45 Day Window for Free Guy & Shang-Chi, Disney Plus Subscribers Slow Growth

Disney Plus Subscribers today! Beyond The Trailer reaction \u0026 breakdown! Disney Shareholders Call 2021! 45 Day Window theaters only Free Guy \u0026 Shang Chi Legend of the Ten Rings!

Disney Plus today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction \u0026 breakdown of Disney Shareholders Call 2021 from Bob Chapek! What the drama between Bob Iger and Bob Chapek?! 45 Day Window for Free Guy and Shang Chi theaters only! Disney Plus subscribers growth starts to slow down! With no more masks for those vaccinated, what does this mean for Disney? Share your own reaction to the latest Disney Plus and Disney news from Disney Shareholders Call 2021! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on USplan today!

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  • Will Duxon
    Will Duxon16 days ago

    Why is Bob Igor selling off half to all of his shares in Disney Stock? Makes a fella wonder...

  • Tony Randall
    Tony Randall21 day ago

    Kevin Feige has immunity, love it. Thinks 60 days window is good. Will go to theatre as soon as open. Get theatre experience and space between cinema and rental/buy. Canada Disney+ will likely get Free Guy.

  • Niraj Kathayat
    Niraj KathayatMonth ago

    i think it is the most profitable and intelligent policy for the movies industry

  • Ninja Nation Army
    Ninja Nation ArmyMonth ago

    They should change it to 100 days in theaters that is better then 45 days Disney. Warner Bros. & more.

  • David Goddard
    David GoddardMonth ago

    I think hardcore movie fans like myself and others will go to the movies. Even w/ the 45 day window. I was tempted to wait just the week for Army of the Dead but I couldn't. I wanted to go see that in the theater SO BADLY and I absolutely loved it. Going to see A Quiet Place 2 and Cruella when they release.

  • Astrokeslo
    AstrokesloMonth ago

    3 months is a good spot. 45 days is no good.

  • houda bakhtaoui
    houda bakhtaouiMonth ago

    The fact that you don't need to wear a mask after the vaccine is a complete lie!!!! You should wear your mask since you still can get sick but it just won't be as bad if you were not vaccinated . Also it is recommended to stay inside after the vaccine for about 15 days since your immune system is still adapting to the vaccine.

  • Toruk Makto
    Toruk MaktoMonth ago

    *_"No one is wiling to use vaccine passports"_* Ah, spoken like true authoritarian. Nothing upsets tyrants more than those with free will.

  • Robert Bench
    Robert BenchMonth ago

    The fall of Disney is about to begin

  • Robert Bench
    Robert BenchMonth ago

    Percy Jackson doesn't have much of a big fanbase compared to marvel and StarWars. It will take years before it tremendously contributes to disney plus. That's if the show will be good.

  • Joe Santoro
    Joe SantoroMonth ago

    Only way I'd sign up for Disney+ is if they started showing 3D movies in...3D.

  • Olivier OLW
    Olivier OLWMonth ago

    well the problem with D+ is the movie window AND the rules in other countries... in France a movie released in theater should wait 3years to be out in a streaming platform... so D+ in France just got Infinity war... so it's not that attractive because you won't have any new theatrical release to boost them... luckily the got streaming shows (Mando and Marvel),and few movies (Soul) but that's it !

  • honey_lemon
    honey_lemonMonth ago

    I think Loki will get them a boost. The Q2 only offered TFATWS and the series wasn't as anticipated as Loki is.

  • Anthony Joseph
    Anthony JosephMonth ago

    I’ve got Netflix, D+ and Amazon Prime... I’m good with this mix. There’re only so many hours and so many dollars I’m going to throw into the streaming war and I’m maxed out.

  • The Al Show
    The Al ShowMonth ago

    The exec merry go round.

  • Gui
    GuiMonth ago

    No one is acknowledging that Disney is releasing a completely own Cruise line? Hello? It's 2021, cruise ships are one of the worst polluters, this endless capitalism and expansion with no end has to end

  • Jason Wexler
    Jason WexlerMonth ago

    45 days is too long... keep doing day and date.

  • Sean Ward
    Sean WardMonth ago

    Re: the vax discussion - anyone who hasn't figured out by now that it's all theater and has a single drop of faith in the integrity of elected officials is beyond any kind of help at this stage

  • oneloveonebeing
    oneloveonebeingMonth ago

    For me either doing day and date Premier access or do the 70 day window. Give people the option

  • futuramayeah
    futuramayeahMonth ago

    that Cdc director is carazay , the vaccine isn't even a vaccine, Dr. Fauci said it's foreign dna that is introduced into you to get your immune system buzzing so that when you do encounter the virus, your immune system will already be on, like it's not on already? and that doesn't mean that you can't transmit it. so if you get the shot and then get it, and not wear a mask and cough in a theater , that's a hundred more cases you've created.

