Black Panther Wakanda Forever, The Marvels - MCU Phase 4 BREAKDOWN


MCU Phase 4 today! Beyond The Trailer's breakdown new titles, release dates! Wakanda Forever, The Marvels, Quantumania, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, Fantastic Four!
MCU Phase 4 today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's breakdown of new titles and release dates for Marvel MCU Phase 4! Black Panther 2 Wakanda Forever, Captain Marvel 2 The Marvels, Ant-Man & The Wasp Quantumania February 2023, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 May 2023 and Fantastic Four! Enjoy this breakdown of Marvel Phase 4 before you see each full movie in 2022 and 2023! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • Beyond The Trailer
    Beyond The Trailer12 days ago

    Eternals Footage Breakdown: Ms Marvel New Costume & Powers:

  • kori brooks

    kori brooks

    5 days ago

    this was just to introduce the other 2 marvels to the big screen..captain marvel 3 will return to normal with her own title etc...disney doesn't listen to the vocal minority grifters and their internet bubble....there was no controversy...

  • kori brooks

    kori brooks

    5 days ago

    disney .if they named the movie captain marvel 2...lots of black people in usa would have been upset...since they see monica as the rightful cm...and diversity in usa is huge at the moment...and disney are the biggest they would look hypocritical..things will return back to normal for cm3....this choice is the wisest thing disney have ever stops all diversity arguments dead.

  • kori brooks

    kori brooks

    5 days ago

    the marvel's aka captain marvel 2 THE BIGGEST COMIC BOOK ARGUMENT HAS BEEN FINALLY RESOLVED....monica rambeau vs carol danvers who should be captain marvel? very wise decision by brie larson and naming the title the marvels stops all diversity ...arguments dead....if it was named captain marvel 2 would have added fuel to the fire ...between black people who see monica rambeau as the real captain marvel and the rest who see carol as the real captain marvel..this way both sides win

  • dre puc

    dre puc

    10 days ago

    The Marvels is a team name, the team of Captain Marvel (Spectrum and Ms Marvel). Fantastic Four, The guardian of the galaxy, Avengers are teams. Brie Larson is going to have 15 million plus bonus paychecks, so it's clear she's the main character!

  • Chihiro Mononoke

    Chihiro Mononoke

    10 days ago

    @leon rocky Disney will be bought by another corporation by then. It seems they are heading for collapse. Iger was a disaster.

  • GamingWithBrosters
    GamingWithBrosters3 days ago

    6:28 yeah me too

  • gmbrusselsprout
    gmbrusselsprout4 days ago

    To recast T’Challa would be to tarnish Boseman’s incredible legacy. I’m very glad that they decided not to. RIP 😢😢

  • M MM
    M MM5 days ago

    The fantastic 4 in my opinion should be early thirties

  • kori brooks
    kori brooks5 days ago

  • kori brooks
    kori brooks5 days ago

  • kori brooks
    kori brooks5 days ago

  • kori brooks
    kori brooks5 days ago

  • kori brooks
    kori brooks5 days ago

  • kori brooks
    kori brooks5 days ago

  • kori brooks
    kori brooks5 days ago

  • Pedro Henrique Malta
    Pedro Henrique Malta6 days ago

    The MCU's Peter parker can never be the lovable loser Peter parker usually is. He is known and have all the Potts support one would want.... What if the new spiderman movie is the introduction of a brand new spiderman, with Peter parker developing into the 'iron' spiderman/genius tech guy and the new spidey, which could perfectly be miles morales, taking the role of 'friendly neighbour'.

  • Isaiah Jackson
    Isaiah Jackson6 days ago

    not gonna lie, I only care about like 1 movie and its more curiosity than interest, in all of phase 4

  • Cam M
    Cam M6 days ago

    I like ff4 but the director doesn't inspire confidence for me his spiderman is very bland and some of the choices they have made with him are not good imo....

  • T-Virus Terrance
    T-Virus Terrance6 days ago

    What's up, Grace? Thanks, for the info. I'm always smiling watching your videos. Well, unless you're not smiling and I think......Oh, boy.😁 TERRANCE OUT

  • I Shall Meet You At The Monorail
    I Shall Meet You At The Monorail6 days ago

    I love that despite the fact that CM had a very successful movie and has a lot of fans that the MCU is still giving her the comics sidelining treatment.

  • Geb Nuit
    Geb Nuit6 days ago

    I'm East African; so are they filming the movie in Africa this time around?!

