Adam Wingard to direct NEW MonsterVerse Movie, Flinstones Sequel Bedrock with Elizabeth Banks


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  • W B
    W B5 days ago

    No thanks on Elizabeth Banks in flinstones

  • Tony Randall
    Tony Randall15 days ago

    Universal has classic Monsters which doesn't need a shared universe like MCU, just good films. Loved the original Flintstones cartoon. This sounds like reboot of Magnum PI and others I don't watch.

  • Chris Clarke
    Chris Clarke16 days ago

    When will we get a Godzuki movie in the monsterverse.

  • Only Love is real
    Only Love is real16 days ago

    wow she was off

  • iulix max
    iulix max16 days ago

    The Flintstones Sequel really nice news !!!!!!!!!!

  • Blackdragon6
    Blackdragon616 days ago

    What happened to Adam Wingard's Event Horizon show?? 🤔

  • reveluv
    reveluv17 days ago

    i want a Godzilla v. DESTROYAH movie pls

  • PJ's Unpopular Opinion
    PJ's Unpopular Opinion17 days ago

    I hope everything is going better for you now, Grace! Thank you for working so hard to keep us informed!

  • Mike Lowrey
    Mike Lowrey17 days ago

    Monster movies...hmmm maybe. They better get it right and have a better script. G v K was entertaining but hollow like the Earth. Flinstones sounded good until I heard Elizabeth Banks was involved. CA was not terrible, but she (EB) just can't pull it off in that position. I will not be surprised if the Flinstones show cements that. The only people that back Banks are clearly in for her agenda which while great does not equal money. Fantasy Island reboot...yes please! Sanchez as the lead, yes, please!

  • David Samuelson
    David Samuelson17 days ago

    Grace & Elizabeth Banks will be the 2 people watching this Flintstones show.

  • David Samuelson
    David Samuelson17 days ago

    Flintstones going to be the bad cartoon version of Riverdale. 🤮

  • David Samuelson
    David Samuelson17 days ago

    This is the best from Hollywood? Mindless crap? Can anyone put together a film that requires at least a 50 IQ?

  • supremercommonder
    supremercommonder17 days ago

    Na I want to see Godzilla vs destroyah

  • Laylaswood96
    Laylaswood9617 days ago

    Jupiter’s Legacy embargo lifts day of release?? I get it but ugh

  • Ovan61
    Ovan6117 days ago

    👍👀👍 👍📺👍

  • Philip Corso
    Philip Corso17 days ago

    They tried to revive fantasy island year back and it was terrible. You can't beat the original.

  • Philip Corso
    Philip Corso17 days ago

    Elizabeth Banks is terrible!!! She'll ruin the Flintstones! I would have loved a live action show that was based on the short lived revised comic.

  • Corey Levine
    Corey Levine17 days ago

    Why Warner Bros letting fox show the Flintstones

  • Luke Engel
    Luke Engel17 days ago

    I know rosalyn Sanchez from without a trace!!

  • trinityangel666
    trinityangel66617 days ago

    I would not mind watching a adult animated Flintstones tv show. I stop watching the Simpsons in the early 2000s and I stop watching Family Guy about 5 years ago. I’m happy for something new. But I agree they should put it on HBO max

  • Tim Smalley
    Tim Smalley17 days ago

    when does Raised by Wolves and Harley come back?

  • Beyond The Trailer

    Beyond The Trailer

    17 days ago

    Both are currently in production! Hooray!

  • 1man Productions
    1man Productions17 days ago

    I wonder if Fox got the license for the show before HBO Max was going to happen?

  • German V.
    German V.17 days ago

    I guess King Kong will be adopting a gorilla at his local zoo!

  • LuisCisneros Art
    LuisCisneros Art17 days ago

    Roselyn Sanchez is amazing!!! I loved her in Devious Maids and Grand Hotel. I agree with you Grace this is great!!!

  • kat mossa
    kat mossa17 days ago

    Not sure if i can deal with elizabeth banks after charlies angels

  • Frederico Celentano
    Frederico Celentano17 days ago

    Grace Godzilla vs Kong is still not available in Brazil. HBO Max will start here end may. Znyder's Justice League is available on Apple TV... I don't understand their business strategy...

  • TheCinder24
    TheCinder2417 days ago

    James Wan made me like the first Aquaman movie. I went to it to hate on it and I ended up really liking.