  • futuramayeah
    futuramayeahMonth ago

    this might sound controversial but maybe only do movies in a theater for two weeks, that would give more movies chances to be in theaters in a normal non virus world. but also that would get the movies to dvd and disney plus whathave you quicker

  • futuramayeah


    Month ago

    also if people aren't going to see a movie within two weeks of it coming out, what are the chances of them deciding to see it? unless they are stretching out the movies' stay in theaters so that people can sprinkle there visits to not be in a crowded theater?

  • CupcakeFlavorSoda
    CupcakeFlavorSodaMonth ago

    One part of the conversation I haven't seen is how many theaters will not open back. Personally, I won't be going to the movies as frequently as I used to because my local cinema did not survive the pandemic, so every time I want to see a movie at a theater I would have to drive an hour each way. Post-lockdown, theaters trips are going to be reserved for event films that everyone in my household wants to see.

  • slickrick13130
    slickrick13130Month ago

    Streaming Day one blockbusters is done it was an experiment to get people to sign up during covid. People in the pirating streaming community were able to get WW84 in 4k on day 1, movie theater movies are usually CAM only.

  • slickrick13130


    Month ago

    AMC and Amazon Partnership is going to be announced in a month or so.

  • Uouttooo
    UouttoooMonth ago

    Is Bob Chapic one of those guys who just always seems to be your friend until you are no longer useful to him?

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro HenriqueMonth ago

    I dont know Why HBOMAXX having 20m only in US in 3 months is Bad If Netflix has 73m

  • jeffrey dahmere
    jeffrey dahmereMonth ago

    Till they don’t fired Kennedy from Lucas films , I won’t subscribe to D+

  • Liam Geoghegan
    Liam GeogheganMonth ago

    I would really hate to lose the cinematic experience. It's what I love to do. It's not the same watching from home. You're more focused and less distracted by things and the voices are clearer.

  • Danny Cartagena
    Danny CartagenaMonth ago

    Please... Just let "Kevin Feige" takeover {Disney}... Please, it would be easier on all of US?!... 🙏🙏🙏,🤞

    JORDɅNMonth ago

    At this point Disney just needs to start buying out it's competitors. Gotta spend it to make it 💰💰

  • Patrick Pierre
    Patrick PierreMonth ago

    I think the 45-day window is great for the general audience. It may suck for the theaters but if someone don't see a movie within a month or so, they probably wasn't planning on seeing it anyway.

  • bitogre
    bitogreMonth ago

    To get me to go back to Disney+, they need to admit that they did not treat Gina Carano with respect in the way that fired her. Firing Kathleen Kennedy would be one way of addressing that (and some of the mistakes made with the Star Wars Sequel).

  • Jay Marshall
    Jay MarshallMonth ago

    I think the new Bob is going to run Disney into the ground. Like that old saying, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  • The Glossary
    The GlossaryMonth ago

    Got a D+ ad before this video

  • Rishal Patel
    Rishal PatelMonth ago

    I think the thing I find really frustrating is the Premier Access, I understand it but it doesn't make sense to me. I live in the UK and I could go see a film for £7. It makes more sense for me to wait it out or go to the cinema (when they open) But I get it works for families, but the price point is just too high for a platform you're already paying for!

  • KBfromSC
    KBfromSCMonth ago

    If a person will wait 45 days to see a movie they weren't that excited to see the movie in the first place. I would argue most people have no idea what or how long a theatrical window is they simply see a trailer and decide if they will go to the movie or not.

  • Zkai Hamud
    Zkai HamudMonth ago

    Netflix is huge in Asia, with their korean tv series and anime. A lot of people love those series, especially here in SEA. Netflix also produce and fund a lot of local contents, from series to films, and it help develop many state's entertainment industries. Netflix also have a lot of local contents in their catalog and this help perseve local contents from the never-to-be-seen-again-after-their theatrical-release status. Other streaming services should consider making more local contents, or at least, add local contents to their catalogs to beat Netflix internationally in streaming.

  • Zkai Hamud

    Zkai Hamud

    Month ago

    Netflix catalog is bigger in quantity, but there is no denying that they're lower in quality compared to HBO and others. However, many of their subtitled contents are great and fresh

  • Derek's Dichotomy
    Derek's DichotomyMonth ago

    It's time for Hollywood to burn. Let the industry crumble. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Dig Rom
    Dig RomMonth ago

    Bob Igers kinda cute

  • Baylith
    BaylithMonth ago

    The only Marvel content on Disney+ I like is the more out-there stuff like WandaVision, What If? and Loki, the rest of their slate doesn't seem to have a lot of that so it falls to Star Wars to keep me subscribed, I'm a bigger SW fan by miles too so when things get into full swing and we get all these shows one after another, I'll be happy to stay subscribed.