  • Adeline Carrier
    Adeline Carrier6 days ago

    I don't care about the Fantastic Four. When are the X-Men coming?

  • Bujbrother
    Bujbrother6 days ago

    Not recasting Black Panther is a HUGE mistake. The character is bigger than one actor. As for Carol Danvers, she is far from the first Captain Marvel in the comic books. Monica Rambeau was Captain Marvel before her. Kevin Feige has turned her into a sidekick kind of character who is derived from being Carol’s fan girl. It’s insulting. They also have created a Superman problem. Captain Marvel is so powerful there is no need for her to team up with anyone.

  • Adeline Carrier
    Adeline Carrier6 days ago

    Not recasting the Black Panther is a huge mistake.

  • Ryan Ouellette
    Ryan Ouellette6 days ago

    I would have preferred they factored in. energy to Ms Marvel's comic powers tbh

  • 50 Pence
    50 Pence7 days ago

    Captain Marvel Ms. Marvel… Monica Rambeau - Blue Marvel?

  • Subham
    Subham7 days ago

    I an excited for fantastic four.

  • Baran Basimi
    Baran Basimi8 days ago

    Is it too crazy to want Marvel Girl in The Marvels? I know origins are different and everything but otherwise how would you explain the name? Jean growing up watching Captain Marvel or Xavier just give that to her because he would think it would relate with Captain Marvel? I don't know I just want to see Jean in MCU I suppose.

  • Stinko 407
    Stinko 4078 days ago

    Can't wait for the Marvels. Something went down between Carol and Maria, and Monica isn't happy about it. I caught the eye roll from Monica when Capt Marvel's name was mentioned in Wanda Vision.

  • Nothing To See Here
    Nothing To See Here9 days ago

    Qu'elle est en cours de danse.

  • Smooth Operator
    Smooth Operator9 days ago

    Not recasting Black Panther it will make less than the first Black Panther

  • Smooth Operator
    Smooth Operator9 days ago

    Not recasting Black Panther Not watching Black Panther 2, and will not be watching the Marvels these are sad

  • Luis Amador
    Luis Amador9 days ago

    I'm intrigued by The Marvels, Monica was called Captain Marvel before Carol, so for me she's getting a bit of redemption... And I love Kamala so 😅

  • Dominic J. Gomez
    Dominic J. Gomez9 days ago

    Secret invasion is the show

  • concertmaster
    concertmaster9 days ago

    Phase 4 is the first where there is no Avengers title, so sad to think about it...

  • Brie Larson Worldwide
    Brie Larson Worldwide9 days ago

    The Marvels is still work in progress, Let´s see how the idea develops itself

  • Bre Kay Sackey
    Bre Kay Sackey9 days ago

    If you're not gonna do an full authentic Miss Marvel, then what's the point? Is it just me?

  • pooja sharma
    pooja sharma9 days ago

    Why I didn't get your notification I am watching this video after 2 days

  • talyn 530
    talyn 5309 days ago

    Questions?!? Yeah...where is Blade and the X-Men??

  • Sloane Treat
    Sloane Treat9 days ago

    Why did they recast Cassie Lang? Emma Fuhrmman did a great (albeit short) job with Paul Rudd in her Endgame scene! And the way Marvel didn't even tell her she was re-cast (I read somewhere she even had COSTUME fittings, for STATURE?!) and she found out the same way we all did that Kathryn Newton was Cassie in Quantumania at the Earnings Call announcement? SOmethings weird.... My theory is she is still Cassie Lang from the original universe, and Kathyrn Newton is Cassie from another (multiverse)Earth... Part of how Marvel gets the multiverse into the storyline is gonna be a magical/cerebral way through Wanda and Dr Strange (duh) , but also through the Quantum Realm via Antman...via a time portal or the Rip in the timeline created by Endgame's shenanigans. So Kathryn Newton is Stature, but from whatever universe Paul Rudd's Ant Man stumbles into. Somehow Paul Rudd will meet Kathryn Newton's Cassie Lang, and also HOPEFULLY he will meet another Universe's Scott Lang as well....because.... Oh BOY, the casting job they could do to find another Scott Lang to play against/with Paul Rudd, even if its just for a brief time ( I do NOT think they are open the floodgates with the Multiverse, it will be a very small and specific amount of interactions, held in check by a limited amount of ways to access the multiverse) Can you imagine the hilarity from 2 Scott Langs interacting? Casting thoughts?