  • Avi Orivia
    Avi Orivia17 days ago

    get matts reeves on as writer. man knows how to write epic yet personal story's about animals and monsters.

  • Luke Marshall-O'Brien
    Luke Marshall-O'Brien17 days ago

    Wow flinstones sounds awful! Wonder how woke they can make the flintstones??

  • John VS Bear
    John VS Bear17 days ago

    Not interested AT ALL in any more Kong movies

  • Malthizar
    Malthizar17 days ago

    Grace just seems to have a personal vendetta against Godzilla vs Kong. It was an awesome movie experience. No one expected it to be some "story of the year". It's just a great and fun movie.

  • Jahlahn Taylor
    Jahlahn Taylor17 days ago

    Seth mcfarlin should’ve been giving the flinstones

  • Official Filmilen
    Official Filmilen17 days ago

    Elisabeth Banks is going to produce and star in The Flintstones sequel

  • Daniel Parrott
    Daniel Parrott17 days ago

    Devious maids originally aired on ABC and then was sold to lifetime

  • Richard Barclay
    Richard Barclay17 days ago

    I think adult animation flintstones is a good idea, much better than trying to do live action again!

  • David Grouix
    David Grouix17 days ago

    I love Elizabeth Banks! Loved Charlies Angels, and anything else she's done. Looking forward to Bedrock. Very happy that they are trying something with Fantasy Island, that movie was a terrible use of the IP.

  • IT
    IT17 days ago

    Can someone explain to me what Grace is talking about Brad Bird and the Mission Impossible movie?

  • Maddie B.
    Maddie B.18 days ago

    So what's next? An adult Jetsons reboot starring Judy Jetson as a working girl?

  • Bshara Hourany
    Bshara Hourany18 days ago

    Fox?? Why not WB?

  • Brion02
    Brion0218 days ago

    Elizabeth Banks is out to destroy another classic property. Cant they find anyone good to make it?

  • Ian Hlavac
    Ian Hlavac18 days ago

    I’m sorry you’re having a bad day Grace. Hope things get better.

  • Auror '97
    Auror '9718 days ago

    Mission impossible Ghost Protocol was only OK ?? Geez Sometimes you say the dumbest things grace.

  • john Lopiccolo
    john Lopiccolo18 days ago

    I dont think Bedrock will pick up an audience.

  • gourav jape
    gourav jape18 days ago

    Adam wingard is only good for Godzilla movies he can't make Kong fans happy or satisfied.

  • Hans Hoffmann

    Hans Hoffmann

    18 days ago

    Why? I found his take on Kong endearing.

  • Hillary Mullins
    Hillary Mullins18 days ago

    lol i'm not sleepy I'm just annoyed.......I can relate!!

  • futuramayeah
    futuramayeah18 days ago

    Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel could play Tattoo

  • Krakenz Venøm
    Krakenz Venøm18 days ago

    So basically it’s the same thing they’re doing with Addams Family

  • Web Surfer
    Web Surfer18 days ago

    Bedrock sounds Horrible. Plus theyve already done an older pebbles show before. It was bad

  • BK's Bullets
    BK's Bullets18 days ago


  • BK's Bullets

    BK's Bullets

    17 days ago

    @Kevin St-Fort it's barely a JSA story. JSA vs Aquaman? C'mon

  • Kevin St-Fort

    Kevin St-Fort

    17 days ago

    @BK's Bullets the fact he wasn’t from the future but instead an different earth? That doesn’t make the movie bad.

  • BK's Bullets

    BK's Bullets

    18 days ago

    @Kevin St-Fort they story and set up. You think it's one thing and then they pivot away from the concept entirely

  • Kevin St-Fort

    Kevin St-Fort

    18 days ago

    What was bad about it?

  • Herbert Thornton
    Herbert Thornton18 days ago

    A "Name Individual" Grace? C'mon. Are we elitist now. We don't clout-chase "names" anymore; Properties make names. USplanrs can't be THAT Hollywood.

  • hello Banking
    hello Banking18 days ago

    May The 4th be with you! (I'm sorry but it was begging to be said)

  • evanevan
    evanevan18 days ago

    im kinda burnt out on kong and godzilla, but i would love more pacific rim

  • Smallville Sky
    Smallville Sky18 days ago

    I adore that Death Note movie!