  • Ari Acevedo
    Ari AcevedoMonth ago

    Max AND prime thats It AND Netflix if free.

  • V I
    V IMonth ago

    I'm still waiting for the streaming companies to create their own deals with movie theaters! I know there are a few but I mean something substantial now that things are opening up.

  • Brando Batel
    Brando BatelMonth ago

    Constant new content keeps people subscribed right? So i suppose high quality shows, and not movies, would be the way to go. On that weekly release basis.

  • Chris Gavouras
    Chris GavourasMonth ago

    They had said Disney plus would come to Greece this quarter... NOT. I'm so annoyed I've been spoiled on everything

  • Doug Harris
    Doug HarrisMonth ago

    The "No mask if vaccinated" should have been the rule from day 1. Either the vaccines work and you don't have to wear a mask or the vaccines don't work and you shouldn't waste your time getting it and keep wearing your mask

  • supermax64


    Month ago

    This. It's common sense. Either you believe in vaccines or you don't. I don't know what people like Grace want exactly, spend the rest of their lives indoor because they have 0.00000000000001% chance to die of Covid while vaccinated ?

  • Rick F
    Rick FMonth ago

    Vaccination Passports, really? You want to go back to an era when people say let me see your papers?

  • PFT Burchell
    PFT BurchellMonth ago

    Well yes, they need more content & they need Star Wars. However, Disney knows they can’t give us that with KK still there. Also, Red States are laughing about these mask rules. Hell NY said they were going to ignore the CDC’s recommendation.

  • Scuba7167
    Scuba7167Month ago

    Grace, couldn't agree with you more! Disney really needs to add new content. I've had it for 2 years now, and they've had one real life STAR WARS show and two for Marvel. I understand the COVID factor, but Netflix is faced with same problem, and there's a new series every week. Disney+ should also get edgier! Why shouldn't Free Guy or Deadpool be on the service?

  • T B
    T BMonth ago

    Honestly there’s too much streaming services

  • shelbypink1
    shelbypink1Month ago

    I went to the movies for the first time since all this this past weekend and saw demon slayer

  • Alvin Del Rey
    Alvin Del ReyMonth ago

    Ryan Rynolds is overrated

  • Jacob Ross
    Jacob RossMonth ago

    Currently bingeing Modern Family on Hulu

  • buns164
    buns164Month ago

    keep the 45 day at least until theatres actually make the experience "something special" as you say here, because right now... its not anything special.

  • Jacob Ross
    Jacob RossMonth ago

    I was ready to go to theaters since Black Widow was originally supposed to release (May 1,2020)

  • Josiah
    JosiahMonth ago

    I wonder if the price increase of Disney+ had anything to do with the lack of subscriber growth

  • anthony castillo
    anthony castilloMonth ago

    I think something making it harder for me to go back to the movies is all the money I’m spending on streaming services now. I don’t want to lose them and makes sense for me to do premium on demand instead of taking my whole family to the movies.

  • Darth Stewie
    Darth StewieMonth ago

    Free Guy will go to HBO Max because that's where all 20th Century Studios films go until 2022.

  • Bucky _
    Bucky _Month ago

    More adult movie and series content would help Disney + numbers

  • NerdyCarol
    NerdyCarolMonth ago

    Here in my corner of the world, Disney+ has very little content and we don't have access to Hulu either. So, if they at least turned available the content they they already own, it would be a great incentive to keep subscriptions and get new ones. Not everyone has the means to sign to a streaming service and a VPN provider combined.

  • DeVante Smith

    DeVante Smith

    Month ago

    I'm amazed Madripoor even has Disney+.

  • footiemadman007
    footiemadman007Month ago

    45-day window is still too long, should be 30 days or less..

  • Jacob
    JacobMonth ago

    My boyfriend really wants to see Freeguy so we may go to the theater to see it, but I feel like I’d be more comfortable around the time of Shang Chi

  • K DC
    K DCMonth ago

    45 window is OK i guess; longer would be good too. Not interested in Marve D level characters like Shang Chi. Netflix and HBO max have more content and more variety. Netflix's originals is day 1. HBO max still have their day 1 stuff.

  • Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Month ago

    Netflix ~ 36th Chamber of Shaolin like as best to shang chi

  • Conor O'Sullivan
    Conor O'SullivanMonth ago

    D+ def needs more SW content. Same level as Marvel is needed to ensure more new high level content and more subscribers.