  • Peter Sokunbi
    Peter Sokunbi10 days ago

    Do forget blue marvel

  • perryton
    perryton10 days ago

    Glad you have noticed the last part is the Fantastic Four logo. I died when some USplanrs thought that’s “phase 4” logo.... 😂 No one seems to be “excited” about it...

  • Peter Sokunbi
    Peter Sokunbi10 days ago

    It would be great if neymar had have kidnap the chitla the whole time and revealed at end credit scene.

  • Kevin Nowling
    Kevin Nowling10 days ago

    My thing is like if marvel went ahead and recasted black panther who in their right mind would accept that role. It would end no only their career but tank the black panther 2 and taint Chadwicks legacy

  • Mr Vic
    Mr Vic10 days ago

    Ok here's my idea how about we cast Jodie Turner-Smith as the future daughter of tchala.

  • Armani Martinez
    Armani Martinez10 days ago


  • Silver Hawk
    Silver Hawk10 days ago

    I’m not going to lie, that actor for miss marvel doesn’t fit the role to me. I hope her performance can change my mind

  • dre puc
    dre puc10 days ago

    The Marvels is a team name, the team of Captain Marvel (Spectrum and Ms Marvel). Fantastic Four, The guardian of the galaxy, Avengers are teams. Brie Larson is going to have 15 million plus bonus paychecks, so it's clear she's the main character!

  • Erin Fuller
    Erin Fuller10 days ago

    Can we have just Shuri be Black Panther? Having it suddenly become a male/female duo makes me feel like they don't think a woman just be Black Panther. I would love if there was a team, but can everyone be their own thing? Don't think we need TWO Black Panthers

  • Cassim Ally
    Cassim Ally10 days ago

    Phase 5 predictions New avengers Spiderman 4 Captain marvel 3 Captain america 4 Black panther 3 Dr strange 3 Fantastic 4 2 X men Phase 6 Thunderbolts Dark avengers Secret wars Eternal 2 Shang chi 2 Guardians 4 X men 2 Fantastic 4 3 New avengers 2

  • William Tovar
    William Tovar10 days ago

    i like the strategy of content on both disney+ and movies for blockbusters. great marketing to take my money lol but math is like 2 months of streaming to one movie ticket. idk what is better

  • Courtney Villa
    Courtney Villa10 days ago

    Marvel once again beats DC to the punch by bringing in 3 females to lead a blockbuster. DC's Gotham City Sirens still can't seem to find its way into development. I'm so upset.

  • Michael
    Michael10 days ago

    Brie sucks

  • jest
    jest10 days ago

    I know they turned tomorrow land into star wars land... right? anyway I think it would be AWESOME if they made the tomorrow land area into wakanda! what's more of a modern take on tomorrow land than wakanda? I ask you.

  • TheFuzzyElf
    TheFuzzyElf10 days ago

    If I had to guess, Secret Invasion will begin and end in the series and have no impact on the movies because feigie doesnt want to force fans into watching the series, and The Marvels will be an entirely different story WHICH IS A STUPID IDEA

  • Vincent Murphy
    Vincent Murphy10 days ago

    I respect your work here, but I honestly think FATWS had incredibly poor character development. If you have to tell your audience everything through dialogue, you haven't done your job.

    COREY M10 days ago

    they need to show marvels power and she needs an equal enemy to fight.

  • huey freeman
    huey freeman10 days ago

    So phase 5 will be: Captain marvel/ black panther/ dr strange 3 Captain America 4, fantastic 4 2, shan chi 2, deadpool, X-Men, blade

  • James Pope

    James Pope

    9 days ago

    Phase 5 is Thunderbolts, Avengers, Young Avengers, Blade, Dark Avengers, Nova, Fantastic 4, Ghost Rider, Squadron Supreme, Ultimates, Silver Surfer

    COREY M10 days ago

    if shuri becomes black panther than that franchise is dead to me. that is all

  • Coonye West
    Coonye West10 days ago

    If Shuri is Black Panther, I'm not going. Michael B Jordan is on fire right now. Big mistake if he/Killmonger is not the new Black Panther.

  • Rick Carter
    Rick Carter10 days ago

    Maybe Grace has grown as a USplanr? Nope.