  • Flávio Silva
    Flávio Silva18 days ago

    I just love the streams so much ❤️🥺

  • Jp Sweeney

    Jp Sweeney

    14 days ago

    She doesn't really care about u

    JΞFFTHΞCHΞF18 days ago


  • Subham
    Subham18 days ago

    Excited for Justice society and Jupiters Legacy.

  • android131c
    android131c18 days ago

    Flintstones?? thank you!! yeah HBO Max is where i watch em

  • Flashfire 98
    Flashfire 9818 days ago

    SON OF KONG!!! And i really want a Mothra movie too also im super skeptical about the flintstones show

  • Wyatt
    Wyatt18 days ago

    Grace, can you do a spoiler review of shadow and bone?!

  • Robert Moreno
    Robert Moreno18 days ago

    Let's get one more Kong movie and then get Godzilla back for Destroy All Monsters

  • TheCinder24


    17 days ago

    I love Kong! He has so much lore and so much heart. ❤️ I am going again to see in the theater on Friday after watching on HBO Max twice.

  • MAN art
    MAN art18 days ago

    8:30 son of kong. Great. I loved King Kong lives, maybe they could made some homages to that film.

  • MAN art
    MAN art18 days ago

    What I’m hearing? Ghost protocol is the best MI film and Tomorrowland is amazing. Brad Bird is a great movie director.

  • Timothy Chalamet

    Timothy Chalamet

    18 days ago

    Yeah, it's kinda of a shame, I feel like Hollywood kinda rickrolled him creatively

  • MAN art

    MAN art

    18 days ago

    @Timothy Chalamet well at least the movie exists to enjoy. But too bad Brad Bird seems to have not convinced enough people to bring more movies. I would love more movies from him.

  • Timothy Chalamet

    Timothy Chalamet

    18 days ago

    I thought "Tommorowland" was fantastic, underrated, I think it disappointed because the marketing really let it down, in the way it presented it, which was kinda hard to market after watching it, that basically that is all they could do

  • MAN art

    MAN art

    18 days ago

    @Yasuke the Black Samurai I love it. Top my faves that year and in general.

  • Yasuke the Black Samurai

    Yasuke the Black Samurai

    18 days ago

    Tomorrowland sucked but that's more on Lindelof.

  • Youyoutube Moi
    Youyoutube Moi18 days ago

    IM sorry, BUT Chadwick Bosemen was a bad actor, NO RANGE! no charisma in black panther...ppl are just blind and virtue signalling

  • Heekamalo Kilo

    Heekamalo Kilo

    10 days ago

    @Youyoutube Moi "did i mention color!?" Well, you said people are just "virtue signalling" so it seems that you were referring to the "colour" of the cast. Also, none of the romances in Black Panther worked for me personally but I don't understand your "gay panther" comment. Do you also see Lupita's character as gay because you didn't buy her romance with Chadwick?

  • Marduk


    15 days ago

    I am sorry to agree. I found him quite sleepy. He makes Black Panther difficult to re-watch. Maybe that’s because he was sick and that would make me a bad person. I would have preferred Michael B Jordan.

  • Mr. Crumbles

    Mr. Crumbles

    17 days ago

    No range? James Brown and Thurgood Marshall not do it for you?

  • Youyoutube Moi

    Youyoutube Moi

    18 days ago

    @Kevin St-Fort u belived the ''love'' story in black panther?!...that was more gay panther to bad...sorryyyy

  • Kevin St-Fort

    Kevin St-Fort

    18 days ago

    No range? Oh please.

  • Tosh T
    Tosh T18 days ago

    Roselyn Sanchez has been in remakes of vintage TV shows Kojak and Dragnet. Now Fantasy Island? I hope three’s a charm. 😆

  • theylied1776
    theylied177618 days ago

    Wait a minute. Devious Maids is the only Lifetime show that you've ever watched? What about Drop Dead Diva? You claimed that you watched that show, and it was the lead-in for Devious Maids. Now that is the only Lifetime show that I've ever watched.

  • manicpixiedreamgirl


    17 days ago

    Drop Dead Diva was such a good show. Brook Elliot & Ben Feldman were an iconic duo

  • theylied1776


    18 days ago

    @Dar To be honest, I only started watching it because of April Bowlby. But I got caught up in the storylines. And I really didn't like the season finale either.

  • Dar


    18 days ago

    Drop dead diva I watched with my ex still disappointed with season finale

  • theylied1776
    theylied177618 days ago

    The problem with a reboot or a continuation of Fantasy Island is that in the original series, Mr. Roarke was supposed to be a Fallen Angel. I used to watch the reruns of the show on the USA network, and in the last season, they tried to explain the purpose of the Island.