  • Hunter Barnhart
    Hunter BarnhartMonth ago

    My wife grew up not going to movies and I often tell her of the great before times, where people were polite. Generally phones stayed silent, people didn't talk, etc. Feels like it all started to change around 2010/2011. 08 and before were great times to be a moviegoer.

  • Neslihan Bursa
    Neslihan BursaMonth ago

    Gotta be honest Bob Iger did amazing things during his time. I am actually concerned about Marvel and Star Wars. I remember Feige singing praises of Iger saying that he made it possible for him to do the risky moves he did at some points.

  • skinnypunch
    skinnypunchMonth ago

    SVOD quarterly sub growth. Disney+ still leading the way by far. Disney+: 8.6M Paramount+: 6M Netflix: 4M HBO Max: 2.7M Hulu: 2.2M *Peacock - 9m (not counted in the same vein as most if not all are free accounts)

  • Craig Burkey
    Craig BurkeyMonth ago

    The new series of The Orville is going to hulu in the US right?

  • skinnypunch
    skinnypunchMonth ago

    This quarter is the first quarter that Disney+ didn't launch in a slew of new markets, which explains the lower numbers, although analysts should have known that and pretty much set them up for failure. Disney+ still leading the way in terms of sub growth.

  • Craig Burkey
    Craig BurkeyMonth ago

    I'm in the UK and our cinemas reopen on Monday, I've booked a ticket to see Mortal Kombat on Tuesday.

  • Lewis Adams
    Lewis AdamsMonth ago

    Lets just ignore the NEW WORLD ORDER part shall we lmao

  • Yana
    YanaMonth ago

    Netflix should acquire popular foreign series and movies. That will be an incentive for people in those respective countries who are not already subscribed, to do so.

  • Yana


    Month ago

    @supermax64 I know they produce a lot of foreign content but they don't buy enough old stuff. There are lots of old films and TV which are hard to find. For example, Latin telenovellas are very popular internationally and no other streaming service but Netflix has any. However, Netflix only has a couple, they could add more.

  • supermax64


    Month ago

    I believe they already do so. Or at least they put money in producing new foreign content everywhere.

  • Electro_Statyk
    Electro_StatykMonth ago

    Yeah they need to start pushing out content because what’s the point having only one series come out then you have to wait for the next one months later. Start pushing out more Star Wars like they promised 2 years ago

  • G
    GMonth ago

    Why does NO ONE talk about piracy? I see so many people not even have any streaming services. They just get their movies/shows from pirate websites. When are they going to crack down on this? Or at least try.

  • supermax64


    Month ago

    Not sure why you care as a consumer, it's literally only important to the bottomline of these giant corporations. That said I do believe they'll go after it within the next 10 years.

  • fffan11
    fffan11Month ago

    Disney's biggest asset is also its biggest weakness. They have the strongest franchises (Marvel, Star Wars, Disney animation, Pixar), but they can't venture out of these franchises and out the PG13 formula, which is a problem when trying to convince people who are not fans of those franchises to subscribe.

  • ATMOSK1234


    Month ago

    They bought fox but won't put fox properties on the streaming service

  • Dj Killer Meme Star
    Dj Killer Meme StarMonth ago

    I think HBO then Hulu then Netflix, Amazon, then Disney for me if we are talking what i watch the most

  • Jay Bonn
    Jay BonnMonth ago

    Seems to me that Bob doesn't care about the Walt Disney Animation division. He's all about the big safe franchises.

  • Dj Killer Meme Star
    Dj Killer Meme StarMonth ago

    To me i dont want to but a movie on a streaming site, i rather go to the movies

  • Dj Killer Meme Star
    Dj Killer Meme StarMonth ago

    If your making 70 movies lol 65 of those movies will just be shit out just to meet numbers

  • ShinAkakage
    ShinAkakageMonth ago

    Looks like HboMax’s straight to video and then 45 day window for next year is getting to them.

  • Peter M.
    Peter M.Month ago

    You don't OWN movies that you bought digitally.

  • Urius Nightfall
    Urius NightfallMonth ago

    It’s “Shong-Chi”, not Shang

  • Gary Dodd
    Gary DoddMonth ago

    Hey Grace, big fan from Ireland, thanks for the video, always great to hear ur expert opinion and knowledge on this...thanks for the ☕ tea!!!

  • Ricardo Mendes
    Ricardo MendesMonth ago

    Netflix and amazon prime both have 200 million plus subscribers worldwide so disney is number 3 at 100 million plus subscribers.