  • duncan bravo
    duncan bravo10 days ago

    If they go with an older cast in which they most definitely should for Fantastic 4 Michael Fassbender - Reed Richards Charlize Theron - Sue Storm Luke Hemsworth or Jamie Dornan - Ben Grimm Zach Efron or CallumTurner - Human Torch Jon Hamm - Victor Von Doom

  • Anthony Gordon
    Anthony Gordon10 days ago

    I think The Marvels will have Spectrum, Captain Marvel, and Ms Marvel in them. Since Spectrum was the original Captain Marvel

  • Toruk Makto
    Toruk Makto10 days ago

    Dazed Four

  • King T
    King T10 days ago

    Not recasting The Black Panther is a big mistake and continues the damning narrative that there can only be a certain number of leading black men that can open a movie!

  • Trickity
    Trickity10 days ago

    they need a dr doom movie. give me a bad guy main character set up some of the bad guys.

  • ByronTheO Boom
    ByronTheO Boom10 days ago

    Hey Grace, I thought Blade was going to be in phase 4, womder whats happened to it

  • Mystic artist

    Mystic artist

    9 days ago

    Yeah I thought so it a TV show now I'm confused

  • MahdiRanger
    MahdiRanger10 days ago

    Cmon Grace, really? Dungeons and dragons is big competition to guardians 3? Lol

  • MahdiRanger


    6 days ago

    @Colin They have been trying these kind of films for years (mummy, power rangers, battleship, John Carter, world of warcraft) movies that could have potential and studios are hoping for a new cash cow but this ain't it lol. Dungeons and dragon's will end up flopping like world of warcrafft. The idea behind why they think it will work is there (tons of fans, nerd fans, merch, toys, ) but we know how this goes. That's why I laughed.

  • Colin


    6 days ago

    Grace is correct. If Disney fumbles any portion of marketing Guardians 3, or bad plot leaks, or any of the mcu movies leading in stink. This could open the door to Dungeons. Especially if that movie is any good.

  • Azael VI
    Azael VI11 days ago

    I wonder if Marvel is going to put their money where their Woke month is and make the next Black Panther a trans Asian tween. Because you know....diversity and stuff.

  • Rodrigo Pérez
    Rodrigo Pérez11 days ago

    Wakanda Forever is a terrible title. Black Panther is about Black Panther, not about the rest of the characters. This is nothing but cheap emotional manipulation for dumbasses who treat celebrities as gods and elevate every black to a saint, even the criminals. People should really stop making Passion of the Black their religion. It's disgusting and it's terrible for society. I'm definitely not gonna watch this crap.

  • Solon Vergara
    Solon Vergara11 days ago

    Iam super curious to see what they do to make she hulk interesting because I read and other than her coming to love both sides of herself it was mostly lawyer jargon and the reboot of the fantastic four to reintroduce inhumans and the eternals

  • Grady Smith
    Grady Smith11 days ago

    They already have marvel land in the Disney parks. They don’t need a separate wakanda land. That wouldn’t make any sense. And it would have to be located far from marvel land which also doesn’t make sense.

    THE FRIENDLY GAMER11 days ago

    See the thing is That i feel the fantastic four will just replace the avengers for phase 4 Just because it is a big movie for marvel's first family

  • Jimmy Cheshire
    Jimmy Cheshire11 days ago

    I have no idea why, but I’m actually most excited for Fantastic 4 - the curiosity factor of what Marvel is going to do with it is too much to ignore. In some ways it’s like a dry run for when they try to reintroduce X-men as an MCU property (which is all I’m really living for 😂)

  • theomimesis
    theomimesis11 days ago

    The only films in phase 4 that really interest me are Doctor Strange and Guardians 3.

  • Frankie Smith
    Frankie Smith11 days ago

    Really not sure about John watts for 4 but could be great at the same time

  • The Doll Aisle
    The Doll Aisle11 days ago

    I like adult fantastic four personally buuuut who knows. I’d like to have them around for a while too

  • Deshun Smith
    Deshun Smith11 days ago

    The Marvels make sense cause all they names are Marvel at one point in time.

  • George Jarvis
    George Jarvis11 days ago

    I want an older fantastic 4 - I think it could add a nice element with them being older surrounded by younger heroes in avengers film. I NEED a John Krasinksi and Emily Blunt casting!!!

  • Chris P
    Chris P11 days ago

    Older fantastic four

  • Jose Izquierdo
    Jose Izquierdo11 days ago

    boo Bie Larson . any way if you don't know Bries character is gonna die then your out of the loop .The death of the original captain Mar-vel was a big deal . Bries Cap Marvel will play that role and give Photon her role as the new Capt Marvel . its like the only obvious thing to do to get rid of unlikable Brie that nobody wants to see lead a team of Avengers .