  • Kyle Butherus
    Kyle Butherus18 days ago

    Justice Society Is excellent ❤️

  • Ross Hadden
    Ross Hadden18 days ago

    Devious Maids was the BEST!!!!

  • 7MonarC
    7MonarC18 days ago

    I wonder if Grace would ever do a GRWM go-to makeup routine

  • Taft Atlas

    Taft Atlas

    18 days ago

    @Web Surfer I know, I’ve been around these parts a long while. I was just making a joke about how busy she’s about to be 😂

  • Web Surfer

    Web Surfer

    18 days ago

    Nah i been watching geace for years. She NEVER puts her personal life on screen.

  • Taft Atlas

    Taft Atlas

    18 days ago

    Maybe when the post-pandemic movie boom slows down 😂

  • godzilla2k26
    godzilla2k2618 days ago

    Godzilla VS Kong will always be a landmark film. It has proven that theaters have outlived there purpose. No more supporting conformity, and now the rise of individualism to supplant it.

  • Jose Antonio Lat
    Jose Antonio Lat18 days ago

    I want to see a Mothra movie

  • Alfonzo Howard
    Alfonzo Howard18 days ago

    Son of Kong is worst than kong

  • Ani Maxx
    Ani Maxx18 days ago

    Son of Kong and Rebirth of Mothra. lol

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis18 days ago

    Wait is Kong female? How would he have a son when he is the last of his race? Confused, maybe it's a clone.

  • devilrider


    18 days ago

    @MAN art maybe if they do a redesign and rename, they always do some form of godzilla Jr. in every iteration of Godzilla.

  • MAN art

    MAN art

    18 days ago

    @devilrider so no Godzuki?

  • devilrider


    18 days ago

    Hollow Earth is pretty big and mostly unexplored, very possible for Kong to find 1 female. I'm glad none this applies to Godzilla.

  • MAN art

    MAN art

    18 days ago

    Hollow earth was just explored in GvK. Maybe he founds another one of his kind

  • Beyond The Trailer

    Beyond The Trailer

    18 days ago

    Clone makes the most sense.

  • Oscar
    Oscar18 days ago

    MI4 is a good one.

  • MAN art

    MAN art

    18 days ago

    Maybe even the best one.

  • Garik Avagyan
    Garik Avagyan18 days ago

    MI 4 is a great movie, one of the best in the franchise.

  • GlareBox


    16 days ago

    @Brion02 Yep Ghost Protocol set the standard for the next two movies. Christopher McQuarrie built on the work Brad Bird started.

  • Brion02


    17 days ago

    Its definitely better than 2 & 3. 4 gave the franchise the jolt it needed.

  • MAN art

    MAN art

    18 days ago

    It’s is my favorite MI. It’s excellent.

  • Eprocto-Files
    Eprocto-Files18 days ago

    Kate Bishop is the only draw to Hawkeye for me. And she better not be lame like Wanda.

  • Jodi3 Da K1tten

    Jodi3 Da K1tten

    17 days ago

    How is Wanda lame?

  • Vontrez Jones

    Vontrez Jones

    18 days ago

    Dude Wanda lame? Log out lol (I'm joking)

  • Burningdaylighter


    18 days ago

    Wanda lame? Really?

  • Master of Magnet
    Master of Magnet18 days ago

    Are you kidding, Grace?! MI4 is really good. 5 & 6 are even better but 4 is a solid film

  • MAN art

    MAN art

    18 days ago

    Yeah. It’s an amazing film over all. My fave MI.

  • Sean Ian
    Sean Ian18 days ago

    I want to see more kaiju in the Monsterverse

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    Mr. Fahrenheit

    18 days ago


  • Mick Cleary
    Mick Cleary18 days ago

    The Flintstones made by sony street gems it be part of the Sony and Disney + Abc had the tv rights

  • Michael Deal
    Michael Deal18 days ago

    And godzilla eats baby Kong lol

    LUVKILLS18 days ago

    Son of long sounds lame

  • Luke Engel
    Luke Engel18 days ago

    Hiii Grace!! Missed today’s stream sorry!! Have a good night and thanks for all the vids today❤️

  • Amy S
    Amy S18 days ago

    Stream starts at 2:04