  • Sherwin Celeste

    Sherwin Celeste

    Month ago

    It's bad because US is their only current market.

  • Atoms Phere
    Atoms PhereMonth ago

    I’ll be going to the theater for Dune and that is all

  • Keith Adamson
    Keith AdamsonMonth ago

    Before the pandemic, when I went to the theater, I ONLY went to AMC's Prime theater. The standard theater experience, for me, is dead. My home theater experience rivals the standard movie experience. Now that their is a light at the end of the tunnel, I definitely won't be going to a non Prime theater. I dont even have motivation to GO to the theater anymore. Taking a year off showed me that I don't need that experience to enjoy content.

  • Beau Tye
    Beau TyeMonth ago

    I agree with you Grace, the cdc move seems strange. I won't be in the front lines

  • Fabio
    FabioMonth ago

    ''hey other Bob'' lmao i dont why thats funny, i imagine the dialogue between the two started like that

  • 晚血龙
    晚血龙Month ago

    So no news of Disney/Marvel struggling to get movies to china And no news about Disney u-turn and putting gina carano forward for a award

  • White Walker
    White WalkerMonth ago

    Not a fan of Marvel or Disney's Star Wars, so Disney+ offers nothing to me. I prefer more adult oriented entertainment Netflix offers. If I eventually subscribe to another streaming service that will definitely be HBO Max.

  • MANU- L
    MANU- LMonth ago

    I love how Grace has fun telling us Hollywood's tales XD And I am Intrigued every time.

  • Kiya Lee Levy Runaya
    Kiya Lee Levy RunayaMonth ago

    What's weird, to me, is that Disney is selling zombies... And no, not the high school going Disneyfied type of zombies; but the Walking Dead kind. Because Starz? Wasn't Starz a tv network? Isn't The Walking Dead from AMC? Also, if it's cool to have zombies, Disney. Then where are my pirates at? Where's my Black Sails? You know, a a Starz Original series, yet not on Disney+'s Starz, but they have AMC's Walking Dead..? Makes no sense. Also, Disney+; modify your search option. That shit takes way too fkn long the way it is now.

  • GenreOnline
    GenreOnlineMonth ago

    Disney needs to release The Mandalorian to Blu-ray. That is a great way to hype up future content on D plus. Reynolds is likable as a person, but aside from Deadpool, what else does he got going on? What is Free Guy and why should I care? People want Deadpool. They wanna escape with familiarity. Everyone loves Deadpool.

  • Jordacious
    JordaciousMonth ago

    I'm curious to see how Percy Jackson does because the movie wasn't great but I understand that its Disney, so maybe. I'm waiting on the trailer and see what it looks like.

  • GenreOnline
    GenreOnlineMonth ago

    Once the day one gravy train ends at HBO Max, unless there is compelling original content on any service, people will dump whatever service they watch least and save a few bucks.

  • Sherwin Celeste

    Sherwin Celeste

    Month ago

    GOT prequel will help it. Alongside new DC series connected to movies.

  • GenreOnline
    GenreOnlineMonth ago

    I am a movie theater guy, but the economy as a whole is still shaken with many people still traumatized by the pandemic. Keep the status quo for now till we see how 2021 pans out.

  • GenreOnline
    GenreOnlineMonth ago

    I think what you said Grace about Bob Iger getting pushed away from his twilight for Disney is the Universe’s payback for how Disney treated George Lucas initially after he sold them Lucasfilm.

  • naveen kumar
    naveen kumarMonth ago

    I fear about "The Batman" because it's got only 45 day theatrical window

  • Armando Munoz
    Armando MunozMonth ago

    For how expensive Netflix has gotten I don’t appreciate them showing their film exclusively in theaters first and then on Netflix. Stab in the back.

  • Jayson Daniels
    Jayson DanielsMonth ago

    I have no plans to go back to the movies this year, I will avoid all spoilers for Shang-Chi and Eternals

  • kevin pike
    kevin pikeMonth ago

    I find it funny how Grace goes on about how low the numbers are for people going to movies theatres and the numbers need to go up to safe them and in the same breath states she is to scared to go herself.

  • Comic Booger

    Comic Booger

    Month ago

    She's allowed to put on a business cap and a personal opinion one. Stating what's good for the best industry vs. what she does herself. As long as she doesn't conflate the two and propagate the ladder over the former, I'll be enjoying her vids.

    POLM PHOTOMonth ago

    8 Yankee players just test positive for coronavirus. Each of them were vaccinated. Which is great for getting the vaccine hopefully they will be able to fight off the virus with little to no real side affects. The pandemic is still real. I'm not going to go mask fee just yet