  • sharp52092
    sharp5209211 days ago

    I wonder if there will be an Avengers film around the end of Phase 4 and they haven't announced it yet.

  • Lyman Wartupua
    Lyman Wartupua11 days ago

    If they dont make Mbaku and Shuri both take the mantle then I'd rather Mbaku be the black panther.

  • Peekz1025
    Peekz102511 days ago

    Surprised you didnt mention that the change to Capt Marvel may have been bc brie larson has been pushing so hard for A-Force and while this isnt that, it is a team of all female heros.

  • Mohammed Gidado
    Mohammed Gidado11 days ago

    Where's BLADE???????????????

  • Barry Jordan
    Barry Jordan11 days ago

    Disney had a Marvel Day on ESPN with the Warriors/Pelicans game. So it was all Marvel on Monday

  • stormxjp
    stormxjp11 days ago

    I want Jessica Jones to show up in CM 2! And FF will debut in Ant-Man 3, as far as I know,🤔

  • Anonymous Customer
    Anonymous Customer11 days ago

    what does re-up mean when it comes to James Gunn and Margot Robbie?

  • TJUC123
    TJUC12311 days ago

    I literally don’t see anything controversial about “The Marvels.” It’s just a title that highlights all of them being a family. Not by blood, but still a family.

  • Esa Ande
    Esa Ande11 days ago

    T'Challa is not another name for Chadwick Bozeman ..... the character existed before Bozeman started playing the part ..... as with the Bond movies, the character should get a new actor ......

  • Blue Glue
    Blue Glue11 days ago

    i jus wanna see 3 spidermans

  • Edidiong Ebong
    Edidiong Ebong11 days ago

    Where's Blade? I don't think we need an origin story for the 4 - just give us a great film starring them and Doom!!!

  • Craig Blum
    Craig Blum11 days ago

    We do need the origin story for the Fantastic 4 though since every previous Fan4 movies has been horrendous. I want them as more mature adults. The last move where they were all 18 was the worst one. Definitely do not want an 18 year old Dr. Doom.

  • jake fink
    jake fink11 days ago

    Grace, I agree with your opinion on the Chadwick Boseman and The Oscars debate. But I feel like it's worth pointing out, that Chadwick Boseman's career consisted of very significant roles that were substantially monumental for the depiction of African Americans in film and shows alike. It's in the spirit of that, that I say that him getting ONE award for ONE film is not appropriate for such a substantial person who impacted so much of the industry. Therefore I believe that the Oscars debate is premature, because I believe that he will receive the highest honor he possibly can, we just have to be patient. It's coming and that's for sure, and I would bet everything on it. He was a King in Black Panther, and a King deserves a King's honor.

  • Craig Blum
    Craig Blum11 days ago

    Brie Larsen brought it on herself. There is no excuse to be hateful. You only hurt your own cause. Captain Marvel was a great movie, but people hated it because of Brie Larsen's antics.

  • Maurice Rose
    Maurice Rose11 days ago


  • BushidoBrownSama
    BushidoBrownSama11 days ago

    Maybe "The Captain MarvelS" would have been better?

  • Royal Edenian
    Royal Edenian11 days ago

    Thor Love and Thunder is still my most anticipated of these movie releases.

  • Ian Archer
    Ian Archer11 days ago

    With only a very few, handful of exceptions, Marvel actually hasn’t skewed toward casting actors on the young side, so I doubt they will make the same unrealistic casting choices made in Fox’ final failed attempt at the Fantastic Four. The young characters they’ve sprinkled in the films and TV shows are a strategic placement of characters that, most likely, will make up the cast of a Young Avengers film, which wouldn’t work with people like in their 30s, 40s, or 50s.

  • Ian Archer
    Ian Archer11 days ago

    JJ Abrams was a “two studio director” and producer for Star Wars and Star Trek, which overlapped.

  • Christian Sampson
    Christian Sampson11 days ago

    I feel killmonger would be the new black panther

  • ky zman
    ky zman11 days ago

    Six episodes every three months sounds great.

  • SoulStylistJukeBox
    SoulStylistJukeBox11 days ago

    Wakanda Forever is a really silly title. I hope Marvel change that before release.

  • DocDirty MrClean
    DocDirty MrClean11 days ago

    Is it really " The Marvel's"? if Jean Grey Marvel Girl isnt included?