  • Albert Milton
    Albert Milton21 day ago

    I would love for Sam to have his own villain, but at the same time I would also be very interested to see another evil redhead adapted: Sin. She would be a great candidate for the 2.0 Sam was warning us about.

  • Sebastian Sauve
    Sebastian Sauve21 day ago

    Sharon Carter is a Skrull. Secret Invasion.

  • Sebastian Sauve
    Sebastian Sauve21 day ago

    Personally I was never a fan of Sam becoming Captain America, neither was I a fan of Bucky or John Walker. I think Sam, was a great Falcon, and he should be celebrated for that. I personally thought, that Patriot should have evolved into Captain America.

  • TheEllisWilkinson
    TheEllisWilkinson21 day ago

    Black Panther will be Shuri now aswell! So that’s 3 new lead avengers with old mantels!

  • MeTube
    MeTube21 day ago

    Can they switch over to a new lead for Cap 4? They already have. It's done :)

  • 1c3 sLy1
    1c3 sLy121 day ago

    can we just take a moment to acknowledge that this episode alone had 25 minutes straight minutes of action? What are the next movies going to be like? I can't wait till the "Endgame"of this phase!

  • Our Lady of Lourdes Church, MP
    Our Lady of Lourdes Church, MP21 day ago

    Some people might say that Wilson should lose the wings when he becomes Captain America, because Cap doesn’t have wings. I disagree! Captain America is not just a name, it’s a person! It’s whoever he happens to be! Sam Wilson is an expert at the military wings! He SHOULD use them! Whoever takes up the mantle of Cap brings his own self to the role!

  • lAmDreary
    lAmDreary21 day ago


  • aaron williams
    aaron williams21 day ago

    Don’t forget that fiege said he didn’t want viewers to have to watch the tv show to watch the movie so I highly doubt they would carry the story endings into the movie unless they find a way to introduce it to movie audiences

  • SuperKing604
    SuperKing60421 day ago

    I don’t think anything is taken away from Sam Wilson as Cap if Bucky is around the help and be a friend to him in a movie

  • Shayne Rawls
    Shayne Rawls21 day ago

    You said DOESNT have any story lines... He has a 2 year comic. Did you mean does?

    KEIKO MAGAZINE TV21 day ago

    I love how now that we have 3 franchises with a black cast... all of a sudden it’s “how will they distinguish themselves” ... 🙄 Humm by being different people? Just because they’re all black and all the same to you doesn’t mean that it’s reality! We are different from e/o within Africa believe it or not so with American we are day n’ night!

  • Rodrigo Pérez
    Rodrigo Pérez21 day ago


  • Whitney Mohrhauser
    Whitney Mohrhauser21 day ago

    Countessa Valerie Allegra de Fountaine. The creating Madame Hydra is big enough for Captain America 4. A New Hydra.... Is worthy Anthony Mackie.

  • Pink Dragon
    Pink Dragon21 day ago

    What about that throw away line about cap being on the FREAKING MOON!?! Whatsapp with that??

  • movie gurl74
    movie gurl7421 day ago

    Marvel is really pushing diversity and standing by there push

  • orlock20
    orlock2021 day ago

    I'd introduce the Skrull invasion that use an anarchist us verses them tactics that causes civil strife and civil war in many countries.

  • Kiara Ashanti
    Kiara Ashanti21 day ago

    That speech only works for a black person who sees him self as a victim. I mean Carly blew up a building with people inside and he said don’t call her a terrorist. really ???

  • Tyler
    Tyler21 day ago

    Cap 4 could be where sam realised he has to assemble the new avengers and so old man cap gives him access to Fury’s Toolbox

  • LeoJ
    LeoJ21 day ago

    Yeah well he's got the cheekbones and pectoral muscles worthy of the role. Great move.

  • 1c3 sLy1
    1c3 sLy121 day ago

    I don't think it's a problem switching to a new lead for this because Sam is a WELL established 2nd man to Steve. Now Buckeye is a supporter to Sam.

  • Tyler
    Tyler21 day ago

    Did they say who was directing? Is that what Malcom Spellman? I would love to see Ryan Coogler be involved. At least as a producer

  • Pixxie Spit
    Pixxie Spit21 day ago

    I’m just excited for a love interest for Sam (besides Bucky). 😊

  • Mo doc
    Mo doc21 day ago

    Serpent Society vs team Captain America

  • Mo doc

    Mo doc

    15 days ago

    @Samuel James_EST Well since i exect them to give Mackie at least 2 solo movies the second one should be Secret Empire. I know it want that popular but the set is there in the MCU. between Rogers going to another time line to live his life and come back to this one as old cap and the crazy alternate versions of characters they are doing with multiverse saga it makes sense to have the second captain America movie starring mackie as cap deal with rogers returning and some people wanting him to be cap again. I just dont think that should be the first mackie cap movie. At the end of FATWS he talks about whos going to be next after the flag smashers but we also learn that they started out working for Sharon (the MCU's Powerbroker/Viper/Spymaster) I think in armor wars we can expand her network and then for Cap 4 present her as the leader of the Serpent Society

  • Samuel James_EST

    Samuel James_EST

    21 day ago

    I think the villain should be Sin, she’s the Red Skull’s daughter

  • Ethan Mattix
    Ethan Mattix21 day ago

    So excited!! So excited! He's earned this movie, and I will be there to watch it in the theater when it comes out.